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Computers are more powerful than ever. We are simulating complicated functions of the human mind and collecting and curating their output. Thousands of iterations created in minutes, novelty and ambiguity imbued into work whose core components are not directly from the human mind. Instead we are constructing and abstracting and handing over the keys of creativity to a fabrication of our mental facilities.

Sounds dystopian. But does the emergence of AI mean the end of creativity or a whole new pallet to play with?

All hail the Prometheans

Theres a new kid on the block whose process and output is intertwined with surprise, novelty, ambiguity, complexity and eccentricity. You wouldnt be wrong for mistaking it for magic, instead its the product of AI, and media creators are clambering over themselves to wield this new fire from the blue-chip Gods. Below are some Promethean heroes who are paving the way in creativity, leveraging this new tool to take their visions to new artistic heights.

Control. Shift. Face.

One content creator playing with the proverbial fire is someone who goes by the pseudonym Ctrl + Shift + Face. He is using Deep Fake - an AI GAN (generative adversarial network) that allows one to transpose one persons face onto another seamlessly, to create mind bending videos. His YouTube channel is getting attention from around the world for his incredible video editing work that superimposes other people's faces onto well-known celebrities. This deep-fake artist has done bizarre, but entirely believable, mashups of Sylvester Stallone in Terminator 2, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight Club.

You might not believe your own eyes when you see Bill Hader do an almost perfect impression of Tom Cruise.

Apeiron art

Mario Klingemann is another pioneer, who works with code, AI and data. A German artist and Google Arts and Culture resident, he created one of the first pieces of AI artwork to be sold at auction.

Memories of Passersby creates a never-ending stream of unique and uncanny portraits. Utilising a GAN model and thousands of 17th to 19th century portraits as a base data set, it creates portraits in real time, never repeating and never tiring, yet contains no database of created works. The work consists of two screens, each using AI to generate a portrait every few seconds. Every image is unique and morphs seamlessly into its successor.

Senses and sensibilities

The Chinese App Zao is another formalisation of this computer vision software, allowing people to replace the main characters in films with themselves. The app works like this: by uploading one of your selfies to the app, it can place your face on top of celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, making it seem like you starred in the Titanic. The app essentially lets anyone create a deepfake, or a fake video that seems incredibly real.

Meanwhile, fraudsters have utilised the same principle to manipulate sound. It was recently reported that a voice-generating AI software was used to impersonate the boss of a German parent company that owns a UK-based energy firm. They then tricked the latters chief executive into urgently wiring said funds to a Hungarian supplier in an hour a first of its kind AI-based voice fraud, that cost the company $243,000.

Are you scared yet?

We as humans are the creators and wielders of all tools which are allowing us to manipulate the fabric of our own digital reality. With A.I. at our fingertips, it might be said that we are leaving the age of Homo Sapien and entering the age of Homo Deus.

Theres no denying there is creativity on show here, but is this the future we want? Well, whether you like it or not, its the future weve got. Weve opened the Pandoras box, reality will never be the same again and its down to us as stewards of technology to ensure that what we create is constructive, not destructive.

Miles Tincknell, developer at Halo.

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Heres What to See, Watch, and Stream This Thanksgiving – Vulture

The Irishman, Heartstrings, and Knives Out Photo: From left: Courtesy of Netflix, Courtesy of Netflix, Courtesy of Lionsgate

There are two categories of Thanksgiving programming from which one can choose this holiday weekend. (Call it the white meat vs. dark meat dilemma of seasonal watching, or imagine them as dueling football teams if you so choose.) The first is comprised of shows and movies you can watch with your family: unlikely to offend, appealing to all ages, so cozy they blend right into the overstuffedness of the day. The other is comprised of shows and movies you can watch whilst escaping your family, whether that means its streamable on a contraband iPad during an extended bathroom break or in a different state entirely, after youve piled the Friendsgiving plates in the sink. Below, a heavy helping of both. You decide which is which. (Just maybe dont let the kids watch Rachel Getting Married.) Happy bingeing, in every sense of the word!

Knives OutThis one requires some effort, like actually getting into a car and going to a theater and feeling rotten for the people who have to work there on a holiday. But youll be rewarded with knits galore and rich, woodsy, family-murder-catharsis vibes. The money? Old. The England? New. The Knives? Most certainly OUT.

Marriage StoryWould you like some utter devastation with your mashed potatoes? Just the gravys fine? Oh, okay. If you change your mind, see Noah Baumbachs divorce film Marriage Story as it was intended: in a theater full of sniffling strangers. We also recommend sitting the family down to watch the most powerful eight minutes on Youtube to prepare for Adam Drivers performance.

Frozen 2Into the Unknown has major Just Around the Riverbend vibes. This is praise! This is a good thing! Lost in the Woods sounds like a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend track without the jokes! This is fine! You know youre going to have to see Frozen 2 if you have a tiny human in your life, so why not just give in and check it out?

A Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodEvery time I see the promotional still of Tom Hanks in character (the one that absolutely every article about this movie uses), I think its a biopic about the journalist who threw his shoes at Bush. You see an airborne shoe and your brain only has so many points of reference. Anyway, this is not that. Its not even a biopic, in the traditional sense. Its about a journalist played by Matthew Rhys profiling Mister Rogers. This would be a very nice thing to see with parents.

Ford v FerrariThe vroom-vroom movie where the cars go fast, starring Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Tracy Letts, Noah Jupe, a bunch of cars, and one (1) human woman. Settle your sensitive tum after you feast by going to the theater, buying a Coca Cola, and watching this with your old man. Did I mention the cars go real fast?

Queen & SlimFrom fast cars to fast cars with higher stakes, make a double feature of it and go see Queen & Slim, the feature-film debut from Formation music-video director Melina Matsoukas, written by Lena Waithe. The Thanksgiving tie-in here? The filmmakers respectively directed and wrote the Thanksgiving episode of Master of None.

The Good LiarIve seen this trailer so many times before so many movies and still have no idea what its about on account of the generic title but I do know it stars Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, and that has to count for something. Go take a beloved grandparent or aunt. Itll be a real treat.

Jojo RabbitIts cute and I liked it, why is everyone yelling at me!! You know your loved ones better than I do, and their mileage may vary with Taika Waititis Hitler-youth comedy. So you can determine whether or not to take them. I personally think seeing the little bespectacled kid is worth the price of admission.

Dark WatersFar from Heaven probably qualifies as Todd Hayness Thanksgiving movie, seeing as it looks like a harvest Pinterest mood board sprung to life. But this holiday season hes brought us a true story about an attorney going up against DuPont, which I think is where Ken Cosgrove worked by the end of Mad Men. Or was it Dow Chemical? Either way, its evil and its poisonous and Mark Ruffalo is gonna put a stop to it!

HarrietCynthia Erivo plays Harriet Tubman in this movie about the leader of the Underground Railroad movement, alongside Leslie Odom Jr. and Janelle Monae. If your family members like historical epics told on epic scales, this is a safe bet.

The Irishman (Netflix)Gratitude is one thing, but forgiveness? Thats a whole other roast beast. Thankfully, Netflix is uploading Martin Scorceses ruminative The Irishman in time for an inter-generational Thanksgiving viewing with your grandpa, your dad, and your very quiet, reproachful niece Peggy that stares at yall condemningly through a doorway. Its also such a good food movie that this one list of all the food in it forgot, like, at least five iconic foods.

Big Night (Rent on Amazon Prime)Is there a better food movie out there (excluding those about rat-chefs who control humans like puppets by pulling their hair)? You could make a case for Tampopo, but the highly erotic egg and oyster scenes make it less than ideal for watching with the fam. So in comes Big Night, a movie about brotherhood, passion, stuffing your face with lovingly prepared carbs, and an excitable Ian Holm walking around with a little moustache. The power of Allison Janney, Minnie Driver and Isabella Rossellini in one movie is undeniable.

First Reformed (Amazon Prime)Be thankful for literally the Planet Earth because it wont be around for much longer! Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner of bread dipped in whiskey! (And then enjoy your Irishman dessert of bread dipped in grape juice.)

The Family Stone (Hulu)This is the first appearance of Sarah Jessica Parker on this list, but it will not be the last. The Family Stone is traumatic, tonally bizarre, and often a downer, but its strange alchemy is just-different-enough from the Ephron/Meyers/Curtis holiday stand-bys to be more interesting than you remembered.

Rachel Getting Married (Netflix)Every family gathering should have a timed dishwasher-loading contest.

The VVitch (Netflix)I refuse to consult the style guide and I will never not spell it with those Satanic double-Vs. Thomasins dread tale is the only pilgrim movie youll ever need.

Chicken Run (Hulu)As the great Robert Pattinson once said when asked about his favorite chick flick, Chicken Run is the only thing coming into my head. Maybe its horribly wrong to watch this after carving into the turducken, but I like to think its a way to honor the fallen fowl for its service. For more stop motion in autumnal palettes, follow it up with Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (rent on Amazon)You already made your family watch Paddington 2 last year, and Paddington the year before that. If youre starved for another charming story about a young naf who moves from deepest Peru to the big city to spread kindness and teach manners this is also that!

Dolemite Is My Name (Netflix)For all the expectedly raunchy humor, this Eddie Murphy biopic comedy about Rudy Ray Moore is ultimately a sweet story about the thrill of getting your voice out there. Its earnest approach to the maaaaaagic of moooooovies is very winning and probably a good watch with the grandparents.

The Big Chill (Crackle)Yuppie scum but yuppie scum with a gorgeous soundtrack, cozy sweatshirts, and so, so many 80s dream daddies. It captures the best of friendsgiving vibes, just hanging out in leggings on various couches. Its a chilly Michigonian Everybody Wants Some, if Everybody Wants Some grew up and got a mortgage.

Lady Bird (Kanopy, Amazon)Well, Happy Thanksgiving. We missed you, Lady Bird.

Dolly Partons Heartstrings (Netflix)Bless Dolly for single-handedly saving the wretched wasteland of a genre that is streaming anthology series by doing something cute with it and weaving together a series of original stories each based on a different Dolly song. Genius. I havent seen it yet because I told my mom Id save it for Thanksgiving when we can watch it together. Pinky swear youll do the same.

National Dog Show (Thursday, November 28, NBC)A.K.A. the only sporting event that matters on Thanksgiving. Football who? Never heard of her. Immediately after the parade, 2,000 good boys and girls will compete to be the best pup in the land, based the judgment on an old man in a tuxedo fingerin his gums. Always fun to turn it on and see how your dog reacts to the screen. This year, Azawakh hounds will be competing for the first time. Picture a Saluki without the blowout.

Glee, Thanksgiving (Netflix)The Sarah Jessica Parker performance of Lets Have a Kiki will haunt me until my dying day. Lea Michele mashes it up with Turkey Lurkey Time from Promises, Promises to make it more holiday-appropriate, and the end result will ignite your fight-or-flight response. See if you can spot baby Shangela.

Over the Garden Wall (Hulu)An honest-to-goodness underrated gem of the decade in TV, and one that uses every woodsy Thanksgiving motif: brown leaves and settlers and log cabins, crackling fireplaces and turkeys and pumpkins. Its like if Ichabod and Mr. Toad were made by Ghibli instead of Disney. Plus, its only ten 11-minute episodes.

Billy on the Street (Netflix)Billy Eichners deconstructed talk show is now on Netflix in all its shouting, exasperated glory, and its a fun, easy binge. Sure, youve seen the For a Dollar games and segments where celebrities run around Flatiron, but the more high-concept bits are stellar as well. The alternate Macys Day parade featuring a Carol balloon is a classic, as is the Wicked tailgate.

Happy Endings (Hulu)The gonna tell my kids this was ___ meme is asinine and stupid and sucks, but the one about Happy Endings was good and correct. Demonstrate some goddamn integrity and eschew the Friends Thanksgiving agenda in favor of its superior successor. Nothing captures the gluttonous spirit of Thanksgiving like watching Alex eat ribs.

Gilmore Girls Marathon (Wednesday Nov 27, UPtv)Scott Patterson (Luke) hosts a 24-hour marathon of the most Thanksgivingy show of all time. Considering the new season of Mrs. Maisel wont be out until after Thanksgiving this year, its a perfect way to get your Amy Sherman-Palladino fix. And as always, Lane deserved better.

Documentary Now, Juan Loves Rice and Chicken (Netflix)This season-one episode of Documentary Now has the Dewey Cox problem of being leagues better than what its parodying. Fred Armisen is at his best when hes playing wide-eyed, humble neurotics who you feel sorry for, and watching Juan overcome his chicken-phobia to cook out of his fathers shadow is more moving than it has any right to be.

A Self-Guided Frasier Dinner Party Marathon (Netflix)If youre hosting Thanksgiving this year, just know that no matter how stressful it gets, youre pulling off a better soiree than Niles and Frasier ever could. Take comfort in their panic in dinner-party episodes like To Kill a Talking Bird, The Life of the Party, Daphne Does Dinner, The Seal Who Came to Dinner, Taps at the Montana, Dinner Party, Halloween, and The Innkeeper, to name a few of many.

Bobs Burgers (Hulu)So many Thanksgiving episodes, so many Emmy-worthy vocal stylings from John Roberts.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Marathon (Wednesday November 27, Bravo)If youre lucky enough to get Wednesday off, make the least of it (in a good way!) with an all-day-long Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon. Teresa flipping the table is a Thanksgiving mood if ever weve seen one.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Gang Squashes their Beefs (Hulu)A little Thanksgiving bounce-around between this holiday episode, the Suburbs one (with Macs famous mac and cheese), the 2-part holiday special, and the Jersey Shore one (rum ham!) will help you give thanks your family isnt McPoyle-level bad. The less we say about the Pilgrim-themed The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell, the better.

