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Remember Dr. Isobel Stevens? That Greys Anatomy character who abruptly left the ABC hit seven seasons ago amid a flareup of behind-the-scenes drama?

Izzie did a lot of things right funded the clinic, gave her biological daughter a bright future, made Alex a better person, etc. but whats the fun in covering those?

No, today were talking about all her professional and personal missteps, from frivolous to frightful. Check out the gallery here to see 11 of them, presented chronologically.

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No wonder no one wanted to break bread together. Luckily for her, Burke swooped in to save the day and the roast turkey.

Looks like Santa threw up in here, George remarked.

Forget that transplant patient higher on the donor list, Izzie is in love! So she cut her paramours LVAD wire to put him first in line for a new heart.

Denny ultimately kicked a bucket, and his $8.7 million fortune went to Izzie. She kept the check on the fridge for a long time, and we pulled out our hair for a long time.

The Greys writers couldnt stop trying to make Gizzie happen, so for much of Seasons 3 and 4, we had to watch the characters fumble toward the realization they had zero sexual chemistry.

Denny appeared as a ghost to get Izzie to realize she had cancer but not before convincing Izzie to have sex with him.

Worse yet, she was involved with Alex at the time. (But is ghost sex cheating, technically?)

When Izzie told Cristina about her cancer diagnosis, Cristina pulled a lot of strings to get her a date with the best oncologist in Washington state, an appointment that Izzie brushed off. Why, girl, why?

Finally, to everyones relief, Izzie came around and accepted treatment.

This brings gallows humor to a whole new level. (Secretly, though, we love it.)

We get that Izzie had just had a brush with death, but making a medical error so grave that it costs a kidney transplant patient her spot on the donor list? Thats amateur hour for real.

Richard fired Izzie for that blunder, and she incorrectly assumed Alex was involved and left him. Yes, she left her own husband with nothing but a Dear John letter in his locker.

Izzie came back a couple of times that season but never achieved any semblance of closure with Alex before she vanished for good. Is she in Seattle? Did she get that job in Tacoma?

Well never know, because Katherine Heigl was desperate to leave Greys and Shonda Rhimes has never forgiven her.

Remember Dr. Isobel Stevens? That Greys Anatomy character who abruptly left the ABC hit seven seasons ago amid a flareup of behind-the-scenes drama?

Izzie did a lot of things right funded the clinic, gave her biological daughter a bright future, made Alex a better person, etc. but whats the fun in covering those?

No, today were talking about all her professional and personal missteps, from frivolous to frightful. Check out the gallery here to see 11 of them, presented chronologically.

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11 Indefensible Izzie Stevens Moments on 'Grey's Anatomy' (PHOTOS) - Wetpaint

Major finding in human anatomy has implications for many brain diseases, including Alzheimer's – The Denver Post

By David Kohn, The Washington Post

Kari Alitalo had studied lymphatic vessels for more than two decades. So he knew that this network, which carries immune cells throughout the body and removes waste and toxins, didnt extend into the brain: This had been accepted wisdom for more than 300 years. Nobody questioned that it stopped at the brain, says Alitalo, a scientist at the University of Helsinki in Finland.

Three years ago, Alitalo wanted to develop a more precise map of the lymphatic system. To do this, he used genetically modified mice whose lymphatic vessels glowed when illuminated by a particular wavelength of light. (The mice had been given a gene from a species of glowing jellyfish.)

When viewing the modified mice under the light, Aleksanteri Aspelund, a medical student in Alitalos laboratory, saw something unexpected: The heads of the mice glowed. At first, he suspected that there was something wrong with the animals, the lighting or the measuring equipment. But when Alitalo and Aspelund repeated the experiment, they got the same result. It seemed that the lymphatic vessels extended to the brain after all.

This was surprising, to say the least: In the 21st century, major findings involving basic human anatomy are rare. These days, you dont make discoveries like this, Alitalo says. But every once in a while in science, you stumble on something really unexpected. You open a new door, to a whole new world.

Alitalo is one of several scientists exploring this new world. Working independently, several other researchers, including Maiken Nedergaard of the University of Rochester and Jonathan Kipnis of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, have also shown that lymphatic vessels extend into the brain.

