SE Neighborhood Meeting Talking Beaver Islands, Talahi Woods – WJON News

ST. CLOUD --Learn about the Beaver Islands and Talahi Woods during an informational meeting next week. The Southeast St. Cloud Neighborhood Preservation Coalition is hosting its 11th annual meeting on Monday.

Minnesota's National Register Archaeologist David Mather will be the featured speaker.

Spokeswoman Ann Marie Johnson says he'll be able to talk a lot about how the city and the university utilized the islands over the years.

On one of the bigger islands, there was a tree nursery planted on there by professor Frederich who was a biology professor at St. Cloud State. They had picnics out there on one of the bigger islands, and of course, there was a bridge at one point.

Johnson says another topic of discussion is the newly established Southeast St. Cloud New Deal-Built Landscapes Historic District. It is the first historic district in St. Cloud in nearly 20 years.

It does cover four of our really significant sites, Riverside Park with Munsinger Gardens, Killean Boulevard, Selke Field, and George W. Fredrich Park, so that's pretty exciting.

The meeting is open to all city residents, not just the people who live in southeast St. Cloud. It will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday at St. Benedict's Senior Community.

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SE Neighborhood Meeting Talking Beaver Islands, Talahi Woods - WJON News

Wild swimming, art walks and islands: five car-free day trips from Sydney – The Guardian

With the Hawkesbury River to the north, the Royal national park to the south, and mountains and highlands to the west, you dont have to travel far from Sydney to feel like youve escaped. When youre trapped in crawling traffic on one of the citys arterial roads, however, even short distances drag on.

Free from traffic and toll roads, Sydneys local and regional train network can be pretty time- and cost-effective when it comes to skipping town. Before you attempt any day-long adventures via public transport, download the TripView app for travel times, and always check for track work.

Accessible only by boat or ferry, Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River is lush, hilly and laidback. Theres a safe swimming beach, heritage-listed blackbutt trees and an Aboriginal sandstone carving at the islands highest point, Kiparra park.

Best of all, the island is car-free, which means no whoosh of traffic or fear of freely meandering across the roads. The 300 or so locals use wheelbarrows to cart their things around, while the schoolchildren leave their bicycles in a shed on the pier. The island has a bohemian air, with rambling verandas, Tibetan flags and rope swings spied in its abundantly bushy backyards.

On a shady, two-hour island loop youll see the shared island buggy doing the rounds and some ingenious rigs, including rails running from the road to one locals house to lug things up. You can picnic and swim at Bradleys beach or do lunch at the islands only drinking hole, Dangar Island bowling club. The final polish on the idyllic picture is a posse of locals tending a communal vegetable garden next to the bowling green. Planted in boats, of course.

Getting there:The central coast and Newcastle (CCN) train runs from Sydneys Central station to Hawkesbury River station at Brooklyn (60 minutes). The Dangar Island ferry leaves from Brooklyn (15 minutes).

This 11.3 kilometre hike (roughly 4.5 hours) along the Royal national parks Uloola track ticks some rare boxes. It begins (Heathcote) and ends (Waterfall) at a train station, you can see both a waterhole and a waterfall and, in spring, it blooms with flannel flowers, purple native iris, bell-shaped native fuchsia, masses of yellow Pultenaea villosa (commonly called egg and bacon) and even a towering Gymea lily or two, found only in the Sydney basin bushland.

The perennial foliage is beautiful too, with plentiful heath banksia, grevillea, bottlebrush and a stand of slim-limbed eucalypts with lustrous silver bark. We see a goanna up a tree and other lizards leaping between branches. Karloo pools are an hours walk from Heathcote, with plenty of shade and good spots to clamber in for an icy-cold dip. Lying on the sun-warmed rocks to marvel at the water is bliss too, given that waterholes are usually stained brown by leaf tannins and are rarely so emerald and rippling lime-green.

The coastal scrub intermittently clears during the walks second half to reveal the Sydney skyline, softened by distance, like a watercolour on the horizon. The last 5km stretch along a flat fire trail and, because Waterfall is the last stop on the line, water, toilets and a seat on the train itself will be waiting on the platform.

Getting there: The T4 line train runs from Central to Heathcote (50 minutes) and back from Waterfall (55 minutes).

The chief charms of Mittagong in the southern highlands are antiques, food, gardens and both craft and craft beer. At Australias oldest arts and craft centre, Sturt, you can browse an all-Australian collection of elegant furniture, metalwork, ceramics, jewellery and textiles. Or just scoff scones and jam in the cafe.

Mid-morning coffee is best at The Bostons ivy and stone-clad 1800s cottage, followed by Mittagong Antiques Centre, with its specialist stalls of toy cars, 1970s picnic ware, military paraphernalia, midcentury decor and every (old) thing in between. Twisting Vintage, meanwhile, is a polyester colour explosion of ladies wear and accessories from the 60s and 70s in such mint condition its more like a fashion museum.

The Shaggy Cow melds a relaxed cafe feel with fine seasonal food thats not too salty in a room thats not too noisy. The local ros and riesling are terrific, though the fresh sodas are even better. Walk off lunch with a stroll to Eden Brewery, which runs on green power and donates 10% of its profits to Oxfam. All beers in its low-lit bar are $5, while takeaway growlers and squealers come in innovative stainless-steel flagons that stay cold, sans refrigeration. Your first growler (the equivalent of a six pack) is $50 but the second is just $25.

