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Vegas.com - Las Vegas Hotels, Shows, Tours, Clubs & More

Suspect in custody after shot fired on Las Vegas Strip – FOX5 Las Vegas

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Suspect in custody after shot fired on Las Vegas Strip - FOX5 Las Vegas

Gensler is bringing the flagship Atari Hotel to Las Vegas – The Architect’s Newspaper

Ten months after gaming grandfather Atari partnered with hoteliers GSD Group to unveil a line of video game-themed hotels, the Las Vegas flagship has been revealed: A towering, multipurpose center designed by Gensler that more resembles a high-end gaming PC than any console Atari has ever put out.

The Las Vegas Atari Hotel and Phoenix, Arizona, locations will open first, and Atari and GSD Group are hoping to ultimately open eight Atari Hotels across the West Coast, Southwest, and Midwest (no such plans for the East Coast at the time of writing, unfortunately).

Although neither Gensler, Atari, nor GSD Group have provided concrete details on the design details of the 400-room Las Vegas hotel, it appears the building will split into separate hemispheres of slightly different height, connected by a glass atrium that forms a valley running to the back of the hotel. The ultimate effect resembles a massively scaled version of the tri-pronged Atari logo (which also features prominently across the rear of the hotel).

The strips that line each section, which run parallel to the ground at lower levels to form porte-cochres before twisting to shoot upright, will seemingly be chock full of programmable LEDs and will be able to change colors and patterns. On the facade, it appears rooms will be framed by arched windows topped with even more LED strips, allowing the sides of the building to change color as well.

At the rear entrance, where the two halves of the hotel intersect, will sit a covered hall containing restaurants, bars, retro arcades, art galleries, and other themed entertainment. Atari and GSD Group are promising a pretty heavy video game-forward experience, including a gaming arena and e-sports multiplex (one assumes that one is for playing in and the other for watching in), and in-room consoles and new releases. Other experiential entertainment has been teased but not fully revealed yet.

The Las Vegas Atari Hotel is expected to open sometime in 2022.

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Gensler is bringing the flagship Atari Hotel to Las Vegas - The Architect's Newspaper

Predicting Las Vegas Raiders Record for Rest of the Season – Sports Illustrated

The Las Vegas Raiders are off their bye week, with their next game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers set for primetime Sunday night.

Looking ahead, however, we can start to see how the remaining schedule for the Raiders is starting to shape up as the good and bad of the NFL separate themselves.

Knowing that, we can also make predictions for how the rest of the season for the Raiders will go, and if you look at the percentages, they could be in for a good stretch.

Thats because the Raiders, on paper, have the easiest remaining schedule in the league going forward.

Its convenient considering how arduous their schedule was to open the season and presents a golden opportunity to make a potential playoff run.

So, while were here, lets go in and analyze the Raiders' remaining schedule and project what their record could be at the end of the season.

Looking through it, the Raiders have the advantage of facing some of the worst teams in the league like, such as the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons.

Not every opponent will be a cakewalk though.

They face the Buccaneers (4-2) this week, and have games against the Cleveland Browns (4-2), the Indianapolis Colts (4-2) and one more game against the Kansas City Chiefs (5-1).

Speaking of the Chiefs, the biggest key for the Raiders could be how they handle the AFC West outside of Kansas City.

The Los Angeles Chargers are 1-5, but thats with every loss by one possession. Theyve gone toe-to-toe with teams like the Chiefs, Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints (3-2) , and nearly won.

The Denver Broncos (2-3) havent been as impressive in their losses, but injuries have a lot to do with that, as their quarterback Drew Lock was out for basically two of their three losses.

Lock is now back though, leading them to a win against the New England Patriots (2-3) in Foxborough, Mass., where the Raiders were previously blown out.

While on paper the Raiders should be the favorite in those games, neither Los Angeles or Denver will likely be easy.

If they can finish with one loss or less while at least splitting their series with the Chiefs, it should bode well for their playoff hopes.

Taking that all in, my projection for the Raiders is that they finish 11-5 or 10-6 at best. I think theyll finish with a 4-2 record in the AFC West and take advantage of the lesser teams on their schedule, making the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Things can change rapidly in the NFL, though, so Ill still be doing my normal weekly predictions. If my overall prediction comes true though, I should be forecasting several more Raider wins.

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Predicting Las Vegas Raiders Record for Rest of the Season - Sports Illustrated

Din Tai Fung starts serving xiao long bao on the Las Vegas Strip – Eater Vegas

Din Tai Fung, the Taiwanese restaurant specializing in xiao long bao, opens its first Las Vegas location at Aria. The restaurant replaces Aria Cafe, once known as the largest 24-hour caf on the Strip.

The Shanghai-style soup dumplings feature Kurobuta pork and broth that bursts open on the first bite. Diners should drop one dumpling on a spoon with a sauce made at the table by the customer, and poke it open with chopsticks to release the soup inside before eating. The restaurant suggests combining three parts vinegar to one part soy sauce, and then adding fresh ginger to complete the dip.

Some of our guests just cant wait to put everything in their mouth, says James Fu, a chef with Din Tai Fung who is in Las Vegas to train the staff. A QR code on the menu includes instructions on how to eat the soup dumplings as well.

The restaurant estimates it will make 10,000 soup dumplings daily.