The discovery is much more than a historical footnote. It has major implications for a wide variety of brain diseases, including Alzheimers, multiple sclerosis, stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Researchers have identified two networks: the vessels that lead into and surround the brain, and those within the brain itself. The first is known as the lymphatic system for the brain, while the latter is called the glymphatic system. The g added to lymphatic refers to glia, the kind of neuron that makes up the lymphatic vessels in the brain. The glymphatic vessels carry cerebrospinal fluid and immune cells into the brain and remove cellular trash from it.

Alitalo, Nedergaard, Kipnis and others have found evidence that when the systems malfunction, the brain can become clogged with toxins and suffused with inflammatory immune cells. Over decades, this process may play a key role in Alzheimers disease, Huntingtons disease, Parkinsons disease and other neurodegenerative illnesses, research suggests. This is a revolutionary finding, Nedergaard says. This system plays a huge role in the health of the brain.

Nedergaard describes the glymphatic system as like a dishwasher for the brain. The brain is very active, she says, and so it produces a lot of junk that needs to be cleaned out.

In hindsight, she says, the system should have been noticed long ago. When the skull and head are dissected, the vessels are visible to the naked eye. But no one bothered to really look: Usually the brain is seen only as a bunch of nerve cells. We have come to think of the brain as a computer. And its not. Its a living organ.

Nedergaard and Helene Benveniste, a scientist at Yale University, have found evidence linking problems in the lymphatic and glymphatic systems to Alzheimers. In a study on mice, they showed that glymphatic dysfunction contributes to the buildup in the brain of amyloid beta, a protein that plays a key role in the disease.

Last year, Jeff Iliff, a neuroscientist at Oregon Health & Science University, and several colleagues examined postmortem tissue from 79 human brains. They focused on aquaporin-4, a key protein in glymphatic vessels. In the brains of people with Alzheimers, this protein was jumbled; in those without the disease, the protein was well organized. This suggests that glymphatic breakdowns may play a role in the disease, Iliff says.

The vessels have also been implicated in autoimmune disease. Researchers knew that the immune system has limited access to the brain. But at the same time, the immune system kept tabs on the brains status; no one knew exactly how. Some researchers theorize that the glymphatic system could be the conduit and that in diseases such as multiple sclerosis where the bodys immune system attacks certain brain cells the communication may go awry.

The system may also play a role in symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Nedergaard has shown that in mice, the injuries can produce lasting damage to the glymphatic vessels, which are quite fragile. Mice are a good model, she says, because their glymphatic systems are very similar to humans. She and Iliff found that even months after being injured, the animals brains were still not clearing waste efficiently, leading to a buildup of toxic compounds, including amyloid beta. Nedergaard returns to the dishwasher analogy. Its like if you only use a third of the water when you turn on the machine, she says. You wont get clean dishes.

Recent research has also found evidence that the glymphatic system may extend into the eye. For decades, scientists have noted that many people with Alzheimers disease also have glaucoma, in which damage to the optic nerve causes vision loss. But they struggled to find a common mechanism; the glymphatic system may be the link.

In January, Belgian and Swiss researchers identified a rich network of glymphatic vessels within the optic nerve. The scientists also found that when these vessels malfunction, they seem to leave behind deposits of amyloid beta as well as other neurotoxins that damage the optic nerve.

And in March, Harvard University researchers reported that glymphatic flow is significantly decreased in the period just before a migraine. The intense pain in these headaches is caused largely by inflamed nerves in the tissue that surrounds the brain. Neuroscientists Rami Burstein and Aaron Schain, the lead authors, theorize that faulty clearance of molecular waste from the brain could trigger inflammation in these pain fibers.

One key to glymphatic performance seems to be sleep. Nedergaard has shown that at least in mice, the system processes twice as much fluid during sleep as it does during wakefulness. She and her colleagues focused on amyloid beta; they found that the lymphatic system removed much more of the protein when the animals were asleep than when they were awake. She suggests that over time, sleep dysfunction may contribute to Alzheimers and perhaps other brain illnesses. You only clean your brain when youre sleeping, she says. This is probably an important reason that we sleep. You need time off from consciousness to do the housekeeping.

Nedergaard and Benveniste have also found that sleep position is crucial. In an upright position someone who is sitting or standing waste is removed much less efficiently. Sleeping on your stomach is also not very effective; sleeping on your back is somewhat better, while lying on your side appears to produce the best results. The reason for these differences remains unclear, but Nedergaard suspects that it is probably related to the mechanical engineering of the lymphatic vessels and valves; she suggests that the healthiest approach may be to move periodically while you sleep.