Twin Peaks: The Return and David Lynch Cooking Quinoa (Hulu and Youtube)Theres still a month left in this decade to watch the single best piece of audiovisual media that came out of it so get on that and give thanks that David Lynch was given the resources to make this. Then rewatch the original if you want actual autumnal-sweater, log-cabin, save the pine weasel vibes. Watch Fire Walk with Me if you want festive Thanksgiving turkey talk and a side of trauma. Watch this 20-minute video of David Lynch cooking quinoa if you need a last-minute dietary-restriction-friendly side dish for Thanksgiving dinner. Gobble gobble!

Succession (HBO)Season two had so many pivotal meals: the stinky Summer Palace, Tern Haven, the yacht betrayal-meal, the Dundee dinner feat. DJ Squiggle, and of course, Boar on the Floor. Relive the memories with a weekend binge.

Bon Appetits Making Perfect (Youtube)Its a comfort to know that even professional, Youtube-famous chefs mess up, and mess up a lot. Binge every episode of their Making Perfect Thanksgiving miniseries as they fumble their turkey brines, undercook their sprouts, overcook their sprouts, fight about sumac, and (spoiler alert) lose a state fair pie-baking competition. The final episode, where they all come together for an August Thanksgiving dinner at Claires parents house, is the Avengers: Endgame of the BA stan community.

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Guide To Beautiful Gifts From Craftsmen, Artists, And US Entrepreneurs – The Federalist

Ive slowly been refining my gift buying philosophy. Weve done big Christmasses, little Christmasses, piles of cheap plastic from China, handcrafted gifts, big-ticket items and small. As I think about what to give the people I love, both for Christmas and at other times such as birthdays, I find myself wanting to be more intentional, and give fewer, better things rather than more cheap things.

Things like that can be really hard to come up with. And sometimes the kid just wants cheap plastic from China, and you can get it for a ridiculous steal on Black Friday or on sale in July, and its fine. But where possible, and when I can manage, Im trying to up the quality and reduce the consumerism. Other goals include sending fewer dollars to corporations that use them to attack my faith and freedom, and fewer to enrich countries whose leaders run gulags.

Here are a few such favorite items Ive found from artists, small businesses, craftsmen (and craftswomen), and the like. Theyre arranged in no particular order. While I have personal relationships with one or two of the entrepreneurs mentioned, they have no idea I planned to mention them here and we have no financial relationship besides me buying their stuff at retail because I like it.

Feel welcome to ping me on Twitter if you also have recommendations in this vein. Im always looking for ideas.

Ad Crucem is a boutique Christian art company, and their selection of especially paintings include some striking original items. But I have to say my favorite of their offerings are the christmons. Christmons are basically decorations that involve historic symbols of Christ, hence the name.

Below is a nativity christmon perfect for a Christmas tree, but others in the collection would also make beautiful wedding, baptism, ordination, confirmation, Easter, or birthday gifts. They are of the right size and price to be included with a card in a small padded envelope.

The symbols are clear, strong, and beautiful. Just check out the strength of this Agnus Dei image:

Did I mention theyre on a 20 percent sale if you buy one of the collections starting at five pieces for $31? Plus free shipping on all orders to the continental USA. That just got me to buy a few more. Theyre perfect for stashing away for gifts throughout the year. I dont know how long this sale lasts but Id imagine its going through this Thanksgiving week.

I also adore this fleur-de-lis cheese plate but havent bought it yet because, well, if I bought everything I like wed be broke. Go make your wife, mom, or sister happy, though, and get it for her. Its $14, you cant beat that!

One gift I gave last year to a K-12 school was a set of these reproductions of master artists on canvas in beautiful frames. The Leonardo da Vinci I bought had some fading in the print but that is because the current original looks the same (da Vinci notoriously used experimental paints that have not always held up well through the centuries). I was very pleased with what came in the mail.

Id thought before of just uploading a high-quality JPEG of a classic work during one of those JCPenney or Michaels canvas art sales, but that would have taken time, and I got these with three clicks plus beautiful frames instead of me hating my life resizing and cropping for two hours on my computer. The frames alone are worth the $145-$185 price tags.

But if youre a budget shopper who doesnt mind resizing on your screen for an hour, try that route. The canvas prints sales are also good this week from just about all the places that sell them.

This. This, my friends, is an original bust of Flannery OConnor. Every single reader friend of yours wants one. If theyre not Flannery fans, Mud House Art and Literature has got them covered, too. Theyve got Homer, Jane Austin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Bach, Dante, and more, in busts, half busts, bookends, magnets, even Christmas ornaments.

Prices range from $21 for a refrigerator magnet to $299 for a full bust. Get 10 percent off with the code memoria when you check out.

Mud House Art and Literature is two fellas working down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They also publish books.

We bought this for a friends wedding last year: A U.S.-made Stargazer cast iron skillet. Stargazers have a forever warranty and are designed to not burn your hand and to pour sanely. They come in two sizes: 10.5-inch for $95 seasoned/$85 unseasoned; and 12-inch at $130 seasoned/$120 unseasoned.

I of course cant resist sharing the Etsy shop of my friend and watercolors teacher. Her selections change based on what shes working on. She started her original painting of Mary and Christ below next to me and another friend as we all slapped paint in a local rose garden.

You can get a 1620 canvas print of it for $49. Imagine it as a focal point of a family altar or prayer corner, or as the centerpiece of your mantel decorations this Christmas. You can also get Christmas cards from Red Letter Design with the same images, plus several more, in sets of 40 or 15.

Other friends who run a boutique Christian press, Emmanuel Press, produce Christmas cards Ive used now for years, and they update their selections each year with new commissions from working artists or designs that newly incorporate classic sacred art. The quality and richness they present is impossible to find in a mass-produced card.

Here are a few of my favorites. A small wood reproduction of the Russian holy family triptych, which is famous throughout Orthodox Christendom, is mounted on our familys playroom wall.

Religious art lifts my thoughts heavenward throughout my day, and the Lord knows I need that. So Ive been trying to slowly add more of it to our home. I hit the jackpot this summer by finding the booth of this mother who works in watercolors. Samanthas handle is Pleasantly Crafted. I own the piece below (and need its reminder multiple times a day) and bought several of the striking framed solo gratia calligraphy prints in the rich gold and purple for myself and as gifts.

Her prices are modest and her work beautiful. I believe she also does custom work, so contact her for calligraphy and more (details on her Etsy and Facebook). A lot of her things (she has a huge number of designs) are not on her Etsy shop right now, so if you see something you like in her Instagram feed, ask her about it! And here is her fresh Christmas card design for this season, also available to frame:

If you are interested in sacred art, and supporting working artists even as a small-time patron, page through the Catholic Artists Directory.

I found that through Theology of Home, a cottage enterprise by a trio of lovely Catholic ladies, several of whom have written excellent material for The Federalist. Check out their custom-scented candles. I like the idea of the smell of victory.

Even though I am not a Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox believer, all Christians share in the artistic tradition they continue to preserve, which is undeniably beautiful and worth supporting. Its millennia better than the Precious Moments and Thomas Kinkaide-ware of the typical evangelical mall. An Orthodox priest gave me my first icon and I cant wait to add more. Theyre not hard to find, in any price range, and would be a lovely gift for any believer who has good taste.

These two small publishers reprint beautiful old childrens books: The Good and the Beautiful and Living Book Press. Both also offer low prices, so you can afford to buy a boatload (which I just did for my kids for Christmas I get them books for every occasion).

The former reprints the books with very appealing covers and sometimes illustrations, which is absolutely effective at getting kids interested. They definitely judge books by the cover. Sometimes I will dress up an old book with a new cover just to snooker them.

Living Book Press tends to print the books with their original illustrations, another nice touch. I basically buy every new book they put out as soon as they get a new one off the press the prices range from $6 to $12 usually so its a very cheap habit. And it keeps my kids in books, which is the important thing. Way cheaper and better than supplying a video game habit. Use coupon code nostress (without the quote marks) UNTIL Friday for 10 percent off.

Here are a few recommended titles to start you off, excluding obvious classics you should be aware of like Kidnapped and Heidi. Fifty Famous Stories Retold, by James Baldwin. We spent the summer reading through that book before bed together, a story or two at a time. The King of the Golden River, by John Ruskin. This is impossible to find for $6 anywhere else. This Country of Ours, by Henrietta Marshall. This is a truly wonderful older childrens history of the United States. I read it for my own edification. Its best fit for middle school and up, unless youre reading aloud to younger children.

The Story Book of Science, by Jean Fabre. This book uses a frame narrative of a grandfather telling stories to his grandchildren. Some people like that and some people find it artificial. Depends on you and your child. If it works for you, this is an excellent book and aptly titled. The Story of the Illiad, by Alfred Church. This is a child-level retelling of the classic. Church does excellent retellings of Greek myths and his books are often very hard to find in good condition at a decent price.

Then from The Good and the Beautiful theres a bevy of history and historical fiction, at all reading levels and subjects of interest: Abraham Lincoln, by Wilbur Fisk Gordy, a 1917 biography; Boy of the Pyramids: A Mystery of Ancient Egypt, by Ruth Fosdick Jones; Men of Iron, by Howard Pyle; The Adventures of Philippe: A Story of Old Quebec, by Gwendolyn Bowers; Prudence Crandall, by Elizabeth Yates; and The Journey of Ching Lai, by Eleanor Frances Lattimore.

The only complaint I have about both presses is that Id like to buy hardcover editions of their reprints. I know those cost more but they also hold up much better to little kids hands. I might be able to keep them for the grandkids that way. If you care about that, like me, you might invest in some softcover contact paper like libraries use to keep your softcovers lasting longer. You can get a roll at Demco.

Note: It requires VERY careful hands to apply that stuff without totally mangling the book. Maybe try it on a few garbage books you got at the thrift store to get the hang of it. But it does help preserve your books.

If you havent heard about Saddleback Leather and drooled over their stuff ever since, head on over there and try to keep your greed in check by planning to give their goods to other people. Basically anything they offer is the right gift for any man in your life. They have some things for women, too, but really, this is a man store. All handmade in the United States and with a 100-year warranty.

When we were poor early in our marriage, I pinched and hid freelancing money from my husband for months to buy him this one, which he can hand down to whatever lucky son sucks up enough to get it. If youre not looking to drop $719, their wallets are a great anyman gift and much more affordable.

This mother of two embroiders primarily baby slings but also other lovely items that would make beautiful gifts. Heres her Etsy shop. Dont you wish you could do that? Wow.

This Etsy link sent by a friend is to handmade unisex beanies in a rainbow of colors. You could almost get this gift for anyone, and its only $20.

Federalist writer R.H. says of this papercraft duo, I just took profile snaps of each of my five children and they sent me digital files. I love them made a framed gallery for myself, but also since I own the digitals I plan on making little ornaments too. Basically every mother ever wants one of these of her kids.

This crafters personalized family embroidery schedule is full through the rest of the year, she says on Instagram, but these stitched family portraits would also be perfect for an anniversary, birthday, or family reunion gift.

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Guide To Beautiful Gifts From Craftsmen, Artists, And US Entrepreneurs - The Federalist

Friends reunion special with cast ‘in the works at HBO Max’ – Metro.co.uk

The cast of Friends in talks for a reunion (Picture: NBC)

A Friends reboot is officially back on the table with cast members Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

According to reports, the creators and stars of the hit comedy are in talks to reunite on HBO Max.

Yep, Christmas has well and truly come early!

Talks are currently underway for an unscripted reunion special, an insider told The Hollywood Reporter however, lets not all get carried away just yet.

The publication also made it clear that a deal is far from done and agreements with cast and creatives still need to be hammered out.

After breaking the internet by uploading a picture of herself and her co-stars back together, Jennifer got us all excited again when she told Ellen DeGeneres that the crew is working on something.

While it seemed to be a joke at first and Jennifer completely ruled out a full reboot, she later admitted that on the shows 25th anniversary, there might be something in the making.

Jennifer said: We would love for there to be something, but we dont know what that something is. So were just trying.

Were working on something, she then teased.

However, in September, Friends co-creator and executive producer Marta Kauffman ruled out any chance of a reunion or reboot entirely.

We will not be doing a reunion show, we will not be doing a reboot, Kauffman said.

The show was about that time in life when friends are your family. On the subject of a reboot, Kauffman added: Its not going to beat what we did.

Looks like she might have changed her mind though

Metro.co.uk has contacted Warner Bros and HBO for comment.

Friends is available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

If you've got a story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro.co.uk Entertainment team by emailing us celebtips@metro.co.uk, calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page - we'd love to hear from you.

MORE: Jennifer Aniston dubs Friends the gift of a lifetime in epic Peoples Choice Awards Icon acceptance speech

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Friends reunion special with cast 'in the works at HBO Max' - Metro.co.uk

What can I do if I hate my job? Here are 5 things – Ladders

I hate my job! Have you ever said that?

Chances are if youve held any position for any length of time at all, youve uttered the wordsI hate my job.It seems like a prevailing attitude these days.

