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Five recommendations on when and how to leave work at work.

March9, 20206 min read

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Dad, did you hear me?

This wasnt the first time Jons son noticed his fathers distraction at the table.

For the past few weeks, theyd be sitting as a family over supper and hed try to tell his dad a funny story about his day.

Then Jons phone would ping and hed miss the punchline. Again.

On the outside, Jon was on autopilot thoughtfully nodding along to his son. But on the inside, his mind kept lingering on that unanswered email.

As the line between Jons work and home life became more blurred, he struggled to be present during these smaller intimate moments with his kids. It was obvious he was missing out, but how could he fix it?

While he was passionate about his new venture, he didnt know how to be available to everyone without cloning himself (an idea that crossed his mind on more than one occasion). As a result, his performance started going downhill and his relationships at home became strained. He simply couldnt do it all.

But what Jon failed to grasp, was that duplicating himself wasnt the answer.

What he needed was to leave work at work.

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You should not confuse your career with your life Dave Barry, American author

Many of us have experienced Jons situation. Feeling frustrated that we cant juggle all of our responsibilities and maintain a fulfilling personal life at the same time.

In a story for Harvard Business Review, author and time management coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders, illustrates how a lack of boundaries can often creep into our after hours.

Some jobs have very clear lines between when youre on and when youre off, while in others the lines are blurred or potentially nonexistent. That makes not being distracted by work, especially mentally, a major challenge.

For busy founders, its easy to have your work take over almost all of your waking thoughts.

I can speak to this. When I began building my company, JotForm 13 years ago, I personally felt that I had to be everywhere at once. Especially in those early days I gave into the pressure of answering emails long into the night and even on weekends.

But stretching myself thin began affecting my relationships outside of work, too. I was veering toward work addiction carrying around a full cup of concerns that threatened to overflow at any moment.

Then one day it dawned on me that if I didnt make it a point to shift mental gears, Id risk passing on my work-related stress onto family and friends. Or worse, miss out on being present and engaged when it matters most.

Over the years, its been a constant and dynamic struggle to find the perfect balance between my work as an entrepreneur and my home life. Here are fiveprinciples Ive learned along the way for managing both.

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Marking the transition between your work and home life like tidying up your desk before leaving the office can help you find the closure needed to be more present later. Instead of rehashing the days events, allow your daily commute back home to be a time for listening to a relaxing podcast or noticing the environment around you with curiosity. Having an end-of-workday wrap-up, as Saunders suggests, where you look over your calendar and to-do list for the next day can also offer more mental clarity.

Defining when youll be on and off the clock is an important first step in setting boundaries. Saunders puts it this way: Think through how many hours you want for activities like sleep, exercise, family, friends, cleaning, finances, etc. Then see how much time you need to reserve on a daily and weekly basis to fit in those personal priorities. That then defines the parameters of when you want to be off hours.

Turning off notifications when I get home has been an important facet in being more present. In a revealing survey carried out by Wakefield Research for Comcast, researchers found that more than half of parents have been told by their children to put their cell phones away during meals. Staying unplugged during key moments at home allows you to shift your focus to other things and the people that matter.

For CEO, Arianna Huffington, another key to setting work boundaries involves making it a point of charging her phone outside her bedroom as a regular part of her bedtime routine.

Create clear expectations with colleagues. For example, I set up guidelines for when Im available to people by encouraging them to reach me at a specific time and letting them know when I wont be able to respond. But Ive also taken this one step further in making it one of our core company values. At Jotform, our commitment to work-life boundaries is a form of prioritizing balance.

Of course, nothing will create change as effectively as giving yourself permission to actually leave work at work. When I first started my business, I was still working at another software company, and I suddenly had more on my plate than I could handle. This meant that I was finishing projects during my lunch hour and even after I got home.

Fast forward to over a decade of entrepreneurship later, and Ive found that assigning myself regular work hours has given me more freedom and peace of mind. When I leave work, I make it a point to switch off and mentally wipe away the days concerns.

The bottom line is that by guarding your time and spending it on what matters most, you can re-align yourself with your sense of purpose. An added perk? Youll never miss another punchline.

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You Don't Need A Clone To Do It All - Entrepreneur

Gang of hi-tech criminals cloning debit cards busted in Kochi – The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

KOCHI: A three-member interstate gang involved in cloning debit cards and withdrawing lakhs of rupees from ATMs in the city landed in police net on Sunday.

Kasaragod native Mohammed Nuhman aka Newman, 35, and his aides Shahjahan, 50, of Kochi and Joseph Sakharia aka Tijo, 26, of Kannur were arrested in a joint operation by the city shadow police and Thoppumpady police, following an inquiry into the case pertaining to the fraudulent withdrawal of Rs 1 lakh from a doctors bank account on December 2 last year.

The fraudsters had allegedly cloned the debit card of Dr Mohammed Shabeer and withdrawn the money from his account from South Indian Bank and IndusInd Bank ATMs between 6.50 am and 7.20 am.

The gang had similarly siphoned off around Rs 10 lakh from people in the city and was involved in identical frauds in other states, said a police official.

Modus operandi

The gang led by Newman made use of the ATM skimming method, in which a small device is fitted in a card swiping slot. When a card is swiped, the machine captures the information stored in the cards magnetic strip.

Newman had provided Tijo, who worked in a petrol bunk at Thoppumpady, with such a device and tasked him with swiping the debit cards of customers in the machine. Newman had imported the machine from abroad, said Thoppumpady SHO N A Anoop.

Anoop said Tijo would also obtain the debit card PIN by noticing the customers finger movements while using the card and would pass on the information to Newman.

Newman would copy data from the machine to his laptop and then to another device. Then, he would clone the data to an old ATM card. Using the PIN he received from Tijo, Newman would withdraw the money. He preferred early hours of the day to commit the crime and would wear a helmet, Anoop said.

Shahjahan assisted Newman and provided him with his two-wheeler to commit the fraud.

Newman and Shahjahan were also involved in similar frauds in Puducherry, said a police official.

How they were nabbed

The gang used the clone of Dr Shabeers debit card and withdrew the money from an ATM at Mundempilly in four transactions and from another ATM in the city in six transactions within a few minutes.

However, Dr Shabeer received SMSes about the withdrawals and immediately alerted the police.

The police tracked down the accused based on the clues received after examining the CCTV footage from the two locations, said an officer. The accused were produced in court and remanded in judicial custody.

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Gang of hi-tech criminals cloning debit cards busted in Kochi - The New Indian Express

The Rise of Skywalker’s Palpatine Clone Is Taken From Star Wars Legends – Screen Rant

Star Wars: Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker brought Emperor Palpatine back as a clone, something Star Wars Legends did decades prior. The Rise of Skywalkerdid not make it a priority to explain the Emperor's survival; after all, his death seemed absolute in Star Wars: Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi. However, reveals from the film's novelization have since confirmed thatPalpatine was in an artificial clone body. This idea is actually not new, first occurring in Star Wars: Dark Empire.

Though it was implied, the film didn't address Palpatine's reemergence head on.Cloning was alluded to on screen, but never made official until recently. The novelization of Rise of Skywalker confirmed his consciousness was in fact occupying a different body and his disciples had been working on such technology at his facility on Exegol. Though altered, the basis of this story calls back to aStar Wars Legends plot line.

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Star WarsLegends refers to theexpandeduniverse series that populated much of Star Wars media after the end of the original trilogy and before the prequel trilogy was released.The non-canon Star Wars: Dark Empirecomicfirst proposed a clone emperor back in 1991.

In Star Wars: Dark Empire, six years afterReturn of the Jedi, the Imperial remnants are rallying around a new leader. Now a seasoned Jedi, Luke Skywalker seeks to find out who is responsible. He travels to the planet Byss, a world enveloped in Dark Side energy. To his surprise, he comes face to face with a youthful clone of Emperor Palpatine. In his lair reside endless bodies, waiting to be activated. Whenever necessary, he transfers his consciousness from one being to another. The Dark Side has effectivelygranted him immortality.

The comic rendition is not so different from its The Rise of Skywalkercounterpart. Both versions of Palpatine plan to rule the galaxy, destroying their opposition. In the comic, Palpatine has created a fleet of ships called World Devastators, which are capable of destroying entire planets in one fell swoop. They are not unlike the vaguely explained Sith Fleet in Rise of Skywalker. Understanding his growing power, he takes Luke on as his apprentice, bribing him with the ability to command of the World Devastators. This is also eerily similar to the deal he strikes with Kylo Ren in the film. In the comic, the Rebel Alliance mounts an attack to stop the fleet. Palpatine manifests a Force Storm to destroy their ships, just as he does to the Resistance in the finale of episode 9, instead using Force Lightning.

Whether or not borrowing from Star Wars Legends was the betterfor this movie is subjective. Perhaps the The Rise of Skywalker's creative teamthought this was the best course to take, but the concept of the Emperor being a clone has proven divisive. At the very least, the idea is not original, as theparallelsbetween Star Wars: Dark EmpireandThe Rise of Skywalkercannot be ignored.

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The Rock & Vin Diesels Feud Will Become Marvel vs. DC In 2021

Shane O'Neill is a writer, moviegoer, gym addict and all around nerd. From Marvel to Star Wars, he's never too busy to catch a movie on opening night. He is currently attending the University At Buffalo for a Bachelors in Film Studies and has been studying film independently for years. For the past year he has reviewed films as a hobby and has been itching to share his thoughts with the world.

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The Rise of Skywalker's Palpatine Clone Is Taken From Star Wars Legends - Screen Rant

Car washer confesses to cloning client’s key, stealing vehicle – The Observer

A car washer in Kamwokya,Ronald Tugeine alias Kanaabe in Kamwokya is battling accusations of stealing his client's vehicle, a Toyota Mark X registration number UBG 116D.

Tugaine works at a washing bay opposite Acacia Place on John Babiiha Avenue. He is accused of having stolen the vehicle of his client of more than 4 years, Henry Kata, an advocate with Acadia Advocates at Acacia Place on February 27, 2020.