Sleep is probably not the only way to improve glymphatic flow. For instance, a paper published in January by C
hinese researchers reported that in mice, omega-3 fatty acidsimproved glymphatic functioning.

Benveniste is examining dexmedetomidine, an anesthetic that may have the ability to improve glymphatic flow. And in a small human study, other scientists have found that deep breathing significantly increases the glymphatic transport of cerebrospinal fluid into the brain.

Alitalo is experimenting with growth factors, compounds that can foster regrowth of the vessels in and around the brain. He has used this method to repair lymphatic vessels in pigs and is now testing the approach in the brains of mice that have a version of Alzheimers.

Right now there are no clinical therapies in this area, he says. But give it a little time. This has only just been discovered.

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Major finding in human anatomy has implications for many brain diseases, including Alzheimer's - The Denver Post

'Grey's Anatomy' Star Ellen Pompeo Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of the Popular Show – Closer Weekly

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'Grey's Anatomy' 3/2/2017 Why Didn't the Show Air? – Closer … – Closer Weekly

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Promoting quality education: 'Use of innovative methods key in teaching anatomy' – The Express Tribune

FAISALABAD:The best way to teach modern anatomy is by combing multiple pedagogical resources to complement one another. Students appear to learn more effectively when multi-modal and system-based approaches are integrated.

This was said by experts while speaking at a national workshop on teaching and research techniques in anatomy organised by Department of Anatomy, University of Agriculture on Wednesday. The inaugural session was chaired by UAF Vice-Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan.

The experts said not a single teaching tool had been found to meet curriculum requirements of anatomy.

The limitation on time, trained faculty and resources for gross anatomy courses in integrated and system based curricula, have led many medical and veterinary schools to abandon costly and time consuming decision based instructions in favour of alternative methods of instructions, including prosection, medical imaging, living anatomy and multimedia resources, the experts opined.

UAF Vice-Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said UAF was taking all possible measures to produce trained manpower by ensuring quality education in the country.

He said the UAF used to organise such events to raise awareness among the masses about different issues. Dean Veterinary Sciences Dr Ahrar Khan said poverty alleviation was directly linked to the agriculture and livestock sector. He said the UAF had produced 3,000 doctors and 120 PhDs in veterinary sciences so far.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 16th, 2017.

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Promoting quality education: 'Use of innovative methods key in teaching anatomy' - The Express Tribune

Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body

Male and female 3D gross human anatomy models

Each model includes 4,600+ structures. All body systems covered: nervous (brain, nerves, sensory organs), skeletal (ligaments and bursae), circulatory, muscular, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, and reproductive. Additional microanatomy models detail structures of sensory organs (skin, ear, eye, tongue).

Each body system includes a series of quick-to-get-to preset views that showcase key organs and surrounding anatomy. Use them to study, teach, or learn. Rotate around a 2D model of the heart. Dissect away arteries that supply blood to the cerebrum. Zoom in and study the ducts of the liver, gall bladder, and pancreas. Edit any view and save to view again.

Read detailed definitions, Latin names, and descriptions of injuries, diseases, and pathologies. Listen to pronunciations. Test your knowledge with over 1,000 quiz questions.

"It's a beautiful tool to work with. It helps me to explain certain problems of the human body to students and patients."

"It makes it so much easier for my patients to see and understand where and why they experience pain. Just a wonderful app!"

Read More Testimonials

Note: Check your device type for specifics and additional costs. Additional content includes pins and pain that detail muscle attachments, 3D rotatable models that show common muscle movements, bony landmarks, and patient education physiology and pathology animations. Watch a demo: An emergency room doctor explains gallstones.

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Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body

Grey´s anatomy – Friends – Video

Grey´s anatomy - Friends
song by Aura Dione, videoclips from the tvshow Grey´s anatomy; NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! Meredith: "When you want to break up with me to see other women then do it. `Meredith I´m sorry but I don´t love you anymore.Meredith I want to end our relationship.´" Derek. "But I do love you!"From:SusannesAnatomyViews:0 0ratingsTime:03:34More inEntertainment

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Grey´s anatomy - Friends - Video

Cristina and Owen – Execute me – Video

Cristina and Owen - Execute me
song by Medina, videoclips from the tvshow Grey´s anatomy; NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! Owen: "I beg you." Cristina: "And I say NO!" Owen: "Go out, now!" Owen: "Go out." Cristina: "Is it really too much to let us forget that this ever happened?!" Owen: "You killed our baby this I will never forget!"From:SusannesAnatomyViews:1 0ratingsTime:03:34More inEntertainment