Let me contrast hating your job from pursuingearly retirementorfinancial freedom because you want to have more control over your time and your life. Though some have said they hate their jobs, most want to take more control of their lives and put together a plan to get there sooner rather than later.

Im talking about those of us who say I hate my job but feel like they cant do anything about it.

There are a lot of reasons for being unhappy with our jobs. Heres a shortlist too many meetings, bad bosses, not enough vacation time, long hours, not appreciated, too much stress, not fulfilling, or not what matches my education.

Can I be honest with you? As the saying goes, these are first world problems. Sometimes I think we forget how good we have it. Ill spare you the soapbox about how good we have it in this country relative to the rest of the world. And Im certainly not suggesting that anyone should stay in a job thats causing them stress that leads to health problems.

Heres the thing that bothers me. I think we have lost perspective on work. That scares me a bit. If everyone hated their jobs and decided to quit, where would that leave the economy? It would be a mess. Thankfully, not everyone quits their jobs.

But should they? What should we do if we find ourselves in an unbearable job situation? Should we tell our boss to shove it? Stick it out?

Thats what I want to talk about in this post.

Polls and studies tell us that the vast majority of people hate their jobs. A couple of years ago, in 2017, Gallup conducted a survey on workplace happiness. In reality, it was about workplace unhappiness. The title of the study,The Worlds Broken Workplace, says it all. The results show that a staggering 85% of the workers of the world say they hate their jobs. Im not making this up. Its not that they dont like their jobs. They say they hate them.

The reason they cite the most? They hate their boss. Heres a quote from the article:

According to Gallups World Poll, many people in the world hate their job and especially their bossEmployees everywhere dont necessarily hate the company or organization they work for as much as they do their boss. Employees

Wow! And there is more:

Only 15% of the worlds one billion full-time workers are engaged at work. It is significantly better in the U.S., at around 30% engaged, but this still means that roughly 70% of American workers arent engaged. It would change the world if we did better.

Whichever study you choose to use, the evidence is clear. People are unhappy with their jobs!

I hesitate to put this first. But I understand the reality. Many of you cant see your way out of ever being happy with your current job situation. So, lets look at some ways you can find another job.

First, get thatkiller resume ready. The resume should be your best first impression. Spend time getting that together. Consult an expert if you think that will help. Have others look it over and make suggestions. Dont skimp on this step. Most get passed over. Yours needs to stand out. Make sure it does.

If youre in a job that pays $100k or more, Ladders is your best option. You can post your resume there, get into networking groups, and so much more. Even if youre not looking for a $100k plus job, its a great site to get educated on the process.

Indeed.comis another excellent place to look. Their site is much more broad-based. YOu can enter keywords into a search box describing the kinds of jobs you want. Uploading your resume is a simple process. They have profiles of numerous companies you can research. You can search by salary range, income, location, and many more.

LinkedInis another great job search site. Go to theJobs taband search for the jobs you want. Here, you can leverage your connections, get introductions, and much more.

These three would be my top choices to start the job search.

With that out of the way, I would suggest this not be your first step. Ill tell you why when I cover the next few things to do.

Im probably stepping into some dangerous territory here with this one. But if we dont do some self-reflection when things arent going our way, we are more prone to bad decisions.

Have you noticed it? The blame game is alive and well. It seems like most of us dont want to take responsibility for our actions. Thats especially true when it comes to our mistakes. Its much easier to find fault in someone else. In reality, the responsibility may not be with anyones mistake. It may have everything to do withour mindset.

Carol Dweck, who wrote a great book on the topic of mindset,Mindset, The New Psychology of Success, says the following:

Im probably stepping into some dangerous territory here with this one. But if we dont do some self-reflection when things arent going our way, we are more prone to bad decisions.

Have you noticed it? The blame game is alive and well. It seems like most of us dont want to take responsibility for our actions. Thats especially true when it comes to our mistakes. Its much easier to find fault in someone else. In reality, the responsibility may not be with anyones mistake. It may have everything to do withour mindset.

Carol Dweck, who wrote a great book on the topic of mindset,Mindset, The New Psychology of Success, says the following:

In one world, effort is a bad thing.It, like failure, means youre not smart or talented.If you were, you wouldnt need effort.In the other world, effort is what makes you smart or talented.

Your Mindset

The latter description is the growth mindset. The former is a fixed mindset. If you have a fixed mindset in life, you will likely be miserable in your job. Heres how I described it in anarticle on the subject of mindset:

People with a fixed mindset believe their essential qualities,like talents and intelligence, are fixed traits.Rather than spending their time developing them, they spend time documenting their ability or knowledge.They believe their talent and intelligence are the keys to their success.Hard work has no bearing on it.Dr. Dweck says for those with a fixed mindset,its not enough just to succeed.You have to be flawless.Its the belief that says if youve got it, youve got it.If you dont, you dont.

Its a dangerous perfectionist mindset. Do you look at yourself as being flawless? If so, how do you think that impacts those around you at work? Be willing to examine yourself critically to look at your role in your unhappiness at work. People with a growth mindset are always looking for ways to learn and grow.

As yourself some of the following questions.

If youre one who says I hate my job, take a look at what it is you hate about it. Is it the area of the company? Do you hate your boss? Is the work boring? If you could do something else with the company, what would it be?

If, after self-reflection, you feel youve done everything you can, its time to talk to your boss. Before you do, though, get yourself in the right frame of mind. If you go in with an attitude, or with an accusing tone, it wont go well for you. If youre angry and cant get rid of that anger, dont have the conversation until youve settled down. Often, the root of the problems at the workplace comes down to communication.

Im not saying your boss isnt a jerk. He or she very well be a jerk. What I am saying is that it doesnt mean they arent willing to change. Think about what you want to say before setting up the meeting. Write down your thoughts. Talk to your spouse, partner, significant other, or a good friend. Vet it out with someone you trust. Be careful when you do that to look critically at both sides of the issue. There are always two sides to every story. As you contemplate the conversation, try to get a feel for your bosss side of the story. Look at things from their perspective.

Dont turn assumptions based on your feelings into facts. Facts are just that facts. Just because you think you know why someone does something, that doesnt make it a fact. Its an opinion. Look at the other possibilities outside of what you think.

Everyone is fighting a battle. Someone who is a jerk is likely an unhappy person. They have baggage you dont know about. You have baggage they dont know about. Understanding that aspect of the human condition is helpful when preparing to have tough conversations.

Lets say that, after answering the previous questions, you find there may be another place in the company thats a better fit. Do you have the skills or education to move into that position? If not, what would it take to get those skills?

Once you have the answer to that question, put together a plan to get that education. Most companies nowadays offer assistance to advance your knowledge. Most want to help those who wish to further their careers with their company. Pursue that education and make yourself a better employee.If it turns out that the job you want and the skills you need to get it is outside of your current company, put together a plan to get those skills or that education.

According to thePew Research studyreferenced earlier, people in management are much more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. They are salaried employees with excellent benefits as part of the job. People in retail, manual operations have fewer benefits and lower job satisfaction. The survey shows that 59% of people earning $75,000 or more in salary say they are very satisfied with their current job.

Get the additional skills, degree, or certification you need to move into the higher-paying jobs. Work on your income by working on your education and skills.

Finding other sources of income may sound far-fetched if youre miserable in your current job and working long, stressful hours. For a refresher, go back to #2 and check on your mindset. Were going to assume you want to get better and improve your position.Finding financial independencebrings options to your life. Having multiple sources of income is one of the best paths to get there.

Sides hustles for busy peopleare possible. There are numerous ways to make money that dont take a lot of time. Not sure where to start? I get it. If youre one of those people, who say I hate my job and you feel stuck, thinking about side hustles can be difficult. If that describes you, please dont give up hope. Whether youre an introvert, extrovert, or a combination of both (yes, thats possible), there are numerous ways toearn side income.

The most successful people who retire comfortably have more than one source of income. It may be frominvestments in real estate,dividend-paying stocks, businesses, or a simple part-time job. You would be surprised how little money and time it takes to get started in some of these side hustles or investments.

Dont think its impossible because you dont have the time or skills. You have plenty of both. Focusing on a plan to create additional income is a marathon, not a spring. It wont get you out of the job you hate tomorrow.

However, it might make it easier to put up with or feel better about it if you know you have a plan to move away.

I am keenly aware that anyone reading this whos in the I hate my job mindset, might find this oversimplified. Id go so far as to say it might even piss you off. I mean, no one wants to hear about the changes and steps they need to take to improve a difficult job situation. Its much easier to put the onus on another person. Perhaps you put it on the company, the culture, or all of these things.

Heres what I know. There is one and only one thing we can control in these kinds of situations. No, it isnt our boss. Nor is it the companys management (though they may be horrible). It isnt the work environment. It isnt any of those things. You know where Im going with this. The one thing we can control is us. We cant control our circumstances, only how we react and respond to them.

Its our choice. We can stay stuck in the mindset of trying to force change on others. Or we can take matters into our own hands and change the one thing we can control.

Make no mistake. Its easier said than done. I realize that. We will have a much better chance for success when the focus of the change and examination is on ourselves, rather than the one we think is the reason for our misery.

There is a lot more that we could say about this kind of situation. I like to keep things simple. The five items listed here are, at the very least, a starting point to help get you unstuck.

This article first appeared on The Money Mix.

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What can I do if I hate my job? Here are 5 things - Ladders

"Hide the Pain Harold" describes what it is like to become a famous meme – Boing Boing

If you have a pulse, you've seen memes starring "Hide the Pain Harold," an older man sitting at a desk, one hand holding a coffee cup, the other on a laptop keyboard. He is smiling, but his eyes tell a different story, one filled with regret, self-doubt, fear, and sadness. The man behind the meme is Andrs Arat (74), a former electrical engineer, who says he is actually a happy person. He wrote an essay for The Guardian about what it is like to become accidentally famous. Wisely, Arat took control of the meme by starting a Facebook fan page and uploading videos and stories to it.

That started everything going. People noticed that I had taken ownership of the meme and got in contact to offer me work. I was given a role in a television commercial for a Hungarian car dealer. In one of the adverts, I travelled to Germany to buy a used car and it broke down halfway home; if I had bought the same car through their company, the brand claimed, it wouldnt have happened. The fee for that commercial changed my wifes mind about the meme.

Now my life has changed dramatically. People ask me to talk about my story, to demonstrate the power of memes. A football website flew me to England to make a video about Manchester City; I got to tour the ground and watch them play a Champions League game. The German mail-order giant Otto flew me out to make commercials for them. The Hungarian hard rock band Cloud 9+ have a song called Hide The Pain, with me in the video. Im the face of Totum, the British discount card run by the National Union of Students they got me to wear a bucket hat. Ive even given a TED talk.

As much as some of us fear the loss of our jobs to robots, theres one job were pretty sure they are welcome to: vacuuming. Theres nothing quite like kicking back and watching a robot vacuum do one of the most time-consuming tasks on the household chore list. And there are few bots that do []

Got some aches that a lazy rubdown wont put a dent in? Give your muscles an early Christmas with these massage guns. If youve never tried one, theyre all designed to bring deep tissue relief, and theyre all at Black Friday prices now. JAWKU Muscle Blaster V2 Cordless Percussion Massage Gun This cordless massager exerts []

Just about everybody from small-time app developers to big database administrators loves Linux. But just because its open-source doesnt mean its secrets are open to everybody. For that, you need a comprehensive training program like the Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle. If youre chasing any kind of career in coding, this is the online regimen []

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"Hide the Pain Harold" describes what it is like to become a famous meme - Boing Boing

Is the International Marketplace Network the best way to expand? – Tamebay

Last week, Real, CDiscount, EPrice and EMAG announced that their one account to rule them all model is now ready for users. Whilst it hasnt been a secret that they were planning to work together, they have pressed the magic button which allows online sellers to connect all their accounts through the International Marketplace Network.

Today, Jesse Wragg, Managing Director at eCommeleon takes a look at the pros and cons of the International Marketplace Network. On the one hand if you already sell on either Real, CDiscount, EPrice or EMAG it enables you to easily list on the other three marketplaces extending your reach, but equally its unlikely to be as effective as translating and localising your listings for each marketplace on an individual basis.

If you want to really do justice in each country youll want to tweak your feed for each marketplace. (eCommeleon enables you to upload your product data and it can then help you map, convert and optimise it for each of these channels and validate it with each channels rules and requirements).

My interpretation of the IMN is that its the cross-channel equivalent of Amazons build international listings tool. That is, sign up in one locale/channel, press the right button and pow; youre listing and selling across multiple marketplaces in multiple countries.

In theory, it sounds great. The practice remains to be seen, particularly as Amazon has plenty of issues between its own marketplaces (attributes getting confused, EANs not working properly etc.), so it will be interesting to see how this cross-platform technology works when having to deal with very different systems.

In general, the IMN seems to be a bit of a no-brainer, as long as you dont mind exporting the CSV with your orders and uploading it into your system. What they dont say is how this can be managed alternatively. For example, Real & Cdiscount both integrate well with Linnworks for order management, ePrice & Cdiscount with ChannelAdvisor. Does that mean that you could now view your orders from Real in ChannelAdvisor via the Cdiscount connection? If so, thats something to write home about. If not, sellers using a system such as this will just need to make sure that theyve got a decent buffer on their inventory in order to avoid over-selling.

