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In the early 60s, Roy Bates, a Major in the British army, established a radio station, situated offshore on an abandoned ex naval fort named Knock John. The theory behind this location was an attempt to bypass the draconian broadcasting restrictions of the time, which permitted little more than formal broadcasting by the BBC. Roys station, Radio Essex, and others like it, were known affectionately by the media as Pirate radio stations, and were much loved by the British public, as they supplied everything that the BBC did not at the time, Pop music and amusing presenters.

In the years than ensued, Roy fought an unsuccessful legal battle with the UK government, which questioned the legality of his occupation of said fort. It was ruled that Knock John fell under UK jurisdiction. Smarting from his setback, Roy weighed his options. Another abandoned fortress, Roughs Tower, identical in construction to the Knock John existed further offshore, and crucially, outside of the three mile limit to which the UK jurisdiction extended. Roy proceeded to occupy Roughs Tower, on Christmas eve 1966, with the intention of revitalising his dormant radio station. This was until he conjured a different plan entirely. After consulting his lawyers, Roy decided to declare this fortress island the independent state of Sealand, Claiming Jus Gentium (Law of Nations) over a part of the globe that was Terra Nullius (Nobodys Land).

On the 2nd of September 1967, accompanied by his wife Joan on her birthday, his son Michael (14), daughter Penelope (16) and several friends and followers, Roy declared the Principality of Sealand. The founding of this country was marked by the raising of a newly designed flag, and in an extremely romantic birthday gesture, the bestowing of a new title on his beloved wife, to be know from that moment on as Princess Joan.

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About Sealand | The Principality Of Sealand | Sealand History

Principality of Sealand – Become A Lord Or Lady With Sealand

Locatedin international waters, on themilitary fortress ofRoughsTower, Sealand is the smallest country in the world.

The countrys national motto is E Mare, Libertas (From the Sea, Freedom), reflecting itsenduringstruggle for liberty through the years. Sealand has been an independent sovereignStatesince 1967. The Bates family governs the small stateas hereditary royal rulers, each member with his, or her,own royal title. Sealandupholdsits own constitution, composed of a preamble and seven articles. Upon thedeclarationofindependence, the founding Bates family raised the Sealand flag,pledgingfreedom and justiceto all that lived under it.

Following this, Sealand issued passports to its nationals, minted official currency and commissioned its own stamps.

Show your support for Sealandindependence for the years to come,by registering for aNoble Title and becoming a Lord or a Lady. Sealand also offersID cards,and the chance to owna piece ofourterritory. Other official Sealand products are also available for sale on this website.See shop

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Principality of Sealand - Become A Lord Or Lady With Sealand

Home | Sealand Aviation Ltd., Campbell River aircraft …

Sealand Aviation Ltd. - Campbell River (CYBL)Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.Aircraft Maintenance, Repairs and Modifications

Sealand Aviation overhauls, rebuilds, salvages and repairs aircraft. Sealand Aviation also manufactures aircraft modification kits and components. The company is Transport Canada approved for structures, maintenance, welding and manufacturing.

The experienced aviation mechanics at Sealand Aviation provide excellent maintenance and services on both floatplanes and wheel equipped light aircraft.


Sealand Aviation was originally started by Bill Alder in Campbell River, BC to provide aircraft maintenance services for the commercial floatplanes servicing the forestry and fishing industries on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Sealand Aviation quickly established a reputation in the aircraft maintenance field for its large inventory of aircraft parts and reliable, efficient customer service.

Aircraft maintenance and aircraft repairs are still the mainstay of the company but Sealand Aviation now also designs, certifies and manufactures modifications, primarily for the de Havilland Beaver. These aircraft modification kits include the Cabin Extension Kit and the Alaska Door, Jump Door, Westcoast Windows, among others.

Change is good and Sealand Aviation is not a company that rests on its laurels. New and innovative aviation products are developed and manufactured onsite in response to ever changing customers' needs. Sealand maintains a large inventory of all aircraft parts and products and can ship aircraft modification kits all over the globe.

Sealand Aviation works with some of North America's best aviation engineers for certification and the existing customer base is worldwide.

We welcome your comments and inquiries. Please complete our survey or contact us, your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

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Home | Sealand Aviation Ltd., Campbell River aircraft ...

Sealand national football team – Wikipedia

The Sealand national football team represents the Principality of Sealand. It is not a member of FIFA or UEFA, but was an associate member of the N.F.-Board, an organisation for teams who are not members of FIFA. They were admitted to the N.F.-Board as a provisional member in 2005 and as an associate member in 2006, before the organisation became defunct in 2013.

The Sealand National Football Association (SNFA) was founded in 2003. In 2004, they played their first game against land drawing 22.[1] All the players on the Sealand team were members of Vestbjerg Vintage Idrtsforening, a veterans side from Aalborg. However, the Danish-based SNFA ended their activities in 2006 and Sealand football took a break.

On 23 December 2009, Scottish author Neil Forsyth was appointed head of the revived SNFA.[2] He stated a goal of participation in the 2010 VIVA World Cup, a dream ultimately ended by a lack of finance.On 5 May 2012, Sealand took to the field against fellow N.F.-Board members the Chagos Islands at Weycourt in Godalming, Surrey. The Chagossians won 31, with Ryan Moore scoring for Sealand. The team was captained by former Bolton Wanderers defender Simon Charlton and also included actor Ralf Little.[2][3][4]

Sealand played an away game against Alderney on 25 August 2012.[5] After drawing the match by a scoreline of 11, Sealand won 54 on penalties. On 9 March 2013 Sealand won their first ever international when they beat Alderney 21 in Godalming.

Sealand competed in the Tynwald Hill Tournament on the Isle of Man in July 2013. The tournament was held at Mullen-e-Cloie, St John's. Following a late 53 defeat to Tamil Eelam and an 80 demolition at the hands of eventual winners Occitania, Sealand finished bottom of their group and went on to the 5th place playoff where they beat Alderney 21.

In February 2014 Sealand recorded their record win as they beat the Chagos Islands 42 in Godalming.[6]

In May 2014 Sealand drew 11 with the Chagos Islands at Crawley Town a fortnight before another draw, 22 with Somaliland (who were making their non-FIFA debut) in London.

Sealand underwent a European tour for the first time in August 2014 which proved to be hugely successful. In Chur a record 61 win over Raetia saw Dan Hughes become the record-scorer with 4 goals, before a 32 win over Seborga in Ospedaletti, Italy. Hughes added to his tally in that game and the Seals extended their unbeaten international run to 6 games.[7]

Sealand has not been a member of a confederation since the N.F.-Board became defunct. An application to join CONIFA was rejected.[8]

Sealand's kit has the same colors as the flag of Sealand. Their original kit consisted of a red shirt with white trim, black shorts and white socks, and was provided by JJB with sponsorship from UK investment firm Property Secrets.[9]

For the Tynwald Tournament, Sealand introduced a new Nike home kit, in red, with a white stripe down the right-hand side. In the 80 defeat to Occitania, Sealand debuted their Stanno away kit of a white shirt with pale red shorts.

