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Even before the apparent defeat of President Donald Trump, the 2020 election has already shaken up US farm policy. Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.), the lion of the House Agriculture Committee, lost his seat to right-wing firebrand Michelle Fischbach. After Fischbach spent months attacking Peterson as a servant of what she called the socialist agenda of the Houses Democratic leadership (even though hes easily the most conservative Democrat in the House), she won by a landslide.

That leaves a power vacuum in the House Agriculture Committee, which shapes US food and farm policy by writing the twice-a-decade farm bill. Peterson served as the committees top Democrat since 2007, and started his second stint as its chairman in 2019, after the Democrats claimed the House in the midterm elections.

With Peterson out, agribusiness lost one of its most potent friends in Congress. Representing a western Minnesota district carpeted with subsidized soybean and corn crops, Peterson haslong championed the status quo of US farm policy, which has been embedded in farm bills since the 1990s: using direct payments and subsidized crop insurance to convince farmers to maximize production of corn and soybeans. The policy virtually ensures low prices for these commodities, providing cheap feed for the meat industry and cheap inputs for ethanol makers, another business interest Peterson supports. It also generates a robust market for patent-protected genetically modified seeds and the herbicides theyre designed to withstand.

Petersons campaigns hoovered up agribusiness cash, and the industry mourned his defeat. The American Farm Bureau Federation, an insurance conglomerate that doubles as the most prominent agribiz lobbying outfit, issued a note expressing our thanks to Rep. Peterson for his decades of service in the House of Representatives.

Peterson dominated agriculture policy in an era when climate changed emerged as mounting threat to our food system. Historic droughts bedeviled the crucial fruit, vegetable and nut growing regions in California, and ever-fiercer spring storms pounded the corn and soybean fields of the Midwest, creating a quiet and devastating soil-erosion crisis. The farm bills he helped shape did little to prepare farms for the ravages of climate change. While he didnt outright deny the existence of global warming, Peterson consistently belittled its importance. Theyre saying to us [that climate change is] going to be a big problem because its going to be warmer than it usually is, he told the Wall Street Journal in 2009. My farmers are going to say thats a good thing since theyll be able to grow more corn. He tirelessly fought efforts to regulate agriculture, helping ensure unimpeded emissions of potent greenhouse gases like methane from manure and cattle digestion, and nitrous oxide from fertilizer and manure.

During negotiations over the historic and ultimately failed climate legislation known as the Waxman-Markey bill in 2009, Peterson used his legislative clout to shape it to Big Ags liking: exempting farmers from its cap on greenhouse gas emissions but inserting provisions that would have lavished them with cash rewards for practices that do little or nothing to sequester carbon. A year later, he co-sponsored legislation that would have blocked the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. He was still at it in 2019, resisting the push within his partys progressive wing to advance a national strategy to fight climate change, Politico reported. What is our goal? Planting all those trees? Im actually cutting down the forest, Peterson told the publication, referring to his own land in Minnesota.

The question now becomes who succeeds him. The Democrats held onto the House on election day, so that means the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, led by the House Speaker, will decide. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is widely expected to maintain her hold on the speakership in the next Congress. While Pelosi and her team can choose anyone on the House Ag Committee as chair, seniority on the ag committee traditionally drives the choice.

By that metric, three candidates have emerged. Rep. David Scott (D-Ga.), who has served on the agriculture committee for nearly 20 years, has the most seniority; followed by Rep. Jim Costa (D-Calif.), who represents a swath of Californias ag-centric San Joaquin Valley; and Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), a stalwart of anti-hunger policy whose district includes much of Cleveland and Akron.

Scott, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, is the likeliest contender. He represents a semi-rural district in the outskirts of Atlanta, and he is currently the chairman of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy and Credits. In negotiations over the 2018 farm bill, he successfully pushed a provision to fund $80 million in scholarships at 19 agriculture-focused historically Black colleges and universities.

In a Nov. 5 letter to colleagues, Scott expressed his desire to take the post: With each wildfire, hurricane, or flood more devastating than the last, it is incumbent upon us to ensure food security for future generations, he wrote. The threat of climate change is a present and growing danger, and we must promote sustainable agriculture solutions that are economically viable, ecologically just, and support the social fabric of our rural communities.

If he succeeds in his bid and follows through on that statement, Scott would not only be the first Black House ag committee chairhed also be the first one to take climate change seriously.

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Will the Defeat of Democrat Collin Peterson Be Good for the Climate? - Mother Jones

Letter: ‘Whether or not Mr. Peterson was involved in drug crime, he should not have feared for his life, and he should not be dead, over something as…

Date: Monday, November 2, 2020

Once again, law enforcement officers have shot a man while he was running away, this time just off Highway 99 near the Jiffy Lube. This tragedy is the inevitable result of the laws and policies that make every interaction between a law enforcement officer and a person of color into a life-and-death crisis.

This is, perversely, normal. This normal creates fear and distrust of the police. It increases the risk of civil unrest. It goes against the mission of a police force, which is to curb violence and preserve public safety. Fear-based, warrior-mentality police instruction must be banned, because it makes police officers more dangerous without keeping them safe.

The policies that allow officers to shoot a fleeing suspect in the back must change, because this action is indefensible to the public conscience. If, as I expect, the ongoing investigation by the Camas Police Department finds that Clark County Sheriffs Deputies acted in accordance with established use-of-force guidelines when they killed Kevin Peterson, Jr., those guidelines must change.

The deputies were called out to investigate a possible drug crime. Whether or not Mr. Peterson was involved in drug crime, he should not have feared for his life, and he should not be dead, over something as trivial as drugs.

Rachel RossVancouver

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Letter: 'Whether or not Mr. Peterson was involved in drug crime, he should not have feared for his life, and he should not be dead, over something as...

Collin Peterson loses in CD-7, tight races in CD-1 and CD-2 – Bring Me The News

Collin Peterson's long run in Congress has ended after he lost his seat in Minnesota's 7th District to Michelle Fischbach.

The self-described last remaining "Conservative Democrat" in Congress has held on to his seat despite his district getting increasingly red, but lost on Tuesday to the former Minnesota Lieutenant Governor.

One of the major reasons he was able to hold on for so long is because he wielded considerable influence in Congress as the chair of the House Agriculture Committee while representing the ag-heavy 7th District.

It was a good night for the Republicans in Minnesota's congressional races, with Jim Hagedorn holding off a challenge from Democrat Dan Feehan in the 1st District, and Pete Stauber retaining the 8th District seat in northeastern Minnesota he won in 2018.

In the 2nd District, the contentious race between Angie Craig and Tyler Kistner was extremely close, but the Democrat seems to have done enough to take the win.

Earlier in the evening, Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-CD5), Dean Phillips (D-CD3), Tom Emmer (RCD6) and Betty McCollum (D-CD4) were comfortably re-elected.

It will mean Minnesota's congressional contingent will be 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans, though Minnesota is set to lose one seat in the House in the next district re-drawing.

Here are the full congressional results for Minnesota:

Rep. Jim Hagedorn was ahead of Democratic challenger Dan Feehan in the 1st Congressional District race as of Wednesday morning. Hagedorn led Feehan by around 48.8% to Feehan's 45.3%. Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis candidate Bill Rood has around 5.8% of the vote.

More than 99% of precincts have reported results.

Democratic incumbent Angie Craig will keep her seat in Congress after beating out Republican Tyler Kistner. Craig won with more than 48% of the voted compared to Kistner's 46%.

The 2nd Congressional District race faced uncertainty following the death of Legal Marijuana Now candidate Adam Weeks in September. A Minnesota state law would have required the election to be postponed until February, but Craig eventually won her legal challenge, allowing the race to continue on Nov. 3.

Democrat Dean Phillips will also keep his seat in the 3rd Congressional District. Phillips beat Republican Kendall Qualls with more than 55% of the vote. Qualls had just over 44% of the vote.

Both candidates made appeals to moderate and independent voters and pushed healthcare as a key issue.

In one of the Democrats' safer seats in Minnesota, incumbent Rep. Betty McCollum is ahead of Republican challenger Gene Rechtzigel with more than 63% of the vote. Rechtzigel has almost 29% of the vote.

Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis candidate Susan Sindt has earned around 7.5% of the vote. More than 99% of precincts are reporting results.

McCollum, first elected in 2000, pushed her record in Congress on issues like protecting Minnesota's Boundary Waters.

Rep. Ilhan Omar easily defeated Republican Lacy Johnson with more than 64% of the vote to Johnson's nearly 26%. Legal Marijuana Now candidate Michael Moore earned around 9.5% of the total vote.

While Omar had a comfortable win in the solidly-Democratic 5th Congressional District, her vote share fell compared to her 2018 win, though her Republican opponent, Lacy Johnson, outspent her 2-to-1.

Republican Tom Emmer has comfortably retained his seat in the solid red 6th Congressional District. Emmer is ahead with 66% of the vote compared to Democratic challengerTawnja Zahradka's nearly 34%.

More than 99% of precincts have reported results.