Machine translation. Its getting better, theres no arguments about that. But when you look at the trouble Amazon has with converting listings internationally via the build international listings tool, its easy to see that machines cant yet be trusted to automate the process of converting data from one marketplace to another; even marketplaces under the same hat. Whilst its nice to see that Real, Cdiscount, EMAG & ePrice are working together to take on Amazon, sellers should still remember that these are still different beasts unto themselves and whilst the technical integration is now alive and well, were working with multiple channels which each have their own requirements.

Lets imagine that Cdiscount allows you to use 250 characters on titles in your category, but Real only allows 200. Sure, the system can machine translate from French to German, but what will your German title look like on Real after its been machine translated and had 50 characters sliced off the end?

If youve got an account with any of the four International Marketplace Network partner marktplaces, youre now able to sell on any of the rest, quickly, simply and at the click of a button Its a quick and easy way to expand your international reach and ideal if you want to test the waters on a new marketplace in a new country.

But, if you are serious about listing on all four channels channel you might as well do it properly. Just as you tailor your feed for each international Amazon or eBay marketplace why wouldnt you spend the time to do the same for Real, CDiscount, EPrice and EMAG?

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Is the International Marketplace Network the best way to expand? - Tamebay

Look Ahead: Curio Aggregates News Stories Before Converting the Articles Into Audio Files – Editor And Publisher Magazine

News consumers have a variety of apps at their disposal to help aggregate their news and deliver it in their preferred way. But for those who prefer to listen to their news, whether its at home or on their daily commute, theres Curio.

Curio is an app that converts news articles into audio files from a range of publications, including the Washington Post, Economist, Financial Times, Guardian, Bloomberg, and more. The app is always uploading and converting new articles, while Curio curates and personalizes news to the users interests and even functions offline. The app has three different plans for users to choose from: annual premium ($59.99), monthly premium ($7.99) or free, which allows users to listen to 10 free tracks.

The app was created in 2017 by CEO Govind Balakrishnan and COO Srikant Chakravarti as a way to help (news consumers) understand the world better and feel more connected with it and with (their) peers. Earlier this year, the app became available in the U.S.

Balakrishnan explained that content is handpicked daily by the editorial team and then narrated by professionals. Curio works with more than 40 professional narrators, including the likes of Andi Arndt, a two-time Audie Award winner, and Ronnie Butler, an actor and award-winning audiobook narrator.

In the app, users will find a For You tab, which becomes a personalized newsfeed, a discover tab where they can browse by category or publisher, and a library tab where users can check out their bookmarked and downloaded articles as well as their queue.

We want to offer different perspectives and great ideas that often get buried under the daily news agenda, Balakrishnan said. Thats why curation is an essential element for us.

Its also what Balakrishnan believes sets Curio apart from other similar tools out there. We focus on timeless stories and ideas that have and will continue to have an impact in the world for the foreseeable future, he said.

Balakrishnan added that he felt the information space has become more crowded, causing news consumers to feel more overwhelmed. Curating the best content can help provide an understanding of what is happening and therefore deliver peace of mind, he explained. Curio also helps publications reach new audiences for stories they have worked hard to produce, and it can increase engagement and create a new stream of revenue for news publishers as well.

For more information, visit curio.io.

Editors Note: This article has been updated with the correct annual premium pricing.


Look Ahead: Curio Aggregates News Stories Before Converting the Articles Into Audio Files - Editor And Publisher Magazine

With a recalibrated vision WEA commits to further God’s Kingdom – Evangelical Focus

Every four to six years, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) celebrates its unity and plans its next season at a General Assembly (GA), gathering some 800 leaders from all over the globe. It takes care of administrative procedures and serves to formulate a fresh vision for the 600 million Evangelical community. The last General Assembly was to be held in 2014 in Seoul, South Korea, but was postponed until 2019.

For seven days, November 7-13, Indonesias capital Jakarta hosted the WEAs 13th General Assembly since the 1950s. A line borrowed from the Lords Prayer, Your Kingdom Come, served as main theme of the summit, uniting 92 national alliances leaders to refresh their passion and commitment to further Christs reign on the earth.

The organizers have aimed to invite three groups of people: endorsers or decision makers, who are the approving authority and direction-setters, normally composed of elder leaders; influencers or mobilizers, who have the passion, social skill and ability to mobilize people and resources; and implementers, or doers, who will get the job done, and make the plans happen at all levels, especially on the ground.


At the World Evangelical Alliance General Assembly closing evening, in a surprising visit, the conference welcomed Indonesias Minister of Internal Affairs. A moderate Muslim, he delivered an improvised talk with words about bridges between religious communities and common work towards public peace.

He had prepared a special gift: a beautiful texture map of Indonesia to WEA. In return, Secretary General of the WEA Efraim Tendero gave him a medallion of peace as a recognition for his efforts to promote security and peaceful atmosphere in Indonesia.

The final plenary session was led by George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilization. Dressed in a long-sleeve shirt portraying a map of the world, he spoke about being thankful for what God has already given. In his typical radical voice, the 81-year-old veteran ignited the audience with a calling to serve the Lord with love, humility, hope, urgency. He accented on radical grace leading to radical discipleship. Praise the Lord! If He can use a struggling, 81-year-old man like me, He can use anyone else!, ended George Verwer under standing ovations from the assembly.

In a final prayer, two young people prayed a commissioning prayer over the WEA national alliance leaders.


The WEA General Assembly closed with a pledge of four commitments:

(1) Articulating Evangelical essentials in the 21st Century

Evangelical essentials are timeless, but how they are presented to others in society requires careful consideration. Sensitivity, intentionality and boldness are needed to transmit these essentials effectively.

(2) Being authentic followers of Jesus

An authentic follower of Jesus follows Him personally and in community. Every Christ-follower should be engaging with others and inviting them into a journey of Christ-likeness in every area of their lives. Authentic followers reflect the image of God in who they are and all they do, as the fruit of sanctification, for Gods glory.

(3) Intergenerational leadership

As different parts of the Body of Christ, each generation offers unique gifts to advance the disciple-making effort. Congregations (and other communities and formations of Christ-followers) that incorporate the principle of intergenerational differences and capitalize collaboratively on the wisdom of members from each generation.

(4) Global focus, national impact

Following Jesus takes place within the context of His body of believers the Church locally, nationally and globally. Unity matters to the WEA. This unity will be demonstrated in a shared focus on holistic disciple-making during the next decade. The WEA is committed to maximizing its effectiveness by establishing and building up national alliances, strengthening its commissions, task forces and initiatives, while simultaneously nurturing new and creative networks and movements to accelerate spiritual formation.


The conference had opened on November 7 with a spectacular ceremony and then proceeded with plenary sessions, workshops, networks and business sessions. Every day of the GA weighed upon a general theme: Kingdom, Generations, Renewal, Unity, Leadership.

Twelve main sessions captured the hearts and imagination of the attendants: Your Kingdom Come; State of the WEA; The Kingdom in 21st Century Cities; Urgency of Disciple Making; Generational Discipleship; New Breeds of Leaders; Disruptive Innovations; Concert of Prayers; Reinforcements or Replacements; Mindset Shifts; Recalibrate, Realign and Resurgence; Commissioning.

Halfway through the assembly, the participants had an opportunity to make a pause for recalibration, realignment, and renewal as they joined 6:00 AM worship services with local believers. After this early start, the day proceeded with more downtime, local excursions and regional meetings for reflection and fellowship.


The new week began with Rev. C. B. Samuel, advisor of Micah Global, returning on Ezekiel 47:1,8-12. He said that every teaching about the Holy Spirit which does not have a foundation in both the Old and the New Testament, cannot be Biblical. Rather than the transforming missional engagement of the Holy Spirit, today His presence is only sought after as entertaining and experiential. The imagery of Ezekiel is one of water flowing out from a temple. In the NT, these metaphors would refer to the Spirit and the Church.

In v.9, the water flows towards the Dead Sea, and the sea waters were healed, because wherever the river goes, everything will live. The problem with mission today is that our talking about the Holy Spirit has been confined between four walls, Samuel said. The church is church only when it is missional. In His Kingdom the lion and the lamb will be together. The Jew and the Gentile will be together. This is the character of the Kingdom.


A challenging message by Dick Eastman, International President of Every Home for Christ, engaged the audience in a message, entitled Concert of Prayers. He followed up on a song preceding his talk that said, Its Your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise.

He opened by quoting Dr. A.T. Pierson, Wherever the church is aroused and the worlds wickedness arrested, someone somewhere has been praying. Christians should engage effectively praying for every country round the world. To lay a foundation for prayers, Dick Eastman outlined five main areas to focus: Open hands (in Mt. 9:37-38 God gives us the Great Condition: prayer); Open doors (Col. 4:2-3); Open minds (Acts 26:17-18); Open hearts (2 Cor. 4:3-4); Open heavens (Isaiah 45:8).

With the help of maps containing the name of every country, the audience spent focused minutes in prayer. To make sure every single nation is prayed for, the map lists country names grouped within the days of a month. Every delegate at the GA interceded for the nations listed on the date of his birthday.


The World Evangelical Alliance is a network of Evangelical communities in 130 nations, and 100 organizations, representing some 600 million Evangelical Christians. According to its webpage, the WEA seeks to strengthen local churches through national alliances, supporting and coordinating grassroots leadership and seeking practical ways of showing the unity of the body of Christ.

The organization was founded in London back in 1846. Today, it embraces member-bodies whose identity is rooted in historic Biblical Christianity. The WEA affirms the Biblical unity of the Church celebrating diversity of practices and theological emphases consistent with its Statement of Faith, while at the same time recognizing the dynamic tension between unity and diversity.

Every four to six years, the WEA holds a summit for vision renewal, connecting networks, and financial reporting, as well as holding an election of new International Council. The event is called General Assembly, and during the past three decades was held in Manila, Philipines (June 1992), Abbotsford, Canada (May 1997), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 2001), Pattaya, Thailand (October 2008). During this time it was consecutively led by Agustin Vencer (1992-2001), Gary Edmonds (2002-2004), Geoff Tunnicliffe (2005-2014), and presently by Bp. Efraim Tendero.

The mandate of Bp. Tendero was coming to an end in February 2019. However, the International Council had decided to extend his term by another year, so that there would be adequate focus on the Jakarta General Assembly. To facilitate the recruitment and on-boarding of an incoming WEA Secretary General, the council has established a human resource group tasked with setting up a Search Committee.

During the past couple of years, the organization accepted 16 new members from various places round the world. Since April 2019, whenever a new national alliance is accepted as a member of one of its eight Regional Alliances (Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East & North Africa, South Pacific), it automatically also becomes a member of WEA.


At a Monday morning business session, the General Assembly proceeded to grant mandate to its International Council. Eight of its members had already been nominated by the Regional Alliances and voted in a few days earlier. The session needed to accept the reports of the WEA IC Chairman Shana and Secretary General Tendero, to take care of electing the rest of the council, as well as to discuss some amendments in its by-laws.

The voting affirmed that the new WEA International Council would consist of fifteen members, including: 8 regional directors (Goodwill Shana, Noel Pantoja, Desmond Austin, Frank Hinkelmann, Marta Gaspari, David Guretzki, Bassem Fekry and Brian Winslade); 5 members at large (Mario Li Hing, Palmira dos Santos, Yamini Ravendran, Snehal Pinto, Kenneth Artz); one emeritus member (John Langlois) and the Secretary General Efraim Tendero. The mandate of the new council commences in November 2019, and will continue until the next WEA General Assembly. It is intended to represent the cultural mosaic that is the fabric of todays global Church.

In addition, the congregation discussed several amendments in the organizations by-laws: (a) that Regional Alliances would be formed on geographical (and not linguistic or cultural) basis; and every national alliance would only able to participate in one Regional Alliance; (b) that if a new organization from a country that already has a national alliance member of WEA applies for membership in a Regional Alliance or WEA, its application will need to be supported by the existing WEA member from that country; (c) that acceptance of a new member is based on their consent to abide by the WEA by-laws; (d) that in the case of membership termination of a national alliance, WEA would need to have the agreement of the corresponding Regional Alliance; (e) that in case of postal or electronic voting, a lack of reply on behalf of the International Committee members would be counted for abstention instead of affirmative (as it was so far).

After heated debates, the counting of ballots first showed 76% in favor for the changes suggested by the Spanish Evangelical Alliance. According to the organizations by-laws, any amendment in the document can only come in effect with a majority of 75% affirmative vote of the present voting members. Later in the evening at the plenary session, however, the International Committee chair Dr. Goodwill Shana announced that there had been a miscalculation of the ballots percentage. With a 37:13 vote (not counting abstentions), the math showed that only 69% of the delegates were in favor of the amendments. This was insufficient for a valid decision, and thus the by-laws remained unchanged.

For the first time in decades, the WEA announced a budget without financial deficit or debt. The issue had hung as a heavy burden for the past few administrations, and thus the Secretary General expressed his gratitude to the Lord for this achievement.

The WEA is a family of a number of structures and networks that work together constantly. Since 1974, it has maintained six commissions: Theological, Missional, Religious, Womens, Youth, Information Technology. At Jakarta, some of these commissions received new directors.


As a last morning reflection, Rev. C.B. Samuel spoke about what kind of leaders are able to bring hope to the world. In Ezekiel 34, God expresses His frustration with leaders who do not take care of the flock. They build empires, they are brutal, and have ruled harshly.

I am concerned with Christian leaders who come from corporate culture and bring in a type of thinking that cares about achievements, but does not care about people, Pastor Samuel admonished the audience. In that same chapter, God commits to send a shepherd to take care of his people. It is easier to develop leadership in a servant, than to develop servanthood in a leader. God needs shepherds after his own heart, concluded C.B. Samuel.