A glassed in kitchen at the front of the 5,580-square-foot restaurant gives diners a glimpse into how xiao long bao is made. Chefs work on metal tables to stretch and roll dough, then pull off up to 5.2 grams for each dumpling. Each piece of dough gets rolled into a circle, then filled. The chef then makes 18 folds, the golden ratio, swirled at the top to contain the 5 grams pork to 16 grams dough. Humidifiers in the room add some much-need moisture in the air. Bamboo baskets filled with XLB go onto a steamer for three minutes and 30 seconds before being sent out to awaiting diners.

The only thing that makes them taste different or slightly different is because of the pork from a different regions, Fu notes.

A jaunty bao zai, one of the dumpling kids mascots, greets diners at the front of the restaurant.

While xiao long bao is the star of the show, Din Tai Fung offers much more on its menu. Sauteed string beans with garlic are just as addictive as the XLB, while appetizers such as sweet and sour pork baby back ribs bring a classic take on the popular Shanghainese dish.

Other versions of the dumplings come with truffle and blue crab, Jidori chicken, and vegetable and mushroom with glass noodles, bok choy, dried bean curd, and shiitake mushrooms. The restaurant also offers noodle dishes such as braised beef noodle soup, Jidori chicken wontons with spicy sauce, shrimp fried noodles, and vegetarian noodles with sesame sauce.

The restaurant also offers chocolate xiao long bao for dessert with chocolate lava as the filling, and red bean buns

Din Tai Fung also features a cocktail program unique to the brand with seasonal boba renditions. For fall, the restaurant has spiced boba with dark rum, ginger syrup, half and half, black tea, and two dashes of bitters.

Bentel & Bentel designed the space. Diners can look out through a 40-foot glass wall with views of Vdaras architecture and Nancy Rubins Big Edge art installation. Cliffs made from hundreds of stacked stones and paintings from Parker Ito that originally debuted at Art Basel decorate the space. The works intertwine Itos Japanese heritage with his experiences in Las Vegas, while depicting his unconventional studio practice that uses photography, painting, and printmaking techniques.

Din Tai Fung got its start in Taiwan in 1972 when Bing-Yi Yang decided to make soup dumplings instead of cooking oil. Japanese tourists fell in love with the intricate dumplings, which helped launch a worldwide dumpling empire that now stretches across 13 countries. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the restaurants expansion to the United States, where long lines of diners would wait up to two hours for a coveted table at the original location in Arcadia, California, which closed earlier this year.

Din Tai Fung, Aria, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Open daily from 4 to 11 p.m. Reservations recommended.

All Coverage of Din Tai Fung [ELV]

Every Restaurant and Bar That Opened in Las Vegas: 2020 Edition [ELV]

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Din Tai Fung starts serving xiao long bao on the Las Vegas Strip - Eater Vegas

Trump arrives in Las Vegas, will head to Carson City on Sunday – Las Vegas Review-Journal

October 17, 2020 - 8:26 pm

Updated October 17, 2020 - 10:50 pm

President Donald Trump arrived in Las Vegas around 10 p.m. Saturday. The president will travel to Northern Nevada on Sunday for a campaign rally in Carson City.

Trump does not have any upcoming events scheduled in Las Vegas, according to his public calendar.

Trump last campaigned in Las Vegas on a tour of states in the Southwest in September, which included several events in Las Vegas before traveling to California and Arizona.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Jason Buratczuk said at the time that Highway Patrol cant discuss specific road closures due to security, but he advised drivers to avoid the airport and Interstate 15.

Contact Sabrina Schnur at sschnur@reviewjournal.com or 702-383-0278. Follow @sabrina_schnur on Twitter.

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Trump arrives in Las Vegas, will head to Carson City on Sunday - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Toobin suspended by the New Yorker, steps away from CNN – Las Vegas Sun

Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Lawyer and author Jeffrey Toobin attends the 2018 PEN Literary Gala in New York on May 22, 2018. Toobin has been suspended by the New Yorker and is stepping away from his job as CNNs senior legal analyst pending what the cable network is calling a personalmatter.

By Hillel Italie, Associated Press

Monday, Oct. 19, 2020 | 5:17 p.m.

NEW YORK Author-commentator Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended by the New Yorker and is stepping away from his job as CNN's senior legal analyst pending what the cable network is calling a personal matter.

Vice reported earlier Monday that Toobin had exposed himself during a Zoom meeting with staffers of the New Yorker and WNYC radio. In a statement Monday afternoon, the New Yorker said Toobin had been suspended while we investigate the matter. It declined further comment. A CNN spokesperson said in a statement that "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted.

The 60-year-old Toobin has been a New Yorker writer for more than 20 years and joined CNN in 2002. He is the author of several books, most recently True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump," published in August. His other works include The Run of His Life: The People v. O. J. Simpson and The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court."

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Toobin suspended by the New Yorker, steps away from CNN - Las Vegas Sun

Elon Musks Las Vegas Loop might only carry a fraction of the passengers it promised – TechCrunch

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In pandemic-free years, Americas biggest trade show, CES, attracts more than 170,000 attendees, bringing traffic that jams surrounding roads day and night.To help absorb at least some of the congestion, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) last year planned a people-mover to serve an expanded campus. The LVCC wanted transit that could move up to 4,400 attendees every hour between exhibition halls and parking lots.

