Rockets news: John Wall fires back at fake news over No. 1 option role – ClutchPoints

John Wall clearly wants to play with the Houston Rockets as the team looks for potential partners to trade him. However, with regards to reports about his desired role, Wall is calling fake news.

After it was revealed that Wall talked to Rockets execs about his future with the team and the possibility of him playing again, several rumors surfaced about what he wants in his return. For one, Shams Charania of The Athletic claimed that the veteran point guard demanded to have a starting role and compete to maintain it.

Meanwhile, per NBA insider Jordan Schultz, Wall sees himself as the No. 1 option on the Rockets should he return.

Upon seeing Schultzs report, though, Wall straight up denied the rumor and called it a lie.

It remains to be seen if the Rockets will play John Wall again. Besides, there could be some benefit to it since teams could see if hes healthy enough to play and compete at a high level. His monstrosity of a contract makes it difficult to trade him, so the only way Houston can convince others hes worth the risk is if hes health and able to contribute to winning.

The Rockets are 3-16 in what is largely expected as a rebuilding season for them, so its not a surprise they want to focus on giving more playing time to their young players like Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. in the back court.

However, if Wall is not demanding to start or be the No. 1 option, then they could certainly find ways to let him play.

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Rockets news: John Wall fires back at fake news over No. 1 option role - ClutchPoints

NWRHA responds to fake news regarding third dose of COVID-19 vaccine | Loop Trinidad & Tobago – Loop News Trinidad and Tobago

The North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) said it has taken note of a message circulating on Whatsapp advising persons that the third dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine is available to anyone at the Paddock Area, Queens Park Savannah this weekend without a referral letter.

In a statement, the NWRHA advisedmembers of the public that this information is false.

The Authority said it continues to administer the primary third dose with scheduled appointments as stipulated by the Ministry of Health as follows:

Sinopharm to persons 60 years and over three to six months after second dose or soonest thereafter.

AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson to persons moderately to severely immunocompromised regardless of age, one to three months after the final dose or soonest thereafter. These persons must have a referral letter from their physician.

The NWRHA further requested that persons desist from sharing the false information.

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NWRHA responds to fake news regarding third dose of COVID-19 vaccine | Loop Trinidad & Tobago - Loop News Trinidad and Tobago

Asia-Europe anti-fake news cooperation urged to be strengthened – Khmer Times

The 10th ASEF Editors Roundtable (ASEFERT10) wrapped up and placed a bold cooperation front on fighting against fake news between the two continents Asia and Europe.

The agreement was made after a range of discussions between media practitioners of the two continents during the two-day event hosted by Cambodia in hybrid format.

Under the theme Strengthening Cooperation between Journalists in Combating Fake News, the ASEFERT10 is one of the major side events of the 13th Asia-Europe Summit (ASEM13) being organised by Cambodia on Nov. 25-26.

The ASEFERT10 consisted of two plenary sessions and a public forum.

According to a press release of the Ministry of Information, during the first plenary session, editors from both continents shared information, experiences and current state of the spread of fake news in their respective countries.

They also discussed and shared lessons learned and best practices in their respective countries in combating fake news and highlighted the significant roles and responsibilities of journalists in disseminating facts and credible information to the public; encouraging the public to be educated on media literacy; and to train citizen journalists to understand ethics and professionalism.

The editors of the two continents agreed that fake news is a global issue which is happening in Asia, Europe and the whole world. Fake news relevancy is occurring in almost every field, such as politics, economy, trade, and private life. It caused serious damage to the society and the daily life of the people, especially during the wide spread of the COVID-19.

In the second plenary session, the editors of both continents emphasised the need to tighten the cooperation between journalists and information officers, as well as government leaders of each country in continuing to strengthen and expand the mechanism of communication, consultation, and information exchange in a transparent and accountable manner. They also viewed that journalists and the government are the complementary partners, as the government need journalists to cover their work, while journalists need information to broadcast. Meanwhile, the journalists are required to strengthen their professionalism and ethics in order for them to regain the trust from the public.

For the public forum, the editors of both continents and the national and international journalists working in Cambodia discussed and exchanged experiences on journalism professional practices, information dissemination by citizen journalists, especially on social media platform and measures, including legal measures, taken by each country to combat fake news and promote the freedom of expression.

The 10th ASEF Editors Roundtable was a success and a proud achievement, with the aim of strengthening and expanding cooperation between journalists of the two continents and stakeholders in the fight against fake news and raising awareness of the importance of bilateral and multilateral cooperation between journalists in both continents.

The event was held under presidency of Khieu Kanharith, Minister of Information, and Ambassador Morikiwa Toru, Executive Director of the Asia-Europe Foundation, and attended by editors and senior journalists of print and broadcasting news outlets of the two continents. Chea Vannak AKP

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Asia-Europe anti-fake news cooperation urged to be strengthened - Khmer Times

Inside the Misinformation Wars – The New York Times

This hints at a weakness of the new focus on misinformation: Its a technocratic solution to a problem thats as much about politics as technology. The new social media-fueled right-wing populists lie a lot, and stretch the truth more. But as American reporters quizzing Donald Trumps fans on camera discovered, his audience was often in on the joke. And many of the most offensive things he said werent necessarily lies they were just deeply ugly to half the country, including most of the people running news organizations and universities.

Its more comfortable to reckon with an information crisis if theres anything were good at, its information than a political one. If only responsible journalists and technologists could explain how misguided Mr. Trumps statements were, surely the citizenry would come around. But these well-meaning communications experts never quite understood that the people who liked him knew what was going on, laughed about it and voted for him despite, or perhaps even because of, the times he went too far.

Harpers Magazine recently published a broadside against Big Disinfo, contending that the think tanks raising money to focus on the topic were offering a simple solution to a political crisis that defies easy explanation and exaggerating the power of Facebook in a way that, ultimately, served Facebook most of all. The author, Joseph Bernstein, argued that the journalists and academics who specialize in exposing instances of disinformation seem to believe they have a particular claim on truth. However well-intentioned these professionals are, they dont have special access to the fabric of reality, he wrote.

In fact, Ive found many of the people worrying about our information diets are reassuringly modest about how far the new field of misinformation studies is going to take us. Ms. Donovan calls it a new field of data journalism, but said she agreed that this part of the field needs to get better at figuring out whats true or false. The Aspen report acknowledged that in a free society there are no arbiters of truth. Theyre putting healthy new pressure on tech platforms to be transparent in how claims true and false spread.

The editor in chief of The Texas Tribune, Sewell Chan, one of the Harvard courses participants, said he didnt think the program had a political slant, adding that it helped me understand the new forms of mischief making and lie peddling that have emerged.

That said, like the term fake news, misinformation is a loaded and somewhat subjective term, he said. Im more comfortable with precise descriptions.

I also feel the push and pull of the information ecosystem in my own journalism, as well as the temptation to evaluate a claim by its formal qualities who is saying it and why rather than its substance. Last April, for instance, I tweeted about what I saw as the sneaky way that anti-China Republicans around Donald Trump were pushing the idea that Covid-19 had leaked from a lab. There were informational red flags galore. But media criticism (and Im sorry youve gotten this far into a media column to read this) is skin-deep. Below the partisan shouting match was a more interesting scientific shouting match (which also made liberal use of the word misinformation). And the state of that story now is that scientists understanding of the origins of Covid-19 is evolving and hotly debated, and were not going to be able to resolve it on Twitter.