Tom Opakasi, an eyewitness and security guard with G4 Security, which guards Acacia Place, told City Hall magistrate Valerian Tuhimbise early this week that Tugeine approached him on February 26, 2020, at around 7 pm and informed that Kata had asked him to take the car for washing just like it had been in the past.

Opakasi asked the suspect to first call Kata.

"He made a call and spoke to someone and then told me that Henry said that he should pick the car in the morning," narrated Opakisi.

He explained that Tugaine returned the following morning at around 6:30 am and picked the car that was parked in basement one. According to Opakasi, he informed Kata around 7 am that the person he had asked to pick up the vehicle had taken it.

"I told him the person you sent to come and pick your car yesterday has come and picked the car. And then he (Henry Kata) said, but I have my keys," narrated Opakisi.

It is then, that the two learnt that the car had been stolen. Opakisis description of the person who took the car fitted that of Tugaine. Kata reported the matter to Kira Road police station where Opakasi was asked to make a statement.

He was detained and released on police bond two days later. Kata says police reviewed footage from CCTV cameras at Acacia Place and on the streets. Footage from Acacia Place showed Tugeine walk swiftly towards the car and drive off. Police cameras also spotted the car in Kyengera at 6:55 am on the same day.

"At first I couldn't believe he was the person who had taken my car...he was my trusted car washer," Kata said.

He then went to the washing bay to talk to Tugeine's colleagues. He was told that Tugaine had landed into trouble with traffic police in Mpigi for driving without a permit. They asked if he could bail him out with Shs 100,000 but when Kata tried contacting the suspect his contacts were off.

He later revealed to Tugaine's colleagues what had happened. They told him that Tugaine had spent the night of February 26th at the bay and left at around 4 am.

"It's like he had spent the whole night planning," Kata said.

Kata says that police then told him they would pitch camp in Mbarara that evening. On February 29, Kata received a call from police indicating that Tugaine had been arrested with his vehicle in Kabale and transferred to Kira Road police station. According to Kata, he recovered his car intact except for a dent at the front bumper.He reportedly asked the suspect why he had taken his car.

He told me that the devil had tempted him. He said the temptation was caused by the very many needs he had at home," narrated Kata.

Detective Albert Tumuhaire from Nsoba police post, which is under Kira Road police station, who recorded Tugaines charge sheet and caution statement told court that the accused was brought to him by another detective called Bine.He said the suspect confessed to have stolen the vehicle with intentions of selling it.

"He said that when he reached Ntungamo, he wanted to sell the car at Shs 6 million but was called to attend to an emergence in his village home in Kabale. So, instead of selling the car he went home," Tumuhaire told court.

He explained that it is in Kabale where the suspect was arrested. Tumuhairwe also told court that the suspect told him he had duplicated the vehicle keys days before he used them.

Tugaine dismissed the testimony of the last witness but neither denied nor confirmed those of the first two witnesses. Magistrate Tuhimbise remanded the suspect further to Luzira prison until March 17 after denying bail for failing to present substantive sureties.

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Car washer confesses to cloning client's key, stealing vehicle - The Observer

How to clone a drive from the Linux command line – TechRepublic

Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to clone a drive in Linux.

I'll walk through the process of cloning a drive in Linux. This process actually isn't too terribly difficult--especially if you're comfortable with the Linux command line interface. But how do you do it?

First you'll need a bootable ISO image, of just about any Linux distribution, on a flash drive. You'll also need a new drive to clone to. That target drive must be as big or bjgger than the drive you're cloning. I prefer to go with bigger, just to be safe.

Once you have all of that ready, boot the machine with the source drive, using the bootable Linux distribution. Once you've logged in, make sure to attach the target drive to the system and find out where the target drive is located with the command:

You should see a listing of all available drives, but they shouldn't be mounted. You'll need the name of the source and target drives.

So let's say the source drive is sda and the target drive is sdd. It is crucial that you get those names right, otherwise you could trash all of the data on your source drive and wind up with a non-bootable, not cloned target.

With that information at hand, you can then clone the drive with the command:

Depending on the size of the drive and how much data is on the drive, this command can take some time to complete. When it does complete, you should be able to boot from the target drive as though it were the original.

And that's how easy it is to clone a drive from the Linux command line.

You don't want to miss our tips, tutorials, and commentary on the Linux OS and open source applications. Delivered Tuesdays

Image: Jack Wallen

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How to clone a drive from the Linux command line - TechRepublic

Iron Man’s Greatest Mistake Will Always Be Cloning Thor – Screen Rant

Tony Stark's flawed choices make him an extremely relatable character, but some of his mistakes range from questionable to absolutely terrible. Whether it's locking up superheroes in a secret prison or trying to make his armor faster with, uhhh, roller skates, Tony made some bone-headed decisions in the past. However, attempting to clone Thor has to be his biggest mistake ever.

The events of Civil War shook the superhero community with a group of young heroes called the New Warriors causing a tragedy in Stanford, Connecticut during a pitched battle with the explosive villain Nitro. As a result, the Superhero Registration Act was passed, requiring all heroes to reveal their identities to the government. Tony Stark took a hard line in support of the act, but he was opposed to by one of his oldest friends - Captain America. Though Tony had a number of heroes on his side, he decided he needed an edge to take on the likes of Cap. Unfortunately, during this time, Thor had passed from the mortal coil. So Tony decided to do the next best thing... and clone him.

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Apparently Tony had some of Thor's hairs on file from their first encounter (because of course, he did). With the help of Reed Richards and Hank Pym, Tony used the DNA to clone Thor and then added Stark technology to further augment the genetically-engineered Norse god with cybernetics. Code-named Ragnarok, this new Thor was deployed by Stark in his battle with Captain America and madeshort work of the enemy offensive. However, it's extremely clear there is something wrong with the unhinged clone from the start. When the battle escalates, Ragnarok kills the superhero Goliath in cold blood while the assembled heroes helplessly watch on. Ultimately, Storm and Hercules are able to destroy Ragnarok with the clone's high-tech hammer.

The death of Goliath destroys any remaining trust Tony Stark had with Captain America and his allies. Worse, Thor would shortly return from the dead and make his displeasure with Iron Man known. If all of this wasn't bad enough, Ragnarok himself eventually returned from the dead, as it was revealed one of his co-creators - Hank Pym - was a Skrull imposter, setting into motions events which would lead to his return. Ragnarok would ultimately join the Dark Avengers.

Thor's cloning is Tony Stark at his most stubborn and egotistical. Civil War's treatment of Tony Stark shows why the comic remains divisive among fans. While the movie adaptation had Stark struggling with the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as revelations about his parents' death, the Tony Stark of the comic is driven almost solely by the belief that he is right. His sanctimonious attitude leads him to spearhead the Registration Act any cost, leading to the death of Goliath at the hands of Ragnarok. Perhaps worse of all, Civil War ends with Tony Stark effectively learning nothing as he assumes command of SHIELD and enthusiastically looks to the future, ignoring all the blood spilled. While future storylines would redeem Tony Stark in the eyes of both readers and his colleagues, his cloning of Thor is emblematic of the Armored Avenger at his absolute worst.

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Marvel's MORBIUS Just Evolved Into a Full-Blown Monster

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Iron Man's Greatest Mistake Will Always Be Cloning Thor - Screen Rant

Hokko Life and Other Genre Clones Are the Best Way to Innovate – CCN.com

Game development is more accessible than ever. As a result, some video games will be similar to others, especially as grown-up gamers replicate their favorite childhood experiences.

This also means some games will be negatively accused of cloning their inspirations. That should never be the case.

Hokko Life is an upcoming life simulator in the vein of Nintendos popular Animal Crossing series. However, unlike Nintendos beloved IP, Hokko Life is releasing on PC via Steam.

The striking visual and gameplay similarities have caused some to call the game a Shameless Animal Crossing clone. That reads as more than a bit harsh, considering such clones are rampant in the PC space.

But, assuming these titles arent blatant, low-effort asset flips, games that pull from their inspirations should never be shamed. Experiences like Hokko Life not only bring a genre to more players, but they iterate on previous games, ensuring a better experience overall.

Stardew Valley is essentially an isometric, pixel art version of Harvest Moon a series that only made its way to PC after the formers release. The game released to massive fanfare and has since expanded to consoles and mobile.

Stardew Valleys sole developer, ConcernedApe, cited the idea came from wanting to fix all of his issues with the Harvest Moon games. In doing so, he made the genre accessible to new players, and many reviews consider it the greatest farming sim of all time.

A more recent example is the Pokemon-like game in early access, Temtem. The core idea is essentially Pokemons gotta-catch-em-all mantra with battles, gyms, and player customization. Oh, and it put all of those elements into a multiplayer online world, which is any Pokemon players dream and its all coming without a subscription service.

Sure, Nintendo and Game Freak are capable of bringing their monster-catching IP to an online audience. But, they didnt, so somebody else did.

Battle-royale Apex Legends is another excellent example. Initially considered a Fortnite knock-off, Apex is a solid title in its own right with faster-paced combat and innovations such as its ping system.

Calling any of the previous titles a shameless knock-off is discrediting the efforts each makes to improve their respective formulas. The same should apply to Hokko Life.

Similar to Stardew Valley, Hokko Lifes development team is one person: Robert Tatnell. While its visuals are comparable to Animal Crossing, the games apparent improvements make it a worthy competitor.

For example, Hokko Life has a focus on player customization. Users can drag and drop villagers houses, tilt and rotate their furniture, and add little touches like cushions on the couch.

Animal Crossing villages are up to the games random generation system. If a player doesnt like their layout, they must restart until they do. Player customization is limited by comparison, and users can only have one island per Switch a divisive decision among fans.

Nintendos offering may be portable, but Hokko Life gives players more liberty. One can exist in tandem with the other, and calling the latter a shameless copy is quite the disservice.