Emmer is currently chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee. During his campaign, he emphasized his work on bipartisan efforts including CARES Act relief funding.

Republican incumbent Pete Stauber has won Minnesota's 8th Congressional District with almost 57% of the vote compared to Democratic challenger Quinn Nystrom, who has around 37.6% of the vote.

Grassroots -Legalize Cannabis candidateJudith Schwartzbacker has around 5.7% of the vote. More than 99% of precincts are reporting results.

If Stauber wins the district, it will be the first time a Republican was re-elected to the seat since 1944. The 8th Congressional District was also a hot spot for both presidential campaigns, with both candidates paying visits in recent months.

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Collin Peterson loses in CD-7, tight races in CD-1 and CD-2 - Bring Me The News

With roles reversed, Lee and Peterson face off again for NC Senate seat – Port City Daily

NEW HANOVER COUNTY In the shadow of a global pandemic, ongoing water-pollution litigation and a census year, and with memories of last cycles narrow margins fresh in the minds of both candidates, now-incumbent Harper Peterson faces Michael Lee in the District 9 N.C. Senate race.

Two years ago, Peterson unseated Lee, who served two terms as the District 9 senator from 2014 to 2018, by 231 votes. In the final weeks of the race, a StarNews freelancer and a former New Hanover County GOP chair filed an ethics complaint against Lee, alleging he used his role in public service to profit in his private enterprise.Lee calls the accusations in the complaint baseless.

That would require those city council members to be doing something that is a felony, he said. It would require a conspiracy of the planning commission. That the six Democrats out of the seven people on the city council were in conspiracy with the Republican.

As a private citizen, Lee is an attorney.

My practice involves land use, he said. Its what I do for a living. Its a very small piece of what I do for a living, honestly. Its probably 5% of what I do, is land use.

Peterson denies any involvement with the filing of the 2018 October complaint.

Well, when you look at it, its an interesting association, he said. I havent used that in my political ads. Its ripe for it, but I havent.

No such last-minute surprises have been lobbed yet this cycle. Both candidates acknowledged the pandemic pressures levied on campaigning have made this election less about in-person outreach and traditional campaigning strategies, and more about the ideals and records of each candidate.

He has a record now, Lee said.He hasnt passed a single piece of legislation, and I think thats important for people to know.

Peterson said he considers Lee to be a tool of special interests.

I see him as an ideologue for the Republican Party, a button pusher, Peterson said.

Peterson entered the N.C. Senate in 2018 along with 20 other Democrats. A shift toward blue candidates in that election broke the Republican supermajority, leaving the GOP with 29 of the total 50 senators. Still, it left Democrats in the minority at the state legislature.

Peterson said all of his attempts reaching across the aisle have faltered because the Republicans view him as untouchable. Peterson received significant financial backing from state-level Democratic groups, who view his race as a must-win if the Democrats are to have hope for reclaiming a majority in the state senate.

Anything I said or initiated was dead-on-arrival because they didnt want to see me get credit for anything, Peterson said about his two years in office. Thats just the way it works up there. So I understood that going in.

Advertising campaigns coming from both sides feature negative depictions of the opponent, as they did in 2018. Commercials and print advertisements coming from the Lee campaign accuse Peterson of racism and misogyny while he was mayor of Wilmington from 2001 to 2003.

I didnt say that, Lee said, The newspaper said that on multiple occasions.

Critical advertisements running about Peterson cite Wilmington newspaper articles, namely editorials, from the early-2000s.

Because a lot of people werent here when he was the mayor, they dont know about those things, Lee said. Now, the people who lived here at that time knew about it, and thats why he didnt get re-elected to be mayor.

Peterson said he and his campaign try to focus advertising on candidate track records rather than personal attacks.

Its a mud-wrestling contest for them, a world wrestling show, he said. I take offense to being called a racist and a sexist. Thats absurd. They fabricated that.

Lee said he anticipated Peterson would have an influx in high-dollar contributions and intensified his own fundraising to prepare. Though limited by the pandemic, he said he still has worked on growing a strong donor base as the election draws near. Virtual fundraising, he said, is not ideal in a race like this, which prior history shows could come down to the wire.

Now, a lot of folks just wont attend a Zoom call for whatever reason, Lee said. I continued to try to fundraise without having events, so I could compete against the money that was coming into his campaign from other places.

The need for education reform drove Lee into public service. In his opinion, schools in the state should have more leeway on how theyre able to use funding, and in general, success metrics should be geared toward evaluating learning rather than test results.

The system is built around this construct to get the most money; its not built around the best way to educate children, he said.

For Peterson, the issue of choice that sparked a re-entry into public office was clean water. In 2018, Peterson focused much of his campaign on accusations that Lee who was then holding the position of District 9 Senator failed to properly respond to the GenX scandal and related water crises. Peterson wants to see more funding for the states Department of Environmental Quality, which haslost more than one-thirdof its funding over the past decade.

Lee said the issue isnt only about funding. By his assessment, Governor Roy Cooper should have banned polluters from continuing to conduct business, which is an ability within the governors reach. Governor Cooper has said water laws passed in recent years by the Republican legislature actually make it more cumbersome for his office to order shutdowns of companies accused of polluting waterways.

DuPont and its spinoff Chemours, the two companies under scrutiny for the release of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) into the public drinking water supply, are now being sued by the state for contaminating the environment.

Peterson accuses the companies of treating local waterways like a dumping ground.

I compare that with a house on fire with people in it, Peterson described. Its not as immediate, but its cumulative and its the same thing. Its a crisis you respond to. You dont study it, you jump on it and correct the problem.

Both candidates argued that local Wilmington bureaus, like the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, need to elevate their voices in this discussion. Peterson said CFPUA needs to be reimbursed for the cost of work done in recent years to mediate water pollution, and Lee said it was unacceptable that CFPUA was not proactively included in litigation talks by the state before the lawsuit was initiated.

On development, Peterson said he would like to see a cautious approach, with considerations made to surrounding communities and potential impacts of soaring growth.

Were not here to accommodate every request for development, rezoning, special use, he said. These have to be taken individually, and they have to ask some very primary questions.

Lee said that private development is an issue best left to the local authorities, and he does not see development in New Hanover County as an item in his his potential purview.

I know how I would like it to develop, but its really up to those who are elected by the people of New Hanover County, he said. The general assembly is not there to micromanage local elected officials.

Both candidates align on the issue of redistricting. They admitted to favoring an independent districting process rather than one motivated by partisanship, the current model. According to Lee, any significant reform would involve amending the constitution.

The Peterson-Lee rematch will conclude in 17 days, Nov. 3. Early voting is now open and will close Oct. 31. Absentee ballots can be requested through Oct. 27.

Read more: Early voting just started. Heres how and where to cast your ballot [Free read]

Send tips and comments to Preston Lennon at preston@localdailymedia.com

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With roles reversed, Lee and Peterson face off again for NC Senate seat - Port City Daily

198 thoughts on The Strange Fate of Jordan Peterson – Book and Film Globe

As the Canadian philosopher gradually emerges from his semi-coma, will society still have use for him?

Jordan Peterson, the best-selling author, University of Toronto professor, popular vlogger, and progenitor of the Peterson phenomenon, has been mostly absent from public life for health reasons over the last year. Hes been AWOL at just the time when certain of his insights are most directly applicable to the dizzying events around us.

Peterson is the author of the book 12 Rules for Life, which has sold more than three million copies worldwide and whose only drawback may be its title. Generally, self-help books with this sort of title range from dull to unreadable, but Peterson has inspired millions with his plain but eloquent advice, backed by decades of research, on how to live responsibly and with moral courage.

Wheres Peterson when we need him?

Health reasons doesnt really come to close to describing the state of affairs. Its a horror tale.

According to his daughter Mikhaila, Peterson began taking the anti-anxiety drug in the benzodiazepine class a few years ago to counter an autoimmune reaction caused by certain foods. After his wifes terminal cancer diagnosis in April 2019, his dependence on the drug grew severe. Attempts to treat the problem in North American clinics failed. The quest for expert care to wean Peterson off the drug, treat withdrawal symptoms, and deal with a nasty side effect, akathisia, which can make a person uncontrollably restless, brought Peterson and his daughter to Russia and then Serbia.

It has been a long and, by all accounts, excruciatingly hard journey. Right now, Peterson is reportedly on the mend and has resumed writing every day, although recent vlogs posted on Mikhailas YouTube channel, in which he talks at length with his daughter about the past year, relate bouts of depression marking some of the lowest points in Petersons life. But hes not the only one suffering. We could use him around.

Peterson stands out for his rare pedagogical talent. Watching Peterson stride back and forth in business-casual attire and speak in front of a class can be a fascinating and, sometimes, humbling experience. Not everyone can get up and talk coherently and engagingly, without notes, for well over an hour to a roomful of attentive minds on Jung or Nietzsche or Dostoyevsky or Kierkegaard or Marxism or postmodernism.