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Inside the Misinformation Wars - The New York Times

Richard Collins: Why stags indulge in their own fake news and spin – Irish Examiner

A Royal stag has 12 antler points.An Imperial one has 16. Killarneys Grand Master, with 21, is almost certainly Irelands largest deer(Irish Examiner, October 15).

Huge amounts of food are required to develop such spectacular adornments and a new pair must be grown each year. But the effort pays off; large antlers intimidate rival males during the autumn rut. They also suggest that the owners sperm count is equally impressive, encouraging hinds to join his harem of concubines.

But antlers are not the only string to a stags bow; rutting males indulge also in exhaustive singing competitions. At the height of the mating season, a stag may roar throughout the day. The pitch of his utterances is crucial. The lower it is, the farther the sound travels but, more importantly, pitch advertises the callers size; the bigger the stag, the lower its calls will be. Nor are such vocal communications confined to deer. Wolves, for example, gauge the size of a rival pack by listening to the chorus of howls its members produce.

But another factor is at play in vocalisation; mimicry. Fake news and spin, whether human or animal, deceive and manipulate the hearer. Dishonest signals are widespread in the animal kingdom. Mute swan cygnets, for example, continue to produce the high-pitched squeaks of their babyhood even when almost fully grown. As a new breeding season approaches, their father wants them out of his territory, to ensure that sufficient food will be available for his pen to form eggs and raise the coming seasons brood. Feeding extra mouths from the previous year is not on; if the youngsters remained, he would have to secure a much larger territory. The lingering cygnets dont want to depart into the big bad world, so they issue baby-talk calls to stimulate his fatherly instincts. These help reduce his aggression and delay the eviction. Nor is such dishonest signalling confined to swans. Songbirds arriving in a new area may pass themselves off as locals by picking up the regional dialect. The low-pitched calls of a stag depend on body size, making them difficult to fake, but even they might not be entirely authentic.

Vocalisation and mimicry are closely connected; both depend on aural learning ability. So are they just two sides of the same coin?

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute have compared vocalisation to body size in a range of mammal species. Their results confirm that species which are particularly skilled at picking up sounds tend also to be good mimics. Deer, they found, can produce lower-pitched calls than their body size would seem to dictate. Nor does pitch of vocalisation necessarily correlate with a callers bulk. Whales and dolphins, for example, are able to transmit a wide range of sounds. Yet they routinely produce much higher-pitched sounds than their huge frames might suggest. Proclaiming size, it seems, is not the sole evolutionary driver of pitch, nor was the evolution of mimicry just a bi-product of vocalisation.

Attempts to solve a mystery sometimes deepen it. Research on this topic may be such a case.

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Richard Collins: Why stags indulge in their own fake news and spin - Irish Examiner

[OPINION] Solid states: Fake news, Filipino politics, and the excesses of ‘pakikisama’ – Rappler

The current election cycle shows how these distortions carry over to the level of national politics. Pakikisama can be abused to quash any dissent to the opinion of the majority, or to the groups authority figure(s).People raising grievances, objections, or even questions are seen as threats to group harmony. They must be silenced or expelled. The actual or self-appointed majority rallies around a certain narrative.They will keep the faith, even in the face of compelling evidence against their claims.Legitimate news and archival sources will be dismissed as fake, biased, or Westernized.It explains why so much money has been invested in pro-Duterte/pro-Marcos online trolling.Collective vitriol on this scale is meant to normalize fanatical support for the allied dynasties. Conversely, it is meant to break the spirit of the opposition by convincing its members that they are alone walang kasama.

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[OPINION] Solid states: Fake news, Filipino politics, and the excesses of 'pakikisama' - Rappler

Critics are not trolls, milord: Faceless and nameless troll writes open letter to Chief Justice of India – OpIndia

Dear Chief Justice of India,

On behalf of all faceless nameless social media trolls, I am writing this letter. Before I start ranting, please let me explain what trolls mean and why they choose to remain faceless and nameless. Trolls are the ones who criticise powerful people, politicians, law makers, bureaucrats, journalist celebrities, intellectuals, civil society, businessmen, Judiciary and Courts too.

So, you must be thinking why are we called trolls not critics? Because we criticise people who dont like to be criticised. For example, elite journalists, if we question them, they will see it as an attack on journalism, they themselves want power to question everyone but they dont like to be questioned back because they are sitting on their self-assumed pedestal of being the 4thpillar of Democracy. So they started calling us troll and once they started naming social media critics as troll, all others joined them in calling us troll. We kind of like this name so we are happily accepting it.

Why do we choose to be nameless and faceless? Nothing is hidden from you milord, you are very well aware how powerful people react when you take them to the place they are not comfortable in and expose them. They can go after our jobs, our family and sometime, send goons to beat us up. And there is also a benefit of being nameless and faceless that powerful people will have to reply on topic only and they cant use religion, caste or race to divert the topic.

Who are abusive trolls? Trolls mostly use humour, sarcasm, satire or meme to criticise but it is backed with facts not abuses. Anyone, including me, using abuses is giving bad name to trolls and must avoid it and it also makes it easy for powerful people to take action. Not only trolls but anyone who is abusing should be dealt with laws, be it a Rajya Sabha MP calling an actress haramkhor or an actor abusing journalist. But such abusive trolls are few in number.

Milord, coming to the point, recently you asked central agencies to take action against trolls who are questioning judges on social media. Had this statement come from any politician or journalist, we would have seen as badge of honour but this statement coming from lordship has hurt us badly. We look upon you as our chief defender of freedom of expression. To paraphrase Justice Gautam Patel, there is no such things as too much dissent. Justice Chandrachud advices us to stand up and be dissenters. And while protecting rights of dissenters, Delhi Court said if you dont agree with the author, dont read the book. There are thousands of instances when Judiciary stood up for dissenters and freedom of expression.

As I had mentioned earlier, we are called trolls by people who dont like to be criticised, with due respect to your chair, judiciary has joined that league when you asked central agencies to take action against social media trolls. We are taught that everyone has right to criticise anyone and no one is above law, even the law makers and law implementer. It should not be a crime to criticise any court order or any judge at his/her personal capacity. People should be bound to follow court order no matter if they like it or not, but criticising that order should not be crime.

Coming to attack on the judiciary, Its not trolls who are hurting judiciary, its news publishers and media who portray court order as per their wish. They can turn a court order towards any direction as per their need. They use oral remarks of judges as headlines of article, which might be completely different from the order of that case. Nothing is harming judiciary more than fake news. And I am really sorry to say this but courts always protect those fake news peddlers in the name of freedom of press and dissent. Instead of going after trolls, milords should have asked law makers to frame laws against fake news peddlers. I am not against freedom of press, but freedom comes with a price and here that price is one and only TRUTH. Freedom of press must not be confused with freedom to lie.

Milord, I am too young to tell this, but in my opinion, serving judges should refrain for putting their opinion and off-the-cuff remarks, as suggested by supreme court. Once a judge has an opinion, his/her chances of being unbiased gets reduced and it can also influence the decision. Judges are supposed to be unbiased and no opinion is unbiased.