More options are never a bad thing, and competition breeds innovation. The fact remains that anybody has the tools to build a game. Some titles may tread over others, but each provides a new way to experience a genre.

This article was edited by Gerelyn Terzo.

Last modified: February 11, 2020 11:20 PM UTC

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Hokko Life and Other Genre Clones Are the Best Way to Innovate - CCN.com

Clone your existing Android smartphone to the Huawei Mate 30 – The Straits Times

Contrary to what you might have heard, Huawei's Mate 30 series smartphones are still running the Android mobile operating system (OS).

It is not running HarmonyOS, the upcoming free microkernel-based distributed OS that is being developed by Huawei. In fact, the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro are running the latest Android 10 mobile OS.

The only difference between the Mate 30 series smartphones and other mainstream Android phones is that the former do not come with Google Mobile Services, or GMS, which refers to a suite of Google services that includes Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Gmail and YouTube.

This is due to the ongoing trade war between China and the United States, in which the Trump administration has imposed a ban that prevents US companies from working with Huawei. Thus, Google is unable to sell GMS to Huawei.

But as the Android mobile OS is an open-source OS, Huawei is able to continue utilising the platform. All the Android apps that you are using can thus be used on the Mate 30 series.

To help users move the apps on their old smartphones to the Mate 30, Huawei has created the Phone Clone app.

This app allows you to have most of the apps on your old Android smartphone on the new Mate 30 or Mate 30 Pro smartphone.

Before starting the cloning process, make sure both smartphones are placed next to each other, with their Wi-Fi switched on and with both on the same Wi-Fi network. Take out the SIM card in your old smartphone and insert it into the new Mate 30 smartphone.

You should not be performing any operation on either the old smartphone or the Mate 30 smartphone. If not, the connection between the two phones might be lost and the data cloning will be interrupted.

Here are the steps to take when moving your old Android smartphone to the new Mate 30 smartphone.

First, download Phone Clone from Google Play Store on your old smartphone.

Start Phone Clone on your new Mate 30 phone and choose "This is the new phone". In the next window, choose Android when asked to select the old phone system.

Start Phone Clone on your old phone and choose "This is the old phone". The phone will invoke the camera function.

Next, scan the QR code on the new Mate 30 phone with the old phone to establish the connection between the two phones.

After the connection is established (the Mate 30 will display the "Connected to old device" message), select the data you want to transfer, such as contacts, messaging, notes, calendar and photos. After selecting the data, tap on "Transfer" to begin cloning.

When the message "Transfer complete" is displayed on the Mate 30, tap "Done" to complete the data cloning.

You will find your Mate 30 smartphone having most of the apps that are on your old phone.

Continue to set up the Mate 30 smartphone by following the on-screen instructions.

And in no time, you can start using your Mate 30 as though it were your old smartphone.

Next week, we will look at the Mate 30 series' AppGallery, Huawei's app store.

This feature is brought to you by Huawei.

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Clone your existing Android smartphone to the Huawei Mate 30 - The Straits Times

The 15 Essential CLONE WARS Episodes and Arcs – Nerdist

Were pretty darned excited for the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for 12 episodes on Disney+ on February 21. Speaking personally, its the show that got me back in to the franchise following some prequel fallout. Not only did the show reignite my love of galaxys that are real far away, but it made me enjoy the prequel era! How did that happen? Oh, through being excellent. Right.

But if youve never seen the show and want to get caught up before the final episodes drop, it can feel pretty daunting. 121 episodes across six seasons so far is a mighty tall order. Luckily both Disney+ and StarWars.com have provided their lists for essential episodes. Theres surprisingly very little crossover between the two lists, so Ive melded them like a good Grey Jedi into a definitive list of 35 episodes (10 arcs and 5 standalones) as a primer. Shall we dive in? (And all of these are on Disney+ of course.)

LucasfilmNote: the episode order of The Clone Wars is notoriously weird. Well discuss them in release order, but for story chronology, click here!

The first episode of the series proper actually takes place chronologically after a season three episode. Weird. But it works as a raucous and exciting starting point to the animated adventures. In it, Jedi Master Yoda has to face off against would-be Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress, one of the series most interesting characters.


This episode is supremely important. While the movies had plenty of clones, without The Clone Wars, we wouldnt care about any of them. Much less count them among our favorite characters. Dee Bradley Baker provides the voice for all of the Clones and this is his first tour de force. Commander Cody and Captain Rex have to lead a small unit of rookies through a pitched battle with droids. Its a tense and surprisingly moving episode, and one that showed the early promise of the idea.

Though The Clone Wars has a great roster of main characters, its the smaller arcs with supporting Jedi that make up some of the shows best. Here we have Kit Fisto (the tentacle-headed guy) and his former padawan Nahdar Vebb chasing Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray to a remote world. Soon they realize its all a trap and this is the lair of General Grievous. Grievous is on the outs with Count Dooku and the general decides to make his mark through murdering some high-level Jedi.

The first essential arc in The Clone Wars is a true epic. It starts with Padme spying on a senator who may have Separatist ties. That leads the Jedi to a plot involving a giant droid factory on Geonosis, the site of the first Clone battle in Attack of the Clones. It gets real dark; eventually Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Cody discover Geonosian brain worms have created zombies, and the Jedi might be next.


I love it when the Star Wars universe steers into the fact that George Lucas based the first movie on Akira Kurosawa. And, yes, Jedi are space samurai; Jidaigeki is the Japanese word for era dramas that were often samurai movies. But Kurosawa didnt only make samurai movies. Case in point, Lightsaber Lost finds Ahsoka on Coruscant tracking the pickpocket who stole her lightsaber. This is just like Kurosawas movie Stray Dog in which a rookie police officer has to find his stolen pistol.

Mandalore became one of the most important planets in all of Star Wars over the years. Not to mention how popular Mandalorians are these days. And while the design of Boba Fetts armor is what sparked this interest, its the Clone Wars that made people fans. This trilogy introduces us to Duchess Satine of Mandalore and we learn of her and Obi-Wans tragic, unrequited love while he protects her from the evil Death Watch. Obi-Wan and Satines story is truly outstanding.


These two episodes from season two arent about the furthering of some greater plot thread or introducing any big high-roller in the franchise. But what makes the two Zillo Beast episodes important is they deal with the moral implications of a galaxy-wide war. The Republics new droid-annihilating weapon awakens a gargantuan creature from hibernation. Mace Windu and Anakin have an ethical quandary: should they protect this creature, the last of its kind? Or should they kill it to aid a people who would be good political allies? Its a tough one for sure, especially for a show ostensibly aimed at kids.

A sort of spiritual sequel to Rookies, this episode is another base-under-siege story finding Obi-Wan, Anakin, Jedi Master Shaak-Ti, and a battalion of Clones defending the clone facility on Kamino from General Grievous and Ventress forces. Its another outstanding battle episode, something this show did better than maybe any show ever.

The third season of The Clone Wars introduced some truly trippy wrinkles in the force. One major one happened in this trilogy. Darth Sidious (its Palpatine!) orders Dooku to eliminate the ineffective Asajj Ventress. When he fails, she seeks aid from her clan the Nightsisters of Dathomir. Its here we learn the women of Dathomir are strong with the force and become a coven of witches. The men are all like Darth Maul and born to servitude. Mauls brother, Savage Opress, becomes Dookus new apprentice while secretly searching for Maul at the behest of the Nightsisters.


This is the Star Wars universe at its most Tolkienian. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka end up on a mysterious planet, very strong in the Force. They encounter three entities called Father, Son, and Daughter. Father maintained the balance between Daughter (full Light Side) and Son (full Dark Side). He wants Anakin, the Chosen One, to remain on Mortis and be the new balance between light and dark. The Son, however, senses the darkness inside Anakin and tries to recruit him to his own side to overthrow Father. Its some Game of Thrones ish right there.

Season four has some really great episodes dealing with the Clones and specifically the growing fissure between what Clones are bred to do and what they might individually want. Those are all worth watching, but if were talking *essential* then we need to discuss the final four episodes. The first two deal with Asajj Ventress continued failure to overthrow Dooku and instead she leaves the Sith behind to rejoin the Nightsisters. The final two episodes show Savage Opress is successful in his hunt for his brother, Maul. Maul, of course, survived his bisection in The Phantom Menace and becomes an unerring hate machine, vowing to destroy the Jedi, and specifically Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Yoda and Ahsoka take a group of younglings (children) to the Jedi Temple on Ilum. There, in the cave, they each have to face a fear or flaw in order to get the Kyber crystal that will become their lightsaber. From there, the young Jedi face a number of challenges, most involving the scoundrel Hondo Ohnaka. This isnt the most pivotal of arcs, but it does give insight into the ways of the Jedi and ties in to the video game Jedi: Fallen Order, Rebels, Disneylands Galaxys Edge, and sequel trilogy.

This is the arc that starts to bring everything together. Not only do Maul and Savage rear their particularly ugly heads again, it ties in to the Mandalore storylines set up through the whole series. They seek to set up an alliance between Mandalores Death Watch and crime organizations Black Sun, Pyke Syndicate, and Hutt Cartel. This obviously sets up elements we later find in Solo but also The Mandalorian as the Darksaber becomes a major symbol of power. Obi-Wan and Satines story also comes to a close, while Darth Sidious decides to put down Maul and his brothers insurrection.


This is one of the most heartbreaking arcs in the whole show. Each episode title is a reference to an Alfred Hitchcock movie and features Ahsoka under suspicion for terrorism and murder. She has to try to clear her name but soon learns the Jedi Order is too concerned with political alignments and bureaucracy to effectively come to her aid. Shes going to have to do this on her own, and not even her own master Anakin can help.

The Clone Wars ended (because it got canceled) with this four-episode journey focusing on Master Yoda and his investigation into the real cause of the Clone Wars. Who was Master Sifo-Dyas? Why did he begin cloning, and under whos authority? And whos really behind his death? The investigation leads to revelations about the Sith, taking Yoda to the evil orders homeworld.