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Sealand national football team - Wikipedia

Former RAF Sealand engineer urges other veterans to recognise their hearing loss – LeaderLive

A VETERAN aircraft engineer who lost his hearing is calling for others to access new support.

Tom Kane, from Deeside, always had aspirations to join the Armed Forces.

From as young as he can remember he looked up to his father who was in the Fleet Air Arm, and at 14 he joined the Marine Cadets in Penzance in the South West of England.

I was still at school when I applied to join the Royal Air Force and was working as a part time butcher, said Tom.

After a setback, being told he wasnt initially going to be accepted into the RAF, he reapplied in January 1975 and in April that year he finally swore allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II and said: "I didnt look back.

Veteran aircraft engineer Tom Kane, from Deeside.

Despite being fully hearing when he arrived at his first posting at RAF Binbrook, in Lincolnshire, Tom was tasked to work as a mechanic on The Lightning, at the time the loudest aircraft in the RAF.

Tom was at RAF Binbrook and issued with Amplivox ear defenders made out of ceramic cup with padding inside the cup and a seal with glycerine, which in his case were not adequate in the noisy environment of a Flight Line full of Lightnings.

Veteran aircraft engineer Tom Kane, from Deeside. "The office."

Despite improvements being made to ear defender technology over the years, his hearing was already damaged due to noise.

I loved the RAF life, said Tom. So much so that from 1988 onwards I was always involved with the entertainment committees of various Sergeants Messes, but that is when I noticed my hearing wasnt what it used to be.

It was the weekly quiz nights Tom hosted at RAF Sealand, in Deeside when he realised that when people were asking him to repeat questions from across the noisy room, that he couldnt hear his fellow colleagues.

In 2000 Tom lost a good part of his hearing and also developed tinnitus and went for several audiology exams but was told that it would be something you have to live with and so he carried on, even serving in the Falklands.

After many failed attempts Tom was finally given a lifeline by the NHS and was seen by an audiologist in the hospital.

After a full hearing test which showed he had experienced noise induced hearing loss, and was given hearing aids.

Tom added: It was pretty life changing, but I also made sure I went onto lip reading courses to do what I could to help myself.

When there was a possibility of a fireman strike after the last foot and mouth epidemic, I was told I would be expected to be chosen to lead teams of service personnel in an emergency setting and it clearly just wasnt safe," said Tom.

"At that time I really knew I had to push to get help and after some persuading, I was given a medical downgrading, which meant I wasnt going to be expected to work in a hazardous area because of my hearing loss."

Veteran aircraft engineer Tom Kane, from Deeside. First day and last day.

Father of two Tom, was given a Hearing Dog for the Deaf Nevis who he said, 'changed his life completely'.

Now Tom is fully qualified as a lip reading teacher and works to help other Veterans who have lost their hearing through active service.

It can take 10 years for someone to realise they have a hearing loss, said Tom. Luckily now there are Facebook groups you can join and get support but when mine happened it was very isolating - and tiring!

DSN, previously known as Deafness Support Network, has been awarded a grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund to enable veterans to get better access to support and services. The project is being headed by Pam Craige.

Pam said: Toms story is so inspiring and its fantastic to see how he has turned his hearing loss into something that he can now help people with. We really hope that other Veterans are encouraged to be open about their hearing loss and come and find a support network with us here at DSN.

DSN will be hosting its first ever workshop for veterans, where Tom will be the guest speaker, at The Armed Forces Community Services Hub, Warrington on November 26th from 1pm-3.30pm. The workshop is free with lunch and refreshments provided.

Anyone interested in going along can email pcraige@dsnonline.co.uk

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Former RAF Sealand engineer urges other veterans to recognise their hearing loss - LeaderLive

Operation Holiday Cheer to spread Thanksgiving, Christmas spirit with free meals for troops – The Northwest Florida Daily News

OKALOOSA ISLAND For yet another year, Dr. Garry Banks, a Niceville family medicine specialist, developer Jay Odom, Sealand Restaurant in Fort Walton Beach, and a number of volunteersare teaming up to ensure that local active-dutymilitary personnel who won't be able to make it home for the upcoming holidays will at least have a traditionaland freeholiday meal on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

This is the third year that Banks and Odom have teamed up for Operation Holiday Cheer.

The roots of the effort, though, go back a year earlier, when Banks was moved by the tears of a patient. During the military member's visit to Banks' office, conversation turned to the holidays and a traditional Christmas dinner, and Banks learned that the service member hadn't been home for the holiday the previous two years.

Last year: Christmas dinners bring holiday cheer to local troops

From the archives: Local developer Jay Odom, Dr. Banks sponsoring free holiday dinner for troops

Banks was moved enough by that conversation to team up with Sealand Restaurant to provide both a Thanksgiving meal and a Christmas Day dinner to local military personnel who weren't able to go homeor mark the holidays in any other special way.

By the next year, though, the effort to feed active-duty troops, their families, and friends had expanded to the point that Banks approached Odom and they put together a plandubbed Operation Holiday Cheer.

This holiday season will mark the third year of that arrangement, underwhich Sealand Restaurant prepares and delivers Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day meals to active-duty military personnel who are working on those days, and The Island provides meals to active-duty military personnel, family, and friends who have time at least to have a holiday meal in a communal atmosphere.

"I really appreciate the people at The Island hotel, Sealand Restaurant, and the Jay Odom Group," Banks said Monday, noting that they "have gone out of theirway to assist ... in this endeavor."

The dinners provided through Operation Holiday Cheer have been gratefully acknowledged by the military personnel who have received them, Banks said.

"The ones who've attended the dinnersaid it was great for camaraderie," said Banks, who addedthat in many casesmeeting at the dinners has created lasting friendships among troops.

For the military personnel on duty on the holidays, the dinners can mean even moreas they work shifts that can extend from 6 a.m. to6 p.m., according to Banks.

"Some of them are in tears because they didn't think they would have a holiday meal," hesaid.

Reservations for the upcoming holiday meals, whether served at The Island or delivered to a duty post, can be made by email at gbanks@ecmed.gccoxmail.com or by phone at 850-678-7676.

Banks is asking that people make reservations at least a week in advance of Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Dayto ensure that both Sealand and The Island have ampletime to have the makings of the holiday meals on hand. Meals will be served at The Island from 2 to3:30 p.m. on both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

A home for the holidays: Pensacola Ronald McDonald House spreads love, Christmas cheer

This year, Banks saidOperation Holiday Cheerexpectsto deliver as many as 300 meals to active-duty personnel working on each of the two holidaysand expectsto serve as many as 100 people at The Island on both holidays, meaning that as many as 800 people will have a free holiday meal across both holidays.

By comparison, the initial year of the effort fed about130 people, according to Banks.

Operation Holiday Cheer now is funded through donations. While a September fundraising event in Destin raised a significant amount of money, donations are still welcomeand canbe arranged through the same email address and telephone number being used to accept reservations, Banks said. Donations will be accepted until the day before Christmas, headded.

In addition to donations, Operation Holiday Cheer is still looking for volunteers to pack and deliver holiday meals from Sealand, Banks said. Prospective volunteers can offer their services through either gbanks@ecmed.gccoxmail.com or 850-678-7676.

