Civility in public discourse focuses on ‘golden rule’ – treating others as you would want to be treated – The Dialog

WASHINGTON Rancor in politics, especially these days, may be the norm, but a nationwide effort is underway to remind people that civility in political discussions is a virtue.

The Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is introducing the Civilize It campaign Nov. 3 at parishes around the country. It stresses that respectful dialogue rather than name-calling and nasty barbs can occur among people with differing political views.

In part, this campaign is really in response to the vitriol that we see in public discourse on both sides of the aisle, said Jill Rauh, director of education and outreach in the department.

Civility is something that we, at least in theory, should all agree on, she told Catholic News Service. Catholics dont always come down on the same side in terms of where they discern to be voting. But everyone should agree that we can be modeling love for neighbor and we can be modeling the example of Christ.

The date of the programs introduction is significant because it is precisely one year from the 2020 presidential election.

The idea for Civilize It originated in the Social Action Office of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in 2016. Its success in southwest Ohio caught the attention of the USCCB, which this year decided that the model, with a few tweaks, could be introduced nationwide.

Rauh said about a dozen dioceses were expected to move quickly to adopt the campaign starting at Masses Nov. 2 and 3 with others expected to follow during the next several months.

The effort also will incorporate the U.S. bishops quadrennial document, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. The document remains unchanged this year, but the bishops will vote on a letter and four short video scripts to supplement it during their annual fall assembly in Baltimore Nov. 11-13.

Andrew Musgrave, director of the Cincinnati Archdioceses Social Action Office, said he planned to alert parishes that the program is continuing for the next year. He said the effort there will build on the success of the program in 2016, which saw parishioners dozens of parishes becoming involved.

The campaigns cornerstone is a three-part pledge that individuals can take to respect civility, to root political views in the Gospel and a well-formed conscience, and to encounter others with compassion.

Personal reflection is a significant component of the program. Resources developed by Rauhs office will help guide participants in the tradition of an examination of conscience so they can better understand how they can respond to people with whom they disagree.

Other resources include a pastoral aid that includes homily guides for Masses Nov. 2-3, promotional materials for use in parishes and discussion groups, and examples of social media messaging.

The campaign is a way the church can be an example, Rauh said. We can bring our moral voice to the public square.

Civilize It also is part of a wider campaign known as Golden Rule 2020 being undertaken by the National Institute for Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona starting Nov. 3.

Cheryl Graeve, national organizer for the institute, said the campaigns title is rooted in the widely held value among religious and non-religious people and Christians and non-Christians of treating another person as you expect to be treated.

Were increasingly concerned about the lessening of trust between people and government and for helping strengthen our democracy, she said.

The program emphasizes the development of personal behavior to soften the angry rhetoric and harsh language that can emerge in any discussion about politics, explained Theo Brown, director of faith-based programs at the institute.

We think the Golden Rule is a practical strategy because really it is a transformational thing. It can help transform that hostile behavior. Were trying to break the cycle (of incivility). Its very difficult, Brown said.

The institute is primarily working with Christian denominations in implementing its program from its Washington office.

Among those that developed Golden Rule 2020 are the National Council of Churches, National Association of Evangelicals, Presbyterian Church USA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, American Baptist Churches USA, Mormon Women for Ethical Government and the USCCBs Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development.

Graeve said that a conversation guide is being developed by the institute.

It is really meant for anybody to explore a few questions together that look at the common beliefs, how they hold the Golden Rule as a practical idea, she said.

Golden Rule 2020 encourages the fact that the foundation of our country and democracy is that a diversity of ideas is important for solutions and relationships, Graeve added. Weve got to have the will to engage in those different ideas but from a place of common respect and common listening to each other.

Editors Note: Information and resources on the Civilize It campaign is online at civilizeit.org. Information about Golden Rule 2020 is online at http://www.revivecivility.org.

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Civility in public discourse focuses on 'golden rule' - treating others as you would want to be treated - The Dialog

Southwest Airlines Joins Forces With Leon Logothetis, The Kindness Guy, To Create Exclusive Series In Celebration Of World Kindness Day – PRNewswire

DALLAS, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --Southwest Airlines Co.(NYSE: LUV), in partnership with Leon Logothetis, known as The Kindness Guy, shares a content series created exclusively for the airline that underscores Southwest's core values of kindness, civility, and following The Golden Rule. This five-part series follows Leon as he travels with Southwest to cities across the country, using his welcoming man-on-the-street style to meet people and learn about their travels. During every encounter, he greets each person with a simple question: "Where have you been?" This question is central to the theme of the series, inspiring a variety of responses: not only where they have visited, but also who they are, what their story is, and the kindnesses they have experienced in their travels.

This series is available to Southwest Customers on the airline's Inflight Entertainment Portal on WiFi-enabled flights through 2020. Featured as an exclusive TV Series Channel, "Where have you been?"provides inspiring stories of kindness that travelers have experienced across the globe. Additionally, "Where have you been?"is available on Southwest's YouTube channel, allowing fans to tune in even before their flight takes off.

"Southwest Employees practice civility and kindness on a daily basis through their interactions with our Customers and with each other," said Michelle Agnew, Manager of Brand Partnerships and Entertainment Public Relations for Southwest. "This new series focuses on those moments of kindness that have made a difference in people's lives. We're proud of the partnership we have with Leon, which truly centers on values we each share--following The Golden Rule and treating others with kindness."

"I am beyond excited to share the 'Where have you been?' series that includes amazing stories from my travels," said Leon Logothetis. "I've found that the more we travel, the more we experience the magic of life, and this series captures moments that have shown me how kind the world can truly be."

In San Jose, Calif., Leon encounters a traveler whose journey has led to a better understanding of humanity. Upon landing in Phoenix, a traveler who has spent time in Costa Rica shares his take on pura vida and living life to the fullest. In Washington, D.C., Leon learns from a traveler who brings his guitar on each adventure, and in Denver, a hiker shares how completing 104 miles of the Colorado Trail restored her faith in humanity. Leon's journey closes in Dallas, and as he explores the city, he hears of a man who flew on a whim to Nassau, Bahamas, with a woman and married her on the tripthe two are still married today. These heartfelt conversations reach the core of Leon's mission to inspire others to leave their comfort zones and to spread kindness in their travels and everyday lives.

Southwest first began a partnership with eternal optimist and passionate adventurer,Leon, in January 2019, through the series, "The Kindness Diaries," which followshim as he spreads his mission of kindness to unsuspecting strangers along his journey. The series showcases the travels of Leon as he embarks on a journey with no money, no food, no gas, and no place to stay. Each day he puts his trust and his fate in the hands of strangers in order to reaffirm his belief that despite what we see in the news, humans are ultimately kind. For the generosity he receives throughout his journey, he rewards good Samaritans with life-changing gifts, featured in each episode.

In season two, Leon continues his heartfelt mission to inspire, traveling from Anchorage, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina, in a vintage VW Bug, relying solely on the kindness of strangers, whom he will pay back in unexpected and inspiring ways throughout the series. Given the opportunity to extend our own kindness, Southwest plays a vital role in Leon's journey, offering to fly him from San Diego, Calif., to San Jose, Costa Rica, via Houston. Leon experiences the Hospitality of Southwest Employees first-hand as he extends his kindness mission across the country.


In its 49th year of service, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Co.(NYSE: LUV) continues to differentiate itself from other air carriers with exemplary Customer Service delivered by more than 60,000 Employees to a Customer base topping 130 million passengers annually. Southwest became the nation's largest domestic air carrier in 2003 and maintains that ranking based on the U.S. Department of Transportation's most recent reporting of domestic originating passengers boarded. In peak travel seasons, Southwest operates more than 4,000 weekday departures among a network of 100 destinations in the United States and 10 additional countries.

Southwest coined Transfarencyto describe its purposed philosophy of treating Customers honestly and fairly, and low fares actually staying low. Southwest is the only major U.S. airline to offer bags fly freeto everyone (first and second checked pieces of luggage, size and weight limits apply, some carriers offer free checked bags on select routes or in qualified circumstances), and there are no change fees, though fare differences might apply.

Southwest is one of the most honored airlines in the world, known for a triple bottom line approach that contributes to the carrier's performance and productivity, the importance of its People and the communities they serve, and an overall commitment to efficiency and the planet. Learn more about how the carrier gives back to communities across the world by visiting Southwest.com/citizenship.

Book Southwest Airlines' low fares online atSouthwest Airlines or by phone at 800-I-FLY-SWA.

SOURCE Southwest Airlines Co.


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Southwest Airlines Joins Forces With Leon Logothetis, The Kindness Guy, To Create Exclusive Series In Celebration Of World Kindness Day - PRNewswire

Breaking the Cycle of Incivility – Campaign stresses why civility is important as 2020 election approaches – The Tablet Catholic Newspaper

A voter fills out his ballot in the elections Nov. 6, 2018, at a polling station in Brooklyn. A nationwide effort is underway to remind people that civility in political discussions is a virtue. (Photo: CNS/Brendan McDermid, Reuters)

by Dennis Sadowski

WASHINGTON (CNS) Rancor in politics, especially these days, may be the norm, but a nationwide effort is underway to remind people that civility in political discussions is a virtue.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops introduced the Civilize It campaign Nov. 3 at parishes around the country. It stresses that respectful dialogue rather than name-calling and nasty barbs can occur among people with differing political views.

In part, this campaign is in response to the vitriol that we see in public discourse on both sides of the aisle, said Jill Rauh, Director of Education & Outreach in the USCCBs Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development.

Civility is something that we, at least in theory, should all agree on, she told Catholic News Service. Catholics dont always come down on the same side in terms of where they discern to be voting. But everyone should agree that we can be modeling love for neighbor and the example of Christ.

The idea for Civilize It originated in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in 2016. Its success in southwest Ohio caught the attention of the USCCB, which decided that the model, with a few tweaks, could be introduced nationwide.