It considered traditional light rail that could shuttle hundreds of attendees per train, but settled on an underground system from Elon Musks The Boring Company (TBC) instead largely because Musks bid was tens of millions of dollars cheaper. The LVCC Loop would transport attendees through two 0.8-mile underground tunnels in Tesla vehicles, four or five at a time.

But planning files reviewed by TechCrunch seem to show that the Loop system will not be able to move anywhere near the number of people LVCC wants, and that TBC agreed to.

Fire regulations peg the occupant capacity in the load and unload zones of one of the Loops three stations at just 800 passengers an hour. If the other stations have similar limitations, the system might only be able to transport 1,200 people an hour around a quarter of its promised capacity.

If TBC misses its performance target by such a margin, Musks company will not receive more than $13 million of its construction budget and will face millions more in penalty charges once the system becomes operational.

Neither TBC nor LVCVA responded to multiple requests for comment.

Fire regulations limit the load/unload zone near the cars to 800 people per hour. Credit: TBC/Clark County

The LVCC always realized that it was taking a gamble on the Loop. Although Musk built a short demonstration tunnel near Los Angeles, this would be the first public system with real customers and service requirements. An analysis by Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman in May 2019 concluded that TBCs unproven system presented a high risk for the LVCCs parent body, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).

So when the LCVCA wrote its contract with The Boring Company, it did its best to incentivize Musk to deliver on his promises. The contract would be for a fixed price, and TBC would have to hit specific milestones to receive all of its payments. When the bare tunnels are completed, which could happen any day now, TBC will have earned just over 30% of the total. The next big milestone is the completion of the entire working system, which would result in a pay-out of over $10 million.

That was scheduled to have happened by October 1, so that the system would be ready for the next CES show in January. Although CES 2021 has now gone virtual and there is less time pressure on Musk to deliver, he presumably still wants to get paid.

In a tweet this week, Elon Musk wrote that the system would be open in maybe a month or so. Some finishing touches need to be done on the stations.

After another milestone for the completion of a test period and safety report, the systems final three milestones relate to how many passengers it can carry. If the Loop can demonstrate moving 2,200 passengers an hour, TBC will get $4.4 million, then the same payment again for hitting 3,300, and the same again for 4,400 passengers an hour. Together, these capacity payments represent 30% of the fixed price contract.

Even if TBC achieved those numbers during testing, the LVCVA was worried that it might not be able to maintain them once the system was operational, so it inserted yet another requirement: [TBC] acknowledges liquidated damages are applicable for [TBCs] failure to provide System Capacity for Full Facility Trade Show Events.

For each large trade show that TBC fails to transport an average capacity of 3,960 passengers per hour for 13 hours, it will have to pay LVCVA $300,000 in damages. If TBC keeps falling short, it keeps paying, up to a maximum of $4.5 million.

So what is stopping TBC from transporting as many people as both it and the LVCC wants? There are national fire safety rules for underground transit systems that specify alarms, sprinklers, emergency exits and a maximum occupant load, to avoid overcrowding in the event of a fire.

Building plans submitted by The Boring Company include a fire code analysis for one of the Loops above-ground stations:

Image source: The Boring Company/Clark County NV

The above screenshot from the plans notes that the area where passengers get into and out of the Tesla cars has a peak occupancy load of 100 people every 7.5 minutes, equivalent to 800 passengers an hour. Even if the other stations had higher limits, this would limit the systems hourly capacity to about 1,200 people.

That sounds correct, says Glenn Corbett, a professor of security, fire and emergency management at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. But if thats the bottleneck, the question from a safety standpoint is, what controls that [800 per hour]? Is it just pure honesty and people following the rules, or is there a mechanical thing that keeps them out?

The plans do not show any turnstiles or barriers to limit entry.

Even without the safety restrictions, the Loop may struggle to hit its capacity goals. Each of the 10 bays at the Loops stations must handle hundreds of passengers an hour, corresponding to perhaps 100 or more arrivals and departures, depending on how many people each car is carrying. That leaves little time to load and unload people and luggage, let alone make the 0.8-mile journey and occasionally recharge.

Although TBCs Loop website says that the system will use autonomous vehicles, a TBC executive told a planning committee last year that the cars would have human drivers for additional safety. TBC had proposed developing a larger capacity autonomous shuttle for the Loop, capable of carrying up to 16 people. The latest plans all show traditional sedans, however, and another Musk tweet this week admitted: We simplified this a lot. Its basically just Teslas in tunnels at this point.

The most recent documents filed by TBC also show changes to the Loops original design.

Gone are striking curved roofs, with both aboveground stations now having flat photovoltaic canopies to help charge the Tesla vehicles. These terminal stations each have a single Supercharger station, and a showpiece sculpture consisting of a concrete segment similar to those used in the tunnels below.

The central, subterranean station has a large, open platform, and also houses the electrical, fire safety and IT equipment. Each station will have bays for 10 Tesla vehicles to load and unload passengers.

Even before the first Loop is operating, TBC is planning two more Loop tunnels nearby, connecting the LVCC to the Wynn Encore and Resorts World casinos.

The tunnel to the Encore is long enough that safety regulations require an emergency exit about halfway along. Plans indicate an emergency egress shaft and a small hatch, but it is unclear whether passengers escaping a fire or breakdown would be expected to climb stairs or even a ladder.