LucasfilmWe cant wait to see how The Clone Wars ultimately end. We know the latter part of the final season will take place concurrently with the events of Revenge of the Sith, and depict the fabled Siege of Mandalore. Well also get to see what happened to Ahsoka Tano and the Clones who removed their inhibitor chips and dont execute Order 66. Its going to be a sad, but we think rather fitting end, to a show that gave so much depth and pathos to a period of Star Wars history we thought we knew all about.

Header Image: Lucasfilm

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The 15 Essential CLONE WARS Episodes and Arcs - Nerdist

Injunction denied: Auction of five tribute/cloned Ford Mustangs to proceed Feb 8 in Shawnee – Shawnee News Star

A Pottawatomie County judge on Friday denied an emergency injunction filed by the county sheriff in an effort to the stop the district attorney from selling five seized Ford Mustangs, meaning the scheduled car auction will proceed as planned at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 8.

The five vehicles involved are 1970s era Ford Mustangs that are referred to as tribute or cloned vehicles, said Pottawatomie County District Attorney Allan Grubb.

The cars were among those seized during a 2016 raid and were owned by the late Kermit Milburn, a Shawnee attorney.

Milburn committed suicide at an Edmond gun range in 2016, archives show. His death occurred a couple weeks after authorities, while investigating a Mustang cloning operation in 2016, conducted search warrants at several places, including Milburn's home in Edmond and his Shawnee law office.

Grubb said five of the six Pottawatomie County cars in Saturday's auction are from the Milburn case, while the sixth vehicle was seized as part of another local case that involved a drug arrest. The cars are listed online as part of a large auction, which is set for 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 8 at FireLake Arena.

A three-hour hearing was held involving these cars on Friday after Sheriff Mike Booth filed a last-minute motion to intervene in the case. He said he asked for a temporary injunction to allow time to investigate whether the cloned Vehicle Identification Numbers had been properly removed as claimed.

The judge denied the injunction that would have stopped the sale, but did order documentation about the vehicles and their background.

Grubb said the five tribute/cloned cars involved have all been rebranded with new state-issued titles. Two other vehicles from the Milburn raid will be sold at a future auction, Grubb said.

The vehicles scheduled to be sold have been in storage since 2016.

Plans have been in the works to sell the vehicles for a while, with Grubb explaining that by statute, the jail will receive one-third of the proceeds from the sale. The district attorney's office gets another third, while the seizing agency, which happens to be the district attorney's office for these five vehicles, receives the remaining third.

Watch for updates.

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Injunction denied: Auction of five tribute/cloned Ford Mustangs to proceed Feb 8 in Shawnee - Shawnee News Star

Star Wars Theory: Palpatine Was A CLONE In Rise of Skywalker – Screen Rant

Somehow, Palpatine returned in J.J. Abrams'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - and between established canon and the former Emperor's appearance in the movie, there's plenty of evidence to support the theory that he returned in a clone body.

Cloning has been a part of the Star Wars franchise since the very first movie, Star Wars: A New Hope, which included amentionof the Clone Wars. The prequel movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clonesintroduced an army of clone troopers, based on the genetics of bounty hunter Jango Fett,thatwere created by the Republic to fight the Separatist battle droid army.These clone troopersproved to be instrumental in Palpatine's deadliest plan: each of them was implanted with a chip that, upon receiving Order 66, caused them to turn on theJedi and slaughter them. Needless to say, clones have long been affiliated with the dark side.

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When confronted by Kylo Ren at the start of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine tells him that he has died before and that "the dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural." While thiscould interpreted as a deliberately vague allusion to Palpatine somehow using to Force to resurrect himself after he fell into the Death Star II's reactor, the scheming Sith could just as easily have used cloning to orchestrate his return.

If Palptine's return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker feels familiar, it may be because of its striking similarities to the 1992 Expanded Universe comic Dark Empire. Set in a post-Return of the Jedi future where the Imperial forces have risen again, Dark Empire takes Luke Skywalker to a planet called Byss that is "entirely enveloped in the power of the dark side" - much like Exegol. There, he meets a resurrected Emperor Palpatine, whose dialogue (pictured above) closely mirrors Palpatine's words to Kylo Ren in Rise of Skywalker. Unlike the movie version, however, this Palpatine goes on to explain exactly how he was able to return to life, and reveals that it's not the first time he's done so. The great power of the Force takes a terrible toll on the fragile flesh of Palpatine's body, forcing him to periodically transfer himself into a new clone. This conveniently explains how a villain as arrogant as Palpatinemighthave had a new clone body ready to go in the event of his death.

A great deal of Star Wars canon was discarded when the Expanded Universe was retconned out of official continuity and rebranded as Star Wars Legends in April 2014. However, one of the firstnew in-canon comics released under the Disney umbrella quickly re-introduced the idea of bad guys using clone bodies to survive.The 2015 Marvel Comics series Darth Vader, which followed Vader's exploits in the aftermath of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, featured a character called Doctor Cylo. A scientist specializing in cybernetics, Cylo created a series of clone bodies for himself and set up a system whereby if one clone was killed, the next would be activated (a similar premise was used in a recent episode of Rick and Morty). Cylo ultimately ends up turning on the Emperor and is killed for his betrayal, butthis story establishes that Palpatine knew about a method of surviving death by setting up a clone body to be activated in the event of his defeat. Palpatine being ever the schemer, it makes sense that he wouldhave stolen Cylo's idea and created his own clones in order to achieve immortality.

When the sequel trilogy first began with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there weren't yet any plans to resurrect Palpatine for the third movie. Instead, The Force Awakens introduced a new big bad - Supreme Leader Snoke - who issued commands to the First Order. Snoke was killed at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi,and at the start of Rise of Skywalker Palpatine reveals that the so-called "Supreme Leader" was merely a clone - a puppet designed to exert Palpatine's influence without revealing his continued existence. We even see some spare Snoke clones growing in a vat on Exegol, which means that Palpatine had cloning technology readily available to him. If he used this technology to create Snoke, it stands to reason that he may havealso used cloning to survive his fall into the Death Star II's reactor.

Related:Emperor Palpatines Entire Backstory, Timeline, & Manipulations Explained

When we meet Palpatine again in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, he admittedly looks a bit worse for wear. A zombie-like being suspended from a mechanical throne, Palpatine's body appears to be little more than a shell. That being said, the shell doesn't look like it fell down into a reactor and then exploded, which is what happened to Palpatine at the end of Return of the Jedi. One thing seems to be certain: whatever body Palpatine is using in Rise of Skywalker, it's not the same one that fought Darth Vader on the Death Star II.

While it's possible that Palpatine may have used the "unnatural abilities" of the dark side of the Force to build a newvessel for his vile soul, the clone explanation is a lot simpler and in line with what we've previously seen in the franchise. In fact, the two explanations aren't mutually exclusive, as Palpatine may have used the science of cloning in conjunction with his Force powers. Cyloused cybernetics to givehimself a simple personality map and backup memories banks, which is what allowed him to transfer his mind between bodies. Palpatine, whose mind is infinitely more complex,is more likely to have achieved the transition using the Forcerather than trying to reduce himself down to cybernetics.

What this means for the future of Star Wars is that Disney could very easily find a way to resurrect Palpatine again down the line - though given the generally poor reception to dredging up Palpatine for The Rise of Skywalker, the studio probably won't play that card again for a while.

More:Star Wars: Why The Luke/Vader Twist Worked, But Rey's Didn't

Why Star Wars Fans Have Forgiven Hayden Christensen

Hannah has been with Screen Rant since the heady days of 2013, starting out as a humble news writer and eventually clawing her way up the ladder through a series of Machiavellian schemes and betrayals. She's now a features writer and editor, covering the hottest topics in the world of nerddom from her home base in Oxford, UK.Hannah enjoys weird horror movies, weirder sci-fi movies, and also the movie adaptation of Need for Speed - the greatest video game movie of all time. She has lived and studied in New York and Toronto, but ultimately returned home so that she could get a decent cup of tea. Her hobbies include drawing, video games, long walks in the countryside, and wasting far too much time on Twitter.Speaking of which, you can follow Hannah online at @HSW3K

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Star Wars Theory: Palpatine Was A CLONE In Rise of Skywalker - Screen Rant

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Theory Says Palpatine Was A Clone – We Got This Covered

J.J. Abrams didnt waste time inStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to give us an idea of how Palpatine came back to life and pushed this revelation aside by slipping in a line of dialogue from the Prequel Trilogy.

The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural, declares Darth Sidious as Kylo Ren steps forward to face him on Exegol in the opening ofEpisode IX. And thats essentially all the explanation we receive in the movie about how Palpatine survived his fall during the Battle of Endor.

The Emperors ominous and iconic dialogue seems to point to the fact that he may have used the force to keep himself alive after Darth Vader threw him down a reactor shaft. Though as the folks at ScreenRant have pointed out, there may be more to the story than we currently think.

Now, we know that cloning has always been an integral element of the Star Warsuniverse ever since the first movie,A New Hope, mentioned the Clone Wars in passing. The army of clones was first introduced in Attack of the Clones, and we ultimately realized their creation was part of Sidiouss plan to overthrow the Jedi and bring about the fall of the Galactic Republic.

Moreover, if Palpatines return inThe Rise of Skywalkerseems familiar, thats because its happened before intheDark Empirecomic series, now a part of Legends which are deemed as non-canon by Disney. During the events of said storyline, Luke Skywalker goes to a planet called Byss, which is entirely enveloped in the dark side of the Force, much like Exegol. There, he meets a revived Emperor whose dialogue closely mirrors what he says to Ren in the movie.

Though unlike the film, this Palpatine goes on to explain how hes managed to survive by periodically transferring himself into a new clone. Even in the movie, Darth Sidious points out that he created Snoke as a puppet to seize control of the galaxy, and a shot actually depicts the Supreme Leaders cloning process.