Getting there: The NSW regional train from Central to Mittagong (90 minutes).

Feel superior as the crowds disembark at Katoomba and you head two stops further west to Blackheath smaller in size but mightier in scenery. The Anonymous Cafe is close to the train station so fuel up on its trademark all-day breakfast and organic sourdough. Pack some pastries and a local Hillbilly apple cider (yes thats on the menu) for the 40-minute backstreets walk past Blackheaths weatherboard cottages to the national park entrance.

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The Clifftop Walk takes you between two of its best vantage points: Govetts Leap and Evans lookout. The former is a classic Blue Mountains panorama of the Grose Valley, with the calls of eastern whipbirds ricocheting up from the dense bush.

The 6km (roughly three-and-a-half hour) walk hugs the cliff and breaks into other lookouts along the way, each of them precipitous; one with a view of the hanging gardens. We see flame-shaped waratahs, eastern yellow robins and yellow-tailed black cockatoos riding the valley thermals. The return steps are steep but the lure is afternoon tea and a ramble through the antique warehouse of Victory Theatre Cafe or some record shopping at the Blue Mountains best music and art print shop, Hat Hill Gallery.

Getting there: The Blue Mountains (BMT) line train from Central to Blackheath (2 hours and 12 minutes).

The coastal village of Bundeena is known for the seclusion that comes with being surrounded by the Royal national park. Its best visited on the first Sunday of each month for its monthly art trail, when the communitys artists open their studios for the day.

The trail is a lucky dip dominated by landscape artists, and ranges from chatty hobbyists and classical pianists to the studio of the Chinese-Australian portrait artist Shen Jiawei, whos been nominated 14 times for the Archibald prize and won the Sulman prize in 2006. Jiawei is there talking people through his current epic endeavour: immense canvasses packed with the faces of every notable communist in history.

Bundeena is the traditional home of the Dharawal people and Jibbon beach has a midden and some well-preserved Aboriginal rock art, including an orca whale carving. If you book a guided tour (through the visitors centre) ask about the Gweagal Shield an artefact still controversially held at the British Museum and seen as a symbol of resistance during Captain Cooks first encounter with Aboriginal people at Botany Bay. Between May to October, youll probably see a humpback whale if you hang long enough on the flat coastal rock formation called the Balconies.

Getting there: The T4 line train runs from Central to Cronulla (47 minutes). Ferry to Bundeena (30 minutes) from Tonkin Street wharf.

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Wild swimming, art walks and islands: five car-free day trips from Sydney - The Guardian

High wind advisory issued for Staten Island – SILive.com

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A high wind advisory has been issued for Staten Island after the National Weather Service issued a hazardous weather outlook for the area earlier today.

The wind advisory is in effect from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Friday., according to the National Weather Service.

Winds of 20 to 30 mph, with gusts of 50 mph are possible, the National Weather Service said.

The strong winds could bring down trees, branches and power lines, according to weather.gov, and scattered power outages are expected.

The National Weather Service is warning motorists to exercise caution while driving, especially when operating a high profile vehicle.

The advisory also recommends that residents secure outdoor objects.

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High wind advisory issued for Staten Island - SILive.com

Want an island? Here are six you can choose from, including five off the B.C. coast – National Post

If youve ever dreamt of owning an undeveloped island, where you can create your own paradise away from the rest of civilization, Colliers International might have an opportunity for you.

A Vancouver-based real estate firm that specializes in private islands and coastal properties, Colliers International has six listings that are now up for sale. With five islands located off the coast of British Columbia, and a 5,200-acre property off of Ontario, buyers have the chance to create their own peaceful haven.

An overriding sentiment youll find is that each island is unique, says Mark Lester, senior vice president of Colliers International. Its not just an investment in real estate, but also in lifestyle you get to create a property thats really your own.

With nothing substantial built on any of the islands, we can all at least dream of what wed create if the opportunity was ours.

Halibut Island Listed at $1,995,000

Halibut Island, located in the southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, is on the market for the first time in 50 years. Featuring a soft gravel beach and naturally carved sandstone benches, Halibut Island is listed at 9.67 acres. Its being sold as a prime location for you to build your own oasis within the Haro Strait, less than 10 kilometres away from Sidney and just a few kilometres away from the international U.S. border. With a large forested area to build within, Halibut Island features a unique ecosystem and abundant wildlife. The southern Gulf Islands are known as a feeding ground for orcas, while its not uncommon to see bald eagles and falcons fly through the skies. The island is also known for its easy access to the Port Sidney Marina, near Victoria, which should allow you to make frequent trips to visit the rest of civilization, if needed.

West Ballenas Island $2,255,000

The West Ballenas Island, located in the Strait of Georgia just off British Columbia, is approximately 100 acres in size. Currently, the island is known to be undeveloped and close to its natural state, but it offers numerous quality building sites. Unlike other islands on this list, it wont entirely be yours; seven acres on the northern tip of the island is used to accommodate a government-owned lighthouse. Its counterpart, the East Ballenas Island, also belongs to the Canadian government. But that shouldnt stop you from living your own life on the islands west, where you can enjoy steep bluffs, with a peak elevation point of 109-feet. Thanks to its location, you can also access Vancouver International Airport by floatplane, and Schooner Cove Marina on Vancouver Island by boat, both within 20 minutes.