This year's Thanksgiving menu includesa Caesar salad, a choice of meats comprising turkey with bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, and buttermilk biscuits and Cajun honey-glazed ham with spicy mustard, side dishes of garlic mashed potatoes, herb roasted green beans, honey-glazed heirloom carrots, and pumpkin and pecan pie for dessert.

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Operation Holiday Cheer to spread Thanksgiving, Christmas spirit with free meals for troops - The Northwest Florida Daily News

US stocks retreat after impressive run as inflation worries weigh – Proactive Investors USA

US stocks took a breather on Tuesday at the close after an eight-day winning streak

US stocks took a breather on Tuesday at the close after an eight-day winning streak.

At the close, the S&P 500 -- which just yesterday closed above 4,700 points for the first time -- lost 0.35% to end the day at 4,685 points. Meanwhile, the Dow also dropped by 0.31% to finish at 36,320 points, and the Nasdaq sank 0.60% to 15,887 points as investors sent Tesla stock down 12% on rumours of an Elon Musk stock sale.

US stocks were lower in noon trading as investors await Wednesdays October consumer price index data, which is expected to show a 0.6% jump from the previous month.

At midday, the Dow fell 247 points to 36,185, while the S&P 500 eased 26 points at 4,675 and the tech-heavy Nasdaq slipped 96 points to 15,886.

Octobers producer price indexalso increased 0.6% month over month, in line with the consensus estimate but was still up 8.6% from October 2020.

Bottom line, while todays data was as expected, the numbers are certainly eye opening in terms of the pace of gains, Bleakley Advisory Group chief investment officerPeter Boockvar said.

Shares ofTesla Inc continued to move lower, falling more than 7% after company founder Elon Musk hinted in a Twitter post that he might be willing to sell 10% of his shares in the electric vehicle maker.

CO2 Grow says its sustainable CO2 Delivery Solutions can help reduce greenhouse emissions, enhance agricultural production by 30%

Gevo says its chief executive officer and other management will attend the Alternative Fuels & Chemicals Coalition 2021 conference in Washington, DC

Altiplano Metals commences underground exploration at Maria Luisa gold-copper mine in Chile

Lucky Minerals (TSX-V:LKY, OTC:LKMNF) reports more encouraging trenching results from Wayka gold discovery in Ecuador

Mountain Boy Minerals says field program confirms large mineralizing system at its American Creek project in British Columbia

Bloom Health Partners announces Dallas expansion; says well-timed after US Federal Government issues vaccine and testing deadlines

Ayurcann Holdings says it will launch its line of GLOW products through the Ontario Cannabis Store

RedHill Biopharma enters strategic agreement for the sale of its ADS's to South Korea's Kukbo Co via an up to $10 million private placement

Sigma Lithium kicks off production plant construction activities at its Grota do Cirilo lithium project in Brazil

Kintara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:KTRA) appoints Robert Hoffman as its new CEO

Melkior Resources says Kirkland Lake Gold set to start another drill program on the Carscallen gold property in Ontario

Green Battery Minerals is poised for more drilling at Berkwood graphite project; set to raise up to C$525,000

Plurilock partners with Absolute Software (TSX:ABT) and announces DEFEND Persisted continuous authentication product

District Metals initiates airborne surveys over its newest Swedish properties, Gruvberget and Svrdsj

Biocept says study shows its Switch-Blocker technology enhances performance of PCR-based liquid biopsy assays in detecting rare cancer mutations

ESE Entertainment says League of Legends tournament organized by acquisition target Frenzy enters final phase

Quaterra Resources selects NewFields Companies to lead environmental permitting efforts for the MacArthur oxide copper project

Biovaxys says CoviDTH shows safety and tolerability in pathology and immunology evaluations to support clinical development

TraceSafe delivers record 3Q financials as it turns its first quarterly profit

Standard Uranium (TSX-V:STND) intersects high-priority drill targets in summer drilling at its Davidson River project in Saskatchewan

Biovaxys says CoviDTH shows safety and tolerability in pathology and immunology evaluations to support clinical development

Nextech AR Solutions launches newest metaverse offering, the ARitize Metaverse Studio

Naturally Splendid announces NATERA Plant-Based Foods will be offered through Sealand Quality Foods

Organic Garage (TSX-V:OG) says its Future of Cheese business engages marketing firm to support North American growth strategy

Canada Silver Cobalt prepares battery metals business for monetization

i-80 Gold posts positive preliminary economic assessment for Granite Creek project, Nevada

LexaGene Holdings announces expansion of biopharma contamination panel by adding biothreat test to its MiQLab system

FansUnite announces the VamosGG Cup after the record-setting success of its exclusive PGL Major partnership

Heritage Cannabis announces a two-year definitive agreement with leading Alberta Brand, Violet Tourist

Cabral Gold increases size of gold-in-oxide blanket at MG deposit on Cui Cui property

Braxia Scientific CEO McIntyre to join KetaMD as an adviser

First Mining announces approval of Springpole Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference from Ontarios Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

Alternus Energy set to acquire 15 megawatts-peak of additional capacity with 20M green bond issue

Bitcoin offsetting this year would require 284mln trees to planted

American Eagle Gold (TSX-V:AE) says it is to begin drilling program at its flagship Golden Gate property

US shares started mixed on Tuesday as traders mulled over inflation data, while General Electric (NYSE:GE) shares lit up at the open.

In early deals in New York, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shed nearly 42 points at 36,390. The S&P 500 added around five points to stand at 4,707. The Nasdaq exchange added around 35 points at 16,017.

Keenly awaited is the US consumer price index (CPI) reading on Wednesday - a measure of the prices of a basket of goods and services - but today saw the release of producer price index data, which showed an increase of 0.6% in October compared to September, and 8.6% from a year earlier, in-line with forecasts.

The year-over-year rise was reportedly the largest for nearly 11 years.

In corporate news, shares in General Electric (NYSE:GE) gained over 6% to US$114.94 after the conglomerate reported plans to split up into three separate, publicly traded companies focused on the aviation, healthcare and energy sectors.

US stocks are expected to open mixed as investors turn their attention to the latest inflation data, due for release over the next two days.

Futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 0.03% in Tuesday pre-market trading, while the broader S&P 500 index added 0.07% and those for the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 gained 0.27%.

Stocks closed higher on Monday after the House of Representatives late Friday passed a more than $1 trillion infrastructure bill that would provide new funding for projects such as transportation, utilities and broadband.

At the close, the Dow rose 104 points to 36,432, while the S&P 500 gained 4 points at 4,702 and the Nasdaq added 11 points at 15,982.

Ahead of the release of the US Consumer Price Index for October on Wednesday, the Producer Price Index for the same month will be in focus today.

There wasnt an awful lot of newsflow for investors yesterday as they looked forward to tomorrows US CPI release, but the astonishing equity advance showed no signs of relenting just yet, withthe S&P 500 up for an 8th consecutive session to another record high, commented Deutsche Bank strategist Jim Reid.

For reference, thats the longest winning streak since April 2019, and if we get a 9th day in the green today, that would mark the longest run of consecutive gains since November 2004, back when George W. Bush had just beaten John Kerry to win a second term. It's also 17 out of 19 days up, which hasnt happened since December 1971.