So, is it so strange to suggest thats how the Sith cultists on Exegol, known as Sith Eternal, brought Palpatine back to life? Unfortunately, until further confirmation from official sources or otherStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalkercontent thats yet to come, we wont know the answer for sure. But that doesnt mean we cant speculate to fill in the void left by Abrams divisive movie.

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Theory Says Palpatine Was A Clone - We Got This Covered

Phish Sends In The Clones As They Float Above MSG, Rescue Squad Saves Trey On NYE [Photos/Videos] – Live for Live Music

Phish rang in 2020 to a sold-out crowd at New York CitysMadison Square Garden like theyve done a dozen times before. While they have played other New Years Eve shows outside of the Big Apple over the years, no place feels quite as much like home as the Garden. The newest decades gag did not see the band pull off a midnight-to-sunrise set, a runaway golf cart marathon, a JEMP truck ride, or hot dog flight, but it was the third set that fans new and old will remember forever.

Looking back to previous Garden parties, the 12/31 calendar date does not typically top the other nights of the run in terms of musical exploration, expansive jams, or massive bust-outs, but that doesnt stop Phish from being unapologetically Phish at the transition of each new year.

Following their stellar, jam-filled 12/30 show on Monday night, the band took the stage loose and excited to have fun as the Disney sample from 2014s Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House Halloween set blared through the arena. The Martian Monster opener was followed by Buried Alive in its customary early-first set position. Digging further back into their massive repertoire, Trey Anastasio shined as Phish continued to get this show on the road with a sing-along AC/DC Bag.

The World Most Famous Arena in the central part of Manhattan was treated to a lengthier-than-usual Halleys Comet next, complete with an impressive light display by designer Chris Kuroda. Since Comet returned to orbit in 2009, it hasnt been given the improv treatment fans of earlier Phish years enjoyed, but Tuesday night was another story as Mike Gordon and Page McConnell developed a funky synth-bass groove that eventually morphed into Prince Caspian.

A standard, high-energy Sparkle and a short but potent Axilla led to the first banter of the antics-filled night. All four band members continued the hit in the head with a pan story tangent from the 12/30/19 show, adding a new layer to the true tale. After Storytime Trey amusingly placed the pan story version of himself in a hallucinated recreation of the classic Steven King movie, Carrie, Trey and Page joked that they were fuzzy on the rest of the details of the strange saga.

It was Gordon who finally chimed in on the saga of the pan with a useful new insight: You know, Im starting to figure something out here, Mike hypothesized. Its a different kind of pan! Its the panflute. Who was the guy from the TV commercials that played the pan flute?

Oh, I think, are you saying Zamfir? Fishman offered. I remember that guy! He continued, And there was a weird thing about that guy. That, uh, I think the guy died, but if you say his name, you can conjure him. All you gotta do is say his name, hes got one of those magical names. Fishman then put that theory to the test, calling out the pan flutists name. As he did, haunting pan flute melodies and TV infomercial audio began to play over the sound system. Just like that, Zamfir (a.k.a. tour manager Richard Glasgow), ambled onstage with his pan flute. Yes, it was just as strange as it sounds. Weird sh*t happens when you hit me in the head with that pan, Fishman confirmed. This is amazing, added Trey, doing his best to hold back his laughter.

Phish Zamfir Story 12/31/19

[Video: monihampton]

To finish the whacky story and introduce Maze, McConnell utilized the THX Deep Note effect introduced with much hilarity at the 11/30/19 show in Providence, Rhode Island. The Chairman of the Boards took the spotlight during the rocking Maze, jumping from organ to grand piano before Anastasio kicked off an always-welcome Fluffhead. Rise/Come Together closed the interesting first set, giving fans a few moments to discuss the Zamfir story and sit-in with appropriate confusion.

Punch You in the Eye opened the second set for the first time since the standout July 19th, 2017 rendition and immediately got the floor of the arena shaking once again. Wolfmans Brother was funkified by a juicy Clavinet-bass groove that Anastasio used as a launchpad for his intricate riffing. While the experimentation didnt exceed the 10-minute mark, Tuesday nights Wolfmans once again contained a dark improv section, as it has throughout 2019.

An excellent Light kicked off the strongest portion of the set with a synthy, ethereal section that moved into a heavy peak before Anastasio pulled the plug and dove into Twist. Gordon plucked away to create dank bass undertones that paired nicely with Fishmans choppy drum fills. The guitarist summoned the spirit of Jimi Hendrix and developed a dirty riff reminiscent of Foxy Lady as the entire band built upon the sinister Twist to combat the tranquil Light that came before it, completing a two-song segment thats surely worth revisiting.

Soul Planet reminded New Years Eve veterans of the 2017-2018 run inside the same venue, where a massive pirate ship brought the glowing-wristed fans into January 2018. A danceable, funky breakdown in Soul Planet was short-lived as the band transitioned into a relatively standard Mercury and a faster-than-usual, dynamically varied Possum to close out the second of three sets.

As the lights came up for setbreak number two, a swarm of stagehands descended upon the stage, presumably to set up for whatever shenanigans were coming in set three. Except Wait, are they putting everything away? Sure looks that way. As setbreak wore on, the crew quickly packed up all the gear on stage, leaving only a few nondescript black boxes and a chorus of confused queries of but what are they going to play on? echoing throughout the crowd as the clock approached midnight.

As the lights went down to beckon the final act of the nightthe stage still conspicuously emptythe voices of the band members began to emit from the PA. Hello? Hey, Trey? These microphones are not on, are they? asked Page. Nope, Treys voice responded. Our microphones are not on. No one in the Garden can hear a single word we say.

As the Garden roared with laughter, Page continued, unaware that the crowd could hear him, I am so excited right now, I cannot contain myself. I cant believe we are about to walk on stage and perform an entire set ofjazz ballads, a cappella, for our New Years extravaganza. Added a giddy Trey, 25 years into our career at MSG, we arefinally gonna give the people what they want and walk on stage and do an entire set of jazz a cappella ballads for our New Years set. Its gonna be perfect. The crowd cheered and groaned as they crossed their fingers that this was, indeed, a joke.

Fishman continued, That is, provided that Zamfir does not show up at the last second and hit us with a pan. Because whenthat has happened in the past strange things have occurred.

You know what I think, Mikes body-less voice added. I think thats him right there walking toward us! So weird. The requisite sound effects ensued as the Garden heard the pan flute master once again accost The Phish with his pan.

With that, the members of Phish slowly strode onstage in peculiar outfits as the piano intro to Send In The Clowns began to play. Fishman donned an inverted version of his ubiquitous muumuu (red dress, blue donuts), while the remainder of the band sported solid-color outfits and headset microphones: Page in blue, Trey in green, and Mike in yellow. True to their word, the four colorful musicians started into a (mostly) a cappella rendition of the classic number from the 1973 Stephen Sondheim musical, A Little Night Music. So theyre actually doing this, huh?

However, as Send In The Clowns continued, fans quickly became aware that something strange was afoot. With excitement, Trey altered the lyrics of the song to Send In TheClones. The rest of the lyrics proved to be telling, as well. File away me here at last on the ground, you in mid-air, one who keeps tearing around, one who cant move, making my entrance again with my usual flair and well maybe next year for later

As the band reached the end of Send In the Clones, Trey emphasized the songs final lines. Where are the clones? There ought to be clones! Send in the clones! Send in the clones! Send in the clones!

Phish Send In The Clones 12/31/19

[Video: monihampton]

After a moment of suspense, the band cleared the stage once again, only to reappear shortly after when four free-hanging, colored platforms filled with colored instruments matching the bands outfits descended from the ceiling. As Phish launched into First Tube while suspended in mid-air, dozens of clones of each memberwith outfits identical to those worn by the band, down to shaggy, red wigs worn by the Trey clones and the bald-spotted wigs for the Page clonesflooded the empty stage underneath the floating musicians.

The Phish clones would remain onstage throughout the set, performing elaborate, synchronized dance numbers and choral flourishes as their originators played overhead, rising and falling in time much like the lights on Kurodas rig. Later, theyd pull out a set of long, thin mirrors to reflect the stage lightingeffectively cloning Kuroda, as well.

As the final minutes of 2019 ticked away, the platforms were lowered back to normal stage level while the clones constructed appropriately colored risers behind the band out of the mysterious black cases left onstage at setbreak. The colorful Phish clones served as the backing choir the customary New Years countdown and ensuing Auld Lang Syne and balloon drop before helping the still-floating band usher in 2020 with a Sand extravaganza. The clones continued to dance and sing through the theatrical Sand as the bands platforms lifted and droppedthat is, except for Anastasios. Strangely, he had stopped moving with the rest of the band

Phish w/ Clones First Tube > Auld Lang Syne 12/31/19

[Video: monihampton]

A sense of anxiety soon began to set in for the Garden crowd. Was a clone going to replace Trey for good? Was he actually in danger? Was this all part of the gag? Phish loves to elicit that oh-so-familiar what the f*ck is going on? reaction from their fans, but even the band shared this sentiment as the reality of the situation set in. As the rest of the bands platforms dropped to stage level, Trey remained conspicuously suspended. The green-suited guitarist was, indeed, stuckthe band here at last on the ground, Trey in mid-air.

Heres where things got hairy. A long pause ensued as the MSG crew tried to figure out how to get Trey down while Anastasio no doubt reflected on the Murphys Law situation going on before his eyes: There he was, just after midnight on New Years Eve, at the dawn of a decade, in a green suit, at a sold-out Madison Square Garden, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the bands first MSG show with an elaborate, aerial stuntand his sh*t just broke in mid-air. The situation had moved beyond gag status. This was real. Trey was stuck hanging precariously above the Garden crowd with half a set still left to play. What in the world do you do from here?