South Octopus Island $1,695,000

Mariners and eco tourists who have passed by South Octopus Island have left their mark by decorating an old cabin found on the 50 acres of land. The cabin is close to all youll find on the island, along with a small dock. Thanks to its mild climate and breathtaking scenery, the area is known for countless recreational opportunities. Now, you can own one of two privately owned islands within the Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park, located in British Columbias famous Inside Passage, in the heart of the Discovery Islands. For those who are looking to create their own private retreat, zoning permits the development of five single-family homes, in addition to a guest dwelling. South Octopus Island is also easily accessible just a short trip by boat from Herriott Bay, which is known for providing ferry services as a terminal that also connects to Cortes Island.

Lily Island $1,395,000

Of all six available islands, perhaps none is as conveniently located as Lily Island. Just five minutes away by boat from Silva Bay, near Gabriola Island, youll be able to conveniently access extensive services such as moorage, fuel, and a float plane service to Vancouver. This eight-acre piece of land is largely undeveloped, featuring a small cabin in an area with a park-like setting to go along with ideal, level building sites. Included in the group of islands referred to as the Flat Top Islands, it features sandstone benches and an oyster bed by its coast. Come summer time, the area in-between Lily and Gabriola islands also becomes an ideal swimming destination.

Batchawana Island $14,500,000

Batchawana Island is the largest of the six properties, with around 5,200 acres of space. Listed as a completely undeveloped island in the worlds largest lake, Lake Superior, its 45 minutes north of Sault Ste. Marie. The island has seen its share of history, with generations of First Nations, European explorers and Hudsons Bay fur traders all having touched its shores. As with other areas in northern Ontario, you can expect to find moose, deer, and smaller animals. Now, the area is ripe for opportunities, such as in the timber industry, with Batchawana Island containing 10 different species of trees. Thanks to its size and location, one can create a private hunting or fishing lodge as part of a residential or recreational area under its current zoning.

Jelina Island $1,100,000

With a small, rustic cabin, a modest boat house and a seaside deck, Jelina Island will let you create a peaceful residence on the cusp of beach thats home to wildlife such as sea otters and killer whales. At low water, clam beds and oysters are unveiled in the central Georgia Strait off British Columbia, while its even possible to walk to nearby areas such as Lasqueti Island during the lowest tides. With a forest of predominantly cedar and fir, the island also features uniquely-shaped rock formations and bluffs to explore. If you grow tired of the peaceful haven, Jelina Island is also accessible from Vancouver, Nanaimo, Comox and the Sunshine Coast.

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Want an island? Here are six you can choose from, including five off the B.C. coast - National Post

Insurance fraud investigation leads to Rock Island womans guilty plea – WQAD Moline

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois A Rock Island woman has pleaded guilty to tampering with records after an investigation into an insurance fraud issue.

According to the Iowa Insurance Division, 30-year-old Tershera Harris failed to disclose previous insurance claims while she was applying for insurance. She had also misrepresented pre-existing damage to her vehicle as vandalism in an auto claim.

Harris pleaded guilty to two counts of tampering with evidence, said the statement.

Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. We all pay for insurance fraud in the form of higher insurance costs, said Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen. I appreciate the hard work of our fraud bureau, the Davenport and Rock Island Police Departments and the Scott County Attorneys Office to prosecute this case so Ms. Harris was held accountable for her actions.

In October, Harris was sentenced to one year of probation and was ordered to pay $1,525 in restitution, fines, and penalties.


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Insurance fraud investigation leads to Rock Island womans guilty plea - WQAD Moline

HAUNTED: Fainting Goat Island Inn – WBNG-TV

NICHOLS (WBNG) If you enjoy the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, what better place to spend the scariest night of the year than in the most haunted place in the Southern Tier?

The Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols was recently voted the second most haunted hotel in America by USA Today voters.

Guests have reported weird paranormal activity, including things moving on their own, unexplained smells, and dolls scarier than Chucky!

While the inns owner says she doesnt want to believe its haunted, other staff have no such doubts.

Yes? Yeah, I believe so, I believe things that go on here, definitely unexplainable things, said Bill Gamble, who has witnessed his fair share of extraterrestrial things at the inn. Itd be nice to see I guess if you want to call it an entity and verify it, but the things that happen truly are unexplainable.

The Fainting Goat Island Inns owner told 12 News she had no idea the property was haunted when she bought it.

I was introduced via the river, I was going by on a canoe, and I thought it was beautiful, and I didnt know it was for sale, said Marnie Streit.

She said after hearing random footsteps and a knife flew out of the ceiling during renovations, she realized something was different about the place.

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HAUNTED: Fainting Goat Island Inn - WBNG-TV

Antelope Island’s annual bison roundup ensures the health of the herd – Salt Lake Tribune

The drive began at the Fielding Garr Ranch, where the bison were pushed across the island to corrals near White Rock Bay.

Later this week, the animals will receive a health screening and treatment as necessary. Most will be returned to roam the 16-mile-long island, while many will be auctioned to reduce the herd size to 550.

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Antelope Island's annual bison roundup ensures the health of the herd - Salt Lake Tribune

Black Travel Vibes: Relax On The Colorful Shores Of Komodo Island – Essence

Theres not a day that goes by where you can scroll through social media without seeing photos of travelers exploring Bali. The magical island paradise is definitely a big hit with its lush rice paddies, awe-inspiring temples, sandy beaches, and cultural vibes. But theres more to Indonesia than its most famous destination.