All these records for various equity indices might seem jarring when you consider that there are still strong inflationary pressures in the pipeline, and with them the prospect of a renewed hawkish shift by central banks, Reid added.

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US stocks retreat after impressive run as inflation worries weigh - Proactive Investors USA

Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market Size, Key Opportunities, Strategic Assessment, Strong Revenue | Oprating Vendors: Saab AB, Zenith Aircraft,…

The industry research report Global Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market 2021 consists of an in-depth analysis of the global industry that aims to offer a comprehensive study of market insights associated with the most important components of the market. The report provides an overview of these markets on various fronts, such as market size, market share, market penetration of products and services, downstream areas in the market, large suppliers operating in the territory, analysis prices, etc. This can help readers of the global business industry to better understand the large regional and national markets for Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts. The reports contain an overview and review of the leading companies operating in the industry that are considered to be revenue-driving for the market.

The market report on Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts concludes by sharing the reports important results with readers. Here, based on a study of historical data, which examines the scenarios currently seen in different markets, including regional and national, and the trends recorded, provides a forecast for the market. This includes segment forecast, regional market forecast, market size forecast, consumption forecast.

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The report is an assortment of direct information, subjective and quantitative assessment by industry specialists, contributions from industry examiners and Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts industry members over the worth chain. The report offers a top to bottom investigation of parent market patterns, macroeconomic measures, and control components. Besides, the report likewise overviews the subjective effect of unmistakable market factors on Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts market sections and geologies.

Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market Segmentation:

Based on Type

Based on Application

Global Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market: Regional Segments

The different section on regional segmentation gives the regional aspects of the worldwide Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts market. This chapter describes the regulatory structure that is likely to impact the complete market. It highlights the political landscape in the market and predicts its influence on the Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts market globally.

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This report includes the estimation of market size for value (million USD) and volume (K Units). Both top-down and bottom-up approaches have been used to estimate and validate the market size of Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts market, to estimate the size of various other dependent submarkets in the overall market. Key players in the market have been identified through secondary research, and their market shares have been determined through primary and secondary research. All percentage shares, splits, and breakdowns have been determined using secondary sources and verified primary sources.

Some Major Points from Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Research Methodology & Data Sources

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

Chapter 3. Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market: Industry Analysis

Chapter 4. Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market: Product Insights

Chapter 5. Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market: Application Insights

Chapter 6. Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market: Regional Insights

Chapter 7. Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market: Competitive Landscape

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Ailerons for Commercial Aircrafts Market Size, Key Opportunities, Strategic Assessment, Strong Revenue | Oprating Vendors: Saab AB, Zenith Aircraft,...

Qualitative Analysis of Caulks & Sealants Market 2021-2026 Strategical Assessment of DuPont, 3M, CR Laurence, CRC, DAP, Flex Seal, and more |…

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the Global Market of Caulks & Sealants. It presents the latest data of the market value, consumption, domestic production, exports and imports, and price dynamics. The Caulks & Sealants market report shows the sales data, allowing you to identify the key drivers and restraints. You can find here a strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market. Forecasts illustrate how the market will be transformed in the medium term. Profiles of the leading players like DuPont, 3M, C.R. Laurence, CRC, DAP, Flex Seal, etc. are also included.

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Segmentation Analysis:

Caulks & Sealants market is split by Type and by Application. For the period 2016-2026, the growth among segments provides accurate calculations and forecasts for sales by Type and by Application in terms of volume and value. This analysis can help you expand your business by targeting qualified niche markets.

Market Segmentation by Type:

Market Segmentation by Applications:

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The report offers valuable insight into the Caulks & Sealants market progress and approaches related to the Caulks & Sealants market with an analysis of each region. The report goes on to talk about the dominant aspects of the market and examine each segment.

The Caulks & Sealants market report gives CAGR value, Industry Chains, Upstream, Geography, End-user, Application, Competitor analysis, SWOT Analysis, Sales, Revenue, Price, Gross Margin, Market Share, Import-Export, Trends, and Forecast. The report also gives insight into the entry and exit barriers of the industry.

Global Caulks & Sealants Market Report Scope:

The report offers a complete company profiling of leading players competing in the global Caulks & Sealants market with a high focus on the share, gross margin, net profit, sales, product portfolio, new applications, recent developments, and several other factors. It also throws light on the vendor landscape to help players become aware of future competitive changes in the global Caulks & Sealants market.

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Qualitative Analysis of Caulks & Sealants Market 2021-2026 Strategical Assessment of DuPont, 3M, CR Laurence, CRC, DAP, Flex Seal, and more |...

Global Agriculture Equipment Assembly Market Expected To Reach Highest CAGR By 2026: Agrabase, Rockwell Automation, Fairlawn Tool, Herker Industries,…

Agriculture Equipment Assembly market research report provides conclusive results followed by an accurate data extraction process and compartmentalised study representation. The market study primarily targets to derive the Agriculture Equipment Assembly market size, volume and overall market share. Besides the statistical aspects of the Agriculture Equipment Assembly market, the research article also delivers factual and valuable data sourced from market participants such as the vendors, suppliers and providers. The market study displays an illustrative forecast with an agglomerated data representing the scope for business expansion along with the growth prospects. It identifies the growth fluctuations in the present scenario as well as the predictions during the forecast of the Agriculture Equipment Assembly market.

Vendor Profiling: Agriculture Equipment Assembly Market, 2020-28:

AgrabaseRockwell AutomationFairlawn ToolHerker IndustriesNordson Sealand EquipmentFanucAraymondSweet Manufacturing

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In addition, the research article defines the major causes fuelling the growth of the Agriculture Equipment Assembly market with a list of growth inducing variables and the inhibitors. The study identifies factors emerging from different industrial as well as non-industrial ecosystem to influence the growth of the Agriculture Equipment Assembly market. It assesses multiple demographic, economic, political, technological as well as factors associated with overall infrastructure to have either a positive or negative impact on the Agriculture Equipment Assembly industry. An array of drivers and restrains coupled with the opportunities and challenges are studied in-depth offering an accurate Agriculture Equipment Assembly market analysis.

Segmentation Analysis by Type:

Full AutomaticSemi Automatic

Analysis by Application:

Industrialized AgricultureSubsistence Agriculture

Major economies in certain geographic regions controlling the Agriculture Equipment Assembly market are analyzed. The geographic regions and countries covered in the study include:

North America: Canada, U.S., and Mexico South America: Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica Europe: Italy, the U.K., France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain APAC: Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, India, and Hong Kong Middle East and Africa: Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa

Browse Full Report with Facts and Figures of Agriculture Equipment Assembly Market Report at @ https://www.orbisresearch.com/reports/index/global-agriculture-equipment-assembly-market-size-status-and-forecast-2020-2026?utm_source=puja

An overview of the exact impact of the recent events followed with the evolution of novel COVID-19 is assessed in the research article. It delivers the differing market scenario pre-pandemic and post-pandemic evaluating the disruptions and adversities caused as a result of the unprecedented crisis. Thorough evaluation of the critical changes in intrinsic operations and other functions of the of Agriculture Equipment Assembly market is studied with the novel disease in mind. It exposes the vulnerabilities and pitfalls of the Agriculture Equipment Assembly industry also introducing new challenges for the market. The study also consists of the foreseeable opportunities in the future encouraging the Agriculture Equipment Assembly market growth after the temporary halt.