Loop extension egress. Image source: The Boring Company/Clark County NV

TBC last year suggested an emergency ladder for its proposed Loop between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., a system that Corbett called the definition of insanity, as it did not account for passengers with limited mobility. That project is now on pause.

TBCs stated aim is to expand the LVCC Loop from a local people mover to a Vegas-wide transit system serving the Strip, the airport and eventually extending all the way to Los Angeles. If the company struggles to deliver capacity and revenue from its small-scale Convention Center system, the future of those ambitions could be in doubt.


Elon Musks Las Vegas Loop might only carry a fraction of the passengers it promised - TechCrunch

After the Whistle: Former UMary baseball player honored by the Las Vegas Raiders – KX NEWS

Former University of Mary baseball player Matt Espinosa has spent the last decade serving others as a healthcare professional, but this year has been much different due to COVID-19. During a time when Espinosa says his job has been its hardest, he was rewarded with a token of gratitude by his company, and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Our high up medical directors got together and said these are the names that we want to go to represent our company, which was quite an honor to say we got to represent Intermountain Healthcare at this event, Espinosa said

What he believed would be a meet and greet and photo opportunity at a Raiders game turned into something much bigger.

Like three people came over and said, you realize youre the only person to do this outside of Al Davis wife. This is very special to the Raiders organization, and very special to the Davis family,' Espinosa said.

Espinosa was randomly selected out of 20 medical workers in attendance to light the Al Davis Memorial Torch, the 93 foot structure built to honor the long time Raiders owner inside Allegiant Stadium.

As the time came I felt my heart racing a little bit, Espinosa said. I was like okay Im listening for three words, and then three more words. Ive got them in my head. Im just looking for my cues.

The flame lit right on cue, but what many would have considered a lucky opportunity meant more than words could describe for Espinosa, and his family. Matts grandfather Raymond was a life long Raiders fan.

He passed away my second year (at UMary) when I was playing baseball, so I had to fly back for that, Espinosa said. That was one of the hardest days ever. It was really special to do that for him though. He was in my mind the whole time. He was a special guy to us, he was.

Matt remembers riding bikes with his brother to his grandpas house to watch Raiders games, even though Matt is a 49ers fan. Now, he has a part in Raiders history forever.

The team is installing a plaque in the stadium signed by the healthcare workers to cement the special occasion.

Im going to get to take my kids to it and show them, maybe grandchildren, many many many years down the road from now, Espinosa said. Its something thats really special to do it second to Mrs. Al Davis, as well as theyve kind of enshrined us in that little moment.

The moment was something refreshing for Espinosa, who oversees more than 650 patients as a nurse practitioner, but it was just what he needed to stay the course during such a trying time.

It absolutely gave me personally another wave of energy, Espinosa said. It was a great stress relief moment to just kind of sit back, know that youre being honored and appreciated by not just our company, the Raiders and the city of Las Vegas itself.

Espinosa said he will go find the plaque every time he returns to Allegiant Stadium but he says hell likely be wearing his beloved 49ers jersey when he gets there

See the article here:

After the Whistle: Former UMary baseball player honored by the Las Vegas Raiders - KX NEWS

Hoover Dam reopening to the public Tuesday without tours – Las Vegas Sun

New York Times / Jim Wilson

A view of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead shows canyon walls ringed with white mineral deposits indicating the drop in water levels Dec. 18,2013.

Associated Press

Mon, Oct 19, 2020 (1:38 p.m.)

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is reopening Hoover Dam to the public Tuesday, seven months after it closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal officials said visitors will be able to access all open areas and visit the Mike OCallaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge plaza and walkway.

The visitor center will remain closed with no tours or exhibits available.

Visitors to the dam at the Nevada-Arizona border are being asked to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines when it comes to preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

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Hoover Dam reopening to the public Tuesday without tours - Las Vegas Sun

Bride ambushes fianc at Las Vegas Target with pastor, bridesmaid and demands to get married on the spot – KLAS – 8 News Now

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (KXAN) New videos on TikTok appear to capture a bride at a Las Vegas Target whos tired of waiting.

In the two-part video, captured by TikTok user boymom_ashley, a woman in a bridal gown appears to confront her fianc at the store where he works complete with a pastor and a bridesmaid!

In the clip, the woman can be heard saying, You put this ring on my finger two years ago, and its time to do it or get out. Yeah, were getting married right now or Im leaving. Im out. Im done, like if you dont marry me this second.

Near the end, the bride spots boymom_ashley, whos still rolling, and waves. Im just finally making him commit! she can be heard saying. Were getting married right now or its over.

As of Saturday, the videos have over several hundreds of thousands of views, with one surpassing 7 million.

Its unclear whether the potential bride stopped to complete a wedding registry on the way out.

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Bride ambushes fianc at Las Vegas Target with pastor, bridesmaid and demands to get married on the spot - KLAS - 8 News Now

Live entertainment making its way back to the Las Vegas Strip – KLAS – 8 News Now

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) Live entertainment is making its way back to the Las Vegas Strip, after months of COVID-19 closures.

A handful of stage performances have announced return dates. And they are taking extra precautions to keep audiences safe. One show lifting its curtain on October 29 at the Flamingo Las Vegas, is Piff the Magic Dragon.