Concluding this letter with an expectation that courts will protect freedom of expression of trolls who are already targeted by many powerful chairs. And in future, if anyone will attack on freedom of expression of trolls, courts will take Suo moto to defend trolls and idea of India.

If you find this letter offensive, please accept my apologies. I am now off to the nearest communal mandir to pray that I get away with just one rupee fine like Prashant Bhushan, who attacked the judiciary far more uncharitably than any of us trolls do.

Yours obediently,Nameless, faceless but not shameless troll.

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Critics are not trolls, milord: Faceless and nameless troll writes open letter to Chief Justice of India - OpIndia

Former ‘RHONY’ star Heather Thomson says show’s storylines are ‘staged,’ ‘fake’ – Fox News

Former "Real Housewives of New York" star Heather Thomson called out the show for creating "staged" and "faked" storylines.

Thomson criticized the show while talking to a New York Post photographer outside the high-end Japanese restaurant BondST in New York City.

Heather Thomson criticized "The Real Housewives of New York" in a recent interview. (Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The reality TV star specifically called Sonja Morgan's engagement to Harry Dubin during season 12 "fake." Dubin proposed to Morgan while Luann de Lesseps was crying over her breakup with Jacques Azoulay.

"It was completely staged and totally fake," Thomson told the outlet. "It was a ring that Ramona was wearing. And she took it off and gave it to Harry to pretend that it was his it was oneupmanship."


"The authenticityismissing," she said. "The women were self-producing, and many storylines were forced and contrived."

Thomson originally left "RHONY" in 2015, but has since made appearances on the reality TV show.

Thomson did defend the women who decide to join the "Real Housewives" franchise and instead laid the blame on the "machine."

Thomson accused the show of creating "staged" and "fake" storylines. (Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


"Generally speaking, the women that join the show are not self-absorbed, catty, horrible people. Theyre birds in gilded cages. They go in there with the right intention, but then you get sucked into this system of what the viewers want," Thomson said. "These women are part of a machine that has awarded them and fed them for outrageous behavior. Its a career. Its their check. And they dont have other jobs outside of it. And so you become a product of the environment of what the fan is looking for.

"Lets be honest: Watching women behaving well and doing great things for each other doesnt make must-see TV."

Thomson officially left the show in 2015 but has made appearances since. (Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)


She also blamed the audience.

"You cant really talk about the people without talking about the system," Thomson said. "Everybody has culpability in this the viewers, the network, the women on the show. Were all complicit."

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Former 'RHONY' star Heather Thomson says show's storylines are 'staged,' 'fake' - Fox News

‘A Time Outside This Time’ is a searing reflection of a world riddled by fake news – Telegraph India

Told in curious and simple prose, this novel is wildly reminiscent of a contemplative Douglas Adams pondering over an Orwellian present

A wonderfully honest read of recent time would be Amitava Kumars A Time Outside This Time (Aleph; Rs 699). Told in curious and simple prose, this novel is wildly reminiscent of a contemplative Douglas Adams pondering over an Orwellian present. Kumar is a Guggenheim fellow and a professor of English at Vassar College with books like Writing Badly is Easy and The Lovers in his oeuvre.

In this book, Satya is an Indian writer based in New York, enjoying a residency for artists in Italy. His wife Vani and daughter Piya await his return home as he narrates and is mesmerised by the web of fake news building around the world at break-neck speed. Caught between Trump and Modi, his resilient pursuit of social norms as defined in a post-truth world results in him building a plotline for his book. As the thin line between truth and lie starts to vanish, it soon becomes barely discernible from fiction.

Lamenting about the state of affairs and the media narratives which could well be fictional stories, there is incredulity accompanying his keen observations. He draws parallels between the world outside and the novel that begins to gently take shape in his mind. Commenting on the state of affairs, Satya wonders if the leaders of the country just like him cannot imagine a time outside this time. He writes:

The most popular stories on Snopes.com:

Did Eleven U.S. Marines Give Their Lives This Week? [False]

Did a Principal Ban Candy Canes Because They Are Shaped Like Js for Jesus? [True]

Did a Brain-Eating Amoeba Kill a Woman Who Rinsed Her Sinuses with Tap Water? [True]

Did Miley Cyrus Tell Fans to Worship Satan if They Want to Be Rich and Famous? [False]

Did Jon Voight Urge Americans to Fight for Donald Trump? [True]

The list is fairly ridiculous. It reveals the low stakes in the battle for truth in our culture.

Kumars novel comes with a wry sense of humour and readers are compelled to start wondering with Satya and question their own memory-making process. Satya decides that to make sense of the copious notes he had taken since Trump came to presidency to his days at the residency with the novel corona virus beginning to rear its fangs around the world he must go far back into his childhood. With a matter-of-fact style of storytelling, Satya remembers his childhood fraught with communal violence and thinks I was trying to remember the earliest lies I was told about others and the stories I had invented about myself. In a seamless manner, Kumars own story becomes Satyas story as he recounts his time as an author in New York.

There are little stories that make up this gigantically ambitious novel spanning across various parts of the world. There is Khalid Farooq whose tale moved Satya to provide financial help that was never returned. Instead what emerged were a few lies. There is an English professor Ghosh in Siliguri who thought of Hamlet on the death of a peasant leader. There is Vishal Kishore, a police officer in Calcutta who paves the way for the authors research into someone named Avinash. And there is Gautam Sikdar, a popular TV journalist who was once married to his wife Vani. Through these various little stories, Kumar throws light upon different aspects of life and the presence of lies in those very spheres.

There is anecdotal history, the bizarre nature of data and dubious scientific research strewn across the book that has an undulating narrative. However, if for a second you feel yourself slipping away, you remember that there is some part of a loose thread that remains to be tied and you carry on. Pick up a copy to feel seen as familiar events around the world build into a narrative that is unique and personal to you. The gorgeous yellow cover, designed by the author himself, will lead you right to it.

Photo: Imrul Islam

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'A Time Outside This Time' is a searing reflection of a world riddled by fake news - Telegraph India

Totally Not Fake News: All Quiet on the Texans Front – Battle Red Blog

HOUSTON, TX The NFL Dead Zone continues. Training camps are still a few weeks away and the sports world, between the resumption of key 2020 events, like the European Championships (although, now that the Belgian Red Devils are out of the draw, we fully expect ratings to fall with a Cal McNair-like certainty) and the Summer Olympics (which may yet not turn into a COVID-super spreader dumpster fire), the NBA Finals (where the Phoenix Suns seem to be in good position with their experienced point guard, who this city may or may not remember when he suited up for them for a spell) and baseball (even if the sport is going through trashcan-banging and Spider Tack withdrawal), is awash in plenty of non-football type events. Given the dearth of football activity, the extra-curricular activities of some of its stars will garner headline news.

Normally, most organizations would like to be somewhat in the headlines, as that portents increased attention and mentions in social media. Most teams. For the Houston Texans, well, not exactly...

Thank [Easterby]!!! Between the 4th of July and the NFL Dead Zone, I am sooo needing a break from the madness that has been 2021. I know most people look to 2020 as the hell-year, but you talk with any of the staffers that havent quit, gone mad or thrown themselves off the roof of NRG Stadium, and it is just nice that we are actually NOT trending on social media exclaimed one unnamed staffer.