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Cristina and Owen - Execute me - Video

Anatomy of a Ghost/ Portugal. The Man – Song 1.wmv – Video

Anatomy of a Ghost/ Portugal. The Man - Song 1.wmv
I found this track, along with three others that I will upload, in a random file a year or so ago, it was titled "Anatomy of a Ghost - Celebrations of a Sky Blue Snippet". All the songs have lyrics and things associated with Portugal. The Man, so that #39;s the reason for the title. I #39;m just really curious if anyone has any back story on these. It sounds like a total crossover between the two, or smack dab in the middle of the transition. Anyway, enjoy and please leave comments if you know the story.From:d0d04Views:0 0ratingsTime:02:35More inPeople Blogs

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Anatomy of a Ghost/ Portugal. The Man - Song 1.wmv - Video

How to Pronounce Auricle – Video

How to Pronounce Auricle
Learn how to say Auricle correctly with EmmaSaying #39;s "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of auricle (oxford dictionary): noun Anatomy Biology 1a structure resembling an ear or ear lobe: grass leaves often have two auricles at the junction between the leaf sheath and the blade the external part or pinna of the ear. 2another term for atrium (of the heart). blood passes downward from the auricle to the ventricle a small muscular flap on the surface of each atrium of the heart. Origin: late Middle English: from Latin auricula #39;external part of the ear #39;, diminutive of auris #39;ear #39; http://www.emmasaying.comFrom:Emma SayingViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:13More inHowto Style

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How to Pronounce Auricle - Video

"Santa Muerte, Posada’s Mexico and the End of Times" Guest Post by Salvador Olguín, Morbid Anatomy Scholar in Residence


For this non-end-of-days end-of-days, a word on Death in Mayan and Mexican culture from new Morbid Anatomy Scholar in Residence Salvador Olguín:

I’ve been following the Morbid Anatomy blog for quite some time. This is my second guest post in the blog (the first can be found here); this time I am officially writing as Morbid Anatomy’s new Scholar in Residence. I told Joanna Ebenstein I wanted to write a few lines to commemorate such major occasion as the end of the 13th baktun of the Mayan calendar –that is, the 13th cycle of 144,000 days since the world began, otherwise known as The End of Times. Posting this text after the announcement of the Morbid Anatomy Library’s recent acquisition of a lot of Santa Muerte artifacts, also celebrated in this article by David Metcalf, is a happy coincidence. Finally, being able to use this post to introduce Posada’s Mexico, a book about José Guadalupe Posada recently acquired by the MA library, is a real treat.

José Guadalupe Posada was a Mexican engraver and illustrator who started working in the late 1800s as a cartoonist. He produced a vast number of etchings, most of which first appeared in the news papers and cheap periodicals published in Mexico City during the last decade of the 19th and the early 1900s. Posada’s was a time of social turmoil. The publications where he worked criticized the autocratic government of Porfirio Díaz for favoring Mexico’s Europeanized higher classes over the workers and the dispossessed. In this milieu, Posada used his art to satirize the rich and powerful, but also to illustrate current events and the news: murders, cases of cannibalism, floods, earthquakes and the End of the World, which people in Mexico believed was imminent 100 years ago.

Posada created a series of iconic characters like Don Chepito Marihuano (Mr. Chepito The Pothead), a gentleman who entertained the habit of smoking large amounts of weed. You can see him holding a skull, Hamlet-style, in the bottom illustration above. One of his most iconic illustrations was La Calavera Garbancera, later baptized as La Catrina by Diego Rivera. She came to represent Death personified for all Mexicans. Posada conceived her as a working class woman of mixed Native American and European blood, wearing a pretentious French hat. Later Rivera painted her in one of his murals (4th image down), but instead of using her as a vehicle of social commentary he dressed her up in a full fancy gown, making her a proud symbol of the unification of Mexico’s dual roots: Spanish and Native American. The fact that this symbol is embodied as a skeleton shows the importance of the personification of Death in Mexican iconography, and makes La Catrina a direct precursor of Santa Muerte.