The effort also will incorporate the U.S. bishops quadrennial document, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. The document remains unchanged this year, but the bishops will vote on a letter and four short video scripts to supplement it during their annual fall assembly in Baltimore Nov. 11-13.

The campaigns cornerstone is a three-part pledge that individuals can take to respect civility, to root political views in the Gospel, and to encounter others with compassion.

The campaign is a way the church can be an example, Rauh said. We can bring our moral voice to the public square.

Civilize It also is part of a wider campaign known as Golden Rule 2020 being undertaken by the National Institute for Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona.

Cheryl Graeve, national organizer for the institute, said the campaigns title is rooted in the widely held value among religious and non-religious people and Christians and non-Christians of treating another person as you expect to be treated.

Were increasingly concerned about the lessening of trust between people and government and for helping strengthen our democracy, she said.

The program emphasizes the development of personal behavior to soften the angry rhetoric and harsh language that can emerge in any discussion about politics, explained Theo Brown, director of faith-based programs at the institute.

The Golden Rule can help transform that hostile behavior. Were trying to break the cycle (of incivility), Brown said.

Golden Rule 2020 encourages the fact that the foundation of our country and democracy is that a diversity of ideas is important for solutions and relationships, Graeve added. Weve got to have the will to engage in those different ideas but from a place of common respect and common listening to each other.


Breaking the Cycle of Incivility - Campaign stresses why civility is important as 2020 election approaches - The Tablet Catholic Newspaper

Trailer Plays the ‘Game of Death’ and Ends Up Soaked in Blood [Video] – Bloody Disgusting

While weve already shared a blood-soaked trailer for Game of Death ahead of its World Premiere at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival (read our review), we now have an official look at the film that resembles a horror-fueled Jumanji only covered in red.

Described as a schlocky gore-horror comedy plump with exploding heads, torrents of blood and torn apart torsos, Sebastien Landry and Laurence Baz Morais Game of Death follows a group of millennials who find themselves playing a board game where they have to kill (or be killed) to survive.

Kill or be killed is the golden rule of the Game of Death. Sucks for seven millennials who ignored that rule. Now each ones head will explode unless they kill someone. Will they turn on each other to survive, or will this sunny day be the last for the innocent people of their middle-of-nowhere town?

We now have an official poster and trailer nearly three years after Game of Death played SXSW. Unfortunately, theres still no release date.

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Trailer Plays the 'Game of Death' and Ends Up Soaked in Blood [Video] - Bloody Disgusting

Undressing The Queen: Royal Behind-The-Scene Secrets Revealed By Her Majestys Dresser – Forbes

Queen Elizabeth II with Anna Wintour, Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council ... [+] (BFC) and royal dressmaker Angela Kelly at Richard Quinn's runway show during London Fashion Week. Photo: Yui Mok - Pool

Sometimes, the Queen of Britain, Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth II, needs to change clothes up to five times a day in the case of big celebrations, for example. And not simply the dress shes wearing but the shoes, gloves, jewelry, medals and other accessories and, most important, her hats.

After all, the colors she chooses to wear, the feathers or the flowers in her hats and any of her ensembles have fascinated crowds around the world for decades.

Today, at 93 years old, there is no discussion in the worlds of fashion, politics or diplomacy that in her inimitable style, the queen transmits a perfect balance between glamor and majesty and that her royal garments play a key role in the function she represents, @RoyalFamily.

Queen Elizabeth II attends 'Derby Day' at Epsom Racecourse on June Photo: Max Mumby

The Queen attends the Royal Variety Performance, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. (

They give her an air of gravity, respectability and reason, all mixed with humor in half-tone, according to Frances Le Point.

The essential task of keeping that careful balance rests in the hands of Angela Kelly, the official dresser, who for more than 25 years has been in charge of choosing Her Majestys outfits, generally months in advance according to her agenda.

As a result shes developed a special relationship with the sovereign that includes among other rituals wearing the queens new shoes to soften them and avoid any royal discomfort (they share the same size).

Angela Kelly (Personal Assistant and Dress Maker of the queen in London. Photo: Max Mumby

The Queen has very little time to herself and not time to wear in her own shoes, and as we share the same shoe size it makes the most sense this way, Kelly writes.

"Madame Image" is in charge not only of fashion, but of the choice of clothes during the posing sessions for portraits and major events in the United Kingdom as well as abroad. She offers several styles of outfits to the queen, months in advance, then two fittings. Together, they choose fabrics, silks and accessories.

That and many other secrets and amusing confidences appear throughout the dressers new book, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe.

Queen Elizabeth in a carriage procession to Buckingham Palace.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II during an official ceremony in t Devlin Castle on the first day of a tour of ... [+] Slovakia on 2008.

Given the strict rules and security measures that apply in the British court around the publication of books by employees or former employees of the crown, particularly after some embarrassing unauthorized publications, its an exceptional show of confidence by the monarch who granted special permission to her senior dressmaker to publish the tell-all book about their relationship.

Angela Kelly began her post in 1994 as the monarch's senior dresser before becoming her Majesty's Personal Advisor and Curator (0f The Queens Jewellery, Insignias and Wardrobe) and In-house Designer, making her the first person in history to hold the title.

Years of good and loyal service, reciprocal affection and unflinching discretion bind the Sovereign to her first collaborator, writes Le Point. The latter has access to the monarch several times a day and is one of the few collaborators to be admitted to the private apartments where the fitting takes place.

For starters, Kelly clarifies that her official title, The Queen's Dresser, is misleading since generally the queen dresses alone. It also establishes that Elizabeth II isnt interested in fashion and, given her position, doesnt go window shopping.

Equally surprising, since Queen Elizabeth is one of the most photographed people on Earth, is that she does her own makeup except once a year for her televised Christmas speech, when a professional is hired to do it.

"The only other thing left for me to do is to arrange for the makeup artist, Marilyn Widdess, to be there on the day of filming, Kelly writes. You might be surprised to know that this is the only occasion throughout the year when Her Majesty does not do her own makeup."

Getty Images

Getty Images

WIth US President Donald Trump during an event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day ... [+] landings, in Portsmouth, southern England, on June 2019. Photo Daniel Leal Olivas.

Sharing never-before-seen photographs many from Angela's own private collection and charming anecdotes of their time spent together, this revealing book provides memorable insights into what it's like to work closely with The Queen, to curate her wardrobe and to discover a true and lasting connection along the way," the book's synopsis reads.

Without divulging any political information about the queens positions or any personal gossip, the book is full of authoritative, respectful and complacent tidbits like the one about the queens participation of the famous skit alongside Daniel Craig's James Bond where she even delivers a line.

In the famous video, Queen Elizabeth II in person greets Agent 007, followed closely by three royal of her corgis at Buckingham Palace. The scene was shot in secrecy before being broadcast for the opening of the 2012 London Olympics, with the famous secret agent flying to escort the queen.

"She was very amused by the idea and agreed immediately. I asked then if she would like a speaking part. Without hesitation, Her Majesty replied: 'Of course I must say something. After all, he is coming to rescue me'," Ms Kelly recalls. "I asked whether she would like to say: 'Good evening, James,' or: 'Good evening, Mr Bond,' and she chose the latter, knowing the Bond films. Within minutes, I wasdelivering the good news to [director Danny Boyle] - I think he almost fell off his chair when I said that the Queen's only stipulation was that she could deliver that iconic line: 'Good evening, Mr Bond.'"

HM Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands with British actor Daniel Craig at the Royal Premiere for the ... [+] 21st Bond film 'Casino Royale'.

An actor dressed as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Daniel Craig as James Bond are parachuted from ... [+] a helicopter over the Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games in London on 2012.

Another surprising revelation in the book is that the monarch prefers a modest style, living in only six private rooms within the vast Buckingham Place, her official residence, and that only family members are the men allowed in the private rooms. She occupy her bedroom; her private sitting room; her dressing room and bathroom; the Audience Room and the Empire Room.

It still astonishes me that some former members of staff are prone to making suggestions and sharing supposed details about the Queen's private rooms, when they actually have no insight whatsoever,' Kelly writes. 'So, do bear this in mind the next time you hear any supposed details about Her Majesty's private rooms. There will always be people who will say anything for attention.'

Queen Elizabeth II arrives by carriage to Royal Ascot Day 1 on June 19, 2018. Photo Chris Jackson

Day five of Royal Ascot on June 22, 2019.

Neutrality, as with so many state decisions, is key to the royal wardrobe. Bright colors, bold without being extravagant, floral motifs highlighting the peach complexion of the queens skin and the blue of her eyes, hats that are showy but not wide to cover her face or too complex to hinder her movements.

The point is always to allow the crowd to recognize her.

There are some forbidden colors such as grey that are considered too bland. Black is reserved for mourning.

According to Kelly, the Queen's annual appearance at Royal Ascot, a much-watched affair, is not just about the competing horses as it is about the betting on the color of the monarch's hats. Learning that such a bet had been placed one year, Kelly writes that she had a meeting with the owner of Paddy Power at which we agreed that betting on the color of the Queen's hat would be closed at a certain time to avoid any cheating, but allowed people to carry on guessing and perhaps even win a bit of money."

The Queen at Royal Ascot.

Getty Images

According to the book, royal protocol is not as strict as people believe. There was a major controversy when former First Lady Michelle Obama wrapped her arm around the queen during a state visit in 2009, which many etiquette experts saw as a breach of royal protocol, although the queen returned the gesture with affection.

"In reality, it was a natural instinct for the Queen to show affection and respect for another great woman, and really there is no protocol that must be adhered to," she writes. "Contrary to what many people believe, there are no strict rules that must be followed when one is introduced to The Queen. You may wish, or not wish, to curtsey. But on the whole, most people do curtsey or bow out of respect.