Petersons zeal for knowledge and insight is palpable whether hes talking about the depth of Dostoyevskys insight into the human psyche or Nietzsches ability to write passages with a concentrated brilliance of thought and expression or Jungs desire to return the primeval to the world. The most striking insights in Petersons lectures come across in a fluid, conversational way.

Besides broad historical, literary, philosophical themes, Peterson speaks about topics at the nexus of sociology, biology, and the clinical psychology in which he is formally trained. At times, when discussing an issue like promiscuity, relationships, or divorce, Petersons point may be a fairly obvious one, yet you may find that you havent heard it voiced in quite as many words. At other times, Peterson is startlingly profound. His analyses of the nature of social hierarchies and of gender differences, gender relations, and social inequality depart markedly from prevailing clichs.

Among Petersons observations are that extensive surveys of multiple countries across many periods of modern history establish that it is neither possible nor desirable to eradicate inequality completely. Those Scandinavian societies that have striven mightily for decades to alter the gender composition of various professions and achieve gender parity havent just fallen short of their goals, theyve ended up with results that confirm what no enlightened person these days will dare to whisper about the innate differences, and differing proclivities, of men and women. You can appreciate gender differences or you can do your damnedest to deny them, and make others deny them, but theyre not going away. Peterson has decided views on this point.

Peterson also argues forcefully that the study of white privilege is a bogus excrescence of an arbitrary and logically indefensible postmodernist charade never subject to any form of statistical analysis. At Petersons own school, this pseudo-concept grew out of scholarship so awful it tests our credulity. At the University of Toronto, in the psychology department, the original paper on white privilege wouldnt have received a passing grade for the hypothesis part of an undergraduate honors thesis. Not even close. Theres no methodology at all, Peterson says.

Another of Petersons feats is to have turned some people against the self-righteousness of Greta Thunberg, the Swedish child activist who has spearheaded a global movement around climate change and led rallies that have convulsed cities. One particularly interesting video contrasts Thunbergs hiss of How dare you! at adults who would stand in the way of her movement and her agenda with Petersons calm and lucid analysis of just how complex climate change is and why Thunberg is wrong to suggest that rich countries could act responsibly and solve the problem but are simply refusing to do the right thing. Whats the solutionswitch to wind and solar power?

Good luck with that. Try it and see what happens. We cant store the power, Peterson says. Germany tried it. They produce more carbon dioxide than they did when they started, because they had to turn on their coal-fired plants again. That wasnt a very good plan. But we dont want nuclear. Its a vexed issue, and complex subjects take years to study and analyze properly. There are reasons why children are told not to speak boldly and rudely to adults.

Obviously, Petersons views arent bound to make him popular with all students in this age of safe spaces and the shouting down of speakers with incorrect views. But when watching his videos, one senses that his eloquence and the wealth of data he deploys command the respect of many in his audience even if they dont like what theyre hearing. Peterson vocally objects to the left-wing and postmodernist tyranny in academia, and says he considers the gravest threat to free speech today to come from the radical left. This isnt surprising given the origins of the Peterson phenomenon.

Petersons phenomenal output follows on the heels of a controversy that still earns him the enmity of many enlightened people in Canada and beyond. In 2016, Peterson spoke out against Bill C-16, then before the Canadian parliament, which stood to add transgendered people to a list of those enjoying full legal protections against any form of discrimination, includingin Petersons analysisthe discrimination of failing to address the transgendered by neologisms, i.e. zim, zhe, zhey. Voluntary use of a given word is one thing, even if the word in question is a concoction of radical left-wing ideologues, but it was clear to Peterson that if nondiscrimination means fostering an atmosphere where people address transsexuals only as the latter feel comfortable being addressed, then the proposed legislation would compel speech by dictating what terms people can use.

As Peterson told the Toronto Sun in 2016, These laws are the first laws that Ive seen that require people under the threat of legal punishment to employ certain words, to speak a certain way, instead of merely limiting what theyre allowed to say. The furor has been running high for years now, but Peterson has never backed down. Under intense fire from the woke p.c. crowd for his alleged bigotry and stubbornness, he has argued cogently that what the ideologues propose to do is without precedent in the history of English common law.

In 2018, Peterson expounded further on the personal philosophy underpinning his opposition to Bill C-16, telling the U.K. interview program London Real, You have a sacred responsibility in relation to what you say. I do believe that you bring the world into being through communicative speech. Thats the fundamental Judeo-Christian doctrine, and I think its true. And I think that the world you bring into being through truth is a good world. So, if you want to mess around with your words, then basically what youre agreeing is to bring a substandard reality into existence.

Given the attitudes expressed here, its little wonder that Peterson has turned into such a staunch and vocal enemy of a postmodernist academic culture that denies gender differences and enforces groupthink through grotesque neologisms that weaponize English for ideological ends.

Clearly, Peterson is a problem for the left. The prevailing assumption is that people with conservative views must simply be uninformed, stupid, or both. To be educated is to be a progressive. If you dare let slip an incorrect thought, shame on you. Get your head out of the ground, try to become enlightened, quit parroting what your ignorant parents told you, stop being a Neanderthal if thats remotely within your power.

Its an attitude we hear today in the maunderings of liberals like Robert Reich, who has divided the polity of this country into progressives, who often meet people not like themselves, and regressives (yes, his own worda nice synonym for deplorables) who lack the tolerance that comes from working and living with those of different backgrounds and are bent on keeping their guns, denying climate change, opposing the expansion of the safety net, and so on. Liberals, who react violently to slurs against other demographics, use terms like Gun nut, redneck, and townie to describe them. In contrast, liberals are enlightened, forward-looking, and engaged in a battle against irrational prejudice.

Jordan Petersons experience turns such notions on their head in the most vivid manner imaginable. Just watch a video or two in which this erudite, thoughtful, supremely articulate man, who calmly states his case against compelled speech with nuanced arguments alluding to history and philosophy and law, walks into a university building and meets with a student protest. Angry kids mob the halls, beat drums, blare horns, and scream things like Transphobic piece of shit! It seems unlikely that the protestors have a more nuanced view of the complex historical and cultural issues involved in the controversy. Theyre like ignorant villagers calling for tarring and feathering of the learned man.

Of course, people of all political persuasions can and do act like boors. But theres a special irony when those who purport to carry enlightened attitudes, and to be doing battle with irrational prejudice, display the basest and most savage kind of obscurantism and obstructionism in an effort to prevent a learned, cultured, thoughtful, and sensitive man from stating his point of view.

Peterson has certainly earned more than his share of opprobrium from the left, both in the form of physical protests when he has tried to speak, and nasty articles dismissing him as, among other things, a right-wing professor, an old-fashioned conservative, and (in one particularly vicious ad hominem screed) a conservative in denial. But is he a conservative?

Peterson denies that hes a political conservative and says that he would oppose right-wing domination of academia, if such a thing should ever come to pass, just as readily as he now opposes leftist-postmodernist tyranny on college campuses. But there can be no doubt that his historical insight, and his restless desire to examine issues in all their complexity, to tease out their philosophical, ethical, and moral nuances, have gotten in the way of some of the more extreme policies and proposals of radical leftists, and theyve long given up caring about such distinctions.

At the start of this article, I lamented that Peterson is out of service at precisely the time when certain of his insights most apply. I was thinking, in particular, of Petersons discussion of the lengths to which conservatives and liberals will respectively go when it comes to distancing themselves from irresponsible people whom they dont want to claim their public image.

Petersons insights are of interest for everyone whos grown tired of a political culture where two sides scream at each other and rarely productively engage with ideas. Peterson defines thinking as a process that involves being scrupulously fair to the other side. The thinker states the viewpoint or perspective that is antithetical to his or her own views as eloquently and powerfully as possible, and then constructs a response. Instead of attacking a straw man version of the opposing argument, the thinker critiques the iron man version, as Peterson puts it.

Thats what great minds have historically done. Its no accident, Peterson says in one of his lectures, that the smartest and most admirable characters in some of Dostoyevskys novels are those whose viewpoint the author opposes. This is intelligence at work, and its sadly absent all too often on both the right and the left. Lashing out at fake news that displeases you is no more intelligent that trying to justify looting and rioting on the grounds that they strike at the heart of whiteness.

It will undeniably be a great thing for those concerned about left-wing tyranny in academia, and the need for students to have greater exposure to non-leftist concepts and ideas, when Jordan Peterson is over his recent problems and speaking and vlogging widely again. Hes of great use to us. Its not that Peterson is a conservative, its just that thoughtful and balanced policy proposals line up suspiciously well with conservative ones. Thats my enlightened opinion, of course, and youre free to disagree with me. For now.


198 thoughts on The Strange Fate of Jordan Peterson - Book and Film Globe

OU football: Joe Mixon and Adrian Peterson score, Baker Mayfield struggles, Sooners in the NFL week 6 – The Oklahoma Daily

During week six of the 2020 NFL season, 10 former Sooners took the field Sunday afternoon.

Here are some of the notable performances:

Joe Mixon

The Cincinnati Bengals running back had 18 rushes for 54 yards along with two catches for 15 yards. He finished with one touchdown.