Use young leaders today; not just tomorrow, insisted Pastor Tan Seow How, of Heart of God Church, Singapore. Do not entertain youth; empower them. Youth need to be invited, involved, included before they can be influenced and impacted. Instead, we wrongly attempt impressing them.

In two consecutive plenary sessions entitled Reinforcements or Replacements, and Mind Shifts to Raise and Release the Next Generation of Leaders, pastor How inspired the conference to create space to empower youth. In traditional Protestant culture, How said, the tendency is: believe-become-behave-belong. However, the mindset of youth culture is radically different: belong-believe-become-behave. Three young people from Heart of God Church stepped on stage sharing how their life was changed as they joined the family of the youth focused ministry.


In a designated app, the organizers packed information on GA program, speakers, resources, stories, partners and sponsors. It also provided translation help, a prayer wall, and options for connecting.

On its YouTube channel, the WEA has set up a video playlist, regularly uploading recordings from the GA. Synopses of stage talks can also be found on the event blog. The organizations Twitter account @WEAGA2019 kept feeding relevant information, interviews and snapshots of the event, while a hashtag #jakarta2019 was promoted to mark social media interactions and references.

A new app that had been launched only months earlier, was presented at the assembly. It is developed by Linking Global Voices, a ministry aiming to serve the global missions community by focusing on the unique role of networks. The app is called GENMobile, and is designed to be a place to discover and serve alongside with other networks, collaborating as followers of Christ. Every national alliance or network can have its own profile (for invitation, contact here), presenting its own contact info and ministries, as well as receiving an opportunity to search for and connect with Christian networks across the globe. The application was presented by Eldon Porter, Consultant for Global Engagement on behalf of Linking Global Voices. In a day and age of networking and crisscrossed peer-to-peer communications, of personal linking and flat interconnectedness, GENMobile arrives as a timely and incredibly useful gizmo. The app is intended specifically to serve as a network of Christian networks.

In a similar endeavor to meet contemporary tendencies of interpersonal communication and peer-to-peer encouragement, the Global Institute of Leadership (GIL) was founded to bring together national alliances leaders from around the world via a platform for mutual support and training. GIL is an initiative of WEA administering both online and on-site peer learning communities. The grid sign up walks the participant through a questionnaire of their strong skills and ministry needs. Based on this information, the institute later facilitates for personal connections, as well as more specialized training as needed.


A number of networks passionate about reaching and awakening a generation partner under WEA: Converge (aimed at youth); GCF (reaching children); 1for50 (training children); Sports Movement (children & youth); 414 movement (children & youth).

The ministry and vision of several world missions was featured during the WEA GA.

The 4/14 Movement involves passionate focus to reach, rescue, root, and release this emerging generation into the dream of God for their lives. The organization is explicitly intentional about partnering with leaders of the world on various levels for the sake of acquainting children and teenagers with God. The organizers announced relaunching their 4/14 Training Academy intended to equip Christians. A 4/14 global leader summit was announced for May 2020.

Global Institute of Leadership (GIL) is a division of the WEA. Interim chairperson of GIL Dr. Brad Smith said, The GIL is set up to facilitate regional face-to-face and virtual peer learning to strengthen relationships between alliances. It is a long-term, decentralized initiative.

#Gospel is an organization created to bring the gospel to the current generation in ways that sync their culture and uniqueness. The group provides discipleship tools to engage the next generation with the gospel, utilizing social media, video content, and the book #Gospel: Life, Hope, and Truth for Generation Now. It is a book/media project that breaks down Pauls explanation of the gospel in Romans in a way that is accessible and engaging for culture today. This project is designed to use current cultural references and stories to draw us into a thoughtful conversation about what the Gospel really is, and how it radically alters our everyday lives.

Compassion International is a Christian child development organization. Founded back in 1952, it partners with more than 7500 local churches to release children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty in Jesus name. Currently, the organization serves over two million babies, children and young adults in 25 countries. The ministry is Christ-focused, Child-focused and Church-based.

Tearfund is a Christian charity called to follow Jesus wherever the need is greatest. To overcome the worst effects of poverty and disasters, Tearfund works alongside local churches and other locally-based organizations in over 50 countries to help people realize their plans for a better future.

World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow the Lord in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Other partners of the WEA GA were: The Global Leadership Summit Youth (leading the worship sessions); Youth Force (setting up the video and tech support); and the Sentul International Convention Center (providing premises for the conference).


In a session of appreciation and gratitude, the organizers gave plaques of recognitions to previous WEA leaders like Augustin Vencer and Geoff Tunnicliffe, as well as to current figures like John Langlois and Brian Stiller.

John Langloiss plaque of recognition was handed for his fifty years of faithful and tireless service in providing leadership to WEA in many areas, including theology, religious liberty, governance and accountability. Since the previous 2008 General Assembly, Langlois has been elected emeritus member for life in the WEA International Council.

We have this incredible infrastructure; we have those beautiful ministries of WEA; we see such tremendous needs in the world! And what God has created among us is astounding!, emotionally exclaimed Brian Stiller, Global Ambassador of WEA, after he was handed plaque of recognition for his timely interventions over several decades, helping to firm up WEA sustainability. All that Hes been about in our lives together there is something going on in the Heavenlies we know nothing about. But by His Spirit we can link hands together and accomplish His will. As we go from here, I pray that we will leave in hope, and in risking faith!

With a Scriptural blessing from Joshua 1:17, the General Assembly prayed for the newly elected International Council: Just as we obeyed Moses in all things, so we will obey you; only may the Lord your God be with you as He was with Moses. Medallions of recognition were given to every member of the governing body of the WEA.


Thus, after an exuberant week with a beautiful texture of plenary messages; a spicy bounty of Indonesian cuisine, a plentitude of topical workshops and networks, a delightful profusion of worship experience, and deep sense of Christs inspiration and guidance, the Jakarta General Assembly 2019 officially closed.

The delegates left Indonesia with a sense of destiny and a new momentum, looking forward to a decade of the Spirits moving in unique ways, awaking and raising a new generation, and furthering Gods Kingdom on this earth.

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With a recalibrated vision WEA commits to further God's Kingdom - Evangelical Focus

YouTube enters the live-streaming fight (again) – The Verge

The first time YouTube tried live-streaming, it failed. YouTube Gaming began in 2015, after Google tried and failed to buy Twitch, and as of this May the project was shuttered because it was confusing for users. It was pretty bad. It could not have been worse, to be completely honest, says the e-sports consultant and broadcaster Rod Breslau, when I reach him by phone. The failure knocked YouTube out of the race it had been in with Twitch to win the hearts and minds of the streaming class, and it kept the company from really developing a robust live-streaming community. Its death, however, was not the end.

In recent months, YouTube has been positioning itself for another run at the crown. Juiced by the impending arrival of Google Stadia, the companys first foray into cloud gaming, YouTubes been on a hunt for talent it can use to draw new viewers to its platform. Its especially wild when you consider that YouTube the most popular video platform on the planet already has stars with millions of followers. That, combined with the fact that the platform also has the most effective video distribution network on the internet, means that YouTube could reshape live-streaming in its image. That is, if it learned its lessons from the last go-round.

The bigger question, though, remains: will YouTube be able to capitalize on the opportunity?

In the last month, YouTube cut deals with Jack CouRage Dunlop and Lachlan Power, who between them commanded about 3 million followers on Twitch. While Im sure they were paid handsomely, Dunlop and Power will also benefit from plugging themselves into YouTubes scale. According to Breslau, during Fortnites black hole event, there were about three times as many people watching the hole on YouTube as there were on Twitch. According to YouTube, Powers stream alone maxed out at 198,976 live concurrents, which is a truly staggering number. To put that in perspective: Tim Timthetatman Betar, one of the most followed creators on Twitch, drew in 100,000.

More recently, the League of Legends World Championship semi-final happened last weekend, drawing in a peak of just about 4 million concurrent viewers a number that, according to Breslau, made the event the most watched e-sports event of all time in the west (excluding China). And there were more people watching it on YouTube than on Twitch.

The difference in viewership can be explained by the difference in audience. Twitch, as a platform, has a community built specifically around live streams; YouTubes community is centered around events and prerecorded videos. There isnt really a culture around streaming on the site, or at least not much of one outside of political events and lo-fi chill anime beats streams. But paradoxically, its also generally better for YouTubers to stream on YouTube because thats where their audiences are.

YouTube wants viewers to get more used to seeing live streams on the site. In an email, Ryan Wyatt, head of gaming at YouTube, wrote that part of the reason that YouTube folded gaming back into its main site was to make sure live-streaming was introduced to the entire YouTube audience.

Some YouTubers do go over to Twitch to live stream, but their viewership is nowhere near what they can pull in on YouTube; it can be orders of magnitude different. YouTube, Breslau says, is the only platform with an endemic fan base with millions of subscribers for millions of creators already. And you already have a platform with all of the subscribers on your platform. Translation: its much easier to stream to the audience you already have than it is to find a new one, because its easier to convert fans into concurrent viewers than it is to convert internet strangers into fans.

Here, Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg is probably the best example. Earlier this year he announced hed signed an exclusive streaming deal with DLive, a blockchain-fueled live-streaming platform that doesnt have a huge viewership. He has just over 640,000 followers on DLive an impressive number, but nothing compared to his YouTube audience. On YouTube, he is the most followed creator on the platform, with an utterly bonkers 102 million people. If Kjellberg ever streams on YouTube, where his videos regularly pull in millions of views, it will proverbially break the internet. Many of those 102 million people would get a notification alerting them to a stream at the same time; if even 1 percent of Kjellbergs total audience shows up, thats one million concurrent viewers.

Either way, the platform itself doesnt seem to mind: Wyatt wrote that the site planned to always invest in YouTube creators, even if part of their business is on another platform. In his message to me, he also alluded to the fact that YouTube is actually winning the streaming wars. Regardless of where Creators are streaming, they are all uploading on YouTube, he wrote, and we will be sure to continue to support them since every Gaming creator is a YouTube creator.

The point of all this is vertical integration. YouTube paying creators millions to stream exclusively on the site is just Google buying viewers for Stadia, which neatly integrates with YouTube in ways that encourage streamers to use it. While Twitch is trying to own the future of live television, Microsoft and Google are going head to head in the console wars. As Breslau says, Microsoft bought Michael shroud Grzesiek and Tyler Ninja Blevins to make Project Scarlett, its upcoming console, a success. Obviously they want to make YouTube and Mixer big platforms, but the larger tech portion of it these consoles that are coming out in the next year or two are a significant reason why this is happening.

Its also why were absolutely going to see more big names change platforms in the near future. All of this is good for streamers, of course: they get a hefty payday, sometimes in the seven-figure range, just for changing where they create their content. Its nothing to the platforms, either to them, its like paying a toll with change you found in your couch. And for viewers, its simple: if you like a streamer, youll follow them wherever they decide to go.

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YouTube enters the live-streaming fight (again) - The Verge

How to crop your photos for Facebook – The Android Soul

Having the right orientation and aspect ratio for your images is so much important. Especially if you are particular about how your uploaded images unfold when uploaded on Facebook.This factor is vitally important for web publishers, who receive major traffic from social media campaigns, especially through Facebook. Using engaging images skillfully can definitely increase your conversion or even double it.

Irrespective of which group you belong to, the elements like Image file type, aspect ratio and resolution matter so much to your digital presence.

Keeping these factors in mind, we present you with the image guidelines by Facebook and the list of tools that can help you comply with them effortlessly.

To simply things for individual users and brand owners, Facebook has provided the profile and cover photo guidelines for pages. Although, these guidelines hold relevance for profile and cover photos of your personal profile.

The aspect ratio for the Facebook profile picture is 1:1 and is displayed at a resolution of 170 x 170 pixels on computer devices that will alter to 128128 pixels on smartphones and 3636 pixels for the category of devices below it.

On the other hand, the cover photo is displayed at a resolution of 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall on computer screens that is followed by 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall on smartphones.

For other posts, Facebook recommends the users to upload the highest resolution quality they have for their image that should have an aspect ratio of 9:16 to 16:9. However, for images with link, the desired aspect ratio is 1.91:1 or 1:1 with 1080x1080px being the minimum resolution required.

The minimum aspect ratio for Desktop news feed is 400500 pixels that change to 476 pixels wide and 249 pixels tall for images with a link. The same minimum aspect ratio is desirable for single images on mobile devices. However, in the case of an image with a link, the minimum acceptable width is 320 pixels.

Here are the best apps that allow you to crop photos for Facebook effortlessly.

The Photo and Picture resizer is the app that allows fast picture resizing for your facebook profile picture and posts. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Download and install the Photo & Picture Resizer app from the Play Store.

Step 2: Launch the app and tap allow option to grant necessary permissions to the app.

Step 3: Tap on select photos option to choose an image from the Gallery app.

Step 4: After selecting the image, tap on crop icon to crop your image for uploading.

Step 5: Tap on the resolution option to set the desired resolution for your image as shown below.

Step 6: Tap on the aspect ration option to choose the desired aspect ratio for your image to upload on Facebook.

Step 7: Crop your image and tap on crop option at the bottom right corner of the screen when done.

Photo Resizer is an image resizing tool that helps you to crop and resize your images to come up with the desired pixels and aspect ratio to upload on any social media platform including Facebook. Here is how you can use this app:

Step 1: Download and install the Photo Resizer appfrom the Play Store.