After several minutes (which felt like an eternity) of waiting nervously, Trey began to cautiously joke about his current predicament. Well, he said with sincerity, I guess, if Im about to fall to my death, I might as well tell you guys all how much I love you. So much! At least this is gonna be one of the great rock and roll deaths that youll all be a part of. Kind of always wanted to go out with a bang, so

Fishman tried to add some levity to the situation, joking that I think youd just get maimed from there its not high enough for death. Dont worry. Death dont hurt very long But the comic relief did little to quell the mounting nervousness that permeated the Garden. Even Treys quip about how this would be a good time for him to do one of thoseEddie Vedder crowd divesyou guys will catch me, right? did little to ease the tension.

As fans will remember, the 12/30 Pan Story ended with Trey joking about how he felt like he had walked himself out onto the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go. As the New Years gag born from this bizarre tale went further off the rails with each moment Trey remained stuck, that imagery became all too real.

After receiving word from in his earpiece that they were not, in fact, going to be able to get him down, Trey cautiously decided that the show must go on: Hey Carm, Im just gonna play it from up here. F*ck it, just leave me up here.

With that decision, Trey cautiously started into Drift While Youre Sleeping, the Phish clones below continuing their choreographed antics. Its probably worth noting that, despite the admirable, rock-and-roll character of choosing to continue, all four band members were notably timid throughout the song. With Phish, you can never really be sure whats real and whats a joke, but the truth shined through in the music. Both Trey and the clones below his faulty platform were potentially in actual danger, and it took the band more than a few minutes to shift their focus from that fact back to the music being played.

Despite the understandable timidness, the clone-assisted set continued admirably with Whats The Use?. While clearly planned ahead of time (see: elaborately choreographed dancing), this song choice felt cosmically appropriate. Whats the use in worrying about how Treys going to get down? Were here, were plugged in, and weve got a wild show planned. May as well go for it.

Its also worth mentioning the clearly apparent difference in Treys body language and playing as his best friends and bandmates continued to rise and fall as planned. When he was suspended solo, he was noticeably reserved, but each time Page, Fish, and Mike rose to his level, he seemed to momentarily regain his full confidence. Plenty of strange things have happened at Phish shows over 35+ years. When Trey was alone above the stage, he seemed to feel exposed, even kneeling to play at points to help keep his balance on the edge of this cliff. But as soon as his bandmates were at his side, he was ready to conquer any obstacle in his path. If thats not Phish in a nutshell, I dont know what is.

The clones cleared the stage as the rest of the bands platforms rose to meet Treys above the stage for You Enjoy Myself. While the band members remained necessarily stationary on their platforms, the Phish clones returned to act out their usual YEM anticsfrom Mike and Trey clones bouncing on trampolines to Trey clones dancing to the Mike bass solo section. As the band moved into the Boy, Man, God, Sh*t section, the aerial guitarist put a noticeable emphasis on the Sh*t!, a tensely amusing nod to his sticky situation.

Phish w/ Clones You Enjoy Myself 12/31/19

[Video: LazyLightning55a]

Unusually, the highlight of this YEM turned out to be the vocal jam, as the clone choir helped Trey conduct some call-and-response melodies with the crowd before eventually winding up in a clone theme of sorts to close things out.

We can assume that, at this point, the band had planned to exit the stage for an encore break. However, with Trey still stuck hanging over the Garden, Phish did what they do best: they improvised.

Thanks, everybody, thank you, a sheepishly giggling Trey announced, Okay, were gonna do something very strange here, but thats cool. Its fun. We just walked off, were back on. This is the encore, and then all four us are gonna watch you guys leave, and then were just gonna stay up here in the airuntil next year! Its the encore!

With that, Phish launched into the Tweezer Reprise that had gone missing on 12/30 as the clones once again took the stage for their final numbera climactic ending to a crazy set, to be sure. But for the crowd, the show was not over. No, we werent leaving until we were sure that Trey was safely on the ground.

As Mike, Page, and Fishman descended to the ground after Tweeprise and started to walk backstage, Trey laughed nervously. You guys are leaving me? What the hell?!

Bye, Trey, Fishman laughed. See you next year, added Page as a helpless Trey continued to laugh at his ongoing predicament.

As Trey continued to dangle, he took to his guitar to pass the time for a little (necessary) bonus improv, crafting an off-the-cuff ditty about how its time to leave. Its a whole new year, and someones coming to rescue me at least I hope so. This is pretty strange, but its kind of cool, I kinda like it up here, theyre gonna rescue me, goodbye, goodbye 2019, lets have a big cheerfor the rescue squad! he sang.

The crowd continued to cheerone could argue, louder than they did for any of the planned NYE anticsas the stage crew mounted Fishmans drum platform and rose to Treys assistance. They placed a bridge over to Treys platform and guided him over to the working lift to help him down. Once again, with nothing but time and an instrument in front of him, Trey sat down behind Fishmans kit and beat out an improvised Rescue Squad chant as he finallythankfullydescended to safety.

The Rescue Squad Saves Trey 12/31/19

[Video: LazyLightning55a]

[Video: monihampton]

The Phish Clones New Years gag was meant to be all fun, games, and spectacle, but after its precarious malfunction, it took on a more sincere air of significance. As we watched Trey dangle from the ceiling, fans throughout the Garden realized their deep love for this man and this band all over again. You cant just clone Trey Anastasio. Sure, its fun to see them do elaborate things like this, but everyone in the hallowed venue seemed to telepathically agree: Wed trade this admittedly amazing spectacle to ensure this mans safety and longevity any day of the week (or year, or decade). Now that hes down, however, were looking forward to the inevitable tsunami of memes, jokes, and future antics born from this stunt gone awry.

So goes the Phish Welcome to 2020. Lets maybe keep the New Years stunts on the ground this year.

Check out a gallery from 2019s Phish New Years Eve show below courtesy of photographerChris Capaci.

[Review by Ben Boivin & Andrew OBrien]

Setlist: Phish | Madison Square Garden | New York, NY | 12/31/19

Set 1: Martian Monster, Buried Alive, AC/DC Bag, Halleys Comet > Prince Caspian > Sparkle > Axilla, Maze, Fluffhead > Rise/Come Together

Set 2: Punch You in the Eye, Wolfmans Brother > Light > Twist > Soul Planet > Mercury > Possum

Set 3: Send in the Clowns[1], First Tube, Auld Lang Syne, Sand, Drift While Youre Sleeping, Whats the Use?, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Tweezer Reprise, Rescue Squad[2]

[1] Phish debut, with lyrics changed to Send in the Clones; a cappella[2] Debut; only Trey.

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Phish Sends In The Clones As They Float Above MSG, Rescue Squad Saves Trey On NYE [Photos/Videos] - Live for Live Music

Using ETF clones to save on fees – InvestmentNews

As pressure on fees continues across the financial services industry, financial advisers would be wise to never assume that theres not a cheaper version of the same product.

Sometimes that can mean finding cheaper versions of the same index-tracking fund within the same fund family, as will soon be possible for three exchange-traded funds offered by State Street Global Advisors.

According to recent prospectus filings, SSGA is converting three index ETFs to turn them into cheaper versions of three existing index ETFs. This means savvy advisers will be able to save their clients some fees just by swapping out ticker symbols on any new allocations from clients who have been investing in the more expensive versions.

Starting Jan. 24, the plans call for cheaper but identical versions of the $306 billion SPDR S&P 500 (SPY), the $19 billion SPDR S&P Midcap 400 (MDY), and the $1.4 billion SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap (SLY).

The cheaper version of SPY, which tracks the S&P 500 and has an expense ratio of 9 basis points, will be SPDR Portfolio Large Cap (SPLG), a $3.5 billion ETF that charges 3 basis points.

SPLG currently tracks an index of 700 large-cap stocks, but it will start tracking the S&P 500 with the change.

The clone for MDY, which charges 24 basis points, will be SPDR Portfolio Midcap (SPMD), a $1.9 billion fund that charges 5 basis points.

And the clone for SLY, which charges 15 basis points, will be SPDR Portfolio SmallCap (SPSM), a $1.6 billion ETF charging 5 basis points.

SSGA is currently waiving two-thirds of SLYs expense ratio to bring it in line with SPSM.

Matt Bartolini, head of SPDR Americas Research at SSGA, said the clone ETFs are designed for longer-term investors who might not be as concerned about the liquidity issues that could plague smaller funds.

He added that some large institutional investors and active traders will overlook higher fees on funds in exchange for their sizable options markets and liquidity profiles.

Some investors also like the ability to be anonymous when executing larger block orders, Mr. Bartolini said. What were doing is providing products with a purpose. Its more a function of providing choice to investors. You might hold SPLG for a strategic allocation and SPY in your liquidity sleeve.

Thats probably a handy tip for multibillion-dollar institutional traders. But for most financial advisers, the cheaper version will work just fine.

In terms of tradability, it would be difficult to do better than SPYs average daily trading volume of 47.8 million shares.

But at more than 708,000 shares, SPLGs average dialing trading volume is plenty high for most financial advisory clients.

Anything under 100,000 shares in a day is something an investor wants to be mindful of, as long as your trade size can easily get executed in a given day based on historical trading volume, said Todd Rosenbluth, director of mutual fund and ETF research at CFRA.

Tighter spreads are a byproduct of liquidity and trading volume, he added.

There is some precedent for this kind of fund cloning.

In 2012, for example, BlackRock launched iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (IEMG) as a 14-basis-point version of iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM), which charges 68 basis points.

The original fund, which was launched in 2003, has $30 billion, while the newer, cheaper version has grown to $62 billion.

Its a similar story for the $74 billion iShares MSCI Core EAFE ETF (IEFA), which was launched in 2012 as a clone to $64 billion iShares MSCI EAFE ETF (EFA), which has been around since 2001.

The upstart version charges 7 basis points, which compares to 32 basis points for the original version.

SSGA also has some experience in fund cloning.

In 2018 it launched SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust (GLDM) as a 10-basis-point version of the widely popular SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), which charges 40 basis points.

The original version, launched in 2004, manages more than $43 billion in a category known for trading, while the newer version is at $1.1 billion.

In addition to acknowledging the distinct investor appetites that clone funds often target, Mr. Rosenbluth said SSGA might also be playing some defense, at least when it comes to the S&P 500-tracker SPY.