Mixons touchdown was not enough, as the Bengals lost 31-27 to the Colts.

Adrian Peterson

The Detroit Lions running back had 15 rushes for 40 yards along with one catch for 18 yards. Peterson was also able to score his second rushing touchdown of the year.

Petersons effort helped the Lions to a 34-16 win over the Jaguars.

Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns quarterback struggled against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mayfield completed 10 of 18 passes for 119 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. He also had one rush for five yards.

Mayfield was benched after the third quarter to avoid further aggravating his rib injury from Oct. 11. The Browns lost 38-7.

Other Performances:

Ravens wide receiver Marquise Hollywood Brown had four catches for 57 yards.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts had two rushes for 23 yards along with one catch for three yards.

Ravens tight end Mark Andrews had two catches for 21 yards.

Bengals running back Samaje Perine had one rush for zero yards.

Ravens offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. helped hold the Eagles to three sacks.

Bengals defensive end Amani Bledsoe had one tackle.

Washington punter Tress Way had one punt for 55 yards.

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OU football: Joe Mixon and Adrian Peterson score, Baker Mayfield struggles, Sooners in the NFL week 6 - The Oklahoma Daily

Adrian Peterson passes Walter Payton on this list with latest rushing TD – 97.1 The Ticket

Adrian Peterson continues to climb the record books.

The 35-year-old Detroit Lions running back scored a 1-yard rushing touchdown in the first quarter of Sundays game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which marked his 82nd career game with at least one rushing touchdown.

The accomplishment puts Peterson ahead of Hall of Famer Walter Payton for the fourth-most in NFL history.

Peterson was cut by the Washington Football Team just before the start of the season and was scooped up by the Lions. The future Hall of Famer has been productive for Detroit, entering Sunday averaging 4.5 yards per carry on 54 carries and one rushing touchdown.

Petersons touchdown also gave the Lions an early 7-0 lead over the Jaguars in what is reportedly a must-win game for head coach Matt Patricia.

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Adrian Peterson passes Walter Payton on this list with latest rushing TD - 97.1 The Ticket

Patrick Peterson on how to defeat Cowboys without Dak Prescott: ‘We have to force Andy Dalton to beat us’ – CBS Sports

It's officially the Andy Dalton show in North Texas for the remainder of the 2020 season, and he's already passed his first test in continuing and finishing the rally started by Dak Prescott against the New York Giants in Week 5. When Prescott went down with a gruesome ankle injury that's now been surgically repaired -- a compound fracture with dislocation -- in the third quarter, Dalton entered the game and was forced to overcome an early lost fumble en route to going nine for 11 on pass attempts for 111 yards and a 108.7 passer rating.

He had no touchdown passes, but did have two consecutive game-changing throws to Michael Gallup to set up Greg Zuerlein for a game-winning field goal -- doing just enough to lift the team to 2-3 atop the NFC East. His next test will be a much more daunting one though, as he readies for his first start with the Cowboys against the visiting Arizona Cardinals. A team that boasts firepower on both sides of the ball, it's eight-time pro bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson who could give him fits.

When asked the formula for defeating the Cowboys sans Prescott, Peterson pointed squarely at Dalton.

"Stop the run," Peterson to CBS Sports analyst Bryant McFadden on the 'All Things Covered' podcast. "Definitely gotta stop the run and force -- not saying he can't do it -- but we have to force Andy Dalton to beat us. We feel if you take the ball out of Ezekiel Elliott's hands, there's more opportunities for bad things to happen if the ball is in the air."

Peterson did want to make it clear his comments are not in any way shade being thrown at Dalton, though.

"Andy Dalton is a very, very serviceable backup," said the four-time All-Pro. "I saw a crazy stat that said Andy has like 31,000 passing yards. It's not a lot of backups that -- technically, he's not a backup. He could be a starter in this league. He was a starter in this league and he has starter numbers. To have a guy that's a starter as your backup, that's huge.

"I believe coach Mike McCarthy did the right thing by going out and getting a better [backup] QB, just in case something like this did occur."

Outside of Tony Romo landing in the backup role behind Prescott in 2016 due to preseason injury that fueled the changing of the guard at the position, the Cowboys haven't had a backup as qualified as Dalton in several years. Their refusal to address the issue cost them mightily at times in the past, including the 2015 season that saw a carousel of bad quarterbacks muster just one win in 12 tries absent an injured Romo. One of the first orders of business for McCarthy was to change that storyline going forward, which led to the team moving on from undrafted and uneven Cooper Rush to make room for Dalton on a one-year deal.

Dalton, a three-time Pro Bowler in his own right, is 70-61-2 as a regular season starter with 31,705 passing yards and 204 touchdowns to 118 interceptions.

It's his 0-4 career postseason record that has some wondering what he might or might not do come January, but the first order of business is winning games in October through December. Peterson will have a say in that mission come Monday and, for his money, he likes the Cardinals chances if the game is in Dalton's hands instead of Elliott's.

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Patrick Peterson on how to defeat Cowboys without Dak Prescott: 'We have to force Andy Dalton to beat us' - CBS Sports

The Most Vulnerable Incumbent In The House Is A Democrat, But Republicans Are Defending More Competitive Seats – FiveThirtyEight

In the face of a whirlwind presidential campaign and massive fundraising numbers coming out of marquee U.S. Senate contests, its easy to overlook whats happening in the race for the U.S. House of Representatives. That might be because Democrats look like strong bets to hold onto power there. In fact, FiveThirtyEights forecast is most confident about the House, as the Deluxe version of our model gives Democrats a 95 in 100 shot at retaining control of the House, better than Joe Bidens 88 in 100 chance of winning the presidency or the Democrats 74 in 100 chance of capturing the Senate.

However, even if Democrats do hold onto the House, that doesnt mean theyll retain every seat they control. In fact, there are a number of seats they might lose, including that of Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson, the most vulnerable House incumbent seeking reelection in 2020. The Deluxe version of our House forecast only gives him about a 1 in 4 shot of winning in Minnesotas 7th Congressional District against Republican Michelle Fischbach.

Petersons chances come down partly to the makeup of his rural district in western Minnesota. The 7th Congressional District is 26 points more Republican than the country as a whole, according to FiveThirtyEights partisan lean metric, making it the most GOP-leaning House seat held by a Democrat. Seeking his 16th term in office, Peterson has won past elections as a Democrat thanks to his moderate views, his anti-abortion stance and his focus on agricultural issues. And as the chair of the House Agriculture Committee, hes been very attentive to farming interests, especially the sugar beet industry, which is important to his constituency. Still, the rightward shift in his district in the last decade or so narrowed his margin of victory to about 4 points in 2018.

But beyond the seats increasingly deep red hue, Peterson is up against his most daunting challenger in years. Fischbach served as the states lieutenant governor and, before that, as president of the Minnesota Senate. And unlike recent Peterson opponents, Fischbach has nearly matched his fundraising. On top of that, Republican groups have spent $5 million on her behalf, while Peterson has received a little less than $4 million in outside support. Its no wonder then that the expert handicappers at The Cook Political Report, Inside Elections and Sabatos Crystal Ball all rate this race as a toss-up, which factors into the Deluxe version of our forecast.

However, despite Petersons trying circumstances, the good news for Democrats is that his vulnerability makes him a rare bird in 2020. Of the most endangered Democratic-held House seats, Democrats are clear underdogs in just Petersons district. In fact, as the table below shows, Democrats are slightly favored in most competitive seats they are defending (races where they have less than a 3 in 4 shot of winning). Just two other Democratic incumbents face toss-up races: Rep. Kendra Horn in Oklahomas 5th Congressional District and Rep. TJ Cox in Californias 21st Congressional District.

Democratic-held seats that Democrats have less than a 75 in 100 shot of winning in the Deluxe version of FiveThirtyEights House forecast, as of 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 19

Horns race is particularly close, as the district is still heavily red (13 points more Republican than the country as a whole) and she won in 2018 by just 1 point. Meanwhile, Cox is defending more Democratic-leaning turf, but hes faced scrutiny over owing back taxes and is running against former Republican Rep. David Valadao, whom Cox edged out by a slim margin in 2018 (less than 1 point). And in Californias top-two primary system back in March, Cox trailed Valadao by 11 points, which could be a poor harbinger for the freshman incumbent.

These three seats, plus the others where Democrats are marginally favored, could be especially vulnerable if things go better for Trump than currently expected. Nevertheless, Democrats are helped out by the fact that they have incumbents running in all but one of these seats, and 12 are freshmen incumbents who have raised huge sums of money.

By comparison, Republicans find themselves defending far more vulnerable seats than Democrats despite controlling fewer seats overall. This is mostly thanks to redistricting, retirements and the Democratic-leaning electoral environment. As the table below shows, GOP candidates are underdogs in three Republican-held seats, roughly 50-50 in nine others and have less than a 3 in 4 shot of winning in 13 more.