Just think about what has gone on with this team? When it is universally regarded that the best moment of the year was the last game of the previous season, which we lost to the in-bred idiots in our typical, stupidly entertainingly fashion to finish 4-12you know that everything is just plain EUBAR/SNAEU*I cant take any more bad headlines. Everything we have done, and I mean everything, since then has just been a certified nightmare for us all.

IIIcant take it any more!!! cried another staffer in the Public Relations department. I just cant make up another feel good story about another Joe-Schmo linebacker/running back who was once on an NFL roster for a hot minute and the team signed in order to improve the characthe characthe char [loud, long retching noiseforcing us to leave the room for 5 minutes]

After a half-hour break, where said staffer used 4 smelling salt packets and 2 full tumblers of an Easterby Cleanser (which, as far as we can tell, is a mix of lemon juice, Southern Comfort, Russian homemade vodka (or engine degreaser) and bleach**), the interview resumed.

Good lord, I so needed that. Some people in the office are up to five of those for breakfast. Yeah, all of those free agents, and almost no one knows or cares. Then you have that whole loss of Watt, which killed our social media trending strategy. Mix in the situation with last seasons starting quarterbackyeah, hold on [immediately chugs some sort of clear, alcohol-smelling type liquid, which could be anything from Everclear to hydrochloric acid].WHHHOOOOOOO!!!!! Yeah, and dont get me started on the posting the Kyle pressers.I just cant.

When we wondered if the team considered some sort of mental, psychological or spiritual help, noting that in the era of COVID, there is a greater emphasis on worker mental and psychological help, Texans CEO and main figurehead Cal McNair had this to offer:

We feel that we have the best, strongest organization when it comes to spiritual and mental health. Yes, there have been quite a few stressful moments for this team, but as I aid in previous statements, the employees, like the fans, have to trust that we, the team brainy-part/smartiest-type people, know what we are doing, and that it is in the best interest of the Easterby, er, the organization...gotta work on that last part...Anyway, we have a strong spiritual base, so for any whose faith in the Texans are wavering, we have a special heart-warming ceremony to strengthen the resolve of our employees.

As for mental health, and breaks, why, we have some of the best entertainment in the business. For example, we have the latest installment of Building the Texans. Just take a look.

[Immediately after this started showing on all the monitors at the Texans facilities, five employees made a beeline for the windows, frantically opening them and jumping over the thresholdeven at the highest levels of the office. We also received word that the custodial staff is protesting, as they cant keep cleaning/disinfecting agents on hand in sufficient quantities for post morale-boosting events. Whether it is for excessive clean-up, or that the various staffers are purloining the liquid for their own personal consumption, we are not sure.]

Perhaps all the turmoil explains the current dearth of seemingly relevant, key Texans football news. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Yes, we had big plans for the 20th anniversary of the franchise, but given what has gone on this off-season, and we just cant shut down our team page with a slide saying See you in 2022, we figured we would just post highlights of the Texans beating up on inferior teams to show a few of its better moments noted a team executive who didnt give its name, but whose profile looked very similar to a new team president.

Until then, the team will continue to go with past highlights, ignoring any and all mentions of the greatest players that either no longer play for the team, or are in a bit of legal limbo. Perhaps this is an anathema to the modern media world, but for the staff of the Texans, no news is good news. Will it stay that way before training camp? Stay tuned.

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Totally Not Fake News: All Quiet on the Texans Front - Battle Red Blog

True: 58% agree media are the enemy of the people, 83% hit fake news – Yahoo News

President Joe Bidens election might have made the media feel good, but its done very little for the industrys reputation with news consumers.

In the latest demonstration of the difficulties the news media face, a sizable 58% of likely voters told Rasmussen Reports that they believe the media are truly the enemy of the people, a phrase coined by former President Donald Trump.

Some 46% disagreed, but the highest number (34%) said that they strongly agree with Trump.

As with similar surveys during the Trump era, Democrats believe the media far more than Republicans. Now, 56% of Democrats trust the news they receive versus 58% of Republicans who dont.

The partisanship is not surprising.

But there was some agreement on fake news, another Trump phrase, being a serious problem. A supermajority of Republicans, 92%, said it is a problem, as did 74% of Democrats. Overall, 83% said it is a big problem.

Notably, said Rasmussen, independents generally agree with Republicans on the enemy of the people question, at 61%.

Said the pollster, Voters overwhelmingly believe fake news is a problem, and a majority agree with former President Donald Trump that the media have become the enemy of the people.

Washington Examiner Videos

Tags: Washington Secrets, Rassmussen Polls, Biden Administration, Joe Biden, Media, Media Bias, Polls

Original Author: Paul Bedard

Original Location: True: 58% agree media are the enemy of the people, 83% hit fake news

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True: 58% agree media are the enemy of the people, 83% hit fake news - Yahoo News

Caught between fake news and real worries, Kashmiri Sikhs walk on edge – The Indian Express

A FAKE memorandum praising the abrogation of Article 370, CAA and demanding a law to stop alleged forced conversions in lieu of marriage, that went viral on social media, has created ripples not only in Kashmirs political circles but also within the Sikh community.

Initially assumed to be the original submitted by a delegation led by the chairman of All Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee Baldev Singh Raina to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the memorandum provoked strong responses from the Kashmiri Sikh community, including senior leader Jagmohan Singh Raina, who criticised the Sikh delegation and the demands made in the document.

It has now come to light that the original memorandum submitted by the delegation had no mention of section 370 or the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).

The fake copy is intended to mislead the people of J&K and create social disharmony. It is most egregious and wrong on the part of those who are deliberately circulating incorrect information to create misunderstandings about the Sikh community in the public domain, said Baldev Singh Raina.

The Kashmiri Sikh community was in the eye of a storm last month after an alleged forced conversion of a Sikh girl and her subsequent marriage to a Muslim man. However, police sources had told The Indian Express that the girl told the magistrate she had married of her own free will. A few days later, she was sent back to her family, and later married off to a Sikh man in Srinagar.

Talking to The Indian Express, Kashmiri Sikhs said they have struggled to present their real concerns over alleged forced conversion as the narrative in popular media is often dominated by fake news.

Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee president Manjinder Singh Sirsa, and his rival in Delhi gurdwara politics, Paramjit Singh Sarna, had gone to Kashmir in the last week of June to investigate allegations of a Sikh girl being kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam and marry.

Jagmohan Singh Raina said, There was no gunpoint abduction in that case. The facts of the case were manipulated to stir tension. It is Kashmir not Afghanistan.

Kashmiri religious leaders like Mufti Nasir-Ul-Islam have condemned the incident and said that no nikaah is possible without the presence of the girls parents. So such statements are in themselves law against forces conversions and marriages. Defaming Kashmir is neither in the interest of the nation nor the Sikh community, he added.

There were some false reporting and claims in this case. It has hurt the Sikh community inside and outside Kashmir. There was no abduction at gunpoint. The age of the girl too has been misreportedBut we wanted investigation into the allegations of forced conversion, said Dr Kulbeer Singh Badal, a Kashmiri Sikh who has completed his PhD from Punjab University, Patiala, on the topic State, Society and Economy in Suba-I-Kashmir Under Sarkar-i-Khalsa (1819-1846).

Dr Kulbeer said he has been moderating discussions on social media platforms after the recent case in Kashmir.