While SPY is still the largest and most popular ETF tracking the S&P 500, it has been steadily losing market share to the $130 billion Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO), which charges 3 basis points, and the $200 billion iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (IVV), which charges 4 basis points.

According to Mr. Rosenbluth, five years ago SPY had 69% of the market share of market-cap-weighted S&P 500 index ETF assets.

That share dropped to 55% two years ago, and to 48% at the end of 2019.

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Using ETF clones to save on fees - InvestmentNews

New State Laws to Astound and Mystify in 2020 – Liberty Nation

With the New Year comes new policies, rules, and laws, but to list and define them all would take eons to accomplish. Instead of harping on notable newbies, this article focuses on the lesser known, odd, and ironic changes put into place by different states.

With visions of Jurassic Park dancing in its head, Arkansas has banned state-funded human cloning, citing a need to respect human life. ACT 653 described cloning as destructive embryo research, defining it as medical investigations or procedures that may kill or injure developing humans. Effective Jan. 1, the law prohibits state educational institutions from human cloning for scientific research as well. It does not, however, block funding for in vitro fertilization.

Arkansas joins a few other states in fighting sanctuary cities, which prohibit local and state officers from working with ICE in immigration control. The states newest law cuts off state funding for cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act updated its discrimination clause. Effective Jan. 1, the definition of race will now include hairstyles and textures that are traditionally or historically associated with race. These protective hairstyles include locks, twists, and braids.

When can an officer of the law use deadly force? Previously, it was allowed when there was reasonable fear for the safety of the police officer. After the update, the law has stronger and more defined language that will permit deadly force only when necessary to defend against a looming threat of death or serious injury to other officers or innocent bystanders. It does not, however, define necessary.

Another new Golden State law prohibits police from using facial recognition software in body cameras. California is not the first to do this; it follows New Hampshire and Oregon, which have already implemented the prohibition.

Have you ever self-recorded a video to send to a potential employer in place of a physical or online interview? How do companies use this information? A new Illinois law requires employers to notify applicants and receive their consent if they wish to use artificial intelligence to analyze applicants physical aspects, such as facial expressions.

While Washington state residents pay more than 10% in local tax in the greater Seattle area, Massachusetts and Missouri are giving their citizens and corporate entities a break. Its taken 20 years, but a 2000 ballot measure to reduce Massachusetts 5.95% tax to 5% by 2003 is finally happening. Politicians froze the rate at 5.3% in 2002, but now, in 2020, it has finally fallen to the 5% goal.

Meanwhile, in Missouri, Gov. Eric Greitens, who resigned in May 2018, signed during his final hours in office a law that cuts corporate income tax from 6.25% to 4%. This new tax rate, beginning in 2020, is one of the lowest in the nation. However, another provision to the law does away with an option for calculating corporate income. This could result in higher tax bills for some multi-state businesses.

Effective Jan. 1 in New Jersey, AB 1094 prohibits employers from screening applicants based on their salary history. It also prevents them from requiring potential employees to have a past income that falls within specific minimum or maximum criteria. Workers can volunteer their previous wages or benefits if theyd like, and then employers can use the information to determine compensation. New Jersey joins more than 15 other states with similar bans.

Do you have a drawer full of expired gift cards? Well, if you live in Washington State, HB 1727 will prohibit businesses from putting an expiration date on gift cards. The rule, which doesnt go into effect until July 1, also keeps recipients from getting dinged for inactivity and having to pay service charges. These rules do not apply if the cards are given to charitable organizations as a donation or if the gift is part of a rewards or loyalty program. But those cards you received from Auntie Mary or Grandma Josephine for Christmas may just get an extended life.

Remember when there were incentives, tax breaks, and so forth to encourage people to buy electric vehicles, to, you know, save the planet? At least eight states have decided to increase registration fees to boost some of the revenue loss. In Hawaii, the charge will be $50, Kansas residents will pay $100, and folks in Alabama and Ohio will shell out a whopping $200.

Welcome to 2020!


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New State Laws to Astound and Mystify in 2020 - Liberty Nation

Don’t throw food in the trash in Vermont, or ask about salary history in New Jersey. Here are 7 state law changes for 2020 – USA TODAY

A slew of state laws take effect in 2020 ranging from mandatory compostingto child abuse registriesto access to diaper changing stations. One state will even begin banning expiration dates for gift certificates.

A few of the more notable changes:

Food scraps can't goin Vermont landfillsbeginningJuly 1. Residents will have four ways to handle rotten leftovers anditems such aspeels, eggshells, seeds, pits, coffee grounds and oils, according to the state's environmental conservation department.

Vermonters can use a household compost bin, buy a Green Cone solar digester to break down the scraps, feed scraps to pigs or leave it to the composting professionals.Theuniversal recycling lawwillrequiretrucking companies to provide food scrap collection services to nonresidential customers and multi-unit apartment complexes, the Burlington Free Press reported.

Restaurants, supermarkets and cafeteriasmust alsocomply with the law, which is the firststate law of its kind. The state hopes to reach a 60% recycling rate through mandatory composting.

Citing a need to respect human life, Arkansas will not allowpublic funding for human cloning or"destructive embryo research," which the statedefinesas medical procedures or investigations that kill or injure developing humans. ACT 653 also blocks state funds from stem cell research involving embryos, the stage lasting to eight weeks after fertilization.

Under the law effective Jan. 1, no state educational institutions can do human cloning for scientific research, either.It does not block state funds frominvitro fertilization.

Businesses in Washington state will be prohibited from putting expiration dates on gift cards beginning July 1.HB1727 will also prevent gift certificate users from being hit by inactivity or service charges.

However, ifa gift card is part of rewards orloyalty program, itcan still expire. The law will also not apply to gift certificates given to charitable organizations as a donation.

Restaurants, stores and other buildings with public restrooms in Illinois musthave at least one babydiaper changing stationunderHB 3711. Effective Jan. 1, the law requires buildings either have a station in both a women's and men's restroom, or a station in a unisex restroom. Building owners must also display a sign near restroom entrances to show that a sanitary andsafe changing station is inside.

Public buildings in New York must now have changing tables in bathrooms for both genders.(Photo: Wittayayut, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Diaper duty: John Legend speaks out about why he changes diapers

Exceptions to the law include bars and nightclubs that don't allow minors, as well as cases where adding a station isn't feasible or would prevent people with disabilities from navigating the restroom.

In federal buildings, theBathrooms Accessible in Every Situation (BABIES) act already requires diaper changing stations in men's and women's restrooms. California has a law similar to Illinois, whileNew Yorkrequires stations in new or renovated public restrooms.

At the beginning of the new year, Nevada will joina dozenother states inpreventinginsurers from denying coverage to patients because ofpreexisting conditions. The federal Affordable Care Act currently protectspeople with preexisting conditions from that and higher coverage costs, but the act is facing legal challenges. A federal appeals court struck down a major partof the ACA last week, which could lead to a Supreme Court case.

'Unconstitutional': Federal appeals court strikes down key part of Affordable Care Act

Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak said Nevada'sAB 170will keep health care protections in place if the ACA is eliminated. States with similar protectionsin placefor preexisting conditionsinclude Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont and Washington,according to the Commonwealth Fund.

In Georgia, HB 478 will create stricter requirements to list a person on the state's child abuse registry, upping the age from 13 to 18.Previously, the state entered offenders who were minors into the database and didn't remove them until they turned 18,could prove they had been rehabilitated or more than a year passed since the date of the act that prompted the last case.

Effective Jan. 1, the law also updates theprocess to get a name expunged from the state registry. If a judge refuses to remove an offender from the registry after a hearing, the offender can request another three years later.

The state established the registry, which the public cannot view,in 2016. Each year, the state receives about 140,000 reports of child maltreatment, according to theGeorgia Division of Family and Children Services.

Employers cannot screen applicants based ontheir salary history under a New Jersey law effective Jan. 1.AB 1094also prevents hiring managers from requiring that an applicant's salary history falls within a minimum or maximum criteria.

If a worker voluntarily provideshis or her previous salaries, wages or benefits, employers can use the information to determine compensation, however. More than 15 other states, including California, Hawaii and Maine, have similar bans on salary history screening, HR Dive reported.


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Don't throw food in the trash in Vermont, or ask about salary history in New Jersey. Here are 7 state law changes for 2020 - USA TODAY

How Alien: Resurrection Brings Ripley Back From the Dead – Screen Rant

After Ripley's onscreen death in Alien 3, the makers of Alien: Resurrection needed to find a way to bring her back, and here's how they did it. While the number of kickass female movie heroes grows every year, one of the pioneers of the art form was Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in the Alien franchise. Ripley didn't start off as a stone cold badass, but she did still manage to defeat the Xenomorph all by herself in the original film, then returned to go bug hunting alongside space marines in Aliens.

Ripley was emotionally damaged by the loss of Newt and Hicks early in Alien 3, but eventually got back into fighting shape, shaving her head and once again taking down Xenomorphs. At the end of Alien 3, though, Ripley opted to take her own life instead of allow the evil Weyland-Yutani corporation to harvest the Xenomorph Queen embryo growing inside of her thanks to a facehugger. It's rare that suicide is the most courageous option, but in this case, it was.

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With Ripley dead, one assumes the original plan was for 1992's Alien 3 to be the final film in the Ridley Scott-created franchise. Yet, nothing with a following ever stays dead in Hollywood, and 1997 saw the arrival of Alien: Resurrection, written by Joss Whedon before everyone knew who he was. As its subtitle implies, Resurrection needed to drag Ripley out of her grave, and the way Fox went about it proved to be more than a bit strange.