"Some women tend to find that they instinctively curtsey, whereas men tend to bow, but there is no golden rule, even for the most long-standing members of the Royal Household.

"Each morning and evening, I greet Her Majesty with a curtsey, but because I see her so often, I don't repeat the gesture throughout the day unless we are out in public on Tour."

Angela Kelly entretient depuis plus de quinze ans une relation privilgie avec la reine: elle dcide de ses tenues des mois l'avance en fonction de son agenda et a cr certains rituels en sa compagnie. Ainsi, la couturire raconte comment, pour viter tout inconfort, elle porte ses chaussures avant la reine afin qu'elle s'adapte son pied. Par chance, toutes deux ont la mme pointure. Comme les mdias l'ont rapport, un employ porte les chaussures de Sa Majest pour s'assurer qu'elles sont confortables et qu'elle est prte partir... Eh oui, je suis cet employ.

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Undressing The Queen: Royal Behind-The-Scene Secrets Revealed By Her Majestys Dresser - Forbes

6 Ways to Teach Kids to Be Kind – Yahoo Lifestyle

I recently asked my friends and family, When you think about instilling kindness in your kids, what do you mean by kindness? They had many different responses: compassion, generosity, empathy, justice, alleviating suffering. But every answer involved an underlying consideration for others, rather than acting only out of self-interest. It makes sense that this is also the definition of humane, because kindness is the most fundamental expression of what it means to be a human being.

Kindness is about seeing with your heart, explains Angela C. Santomero, author of Radical Kindness: The Life-Changing Power of Giving and Receivingand cocreator of Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. For our littlest kids, this might mean patting the back of a worried friend, waving to an elderly neighbor, or breaking a cookie in half to share with a younger brother. For older kids, kindness might be inviting a lonely classmate to join their lunch table, comforting someone whos sad or scared, or donating some of their allowance to a cause they care about.

Whatever it means to you, its important to help nurture it in your children from a young age. Making our country a kinder place may seem daunting these days, but fostering compassion in your family is entirely doable. Just focus on the considerate habits of daily life, a few concrete actions, and a little reflection thrown in for good measure. Heres how to step up and commit to raising the next generation of truly good people.

Even before your kids are old enough to act kindly, you can start talking about it. Empathy is hardwired in us from birth through whats known as the mirror-neuron system, and we intuitively feel what others feel, explains psychiatrist Kelli Harding, M.D., author of The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier With the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness. Its why your 2-year-old may burst into tears when she sees another toddler fall at the playground, and its a perfect opportunity to articulate that experience for her: You feel sad because you care about your friend and she hurt herself.

If empathy is understanding, then compassion is acting on that understanding. Kids ability to do that develops a bit later. As a childs brain develops, he can better separate you from I, and thats when compassion forms, says Dr. Harding. Toddlers are very focused on me and mine, but you can gradually help your child think about we and us by using inclusive we language yourself, says developmental pediatrician Damon Korb, M.D. For example, you might say, What can we do today that will be fun for all of us?

When kids are 3, 4, and 5, its a good time to start having discussions about kindness, suggests Dr. Korb, and the Golden Rule is a perfect conversational launchpad. We treat other people the way we would hope to be treated ourselves, you can explain to your preschooler. You wouldnt want someone to tease you about your mosquito bites, so you shouldnt tease your cousin. Once she seems to grasp this, you can move on to the Platinum Rule, which is that we treat people the way thats best for them, even if thats different from whats best for us.

To show what that means in real life, you might say to your 5-year-old, Your brothers going to be tired after a whole day of second grade. Should we bring him a special snack? When she says, Yes! Raisins! you can remind her thats her favorite snack and encourage her to remember his. Shell feel both kind and proud to hand him a bag of cheese crackers, even though she herself is not a fan. At the beach, you can say to your kindergartner: We know you like to be buried up to your neck in sand, but your sister cries when she gets sand in her sandal. Do you think shell like getting a bucket of it dumped over her bare legs? To a child whos using the babys foot as a microphone while shouting the alphabet song, you can point out, Look at your brothers face. Does he look like hes having fun?

Cheyenne Ellis

Thinking What would that feel like? is one of the most powerful habits we can instill in our children. You cant be a compassionate person unless you have an active imaginationyou have to be able to step into someone elses shoes, says Katherine Applegate, author of award-winning childrens books, including The One and Only Ivan and Wishtree.

Pretend play is a great way for young kids to practice empathy. You could say to your child, Your doll fell down and bumped her head! What do you think we should do for her? As your kids get older, you can ask them to imagine more complicated real-life scenarios as you encounter them. I point out differences to my kids without making any judgment, so theyre able to form their own opinions, says Dr. Korb, a father of five. I might say, I wonder what it would be like to sleep outside when its cold. You can offer all sorts of similar opportunities for reflection: Imagine being a kitten that was stuck up in a tree and wasnt able to climb down. Imagine how hard it must be to get on the bus in a wheelchairand how grateful you would feel that a smart engineer invented the lift to make that possible!

Over time, this type of thinking becomes automatic, and so does a childs response to it. When she sees a kid who forgot his lunch, she knows hes hungry, and she offers to share hers. She volunteers at a soup kitchen. She writes a letter to the firehouse, thanking firefighters for rescuing kittens. She makes eye contact with people in a wheelchair, and she offers them a smile.

Reading a book together is another easy way to connect with your child and experience someone elses life that might be very different from your own. When we read, we imagine with our heart and soul and not just our brain, says Applegate. Characters in a book often share their feelings in an even deeper way than they might if they were sitting right in front of you.

When it comes to raising thoughtful kids, this is the most important thing we can do, says Dr. Harding. We cant control their behavior, but we can look for ways to demonstrate kind behavior ourselves. Fortunately, kids are eager to copy us from a young age, so you can model kindness from the time theyre babies. After all, you want your 18-month-old to imitate hugging someone whos sad, says Dr. Korb. As they get older, your kids will watch how you treat people, from subtle interactions, such as putting your phone down to make eye contact and say thank you, to more tangible acts of kindness, like inviting a lonely person to share a holiday, bringing a meal to a sick neighbor, comforting the bereaved, and donating time and money to take care of people in need.

Of course, it matters how we treat our children too. As Dr. Harding puts it, Our intuition tells us a lot about kindness. This means trusting empathy over whatever parenting shoulds are in your head. That might look like keeping your baby in your arms because she just wants to be held or like returning to the store to buy a little someone that Lion King pencil after allnot because your son is crying, although he is, but because you genuinely hadnt realized how important it was to him. Kindness also means giving your children, especially when there are siblings in the mix, a feeling of abundancethat there is enough love, praise, laughter, and attention to go around.

Its also valuable for your kids to see you being kind to yourself, says Carla Naumburg, Ph.D., author of How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids. This means traditional sorts of self-care, such as getting enough sleep and seeking out support so that youre not parenting from a depleted place. But it also means giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, the same way youd offer it to anyone else. If you make a mistake, instead of berating yourself, say, Oh, well, its okaywe all make mistakes.

Cheyenne Ellis

Help your children match the somewhat abstract concept of kindness with the many concrete verbs that enact it: sharing, volunteering, giving, including, comforting, supporting, championing, compromising, listening, and noticing when someone could use helpa classmate with a math problem, a family member with a chore, an older person who needs a seat on the bus. These habits intersect with etiquette, since gracious actions like saying please and thanking the school-bus driver also help cultivate kindness and make the world a happier place. Dr. Harding calls these small practices microkindnesses and says they add up to something enormous. Your kids can always ask themselves, What can I do at this moment that could add kindness to the situation?

Ideally, we want to develop a positive vibe around the practice of kindness, rather than scolding our kids when they make inevitable mistakes. So when your kids are kind, catch them at itand reinforce their behavior: What a kind thing to do! You gave your cupcake to your sister to make her happy!

We should remind ourselves and our kids that kindness is hard sometimes, says Dr. Naumburg. It doesnt always flow out of you naturallybut that doesnt mean that youre not kind. It can be challenging to be generous with a sibling whos annoying you. It can be scary to stick up for a friend or a classmate who isnt being treated right. It can feel awkward to offer condolences to a grieving person. It can be confusing to know how to act with a person whos differently abled, either neurologically or physically.

All we can do is gently coach our kids to remember how other people might be feelingand then encourage them to take responsibility for whatever ways they might screw up, since apologizing is itself a form of kindness. Plus, the more that children get in the habit of behaving kindly, the more natural it will become. Kindness really is like a muscle, Dr. Naumburg explains. The more you practice saying kind things, the easier its going to be when its hard.

Help your children notice how it feels to be kindand how other people respond. My own teenagers still remember a time long ago when they were given free Munchkins at Dunkin Donuts because our server was so touched by their friendly politeness. Kindness doesnt only have to be altruistic, my 19-year-old son said to me recently, and hes right. You can practice it for the rewards and because it feels good.

Similarly, you want your kids to notice when people are being kind to them, which will, in turn, engender gratitude. Think of kindness and gratitude as two strands that twist together into the helix of your childs happiness. In the long run, kindness will benefit everyonethe practitioners and the recipientsin a million different ways. Thats what Santomero calls the kindness ripple effect, and it couldnt matter more.

This article originally appeared in Parents magazine's December 2019 issue as "Raise Kind People."


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‘We’re as red as red can be’ SoftBank’s Son says of earnings – Nikkei Asian Review

TOKYO -- Following a challenging quarter mired with setbacks over coworking startup WeWork, SoftBank GroupChairman and CEO Masayoshi Son addressed what exactly went wrong in a closely watched earnings conference on Wednesday.

On the latest quarter

The event began in Tokyo at 4 p.m. Donning a pink tie, the entrepreneur kicked off his announcement with a blunt acknowledgment of the recent failures he has faced.

"Our results for the quarter arein tatters. We're as red as red can be. I think this was probably the biggest three-monthloss since the start of the company," Son said.