There is another aspect involved also. Local Kashmiri Muslim religious leaders spoke on the issue and condemned such marriages only after Sirsas entry, which made locals realise that Sikhs cant be taken for granted. Earlier, there was hardly anyone in Kashmir paying attention to the voices of the Sikhs. At the same time, Sikh leaders should be very careful and any effort to milk the situation for political or personal gain may hurt the community in the long run, he added.

When contacted, Sirsa said he was not from the BJP or RSS: It is very easy to blame someone. I am not a BJP man when I support the farm protests. But I become a BJP man just because I visited Kashmir? On Tuesday, two more Sikh families from Kashmir have approached me with allegations that their daughters were taken away. What should I do now? Should I refuse to meet them? Not only this, I know of a similar case from Haryana where an upper-caste Hindu man allegedly abducted a minor Sikh girl. Such allegations against me dont make any sense. I am just standing with my Kashmiri Sikh brothers.

Komal J B Singh, a Kashmiri Sikh who has done her PhD on the topic Sikhs in Kashmir: a study of key moments in the identity formation, said: Sikhs of Kashmir represent the plurality and diversity of Kashmir. They have stood here despite all. They have genuine concerns, and its time that their struggles are recognised. Their demand of investigation shouldnt be snubbed. However, vilification of an entire community needs to be condemned.

Insecurity cant arise from just one incident: Akal Takht Jathedar

Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh said: These were the Kashmiri Sikhs who had reached me with a demand for an anti-conversion law. The Sikh community in Kashmir cannot feel threatened by just this one incident. There must be some history and ground to this fear. It is not difficult to understand that the unrest over the recent incident within Kashmir has its roots somewhere else.

See the article here:

Caught between fake news and real worries, Kashmiri Sikhs walk on edge - The Indian Express

New I&B Ministers To Focus On Proactively Combating Fake News And Negative Perception Of Govt In International Press – Yahoo India News

Newly appointed Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Anurag Thakur and Minister of State (MoS) L Murugan held extensive review meetings of the ministry and have focused on ensuring effective communication by government departments of the work done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government.

Two-three departments have been directed to make detailed presentations to the minister daily. Moreover, each official has been tasked to put forth practical and innovative ideas to improve the brand of the country.

Thakur has also mainly demanded enhanced communication by government departments regarding the measures they took to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

He has also emphasized refuting any negative perceptions regarding the government, including that in the international press.

The way PIB of every department communicates has to be more enterprising and suited to contemporary needs... the ones who understand this have to be promoted and there should be training for the rest, one of the senior officials in the know of the developments told The Economic Times.

Also, the new ministers will be looking to combat how the international press exploited the pictures of Indian crematoriums amidst the second wave of the pandemic a few months back.

Here is the original post:

New I&B Ministers To Focus On Proactively Combating Fake News And Negative Perception Of Govt In International Press - Yahoo India News

Assassination of president plunges Haiti into conspiracy theories, rumor and fake news – Coda Story

Jean-Claude Louis phone rang around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, July 7, jolting him awake in his home outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

On the other line, a friend told him he heard Jovenel Mose, the countrys president, may have been assassinated. Louis scoured the news for more information, and the official confirmation came about an hour later. It was on all the networks, the social networks, everybody interpreting it their own way recalled Louis, the coordinator of Panos Institute, a Haitian nonprofit that trains journalists and youth on media literacy and identifying disinformation.

The attack plunged Haitiwhich has no functioning parliament and has long been riven by protests calling for Moses resignation over corruption allegationsinto a deeper political abyss.

When I reached Louise by phone on Wednesday night, Haitis acting prime minister, Claude Joseph, had imposed martial law, and people were still struggling to make sense of a shocking act of political violence that left Moses body riddled with bullets and signs of torture. There are still issues that are still not clarified, so there are many unknowns about this assassination, he told me.

The unresolved circumstances of Moses death have left Haitians with an information void thats being filled with rumor and conspiracy. In the hours and days after Moses murder, Louise a former reporter saw speculation and disinformation abound. There are so many rumors and so much fake news, he said, with a weary chuckle. Everybody is using their own theory to justify what has happened.

On Wednesday morning, the acting prime minister, Claude Joseph, said the attack was carried out by an armed commando group that included foreigners, and some assailants spoke Spanishan allegation fueling speculation and fake news, Louis said. Among the rumors circulating are claims that the killers may have been hired assassins from the Dominican Republic, where local officials are investigating if the attackers used the country to escape, according to reports from the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre.

On social media, a video circulated of a man, allegedly near where the attack took place at the presidents home on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, yelling in English over a megaphone: DEA operation. Everybody stand down.

Late Wednesday evening, Haitis ambassador to Washington, Bocchit Edmond, told the Guardian the men who killed Mose claimed they were U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration members when they entered his home. Haitian officials told the Miami Herald the attackers were not part of the DEA. Officials with the Biden administration said the DEA was not involved and a U.S. State Department employee called the claim absolutely false. But that hasnt prevented the steady hum of conspiracy. People are alleging that the president might have done some wrong deal and the DEA guys came for him, Louis said. This is not official news, he added. This is fake news.

On Facebook, a Haitian radio and media personality with more than 41,000 followers wrote Mose was assassinated in his private residence by a Venezuelan and Colombian commando. Louis shared a post of unknown origin circulating on WhatsApp claiming the unit that killed Mose included two members of the Haitian National Police. He said he also saw speculation online questioning the role of the countrys national intelligence service and why it was unable to prevent the attack.

The disinformation over Wednesdays events spread to people monitoring events from afar. U.S.-based Brian Concannon, founder of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, a coalition of Haitian and U.S. human rights advocates, said he came across a WhatsApp post that had been reshared from someone who said they believed the attack was a DEA operation gone bad. Not saying thats true, just what people are reporting, he told me. Im seeing a lot of stuff. Some of the things I think are people trying to get the best information, and then theres some thats probably intentional disinformation.

The prevalence of disinformation in Haitis digital ecosystem predated Moses attack. Louis said fake news is primarily spread on WhatsApp, which people prefer using because they are able to send voice memos. In the summer of 2020, Panos surveyed 288 Haitians on their media consumption habits, and more than half said they used WhatsApp and Facebook as their primary means of accessing news. 62 percent of people surveyed said disinformation eroded their trust in local leaders and the media.

There are many people who think everything said on WhatsApp is true and they forward it without analyzing it and thats an issue, Louis said. Social media is an information tool but at the same time it can destroy you.

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Assassination of president plunges Haiti into conspiracy theories, rumor and fake news - Coda Story

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week – Arkansas Online

Editor's note: This is a roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue stories and visuals of the week. None of these are legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked them out. Here are the facts.

CLAIM: The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is made up of 99.9% graphene oxide, a toxic compound.