Most Mesoamerican cultures had a cyclical notion of time. There were times of destruction and times of renewal. There had been other Worlds, and other versions of Humanity in their mythical pass, and there would be new worlds and a new humanity in the future. A Mayan wouldn’t be surprised that the world didn’t come to an end: today marks the beginning of the 14th baktun. Death remains the only certain thing in life; believing She’s a person, a being that watches over us, is certainly a soothing idea. Knowing She likes to smoke, drink, and feast like Santa Muerte does is simply the best. Take a look at these images from Posada’s Mexico, now available for researchers at the Morbid Anatomy Library.

You can find out more about Santa Muerte in these recent posts (1, 2); you can find out more about our upcoming Santa Muerte lecture and party by clicking here, and more about The Morbid Anatomy Library by clicking here. You can find out more about Morbid Anatomy Scholar in Residence Salvador Olguín by clicking here. All images are scans from Posada’s Mexico, a book about José Guadalupe Posada recently acquired by the Morbid Anatomy library.


"Viva la Muerte: The Mushrooming Cult of Saint Death"–A New Event Just in Time for The End of the World

It seems only appropriate to announce Morbid Anatomy's newest event "Viva la Muerte: The Mushrooming Cult of Saint Death" on this day, December 21, 2012, which many believe to be the end of the world as predicted by the long-cycle Mayan calendar.

This epic event--which will take place on Sunday February 3rd--will investigate via lecture, moderated Q and A, mini exhibit of newly acquired Santa Muerte materials and general merrymaking the fascinating and growing phenomenon of "Santa Muerte," a new Mexican-based religion born of the fertile mix of indigenous Mayan and Aztec beliefs with that of Spanish Catholicism.

Full information follows; very much hope to see you there!

Oh, and happy end of the world, everybody!!

"Viva la Muerte: The Mushrooming Cult of Saint Death" : Lecture, Book Signing and Party
Illustrated lecture by Professor R. Andrew Chesnut, author of Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint; Q and A moderated by The Revealer's David Metcalfe; Music and cocktails by Friese Undine; Santa Muerte and Jesus Malverde wedding cake and Funeral floral arrangements compliments of Tonya Hurley and Tracy Hurley Martin; Mini-exhibit of newly-donated Santa Muerte materials from the Morbid Anatomy Library

Date: Sunday, February 3
Time: 7:00 (Doors at 6:00)
Admission: $12
Produced by Morbid Anatomy and Borderline Projects
*** Copies of Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint will be available for sale and signing

On Sunday, February 3rd, please join us to celebrate the Morbid Anatomy Library's new acquisition of a large and spectacular lot of materials relating to Santa Muerte, a Mexican-based “cult” or possibly even a “new religion” which takes as its central figure a sanctified Lady Death. Literally translating to “Holy Death” or “Saint Death,” the worship of Santa Muerte--like Day of the Dead--is a popular form of religious expression rooted in a rich syncretism of the beliefs of the native Latin Americans and the colonizing Spanish Catholics.

Tonight's celebration will begin with a highly-illustrated lecture on the roots, history and worship of Santa Muerte by Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut, Chair in Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and author of Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint. Following, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions during a Q and A which with the lecturer and death in Mexico scholar Salvador Olguín moderated by David Metcalfe of The Revealer.

Come early (doors open at 6) and stay late to enjoy thematic music and special artisanal cocktails utilizing the favorite spirits of "The Boney Lady" herself, compliments of Friese Undine. You can also admire--and indulge in!--a special Santa Muerte and Jesus Malverde Wedding Cake compliments of our generous Santa Muerte artifact donors Tonya Hurley and Tracy Hurley Martin, and take in a temporary mini-exhibit of the amazing donations themselves. There will also be gorgeous funeral floral arrangements by Emily Thompson Flowers, and Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut will be happy to sign copies of his new book Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint which will be available for sale.

More here. For more on Santa Muerte and the Morbid Anatomy Library's new lot of artifacts, click here.

TONIGHT: Morbid Anatomy and Ghoul A Go-Go Holiday Krampus Party with "DEVILS" Show Premiere!

Tonight--Saturday December 22--please join Morbid Anatomy, Ghoul a Go Go and the cloven hooved Krampus himself for a booze-addled celebration of the darker side of Christmas!

You can read the Brooklyn Paper's writeup here; Full details follow; Hope very much to see you there!