Were coming back, bigger, better than ever, Piff told 8 News Now.

Piff says his team is making the necessary adjustments, including moving the show to the larger Flamingo Showroom. This follows Governor Steve Sisolaks recent announcement that gatherings of up to 250 people are allowed in Nevada, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Usually its like 750 seats, Piff said. But in this time, were capping it at just under 250. Everyone will be a safe distance apart.

The cast of Absinthe is set to grace the stage at Caesars Palace starting October 28. Guests can expect socially distance cabaret-style seating, at less than 25 percent of its usual capacity. There will also be non-contact temperature testing, a new air purification system, and table service to avoid standing in line.

Wynn Las Vegas already welcomed the return of live entertainment last Friday with an outdoor comedy show on October 9. Face coverings were required and dozens of hand sanitizer stations were placed throughout the venue.

I cant tell you how excited we are to perform for live people, Piff said, adding that he hopes this only the beginning. Hopefully we open a door to all of the big, like the Cirque shows and the huge shows that can only happen in Las Vegas.

Piff will perform Thursday through Sunday at 7:30 p.m. beginning Thursday, Oct. 29. Tickets go on sale Friday, Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. PT atticketmaster.com.

According to the Caesars Palace website, tickets for Absinthe are on sale for shows starting on Wednesday, Oct. 28. in the Spiegeltent at Caesars Palace. There are two nightly shows.

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Live entertainment making its way back to the Las Vegas Strip - KLAS - 8 News Now

Trump Blessed at Las Vegas Church, Pastor Says God Told Her He’ll Win Election – TMZ

1:39 PM PT -- Looks like Trump went into his own pocket for a donationa to ICLV Sunday, whipping out a few 20-dollar bills ... and counting them up a couple times over.

He eventually dropped it in the collection bucket that was going around.

President Trump became part of the church-going crowd this weekend -- and his presence moved a pastor to predict he'd get a 2nd win ... and Trump returned the favor by telling the pastors they were rough around the edges.

DT attended a service Sunday at the International Church of Las Vegas ... with Pastors Paul and Denise Goulet officiated. It was quite the sight -- Trump stood there awkwardly with his palms out, flanked by Hope Hicks and Kayleigh McEnany ... nobody wearing masks.

Right up Donald's alley, no doubt, but it's what Pastor Denise ranted and raved about that actually stole the show ... she says she got a sign from God at 4:30 this morning ... that Trump's getting another 4 years, but she had a funny and confusing way of explaining it.

First, she said his "second win" would come in the form of a victory at the polls; next, she said he'd get another "second win" with a fresh shot of energy ... like a runner near the finish line and who's out of breath, but still manages to power through to the end.

Finally, Pastor Denise said he'd get a second "wind," which she likened to the Holy Spirit. We believe she has a few of those "second win(d)s" mixed up, but whatever ... Trump was loving it all the same. Ironically, Trump has proven of late that he can, indeed, get pretty winded.

Anyway, the couple eventually invited to him to the stage to bless him -- which was just as awkward as their sermon from afar -- and eventually handed him the mic to share some words, and that's when he told the pastoral duo they were rough around the edges.

Originally Published -- 11:22 AM PT

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Trump Blessed at Las Vegas Church, Pastor Says God Told Her He'll Win Election - TMZ

David Lee Roth Aims to Be ‘King of Las Vegas’ – Ultimate Classic Rock

David Lee Roth has declared his ambition to become the king of Las Vegas now that Van Halen can never return.

Hed said the band was finished in September 2019, before it was publicly known that guitarist Eddie Van Halen was suffering from a cancer that would eventually take his life on Oct. 6 this year. He kicked off a brief Las Vegas residency this January.

Asked if he had plans in mind for the next five years of his life, Roth told CBS Sunday Morning in an interview taped prior to Van Halen's death: Showbiz. Im gonna be the king of Las Vegas. He continued: Las Vegas is truly international. Think of it as what the old record stores were. You have the dance section, youve got the Latino section, youve got the country section and you have to have an appreciation for the neighborhoods.

He asserted that music changes shoes and haircuts but that the mainstays included those senses of humor, those senses of family, those senses of whats dramatic, and those senses of what hits you right in the heart. He added: If you had participation in all those communities and you are a genuine fan, then you can say, I have returned to be your king!

Earlier this year Roth said hed been focusing on painting while coronavirus restrictions made it impossible for him to perform. He said of his artwork: Social commentary is what I do. Its what Ive always done. My hand has always been in wardrobe, background sets, stage sets, album covers, video direction. This is part of it. And theres craft involved, so theres a little bit more heft to some of the statements.

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David Lee Roth Aims to Be 'King of Las Vegas' - Ultimate Classic Rock

Celebrities flock to Las Vegas. It started with this downtown hotel. – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Thanks to its fine dining, clubs and luxury hotels, Las Vegas has been known to attract A-list celebrities.

The citys ties to Hollywood fame date all the way back to the early 1930s.

Back then, celebrities considered the Hotel Apache a property on Fremont Street with fewer than 100 rooms the place to be, whether they were in town to gamble or get a quickie divorce.

The hotel didnt have a five-star spa or headliners like todays megaresorts, but the amenities it did offer air conditioning, electric elevators were unique for its time.