THE FACTS: Graphene oxide is not among the ingredients found in Pfizer's covid-19 vaccine, despite alarmist claims to the contrary on social media. Videos spreading widely on Instagram and Twitter on Thursday touted a report from Spain that allegedly claimed to find graphene oxide -- a material made by oxidizing graphite -- in a vial of the Pfizer shot. "There's no other reason for this to be in here except to murder people," said a woman in one of the videos. The woman also baselessly claimed the compound would cause an inflammatory immune reaction called a cytokine storm in people who got the vaccine. In reality, there's no graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine, according to the ingredient list and Kit Longley, senior manager of science media relations at Pfizer. There's also no evidence to suggest the Pfizer vaccine would cause a cytokine storm, Longley said. The coronavirus itself, however, has caused this type of immune response in some patients. Chemical and medical experts who are not associated with Pfizer confirmed to The Associated Press that there is no way graphene oxide would be found in the vaccine. "It is not in the ingredient list, and there is no way it could be present," said Allen Myerson, a professor of chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Utter nonsense," said Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine expert at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. There has been research on potentially using graphene oxide in other vaccines, but the amounts would not be toxic to human cells, according to Johns Hopkins infectious disease specialist Dr. Amesh Adalja. The report cited in some of the viral posts lists Spain's University of Almeria on its title page, and appears to be written by a professor at the university. The university has said it was not involved in research indicating the presence of graphene in the vaccine. The university added in a statement that it supports vaccines and disavows the conclusions of the professor's unofficial report. The report has not been peer reviewed and is not published in a scientific journal. It includes a disclaimer that its findings do not represent any institutional position of the university.

-- Associated Press writer Ali Swenson in Minneapolis contributed this report.

CLAIM: The delta variant of the coronavirus is fake.

THE FACTS: A widely circulating Facebook post denying the existence of the coronavirus delta variant ignores science and the reality that the highly contagious variant has spread rapidly across the globe. The post is a meme featuring former President Donald Trump holding up an executive order he signed in 2017. In place of the executive order text are the words, "The Delta Variant Is Fake News." Commenters on the post accused Democrats of making up the delta variant to "keep the pot stirred up" and "keep everyone living in fear." In fact, nonpartisan scientists and health officials worldwide have acknowledged the existence of the delta variant, a version of the virus that experts say spreads more easily than other variants because of mutations that make it better at latching onto cells in our bodies. The variant, which is named after the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, has been identified in more than 90 countries since it was first detected in India. Studies have shown that full doses of the available vaccines protect against variants, including the delta variant. The delta variant poses the most danger in places where vaccinations are sparse. In Africa, for example, coronavirus cases are rising faster than ever before, partially driven by the mutation, according to the World Health Organization.

-- Ali Swenson

CLAIM: Photo shows President Joe Biden kneeling down to the Israeli president, "pledging unconditional support to Israel."

THE FACTS: Multiple media outlets wrote about the photo, which actually shows Biden kneeling before Rivka Ravitz, chief of staff for the Israeli president, after learning she had 12 children. The interaction happened at a June 28 meeting between Biden and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the White House. At the meeting, Biden assured Rivlin that he will not tolerate a nuclear Iran, The Associated Press reported. A photo of Biden kneeling during the meeting with Rivlin and Ravitz circulated on social media with a false caption. "Biden Kneels Before Israeli President; Pledges Unconditional Support to Israel," states an Instagram post that misrepresented the photo. The false post also circulated on Facebook. Haim Zach, a press photographer for the Israeli government, took the photo. Zach told the AP in an email that Ravitz is an ultra-Orthodox Jew and when Biden reached out to shake her hand, Rivlin explained to Biden that she doesn't shake hands with men, adding that she's a mother of 12. Zach said Biden then knelt and told Ravitz that as a Catholic man he wanted to show his admiration to her as a mother of 12. During the meeting with Rivlin, Biden underscored his support to normalize relations between Israel and countries in the Arab and Muslim world. A White House briefing issued after the meeting reads: "President Biden conveyed his unwavering support for Israel's security and his commitment to deepening the cooperation between the two countries across all fields." The statement did not use the phrase "unconditional support."

-- Associated Press writer Arijeta Lajka in New York contributed this item.

CLAIM: Players on the U.S. women's national soccer team "turned their backs" on a World War II veteran playing the national anthem at a game Monday.

THE FACTS: Before the United States defeated Mexico on Monday during the women's final match before the Olympics, the U.S. players turned to face an American flag located near the stadium's scoreboard during the playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Following the match, false posts circulated on social media claiming members of the team turned their backs on WWII veteran Pete DuPre as he played his rendition of the national anthem on a harmonica. Players on Mexico's national team also turned to face their flag located near the scoreboard at the Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Conn., during the playing of their national anthem. "Several members of the U.S. womens national soccer team turned their backs on a 98 year old World War 2 veteran as he played the national anthem on his harmonica," a Facebook user wrote, in a now-deleted post. The false claim also circulated widely on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Several media outlets also wrote about the false claim. "Not true. No one turned their back on WWII Veteran Pete DuPre during tonight's anthem," the U.S. soccer communications team tweeted on Monday night. "Some USWNT players were simply looking at the flag on a pole in one end of the stadium. The players all love Pete, thanked him individually after the game and signed a ball for him." That evening, Carli Lloyd, a player for the U.S. team, tweeted, "We turned because we faced the flag." Video also showed the soccer players greeting DuPre after the game and signing a soccer ball.

-- Arijeta Lajka

CLAIM: A photo of a man lying on the pavement in blue pants covered in blood shows Haitian President Jovenel Moise after his assassination early Wednesday.

THE FACTS: The photo has been circulating online since August 2020 and shows a slain lawyer, not the assassinated president. As news broke of Moise's assassination, the Haitian diaspora began circulating the old photo on WhatsApp as proof of the 53-year-old president's death. The photo is really from the Aug. 29, 2020, killing of Monferrier Dorval, a prominent lawyer who was shot outside his home. Dorval was head of the bar association in the capital of Haiti. During a September 2020 protest demanding justice for Dorval, an AP photographer captured a protester reenacting the lawyer's death. The protester placed graphic photos of Dorval dead on top of his body during the reenactment. The photo used by the protester matches the photo that circulated on social media falsely identified as showing the death of the Haitian president. The misrepresented photo was also shared in Spanish online. Moise had denounced Dorval's killing, calling it a "great loss for the country." Moise was killed and first lady Martine Moise was seriously injured during the attack on their residence. The president had been ruling by decree for more than a year after the country failed to hold elections. In recent months, the opposition demanded he step down.

-- Associated Press writer Beatrice Dupuy in New York contributed this item.

CLAIM: A tweet by Victory News Network shows that 4th place runner Rebecca Washington is set to replace Sha'Carri Richardson on the U.S. Olympic team. The Mormon athlete says she hopes to help inspire the nation's children to say "no" to drugs.

THE FACTS: Victory News Network posts parody on social media. The 4th place runner in the Olympic trials for the 100-meter race is Jenna Prandini, and she will be Richardson's replacement on the U.S. Olympic Track and Field team. On July 2, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency announced Richardson had accepted a one-month suspension after testing positive for marijuana, The Associated Press reported. Her win in the Olympic trials for the 100-meter race was also disqualified, and her name was left off the Olympic roster released Tuesday by USA Track and Field. Following the news, a tweet from parody account Victory News Network showed split screen photos of Richardson and Prandini. "4th place runner Rebecca Washington is set to replace Sha'Carri Richardson on the U.S. Olympic team. The Mormon athlete says she hopes to help inspire the nation's children to say "no" to drugs," reads the tweet. The misleading post was picked up by social media users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, who framed it as presenting accurate information. After the tweet gained traction on social media, Victory News Network clarified that none of what it posts is real. "This is a parody account," Victory News Network posted on Twitter on Monday. "We write funny fake news. If you see someone taking one of our made-up stories way too seriously, please let them know it's a joke." The post falsely claims a photo of Prandini shows "Rebecca Washington." But no one named Rebecca Washington is listed on the USA Track and Field website as having qualified for the women's 100. Prandini also denied making any statements regarding Richardson's suspension. In a Twitter post, Prandini mentioned she was "saddened to have to address the hateful and fake articles now circulating." The post continued: "Any article claiming I have made statements regarding the current situation are completely false."