The group on Wednesday reported a 700billion yen ($6.4billion) net loss for the July-September quarter. Its investment vehicle, the Vision Fund, alone logged a 970billion yen loss.

"News media have reported that SoftBank and WeWork are at risk of bankruptcy, that SoftBank is in a quagmire, and there is some truth to that. I want to explain what happened without any making any excuses."

Son said the group's sales fell in line with trends, but the Vision Fund, which had been a key contributor to revenue, suffered a plunge. "We ended with a quarterly loss as large as our profit a year earlier, largely because of WeWork."

On WeWork's problem

"My investment judgment was poor in many ways," Son said. "I deeply regret that."

WeWork's fair value measurementdecreased to $1 billion at the end of September from $4 billion at the end of June, which heavily impacted the Vision Fund's balance sheet, hesaid.

Despite such setbacks, Son said SoftBank Group's shareholder value increased by 1.4 trillion yen to 22.4 trillion yen in July-September. "These are numbers that many people don't want to believe, but they are true."

Son blamed WeWork's narrow gross margin and high costs for the coworking startup's losses. "The number of desks continues to double, and many of the buildings are being renovated," he said.

"Once offices are open for 13months or more, they make good profit. It's a wash when they are between seven and 12 months old, and they are completely in the red until the six-month mark. Right now, about 40% [of WeWork's offices] are completely in the red," he said. "It's like we have a ton of sour green apples."

On remedies forWeWork

Son outlined a three-point plan to get WeWork back on its feet. "First, we halt the expansion of new buildings. Second, we cut costs. Third, we sell or shut down new, unprofitable operations. Generally speaking, everything outside WeWork's core operations will be cut."

Once WeWork stops adding new offices, the majority of its network will be making solid profit in about a year and a half, he said. "Time will solve the problem," he said. "Just by suspending additions, the apples ripen. Once they're ripe, they'll make money. That's all."

He said suspending additions will halve WeWork's costs. "The break-even point will move forward, and we will be able to make a V-shaped comeback. This is our rebuilding plan. SoftBankhas undertaken difficult rebuilding projects before. It will work again this time."

But the executive stressed that WeWork is ultimately a separate entity from SoftBank Group. "Our investment targets are financially independent, and we won't rescue them even if they are in the red.

"WeWork was an exception and we won't do this again," he said, joking that he did not want to anger SoftBank Group Chief Financial Officer Yoshimitsu Goto. Son said he intended to keep the group's loan-to-value ratio at under 25%, and no more than 35% even in an emergency.

On future investments

In terms of screening future investments, Son said free cash flow was his most important yardstick for judging corporate value. "Even if a company doesn't have free cash flow right now, I decide whether to buy in based on discounted cash flow five or seven years into the future.

"We will learn from our mistakes on WeWork, and create solid governance standards regarding business founders," he added.

When asked if WeWork was more a real estate company than an internet company, Son acknowledged this was a fair question. "What I'm explaining today is just the basics" he said. "After we stem losses with this basic plan, I hope to introduce a more advanced planthat uses artificial intelligence to increase added value.

"We can achieve $1 billion" in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization "in four to six years," he said.

Regarding WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann, "he has both good and bad qualities," Son said. "I may have given too much weight tohis good qualities, and turned a blind eye on the negatives."

But Son also reiterated the golden rule of startup investment.

"If we are to tally up wins and losses based on earnings, we are 3 to 1. In this business, there is no such thing as being 10 tozero."

On the Vision Fund

Son addressed a question concerning his future investment strategy. "The investment period for SoftBank Vision Fund 1 has closed," he said. "Seed-round investment in Vision Fund 2has begun in a steady fashion, using our own money.

"I will refrain from making any comments at this stage, but Vision Fund 2will make a smooth start."

A question once again returned to WeWork. "Is there anyone who can act as your minder, Chairman Son?"

"We have a scary director on our group's board named Yanai-san," said Son, referring to Fast Retailing Chairman and President Tadashi Yanai, the founder of the Uniqlo clothing chain. "Lately I've become more hesitant," Son added. "We have a structure in place where I cannot act recklessly."

The next person asked about a probable date for when WeWork's parent, We Company, will go public.

"Lately, after looking at the performance of the American business chat app provider Slack Technologies, as well as Uber, I've come to believe that we should be a little more cautious when considering the date to list,"Son said. On the other hand, " there are companies that are starting to turn profits, and our orientation toward multiple listings over the next two years will not change."

Son was asked if SoftBank's investment strategy will change given how unicorns have underperformed in the stock market.

"I was asked the same question during the dawn of the internet era," he said. "Now such companies are dominating the global top 10 list in terms of market capitalization. Meanwhile, Japan's heavy industry companies have fallen off in global market values.

"The world that was once fanciful is becoming real, and things that were once real are falling apart. History repeats itself. In fact, I feel a sense of crisis at how Japan does not take on enough new challenges. The vision I have carried to this point will not be moved an inch by this partial turmoil."

On retirement

Son discussed his feelings about retirement."Starting from when I was 19, I said I would pass the baton to my executives when I'm in my 60s, and that has not changed as of today. I may feel that I want to stay on a little more when I turn 69," the 62-year-old said.

"But with the recent criticisms, business management has become so interesting I can't help myself," Son added. "I'm filled with the feeling of wishing to set up funds and chase after the artificial intelligence revolution.

"Some investors may wonder if I'll think more cautiously in light of WeWork and Uber, but there are many facets in which there won't be a change in plans,"Son said. "The scale of the second fund will be largely unchanged from the first fund."

Son touched on the investments' cash flow. "There are companies that will go public next year, the year after and five years down the road, but we are analyzing all companies based on the event that they list, and sufficient cash flow will materialize."

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'We're as red as red can be' SoftBank's Son says of earnings - Nikkei Asian Review

Worthington Industries to Present at Bairds 2019 Global Industrial Conference November 6, 2019 – Yahoo Finance

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Worthington Industries, Inc. (WOR) today announced that Vice President and CFO Joe Hayek will present at the Baird 2019 Global Industrial Conference in Chicago on Nov. 6 at 1:30 p.m. ET (12:30 p.m. CT).

Worthingtons presentation will be webcast live and available on the Companys website at http://www.WorthingtonIndustries.com/Baird2019.

About Worthington Industries Worthington Industries is a leading global diversified metals manufacturing company with 2019 fiscal year net sales of $3.8 billion. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Worthington is North Americas premier value-added steel processor providing customers with wide ranging capabilities, products and services for a variety of markets including automotive, construction and agriculture; a global leader in manufacturing pressure cylinders for propane, refrigerant and industrial gasses and cryogenic applications, water well tanks for commercial and residential uses, CNG and LNG storage, transportation and alternative fuel tanks, oil & gas equipment, and consumer products for camping, grilling, hand torch solutions and helium balloon kits; and a manufacturer of operator cabs for heavy mobile industrial equipment; laser welded blanks for light weighting applications; automotive racking solutions; and through joint ventures, complete ceiling grid solutions; automotive tooling and stampings; and steel framing for commercial construction. Worthington employs approximately11,000 people and operates 72 facilities in 7 countries.

Founded in 1955, the Company operates under a long-standing corporate philosophy rooted in the golden rule. Earning money for its shareholders is the first corporate goal. This philosophy serves as the basis for an unwavering commitment to the customer, supplier, and shareholder, and as the Companys foundation for one of the strongest employee-employer partnerships in American industry.

Safe Harbor StatementThe company wishes to take advantage of the Safe Harbor provisions included in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 ("the Act"). Statements by the company which are not historical information constitute "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the Act. All forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ from those projected. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include risks described from time to time in the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Contacts:SONYAL.HIGGINBOTHAMVP, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS AND BRAND MANAGEMENT614.438.7391|sonya.higginbotham@worthingtonindustries.com

MARCUS A. ROGIERTREASURER AND INVESTOR RELATIONS OFFICER614.840.4663 | marcus.rogier@worthingtonindustries.com


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Worthington Industries to Present at Bairds 2019 Global Industrial Conference November 6, 2019 - Yahoo Finance

Stressed About the Holidays? Here Are 4 Ways to Scrounge Up Extra Cash – Nasdaq

Don't rack up holiday debt or cause yourself needless anxiety. These tips will help you round up the money you need to tackle your incoming expenses.

Although it's too early to be wrapping presents and putting up decorative lights, before you know it, the holidays will be upon us. And if you're worried about affording them, you're no doubt in good company. Between gift-giving, entertaining, and travel, the holiday season can easily be the most expensive time of the year. If money is an issue, here are a few things you can do to acquire more of it in the coming months.

Image source: Getty Images

You may not have the time or patience to uphold a second job throughout the year -- but that doesn't mean you can't push yourself to hold one down temporarily. Working a side hustle for a couple of months could be just the thing to put enough extra cash in your pocket to cover your added holiday expenses and help you avoid nasty debt.

The good news? Many retailers need extra hands on deck during the holidays, which means there's a good chance you'll land a second gig with ease. But don't wait to apply for local seasonal positions, as business owners typically want them filled by late November at the latest.

Another thing: You don't have to sign up to work preset hours that mess with your schedule. Instead, you can start your own venture that you're able to do from home, like crafting, content writing, or web design.

You probably have things sitting in your closets that you use infrequently, or never. If you're looking for cash to cover your holiday expenses, take inventory at home and round up any items that are likely to fetch a decent sum. A rarely worn pair of designer jeans or a lightly used cell phone could be somebody else's treasure.

Chances are that you're sitting on at least a few gift cards from the previous holiday season that you've yet to use. If that's the case, why not trade them in for cash? Sites like Cardpool allow you to swap cards for cash, albeit at a discount, so you won't quite get the full value of each gift card you unload. Still, it's a better bet than hanging onto gift cards you're not particularly eager to use.