Republican-held seats that Republicans have less than a 75 in 100 shot of winning in the Deluxe version of FiveThirtyEights House forecast, as of 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 19

Two North Carolina seats are almost surefire Democratic pickups due to court-ordered redistricting, while retiring Rep. Will Hurds seat in Texass 23rd Congressional District is leaning toward the Democrats, too. Retirements and primary losses have left five of the nine GOP toss-up seats open, which helps Democrats even if the incumbency advantage isnt what it once was. Lastly, the 13 seats that lean toward Republicans are all seats that could conceivably flip toward Democrats if 2020 is another blue wave election.

Put it all together and you can see why the Democrats chances of holding onto the House look pretty good, even if they do have the most endangered incumbent up in 2020.

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The Most Vulnerable Incumbent In The House Is A Democrat, But Republicans Are Defending More Competitive Seats - FiveThirtyEight

Patrick Peterson: LB Isaiah Simmons ‘not technically ready’ for extensive role – Cards Wire

When the Arizona Cardinals made Isaiah Simmons the No. 8 overall pick in the 2020 draft, many NFL analysts called the pick the steal of the draft. The versatile 2019 Butkus Award winner was seen as a plug-and-play guy who could play outside or inside linebacker, slot cornerback, and safety.

Unfortunately for the first-year player, Simmons has barely seen the playing field. Through five games, he has recorded only 57 of a possible 338 defensive snaps.

According to PFF, in his final year at Clemson, Simmons recorded snaps at the following positions:

Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury, speaking to reporters on Wednesday morning, announced that outside linebacker Chandler Jones will have season-ending surgery to repair his right biceps. Could the Cardinals finally look to Simmons to replace his injured teammates? Maybe not, and Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson might have revealed why.

On All Things Covered, his weekly podcast with Bryant McFadden, Peterson had this to say about Simmons:

Him not having an offseason to really find out what position would be good for him versus doing the virtual meetings. They really didnt expect DC (DeVondre Campbell) to have the season that hes having. Its hard to put that type of guy on the bench when necessarily your first rounder is not technically ready.

Hes not ready?

Previously, when asked about Simmons, coach Kingsbury goes to his standard yeah, thats something were working through. It is understandable Kingsbury does not want to call out his defensive coordinator in the media, but if Peterson is right and Simmons is not ready, then that rests solely on the shoulders of defensive coordinator Joseph.

Consider this, below are the number of snaps and the percentage of total snaps played by other 2020 defensive first-round picks whose teams are currently .500 or better.

As we see other rookie first-round picks receiving snaps its fair to ask Is this on Simmons or Joseph?

Despite Simmons ability to move around on the defense, it seems as if Vance Joseph is pigeonholing Simmons into the weakside inside linebacker spot occupied by DeVondre Campbell. Peterson is right, with the way Campbell is playing, there is no way you put him on the sidelines.

But with injuries plaguing the Cardinals secondary and now the defensive front seven, when will Simmons get his opportunity to learn? Opportunities are presenting themselves, but Joseph seems to be reluctant to not just do whats right for the team, but Simmons development as well.

As an old mentor once told me, Theres no better way to learn than to do.

Listen to the latest from Cards Wires Jess Root on his podcast, Rise Up, See Red. Subscribe on Apple podcasts or Spotify.

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Patrick Peterson: LB Isaiah Simmons 'not technically ready' for extensive role - Cards Wire

Peterson family still swinging at the LCC Foundation Golf Classic – Neuse News

Playing in the tournament helps keep me connection to Kinston, he said. We lived right on the course (3rd hole) as well. Having my sons play with me also gives them memories of their grandfather. They hit golf balls with him just about every time they came to visit. Dad also was on the organizing committee for the first Foundation tournament.

Peterson said LCC briefly had a golf team in the late 80s. Dad was the coach. I believe Dr. Mac (Dr. Jesse McDaniel) was still the president and Dad talked him into it. He loved golf and he always was there to help kids out. He got to play golf doing this as well.

The late Guy Peterson began his career at LCC in 1972 as a counselor. He served as the director of the Evening Programs from 1984 to 1987 before becoming the director of the College Union/Special Assistant. Dad retired in 1989 but he continued to work with the school part time until the mid 90s, he said. He did whatever was needed - teach, audit classes, visit satellite locations, etc. Between doing that, volunteering with his church and civic organizations and taking care of my mother, he was busier retired than when he was working.

Education was obviously important to Dad. LCC was important to him. He helped students while working and while retired because he cared, he said. If I can continue helping students by participating in the tournament in his memory, I will continue this family tradition. I learned a lot from my Dad. He taught me by example to give ba

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Peterson family still swinging at the LCC Foundation Golf Classic - Neuse News

Peterson catches two TDs in 42-28 win over Campus – The Hutchinson News

Before the Hutchinson High School football team could turn their attention to next weeks monster showdown with undefeated Maize, the Salthawks had to take care of business against Campus on Friday night at Gowans Stadium.

Tied at 14 late in the first half, quarterback Myles Thompson found receiver Treyton Peterson for a 50-yard touchdown to give the Salthawks a 21-14 lead heading into halftime.

Petersons receiving touchdown was the start of a 21-0 run that allowed the Salthawks to create separation en route to a 42-28 victory.

"That touchdown was especially important because Campus got the ball to start the second half," Hutchinson head coach Mike Vernon said. "I wouldnt say that was the main swinging point of the game, but it definitely helped us."

Of Thompsons 123 passing yards, 110 went to Peterson, including both touchdown passes. On the ground, Hutchinson rushed for 374 yards as a team.

Alec McCuan rushed for 185 yards, while Thompson gained 107 on the ground. Both McCuan and Thompson rushed for a touchdown, as did Jalen Barlow and Anthony Blackwell.

Vernon said Campus did a good job of taking away McCuan and Noah Khokhar on the ground, and praised Barlow and Blackwell for stepping up, especially in the second half.

"Campus did some things that other teams hadnt done to us this year," Vernon said. "We talked about at halftime how some other guys would have to step up. Im super proud of Barlow and Blackwell. Theyve been super selfless this year with blocking, and tonight they made some plays."

Campus struck first on a 63-yard touchdown run from Christian Sicard to take a 7-0 lead. The Salthawks responded with an eight-play, 88-yard drive that was capped off by a 7-yard touchdown from Thompson.

Blackwell put the Salthawks up by seven on a 5-yard score early in the second, but Campus answered on an 8-yard touchdown pass by Braelyn Jay to Jacob Rymer.

Tied at 14 with 14 seconds left in the first half, Peterson caught a pass on a comeback route, turned inside and made a man miss, then beat the safety deep for a 50-yard touchdown to give Hutchinson the lead at halftime.

A 3-yard rushing touchdown from Barlow and a 13-yard touchdown pass from Thompson to Peterson put the Salthawks up 35-14. McCuan scored a touchdown late in the fourth, and the Salthawks held on for a victory.

The Salthawks are now 6-1 on the season and 4-0 within the Ark Valley Chisholm Trail League Division I. All eyes will be on Hutchinson next Friday when the Salthawks host Maize (7-0, 5-0 AVCTL DI) next Friday to end the regular season.

"Were going to have to play mistake-free we cant turn the ball over or have stupid penalties," Vernon said. "Were also going to have to get off the field on third down. Thats our recipe to win every week, it doesnt matter who it is.

"Its going to be a great night of football in Hutchinson, Kansas at Gowans Stadium."

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Peterson catches two TDs in 42-28 win over Campus - The Hutchinson News

Letter | Peterson will serve Morrow County well as commissioner – East Oregonian

I strongly encourage the voters of Morrow County to vote for Joel Peterson as Morrow County commissioner. Joel has the experience, temperament, attitude, and work ethic that the county commission requires.

Joel is a lifelong resident of Morrow County. He makes his living from a multi-generation farm. He understands the economy of Morrow County. He has been an involved resident serving many years on the county planning commission. He also served as a director for various civic and professional organizations. He has been a proponent of a strong education system in the area. He gets it. He understands the intricacies of living and working in Morrow County.

My experience with Joel comes primarily through his time as a director for BEO Bancorp and Bank of Eastern Oregon. Joel has served as board chair in previous years. He is currently chair of the Funds Management committee, and serves on the loan and compensation committees. In all interactions with Joel, he is honest, forthright, intelligent, thoughtful, and a stickler for details.

Joel is rarely the loudest voice in the room, but when he speaks, whatever he says, is worth hearing. He possesses great common sense and has earned the respect of his fellow directors, as well as the bank employees. He has been a visionary in helping Bank of Eastern Oregon grow from three branches in 1993, when he joined the board, to the 20 branches and four loan offices of 2020.

I have no doubt he will serve Morrow County in like manner, with honesty, integrity, professionalism, vision and with common sense, which sadly isnt so common these days.

Please join me in voting for Joel Peterson, Morrow County commissioner.

Jeff Bailey


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Letter | Peterson will serve Morrow County well as commissioner - East Oregonian

Peterson offers fresh perspective | Letters To The Editor – Mankato Free Press

Im proud to support Matt Peterson for North Mankato City Council.