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Features of the Report The Agriculture Equipment Assembly market report offers a comparative analysis of industry. The performance analysis of all the industry segments, leading market bodies and influential regions in the Agriculture Equipment Assembly industry is included in the report along with market statistics. The record based on the study of market offers in-depth study of all the news, plans, investments, policies, innovations, events, product launches, developments, etc.

Finally the report takes the readers through a complete qualitative and quantitative assessment, highlighting the competitive scope with primary focus on the chief competitors and their investment policies. It highlights the key players contributing a substantial revenue along with their efforts for the extensive development of the keyword market studying the inclusion of advanced technologies and novel strategies to enhance the traction which will ultimately accelerate generation of revenue. The research article also consists of recent activities including mergers, collaborations and acquisitions boosting the growth of the keyword market during the forecast period.

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Global Agriculture Equipment Assembly Market Expected To Reach Highest CAGR By 2026: Agrabase, Rockwell Automation, Fairlawn Tool, Herker Industries,...

WIMI Hologram Competes with Big Companies Like Apple with the Emergence of the Metaverse Concept – Digital Journal

Recently, the Metaverse has become popular. Both investors and industry people have their own insights, but the concept of Metaverse in different populations is not exactly the same. What is the charm of the Metaverse?

The original meaning of the Metaverse

At present, the Metaverse is still not a rigorous academic concept. Wikipedia describes it as a 3D virtual space with link awareness and sharing features based on the Internet future through virtual augmented physical reality. Unlike e-sports games such as Glory of Kings, which are played in dozens of minutes, the Metaverse are persistent and once they start, they go on forever. In addition, the Metaverse is also open and offer richer interactions than simply making big moves and running around.

Zuckerberg defined Metaverse as the next-generation platform after the mobile Internet or the figurative Internet. The prospectus for Roblox described the virtual world in terms of identity, friend, immersion, low latency, diversity, location, economy, civilization. It has detonated the technology and capital circles. In 2021, the first Roblox share of the Metaverse concept was listed and the major Internet giants with large chips entered. The market became lively.

Of course, the Metaverse world that is difficult to distinguish from reality may be far away from us, but with the continuous development of AR/VR, cloud computing, AI and 5G technology, the realization of the Metaverse is indeed more possible.

The giants are heading to the Metaverse

Facebook (FB.US): It is a pioneer, and the founder Zuckerberg believes AR/VR will surpass smartphones and personal computers as the next-generation of mainstream computing platform. And he said that if we do well, I think in the next five years, we will effectively shift from a cognitive social media company to a Metaverse company.

Apple (AAPL.US): It completed the AR on-chip system (SoC) that powered the helmet and the physical design of two other chips in 2020 and is now ready for trial production. Apples first AR/VR headset will be released as early as 2022, but it could also be delayed if the device cant be completed in time.

Nvidia (NVDA.US): It announced that Omniverse, the worlds first simulation and collaboration platform to base the Metaverse would be open to millions of new users. As a large chip company, they have begun to layout the Metaverse platform, which shows that Metaverse is full of temptation.

Baidu (BIDU.US): It set up a VR sub-venue at the world conference, launched a Xi soil virtual space platform based on 5G, Baidu cloud mobile technology and a new upgraded multiplayer interactive platform, so that people who can not attend personally can experience the virtual space of this technology event.

WIMI Hologram (WIMI.US): It has also recently participated in the Metaverse exploration. WIMI Hologram itself has technical advantages, and years of technological accumulation has laid a foundation for the exploration of the Metaverse. WIMI Hologram specially set up the Holographic Metaverse Division to develop the underlying holographic technology of the Metaverse, has metaverse software imaging detection and recognition technologies, force to embed holographic AR content into virtual applications; About Knowledge application, WiMi Hologram has established nearly 5000 holographic virtual IP rights content; About hardware, WIMI Hologram launched the holographic XR head-mounted display product WiMi Hologram SoftLight. These are the key to entering the Metaverse market and preserving the leading position in the next era.

ByteDance reportedly invested RMB 100 million for Metaverse company Beijing Code Qiankun Technology Co., Ltd., whose main products include teen social networking and UGC platform Reworld, RMB 9 billion for VR startup Pico. In addition to ByteDance, Netease invested IMVU parent company (Together Labs), the worlds largest avatar social networking platform. Tencent invested in Robloxs US $150 million Series G round in February last year.Soul, a social platform that failed to go public, changed its marketing slogan to social Metaverse for young people.

Facing the Metaverse, experts say lively.

Tokyo securities pointed out that AR/VR and other technologies are becoming increasingly mature to build channels in and out of the Metaverse. AR/VR technically solves the problem of interaction between virtual world and real world.AR/VR will become more accessible and usable as the technology matures along with price cuts and market penetration. Technology also improves user experience.The development of 5G, cloud computing, Blockchain and other technologies also provide support for the construction of a Metaverse virtual world.

At the same time, Sealand securities believes that although the current Metaverse is still in the early stage, there are still many elements of the Metaverse has not been realized. The real realization of the Metaverse requires the promotion and support of technology. In the medium and long term, the Metaverse is expected to bring innovation in the virtual world, promote the co-prosperity of all links of the industrial chain such as game content, community, education, commodity trading, artificial intelligence and VR/AR, Blockchain, and then bring new increment.

Xiao Feng, a Blockchain research expert, believes that the Metaverse is the highest form of human digital survival. In the Metaverse, participants can experience a more colorful life. The Metaverse is also the human society and world, but it is the persons virtual society and the digital world.

When the technology is mature enough and people participate in the Metaverse. They can have a completely different identity and experience another life in another virtual world.

Tailor Insight (www.TailorInsight.com) provides easy and quick solutions that allow customers to capture, monitor, and audit market data from a holistic view down to an individual task on market research and industry trend insights.

Media ContactCompany Name: Tailor Insight ResearchContact Person: Alex Xie, Senior Analyst Email: Send EmailCountry: HongKongWebsite: http://www.TailorInsight.com

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WIMI Hologram Competes with Big Companies Like Apple with the Emergence of the Metaverse Concept - Digital Journal

Brabant people are arguing about the high voltage station for Geeland – Cheraw Chronicle

Sustainable efforts such as wind farms or solar parks will no longer be able to get off the ground in Tolan and Schuen-Duvland because the network will not be able to discharge the electricity it generates. That is why additional high voltage stations are needed, including the 150 kV station at Schwen-Dowland and the 380/150 kV station at Holstern.

Bergen of Zoom City Councils largest party, GPWP, does not want a station in Agricultural Avergenbolder near Holstein and believes grid operator Tenneth A4 should reconsider Ster van Lebelstrod on the motorway. The place was briefly pictured, but eventually fell apart because there were houses.