Another option? Use your outstanding gift cards to shop for other people. That way, you retain the full value of each card.

If you want to procure extra funds for the holidays, spending less is a good way to go. Take a look at your budget and figure out where there's wiggle room to cut expenses temporarily. That could mean dining out less frequently in the coming months, or doing home maintenance yourself rather than hiring a contractor. Freeing up even $20 or $30 a week between now and the holidays and sticking that money into savings could help keep you debt-free.

The last thing you want to do this holiday season is rack up a hefty credit card balance that stays with you for much of 2020 and costs you extra money in interest. If you need money for the holidays, find ways to raise some extra cash now. You should also pledge to keep your spending to a minimum. That could mean downgrading some of your gifts or attending fewer events -- but if it keeps you debt-free, it's a worthwhile sacrifice.

This may be the perfect cash back card! That's because it packs in $1,148 of value. Cardholders can earn up to 5% cash back, double rewards in the first year, and avoid interest well into 2020. With such a deep bench of perks you'll wonder how this card packs in a $0 annual fee. Best yet, you can apply and get a decision in two minutes. Learn more with our in-depth review.

The Motley Fool owns and recommends MasterCard and Visa, and recommends American Express. Were firm believers in the Golden Rule. If we wouldnt recommend an offer to a close family member, we wouldnt recommend it on The Ascent either. Our number one goal is helping people find the best offers to improve their finances. That is why editorial opinions are ours alone and have not been previously reviewed, approved, or endorsed by included advertisers. Editorial content from The Ascent is separate from The Motley Fool editorial content and is created by a different analyst team.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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Stressed About the Holidays? Here Are 4 Ways to Scrounge Up Extra Cash - Nasdaq

Dickinson & Catherine the Great Highlight the Complexity of Crafting Female Historical Narratives – The Mary Sue

There are lots of shows out right now dealing with female figures from history: The Crown, Dickinson, Gentleman Jack,andCatherine the Great, and of course, weve had movies like Colette andMary, Queen of Scotts come out recently that bring to life these larger-than-life figures. Yet, the complicated thing about bringing these women to life is fighting the impulse to make them fit a modern-day ideal of what an empowered woman looks like. Sometimes, like Dickinson, it works really well because the entire show is about discussing the frustrations of the time period, and with others, like Victoria, it limits the reality of what it meant to be a woman holding that kind of power.

Dickinson has been getting some mixed response. Alexis Need, from Mashable, said the show turned an American literary icon into a paint-by-numbers influencer whose not like the other girls energy renders her portrayal borderline unwatchable. The show attempts to make a point about the intellectual and social repression of women, factors that clearly influenced Dickinsons work in her time, but instead props the poet up as an example of what happens when creators decide theres only one authentic way to be a woman.

I have watchedDickinson, and while I do understand why Need has this opinion, I disagree, because I think we have a tendency to think that when we are highlighting the exceptionalism of one woman in a time period, it means we are saying all other women were not of consequence. In the show, we have Emily; her mother Emily Norcross Dickinson, played by Jane Krakowski; her sister, Lavinia Vinnie Dickinson; and Sue Gilbert, her best friend/love. What separates these women is not that Emily is a genius, but how class, financial circumstances, cultural expectations, and other societal factors can put you into a box.

Emily is the older daughter of a prominent family, who can coax her father into getting a maid so she doesnt have to do chores, but is also spoken down to for wanting to make her own way in publishing and education. Her mother is concerned about her daughter marrying well and knowing the skills to keep a husband because, at that time, it was expected. I do think the show plays it up a little bit more, but just like Mrs. Bennett, our Mrs. Dickinson is attempting to give her daughter the skills that have made life easier. Looking into her real life, the reason Mrs. Dickinson was so into cleaning and housework was that her husband was away all the time, and keeping house helped her feel productive. Also, if anything, Emilys lack of understanding of the importance of her mothers work speaks to Emilys character flaws, not to her mothers.

Sue is left penniless and, unable to just dream of being a spinster writer like Emily and Vinnie, being the youngest, is sort of just overlooked. None of these women are inauthentic. If anything, the modern-day language peppered into it only highlights that these are women very clearly aware of their realities who want to just live whole lives. That is admirable, and as we want to talk about the exceptions of history, it doesnt mean we should ignore that a lot of women in the world could have been exceptional if they had the privilege to strike out on their own. Dickinsonisnt a teen show, but its about coming of age in a time where the only way to truly do that was to kind of run the clock on the things that were expected of you.

When it comes toCatherine the Great andVictoria, theres what I like to call lip-service feminism. They want to run with the idea that being a great Queen equals feminism, but even as a period drama and monarchy history lover, thats bullshit.

Victoriawill gloss over the insensitive things she allowed to happen in her reign, her imperialism, and the legitimate, of-the-era flaws she had to make it seem as though her only problem was that men didnt listen to her. Victoria was the fourth woman to be an officially crowned Queen of England. The idea of a female monarch was not new, and while there will always be sexism to cope with, it was a position she was literally born to have.

Catherine the Great simply didnt even know how to handle the scope of what made Catherine such a lasting Tsar. She ruled for 34 years and created so many things that allowed her to have a Golden Rule. The show spends a lot of time talking about her struggles, but rarely seemed to address what she had accomplished.

Historical women are complicated, and adapting them means crafting a balance between the ideal you want them to represent and the reality of who they were. Not every woman to wear a crown deserves a yasss queen moment, and it was not only women of means and privilege that managed to create great things.

Saying well-behaved women seldom make history is a great mug, but it can also be a really limiting view of women, if you let it be.

What are some of your favorite portrayals of historical women?

(image: Apple TV+)

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Dickinson & Catherine the Great Highlight the Complexity of Crafting Female Historical Narratives - The Mary Sue

The In-Betweens Uncovers How Spiritualists and Mediums Have Shaped America – Observer

Mira Ptacin. Shane Thomas McMillan

At the center of most religions, youll find faith. It has no factual grounding and depends almost entirely on suspended judgment. Despite its inherently elusive nature, society asks us to draw lines around which kinds of faith are acceptable and which are absurd. Resurrection and heaven? Fine. Ghosts? You have to be crazy.

But how did society get here?

This very American conventional wisdom was not always so. At the suggestion of a friend, author Mira Ptacin looked into Camp Etna, a community established in the late-19th century for mediums and Spiritualists two hours from Ptacins home on Peaks Island, Maine. This wasnt Colonial Williamsburg for mediums; it remains an active site for believers, fully operational as a community. While Ptacin had never heard of it, Camp Etna was once a bustling home to American Spiritualists who drew countless numbers of visitors ranging from the faithful to curious and even skeptical. Author Mira Ptacin is both curious and skeptical for reasons that unfold throughout the course of her terrifically engaging and empathetic new book.

SEE ALSO: In Jami Attenbergs All This Could Be Yours, a Family Confronts Its Patriarch

The In-Betweens examines American Spiritualism and the work of mediums through the history of Camp Etna. Blending history and reporting, Ptacin tackles her subject with enthusiasm that is as critical as it is open-minded. From her first encounters with a table tipping ceremony to interviews with a series of resident Spiritualists, Ptacin is fascinated the history of the site itself. But shes also pulled in by the largely forgotten impact Spiritualism made on American history.

It should be noted that American Spiritualism doesnt refer to an American sense of spirituality; it is itself a religion that is dominated by women. A pair of sisters, Kate and Margaret Fox, became the central force around which the religion developed, despite the existence of previous seers. The Foxes were mediumsnot to be confused with psychics. They differ from psychics as mediums are said to possess the ability to communicate directly to specific dead individuals; psychics are said to possess intuition that can reveal information about a living persons past, present or future. The Foxes drew an enormous audience, eager to receive word from the beyond.

The In-Betweens by Mira Ptacin. Liveright

For once in American history, women dominated the spotlight. Ptacin writes, While seeking a higher power was nothing new, the Fox sisters message rode on the American yearning to go it alone, to live ones life in accordance to self-guidance and ones individual intuition without needing someones permission, without hierarchy, without interference of the Church or any other institution. The Fox sisters represented something that had been feared by many, yearned for by others, and only imagined by the patriarchal American society at the time: a womans right to self-sovereignty. This agency bridged Spiritualism with the suffragette movement in the 19th century. In so far as doctrine goes, Ptacin notes that, Spiritualists have two major beliefs in their faith: that it is our duty to practice the Golden Rule, and that we humans can talk to the dead if we want to. With great simplicity and incredible mystery, this religion made its mark on first wave feminism and on the brutal trauma laid bare by the American Civil War.

Swallowed by a more static and textbook expression of battles, war dead, assassinations, and public formal speeches, the Civil War was in many ways the culmination of American greed and evil as well as a horrifically bloody tragedy experienced on a very intimate level. Whats lost in our more public understanding of the Civil War is the impact this trauma wrought on American society at large. Ptacin notes that most antebellum Americans did not belong to a church, and only about 25 percent belonged to a Christian denomination. Mourners needed hope, something different from the youre-born-a-sinner, fire-and-brimstone afterlife theyd been told to fear and respect. American Spiritualism emerged to fill this void.

Setting out to write about this topic, it was clear that there was more than enough material to write a book. Ultimately, Ptacin realized that in order to fully contextualize these contemporary mediums, she would have to construct a concise history of American Spiritualism. In order to fully explain the fact that this is a religion still self-identified as a strong, independent, faith-based subculture of women (and a few men), Ptacin must stress the dominant role played by women.

This is the first time Ive written history, Ptacin mentions in conversation by phone. I asked myself: is this is feminist history? But, in the end, I felt that this is simply history. Just because its not the story thats been passed down to us again and again doesnt mean its a feminist outtake. Its a story that wasnt told because mostly because it involves so many women. While this should not be classified as feminist history, Ptacins work is a feminist actrecovering a largely unspoken story surrounding the aftermath of the Civil War.

