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The first episode of the business of drugs takes us to the depiction of cocaine business and its slick before it becomes serious.Once a mostly harmless leafy pick-me-up for the indigenous people of South America, the modern story of cocaine goes like so: Freud, Pablo Escobar, disco hedonism, Wall Street hedonism, crack, El Chapo, more Wall Street hedonism, Fox narrates.We will also see Fox Interviewing a doctor who educates about the addiction of cocaine and a professor from Yale who breaks down the economic context of the drug trade.She moves to Columbia, the vertex for the growth of the Coca plant.Farmers are supposed to grow and gather the leaves, hand them off to labs which are located in the middle of the jungle. The labs then mash them into a paste, which is then sold to cartels, who process it into powder and deliver it to the giant Buenaventura port, where its illegally hidden in exported goods.

The Colombian government spends a lot of money to get its hands on five tons of coke annually, out of 1,400 tons distributed. Cartels sell $24 BILLION worth of cocaine every year only to the United States.

The business of drugs: Fox moves to Mexico, where a couple of guys hang out with a pallet stuffed with $8 million worth of cocaine, then load it up for a trip to the border. Just south of El Paso, Texas, the tunnels distributors used to utilize to get the product through the border are superannuated. Now, theyre shuffled with other goods in trucks, sometimes without the drivers even knowing what they are traveling with.

The episode portrays the production and distribution in terms of business and relegates the effects of that business deaths, poverty to a few brief inferences. Its black market trafficking, so of course, it has adverse and disastrous effects on society and people.Fox makes a few statements about legalization; observes how the area surrounding Buenaventura is awfully suffering with poverty but offers no data relating to it and implies that the war on drugs is a bootless enterprise preserved in the hands of hostile governments. However, she never really digs in the depth of the moral outrage that would make her arguments more engrossing.

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The business of drugs- Heres everything you need to know before watching the new season - Finance Rewind

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