The choice, made by Berkeley politicians, has implications for the construction site of the 150 kV station in Schwen-Duvland. The stations will be connected underground, with cable not exceeding 30 km for technical reasons. Osterland is only in the picture as the construction site for the Scorsese station, just a few kilometers away from the Brabant station to Lefebvre.

This would be another blow to the politics of Schuan-Duviland. Austerland is not a serious option. Konsrijk is a fertile land north of the Sealand Bridge, which is sandblasted between N256 and Zierikzees industrial area. The Councils largest body, the Leaf Souven-Duvland, will submit an amendment to further inquire into Boulder on the other side of N256 during Thursdays Council meeting.

According to Dennetts schedule, Schoen-Duvland will have to make a decision by the end of this year and not after Bergen of Zoom. Network strengthening near Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen and Bergen op Zoom should be completed by 2025.

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Brabant people are arguing about the high voltage station for Geeland - Cheraw Chronicle

VIDEO: Ex-Navy SEAL and Nebraska football team pay tribute to 9/11 heroes – Washington Examiner

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln football team paid tribute to first responders and service members who responded to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, unveiling new uniforms the team will wear on Sept. 11.

The video released by the school features Nebraska football player Damian Jackson , a former Navy SEAL, wearing the new uniform and leading a crowd of people down a street, carrying a U.S. flag. Jackson eventually stops in front of an Army veteran, a sheriff , a firefighter , and a paramedic. Jackson takes off his helmet, which has a U.S. flag on it, and salutes the veteran, who salutes him in return.


"To all first responders and military members, thank you," the video says at the end.

The new uniforms feature U.S. flag patches on the shoulders and are white with red numbering, an inversion of the team's typical red uniforms with white numbering. They will be worn by the team during their game with the Buffalo Bills on Sept. 11 , the 20th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks.


Others have paid tribute to the anniversary, with the brother of one firefighter who died in the immediate aftermath of the attack announcing plans to walk 537 miles, or the distance between Washington and New York City, two cities targeted by the hijackers.

On Sept. 11, 2001, 19 hijackers took control of four U.S. commercial aircraft and crashed them into the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Virginia. The fourth jet crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers successfully revolted against the hijackers. Nearly 3,000 people, including hundreds of first responders as well as the 19 hijackers, died in the attacks.

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VIDEO: Ex-Navy SEAL and Nebraska football team pay tribute to 9/11 heroes - Washington Examiner

Mystery ten-year-old stink RETURNS to town as locals forced to shut windows – The Sun

A DECADE-OLD stink has made an unwelcome return to a port town.

Locals in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, have been forced to shut their windows and doors thanks to the "eyewatering" stench.


Scores of people living in the area have shared their disgust at the poor quality of air.

One person said on Facebook that the smell was "so strong" they were "waking up in the night to shut the windows".

Another posted on Twitter: "I dont know if its dead fish, some sort of s*** or rotting toenails.

"The whole place, including Sealand Road, f***ing stinks."

While a third compared it to "chicken poo" and a fourth said it "makes your eyes water".

The notorious "Sealand stink" - named after the road where it smells strongest - has plagued the town for years.

People have been likening it to the smell of a burning oven since at least 2004, but some say complaints go as far back as the 1950s.

It seemed to die down for several years in the noughties, but it now appears to be back with a vengeance.






No-one has confirmed the source of the pong, but several have pointed the finger at a farm on Sealand Road, which borders England and Wales.

One resident told CheshireLive the "foul smell" resembles "dead bodies and human waste".

They said in July: "We have now endured the smell for almost a month and it has become unbearable.

"People we have spoken to have referred to it as smelling like dead bodies rotting and human waste.

"After speaking with other fellow residents, many who are farmers who have been here for years and years, they agree too that it's unlike anything they have ever smelt before."

Meanwhile, an environmental campaigner said: "The so-called 'Sealand stink' was never connected with farmland.

"It first appeared back in the 70s and was connected with the sewage works.

"This is still not perfect but is many times better since Welsh Water upgraded the plant and removed processing from it."

A spokesperson for Natural Resources Wales said it was working with the land owner and local authority to investigate the matter.

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Mystery ten-year-old stink RETURNS to town as locals forced to shut windows - The Sun

Terrell Davis teams up with former Navy SEAL and female executive with new wellness company benefiting charity – Houston Chronicle

An NFL Hall of Famer, a former Navy SEAL and a female executive have teamed up to make the world a better place- one wellness drink at a time. DEFY water, a Black-owned, woman-owned and veteran-owned performance wellness company is now available at select Houston-area Krogers, and a portion of sales benefit three different charities.

NFL legend Terrell Davis has joined forces with former Navy SEAL Eric Frohardt and female entrepreneur Megan Bushell to found DEFY performance-based beverages. The brand kicked off their Houston market availability at a launch event in Katy on Aug. 26.

More by Claire Goodman: Texas Heritage Parkway now open, will bolster area growth, commissioner says

The partnership formed from a friendship between the three, explained Bushell. Davis had retired from the NFL, but his career had left him with debilitating pain. The two-time Super Bowl champion had to undergo more than 30 surgical procedures for various injuries, Bushell explained, and the cartilage in his knees was destroyed. Compounding the issue- Davis suffered from crushing migraines.

Davis wasnt alone in his pain. Frohardt served as a Navy SEAL for 12 years before sustaining an injury that led to a medical discharge. The injury, coupled with PTSD from his service, inspired the veteran to search for relief that didnt come in the form of a prescription.

Bushell, an executive with a background in both sports media and finance, joined the effort to create a healthy, holistic product that could improve wellness, and DEFY was born.

DEFY is a combination of ionized alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 and infused with electrolytes and minerals. The products are created in a solar-powered factory in keeping with its founders commitment to holistic sustainability.

Davis, Frohardt and Bushell proudly label DEFY as Black-owned, woman-owned and veteran-owned, and each of the three charities DEFY benefits reflect the founders epithets.

Davis chose the Center for African American Health as his cause. The CAAH is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of African Americans by providing culturally-sensitive health education and health promotion programs. We wanted to focus on communities that could really use the help and try to empower those communities, Davis said. Weve got a great product but being active in these communities, especially after the past year- we just want to do what we can do.

Frohardts cause is the Disabled Veterans of America, an organization committed to helping disabled veterans heal and adjust to civilian life. The DAV helped Frohardt wade through the complicated process of obtaining health care through the Veterans Assistance program. I had a gap in my coverage and couldnt get the right treatment because it turns out I didnt have the correct rating on my paperwork, Frohardt said. They went through everything with me, and now my needs are 100 percent covered. And theyve done that for millions of veterans.

On HoustonChronicle.com: The delta variant is rewinding Houston's restaurant recovery

Bushells charitable contribution goes to the National Association of Women Business Owners. NAWBO represents the interests of female business owners. They provide a great amount of resources, education, training, grants and all sorts of stuff to help other female entrepreneurs with whatever they need, Bushell said. whether it's the basics of how to get their business off the ground, filing taxes, accounting, finance, resources- all sorts of different things. Its important to me, as a woman business owner, to support a cause that helps other women do the same.

At the core of DEFY, Bushell said, are three friends who want to help each other and their respective communities.