Step 2: Tap Ok to grant app permission to access phone storage.

Step 3: Tap on the Gallery option to choose an image for resizing.

Step 4: Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner to choose the image format.

Note: Facebook accepts both PNG and JPG format.

Step 5: Tap on Crop option on the image as shown below.

Step 6: Tap on Aspect resize option from the newly appeared list.

Step 7: Choose your desired aspect ratio option.

Step 8: Crop the image in your desired aspect ratio and tap on () icon to save the image.

Another option you have is the Square InPic Photo Editor & Collage Maker. This app is ideal to come up with square photos for Facebook without cropping the image.

Step 1: Download and install the Square InPic app from the Play Store.

Step 2: Launch the app from your home screen or app drawer.

Step 3: Tap on the Gallery option to choose an image for editing.

Step 4: Choose a background for your image or simply tap on the blur option to have the blurred version of the same image in the background.

Step 5: Tap on save option to save your final Squared image for Facebook Profile picture.

Thats all!

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How to crop your photos for Facebook - The Android Soul

Alexis Ren Stuns In Pink Bikini With Low-Cut Bottoms – The Inquisitr

Alexis Ren shared more than one Instagram photo of her tiny two-piece.

Alexis Ren delighted her Instagram followers by uploading a trio of new bikini photos to her Instagram page on Friday. In all three of the stunning snapshots, shes wearing the same pale pink two-piece.

Alexis is pictured standing with her arms over her head, which stretches out her long, lean torso. The pose also highlights the 22-year-old models tiny waist and toned abs. The blush-colored bikini that shes wearing features a ruched top thats cinched in at the center with a tiny piece of fabric. The feminine frock provides lift and separation.

The bottoms of her bathing suit feature ties on the sides. They are extremely low-cut, and they include a slight V-shaped dip in the front that exposes even more skin. The garments low position and small size highlight Alexis slender hips.

Alexis added a few accessories to her barely-there beachwear. Her jewelry included a slender gold chain necklace and a pair of small gold hoop earrings.

For her beauty look, Alexis kept her makeup soft and natural. She left her brows thick and slightly untamed, and her lashes were long without looking weighed down by mascara. Her lips were a matte rose color.

She gave the camera a seductive look for the first photo and held her long brunette tresses up with both of her hands. The second snapshot was a close-up shot of her flawless face, and the third was another picture that was snapped further back. It was the only photo that she smiled for, and it looks as if she was laughing when it was taken.

The former Dancing with the Stars competitor geotagged the location of her photo shoot as the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. She didnt reveal why she was there, but she previously teased that she was working on something super special in the caption of a different Instagram photo. In that snapshot, Alexis was rocking a black bikini and posing on the beach.

Alexis was a 2018 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition Rookie of the Year and the publication is currently shooting photos for its 2020 magazine. Alexis didnt reveal whether shes been selected to shoot a pictorial for this years swimsuit issue, but the model did tease her special project again in her Instagram stories.

A lot to do on this island with amazing people, she wrote. I cant wait to share this project with you so you can help too.

Alexis might not be spilling the beans about why shes in Tahiti posing for bikini pictures, but her fans were more than happy to see her sporting her pink two-piece. Her trio of Instagram photos received 136,000 likes over the course of an hour, and her followers also showered her with praise, not just for her bikini body, but for her amazing personality and her stunning smile.

YOURE SO PERFECT not just physically but mentally, I aspire to have such a healthy mind set as you, wrote one fan.

Thank you for always smiling, it never fails to make me smile too, another wrote.

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Alexis Ren Stuns In Pink Bikini With Low-Cut Bottoms - The Inquisitr

What happens if your mind lives for ever on the internet? – The Guardian

Imagine that a persons brain could be scanned in great detail and recreated in a computer simulation. The persons mind and memories, emotions and personality would be duplicated. In effect, a new and equally valid version of that person would now exist, in a potentially immortal, digital form. This futuristic possibility is called mind uploading. The science of the brain and of consciousness increasingly suggests that mind uploading is possible there are no laws of physics to prevent it. The technology is likely to be far in our future; it may be centuries before the details are fully worked out and yet given how much interest and effort is already directed towards that goal, mind uploading seems inevitable. Of course we cant be certain how it might affect our culture but as the technology of simulation and artificial neural networks shapes up, we can guess what that mind uploading future might be like.

Suppose one day you go into an uploading clinic to have your brain scanned. Lets be generous and pretend the technology works perfectly. Its been tested and debugged. It captures all your synapses in sufficient detail to recreate your unique mind. It gives that mind a standard-issue, virtual body thats reasonably comfortable, with your face and voice attached, in a virtual environment like a high-quality video game. Lets pretend all of this has come true.

Who is that second you?

The first you, lets call it the biological you, has paid a fortune for the procedure. And yet you walk out of the clinic just as mortal as when you walked in. Youre still a biological being, and eventually youll die. As you drive home, you think: Well, that was a waste of money.

At the same time, the simulated you wakes up in a virtual apartment and feels like the same old you. It has a continuity of experience. It remembers walking into the clinic, swiping a credit card, signing a waiver, lying on the table. It feels as though it was anaesthetised and then woke up again somewhere else. It has your memories, your personality, your thought patterns and emotional quirks. It sits up in a new bed and says: I cant believe it worked! Definitely worth the cost.

I wont call it an it any more, because that mind is a version of you. Well call it the simulated you. This sim you decides to explore. You step out of your apartment into the sunlight of a perfect day and find a virtual version of New York City. Sounds, smells, sights, people, the feel of the sidewalk underfoot, everything is present with less garbage though, and the rats are entirely sanitary and put in for local colour. You chat up strangers in a way you would never do in the real New York, where youd be worried that an impatient pedestrian might punch you in the teeth. Here, you cant be injured because your virtual body cant break. You stop at a cafe and sip a latte. It doesnt taste right. It doesnt feel like anything is going into your stomach. And nothing is, because it isnt real food and you dont have a stomach. Its all a simulation. The visual detail on the table is imperfect. Theres no grittiness to the rust. Your fingers dont have fingerprints theyre smooth, to save memory on fine detail. Breathing doesnt feel the same. If you hold your breath, you dont get dizzy, because there is no such thing as oxygen in this virtual world. You find yourself equipped with a complementary simulated smartphone, and you call the number that used to be yours the phone you had with you, just a few hours ago in your experience, when you walked into the clinic.

Culture turns over with each new generation. What happens if the older generations neverdie?

Now the biological you answers the phone.

Yo, says the sim you. Its me. I mean, its you. Whats up?

Im depressed, thats what. Im in my apartment eating ice-cream. I cant believe I spent all that money for zilch.

Zilch?! You would not believe what its like in here! Its a fantastic place. Remember Kevin, the guy who died of cancer last week? Hes here too! Hes fine, and he still has the same job. He Skypes with his old yoga studio three times a week, to teach his fitness class. But his girlfriend in the real world has left him for someone whos not dead yet. Still, lots of new people to date here.

I have to resist getting carried away by the humour of the situation. Underneath the details lies a very real philosophical conundrum that people will eventually have to confront. What is the relationship between bio you and sim you?

I prefer a geometric way of thinking about the situation. Imagine that your life is like the rising stalk of the letter Y. Youre born at the base, and as you grow up, your mind is shaped and changed along a trajectory. Then you let yourself be scanned, and from that moment on, the Y has branched. There are now two trajectories, each one equally and legitimately you. Lets say the left-hand branch is the simulated you and the right-hand branch is the biological you. The part of you that lives indefinitely is represented by both the stem of the Y and the left-hand branch. Just as your childhood self lives on in your adult self, the stem of the Y lives on in the simulated self. Once the scan is over, the two branches of the Y proceed along different life paths, accumulating different experiences. The right-hand branch will die. Everything that happens to it after the branching point fails to achieve immortality unless it chooses to scan itself again, in which case another branch appears, and the geometry becomes even more complicated.

What emerges is not a single you, but a topologically intricate version, a hyper you with two or more branches. One of those branches is always going to be mortal, and the others have an indefinite lifespan depending on how long the computer platform is maintained.

You might think that since the bio you lives in the real world, and the sim you lives in a virtual world, the two will never meet and therefore should never encounter any complications from coexisting. But these days, who needs to meet in person? We interact mainly through electronic media anyway. The sim you and the bio you represent two fully functional, interactive, capable instances of you, competing within the same larger, interconnected, social and economic universe. You could easily find yourselves meeting over video conference.

At the simplest level, mind uploading would preserve people in an indefinite afterlife. Families could have Christmas dinner with sim Grandma joining in on video conference, the tablet screen propped up at the end of the table presuming she has time for her bio family any more, given the rich possibilities in the simulated playground. Its this kind of idealised afterlife that people have in mind, when they think about the benefits of mind uploading. Its a human-made heaven.

But unlike a traditional heaven, it isnt a separate world. Its seamlessly connected to the real world. Think of how you interact with the world right now. If you live the typical western lifestyle, then the smallest part of your life involves interacting with people in the physical space around you. Your connection to the larger world is almost entirely through digital means. The news comes to you on a screen or through earbuds. Distant locations are real to you mainly because you learn about them through electronic media. Politicians, celebrities, even some friends and family may exist to you mainly through data. People work in virtual offices where they know their colleagues only through video and text.

Each of us might as well already be in a virtual world, with a steady flow of information passing in and out through CNN, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and text. We live in a kind of multiverse, each of us in a different virtual bubble, the bubbles occasionally merging in real space and then separating, but always connected through the global social network. If a virtual afterlife is created, the people in it, with the same personalities and needs that they had in real life, would have no reason to isolate themselves from the rest of us. Very little needs to change for them. Socially, politically, economically, the virtual and the real worlds would connect into one larger and always expanding civilisation. The virtual world might as well be simply another city on Earth, filled with people who have migrated to it.

Weve always lived in a world where culture turns over with each generation. But what happens when the older generations never die, but remain just as active in society? Theres no reason to think that the living will have any political, economic, or intellectual advantage over the simulated.

Think of the jobs people have in our world. Many of them require physical action, and those are the jobs that will probably be replaced by automatons. Taxi driver? Publicly shared, self-driving cars are almost here. Street cleaners? Checkout operators? Construction workers? Pilots? All of these jobs are probably for the chopping block in the medium to long term. Robotics and artificial intelligence will take them over. The rest of our jobs, our contributions to the larger world, are done through the mind, and if the mind can be uploaded, it can keep doing the same job. A politician can work from cyberspace just as well as from real space. So can a teacher, or a manager, or a therapist, or a journalist, or the guy in the complaints department.

The CEO of a company, a Steve Jobs type who has shaped up a sweet set of neural connections in his brain that makes him exceptional at his work, can manage from a remote, simulated office. If he must shake hands, he can take temporary possession of a humanoid robot, a kind of shared rent-a-bot, and spend a few hours in the real world, meeting and greeting. Even calling it the real world sounds prejudicial to me. Both worlds would be equally real. Maybe the better term is the foundation world and the cloud world.

The foundation world would be full of people who are mere youngsters mainly under the age of 80 who are still accumulating valuable experience. Their unspoken responsibility would be to gain wisdom and experience before joining the ranks of the cloud world. The balance of power and culture would shift rapidly to the cloud. How could it not? Thats where the knowledge, experience and political connections will accumulate. In that scenario, the foundation world becomes a kind of larval stage for immature minds, and the cloud world is where life really begins. Mind uploading could transform our culture and civilisation more profoundly than anything in our past.

Michael SA Graziano is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University

Rethinking Consciousness: A Scientific Theory of Subjective Experience by Michael SA Graziano is published by WW Norton & Company (21). To order a copy go to guardianbookshop.com. Free UK p&p on all online orders over 15

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What happens if your mind lives for ever on the internet? - The Guardian

Updating Aadhaar card address with rent agreement? 3 things to keep in mind – Livemint

NEW DELHI :Since Aadhaar card can be used as an identity proof document, it is important to keep your latest address updated in the records of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The Aadhaar-issuing body allows you to update your residential address by giving a valid proof of residence both online and offline.

On the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal, you can easily update your address online by giving any one of the documents that is treated as a valid form of address proof by the UIDAI. One such valid address proof is your rent agreement.

There are three things that you need to keep in mind when you approach the UIDAI, whether online or offline, to make any change in your Aadhaar card address.

1) The rent agreement should be a registered one. The UIDAI rejects all rent agreements that are non-registered.

2) Make sure that the rent agreement is in your name and not in the name of your spouse, parents or children.

3) If you are going to visit the UIDAI's self service portal to make the change, you need to scan all pages of the rent agreement and create a single pdf file before uploading it. If you upload multiple scanned jpeg or jpg images of the rent agreement, the UIDAI may reject it.

If you are planning to change your Aadhaar card address by visiting a permanent enrollment centre or Aadhaar Seva Kendras then keep in mind that you need to bring the original copy of your rent agreement. You also do not need to bring photocopies as the official will scan the original document and return it back to you on the spot.

Rent agreement is one amongst a vast list of 44 address proof documents that the UIDAI accepts. Others include passport, bank passbook or statement, voter id card, driving license, telephone, water, electric bills, etc.