Another thing I realized was what a huge responsibility it was to do this work. While there may be some who might question the authority of a writer without academic credentials, this question of legitimacy has also served to write many marginalized people out of conventional history. When there are barriers to joining the conversation, your voice remains silent. Previously, Ptacin has fielded questions about whether or not she was old enough to write a memoir (her first book Poor Your Soul: A Memoir was published when she was 36). She comments, Many feel we havent earned it yet. Its just kind of baffling to me.

Yet this new writing came naturally to her because of its sensational and fascinating nature. The history wrote itself because, I mean, it was just so crazy that its all true. And each segment I included within each chapter contained a very obvious beginning and such a clean conclusion. One story that Ptacin relates is that of longtime paranormal skeptic Harry Houdini who made a pact with his wife that she should attempt to communicate with him after his death. It was a challenge she accepted, holding sances for a decade before giving up and accepting the final silence of death.

Regardless of whether or not you actually do see or hear spirits, developing a faith that allows you to be open to their existence is another way of coming to terms with death and dying. It is itself a conversation beyond the grave which, in turn, offers its own grace. As Ptacin dug deeper, speaking with more and more mediums and Spiritualists, she wrestled with her own deep lossesthe death of her younger brother at the hands of a drunk driver and a baby she lost through miscarriage a decade earlier. With a light hand, Ptacin blends these moments of memoir into her reporting and historical work. Its a rare book that manages to incorporate what are often distinctly different styles of writing, but Ptacins infectious confidence and probing curiosity negotiates these different voices.

With such rigorous work, the reader may wonder if its made a believer out of her. The answer is not so simple. What I found to be so valuable from these mediums is that they would say things that, even if they were like kind of vague, you clung to she muses. It actually doesnt matter if it was true or not or if they could physically see something or not. My therapist asks a lot of questions. And thats what shes supposed to do, but her job is not to tell me anything. But I always get really frustrated when I met the therapist because I want her to just skip the chit chat and tell me what to do. She never does that. But this medium would. They might just talk for 20 minutes and say, You know, you need to stop doing this. You could do this, do this and this. And it was really, really helpful. If they were incredibly specific, youre blown away.

Ptacin notes that even the mediums would acknowledge that theirs is an imperfect practice. One of the mediums told me, If were 80 percent accurate, were really, really, really good. But otherwise, were on point just about 60, 50 percent of the time. Mediums help people by offering a narrative that allows us to become our own heroes, Ptacin continues. And the part of the narrative is indicating when youre going uphill to overcome an obstacle and encouraging us to overcome it. They also taught me that its completely possible to make up your own rules and live life according to your instinct and your intuition. The affirmation of womens feelings and impressions is as necessary today as it was in the mid-19th century.

Rather than recognize the validity of womens agency through institutions, society or capital, American Spiritualism elevated the status of women through their gut impressions as well as an emphasis on observation and intuition. Thats the major thing I learned from them. And I think thats what I really wanted to learn. Ptacin notes. Beyond simply recovering history, This was worth investing my time to make this a book. The In-Betweens is a powerful book about listening to yourself and finding faith therebeyond doctrine, belief in everlasting life, with or without engagement with religion or God.

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The In-Betweens Uncovers How Spiritualists and Mediums Have Shaped America - Observer

What happens when architects design their own studio? – The Globe and Mail

Architectural firm Perkins and Will Canada became its own design client when it needed a creative approach for its office space.

Scott Norsworthy

The former Toronto office of the architectural firm Perkins and Will Canada was a brick and beam factory constructed in 1914 that once housed an assembly line for Model T Fords. While the buildings funky ambience rendered it an attractive workspace for the young creative design team, its off-the-beaten-path location, at Dupont and Christie Streets, was inconvenient for both employees and clients.

With the lease coming up for renewal, a search for office space closer to the core turned up a real gem in Torontos central financial district: one floor in a 1960s heritage tower built by well-known Canadian architects Crang and Boake Inc.

A quick peek behind the acoustic panels revealed high ceilings with a handsome waffle design, and the whole space showed great promise as a bright open office with great downtown views, according to Andrew Frontini, principal at Perkins and Will.

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But there was a snag. The floor space totalled 8,500-square-feet, a full 3,000-square-feet smaller than the former office, which had already seemed tight for the growing firm. A creative approach was needed, Mr. Frontini says, and so the company became its own design client.

The office living room serves as an informal meeting zone.

Scott Norsworthy

We started out by forming a committee and held an all-office meeting to get a collective vision about how we work and the kind of work we do, he says. We wanted to include every single person in the office, not just senior leadership. Anonymity was allowed and brutal honestly encouraged.

In the old office, the firm had conducted a survey to determine how many desks were being used at any given hour throughout the day, and this turned out to be a key planning element for the new space. With many of the staff members out attending meetings or at site visits during the day, and others gathering in collaboration areas, the assigned desks were less than half occupied for much of the time.

Collaboration means pulling up a handy place to perch.

Scott Norsworthy

Even at maximum occupancy, only 62 out of 80 desks had signs of life at them at the same time [with] not necessarily a person working at them, but work or a coffee mug on them, says Jon Loewen, an associate and member of the office search team.

An open concept approach incorporating shared workspaces seemed logical, and the new office design would replace seating assignments and private offices alike with 54 hot desks that could be claimed by anyone. There are four small focus rooms that can be closed for private meetings, and another space, fittingly known as the phone booth, ideal for quick one-on-one discussions or private calls.

A waffle-design ceiling was an attraction in the downtown space.

Wallace Immen /Wallace Immen

The redesign freed up enough space to accommodate a large common area with chairs and tables and a wellness room for employees who are feeling unwell or just need a few minutes to themselves. Health and wellness are important for all our employees, and all of the materials used were vetted for potential chemical emissions even in their production, Mr. Loewen says.

It was about creating a whole range of environments for different kinds of work and multiple spaces for collaboration, Mr. Loewen says. There are a total of 119 chairs and stools that are capable of serving multiple functions, which facilitates impromptu meetings.

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To help people adapt to this new kind of work environment, senior urban designer Clara Romero spearheaded an etiquette committee. We developed rules for the new space because nobody owns anything and everyone is accountable for everything from kitchen cleanliness to that stapler you use, she says.

Architectural model shop at Perkins & Will has a mascot.

Wallace Immen

These etiquette standards dictate that firm members arent allowed to camp out for long periods in any of the four collaboration rooms, nor can these be booked in advance and tidying up after yourself is a golden rule. Everything goes away if you leave your workspace, Ms. Romero says.

The committee is not about policing things; its more about making people aware and discussing which things are working well and what might work better, Ms. Romero says. It gives everyone input and they can experiment in how to make the most efficient use of the space.

Elevator bay entrance to Perkins & Will office. There's no receptionist in the new office space.

Wallace Immen /Wallace Immen

There is no receptionist in the new office space. Visitors arriving from the elevator lobby at the corner of the lounge area can ring a bell for attention, but the etiquette rules suggest that whoever is closest should greet visitors and connect them with the person or people they are meeting. There are usually people sitting and working at tables and chairs in the lounge thats near the coffee machine.

Its up to you to be hospitable and welcome a guest from the moment they arrive, Ms. Romero says. Whats great is that clients really get to experience and feel how we, as a firm, collaborate.

Office etiquette rules suggest the closest person should greet visitors.

Wallace Immen /Wallace Immen

Instead, the reception corner has become a show-off space, with the firms awards displayed on the wall and a window revealing the shop, where designers build models of proposed buildings. Theres a 3-D printer and laser cutter for creating models, but much of the work is still done by carving wood or foam with scalpel-like knives.

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A long hardwood table along the edge of the lounge zone makes an attractive area for people to work and lay out sketches and is big enough for large meetings and social gatherings. When work needs to be put away, everything goes into a wall of open shelves that also house the firms library of material sample books.

A long hardwood table along the lounge zone makes an attractive area for people to work.

Wallace Immen /Wallace Immen

In the former office, there had been bays of filing cabinets and stacks of bulky binders. When we moved, people were freaking out about getting rid of binders and mounds of files, Mr. Frontini says. It was like archeology, and the fact is that most of them had not been opened in 10 years. Turned out most of this material could be classified as security blankets.

The new way of working has been well received by staff, according to Eunice Wong, a recently hired urban designer.

All the young designers on the team feel happier in this kind of work environment, with the freedom to come and go. Best of all, theres no shame to conform to a9-to-5 work schedule, and staff are free to work whenever and wherever they feel inspired.

Collaboration has increased as well, Mr. Loewen says.

There's a place for everything in the free form office.

Wallace Immen

Getting all the materials out in more visible shared areas actually helps foster collaboration as people in other specialties who might not otherwise have seen it look at it and can make suggestions.

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This doesnt mean Perkins and Will forgot about the future. Despite being smaller than the old office space, the design of the new office has an adaptable room that allows the firm to consider future expansion.

When we moved in 2018, there were 70 employees, and now there are about 85 and we have the flexibility to accommodate more, Mr. Frontini says. We treated the move and design of the space in the same way we would approach a new project for a client. It needed a program and data backing it up, a framework of goals and a timeline for reaching it.

Everything is out in the open and has to be tucked away when you finish.

Scott Norsworthy

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What happens when architects design their own studio? - The Globe and Mail

Oldest Seaside Manor resident recognized by city on 105th birthday – Ormond Beach Observer

For her 105th birthday on Oct. 30, Erma Mohl received a key to the city.

The Seaside Manor resident is the oldest at the facility. She first fell in love with Florida eight years ago while on vacation, and she loved it so much she never returned home to Pennsylvania, a city proclamation states. Mohl was born in Ruscombmanor Township in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1914. She grew up on a farm with her four siblings, milking cows and doing other chores before school each day.