Its an important part of (Las Vegas) history, UNLV history professor Michael Green said.

Decades later, one woman is working to make sure the history of the hotel and its founder is preserved.

Vegas is on the move

Las Vegas was unrecognizable from the sprawling, urban city of lights we know today when the Hotel Apache opened its doors.

The town housed fewer than 6,000 people. Fremont Street, which had been paved just seven years earlier, had fewer buildings the Sal Sagev, now the Golden Gate, among them.

The Hotel Apache was considered one of the first luxury properties, offering guests rare features such as private bathrooms, automatic locks and tall ceilings. While it opened without a casino, gaming equipment was added shortly thereafter.

Robert Stoldal, a member of the Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission, said it was the hotel of choice for celebrities and the wealthy, and comparable to luxury hotels in larger cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

When you walked into those rooms, you felt like you were in something special, he said. The artwork, the furniture, everything was a Western theme, but it wasnt overwhelming you. There was a lot of detail that went into not only the (overall) architecture but the architecture of each room.

The Apache Hotel gave guests a sense that big things were happening in little Las Vegas, Green said.

By God, Las Vegas is on the move, folks. That was the sense, he said. Its sort of a sign of the growth of the area and the success, or the expected success, of the community and legal gambling.

Gina Silvagni Perry, the granddaughter of the hotels founder, Pietro Ottavio P.O. Silvagni, said the hotel helped put Las Vegas on the map, and eventually became a common stomping ground for celebrities including Clark Gable and Lucille Ball.

It was the nicest place in town, Perry said. It brought a light on this town. It made it more than a red-light district and a train stop. I think (P.O.) had a huge part of making our town become the hospitality city that it is and the entertainment capital of the world.

Lost in time

Las Vegas history, and her grandfather, mean a lot to Perry. Thats why shes doing her best to make sure theyre presented accurately.

Silvagni, a native of Italy, immigrated to the U.S. in 1905. He worked in Colorado and Utah before packing up his bags to look for subcontractor work on the Boulder Dam project at age 60.

Silvagni discovered a region rife with opportunity.

Thousands of men had moved to Southern Nevada to work on the dam, a boon for the region. The state also made some major changes in 1931 that spurred growth: legalizing gambling and allowing quickie divorces to those who established a six-week residency in the state, the shortest waiting period in the country.

All those things started to bring a lot of attention and bring more people into the town. But he saw there was no place to go and have fun, Perry said. He had a vision. He wanted to build a place for people to have fun, a nice place, and he wanted it to be the nicest place on the Arrowhead Trail, the first all-weather road from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles that ran straight through Las Vegas.

There were a lot of people thinking it this was a good place to invest, but (Silvagni) was the one that did it, Stoldal added. It lived up to its reputation. When you stayed at the Apache, you were not disappointed. One Hollywood star would tell another and its reputation continued to build as a place to be in the 1930s.

Parts of the property have been leased out to various operators since it opened in 1932.

Benny Binion leased the property in 1951. Several years later, it was leased to Joe Brown a fellow gambler and friend of Binions after Binion was incarcerated for tax evasion. In 1973, the Binion name returned to the property after the Silvagni family signed a long-term lease with Jack and Ted Binion, Bennys sons.

The remaining Silvagni family doesnt operate the property but acts as landlords.

The Great Recession led to the propertys hotel closing in 2009, though the casino and other amenities remained open. The Hotel Apache reopened in 2019 after major renovations.

In spite of its long legacy in Las Vegas, its founders name is often unrecognized. UNLV gaming historian David Schwartz said the buildings location may play a role.

It wasnt on the Strip. It didnt have the notoriety, he said.

Green agreed that there have been many more notable hotels built since 1932, many of them larger, more prominent and with more mob connections, making for a juicer story.

Biases against Italian immigrants may also have played a role in the Silvagni name fading over time, he said. But Green believes Silvagni played a very important role in Las Vegas history.

He accomplished something in his time, Green said. P.O. deserves a lot of attention.

Perry is working on a book to give her grandfather just that. She said the countless hours of research shes put into the project has made her feel closer to her grandfather, who died when she was 4 years old.

Before, she had only hazy memories of her grandfather his constant cigar smoking, his love of three-piece suits and his buongiorno greetings.

I feel a very close bond with this man that I didnt get to spend that much time with, she said. I think some of the things I am are because of him the will to succeed and accomplish.

Perry hopes to release a book on her grandfather next year.

The history is getting lost. Its going away, she said. I want to preserve it.

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Celebrities flock to Las Vegas. It started with this downtown hotel. - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas police need help to identify persons of interest in MGM shooting – KTNV Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) On Oct. 2 at 2:38 a.m., Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department patrol officers were notified of a shooting inside of MGM Grand hotel-casino. Hotel security gave the arriving officers the handgun used in the shooting. The investigation initiated by the LVMPD Gang Detectives determined a group of people had been involved in an argument inside of the casino.

Two individuals broke away from the group and walked towards the elevators, where one of them pulled out a handgun.

Another patron of the resort noticed the armed man and attempted to disarm him. Police say as they struggled over the weapon one round was fired and the handgun was dropped.

The patron picked up the handgun and turned it over to an arriving security officer as the person who had the gun and the second male fled from the area.

The man is described as a Black male, thin build, 6-feet tall, last seen wearing a dark shirt, baseball hat, whitewashed pants, and white shoes.