At last count, Indonesia was made up of 14,752 different islands, and out of those, one location that many seem to skip over when planning their adventure is Komodo Island. An hour flight from Bali (tickets can cost as little as $90), Komodo is a ruggedly stunning island filled with namesake dragons and relaxing pink sand beaches that will fill your friends back home with envy with every photo.

Social media manager Helena (@helzzzrich) recently went island hopping around Indonesia and the beauty she shows off in her images have us ready to move a visit to Komodo Island to the top of our wish lists. If youve been looking for an alternative to the typical Bali adventure, check out tips from our exclusive guide and discover a side to Indonesia youve never seen.

Welcome to Komodo Island

Part of a chain of Indonesian islands located an hour flight from Bali, Komodo Island is home to the 3m-long Komodo dragon monitor lizard, as well as crystal clear waters, stunning hillsides, and sandy pink beaches. The best time to visit the island is between April and December during the dry season when the sun isn't as strong.

Home Away From Home

Since Komodo and the surrounding islands aren't as tourist-friendly as Bali, accommodations aren't as plentiful. Luckily Ayana Komodo Resort (sister property to the IG famous Ayana Resort in Bali) is around offering a home away from home for guests looking to explore the area.

World Famous Eats

There are so many flavors for your tastebuds to explore when it comes to Indonesian cuisine. From Sambal and satay to nasi goreng, you'll never go hungry. But the one local food that was once voted one of the world's most delicious meals is rendang, a spicy red meat dish, so don't leave without getting a taste.

Dragon Hunter

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Black Travel Vibes: Relax On The Colorful Shores Of Komodo Island - Essence

Grand Island woman not interested in $4.5 million lottery win – Grand Island Independent

An 86-year-old Grand Island woman received a letter saying shes expected in a Madrid office next month to collect millions of dollars in lottery winnings.

The woman, Beverly Seielstad, is highly skeptical of the letter, which informed her that shes the lucky winner of $4,550,000. She is expected to make some payment of her own before she becomes a millionaire.

Seielstad called Grand Island police, who advised her to send the letter to the Nebraska Attorney Generals office. She complied.

Seielstad is concerned that some people might lose some of their savings in hopes of bringing home the $4 million. People who pay the initial fee, she says, will be waiting an awfully long time.

So I think it should be in the newspaper to warn people not to fall for it, she said.

After receiving the letter, Seielstad called her cousin, who used to be the president of a bank near Omaha.

The cousin remembered customers who were so excited that theyd won all this money. Some of the customers wanted to withdraw all of their savings to get their hands on the winnings. With their interest in mind, the bank refused.

Seielstads letter came from people at the Mega Millions Lottery, who were delighted to inform her that shes the winner of a drawing held on Oct. 15.

This is a tax-free draw and all participants are selected through a computerized drawing involving more than 40 million people worldwide, the letter says.

In order to start the process of collection, Seielstad was told to contact the Foreign Service Manager/Remittance officer of Safeway Securities in Madrid.

If she cant make it to Spain, she must put in her claim before Nov. 30.

If the trip to Spain isnt feasible, a home delivery and insurance fee will be paid by the winner to a diplomatic agent in the United States.

The letter indicates that 5 percent belongs to Safeway Securities because they are the promotion company.

If a transfer is made to the winners bank account, you will be responsible for the cost of the transfer, the letter says.

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Grand Island woman not interested in $4.5 million lottery win - Grand Island Independent

Love Island’s X Factor stars needed therapy to work through their trust issues – Mirror Online

You would have thought all that time in the Love Island villa might have brought the Celebrity X Factor group No Love Lost closer together.

Apparently not. Mentor Simon Cowell has sent Wes Nelson , Zara McDermott , Samira Mighty and Eyal Booker to therapy to work on their trust issues with each other.

Simon called in professional therapists, explains an insider.

There are a few problems behind the scenes which need to be ironed out, and so the pros were involved who could address these issues and make them more of a unit.

One bonding exercise involved the All or Nothing singers being blindfolded, falling backwards and trusting the others to catch them. But model and influencer Eyal, 24, denied a rift.

He revealed: Despite us spending 16 hours together a day and writing our own tracks in the studio until after midnight, the show got us doing some bonding exercises.

We found the whole thing hilarious. We didnt think we could get any closer but it goes to show we are the strongest weve ever been as a band.

They need as much help as they can get. Bookmakers Coral have revealed No Love Lost are 2-1 to be given the chop.

Interviewer Martin Bashir is facing worse odds of 1-2, while TOWIE star Megan McKenna has odds of 50-1 she will be next to leave the ITV show.

Perhaps those falling exercises will help prepare the Love Islanders if they do crash out on Saturday.

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Love Island's X Factor stars needed therapy to work through their trust issues - Mirror Online

On a Greek Island, a Bookstore With Some Mythology of Its Own – The New York Times

SANTORINI, Greece On a wall above rare first editions, old maps of this volcanic island and a stained linen lampshade, a painted timeline traces the evolution of Atlantis Books from a wine-drenched notion in 2002 into one of Europes most enchanting bookstores.

A terrace overlooks the Aegean Sea. Bookshelves swing back to reveal hidden, lofted beds where the shops workers can sleep.

Somewhere along the way, word spread that visiting writers too could spend summer nights scribbling and snoozing there, and the owner began receiving emails requesting a bunk at earths most stunning writers colony, on an island Plato believed was the lost Atlantis.

But the writer-in-residence program was also a Greek myth.