Erma Mohl and Mayor Bill Partington. Photo courtesy of Jenn Elston, Ormond Beach public information officer

She had no electricity, no running water and had to walk 2.5 miles to school every day, the proclamation reads. Mohl later moved to Reading, Pennsylvania and ran a house cleaning business. She has sevenchildren, ninegrandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.

As aWorld Wrestling Entertainment fan, she watches wrestling twice a week. Mohl also enjoys gameshows and reality TV.

"She never smoke or drank, but was fond of coffee before having her last cup 65 years ago," the proclamation reads."She has a great sense of humor, is always laughing and smiling, loves to have fun, and is the life of the party. She eats at least one Hershey chocolate bar a day, is still looking for a good man, and contributes her long life to staying positive, minding her business, and practicing the Golden Rule."

For the last several months, three local children's charities worked together to raise money and awareness for their individual nonprofits through a collaboration created by 71 MVP, a charitable organization that aims to emulate the humanitarian spirit embodied in baseball MVP and philanthropist Roberto Clemente.

Kamari H., Kameera H., Willem M., Caleb M., Aiden S. with Robin Markus, Joe Sullivan, Randy Dye, Nikki Risley, Robin Beaulieu, Linda Hannon, Barbara Cochrane and Kim Lembrich. Courtesy of Jonny Nomad Media

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Volusia/Flagler Counties, Childhood Cancer Foundation and the Volusia School Fuel organization were eachpresented with a $100,000 check on Oct. 29.A charity drawing for a limited edition $100,000 Dodge Demon began November 2018 with the goal to sell 1,971 tickets for $210 each, according to a press release. The drawing took place on September 28, 2019 and the winner was Billy Willoughby of Ormond Beach, who was watching live on Facebook.

For more information about 71 MVP, visit clementecar.com

Ormond Beach resident Trey Heller of Boy Scout Troop 468 recently earned his Eagle Scout award.

Trey Heller, of Troop 468. Courtesy photo

His Eagle Scout project was to redo the outside and build up the inside of the Seabreeze Color Guard trailer. Heller is Kim and Melissa Heller's son. He is a senior at Seabreeze High School, where he is on the golf team, cross-country and track team. He has a GPA of 4.3.

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Oldest Seaside Manor resident recognized by city on 105th birthday - Ormond Beach Observer

Priyanka Chopra shares the one golden rule to keep up with Nick Jonass life – Geo News

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have come forth unveiling their secret to making their relationship flourish despite the test of time and distance in owing to arduous work commitments.

With their first wedding anniversary drawing near, the pair have been rather busy keeping up with their professional schedules.

However, we still find pictures of the two together time and time again as the couple never fails to warm their fans hearts with the love they share.

Priyanka Chopra to unite with Ranveer Singh in Sanjay Leela Bhansalis next?

In order to fight through the distance both of them have, Priyanka has revealed that both of them will never go more than two or three weeks without seeing each other.

This rule holds out no matter what part of the world the husband-wife duo is currently residing in.

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas light up Diwali in the most festive way ever

Priyanka also revealed that they video-call all the time and make an effort to make sure the other is fully aware of whatever is going on in their lives.

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Priyanka Chopra shares the one golden rule to keep up with Nick Jonass life - Geo News

5 strategies of effortlessly CHARMING MEN – How to ensure you’ll be instantly attractive – IconicMan Magazine

Charm is one of the base features of charisma. You will never be a truly charismatic individual if you dont take charm seriously.But before I start sounding like a romantic comedy trailer take a step back and think about it. Charm is the alluring side of charisma. The most important side.It is the constituent that draws people in and projects a more confident and attractive image of your persona.

So you need to learn some of the ways that charming men use their talents when they want to improve.Not only that but you need to understand that you will never become a great leader, if you dont know how to use your charm and this lack of knowledge can hamper many of your efforts to better yourself and develop the kind of iconic personality that is a magnet for successful enterprises.

And no matter what you may hear, charm is a trait all of us have. The secret is to unlock and harness its power and use it as a foundation for developing your winning personality.So why do charming people have it better and how can you become more enchanting and attractive by using simple strategies to improve your game?

We have all seen charming people. They seem to effortlessly work a room while others admire and compliment them. And often they will be called upon first and consider reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable, right off the bat. They are not necessarily the funniest, smartest, most competent, or best-dressed people in the room. But they can get away with murder. Imagine that you are part of a police detective squad that just cracked down the biggest case ever and, in comes Jake Peralta, from Brooklyn 99, stealing your thunder. The difference is that a comedy show is not the competitive, active, performance-driven setting your life is.

Charming people will always have an edge on everybody else because they are impulsive, seductive creatures. And that needs to be your starting point into motivating yourself to improve this side of your personality. Because, as I previously mentioned, charm is a trait that everybody has but only a few use. Even if you have a truly evil personality being charming will still help. After all the best villains are always the charming ones. The golden rule of a charming personality is Charm yourself first.

It will not only test out your charming methods but it will give you the confidence to display when needs be, the full force of your enticing ways. No matter how many strategies and tips you read, it will all come down to the way you can sell it. Owning your inner charm is not just a good way to do that. It is the only way.So what are the best strategies that can help you better display your charming personality?

1. Great posture

The way the move their chin. Keeping your head up is a sign of confidence, and the way you present your jawline is seen as a sign of masculinity. And it has always been one. Just take the ancient Greek statues, and name a famous one where the protagonist does not have a great chin or at least good cheekbones. Men who know when to keep their chin up appear to be more confident and more assertive than their counterparts, even though in reality they can be as self-aware as the next guy.

The key is knowing when to lift your chin during decisive points of the conversation, and when to lower it during the "Working our way up to conclusion" phase.

This little balancing act will be easy to work out in any conversation and will make people feel more attracted to you, and more naturally inclined theyll be to regard you as a confident, no-nonsense individual. It will come with an interesting side-effect too. Lifting your chin just a little bit is a more appealing position for the face because it helps define the jawline and creates a slimming effect for the neck region.

Nobody knows or cares if that is the case, but what you should know, is that it works. People will always respond well to a person that seems to have their undivided attention.Charming means to treat everyone the same way. With a lot of respect and kindness. That is part of the charming man's ability to get away with murder. You simply can not bring yourself to stay upset with a truly charming guy.

Often, people put on a face during social events, or when meeting important individuals. There will be no such thing in a charming mans DNA. If you want to be seen as a charming, reliable person and build on your

Charm works better when your magnetism is augmented by more than one listener. And that is not all. People tend to look more attractive and charming when in groups. Because it shows off their great communication skills and makes you look as instinctive and characteristic as possible. To achieve this, always try to agree rather than disagree when in a group. This is a little trick, that will get you a long way. Not only will everyone in the group like you but people outside the group will get the sense that you are a reasonable and collected person, that doesnt feel the need to prove himself.

So if you want to work on your image and get people to find you as likable and attractive as possible you can not overlook the group factor.Make sure you relate well to your peers, and business partners, and others will be immediately drawn to you.

Touching the arm, or shoulder, of the person you are talking to can be a very powerful gesture. And there are two sides to this. First, this kind of interaction is somewhere above your normal handshake and below a friendly hug. That makes the person feel a bit more special than other people, even though you dont know each other that well, or you just met. Secondly, it increases the chances of getting the result you want. People tend to be more compliant after this kind of interaction and find the person doing the touching more friendly and attractive.

Bear in mind, that you have to use and restrict touching, so as not to look like a

Charming people are seen as trustworthy, and introducing touching into your everyday arsenal will only reinforce that. Just make sure your gestures appear natural and are at the right time. So as not to appear fake. Do it while you shake people's hands, after a good punchline, while bumping into acquaintances or excusing yourself to go somewhere else. Always stay relaxed and smile while doing it.

Because things are not always what you might think. Charming, confident men dont just

The eyes are an important source of information and vulnerability and charming men know that they are one of the best ways to get people attracted to you.

Because basically we're all more likely to do business and build professional and personal relationships with people who can convey honesty and who are polite, modest, agreeable, kind. And eyes are the best non-verbal way to deliver all that information about you.

In the end, don't forget you will never be charming if you don't bring yourself to follow the golden rule. Charm yourself first. Enjoy, and turn all your interactions into familiar, natural and open-hearted affairs. True effortless charm comes from within. Your mission as an iconic man is to tame it and use it to achieve your goals.

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5 strategies of effortlessly CHARMING MEN - How to ensure you'll be instantly attractive - IconicMan Magazine

Emmerdale confirms Vanessa Woodfield and Charity Dingle are going to split up – Her.ie

The fan favourite couple are set to hit the rocks afterVanessa is left horrified when Vinny spills that Charity was involved with the casino heist.

Despite feeling betrayed and lied to, Vanessa decides to confront her fiance and give her the opportunity to tell her the truth about what she had done.

However, according to official soap spoilers, Charity refuses to come clean to Vanessa. Her decision leaves a devastated Vanessa with no choice but to end their relationship.

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, opened up toInsider Soapabout how her character's world "comes crashing down" after the split.

Charity swears on her and Vanessas kids lives that shes telling the truth, when she knows its a lie, she said.The golden rule is that you never swear on your childrens lives certainly not on the life of somebody elses child,as she has done with Vanessas son Johnny. So this betrayal is far too big for Vanessa to take.

She added that she doesn't think Charity believes it is really over between them until Vanessa breaks the news to the pub.

Vanessa has it out with Charity and says, Its over! she continued.I dont think Charity believes it until Vanessa snaps and tells the whole pub what shes been up to. Everyone is disgusted.

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Emmerdale confirms Vanessa Woodfield and Charity Dingle are going to split up - Her.ie

5 Tips You Need to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency – TechBullion





Thinking about investing in cryptocurrency? It is definitely a tempting prospect, but just like any investment you should consider it carefully before you actually put any of your hard-earned money into it.