-- Associated Press writer Terrence Fraser in New York contributed this item.

FILE - In this Sept. 1, 2020 file photo, a demonstrator lies on the pavement imitating the lifeless body of Bar Association President Monferrier Dorval, covered with photos of the murder scene, during a protest to demand justice for Dorval, who was fatally shot in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. On Friday, July 9, 2021, The Associated Press reported on claims circulating online wrongly asserting that a photo of a man lying on the pavement in blue pants covered in blood shows Haitian president Jovenel Mose after his assassination early Wednesday. The photo is really from the Aug. 29, 2020, killing of Dorval, a prominent lawyer who was shot outside his home. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery, File)

FILE - In this Thursday, June 10, 2021 file photo, the United States women's national soccer team starters pose for photographers before an international friendly soccer match against Portugal, in Houston. On Friday, July 9, 2021, The Associated Press reported on stories circulating online incorrectly asserting players on the U.S. womens national soccer team turned their backs on a World War II veteran playing the national anthem at a game Monday. Not true. No one turned their back on WWII Veteran Pete DuPr during tonights anthem, the U.S. soccer communications team tweeted on Monday night. Some USWNT players were simply looking at the flag on a pole in one end of the stadium. The players all love Pete, thanked him individually after the game and signed a ball for him. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)

In this March 2021 photo provided by Pfizer, a technician inspects filled vials of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at the company's facility in Puurs, Belgium. On Friday, July 9, 2021, The Associated Press reported on stories circulating online incorrectly asserting the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is made up of 99.9% graphene oxide, a toxic compound. But, chemical and medical experts who are not associated with Pfizer confirmed to The Associated Press that there is no way graphene oxide would be found in the vaccine. (Pfizer via AP)

See the rest here:

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week - Arkansas Online

CPAC Attendees Turn on Conference SponsorFox Nation – The Daily Beast

DALLASIt comes at no surprise that disdain for mainstream media is a common theme among attendees and speakers alike at this weekends Conservative Political Action Committee conference this weekend in Dallas, Texas.

I love CPAC because it blows up the fake news narrative of the liberal media time and time again, Kimberly Guilfoyle said in a speech to the crowd on Friday afternoon.

Jeff Johnson, an attendee who sells large print copies of the Declaration of Independence, echoed the sentiment. The liberal media is glossing things over and were just being destroyed, Johnson said. Were being destroyed by evil.

But skepticism and disdain of the press at CPAC has drifted and found a surprising targetone of the major sponsors of the event, Fox.

Richard Hedges, who drove from Houston to the Dallas confab, said he hasnt watched Fox News since November, when he said the outlet became increasingly anti-Trump. While Hedges said he occasionally watches NewsMax, he said he mostly reads things he finds online.

The far-right Gateway Pundit picked up on the CPAC trend, boasting in an article that attendees are removing their lanyards because Fox News streaming service, Fox Nation, is listed as a marquee sponsor.

Fox Nation sponsored the whole CPAC, and then theyre deplatforming Ivory [Hecker] when shes talking at CPAC with Project Veritas, said Beth Anne Keller. Its horrifying. Its like we are in Communist China...screw you Murdoch.

On Saturday, The Daily Beast witnessed Ivory Hecker accusing a Fox staffer of censorship. You cut the live feed while I was speaking on stage last night, Hecker said, who later posted a video of the confrontation on Twitter.

A spokesperson for Fox Nation said the feed was never cut and that the service had already stopped streaming the event.

Hecker previously worked for the local Fox outlet in Houston until she was fired after interrupting a live on-air report to accuse the station of muzzling her.

Several women in Heckers videos said they dont watch Fox. I will never watch Fox. I watch One America News Network, one said. Thats all I watch.

While the majority of Republicans still say they regularly watch Fox News, according to two recent polls in March, the same polls suggest a growing core of conservatives are increasingly gravitating toward far-right outlets like Newsmax or One America News Network.

This shift occurs at a time when the share of Republicans who trust the media is at an all time low. As of 2020, only 10% of Republicans say they trust the media a great deal, compared to 73% of Democrats and 36% of independents.

These changes in media habits appear to be reflected in the media habits of CPAC attendees. Out of dozens of attendees that were asked by The Daily Beast, fewer than half said they regularly watch Fox. Most said they dont trust mainstream media at all.

Carl Lautenschlager, who came in from Washington state, felt similarly. He said he never watches Fox and occasionally watches Newsmax. Lautenschlager said he mostly reads things he finds on Telegram channels or CloutHub. CloutHub is a social networking app similar to Parler that has become popular among conservatives as fringe-right influences have been banned from Twitter and Facebook.

For those who said Fox News was a part of their regular media diet, some emphasized that it was a decreasingly significant part.

Sometimes I watch Fox, but I dont like it anymore, said Jamie Honeycutt, a resident of a suburb of Dallas. Honeycutt said she likes The Epoch Times, but also relies on Ground News, an app that allows her to compare news stories from different sources.

While Honeycutt said she occasionally watched Newsmax, she said wasnt as much of a fan of outlets like OANN, which she believes are too divisive. It depends on what your end goal is, Honeycutt said. Do you want a civil war, or do you want to bring the country together?

Grizzly Joe, a conservative podcast host who made headlines on CNN for saying that Trump lost the election, said that he does still watch Fox News, and that those who no longer do are upset over Foxs decision to call the election for Biden.

A lot of those people are people who got angry because Fox called the election too early, podcast host Grizzly Joe said. The people who say dont watch Fox News are very set in their beliefs and are not interested in hearing other views.

According to research by FiveThirtyEight, Republicans who get their news from OANN or Newsmax tend to be more extreme in their beliefs. Those who prefer OANN and Newsmax are more likely to believe in QAnon theories, to oppose getting vaccinated, and to agree that the election was stolen.

Joe said he occasionally watches Newsmax, a growing favorite among CPAC attendees, but said that some outlets are too fringe for his taste. I cannot watch One America News Network, because if I pay to watch them, Im also supporting InfoWars, because theyre a part of the same package.

Joe said his disdain for InfoWars stems from the conspiracies they peddled after 9/11. My earliest knowledge of them and Mr. Jones is that they were 9/11 truthers who say it was a setup, Joe said. I was an NYPD officer on 9/11. I was there. I have very little patience for anybody that said 9/11 was a setup.

But plenty of attendees didnt hold the same reservations with supporting outlets that increasingly traffic in conspiracy theories.

Darrin Martin, an oil and gas executive from the Frisco area, said that he still regularly watches Fox News, and while he occasionally tunes in to CNBC and CNN, he increasingly supplements it with OANN and Newsmax.

I think theyre all good, Martin said. Just different sources.

Continue reading here:

CPAC Attendees Turn on Conference SponsorFox Nation - The Daily Beast

Bernie Rabik: Hoax trumps the truth – The Times

By Bernie Rabik| Special to The Times

The Trump era is the hoax era. But not in the way he or his cheerleaders claim.