The idea was not to come here to write the great American novel, it was to sling books, Craig Walzer, the stores owner, said. You are here for the bookshop first.

Over the last 15 years, as cruise-ship hordes and souvenir schlock have overrun the village of Oia on Santorinis northern tip, Atlantis Books has become an unlikely oasis of authenticity and cultural sanity.

Yellowed pages and shelves fashioned from driftwood give off a musty smell. The soundtrack on a recent visit shifted from Beck to the BBCs commentary of the Wimbledon mens final. Customers sidestepped the shop dog, Billie Holiday, to peruse just-so offerings (Plato: Cool as a Cucumber) from the stores own press of classics.

Have you read Rilke in Paris? Sarah Nasar, a veteran of Shakespeare and Company, asked one customer as Mr. Walzer steered a skeptical boy away from The Little Gray Donkey to a childrens version of the Iliad.

Boys being boys, Mr. Walzer described the plot of Homers epic.

Bibliophiles around them leafed through a lovingly curated collection of fiction, poetry, essays and rarities. A first edition of F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby, minus one of the rare-book worlds most sought-after dust jackets, was on sale for 6,000 euros beneath a label reading I must have you, a nod to the novels opening epigraph. Behind the register sat a 1935 edition of James Joyces Ulysses, illustrated by Matisse, and an exceedingly rare first edition of Charles Dickenss A Christmas Carol. It was listed at 17,500 euros.

Thats a big boys book, Mr. Walzer said.

Expensive rare books sell well here, Mr. Walzer explained, partly because the island has become a popular destination for people who have way too much money, but also because honeymooners and other visitors often want to take home something more meaningful and less common than a diamond bracelet, say. Books offer tourists something tangible and not digital, he added; theyre not just another posed photo in front of the sunset.

Right on cue a customer interrupted to ask whether pictures were allowed in the store: Its so cool.

Sure, Mr. Walzer said.

Almost despite itself, the shop has become a tourist attraction. That is especially strange for Mr. Walzer, who for years called the cozy place home. He alternated beds. One is hidden behind shelves now displaying copies of Homers Odyssey and the Harry Potter series in ancient Greek. The other one (the master bedroom, Mr. Walzer called it) sits above the German section. That spot is now occupied by one of the stores employees, Katie Berry, a 22-year-old graduate in English from Harvard (Surprise, she deadpanned) who was spending her third summer sleeping amid the stacks.

This is clearly where the visiting-writer legend began, and Mr. Walzer, who moved to a neighboring town in 2017, wanted to clear up some other misconceptions.

The shop is run by him, a 38-year-old Memphis native who keeps barbecue sauce in the back fridge and who affectionately uses the words chief and dude, not by a twee old British man whom many tourists ask to meet. Atlantis is not the oldest and smallest bookstore in Europe. Harry Potter was not set here. Ernest Hemingway did not write here.

And yet, the story of Atlantis is not without its mythic elements.

It has a muse-inspired (O.K., booze-inspired) origin. Mr. Walzer and a friend came up with the idea during a visit to the island during a break from Oxford in 2002. It has a great journey: a van ride with fellow founders from Britain to Santorini, during which Mr. Walzer read John Steinbecks East of Eden, the tattered copy of which is kept in the back like a talisman near a signed, plastic-wrapped galley of Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace.

It has no shortage of twists and turns. An original location below the ramparts of a 13th-century castle built by Venetians closed, and the founders were forced to rebuild the shop in a ruined captains house. Love interests came and went. (Love Stories, for Suckers reads the label in the stores romance section.) One of Mr. Walzers drinking buddies, the author Jeremy Mercer, injected a dose of deus ex machina in 2005, when The Guardian asked him for his favorite bookstores and he topped his list with Atlantis.

We had no business being on that list, Mr. Walzer said. Now I think we do.

And Mr. Walzer himself stands in as the tortured hero. He left the island in 2005, enrolled and dropped out of Harvards Kennedy School and its law school, then went underground essentially in New Orleans. He found his way, and returned to Santorini and his bookshop for good in 2011. Survival led to success, but as the shop flourished the real estate fates descended. In 2015, landlords threatened eviction unless Mr. Walzer came up with a million euros to counter an apparent offer on the building.

But since international coverage at the time raised the alarm that Atlantis could be lost again, Mr. Walzer hasnt heard back from the dreaded landlords. He said he is still operating without a lease.

One day the bell will toll, he said. But not today, because its Sunday afternoon.

And it was a lovely one. As he sat on the stores terrace, with the shimmering Aegean filling the Caldera on one side and tourists flowing like lava down Oias narrow sunset boulevard on the other, Mr. Walzer rolled a cigarette. He looked with contentment at the sea and the people scanning a blue shelf of used books.

The challenge used to be selling books. Now its finding the books to sell, he said. We figured it out.

Moments later, his phone buzzed. Billie Holiday had vomited by the Bs in the fiction section. He excused himself to help clean up. It took a lot, he noted, to make this mythical place.

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On a Greek Island, a Bookstore With Some Mythology of Its Own - The New York Times

Final Bannerman Island Tour Set For This Weekend – wpdh.com

One final tour has been added for Bannerman Island for 2019 so Hudson Valley residents can check out a unique perspective of the fall foliage.

The Estuary Steward will depart this Saturday from the Beacon Waterfront from the Beacon Institute Floating Dock at both 11 AM and 12:30 PM. Tickets are $35 for adults and $30 per child. Tickets can be obtained by calling (845) 203-1316.