Morbid Anatomy and Ghoul A Go-Go Holiday Krampus Party with "DEVILS" Show Premiere!
Date: Saturday, December 22

Time: 8:00 PM
Admission: $13
Presented by Morbid Anatomy

* Premiere of Ghoul A Go-Go's "DEVILS" show with Vlad and Creighton appearing LIVE!!
* A screening of the bizarro Mexican holiday classic feature film Santa Claus (1959)! The devil Pitch is on the loose! Can Christmas be saved?
* "Beelzebab "Siren of Sodom" performs live burlesque!
* Mistress Dominae Drakonis beats the naughty!
* Mulled Wine! Krampus cake! Piñata! More fun than you can beat with a stick!

Ghoul A Go-Go and Morbid Anatomy are throwing a Krampus holiday party to celebrate the world premiere of Ghoul A Go-Go's new "DEVILS" show! The ghost of Sammy Davis Jr. will not be there, but Vlad and Creighton will pour on more entertainment than a naughty child can handle. Beelzebabe, Siren of Sodom, will perform her scorching "Bad Girls Go To Hell" burlesque--an act one archbishop cited as the cause of his fall from grace! To add to the Krampus festivities, Mistress Dominae Drakonis, in all her satanic majesty, will deal out beatings to the naughty. There will be mulled wine to spice things up even further, as well as a Krampus cake. For your visual entertainment, there will be a screening of the 1959 Mexican classic film, Santa Claus, featuring the the devil Pitch. A piñata will be beaten. You will also have the privilege of being the first to see the brand new Ghoul A Go-Go episode on the big screen in all its devilish glory! To grind things to halt, there will be an Observatory styled lecture on Christmas. And then back to the party! It'll be more fun than a sack full of children so wear your best Krampus costume!

More here.Source:

"The Macabre and Little Known Sight of Saint Victoria of Rome" : A Mystery Revealed, Thanks to the BBC

Regular readers might remember the enigmatic and gorgeous Saint Victoria (or Saint Vittoria; seen above), a life-sized saint I stumbled upon in the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria directly across from Bernini's tourist-drawing Ecstasy of Saint Theresa on a recent trip to Rome. This rose-crowned and slashed-neck lady had caused me no little consternation; Was she waxwork? Effigy? Reliquary? Or some combination of the above? Sadly, churches do not have informational panels explaining such things, and I was left only to wonder as to her history and makeup.

Then, very recently, a few comments popped up on my blog from folks who had seen this mysterious figure discussed at length on the "Divine Gamble" episode of the new BBC TV series "Rome--A History of the Eternal City." I finally was able to locate a copy on You Tube and at about 12:47 minutes in, here is what I learned:

This figure, one of the cities least known but most macabre sights, appears to be a statue. But closer inspection reveals something far more spine chilling. When first you look at this, you think it must be a waxwork. But when you look a little closer, into the slightly open mouth you see, through the open lips of a skeleton. And if you look at the hands on the outside, they appear to be wax. But look inside. You can see not just the skeletal bones of the real hand of the human body but actually the dry skin there too. This is the body of Saint Victoria.

What the host does not mention explicitly is that it is, indeed, the body of the saint herself, but very much "touched up" with wax, human hair, and clothing. You can watch this segment--or the entire episode--by clicking here. You can read the former blog post by clicking here. Thanks so much to posters Cheryl, Josh and Allan for alerting me to this!


multicouples | i will never stop choosing you – Video

multicouples | i will never stop choosing you
720HD will treat you right. Hello my lovely followers, long time no video. I know I know I #39;m sorry; school has been insane I play division three college basketball so my schedule is so crazy that there is no time to vid. But I am home for a little vacation so I managed to make this video in about 2 days on and off and its dedicated to my 737 subscribers. I love each and every one of you and I would like to thank you for watching my videos. I really enjoy making them so here you go. song: never stop - safety suit (wedding edition) fandoms / couples: one tree hill - nathan/haley, jake/peyton, clay/quinn, brooke/julian, chase/alex, brooke/lucas gossip girl - dan/blair, nate/serena grey #39;s anatomy -- mark/lexie friday night lights- matt/julie prison break - michael/sara pretty little liars - aria/ezra the oc - seth/summer teen wolf- stiles/lydia, jackson/allison the vampire diaries- damon/elena, tyler/caroline -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rarr;TWITTER twitter.com rarr;TUMBLR peacelovelafferty.tumblr.com rarr;COLLAB GROUPSFrom:jameslaffertyftw23Views:25 4ratingsTime:02:46More inEntertainment

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multicouples | i will never stop choosing you - Video