Petersons profession has provided him a strong familiarity with bidding, budgeting and overseeing large-scale projects. His understanding of project management and balancing priorities will be invaluable as North Mankato grapples with aging infrastructure and budget constraints.

But while theres no question he has the necessary experience, Peterson has earned my vote for other reasons. He will not be a rubber-stamp for any entrenched interest. He has expressed a sincere willingness to seek out information, ask questions, listen to constituent feedback and consider all perspectives.

Peterson is committed to inclusion. When Councilman Jim Whitlock and Mayor Mark Dehen voted to silence public comments at public meetings, he spoke up for his fellow constituents. When Council Candidate Nancy Goodwin (in her council-appointed role on the Greenway Advisory Committee) excluded residents from offering input at public meetings about pollinator gardens, he disagreed.

The city of North Mankato is long overdue for a truly fresh perspective. Please consider casting your vote for Peterson for North Mankato City Council.

Stefanie Jaquette

North Mankato

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Peterson offers fresh perspective | Letters To The Editor - Mankato Free Press

President Trump & AG Barr Sued for Vindictive Prosecution Against Black Politician Robert Peterson & Fields Associates Announced today -…

WASHINGTON, Oct. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Despite the (quasi-concealed) high-profile court filing predating an extraordinary, yet awkward first presidential debate for the general election that followed the U.S. president's nomination for new female U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Barret, and the American president and first lady testing positive for the coronavirus-- President Donald J. Trump and U.S. Attorney General William Barr are being sued in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia for civil claims on 'vindictive, private, and selective prosecution' against an African-American political activist, per racial injustice and systemic racism- contrary to the attorney general's testimony before Congress in July.

The court record shows that civil action, Cary Lee Peterson, et al. v. Donald J. Trump, et al. (USDC-DC 2020) resulted from a September 2019 decision by Attorney General Barr's Office (URL: https://news.yahoo.com/black-political-prisoner-seeks-bail-081700180.html) to declassify and release political prisoner Cary Lee Peterson's FBI reports, that were denied release by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. District Court for the New Jersey District, upon Peterson's trial attorney's request, weeks before his jury trial for "legally impossible" criminal charges filed against him by the FBI, March 2016.

PETERSON VS. TRUMP-BARR CASE DETAILSCourt papers sharply illustrate that Peterson made several attempts to cure and remedy the fatal defects and errors made by AG Barr's "subordinates" at the DOJ office in Newark, New Jersey, but Peterson's communication with Barr's office fell upon deaf ears, with no responses.

However, Cary Peterson, who's registered as a civil rights lobbyist at United States Congress, filed exhibits that supported his argument that he had been imprisoned, defamed, tortured, and convicted by an all-white jury, December 2018, for federal offenses on securities fraud, that a white male in Utah confessed to doing two years prior to Peterson's criminal trial.

Consequently, Peterson was criminally and civilly prosecuted in lieu of the real "CEO" of the micro-cap company, a white male who was never subjected to federal court proceedings, attorney and trial court fees; and didn't spend a single day in jail or prison, or on bail or probation, as Peterson has been obliged to for the past 54 months.

LEGAL NOTICE SENT TO AG BARRTwo weeks before AG Bill Barr took the witness stand for debriefing by the United States House Judiciary Committee on 'racial injustice and systemic racism against blacks,' Peterson served Attorney General Barr with "Legal Notice to Cease and Desist Want of Prosecution" (https://tinyurl.com/barr-cnd-notice-july2020 ), in painstaking efforts to stop a surreal and grotesque, habitual series of private prosecutions and ex-parte legal actions against him, causing multiple (consolidated) convictions and sentencing hearings, within the same trial case, for unknown charges and indictments, involving unidentified federal prosecutors (founded to be moonlighting as law professors or private attorneys at law firms), who attended Peterson's 'phantom' court proceedings in Trenton, New Jersey, on days Peterson was confirmed to be at a federal prison camp in Oregon.

PETERSON PANIC ON COVID-19 PRISON OUTBREAKEarlier this month, Peterson filed "Emergency COVID-19 Motion for Relief" for release pending his [delayed] direct appeal decision- (after a 21 month 'stand-still')- at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, where his bail was previously denied, 2019, by a federal circuit justice founded to be moonlighting as a law professor, at a private university in South Orange, N.J., that Peterson had sued in the D.C. federal courts for a bank data breach Public Notice - Civil Action Filed for Data Breach; Cary Lee Peterson v. Foster Garvey P.C., et al. (D.C. Cir.) https://www.einpresswire.com/article/503866983/public-notice-civil-action-filed-for-data-breach-cary-lee-peterson-v-foster-garvey-p-c-et-al-d-c-cir

Peterson's COVID-19 emergency motion- (also filed without seal to a related case [i.e. 20-5057] in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that same week)- raised federal questions as to the Third Circuit's merit or jurisdiction to continue hearing his direct appeal case, due to recent findings that clearly demonstrate that final judgment for Peterson's criminal case docket in New Jersey's federal district court had never occurred, May 2019, despite his appeal case in the court of appeals being active since January 11, 2019.

The Third Circuit placed Peterson's emergency motion for relief under a seal, due to the sensitive and conflicting issues between Peterson, circuit justices employed outside of the court, and FBI agents he had work interaction with while overseas, shortly before he was arrested on an international arrival flight from Australia, March 13, 2016.

In recent news, published at Associated Press News (URL: https://apnews.com/press-release/globe-newswire/prisoners-health-prisons-lawsuits-disease-outbreaks-public-health-e6e339872cef83466d3bf2bd18a35349), Cary Lee Peterson was mentioned as a federal prisoner, among other federal prisoners at FDC SeaTac (Seattle, WA.), who were mentioned in a filing of a court affidavit and supporting court papers of government records, with the U.S. District Court for the Nevada District [i.e. Cary Lee Peterson v. John Doe 1, et al., USDC NV 2020], and Montana District [United States v. Jesus Alberto Perez, USDC MT 1998], that unveiled an extraordinary coronavirus 'coverup' in the federal prison system, associated with the CARES Act, adopted by AG Barr and the Bureau of Prisons, April 6, which was [supposed] to allow immediate release of "totally non-violent, and short-time prisoners.

Today, Peterson remains incarcerated at FDC SeaTac, where the coronavirus infestation among prisoners and prison guards was previously reported, while AG Bill Barr and President Trump have yet to make statement on the lawsuit filed against them by a lobbyist from Capitol Hill, who's a senior member of the 'Barr Hates Blacks U.S. Coalition.'

RELATED COURT PAPERS AND PERTINENT DOCUMENTS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/164n2NxKWHW1YZS1BESEI8iAjjn6QrDC5?usp=sharing

Media Contact:Amanda Liu (publicist)Robert Peterson & Fields Associates[T:] +1 (213) 986-4414; or[E:] liu.amanda@rpflegal.com


Coronavirus Prison Outbreak in Seattle FDC Black & Hispanic BOP inmates exposed to ... (Sep. 11, 2020)https://apnews.com/globe-newswire/e6e339872cef83466d3bf2bd18a35349

COVID infections hit 31 inmates and 6 staff at federal detention center in SeaTac (Aug. 28, 2020)https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/health/covid-infections-hit-31-inmates-and-6-staff-at-federal-detention-center-in-seatac/

SEATAC FEDERAL DETENTION CENTER EXPOSED PRISONERS TO THE CORONAVIRUS BY ALLEGEDLY FAILING TO FOLLOW CORONAVIRUS PROTOCOLS (Sep. 2020)https://southseattleemerald.com/2020/09/07/seatac-federal-detention-center-fails-to-follow-coronavirus-protocols-exposing-prisoners-to-the-virus/

Bureau of Prisons Continue to Stonewall Political Prisoner Despite Act of Congress (Updated Mar. 2020)https://icrowdnewswire.com/2020/03/20/correction-update-bureau-of-prisons-continue-to-stonewall-political-prisoner-despite-act-of-congress/

George Floyd (LEPS) Act 2020 Bill Prop. Filed with Congress by Political Prisoner Near CHOP/CHAZ (Jul. 2020)https://markets.financialcontent.com/bostonherald/news/read/40186233

FBI agree to release classified reports on lobbyist tied to Bernie Sanders Scandal (Sep. 2019)https://news.yahoo.com/fbi-agree-release-classified-reports-165824979.html

New World Order Politics Video Interview with Cary Lee Peterson (Sep. 2016)https://youtu.be/13VCyTF31iE

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President Trump & AG Barr Sued for Vindictive Prosecution Against Black Politician Robert Peterson & Fields Associates Announced today -...

Olson, Peterson inducted into York Area Ag Hall of Fame – York News-Times

Gerald Pete Peterson and Dale Olson were honored this past weekend when they were inducted into the York Area Ag Hall of Fame.

York County Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin and Jeff Steckman from Cornerstone Bank were present for the induction of Gerald Pete Peterson into the York Area Ag Hall of Fame.