DEFY is the result of a close friendship. In the beginning we just set out to help ease some of the pain Eric and TD were having, but we ended up seeing an opportunity to make a bigger impact, Bushell said. Were not just selling a wellness product; were advocating for what we believe in.

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Terrell Davis teams up with former Navy SEAL and female executive with new wellness company benefiting charity - Houston Chronicle

Balloons released in memory of two-year old girl who died in caravan fire – Nottinghamshire Live

Large crowds gathered in Newark to let off balloons in memory of a two-year-old girl from Nottinghamshire who died in a caravan fire in Ingoldmells.

Louisiana Brooke-Broadley tragically died after the fire at Sealands Caravan Park on Monday, August 23.

Louisiana's family are from Newark and her mother, Natasha Broadley, was staying at the caravan park with her four children, all under 11, when the caravan caught fire.

Natasha and her three eldest children survived the incident - around 50 people at the caravan site being asked to leave and go into emergency accommodation.

Crowds gathered at the balloon release in Riverside Park, Newark on Friday afternoon, September 3 to remember Louisiana, Lincolnshire Live reports.

A GoFundMe page set up after the fire to raise money for the family has raised just over 18,000.

Laurie Selfridge, who set up the page, said the love and support shown towards the family was "absolutely amazing".

Emergency services including Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and the East Midlands Ambulance Service confirmed that they attended the scene.

Lincolnshire Police's latest statement on the incident said: "We will not be providing any more updates as the investigation is ongoing still and will be for some time."

The aim of the "methodical and meticulous" investigation is to find out how the fire started.

It's currently classified as "unknown", the force added.

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Balloons released in memory of two-year old girl who died in caravan fire - Nottinghamshire Live

Local help is on the way | Lifestyles | tctimes.com – Fenton Tri County Times

When there is a disaster and they are called upon, they are trained to stop what they are doing and go.

Two members of Michigan Task Force 1, who also are members of the North Oakland County Fire Authority (NOCFA), left at 5 a.m., Monday, Aug. 30 to drive to hurricane-ravaged Louisiana.

Hurricane Ida blasted ashore Sunday, Aug. 29 as one of the most powerful storms to hit the U.S. The Category 4 storm knocked out power to all of New Orleans, blowing roofs off buildings and reversing the flow of the Mississippi River as it rushed from the Louisiana coast, according to apnews.com.

NOCFA Chief Jeremy Lintz said three of his staff are members of Michigan Task Force 1 (MI-TF1) and two of them, Capt. Timothy Seal and firefighter Dustin Lehto, left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. NOCFAs third task force member, Assistant Chief Matt Weil, was unavailable for this deployment due to preexisting plans.

Seal is a trained technical search specialist and swift/flood water rescue specialist. Lehto is a rescue specialist.

Lintz said the MI-TF1 is a specialty search and rescue team comprised of several fire departments in southeastern Michigan. There are a total of 44 members in this task force. Task force members go through several classes learning technical rescue, water rescue, collapsed structure rescues, destruction rescues and more. They respond to disaster areas when called upon by the local authorities. MI-TF1 also responded to the east coast after Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and to Midland in 2020 when the Edenville Dam failed.

Although they are headed to Baton Rouge, Lintz said their directives could change as need changes. They stopped in Kentucky overnight to rest.

MI-TF1 is fully equipped with specialty trucks and equipment and members are trained to be ready at a moments notice. Theyre like a small army, Lintz said. Task force members can be deployed for up to 14 days and NOCFA personnel fill in for when task force members are away.

Lintz said these teams are self-sustaining and pretty impressive.

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Local help is on the way | Lifestyles | tctimes.com - Fenton Tri County Times

TxDOT Project Updates for the Week of Sep. 6, 2021 – Texas Department of Transportation

TYLER TxDOT is planning to conduct the following construction and maintenance work in the district during the week of Sep. 6, 2021. Work schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment failure, or other unforeseen issues. Slow down and pay attention in work zones.


Anderson County

Palestine Maintenance plans to continue ditch work on SH 294. Expect lane closures with flaggers and a pilot car managing traffic control.

Anderson County construction projects updates:

County Road Off-System Bridge Project

Limits: Various locations in Anderson County

Contractor: Stateline Construction, LLC

Cost: $1.5 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Completed

The contract consists of the construction of bridges, storm sewer, guardrail, base, pavement surfaces, and pavement markings.

US 79 Super 2 Project

Limits: From 0.5 mile northeast of Loop 256 to the Anderson/Cherokee County line

Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

Cost: $14.4 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Spring 2022

The contractor is scheduled to continue work on roadway elements. The speed limit has been reduced to 60 mph throughout the project limits. Motorists should use caution when traveling through the project and expect lane closures and delays. Project consists of widening for a Super 2, including sub-grade work, surface treatment, base and surface hot-mix asphalt, widening structures, bridge rail, metal beam guard fence, signage and permanent striping.


Cherokee County

Jacksonville Maintenance will be working on edge repairs at various locations throughout the area. Expect lane closures with flaggers managing traffic control.

Rusk Maintenance will continue base repair on FM 1857. Expect lane closures with flaggers managing traffic control.

Cherokee County construction projects updates:

FM 22 Safety Widening and Bridge Replacement Project

Limits: From CR 1512 west of Gallatin, east to SH 110

Contractor: Stateline Construction, LLC

Cost: $5.5 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2022

The contractor is scheduled to continue bridge construction at Sandy Creek. The roadway will be closed to traffic. Motorists should follow the marked detour route. The project will widen the existing roadway, replace three bridges and incorporate safety upgrades.

US 84 Widening

Limits: From 0.43 mi east of SH 110 in Rusk, northeast to the Rusk County line in Reklaw

Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

Cost: $7.9 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2022

The contractor is scheduled to continue right-of-way clearing and begin construction on driveway pipe and cross structure upgrades. Expect lane closures with delays. The project will widen and resurface the roadway, and add safety upgrades.

FM 235 Safety Widening

Limits: From SH 110 going east to FM 2274

Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

Cost: $3.5 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2021

The contractor is scheduled to continue placing signs, finish backfilling pavement edges and complete construction of driveways. Expect lane closures with a pilot car managing traffic. The project will widen the existing roadway and incorporate safety upgrades.

FM 241 Safety Widening

Limits: From US 69 going southeast to SH 21

Contractor: A. L. Helmcamp, Inc.

Cost: $5.5 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Completed

The project is widening the existing roadway and includes safety upgrades. The project is completed.

County Road Bridge Replacement Project

Limits: CR 2905 at Bowles Crk; CR 2614 at Beans Crk; CR 1504 at Turnpike Crk; CR 3203 at Mills Crk.

Contractor: Stateline Construction, LLC

Cost: $1.9 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2021

No work is scheduled on CR 3203 and CR 1504. Both roadways are open to traffic. Construction of the new bridges is ongoing on CR 2905 and CR 2614. Both roads are closed to through traffic. The project is replacing the existing bridges at each location with new structures.

SH 204 Super-2 Widening Project

Limits: From US 79 in Jacksonville southeast to SH 110

Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

Cost: $13.7 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2021

The contractor is scheduled to begin installing rumble strips, prefab pavement markings and removing excess silt from SW3P control measures. Lane closures will be in place. The project adds passing lanes and incorporates safety upgrades.