Proceeds from tours and events on Bannerman Island go towards the restoration and reconstruction of structures on the island. In recent years the former Bannerman family home was restored as a visitor center, towers and walls have been stabilized and sidewalks have been replaced.

Expect more tours, movies, plays and other special events when Bannerman Island springs back to life this spring. For more information on how the island's restoration came about, you can visit their website.

Did you know: Whilemost call the island Bannerman Island, its true name is Pollopel Island. It's called Bannerman after Francis Bannerman VI who used the island as storage for his military surplus business and is responsible for the construction of the castle structure and home.

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Final Bannerman Island Tour Set For This Weekend - wpdh.com

Rioli to make footy return at Tiwi Islands this weekend – The Age

If you're lucky enough to be on Bathurst Island at the Tiwi Islands on Saturday, you'll be treated to the sight of four-time premiership winner Cyril Rioli playing footy.

Rioli, 30, stunned the AFL world when he retired during 2018 to move back home, ending a 189 game career with Hawthorn. Many thought that was a premature end, but Cyril is back.

On Saturday, in the Tiwi Bombers' first game on Tiwi Islands for the season, Rioli will make his return to footy.

The 2015 North Smith Medal winner joined NTFL side the Tiwi Bombers as a runner late in the 2018 season, and stepped up to be an assistant coach, looking after the forwards group, for this season.

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Rioli to make footy return at Tiwi Islands this weekend - The Age

Lord Howe Island rodent eradication program on track for success as last bait traps laid – ABC News

Updated November 01, 2019 12:19:57

Lord Howe Island could soon be declared a rodent-free zone, as a controversial baiting program comes to an end.

The rodent eradication program (REP) started on the popular tourist island in June and involved cereal pellets laced with poison being placed inside 22,000 lockable traps around the island.

Inaccessible areas were targeted by aerial drops of the same bait.

At the time, it was estimated there were 150,000 rats and 210,000 mice on Lord Howe some 1,000 rodents for each of the island's 350 residents.

Today, the last of the poisonous pellets will be placed into traps, marking the end of the baiting program.

The traps will soon be collected and taken away, which will take about a month.

"We are running exactly as planned," said Peter Adams, chief executive of Lord Howe Island's board.

"You get a rapid reduction in the number of rodents at first, and then you get a few little blips of activity, so that's exactly what's happened here.

"Yes, we believe it will be a successful eradication," he told the ABC

The island will be monitored for two years, and if no rats or mice are spotted, the area will be declared a rodent-free zone.

"Let's say there was a pregnant female, or a breeding pair left somewhere out there, it would take some time before that becomes obvious," Mr Adams said.

"It's such a rugged and inaccessible island in many ways."

The baiting was deemed safe for humans, but as a precaution, residents were told not to consume local eggs, milk or the livers of fish.

A supply of the rat poison antidote, Vitamin K1, was also brought to the island, but Mr Adams said it wasn't needed.

"Not a symptom, not a concern at all, so while the hospital was ready with all the things they needed, there was absolutely no need for it," he said.

There were also concerns two endemic species of bird, the Lord Howe Island woodhen and the currawong, might be particularly at risk of eating the bait.

The former is an endangered bird, which was nursed back from the brink of extinction on the island in the 1980s only a few hundred exist.

The species were taken into captivity while the REP took place placed in cages and looked after by staff from Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

"We've made sure that any animal, any bird, that was found dead, has been autopsied and tested," Mr Adams said

"We've had way less deaths from non-target species than was expected, or in our permits, that's been really encouraging," he said.

"All of the currawongs have now been re-released back into the wild the woodhens won't be released until all of the bait has been retrieved from the bait stations."

It is thought mice first appeared on Lord Howe Island around 1850, and the rats came later, after escaping from a sinking ship off the coast in 1918.

They've played a role in the extinction of several species of plants and animals.

Despite that, the REP has been a controversial issue among islanders.

Some didn't want it to go ahead, fearing it would do more harm than good, killing native animals.

Tensions boiled over earlier in the year, when a fight took place between two locals.

"There'll always be skeptics but I think things have settled a lot, and people really do hope that it has been successful," Mr Adams said.


First posted November 01, 2019 05:14:22

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Lord Howe Island rodent eradication program on track for success as last bait traps laid - ABC News

Turks and Caicos Private Island Ambergris Cay Unveils Villas With Upgraded All-Inclusive Perks – Robb Report

Home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and turquoise blue waters, Turks and Caicos has long been a beloved Caribbean destination for sun and relaxation. Comprised of 40 isles, the archipelago is mostly known for Providencialesbut just a quick 18-minute flight from that main hub is a lush paradise known as Ambergris Cay, a private island thats perfect for anyone looking to disconnect and recharge. When the resort opened last December, it came with 10 standalone suites set right on the beach. Now, the hideaway is gearing up to debut sumptuous villas that are fit for families and groups.

One of the new villas at Ambergris CayPhoto: Courtesy of Turks & Caicos Collection

Launching in November are three sunrise-facing villas that will be available for rent, with more to come in the following months. The expansive abodes span more than 6,000-square-feet, and have either three- or four-bedroom configurations that sleep up to eight guests. Interiors are mostly white to capture the natural sunlight, but are accented with vibrant pops of color in the form of ikat pillows, Acapulco chairs, and decorative vases. Each of the quarters are outfitted with their own en-suite bathrooms. while the master has the added bonus of a large tub and an outdoor shower. There are also plenty of common spaces for everyone to lounge around in, including a living room, a dining area with a full kitchen, and a furnished patio with a heated pool.