Before you actually invest, there are five tips that you must know that could help shape your decision.

Expect Unpredictable Market Volatility

Although you may do your best to stay informed and try to predict market trends, cryptocurrency markets are known for being volatile. Over the years there have been several instances where the market value crashed by 50% or more, leading to tremendous losses across the board.

It is important that you are fully aware of the market volatility, and take it as well as the other cryptocurrency investment risks into account when investing. To cope with them you should always stick to the golden rule of investing: Dont invest more than you can afford to lose.

Do Your Own Research

Listening to advice from cryptocurrency experts may sound like a good idea but that can backfire. Experts are really a dime a dozen in the cryptocurrency world, and many arent as reliable as you think.

At the end of the day the best thing to do is to do your own research into cryptocurrencies. The more you understand cryptocurrency and the market, the better. By doing your own research youll also be able to quickly figure out which experts are worth following, and which ones you should ignore.

Dont Fall for the Bonuses

Some cryptocurrency exchanges nowadays offer various sign-up bonuses and other incentives. In many ways they are similar to the welcome bonus up to 7 bitcoins and others that are offered by online casinos.

In general you shouldnt fall for such bonuses as they tend to have lots of conditions and really arent as attractive as they look. Instead you should focus on the details that matter, such as the jurisdiction, reputation, fees, payment methods, and identity verification.

Overall it is better to focus on finding an exchange that is reliable and fits your requirements.

Temper Your Expectations

Many new investors make heavy losses when they first get into cryptocurrency. The main reason for that is because they have high expectations, and often end up biting off much more than they can chew.

Right from the start you should temper your expectations. The fact of the matter is that it is close to impossible that you will be able to become a millionaire overnight, double your investment, or anything like that.

The best thing to do is to take it slow, be careful, and steadily learn more about cryptocurrency.

Keep Track of Your Investments

From the very first day you should make it a point to keep track of your investments. Check on how the cryptocurrencies youre invested in are performing, determine how much profit or loss youve made, and try to identify the reason why.

Tracking your investments closely will let you learn more about the market and the cryptocurrencies that youre interested in. On top of that it will let you make key decisions at the right time.

Final Words

Investing in cryptocurrency is exciting, and there is definitely a lot of potential for profit. Now that you know the tips listed above, it should be easier for you to seize the opportunities that come your way and take advantage of them.

Although that may be the case, you should still be prepared for some ups and downs. That is simply the nature of the market, and you need to be able to weather some storms along the way.

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Letter to the Editor: Save Washington County’s scenic beauty: Say no to Northern Corridor highway – St George News

In the path of the proposed Northern Corridor Highway, Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Utah, Jan. 9, 2019 | Photo by Sarah Thomas/Conserve Southwest Utah, St. George News

OPINION The 43rd St. George Marathon took place this October on a course cradled by stunning public lands. At mile 16, runners entered Snow Canyon State Park ensconced within the larger Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. Their dreams of beating a personal record or qualifying for Boston found space to take shape between the cliffs and peaks of Snow Canyon and Red Mountain in the west and the basalt mesas and coral sandstone of Red Cliffs in the east.

Debbie Zockoll holds the world record marathon streak for women and completed her 43rd St. George Marathon this year. She grew up with Red Cliffs as her playground, and today it has become her office and refuge. She trains on the 130-mile trail system protected in the NCA and believes these trails improve balance by encouraging runners to slow down and watch where they place their feet on the red earth. After the race, its become tradition for Zockoll to celebrate at Chuckwalla with family and friends.

The scenic beauty of our public lands in Washington County is world-renowned and drives our economy, providing thousands of jobs in hospitality and tourism. Red cliffs circle our community and support our transition to a future grounded in tourism and outdoor recreation, an industry that provided 110,000 direct jobs and $3.9 billion in wages in the state of Utah in 2017.

As a conservationist working for a small nonprofit dedicated to safeguarding public lands in Washington County, I am often asked to make dollars and cents arguments for why the land I love should remain protected. Like the Mojave Desert tortoise who collects the most vibrant, eye-catching flowers to eat in spring, I collect numbers like these:

The St. George Area Sports Commission calculated that in 2017, 42 major athletic events brought more than 62,000 participants and over 116,000 out of town visitors to the area resulting in $78 million in direct economic impact. Iron Man 70.3 brought in $7 million in 2017. In 2018, the Huntsman World Senior Games had an estimated $17 million economic impact. In 2017, the St. George Marathon brought in $3.2 millionfrom athletes and their entourages spending $175 per day in our community. Touted as one of four marathons to build a vacation around, and one of the ten most scenic, the money spent by folks who linger post-race in Red Cliffs really stacks up, like cross-bedded layers in the colorful Navajo Sandstone that surrounds us.

Major sporting events like the St. George Marathon advertise using images of the red rock country we have been wise enough to protect. Iron Man sizzler videos show runners and bikers traveling through Red Cliffs NCA praising its basalt flows and beautiful sandstone, saying that the scenery gives them goosebumps. Goosebumps made possible because Washington County residents wanted the open space surrounding them protected.

In 2006, over 3,000 people decided on 10Vision Dixie principles to guide growth. Guard signature, scenic landscapes, and Provide rich, connected natural recreation and open space are two that will enable St. George to host the Full Iron Man in our beautiful backyard in 2021.

A major part of Washington Countys allure is the 45,000-acre Red Cliffs NCA, designated by Congress in 2009 to protect nine values, including exquisite scenery. Caught between the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau, the land is a study in transition, bold color and dramatic contrasts, a highly scenic area that, for most visitors, typifies the rugged and beautiful American Southwest.

By protecting scenic land, plants and animals that depend on it for their survival also benefit. On one of her visits to Chuckwalla, Zockoll remembers her grandson exclaiming, Grandma, look at that rock, its moving! It was a threatened Mojave Desert Tortoise, one of 20 threatened, endangered and sensitive species like the Gila monster, kit fox and burrowing owl who are protected in the Red Cliffs NCA.

When Zockoll taught first grade in St. George, she wanted her students to have respect for wildlife and nature. She took them outdoors, encouraged them to look at lizards and insects, but told them, dont put anything in a jar because it has a family, just like you. This ethic of reciprocity, treating others the way you wish to be treated, applies to wildlife and beautiful land, too. Adopting the golden rule on visits to Red Cliffs would reduce the number of dog off-leash, litter, off-trail travel and wildlife harassment incidents.

On a bigger scale, applying the ethic of reciprocity to growth and transportation planning would reduce support for projects like the Northern Corridor Highway that would devastate the sensitive ecology and economy of our region. Note that the root of both these words is ecos, from the Greek oikos, or house. How we care for our home, our wealth and our family members human and non-human matters.

Our scenic heritage is fundamentally important to the continuation of our individual and collective well-being, to economic prosperity, to a healthy and sustainable environment and to the quality of everyday life. Yet, we are starting to lose the precious beauty of this place, and we must do better by not building the Northern Corridor Highway through pristine landscape that was supposed to be protected by legislation. Conservation of our scenic beauty will keep our desirability and appeal over the long-term to attract new residents, businesses and tourists to our area.

Its up to us to ensure that public lands in Washington County continue nourishing our bodies, spirits and economy. To protect your beautiful backyard, please consider getting involved in the upcoming public comment period on the proposed Northern Corridor Highway.

Zockoll says it best: In my mind, it makes me think Im alive if Im out there soaking up the red rocks.

Submitted by SARAH THOMAS, Land Program Manager at Conserve Southwest Utah.

Letters to the Editor are not the product of St. George News, its editors, staff or news contributors. The matters stated and opinions given are the responsibility of the person submitting them. They do not reflect the product or opinion of St. George News and are given only light edit for technical style and formatting.

Letters to the Editor are received from the public and are not the product of St.George News, its editors, staff or contributors. The matters stated and opinions given are strictly the responsibility of the person submitting them; they do not reflect the product or opinion of St. George News. Letters to the Editor, op-eds, and other news matters may be submitted for consideration to St. George News via email to: jkuzmanic@stgnews.com.

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Letter to the Editor: Save Washington County's scenic beauty: Say no to Northern Corridor highway - St George News

Letter: I hope we recover what we have lost as a nation – SW News Media

Recently a letter to the editor was published under the heading Trump and supporters reject Golden Rule." Well, I happen to support Trump, so does it follow that I also reject the Golden Rule? The letter was written in such a way that readers could be glad if they agreed with the author. But if there was any disagreement with the author, then the reader should be ashamed because they are clearly taking a position against individuals, minorities, immigrants etc. Words such as hate groups, discrimination and self-righteous individuals were used to make the authors points.

During the course of our nations founding there was much debate. Many different points of view were expressed. And what came out of that environment was the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution. These documents define the most successful nation in history. Certainly our country is not perfect, but we wont ever find a perfect country on this side of heaven. However, it appears to this citizen that we rarely place competing ideas side by side and then have a rational discussion. And that is to our detriment.

When we respect points of view that differ from our own, a door is opened to a better outcome. By insisting on my way or the highway, we cheat ourselves and those who disagree with us because options develop as opposing ideas are discussed and explored more deeply. For example, many feel that our borders should remain as they have been, relatively uncontrolled. Is this in harmony with the Golden Rule or, more importantly, with the Constitution? What does history have to say about open borders? Countries that cant or wont control their borders do not survive. Perhaps it is better to insist that immigration happen on a controlled, legal basis.

Our borders are just one example. There are many issues that we have allowed to become polarizing. I have watched this happen over the course of my 66 years. This should please none of us. As Ben Franklin said when asked what kind of government had been created, he responded with just a few but weighty words: A republic, if you can keep it. Well, what are we going to pass on to our children and grandchildren? I certainly hope we can recover what we have lost as a nation. But only God knows if we will succeed.

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Letter: I hope we recover what we have lost as a nation - SW News Media