Detectives are also seeking to identify a person of interest who accompanied the man. He is described as a Black male, thin build, approximately 5-feet 8-inches tall, dreadlock hair in a ponytail with colored tips, goatee and was last seen wearing a light-colored shirt and blue jeans with white shoes.

Anyone with any information about this incident is urged to contact the LVMPD Gang Crimes Section by phone at 702-828-7826.

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Las Vegas police need help to identify persons of interest in MGM shooting - KTNV Las Vegas

Derek Carr hoping to turn frustration into progess – Las Vegas Review-Journal

After the Raiders fell to 2-2 with a home loss against Buffalo on Sunday, Derek Carr expressed growing frustration with the mounting losses the team has suffered since he became quarterback.

The 29-year-old understands the challenge now is to find a way to turn that frustration into positive development.

Carr said a team meeting Monday started that process. Several players not only took ownership of the mistakes they were making, but outlined plans to fix them.

When you do that, at least it gives you a chance to do things the right way, Carr said. Ive been on some teams here in the past where there was none of that and it just went haywire.

The seventh-year pro credited coach Jon Gruden with setting a high standard. He said players feel they must own up to what they need to do better individually to help the team improve.

Coach does a really good job with accountability, Carr said. I think thats the word that it comes down to for everybody. Holding yourself to a certain standard. And when you dont meet that standard, just owning it. Saying Hey man I didnt meet that standard.

The words will be put to the test on Sunday when the Raiders go to Kansas City to face the defending Super Bowl champion and undefeated Chiefs.

Sticking to the routine

While there are many moving pieces in regard to the rash of positive COVID-19 cases around the league, Carr is trying to block out the possibility of games being postponed or rescheduled.

I have my weekly process, he said. Im very much into my schedule. Im going to do my process. Im going to do my weekly routine how I would normally do it. Then if things change, Ill adapt.

Youve got to make sure you stay with your process and whats helped you have success.

The Raiders had one positive case this week. as Maurice Hurst went on the Reserve/COVID-19 list. Kansas City also had a positive test from a practice squad player. The Chiefs also are awaiting any potential fallout from playing a Patriots team that has had multiple positives.

Tennessees outbreak has its game against Buffalo in question for this week.

Injury report

Maliek Collins did not practice Wednesday due to a shoulder he injured in Sundays loss to the Bills. He also has an undisclosed illness.

Wide receiver Bryan Edwards remained out Wednesday with foot and ankle injuries. Veterans Rodney Hudson and Jason Witten both had rest days.

Defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins was limited by an eye issue and receiver Rico Gafford returned to practice, but was limited as he recovers from a hamstring injury. Tight end Darren Waller was limited with a knee injury.

Flag on the play

The Raiders came away from Sundays loss to Buffalo lamenting several key penalties that cost them in critical portions of the game.

Las Vegas was flagged seven times for 66 yards during a week where flags were uncommonly rare.

Week 4 in the NFL saw 10.26 accepted penalties per game, the second-fewest in any week since 2010.

The only week with fewer penalties per game over that span was Week 17 of 2013 when there were 9.63 penalties per game.

Penalties are down overall this season. Through the first three weeks of the season, NFL games averaged 13.65 penalties. Thats down from 18.54 per game last season.

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Derek Carr hoping to turn frustration into progess - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Shriners Open never considered allowing fans to attend – Las Vegas Review-Journal

His name is Bronson Burgoon, and the hope among Shriners Hospitals for Children Open officials is that he becomes the answer to a one-time trivia question.

When Tony Finau, the worlds 16th-ranked player who finished eighth at the U.S. Open, tested positive for COVID-19 under PGA protocols this week, it opened a spot for Burgoon, whose previous claim to golfing fame was hitting a wedge shot within 2 inches of the final hole to clinch the 2009 NCAA championship for Texas A&M.

Finau was the 13th player or caddie to test positive since play resumed in June after shutting down in March.

It also showed why it still isnt totally safe to allow even a small percentage of spectators to roam TPC Summerlin despite Gov. Steve Sisolak recently having eased restrictions on allowing them at Nevada sporting events.

The PGA Tour has yet to permit fans to attend tournaments. Tournament director Patrick Lindsey said through a spokesperson that the governors announcement had no impact on tournament planning but that COVID-19 would affect its bottom line.

Our expenses have decreased, but in turn, so has our revenue, Lindsey said. In previous years, we have welcomed over 70,000 fans, which would benefit the amazing work of Shriners Hospitals for Children through ticket and concession sales, corporate sponsorships and more.

Missing Alec

Las Vegas resident Kevin Na, the defending champion, said he is going to miss spectators flanking the hills around the closing holes at this years tournament, and one spectator in particular.

Na said he met Alec Cabacungan, a national Shriners spokesman who lives near Chicago, last year on the practice green, where the teenager described Na holing a long putt.

to take the lead from l-o-n-n-g range. Oooh oooh there it goes! the teenager exclaimed in a voice-over that would have done Jim Nantz proud.

Hes a great guy, and I know his dream is to become a sports announcer, Na said during a videoconference call Wednesday about writing a $50,000 check to Shriners Hospitals after winning last year. I hope his dream comes true.

Whats up Doc?