The living room of a new Ambergris Cay villaPhoto: Courtesy of Turks & Caicos Collection

What makes the dreamy home-away-from-home experience even better is an exemplary all-inclusive concept. With your villa stay, all food and beverage, including 24-hour room service and top-shelf spirits, will be covered, and youll also receive butler service and complimentary use of the resorts tennis courts, non-motorized sports, and runabout boats. While that all sounds pretty standard for any all-inclusive package, Ambergris Cay takes it several steps further by offering round-trip air transfers from Providenciales International Airport, catered lunches on one of the nearby deserted islets, and activities such as fitness trail workouts with the islands firemen and lobster catching excursions from August to Marchall gratis. This may just be one of the best deals for a private island vacation youll ever come across. Rates in high season (December 20 through Easter break) start at $5,600 per night for two people; additional guests are $560 per person, per night. Kids 12 and under stay, play and eat for free.

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Turks and Caicos Private Island Ambergris Cay Unveils Villas With Upgraded All-Inclusive Perks - Robb Report

Trick or treat! Its already Christmas at the Staten Island Mall – SILive.com

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- What did the Staten Island Mall dress up as for Halloween? Christmas.

The New Springville shopping hub is already oozing Christmas spirit with gigantic trees positioned inside at the Center Court and outside in The Plaza.

Theyre not holiday trees, said James Easley, the Malls senior general manager. "Theyre Christmas trees.

And jolly old St. Nick is just a day away from returning to his digs at the Mall to take pictures with fans starting Friday.

Folks also can expect an extra dose of the holiday season to be sprinkled throughout the dining area, Easley said.

The Staten Island Mall's outdoor Christmas tree, seen here by The Plaza (near Shake Shack).

On the morning of Saturday, Nov. 16, the Mall will bloom into peak holiday mode with its annual Santa arrival parade. Easley said the event will begin before the shopping sites 10 a.m. opening to allow families to easily navigate the New Springville complex, but no official time has been set.

This event has become so popular that we decided to give Santa free rein of the Mall on a Saturday morning so he can spread the magic dust around and light up the tree, Easley wrote in an email to the Advance.

The Mall is no stranger to jumping into the holiday spirit: Last year, the Christmas trees were up by Oct. 21.

SILive.com staffer Victoria Priola stopped by the Mall on Wednesday evening to check out the sights. You can watch her Facebook Live below, with a friendly warning: Guys, dont get triggered. But Santas workshop is up.

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Trick or treat! Its already Christmas at the Staten Island Mall - SILive.com

Prince Charles set for emotional Solomon Islands trip in bid to tackle climate change – Express

He will visit the islands after his tour of New Zealand and Tuvalu, on the November 24 and 25. The visit will focus on ocean preservation and climate change, and will see the Prince of Wales launch both a national ocean policy and a malaria elimination roadmap. Charles will meet with Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and other leaders in Honiara and will get the chance to see first hand and discuss the serious environmental problems currently facing the islanders.

They have been severely impacted by global warming, which has seen rising sea levels and more frequent and destructive cyclones.

This has led to more and more land being submerged by sea water, forcing communities to abandon their homes.

John Kaia from one of the islands told the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle that: Climate change has not only affected the weather, it has affected everything, the people, the sea, the land, even the food we eat has changed.

"People's lives have already changed so much."

The Prince of Wales is a passionate environmentalist and has spoken out about climate change, as well as deforestation and ocean pollution over the past 40 years.

A statement on his official website bears witness to the Princes passion for his cause.

It reads: The Prince has promoted sustainability to ensure that the natural assets upon which we all depend among other things soil, water, forests, a stable climate and fish stocks endure for future generations.

Moreover, he has repeatedly said that the world must act to avoid potentially devastating consequences when it comes to climate change.


Prince Charles aides 'ban stars of Netflix drama The Crown'

The Princes commitment and dedication to his environmental causes, as well as to his various charities such as the Princes Trust led to him receiving the prestigious 2017 GCC Global Leader of Change award.

On presenting Charles with his award, Livia Firth, Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age, said:

I am delighted we had an opportunity to recognise a statesman who has truly made a difference to many peoples lives through his work and given us insights to not just the issues, but solutions that can add value to people and planet.

His establishment of the Princes Trust alone is formidable and I have huge respect for someone who is the highest example of what at Eco-Age we call an active citizen.

The Prince will have a busy November, as he will also be visiting India.

He is to undertake a solo official visit to the country next month as part of his Autumn tour.

Continue reading here:

Prince Charles set for emotional Solomon Islands trip in bid to tackle climate change - Express

One New Thing to Check Out on Every Hawaiian Island From new stargazing opportunities to exclusive – msnNOW

thedaintyheart / flickr Stars Above Haleakala, Haleakala National Park, Maui, HI

Looking for something new in Hawaii? Heres one thing from each island to check out on your next trip:

Haleakala Stargazing (Maui)

A side effect of the on-going TMT protests is that the visitor center at the top of Mauna Kea is no longer accessible, and thus, the nightly stargazing events once held are now no more. With no end in sight, those looking to experience the beauty of the night sky in Hawaii will have to look elsewhere for opportunity.