Thankfully, Alien: Resurrection's script doesn't invent some laughable way to somehow undo Ripley's very definitive death in Alien 3. The story does, however, find a way around this hurdle. Instead of bringing back the original Ripley, Alien: Resurrection saw a military scientist conduct DNA cloning experiments to try and make a new Ripley, with the goal of cloning the Xenomorph Queen embryo as well. The version of Ripley viewers follow for the majority of Alien: Resurrection is actually the eighth attempt at cloning Ripley, and while the scientists were able to retrieve the Queen as a baby chestburster, Ripley 8 was also kept alive for further study, which of course backfires later on the bad guys.

This version of Ripley is decidedly different from human Ripley, as defects in the cloning procedure led to Ripley and the Queen's DNA mixing together. Thus, this new Ripley has superhuman strength and speed, and also possesses much of the knowledge and abilities of her old human self. This bonded DNA leads Ripley 8 to have a bizarre relationship with both the Queen that was taken from inside her, and the oddly changed newborn Xenomorph the creature gives birth too. Ripley 8 ends the film by making it back to Earth, but a planned sequel never happened, partially due to Alien: Resurrection not performing well at the box office.

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The King of Marvel's Universe is Finally Claiming His Throne

Michael Kennedy is an avid movie and TV fan that's been working for Screen Rant in various capacities since 2014. In that time, Michael has written over 2000 articles for the site, first working solely as a news writer, then later as a senior writer and associate news editor. Most recently, Michael helped launch Screen Rant's new horror section, and is now the lead staff writer when it comes to all things frightening. A FL native, Michael is passionate about pop culture, and earned an AS degree in film production in 2012. He also loves both Marvel and DC movies, and wishes every superhero fan could just get along. When not writing, Michael enjoys going to concerts, taking in live professional wrestling, and debating pop culture. A long-term member of the Screen Rant family, Michael looks forward to continuing on creating new content for the site for many more years to come.

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How Alien: Resurrection Brings Ripley Back From the Dead - Screen Rant

Brydges iPad keyboard with trackpad is coming next month for $200 – The Verge

Brydge will release an iPad keyboard with a built-in trackpad next month, after Apple added support for trackpads to iPadOS back in September. A $199.99 model will be available for the 11-inch iPad Pro and a $229.99 model will be available for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with both models clasping onto the iPad with a hinge that can fold the devices open and closed like a laptop. Initial preorders will ship in late February, with the rest following a month later.

The keyboard, called the Brydge Pro+, was first revealed in October as part of a lawsuit. Byrdge attempted to sue the creator of another iPad keyboard and trackpad for cloning its hinge design, and it included photos of this in-development keyboard as supporting evidence. The competing keyboard, the Libra, eventually had its hinge design changed in an attempt to avoid the lawsuit. The lawsuit has yet to move forward.

Trackpad support on the iPad is still very limited, and the experience isnt as fluid as you might expect coming from a Mac. But interest still seems to be high: the Libra keyboard received more than $313,000 through crowdfunding and preorders.

In addition to the Brydge Pro+, Brydge is also releasing a standalone trackpad. It doesnt appear to have a name, price, or release date yet, but Brydge did release a mock-up of it it looks roughly like a black version of Apples Magic Trackpad.

Apple began selling Brydges regular iPad keyboards at its stores last month. The keyboards clip onto an iPad and fold shut like a laptop, with the whole package looking a lot like a MacBook Pro.

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Brydges iPad keyboard with trackpad is coming next month for $200 - The Verge

Sales Forecasts of Genetically Modified Organisms Market Reveal Positive Outlook Through 2023 – Market Research Sheets

Any organism whose genetic material has been modified using genetic engineering technique in laboratory is referred as genetically modified organism (GMO). Genetic modification of genetic material is practiced for production of specific biological product or for expression of specific physiological traits in an organism. Genetically modified organisms are produced using reproductive cloning and recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) technology. Transfer of entire donor nucleus into enucleated cytoplasm of host egg result in an offspring which is identical to its parent. Reproductive cloning generates offspring. While on the other hand, recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) technology involves insertion of multiple genes from an individual of one species into deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of another species. The first animal produced using reproductive cloning technique was a sheep named Dolly in 1996. Since then, many animals such as pigs, dogs and horses, have been generated using reproductive cloning technique.

Genetically modified organisms marketinvolves ethical issues and thus, the market is highly regulated in majority of the countries globally. For instance, labeling of genetically modified food has become a topic of controversy in the U.S. in recent times. In addition, high risk of genetic pollution is another issue surrounding genetically modified food. Thus, ethical issues involved in the production are primarily restraining the growth of global genetically modified organisms market.

Geographically, the global genetically modified organisms (GMO) market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). North America comprises genetically modified organisms (GMO) market for the U.S and Canada. Europe comprises cumulative market of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Rest of Europe (RoE). Asia Pacific comprises cumulative market of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in China, India, Australia, New Zealand and rest of Asia Pacific (RoAPAC). Rest of the World (RoW) comprises genetically modified organisms (GMO) market in Latin America, Middle East and Russia. Presently, North America and Europe dominates the global genetically modified organisms market. Factors such as highly developed research infrastructure, well defined regulatory framework, availability of skilled scientists and exceptionally developed biotechnology sector are driving the growth of the genetically modified organisms (GMO) market in North America and Europe. Asia Pacific genetically modified organism (GMO) market is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period from 2014 to 2020. Governments of countries such as India and China are investing heavily on biotechnology sector to boost the biotechnology industry in respective countries.

Request For Report Brochure for Latest Industry Insights @https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/sample/sample.php?flag=B&rep_id=6565

In addition, India and China account for the largest population pool in the world leading to increase food in consumption needs. Rising food consumption is anticipated to drive the demand for genetically modified organism market in these countries. Ministry of Agriculture regulates the genetically modified organisms (GMO) market in China. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa, are some of the countries in the rest of the world (RoW) region that are expected to show higher growth in the near future.

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Sales Forecasts of Genetically Modified Organisms Market Reveal Positive Outlook Through 2023 - Market Research Sheets

Global Voice Cloning Market Expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth over 2028 – Industry Mirror

The demand within the global market for voice cloning is expected to experience a sturdy rise in the years to come. Voice cloning has multiple applications across a wide array of industries which has played a key role in the growth of the global market for voice cloning. Several industries and sectors including banking, electronics, healthcare, and entertainment use voice cloning technologies. Voice cloning is used in electronic devices to run automated audios for giving out instructions. The rise in the demand for electronic device with audio assistance has played a major role in market growth.

Download Brochure of This Market Report at https://www.tmrresearch.com/sample/sample?flag=B&rep_id=4251

The entertainment industry frequently uses voice replication to generate video clips, audios, podcasts, and movies. This factor shall also emerge as a key driver of demand within the global market for voice cloning in the years to come. Voice cloning is also used in the healthcare industry to create automated voice assistance for high-end healthcare products. Use of voiceovers for creating explainer videos and digital collaterals has also played a major role in the growth of the global market for voice cloning. There is a stellar need for improved voice cloning to create better audio impact in animated movies and films.

The market for voice cloning in North America has been expanding at a stellar rate. This is attributed to the presence of a starry entertainment industry in the US and Canada. Moreover, the market for voice cloning in Asia Pacific is also growing due to the same reason. Other regional segments in the global voice cloning market are Europe and Latin America.

GlobalVoice Cloning Market: Overview

The demand within the global market for voice cloning has been rising on account of the need to replicate voices for various applications in industrial processes and entertainment activities. Voice cloning has enabled successful execution of text-to-speech applications in mobile phones, desktops, and laptops which has played a key role in the growth of the global market for voice cloning. The advent of several software applications that involve the use of voice cloning have given an impetus to the growth of the global market. Furthermore, voice cloning was considered to be a complex process a few decades ago due to technological limitations.

However, with advancements in software and hardware capabilities, it has become extremely easy to effectuate voice cloning in hardware devices and software applications. Furthermore, the advantages and agility served by voice cloning is expected to be a key parameter for growth within the global market for voice cloning. It is also true that the global market for voice cloning would expand as new entertainment avenues take shape across the world.

The global market for voice cloning may be segmented on the basis of the following parameters: component, application, deployment mode, vertical, and region. It is vital to get a thorough understanding of these market segments in order decipher the market dynamics.

A report on the global voice cloning market sheds value on some of the key standpoints for market growth. The report is a representation of the trends, opportunities, regional dynamics, and restraints that have housed in the global market for voice cloning in recent times. The regional segmentation has been distinctly highlighted in the report to give a wide purview of the market.

GlobalVoice Cloning Market: Trends and Opportunities

The demand within the global market for voice cloning has been rising on account of the tremendous technological advancements that have offset in the electronics and communication industries. New software tools that are equipped with voice feedback and other features relating to artificial voice have given an impetus to the growth of the global market for voice cloning. Moreover, the presence of multiple providers of voice cloning services has also led to the generation of voluminous revenues in this market. Wireless assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and other modes were possible only due to the presence of voice cloning. Furthermore, chatbots are other amongst others software applications that have played a pivotal role in enhancing the growth prospects of the global market for voice cloning. Besides this, the popularity of digital games, accessibility options, and interactive learning has also created tremendous demand within the global market for voice cloning in recent times.

GlobalVoice Cloning Market: Regional Outlook

The technological revolutions that has birthed across the US has resulted in the development of several specialised hardware and software capabilities in the country. For this reason, the growth of the global market for voice cloning in North America is expected to trace an ascending path in the years to come. The market for voice cloning in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America is also expected to grow at a robust rate in the years to come.

Request TOC of the Report @https://www.tmrresearch.com/sample/sample?flag=T&rep_id=4251

GlobalVoice Cloning Market: Competitive Landscape

Microsoft, AWS, IBM, AT&T, Nuance Communications, Baidu, and iSpeech are some of the key vendors operational in the global market for voice cloning.

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TMR Research is a premier provider of customized market research and consulting services to business entities keen on succeeding in todays supercharged economic climate. Armed with an experienced, dedicated, and dynamic team of analysts, we are redefining the way our clients conduct business by providing them with authoritative and trusted research studies in tune with the latest methodologies and market trends.

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Global Voice Cloning Market Expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth over 2028 - Industry Mirror