Dale Olson was accompanied by many family members Sunday, Oct. 4, when he was inducted into the York Area Ag Hall of Fame during an event held in the historic church at Wessels Living History Farm. Joining them were York County Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin (who opened the event with comments about the importance of agriculture) and Jeff Steckman from Cornerstone Bank (the bank was this years marquis sponsor of the event).

YORK It was with heartfelt appreciation and honor that Dale Olson and Gerald Pete Peterson accepted their inductions into the York Area Ag Hall of Fame on Sunday, Oct. 4, during a special ceremony held at the Wessels Living History Farm.

The York Area Ag Hall of Fame was created by the York News-Times in 1999, as a way to honor influential people in York Countys rich agricultural history. The intent was and continues to be to memorialize the stories of local people who played a major role in the biggest part of the local/state economy and heritage agriculture.

Each year, residents submit nominations. Two inductees are selected and the York News-Times writes their stories which are published and included on the plaques. One large plaque is added to the Ag Hall of Fame wall, which is in the antique tractor display building on the farm. The plaques honoring Olson and Peterson joined 74 others and will hang there forever for the public to see.

And another plaque is presented each year to the inductees or their families which they can then keep.

Sundays event was held in the historic church at the Wessels Farm, with a number of people from the community as well as family members in attendance.

York County Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin welcomed everyone to the induction ceremony, talking about the importance of agriculture in York County as well as the entire state. He talked about the rich history of this area, how agriculture has played such an important role in the local economy and even how communities and the county were created and continue to thrive.

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Olson, Peterson inducted into York Area Ag Hall of Fame - York News-Times

Things to Do in Miami: Karen Peterson and Dancers’ Virtual 30th Anniversary – Miami New Times

As Karen Peterson was planning the 30th anniversary of her eponymous dance company, she had lined up touring dates, a residency in Naples, and world premiere dance works.

I really felt it was a great culmination of partnerships that Ive been developing over 30 years of presenting creative, physically integrative dance, Peterson says.

All of that preparation and planning came to a stop in March, when COVID-19 closures became widespread, causing their spring performance programs' cancellation.

I had to reinvent what we were going to do, she says.

Innovation and reinvention have been staples of Petersons history.

Founded in 1990, Karen Peterson and Dancers has created mixed-ability dance that has been seen and celebrated worldwide.Peterson moved to Miami in 1979, after training at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and quickly began to establish herself as one of the pioneers of dance in South Florida. It was through contact improvisation workshops that she began to develop mixed-ability dance work for both trained and untrained dancers alike, and from there, her company was born.

Now, as Peterson adapts herself and her dancers to a new online reality, she has embraced the unknown: developing work and classes especially for Zoom, learning video editing, and creating a new way to showcase her work and to celebrate the companys history and to ensure its future.

She was also able to secure resilience funding from the Miami Foundation, Miami-Dade County, and the National Endowment for the Arts CARES Act to support her dancers during this time, which gave her room to plan.

After the spring series, we do take a break in the summer. I feel very fortunate that there was some funding that I was able to hold on to for the future. Our original plan was to bring back our dancers on October 1 and pick up what was canceled in April. Obviously, that wasnt happening, which is why we decided to have a virtual celebration, Peterson says.

The companys newly imagined 30th-anniversary celebration will feature six new works, created by Peterson and longtime collaborator Oscar Trujillo.

Two of the works are reimagined rehearsal footage by filmmaker Dinorah de Jesus, who reimagined the work with visual effects, and adapted it to her vision, she says.

There also will be a mini-documentary of the company by video artist Heber Siqueiros.

Dancers from the company include Oscar Trujillo (left), Katie Brennan, Shawn Buller, and Alexis Martinez.

Photo by Karime Arabia

This anniversary is a testament of what we have achieved online and how the two-dimensional dancer can look on screen, and how they can relate to one another, even though they are physically in different places, how there is a sense of composition, says Peterson, explaining how she has adapted dance-making to the Zoom screen. How do we take a physical concept and give the movements out to dancers and have the vision realized?

Taking into consideration the publics Zoom fatigue, Peterson has made the program last 30 to 35 minutes. It will be followed by a live question-and-answer session featuring all dancers and collaborators.

As for what the future holds for the dance company, the indefatigable Peterson remains optimistic as she continues to adapt and build and find silver linings and opportunities in this moment.

I think any dance company that gets through this time is very resilient. I think any individual dance artist who continues to be able to make work, its because of a passion and drive that is not going to go away. I do think about sidewalk performances, dances in the park, things that have been done before, because I think people do want to go back to the theater and relive experience, she says.But I think we are developing an audience that might be turned on by my group even though they dont live here, which they never would have been in the past, and they might be able to see something live in the future.

Rebekah Lanae Lengel?, ArtburstMiami.com

Karen Peterson and Dancers Virtual 30th Anniversary Program. 7 p.m. Sunday, October 18;305-298-5879; karenpetersondancers.org. Admission is free, but a $10 donation is suggested.


Things to Do in Miami: Karen Peterson and Dancers' Virtual 30th Anniversary - Miami New Times

Adrian Peterson and the Vikings Won an Ultra-Rare Tuesday Night Game in 2010 – Sportscasting

Detroit Lions running back Adrian Peterson might be feeling deja vu this season.

That familiar sensation has nothing to do with Petersons on-field play. In the era of COVID-19, the NFL has explored possibly playing games on Tuesday night or, as they did with a Week 4 matchup with the Patriots and Chiefs, pushing games back to Monday night.

So why would Peterson feel deja vu? Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings participated in, as of Oct. 7, 2020, the NFLs most recent Tuesday night game.

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For nearly a decade, the NFL has almost exclusively played games on three days: Thursday, Sunday, and Monday.

Depending on the holiday season, the NFL still plays the occasional Saturday game in December. But since 2012, when Thursday Night Football became a full-season event rather than half a year, the NFL has played on those three days.

All of that could change in 2020, the year where preconceived ideas of normalcy were thrown in the dumpster. If a COVID outbreak mandates a game cant be played on Sunday, but it can be played on a Monday or Tuesday night, that is a path the NFL can take.

Take Week 4, where Cam Newton and the New England Patriots were supposed to play at the Kansas City Chiefs in a late-game matchup on Sunday, October 4.

Then, Newton tested positive for COVID-19 and, when the league determined both teams could play, the NFL pushed the game back one night.

Patrick Mahomes threw two touchdowns in the Chiefs 26-10 victory. Brian Hoyer, the veteran backup, went 15-of-24 for 130 yards and an interception before Bill Belichick pulled him for Jarrett Stidham.

Stidham only went 5-of-13 for 60 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions.

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Added games on Monday night the Patriots and Chiefs kicked off at 7 p.m. ET, two hours before the Falcons-Packers showdown on ESPN isnt anything new to the NFL.

Weather issues have forced Sunday games to be played on Monday nights in the past. The Jets and Bills had one such matchup in November 2014 after a snowstorm shook New York.

Detroits Ford Field hosted the game, a 38-3 Bills victory.

Tuesday night NFL games, though, are another story. After 1946, the league went over 60 years before having two teams play on a Tuesday.

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In December 2010, Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles intended to host Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings for a Week 16 matchup.

Then came a massive snowstorm that blanketed Philadelphia. The NFL pushed the game back to Tuesday night, the leagues first Tuesday game since 1946.

Peterson picked up 118 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries in the Vikings 24-14 win at Lincoln Financial Field. Joe Webb, an athletic quarterback who later moved to receiver, completed 17 of his 26 passes for 195 yards in a spot start for the Vikings.

Webb added 31 rushing yards and a touchdown on six carries.

Vick went 25-of-43 for 263 yards, a touchdown, and an interception in the loss. Vick also had 63 yards and a touchdown on eight carries.

Eagles tight end Brent Celek had a game-high 10 catches for 97 yards. Minnesotas explosive wideout, Percy Harvin, turned seven catches including a 64-yard gain into 100 yards.

Vikings defensive back Antoine Winfield had a 45-yard scoop-and-score in the win.

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Adrian Peterson and the Vikings Won an Ultra-Rare Tuesday Night Game in 2010 - Sportscasting

Fantasy football fallout post-NFL roster cuts: Adrian Peterson, Antonio Gibson, Cam Akers and more | Fantasy Football News, Rankings and Projections -…

There was plenty of player movement this weekend as NFL teams cut their rosters down to 53-man squads. The fallout huge fantasy football implications, as certain players fantasy football outlooks have been upended with moves to new environments or additional volume coming available.

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Recall last season, when LeSean McCoys release during final roster cuts opened the door for Devin Singletary. In Week 1, he led the Buffalo Bills in snaps, ranked fifth in the league in routes run among running backs and finished as RB15.

The following is a rundown of all the players impacted by final roster cuts, with updated evaluations to consider for draft strategy and lineup construction for Week 1.

Its become pretty clich at this point veteran player X leaves an offense and its rookie player X szn. But in the case of Antonio Gibson, the hype is warranted.