US 69 Sidewalks in Jacksonville

Limits: From Nacogdoches St. to Tena St. in Jacksonville

Contractor: Highway 19 Construction, LLC

Cost: $507,099.00

Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2021

No work is scheduled. The project is constructing sidewalks along US 69 in Jacksonville.

US 79 Rehabilitation Project

Limits: From 0.16 mile east of SH 110 to the Mud Creek Relief Bridge

Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

Cost: $8.2 million

Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2021

The contractor is scheduled to finish final surface striping. Lane closures will be in place, expect delays on this corridor when construction is in progress. The work zone speed limit is 60 mph. The project will rebuild the roadway pavement and upgrade bridge rails.


Gregg County

Longview Maintenance will be cleaning ditches on FM 1844. The crews will continue work on bridge channel maintenance on FM 2275 and FM 2204. Herbicide operations will also begin on various roadways. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control.

Gregg County construction projects updates:

Spur 63/McCann Road Bridge Project

Limits: From McCann Road, north to Glencrest Lane

Contractor: Leland Bradlee Construction

Anticipated Completion Date: November 2021

This project is part of the City of Longview Guthrie Creek Trail project. It will consist of building a bridge over Guthrie Creek to allow bicyclist and pedestrians to travel under Spur 63. The traffic will be reduced to two lanes, one northbound lane and one south bound lane to allow the contractor to build half of the bridge. Traffic will be switched later to allow completion of the bridge construction. Expect delays.

FM 2204, etc., Safety Improvement Project

Limits: US 259 Bypass to SH 322

Contractor: Stateline Construction

Cost: $3.8 million

Anticipated Completion Date: November 2021

This project consists of culverts, safety end treatments, drainage upgrades, new metal beam guard fence and driveway asphalt. Contractor will be working on drainage upgrades and driveways. There will be daytime lane closures. Expect delays.

FM 2206/Harrison Road

Limits: From Loop 281 to Fisher Rd.

Contractor: East Texas Bridge, Inc.

Cost: $15.1 million

Anticipated Completion Date: December 2021

This project consists of widening a two-lane road to four lanes with a center turn lane. This includes drainage structures, flexible base, curb and gutter, sidewalks, hot mix and pavement markings. Contractor will be extending culverts and constructing detours. There will be daytime lane closures. Expect delays.

FM 2206/Harrison Road

Limits: Fisher Rd. to SH 42

Contractor: East Texas Bridge, Inc.

Cost: $14.1 million

Anticipated Completion Date: May 2022

This project consists of widening a two-lane road to four lanes with a center turn lane. This includes drainage structures, new bridge, flexible base, hot mix and pavement markings. Contractor will be extending culverts and constructing detours. There will be daytime lane closures. Expect delays.

I-20/SH 31

Limits: Intersection with SH 31

Contractor: CorsairUS

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TxDOT Project Updates for the Week of Sep. 6, 2021 - Texas Department of Transportation

How to make the most of a tomato glut recipe – The Guardian

We throw away about 1.2m whole tomatoes every day in the UK, even though other food cultures show that theyre easy to preserve. Turn a summer glut into passata to enjoy in the colder months, or go one better and lacto-ferment them into crazy flavour bombs that add sourness and depth of flavour to everything from tomato soup to panzanella.

If a tomato is too soft to enjoy raw, use it in your cooking or turn it into pan con tomate: grate one medium tomato per person, put the flesh in a bowl, stir in the finely chopped skin (ignore recipes that tell you to discard it) and a pinch of salt. Transfer to a non-metallic sieve and leave to strain over a bowl for 15 minutes. Heap the tomato pulp on to toast rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil. Dont waste the leftover tomato water, either: its remarkably tasty just as it is, or use it in an umami-rich tomato martini: simply mix the tomato water with an equal part of vodka, shake over ice and strain.

A ripe tomato is a wondrous thing, bursting with flavour, and you can preserve that deliciousness by turning them into these. I first tried lacto-fermented tomatoes with my friend Olia Hercules, an incredible food writer and the author of three brilliant books, including, most recently, Summer Kitchens. She calls them champagne tomatoes, because they have a wonderful fizziness about them: if you eat one whole, it explodes in your mouth like a supernova of flavour.

This recipe is made with a 4% brine solution, which means that approximately 4% of the total weight of water is sea salt. This is a slightly higher-than-normal concentration, because tomatoes are very watery and will absorb the salt, resulting in a lower overall concentration. Being sweet, tomatoes are also prone to creating yeasts during fermentation, and the salt inhibits this. To prevent yeast forming on the surface, stir a couple of times a day and store in the fridge once youre happy with the flavour.

Tomatoes, washed 20g sea salt 500ml water Optional aromatics: basil, dill, fennel, bay, celery leaves

Tightly pack the tomatoes into a suitable jar, leaving a 3cm gap at the top. Sparingly add your optional aromatic herbs and spices of choice.

Make a 4% brine solution by stirring the sea salt into the water until dissolved. Pour this over the tomatoes until they are submerged (if need be, make extra brine to cover), then cover loosely with a lid or cheesecloth. Store in a cool spot out of direct sunlight for at least four days. When bubbles start to appear, taste check the tomatoes are to your liking: leave at room temperature to continue fermenting, or, to halt the process, seal and put in the fridge, where theomatoes will keep for weeks.


How to make the most of a tomato glut recipe - The Guardian

Kaley Cuoco, Actress By Day, Animal Rescuer By Night, Reveals Shes Splitting From Her Husband – Pedestrian TV

Actress by day and animal rescuer by night Kaley Cuoco has announced that shes splitting from her husband and has filed for a divorce.

The Big Bang Theory star revealed this morning that she and her husband of three years, Karl Cook, are breaking up.

In a joint statement to People, the pair said: Despite a deep love and respect for one another, we have realised that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions.

We have both shared so much of our journey publicly so while we would prefer to keep this aspect of our personal life private, we wanted to be forthcoming in our truth together. There is no anger or animosity, quite the contrary.

We have made this decision together through an immense amount of respect and consideration for one another and request that you do the same in understanding that we will not be sharing any additional details or commenting further.

Hours after their announcement, People reported that the 35-year-old actress had officially filed for divorce.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook first began dating in 2016. They got engaged one year later before getting hitched in San Diego on the 30th of June, 2018.

In an Instagram post celebrating their three-year anniversary, The Flight Attendant star wrote: NY, June 30th, 2016 is the year we met. 2 years to the day before we got married and now 3 years married! Why have you stayed married to me for so long?! Im sincerely impressed @mrtankcook lol I love you oh so much you have no idea happy anniversary!!!

In response, Cook replied in the comments: I agree @kaleycuoco I am just as amazed its been three years, feels like just a flash. I love you so much and I cant wait for a million more years!!

Kaley Cuoco was previously married to Ryan Sweeting from 2013 to 2016 and was romantically linked to her co-star from The Bing Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki from 2007 to December 2009.

In the spirit of Cuoco and Cooks wish to not have their personal life turned public, lets instead remember the times she rescued a baby seal and offered to buy the horse that was punched at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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