In what seems like good timing, a new stargazing tour has launched on Maui that takes you on an 8-hour journey to the top of Haleakala for sunset, dinner and stargazing. Rooted in Hawaiian history and culture, the tour explains Haleakala from a Hawaiian point of view and educates on the night skyspecifically how Ancient Hawaiians relied on the stars for navigation and how it led them to Hawaii in the first place.

Hotel Makeover (Lanai)

After four years, the old Lodge at Koele will reopen after a refresh as The Four Seasons Hotel Lanai at Koele, a Sensei Retreat. The revamp, which cost $75 million and took several years, is the result of a cooperation between Four Seasons and a wellness company called Sensei, which was founded by Larry Ellison, who owns Lanai.

Each guest of the hotel is assigned a Sensei Guide who helps plan the stay; the goal is for you to come out better rested than you went in (aka, you wont need a vacation to rest from this vacation). With rates of more than $900 a night and a three-night minimum stay, the hotel falls in line with Lanais luxury-only tourism plan, offering upscale travelers personalized, tailored, exclusive experiences.

Kilohana Plantation Rum Tour (Kauai)

Looking for local libations? Check out the new Rum Safari tour at the Kilohana Plantation. Ride through the old plantation grounds in an open-aired vehicle, take a stroll through a tropical forest, sample Koloa Rumwhose tasting room is located on the propertyand then enjoy cocktails made with fresh herbs and fruit grown on the plantation.

New Lava Tube Options (Big Island)

The tour isnt brand new itself, but the focus of it takes on new meaning in light of the 2018 eruption that closed down the Thurston Lava Tube, one of Hawaii Volcano National Parks most famous attractions and perhaps the best, most easily-accessible example of the volcanic underworld. Now that its closed, there arent many options for people looking to explore lava tubes, the plumbing of the volcanoes that transport lava long distances underground.

The Volcano Unveiled Tour from Hawaii Forest & Trail takes groups onto otherwise inaccessible, privately-owned land into the depths of Kauhi Cave, a 500-600 year old lava tube thats known for its bright, vibrant yellow walls, skylights, lava remelt and hanging tree roots. Those looking to understand and explore lava tubes now that Thurston is closed should consider the tour.

Mokio Preserve (Molokai)

The Molokai Land Trust has a new baby: the Mokio Preserve. Containing more than 1,700 acres and occupying about 5 miles of coastline, 95 percent of the Preserve is currently occupied by non-native specieswhich, the Land Trust, of course, has set out to change.

Plans call for the reintroduction and repopulation of native species, as well as the creation of a sea-bird nesting sanctuary. Visitors to Molokai can get involved in the project by volunteering a half or full day, and in return be introduced to the native environments and local people, including access to private land and unique views of the island. That might sound like an unusual way to spend your vacation, but its the way they want it on Molokai.

The Halepuna Waikiki (Oahu)

The Waikiki Parc Hotel on Oahu has been transformed and rebranded into the Halepuna Waikiki, which is now accepting reservations as it reopens this fall. In addition to a full refresh, the renovations included the addition of a full-service, all-day bakery-style caf, the Halekulani Bakery and Restaurant, as well as a collaboration with the Honolulu Museum of Art property to create a luxurious yet boutique dcor.

WATCH: How to experience Maui's magic without the crowds (provided by Travel + Leisure)


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One New Thing to Check Out on Every Hawaiian Island From new stargazing opportunities to exclusive - msnNOW

Love Island star Amber Gills reaction to exes Greg and Michael hanging out is all of us – cosmopolitan.com

So, in this weeks most unexpected news, Love Island stars Michael Griffiths and Jordan Hames headed along to the O2 Arena to watch Greg O'Shea play in a rugby tournament. What do two out of three of them have in common aside from the whole Love Island thing? That would, of course, be Amber Gill.

On Wednesday night, Michael posted a video of himself to his Instagram Story as he cheered on Ambers ex in the stand. Showing fans that the pair even got the full and fancy VIP treatment at the game, Jordan posted a snap of the trio all posing together on the pitch.

"Top 3 villa boys supporting my guy @gregoshea at @rugbyxofficial tournament last night," Jordan wrote next to it.

In timing a little too suspicious to just be a coincidence, Amber cryptically wrote on Twitter: "Im screaming."

Of course, she could have been screaming at a variety of things, but were fairly certain it relates to Michael and Greg hanging out together. Were they even that close in the villa?

After Michael recoupled with Joanna Chimonides, Greg swooped in and took Amber for a date and the pair went on to win the 50,000. Michael was so shocked by Amber winning the show with someone else, he wrote on his Instagram Stories at the time: "Oh s***, oh s***, I did not expect that," before later adding: "Wow. Congratulations to these two."

So, basically, yeah, they were never besties and we're totally screaming too.

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Love Island star Amber Gills reaction to exes Greg and Michael hanging out is all of us - cosmopolitan.com

Walt Disney World: Pleasure Island added nightclubs to Mickey’s mix 30 years ago – Orlando Sentinel

Mannequins at Walt Disney Worlds Pleasure Island specialized in hot dance tunes in a bizarre, warehouse atmosphere for the over 21 crowd. The club featured nightly light shows with synchronized music and live performances by human "mannequins". The club closed on Sept. 27, 2008. (Courtesy Walt Disney Co.)

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Walt Disney World: Pleasure Island added nightclubs to Mickey's mix 30 years ago - Orlando Sentinel