Rickie Fowler, the former wunderkind still seeking his first major championship, said he was looking forward to playing exclusive Shadow Creek in North Las Vegas next week after the CJ Cup was moved from South Korea amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Its a special place; Ive only actually played it twice, Fowler, 31, said Wednesday. One of the times I played was (with) Doc Rivers.

The former Oklahoma State phenom said hitting the links with the longtime NBA star and coach was a memorable experience.

He was awesome; hes like, Man, Im a big fan I was kind of shocked, Fowler said. It was cool to see someone who is big in another sport who is a lot taller and bigger than me complimenting me about my game and stuff like that.

19th hole

Two former UNLV stars worth keeping an eye on at TPC this weekend are Charley Hoffman (three top-10 finishes in 14 starts) and Ryan Moore (2012 champion with a record-tying 72-hole winning score of 260). Sergio Garcia, winner of last weeks Sanderson Farms Championship, missed the cut in his only prior Shriners Open start in 2003 and has never won back-to-back PGA Tour events. The recent Safeway Open at Napa, California, was delayed by fog, which wont be a problem at TPC Summerlin. Sunny skies and high temperatures of 95, 91, 90 and 84 degrees are forecast Thursday through Sunday, though it could get breezy for the final two rounds.

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Shriners Open never considered allowing fans to attend - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Aces cant weather Storm, swept in WNBA Finals – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Seattle Storm star Breanna Stewart went to the bench with three fouls early in the second quarter of Game 3 of the WNBA Finals on Tuesday.

It was the opportunity the Aces had been looking for the entire series, but they couldnt take advantage.

The Storm outscored the Aces 16-9 the rest of the quarter with Stewart watching. She returned in the third quarter and finished with 26 points to lead Seattle to a 92-59 victory and a three-game sweep of the Aces at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

Stewart won her second finals MVP award for the Storm, who claimed their second championship in three years. They have won a record 11 straight finals games and joined Houston and Minnesota as the only franchises with four titles.

Jewell Loyd added 19 points for the Storm. Sue Bird, who has been with Seattle for all four titles dating to 2004, had seven assists and finished with 33 for the series.

The Storms average margin of victory in the three games was almost 20 points.

I just want to say congratulations to Seattle, Aces guard Kayla McBride said. Theyre a great team. They have a lot of experience winning together. Stewart was on a mission, and Sue was Sue.

Stewart, also the finals MVP in 2018, has scored 20 or more points in a record six straight finals games. She averaged 28.3 points and 7.7 rebounds against Las Vegas and shot 62.7 percent from the field, including 65 percent (13 of 20) from 3-point range.

Aces star Aja Wilson scored 14 of her 18 points in the first quarter and added six rebounds and four assists. She was the only Aces player to reach double-figure scoring until the fourth quarter, when Jackie Young joined her with 11. Carolyn Swords had 10 rebounds.

Angel McCoughtry, the Aces second-leading scorer, finished with seven points. She was making her fourth finals appearance but is 0-12 in those games.

Here are three takeaways from the loss:

1. Turnovers doom Aces

One reason Stewarts absence in the second quarter didnt hurt the Storm was a rash of Las Vegas turnovers.

The Aces had five in the final 2:31 of the first half and six during the 7:13 that Stewart was on the bench in the quarter.

That was basically the end point of the game, Aces coach Bill Laimbeer said. We didnt take advantage of our opportunity. Like Angel said in one of the huddles, it just sucks the life out of you when you keep turning the ball over.

The Aces, the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, finished with 18 turnovers, their second straight game with at least 15.

2. Closing out quarters

Wilson has talked all season about the importance of closing out quarters.

The Aces had leads of 7-0, 11-2 and 13-4, but the Storm went on an 11-2 run in the final 3:58 of the first quarter, then scored the first four points of the second.

That was a huge deal, Wilson said. That can switch up a game.We knew we were going to have to close out quarters, but its not easy to do.

The Storm, the No. 2 seed, put the game away by outscoring the Aces 32-14 in the third quarter for a 75-48 lead.

3. Let the confetti hit you

The Aces roster was full of players making their first finals experience, and they vowed to learn from it and come back stronger.

The biggest thing I learned from this is sometimes you have to let the confetti hit you, Wilson said. Ive been in a lot of situations where the confetti fell on me, and it was in my favor. The confetti hit me, and Im like, OK, thats not for us. Were going to try it again. Sometimes you have to feel that to know its not easy.

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Aces cant weather Storm, swept in WNBA Finals - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Toys for Tickets offers alternative to paying parking tickets – Las Vegas Review-Journal

The city of Las Vegas will allow people to pay for some parking tickets by donating childrens toys ahead of the holiday season.

The Toys for Tickets program will cover non-public safety parking tickets issued between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15, the city said in a statement Wednesday morning. Tickets may be resolved by donating a new, unwrapped toy of equal or greater value than the fine through Dec. 15.

Drivers must bring the parking ticket and a receipt for the toy to the Parking Services Office, 350 S. City Parkway, within 30 days of the ticket date. Office hours are 7:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Parking tickets for public safety and handicap-related violations such as parking on a red curb, double parking and blocking traffic are excluded from the program.

The toys will benefit the nonprofit HELP of Southern Nevada.

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Toys for Tickets offers alternative to paying parking tickets - Las Vegas Review-Journal