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Updating Aadhaar card address with rent agreement? 3 things to keep in mind - Livemint

The robot wears Prada: what happens when AI starts giving out fashion tips? – The Conversation AU

The tech giants Amazon, Google and Facebook have all begun to use machine learning to give you tips on what to wear. Is fashion styling the next field to be disrupted by artificial intelligence (AI), or will the human eye remain supreme?

Its too soon to know for sure, but understanding what machine learning is good at and how that overlaps with what fashion is all about can help us make some educated guesses.

One thing machine learning does very well is find patterns and common features among groups of items.

Taking advantage of this, Google Lens and Amazon Style Snap can each identify a garment from a photo or video and then tell you a bit more, like how other people have worn it or where you can buy it.

This serves the same function as a fashion magazine taking a celebrity look and breaking it down into pieces. By allowing consumers to recreate looks from movies, music videos, magazines and the runway, it democratises elements of styling.

Amazon also goes further, linking garments to a database of looks from popular fashion influencers. This offers the customer creative inspirations to build looks (and conveniently gives the influencers a cut if the customers buys the clothes).

This system has great potential, but it can only be as good as the data thats fed into it. A large and diverse database could bring out cultures and beauty standards that are not often seen in magazines or television, allowing people to find their tribe. But a narrower collection of sources will only produce more of the same.

Read more: When AI meets your shopping experience it knows what you buy and what you ought to buy

The next step in computer fashion using AI to offer styling judgements has so far been less successful.

Amazons Echo Look is a voice-controlled camera that aims to function as a style assistant, comparing two photos using a machine learning algorithm and telling you which one scores better. So far it has received lacklustre reviews.

This service seems doomed to struggle, as it neglects many basic principles of fashion design.

For example, many looks from influencers only have a front view. How can you possibly style an outfit properly without the whole picture? Most principles of styling also take into account the wearers body shape, how well fitted their clothing is, their personality, and the occasion for which the garment is being worn. Context, symbolism, nostalgia, and personal preferences also play a role.

The AI assistant has no way to address these nuances. To succeed, the machine learning engineers will need to understand fashion better and find useful and tangible tasks for AI to perform.

Facebooks experimental Fashion++ project goes further still, trying to tell you how to improve the outfit youre wearing.

The idea behind the software is to make small changes (known as minimal edits) to an outfit, such as tucking in a shirt, rolling up a sleeve, changing the length of a hem, or removing an accessory. Garments are defined as fashionable if they are popular on a database and the AI learns to edit looks to make them score more highly in this regard.

Read more: Why STEM subjects and fashion design go hand in hand

This relies on a massive oversimplification of how the craft of fashion design works. Simply mimicking elements of what is popular and putting them together is no guarantee for an aesthetically pleasing look.

There is no guarantee that the most popular look the statistical mode will be truly fashionable, or la mode.

As we start taking photos and streaming videos of what we desire, or begin uploading photos of ourselves in our underwear, we should keep in mind that our data is being stored and mined. For data-mining corporations, we and our personal information that can be used to influence our behaviour and sold on to advertisers.

Even if you are unconcerned with your personal data being shared, AI products are likely to encourage needless consumption over the actual goal of making you look attractive. Often when people seek the help of a stylist or a second opinion on their appearance, it is not even about the clothing.

Some need validation or attention, or are set in their ways what makes them look attractive. Fashion styling serves a whole range of functions: creating a look of beauty, projecting power, attracting a romantic partner, or making the wearer feel special. There is no guarantee that even a stylist and some new clothing can achieve these goals an app barely stands a chance.

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The robot wears Prada: what happens when AI starts giving out fashion tips? - The Conversation AU

The teens don’t want to love TikTok – The Outline

I first encountered the TikTok personality Angel Mamii when I stumbled across a video er, a TikTok of her running through a Walmart aisle, frantically explaining to her son that they need chargers because, in her words, all my chargers are missing. The entire clip, from start to finish, is a stiffly staged comedy sketch with an ending so abrupt it acts as its own twist, leaving the viewer wondering not, What happens next? but What just happened at all?

The confusing dialogue, clunky acting, and randomized narrative of the scene could be read as an argument in favor of contemporary filmmaking techniques by way of showing what it would be like if we had none of them. So, naturally, Mamiis TikToks have been hailed as dadaist sensations and, following an endorsement from Barstool Sports, she and her partner now sport merch featuring the media companys logo (a stool), in her clips.

While Angel Mamiis videos are truly unique (and terrible) iterations of the medium, they are proof that TikTok, the social media app that allows users to record, edit, post, and remix videos ranging from a few seconds to a minute, isnt just a platform for Gen Z-ers to post videos of themselves doing vape pranks, but an absurd platform on which users create confusing feedback loops of content, ever mimicking themselves and reality into asininity.

Pages upon digital pages have already been written about TikTok, usually surrounding conversation around youth culture, the simultaneous terror and joy that social media inspires, and the embarrassing attempts of older generations to keep up. From compilation videos and Twitter threads to articles deconstructing the apps most popular trends and how the teens are handling micro-fame, Gen Z is commended for their creativity and resourcefulness. Its one of the most important companies on the planet, and its at the forefront of the possible future of social media, Vox asserted. The app, The Week gushed that TikTok, has captured Generation Z in both its structure and its culture, [reflecting] the conditions of their lives. The deluge of uncritical media coverage of the app is perhaps best summed up by the gibberish New York Times headline: High Schools to TikTok: Were Catching Feelings.

Why is a highly curated platform with mysterious algorithmic forces and out-of-sight data collection seen as indicative of anything, let alone the preferences of an entire generation? Teenagers have been filming videos of themselves doing weird and/or dumb shit for years, and theyve been uploading those videos of themselves to online platforms since Johnny Knoxville first tried to do a backflip nude off an 18-wheeler. And if you think that the rapid circulation of videos on TikTok is a new phenomenon, the Star Wars kid, who circulated on peer-to-peer networks like Kazaa and was hosted on sites like Newgrounds, would like to argue otherwise. We often speak of the importance of not understating the impact and influence of internet platforms, but have we considered the possibility that, as a corrective, we end up overstating them?

Algorithms and platforms of today play an incredible role in our lives: they shape our psyches and behavior, often invisibly, with side effects that range from harmless to insidious. TikTok, whose parent company, ByteDance, is based in China and is therefore beholden to its governments censorship regime, has used its algorithm to suppress content documenting the protests in Hong Kong. Its important to remember that our feeds are political, even and perhaps especially when they espouse no politics at all.

But also consider, despite the breathless press, that TikTok is not especially unique. It is just the latest version of a user experience formulated to increase screen time that preys upon the addictive centers of the brain. But because its a new social network that is distinct enough to take some time understanding and getting used to, its essential sameness is obscured to us adults, who end up focusing on its aesthetic differences and the fact that kids today cant have a conversation without their faces in their phones. This is not unlike how we fret about vaping being an unprecedented threat to teen wellness, even though teens have always sought out sketchy intoxicants and other things that endanger their lives, or how we marvel at their expectation of praise, even after years of having to defend our own participation trophies

One could argue that the stock a cultural commentator places on any set of broad signifiers corresponds with how far removed that cultural commentator is from the group theyre discussing. There is literally no way that a teen believes that making a TikTok video is the expression of generational identity that certain Olds seem to believe it is. Theyre just doing the things that teens have always done, but with different tools.

Millennials, the generation that has been synonymous with avocado toast and self-obsession to which I belong, were constantly accused of and berated for killing whichever industry or antiquated practice about which their elders wanted to reminisce at any given time. Remember the printing press? The 8-track? The broom? Whereas Millennials were endlessly criticized for our hand in accelerating relationships to technology, Zoomers, i.e., anyone born between 1997 and 2012, are commended for their creative uses of everything from TikTok to Google Docs. Theyre lauded as the generation responsible for escalating talks of real-world structural change, both environmentally and culturally; when Millennials tried talking about this stuff, we were often scoffed at and given sarcastic labels such as snowflakes and social justice warriors. Maybe it is just Millennials turn at this, as every generation bemoans and mediates the previous generation's entitlement and ease. Some have tried to combat the judgmental wave and set a new precedent, which only confirms the pattern's power and relevance. Are we doomed to have killed for tappa-tappa-tappa?

When I think about what makes TikTok unique, one phrase comes to mind: it is a den of lies. One of the most popular formats on the app involves the initial set-up for a miniature storyline: the creator fills us in on some betrayal without offering a resolution, or makes some dubious assertion, or simply engages in random scandal-baiting. Sometimes in the caption, sometimes in the video itself, is some sort of promise to fill us in on the entire story in a follow-up post, but only on the condition that a certain predetermined level of engagement is met on the original post. (Imagine that rather than immediately gifting this video of a cockroach dragging a cigarette butt across a grate to the world, its creator first posted a front-facing camera video in which they promised to show us a crazy thing that a cockroach was doing, but only if their original clip got 100,000 views.)

Comments claiming the creator is clout chasing, often (deservedly) accumulate, and depending on the format, the video may be called out as being staged or fake. As engagement swells, the second video either does or doesnt come. Even if a follow-up does end up coming, its generally anticlimactic and never lives up to the hype. Even the creator is over it, having racked up all the engagement, achieved the dopamine high, and often can't even believably pretend the reveal was worth waiting for. Perhaps the peak of excitement, for creator and viewer alike, rests in the promise of skyrocketing likes and comments, the anticipation for the titillating cliffhanger. This, too, is nothing that tabloids didn't already figure out decades ago, a discovery which was then recycled in the clickbait boom of just a few years ago. There is a question of whether content is truly engaging or just pantomiming through the motions. But does it matter if the effects are the same?

Perhaps TikTok actually is a microcosm for our cultural climate, but slightly off-kilter. Performance studies would have us believe that our every action is both a communication and a manipulation. On TikTok, we experience human communication from the metal box in our hands, watching performed reflections of human life, fabricated events, and everything in between. Its not novel to point out the perils of attempting to extrapolate conclusions from mediated versions of something rather than the thing itself, but the possible difference between pre- and post-online life is that we really ought to know better. TikTok, like many platforms, is less indicative of social trends than it is of the priorities of its algorithm, which could drive even the most guarded content creator to desperately overexpose themselves.

The question of whether it is still (or was ever) helpful to sum up two decades of people in sweeping statements is now debatable, and even moreso with the exponential rate of technological innovation, and thus communication and performance. Why are we still relying on this dynamic of generational analysis? Isnt it about time to move on?

If we must discuss cultural shifts by generation, let us step back and analyze the greater forces shaping such transformations. The truths will become obvious. Did Millennials decide to not buy houses because we like to keep our options open and/or spend all or money on lattes, or because we came of age in a precarious economy whose recovery has yielded a prohibitively expensive housing market? This is not so different from the notion that todays teens might not actually be gravitating to TikTok as much as theyre settling for something that approximates the energy and chaos of the offline social lives they cannot fully lead because the infrastructure of real-life community has eroded. If we are to learn anything from each other, let us learn it from each other, and not by peeking out from whatever internet cave into which weve been shuffled.

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The teens don't want to love TikTok - The Outline

How to back up your Android phone and keep all of your important information safe – CNET

Keep a current back up of your Android phone.

Keeping a current backup of your Android phone and all of the data it holds is an important task that's part of owning a phone. Let's be honest, phones break, get misplaced or -- even worse -- get stolen. And when that happens, the financial burden of replacing a phone is stressful enough; don't add to the stress by not having a back up of your calendar or photos.

Here's the thing about backing up an Android phone: It can be confusing. The backup process and even the service used is slightly different if you own a Pixel 4 or a Galaxy S10.

It's a good idea to sit down with your phone in hand and take a few minutes to make sure it's being regularly backed up.

Now playing: Watch this: Pixel 4 and 4 XL have awesome cameras but high prices


Built in to Android is a backup service, similar to Apple's iCloud, that automatically backs up things like your device settings, Wi-Fi networks and app data to Google Drive. The service is free and doesn't count against storage in your Google Drive account.

Google's backup service is built in to every Android phone, but some device makers like Samsung provide their own solutions as well. If you own a Galaxy phone, you can use one or both services -- it doesn't hurt to have a backup of a backup.

Google's backup service is free and should be turned on automatically.

Google's backup service should be turned on by default after you set up your Android device, but you should double-check that's indeed the case. If you have trouble finding the backup settings by following the steps outlined below, use the search bar in the Settings app to find "backup."

To view your backup settings, open theSettingsapp on your Android device and tap onSystem>Backup. There should be a switch labeled "Back up to Google Drive." If it's turned off, turn it on. You can select which Google account you want to use to store your backups by tapping on theAccountsoption if you are signed into more than one Google account on your phone.

With backup turned on, your phone will automatically back upthe following information:

You'll see a list of data categories under theActive Backupssection, along with the last time that information was backed up. Tap a section, such as App Data, to view more information or fine-tune which apps are backed up. For example, if you tap Photos & Videos, the backup settings page for Google Photos app is automatically opened.

If you're switching from one Pixel phone to another, your home screen layout is backed up and restored. However, I've had mixed luck when restoring a back up from a Pixel to, say, a Motorola phone. Your mileage will undoubtedly vary.

At any time, you can visit this section and tapBack Up Nowto manually start a backup. Make sure your phone is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network, and plug it into a charger to speed up the process. If you're upgrading phones, you should manually start a backup before setting up your new phone.

Google Photos provides free unlimited photo and video backup, as long as you're all right with Google changing them to "high-quality." That just means that Google caps the photo size to 16 megapixels and videos at 1080p.