Adrian Peterson was surprisingly released by the Washington Football Team at least in part because Gibson has been showing out in training camp. The former MVP had nothing but high praise for the rookie running back as both a receiver and someone who can handle work in between the tackles.

Gibson saw a large chunk of snaps at wide receiver and saw little overall volume in college, so theres a negative perception that he cant be an every-down back. But he weighs 228 pounds, which is more than enough. If anything, his NFL frame and lack of tread on the tires should help him sustain durability.

Gibson is now a firm RB2 in my seasonal rankings and worth a selection in the first 50 picks. Defenses might struggle with tackling (lack of padded practices) and Gibson forced a missed tackle on essentially half of his touches in 2019. And lets not forget the last time a rookie running back forced a team to part ways with Peterson *whispers* Alvin Kamara.

It didnt take long for Peterson to find a new home; he signed a one-year deal with the Detroit Lions Sunday morning, further muddling a backfield already home to both Kerryon Johnson and rookie DAndre Swift. This cant be a good sign for Swift, who has missed significant time in training camp due to a lower leg injury.

Johnson still figures to be the starting back come Week 1, but his draft capital takes a massive hit with the Peterson news, and he's not a running back you will be looking to start come Week 1 against the Chicago Bears.

The Bears will have a healthy Akiem Hicks on the defensive line, which is not good news for the Lions ground game. With Hicks playing last season, the Bears PFF run-defense grade (82.8) ranked fifth in the NFL.

Swifts RB23 ADP is a way too high. I have both Johnson and Swift ranked outside of the top-95 players, and I would still only feel comfortable drafting them if I could get them from Round 10 on.

And say what you want about Petersons age, but the man is durable his 499 touches over the past two seasons ranks 10th at the position. If injuries plague Johnson once again, Peterson will be the locked-and-loaded early-down back more than worth a selection in the 16th round.

None of the recently releasedPhiladelphia Eagles running backs were likely to be fantasy forces in 2020 (Elijah Holyfield, Adrian Killins Jr., Michael Warren), but their departure is a clear indicator that the team is not concerned about Miles Sanders injury.

He should be good to go Week 1 against the Washington Football Team and should smash in the plus matchup. Love him in DFS for Week 1.

The signing of Leonard Fournette was a tell-tale sign that somebody was going to get the boot in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers backfield. Pass-catching specialist Dare Ogunbowale got the short end of the stick, confirming LeSean McCoys role on the offense as a change-of-pace and third-down running back.

Ogunbowales departure does vacate seven carries inside the 5-yard line from last season, which could further bolster Ronald Jones opportunities near the goal-line. Based on his solid performance last season as a runner inside the 10-yard line, it is RoJos job to lose as the goal-line back in the offense.

The Los Angeles Rams released fourth-string and 2018 sixth-round running back John Kelly in favor of keeping 2020 undrafted rookie Xavier Jones out of SMU. Kelly was thought to be in the running back mix after receiving praise from head coach Sean McVay earlier this summer, but not even the coachs words could save his job.

Jones is a change-of-pace back, so even if he is active on game days in place of the currently injured Darrell Henderson, his role will be limited. For Week 1, we are going to see a two-man backfield of Cam Akers and Malcolm Brown. Reports have surfaced suggesting that Brown will be the starter.

Last season, Brown started the Rams Week 6 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers and finished the day with 11 carries for 40 yards on 67% of the offensive snaps. In that same game, Henderson had 11 carries as a backup and rushed for 49 yards with two catches for 20 yards, despite seeing just 33% of the offensive snaps.

With Brown a non-factor in the passing game, don't let this report deter you from Akers in drafts or from Week 1 starting lineups.

The Chicago Bears released running back Artavis Pierce, meaning the team is going to proceed with David Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, Ryan Nall and Cordarrelle Patterson at the RB position. Releasing Montgomery and opting to not bring in another veteran suggests the team must feel good about Montgomerys status coming back from his groin injury.

Actions speak larger than words the Las Vegas Raiders released Theo Riddick and traded Lynn Bowden Jr., meaningits wheels up for Josh Jacobs in the passing game. That's been the biggest knock on his fantasy value this summer.

There's a chance the Raiders sign the recently released Dare Ogunbowale (he visited the team on Sunday), but who knows how long it would take him to get up to speed in the offense.

The Kansas City Chiefs elected to move on from free agent signing DeAndre Washington, who was a popular candidate to be the direct backup to Clyde Edwards-Helaire. This turned out not to be the case, as the team is moving forward with Darrell Williams as the No. 2 running back. Williams needs to be drafted and owned as a priority backup across all league formats.

After cutting their roster down to 53 players, the Tennessee Titans only have two running backs on the roster: Derrick Henry and Darrynton Evans. The rookie from Appalachian State has had some struggles during training camp, but entrusting him in the No. 2 role behind King Henry is enough to make him worth a roster spot.

After releasing Lamar Miller and J.J. Taylor, the New England Patriots will enter the 2020 season with the same core as last season: Sony Michel, James White, Rex Burkhead and Damien Harris. I still think the value is with Michel because he has a chance to reclaim the starting role with Harris currently sidelined. I think we might see a completely different Michel in 2020, running with the mobile Cam Newton.

The Miami Dolphins released former first-round pickJosh Rosen, showing a vote of confidence in the health of rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starter Week 1, but Tagovailoa will take over at some point this season.

Its not a roster cut, but its worth noting here that the Chicago Bears named Mitchell Trubisky as their starting quarterback for Week 1 over Nick Foles. From all accounts, neither quarterback was overwhelming during training camp, so it appears Trubisky earned the job by default.

He wont be a quarterback you start for Week 1 in any traditional league formats, but in two-quarterback leagues or DFS, he's going to be a viable option with a matchup against the Detroit Lions.

In Trubiskys last three starts against his NFC North rival in the Matt Nagy offense, he has averaged three passing touchdowns, 9.5 yards per attempt, 289 passing yards and earned a 90.9 PFF passing grade. That translates to 32.5 fantasy points per game when you also include Trubiskys rushing statistics.

Nobody on planet Earth is going to want to play Trubisky, so leveraging him in a GPP could be a great way to save salary and differentiate your lineup. Remember, even before Marcus Mariota was benched last season, he posted 250-plus yards and three touchdowns versus the Cleveland Browns in Week 1.

The New England Patriots released Mohamed Sanu after trading a second-round pick for the veteran before the trade deadline in 2019. This slides Damiere Byrd in as the No. 3 wide receiver option behind NKeal Harry and Julian Edelman. I'm more confident in taking Harry in the later rounds now he remains one of my favorite second-year sleepers.

The Buffalo Bills released several veteran wide receivers Robert Foster, Andre Roberts, Duke Williams which to me says a lot about how they feel about rookie wide receiver Gabriel Davis from UCF. Davis has been a standout all summer and would be an immediate target off the waiver wire should anything happen to any of the main trio of Bills starting receivers: Stefon Diggs, John Brown and Cole Beasley.

The San Francisco 49ers waived bothJauan Jennings and Kevin White great signs that Deebo Samuel (just taken off the NFI list) and Brandon Aiyuk will be available for Week 1. They are both super low on draft boards because of their injuries over the summer, so they are both values.

The Washington Football Team released slot wide receiver Trey Quinn, solidifying the top trio of receivers in the nations capital: Terry McLaurin, Dontrelle Inman and Steven Sims.

Green Bay waived several wide receivers including Jake Kumerow, Reggie Begelton and Malik Turner. This should allow Marquez Valdes-Scantling to potentially graze fantasy relevance in 2020 he's the only true speed threat the team has at WR. If we start to see him receive consistent targets, he could easily emerge as a post-hype sleeper after failing to live up to expectations in 2019. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was reported to be most impressed with him during training camp.

Excerpt from:

Fantasy football fallout post-NFL roster cuts: Adrian Peterson, Antonio Gibson, Cam Akers and more | Fantasy Football News, Rankings and Projections -...

Former Vikings RB Adrian Peterson to sign with Lions – Vikings Wire

Adrian Peterson was a surprise cut by Washington over the weekend.

It didnt take long for the future Hall of Famer to find a new team. Per multiple reports, Peterson is set to sign with the Detroit Lions.

On paper, it seems like an odd fit considering the Lions already have Kerryon Johnson and DAndre Swift, a player they just drafted in the second round.

Peterson spent the last two seasons with Washington after a brief stint with the Saints and Cardinals. Of course, we all will remember Peterson for his time with the Vikings from 2007-2016.

Now, hell face off the Vikings twice in 2020: Nov. 8 at U.S. Bank Stadium and Jan. 3 in Detroit.

Peterson, 35, has 14,216 career rushing yards, a mark that ranks fifth in NFL history. He needs 1,054 rushing yards to pass Barry Sanders to move to fourth. Given Detroits crowded backfield, that seems extremely unlikely.

Then again, Peterson has ran for a combined 1,940 over the last two seasons with Washington.

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Former Vikings RB Adrian Peterson to sign with Lions - Vikings Wire