Dictionaries agree that hoax is an act intended to trick or dupe: something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication.

Donald Trump has shouted hoax hundreds of times, about everything from climate change, to Supreme Court rulings, to impeachments, to the pandemic, and to the 2020 election for president. At this point, his myriad of claims about hoaxes add up to a hoax. And through the history of his use of this single word, we can see how he has fooled his biggest fans but failed to persuade almost everyone else.

The word hoax is one of the Trump worlds weapons. According to linguist John McWorter, Its the quintessence of Trumpian self-expression Hoax is an angry and mean word. Hoax carries an air of accusation, of transgression. The hoaxer is being accused of deliberately hoodwinking the public. Hoax just calls out as malevolent."

Before running for president, Trump used the word to dismiss global warming. It is a total and very expensive hoax he tweeted in 2013. He continued to shout about global warming hoaxters in 2014; then dropped it for a while. Fake news became his mantra after the 2016 election.

Factbase, a database of the presidents tweets, speeches, and interviews, confirms that in the first year of his presidency Trump cried out hoax! 18 times; in 2018, 63 times; and in 2019, a whopping 345 times. It was a logical leap for a pathological president who indulged illogical conspiracy theories and led a war on truth.

Having no truth to tell the public, ever, Trump has set people against each other, stirring up strife. He has told the public not to believe their own eyes and ears; and, he thought he could get away with it; because, arguably in his own reality he always did. Dont believe what you read. Journalists are enemies of the people. What youre seeing and what youre reading is not whats happening. That was the biggest hoax of all.

Trump dismisses all criticism as just part of an info op against him, a hoax where the content of the criticism is just a cover for manipulation by some vast, murky conspiracy.

The problem is obvious. Close-mindedness and ignorance have become core conservative values, and those who reject those values are the enemy, no matter what they may have done to serve the country.

The politicization of everything inevitably creates huge tension between conservatives and institutions which try to respect reality.

The modern GOPis no home for people who believe in objectivity. Right-wingers have gone all-in on ignorance, so they are bound to come into conflict with every institution, including the military who has traditionally leaned Republican.

We must heed the poignant advice of Dr. Jonathon Holloway, president of Rutgers University, when he opines that if we Americans listened to one another, perhaps we would recognize how absurd our discourse has become. It is our own fault that political discussions today are hotheaded arguments over whether the hooligans storming the halls of the Capitol were taking a tour or fomenting an insurrection.

There are many problems in America, but fundamental to so many of them is our willingness to learn from one another, to see and respect one another, to become familiar with people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds and who hold different political views. It will take work to repair this problem.

Do we feel good as Americans? Are we better off? Is America?

Bernard J. Rabik, a Hopewell Township attorney, is an opinion columnist for The Times.


Bernie Rabik: Hoax trumps the truth - The Times

Malaysian government urges media to double its efforts against fake news – The Thaiger

The Malaysian government is calling on the media to double its efforts to fight fake news and inaccuracies across all platforms. Asia News Today reports that Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, the countrys Communications and Multimedia minister is calling on all media outlets to cooperate in the fight against fake news, whether thats on television, radio, in print, or online.

The minister has issued a press release in which he points to an increase in fake news related to Covid-19 matters, including vaccines and health matters, as well as social and political issues. He says the Communication and Multimedia Ministry is working with relevant bodies to react in a timely manner to curb the spread of fake news and that since March 2020, around 464 fake news stories have been detected and stopped. The minister adds that since March of this year, emergency powers have been introduced to remove Covid-related fake news and take action against those spreading it.

In the context of sharing information, the media not only reports true and accurate reporting, but protects the people from any potential fake news, especially when the government is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic as well as maintaining the well-being and stability of the country. The media also works with the government to fight fake news in various media, covering television and radio stations, print media, and online platforms. All efforts will be doubled to identify and expose any fake news, to raise awareness about fake news, and steps to prevent it. I am confident in the publics maturity in evaluating fake news. Lets work together to curb fake news.

SOURCE: Asia News Today

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Continued here:

Malaysian government urges media to double its efforts against fake news - The Thaiger

Guyanas Oil and Gas Sector: More on the abuses of mis-information, deceptions, and fake news – Stabroek News

IntroductionAs observed last week, eight of the worlds top ten producers of barrels of oil per day are National Oil Companies, NOCs. As a group these NOCs account for 55 percent of global crude oil production. Utilizing techniques that are applied universally, available estimates of the average effective rate of taxation for Guyanas oil and gas sector under the present PSA rules and arrangements reveal results ranging from 50 to 60 percent. The IDB study that I have been using to illustrate my presentation on this topic has arrived at an estimate of 51 percent.

As I have observed on several previous occasions, this ratio yields an amount of windfall petroleum revenues over the years that is enough to remove the scourge of income poverty from Guyana. Instead of addressing this potential as the priority or golden opportunity for the economic and social transformation of the country, the noise and nonsense mis-informers are claiming Guyana is only getting crumbs from producing petroleum under the ruling PSA. Often this is reduced to scarily ill-informed environmental and other outdated dogmas, which are then proffered as reasons to justify leaving our petroleum wealth where it is presently buried. That is, to remain out of production forever, in order to contain ghg emissions. This shows a scary and disturbing willingness to sacrifice the Guyanese poor (the other).

See the rest here:

Guyanas Oil and Gas Sector: More on the abuses of mis-information, deceptions, and fake news - Stabroek News

Vice Ganda blasts website over fake news alleging he tweeted vs stars who left ABS-CBN – ABS-CBN News

MANILA Comedy superstar Vice Ganda blasted a website on Tuesday over an article it published claiming he tweeted against Kapamilya stars who left ABS-CBN, amid its broadcast crisis.

On Twitter, the Its Showtime host linked to the article in question, from the website Philippine News, with the title, Vice Ganda Has This Patutsada Against John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo?.

The story falsely claimed that Vice Ganda had tweeted, then deleted, the following statement: Ang kapal ng mukha ng mga taong nagsasabing nauubos na ang mga Kapamilya Artist. Kung dyan kayo Masaya, bahala kayo basta sinabi ko na dati pa, wala kayong future dyan sa Kabila. Charot!

Alonzo recently signed with GMA-7, while Cruz has appeared on programs of the TV station. Both Alonzo and Cruz are homegrown talents of rival network ABS-CBN.

Vice Ganda, a Kapamilya for over a decade, has been a vocal supporter of ABS-CBN amid the crisis resulting from the denial of its franchise of congressional panel in mid-2020.

Reacting to the article, Vice Ganda wrote, unedited: Kadiri tong FAKE NEWS na to!!!!!! Pero mas KADIRI yung mga sumakay!!!! Pero PINAKA KADIRI yung mga sumusweldo at kumikita sa FAKE NEWS!!!

Mga taong sa panahon ngayon chismis, paninirang puri at fake news pa din ang trabaho YUUUUICCCCKKK!!!! Mas mababa pa kayo sa TAE! Yan ang #FACT! he added, in a subsequent tweet.

As of writing, the fake news item from Philippine News remained published.

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Vice Ganda blasts website over fake news alleging he tweeted vs stars who left ABS-CBN - ABS-CBN News