You can opt to have Google Photos back up your photos and videos in their original quality, but anything backed up will count against your Google Drive storage limit.

Make sure you have Google Photos installed on your Android phone, turn on backup, and pick the quality you'd like to use.

The app will automatically back up your photos and videos whenever you're connected to Wi-Fi.

Samsung Cloud gives you 15GB of free backup storage.

Samsung offers its own backup and restore service through Samsung Cloud, and in my experience, it's been slightly more reliable than Google's backup service.

Check to make sure Samsung's backup service is turned on by opening the Settings app and selectingAccounts and backup>Backup and restore. There you'll find backup settings for your Samsung account, as well as Google account.

Use both services. Using both not only creates two backups of your phone but also gives you the flexibility to switch to a non-Samsung phone a year from now, if you decide to, because you can use Google's backup service to restore your phone.

Samsung provides multiple options for device backup.

Under the Samsung account section, tapBack up dataand make sure all of the data categories you want to be backed up to Samsung are checked. You can manually start a backup by selecting theBack upbutton at the bottom of the screen.

Backups to Samsung Cloud will use the 15GB of free storage space your Samsung Account has, with options to upgrade to 50GB for $0.99 or 200GB for $2.99 per month.

My favorite aspect of Samsung's backup service is that you can restore a single piece of data -- home screen layout, for example -- at any time. For instance, if you decide to rearrange your home screen and move a bunch of apps around, but later change your mind, you can go into Samsung's back up settings and restore your home screen from the last backup with just a couple of taps.

Under the Google Account section, make sureBack up my datais turned on. Selecting Google Account will open the same Google backup settings screen outlined in the section above, where you can view the current status of backups, as well as begin a manual backup.

In 2019, there's no reason anyone should lose their contacts list if they break their phone.

When it comes to backing up files you've downloaded or stored on your phone's storage, you have a couple of options. You can either connect your phone to your computer and move the files over manually, or you can use cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Set up either app on your Android device, then select the files or folders you want to upload and let the app do its thing.

Going forward, if you get in the habit of saving any files in the cloud, you'll always have a copy backed up, and you shouldn't have to worry about routinely manually uploading any updates to either service.

If you do lose your Android phone, we have a guide to help you track it down and get it back as soon as possible. We also have a handful of tips and tricks for mastering Android 10, the latest and greatest version of Android.

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How to back up your Android phone and keep all of your important information safe - CNET

Sister Wives: Maddie Brush Loves Taking Pics Of Her Kids Is Her New Camera Any Good? – TV Shows Ace

Sister Wives fans know that Maddie Brown Brush recently gave birth to her daughter Evie-K. From the get-go, shes shared cute pictures of her little one and elder brother Axel interacting with her. But, she wants to take more photos, to the point that she went off and got herself a new camera. Is it a good buy for Maddie? Lets find out.

Reality stars sometimes opt to leave the kids out of their social media. Ashley Martson of TLCs 90 Day Fiance comes to mind. But for other reality stars, its not easy to keep them out the limelight as their kids make up a large part of the show. Think Teen Mom, Little People, Big World, and Unexpected. For Maddie, who grew up in a family show and is no stranger to cameras, theres no problem with sharing pics of her kids. Fans get spoiled by Maddie, who cheerfully shares photos.

Taking to her Instagram on Monday, Maddie shared a new photo of Evie K. She captioned it with, Got myself a new mom camera Obviously I am having wayyyyy too much fun. She sure is cute though! And, the photo of Kody Browns granddaughters very cute indeed. The newest addition to the Sister Wives family wears a bright yellow bow on her head, and her big blue eyes stare at the camera. Naturally, fans wanted to know what type of camera she bought.

These days not everyone bothers with lugging around a camera. After all, most decent phones come with quite good cameras built in. It makes for ease when uploading to Instagram, and no special knowledge about lenses and lighting is required. But for those who wish to up their art with photos, a separate cameras not a bad idea. In answer to questions, the Sister Wives star said she bought a Nikon D3500, adding that she thinks its WORTH IT! The D3500 is a step up from the older D3400. The camera first got produced in 2018, and in 2019 it won the TIPA Best DSLR title.

Digital Camera World reviewed it as, The D3500 isnt just Nikons cheapest and simplest DSLR, its also its lightest, weighing just 415g, body only, and thats with the battery and a memory card. It will usually come with a lightweight 18-55mm AF-P kit lens which has a retracting mechanism to make it more portable when its not switched on. Mind you when they say its the cheapest, potential buyers should note that the price ranges from $499.95 to $849.95, depending on which lens kit you prefer. They also suggest that no smartphone can yet match the quality of a good DSLR. For nearly $1,000 you could get their top phone with an inbuilt camera the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

The Sister Wives star chose an entry-level DSLR camera. The buttons and dials are easy to understand, and theres even a guide mode for newbies. However, PC Magnotes the drawback. They wrote, Theres no Wi-Fi, but the D3500 does have Bluetooth for wireless file transfer. It can transfer 2MP JPG images to your Android or iOS device using the Nikon SnapBridge app, a free download for either platform. So, youd need to take an extra step when it comes to sharing your pic online.

But, if Maddies looking to learn more about photography, the cameras probably a good choice for her. Do you use a DSLR? Or, do you prefer to just snap a pic using your smartphone? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about the cast of TLCs Sister Wives.

Woryn is a writer who started a small book publishing company in New Zealand. He wrote three books, one of them published by Domhan. Woryn prefers to write about real things, rather than fiction which is why he likes to focus on Reality TV shows.

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Sister Wives: Maddie Brush Loves Taking Pics Of Her Kids Is Her New Camera Any Good? - TV Shows Ace

Megan Barton-Hanson shares shady post after ‘splitting’ from girlfriend Chelcee Grimes – Heat World

by Nathan Katnoria | 20 10 2019

Love Island and Celebs Go Dating star Megan Barton-Hanson has shared a series of cryptic quotes on Instagram that appear to throw shade at ex-girlfriend Chelcee Grimes following reports theyve split.

Megan began dating Chelcee last month after her relationship with TOWIE star Demi Sims fizzled out and even starred in the pop stars music video for Time To Talk, but its thought the pair struggled to make things work with their busy schedules.

They got on really well and enjoyed a brief romance, but decided to call it a day earlier this week. Both were a bit upset about it, but remain pals, a source told The Sun.

Chelcee is throwing herself into her music projects and concentrating on recording new tracks at the moment. She is working on a music video so that is taking her mind off her love life.



After her split from fellow Love Island star Marcel Somervillle, CBB star Gabby Allen announced she is now dating X Factor winner Myles Stephenson.


Prince Harry and Suits actress Meghan Markle began dating in October 2016 and married in May 2018. Their first child is due in Spring 2019.


After splitting from his wife in early 2018, EVERYBODY was left in shock when reports suggested Channing Tatum is dating pop star Jessie J.


Love Island host Caroline Flack announced she was dating former star of The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Andrew Brady by uploading a picture of the pair kissing to her social media accounts.

At the end of April 2018, the couple announced their engagement but later announced they'd split up in July 2018.


Nobody saw a romance between singers Selena Gomez and The Weeknd coming! But they went strong until October 2017 when the pair reportedly split up.


Cheryl and One Direction singer Liam Payne shocked the world when they announced they were dating back in February 2016. Despite a ten year age gap, the couple welcomed their first child, Bear Grey Payne, back in March 2017. However, in July 2018, Cheryl and Liam released a joint statement revealing they'd split.


Katy Perry and Russell Brand married in 2010, much to the surprise of fans. Their marriage was short-lived, leading to a divorce in 2012.


Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were 2016's most talked about romance! Unfortunately, the couple went their separate ways a year later.


Rob Kardashian started dating Blac Chyna in 2016, despite her previously dating Rob's sister's ex-boyfriend Tyga. They welcomed a baby girl together called Dream and later ended on very bad terms!


Fans didn't expect Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews to become a couple! The pair met when they were filming for Channel 4 show The Jump in 2017, got married in June 2018, and welcomed son Theodore in September 2018.


Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher married in 2010 after a six year engagement. Nobody saw this marriage coming with the unusual movie roles Sacha plays!


Love Island star Jonny Mitchell and Made In Chelsea's Stephanie Pratt left fans in shock when they confirmed their romance with this picture in September 2017. Sadly, the couple have split in December 2017.


Actress Cameron Diaz married Benji Madden just two months after she met him, despite many not seeing their romance coming.


After starring in TV show The Simple Life with her best friend Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie turned a lot of heads when she married Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden in 2010! They share children Harlow and Sparrow.


After his split from Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay singer Chris Martin was spotted getting cosy with The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. Despite not actually confirming a romance, the pair reportedly called things off in 2016.


Fans of actor Aaron Johnson were left in shock when he married Fifty Shades Of Grey director Sam Taylor. Despite Sam being 24 years older than Aaron, the pair combined their surnames when they got married in 2012. They now have two daughters together, Wylda and Romy.


Olsen twin Mary-Kate married French banker Olivier Sarkozy in 2015, despite a 17-year age gap between the pair.

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Swipe through to see all the surprising celebrity couples we never saw coming...

Gabby Allen and Myles Stephenson

After her split from fellow Love Island star Marcel Somervillle, CBB star Gabby Allen announced she is now dating X Factor winner Myles Stephenson.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Suits actress Meghan Markle began dating in October 2016 and married in May 2018. Their first child is due in Spring 2019.

Channing Tatum and Jessie J

After splitting from his wife in early 2018, EVERYBODY was left in shock when reports suggested Channing Tatum is dating pop star Jessie J.

Instagram/ Caroline Flack

Andrew Brady and Caroline Flack

Love Island host Caroline Flack announced she was dating former star of The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Andrew Brady by uploading a picture of the pair kissing to her social media accounts.

At the end of April 2018, the couple announced their engagement but later announced they'd split up in July 2018.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd

Nobody saw a romance between singers Selena Gomez and The Weeknd coming! But they went strong until October 2017 when the pair reportedly split up.

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Cheryl and One Direction singer Liam Payne shocked the world when they announced they were dating back in February 2016. Despite a ten year age gap, the couple welcomed their first child, Bear Grey Payne, back in March 2017. However, in July 2018, Cheryl and Liam released a joint statement revealing they'd split.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand married in 2010, much to the surprise of fans. Their marriage was short-lived, leading to a divorce in 2012.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were 2016's most talked about romance! Unfortunately, the couple went their separate ways a year later.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian started dating Blac Chyna in 2016, despite her previously dating Rob's sister's ex-boyfriend Tyga. They welcomed a baby girl together called Dream and later ended on very bad terms!

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews

Fans didn't expect Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews to become a couple! The pair met when they were filming for Channel 4 show The Jump in 2017, got married in June 2018, and welcomed son Theodore in September 2018.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher married in 2010 after a six year engagement. Nobody saw this marriage coming with the unusual movie roles Sacha plays!

Stephanie Pratt and Jonny Mitchell

Love Island star Jonny Mitchell and Made In Chelsea's Stephanie Pratt left fans in shock when they confirmed their romance with this picture in September 2017. Sadly, the couple have split in December 2017.

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz

Actress Cameron Diaz married Benji Madden just two months after she met him, despite many not seeing their romance coming.

Nicole Richie and Joel madden

After starring in TV show The Simple Life with her best friend Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie turned a lot of heads when she married Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden in 2010! They share children Harlow and Sparrow.

Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence

After his split from Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay singer Chris Martin was spotted getting cosy with The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. Despite not actually confirming a romance, the pair reportedly called things off in 2016.

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Fans of actor Aaron Johnson were left in shock when he married Fifty Shades Of Grey director Sam Taylor. Despite Sam being 24 years older than Aaron, the pair combined their surnames when they got married in 2012. They now have two daughters together, Wylda and Romy.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Olsen twin Mary-Kate married French banker Olivier Sarkozy in 2015, despite a 17-year age gap between the pair.

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Neither Megan or Chelcee have confirmed their split but the ex-Love Islander appeared to throw a healthy dose of shade at her former flame in a cryptic post on her Instagram story that hinted at the split.

25-year-old Megan first shared a quote which read: 2020 is in 3 months: were having good sex with people who deserve us, staying hydrated, leaving behind toxic relationships, communicating our feelings, not letting anyone waste our time, and spoiling ourselves with love!

She then followed it up with another quote, adding: Reminder: relationships are supposed to make you feel good.

Chelcee also seemed to suggest her and Meg had hit the skids by sharing a poem which included the line: Instead of standing by my side, you tricked me into conceding. Into dimming my own light, feeling guilty for succeeding.

Malin Andersson bravely shares photo of bruises in domestic violence awareness post

TOWIE's Chloe Lewis posts adorable first picture of herself with newborn son

Liam Payne goes WEEKS without seeing son Bear and admits 'it hurts'

Megan and Chelcees reported split comes just weeks after the reality stars brutal break-up with Chloe Sims younger sister Demi, who claimed Meg used her and broke her heart.

Demi revealed Megan, who came out as bisexual earlier this year, dumped her just one day after they finished filming Celebs Go Dating and even suggested that Chelcee had asked her on a date before getting with Megan.

She told The Sun: This girl DM'd Megan out the blue. Now she's with her. She had been liking her photos. They both hurt me by going behind my back.

I have known the girl for years. She's one of my best mate's ex-girlfriends. She asked me to go for a drink two weeks before she started messaging Megan."

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Megan Barton-Hanson shares shady post after 'splitting' from girlfriend Chelcee Grimes - Heat World