Cris Cyborg reveals one thing Conor McGregor must to do on UFC return – Metro.co.uk

McGregor is expected to beat Cerrone (Picture: Getty)

Cris Cyborg hopes Conor McGregor can tune out all the negativity in his life and re-focus on returning to the top of the UFC.

McGregor makes his return from another lengthy absence against Donald Cerrone on Saturday night in Las Vegas, with a staggering 38 months having passed since the Irishmans last win in the octagon.

Cyborg, who recently swapped the UFC for rival promotion Bellator, has been encouraged by McGregors comments during fight week, but urged the two-weight champion not to underestimate Cerrone.

Cerrone has been fighting for a long time and has so much experience, Cyborg told Metro.co.uk ahead of fight night.

He fights all the time, a real fighter. Conor, though, looks really focused. We have the same management and his attitude motivates me in my training.

In every interview he seems really focused again. I think hell do his best this time. I wish the best for both fighters.

McGregor just has to avoid all the negative things around him and focus on fighting.

McGregor has already admitted the last few years of his life have been a rollercoaster and a period where competitive fighting and MMA has taken a backseat.

The 31-year-old described his last camp for his clash with Khabib Nurmagomedov as horrendous and revealed he drank all the way through his last fight week.

Cyborg has been one the stand-out fighters in the rise of womens MMA in the last decade and offered some words of wisdom to McGregor, as he targets becoming a UFC champion again.

She said: It happens a lot [that fighters get wrapped up in fame].

This is one of the biggest things you have to learn in fighting.

You have to get through it and learn that fame might change your life but not you.

You have to stay focused and keep your family around you, because thats what is real.

You cant let the negative things affect you and change you. Its hard, but you have to control that.

Metro.co.uk is reporting from Las Vegas in association with Ohmbet UKs No.1 MMA Sportsbook. For latest MMA odds go here.

Conor McGregor 3/10

Donald Cerrone 5/2

Conor McGregor by KO 1/2

Source: OHMBET

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Cris Cyborg reveals one thing Conor McGregor must to do on UFC return - Metro.co.uk

Thor3D announces 3D scanning bundles with Zbrush and Cyborg – TCT Magazine

3D scanner manufacturer, Thor3D has announced two new bundles for its Calibry handheld scanner this week.

The first sees the company team with Zbrush developerPixologicon a bundle aimed at digital artists, video game and product designers. By partnering with the digital sculpting leader, used by leading VFX artists across film and AAA video games from The Lord of the Ringsto The Last of Us, the company believes the bundle, priced at 6,495 USD, will help cut costs and speed up the workflow for 3D modellers.

Using the Calibry 3D scanner, artists will be able to capture real people or objects in fine detail without the need for expensive scanning stations or huge computing power to process the data.

In one case, Thor3D was able to scan one of its team members using the Calibry scanner and post-process the model in under 10 minutes, ready for importing to Zbrush and manipulatinginto a fantasy character.

With Calibry and Zbrush combined together, digital sculptors, artists and designers can get their projects done so much easier, Anna Zevelyov, CEO and Co-Founder of Thor3D said. We continue to expand the portfolio of our bundles and are proud to collaborate with Zbrush.

The second bundle comes in partnership with nPowerSoftware, the developer of Cyborg 3D MeshToCAD, to provide a quick solution for specialists needing to convert freeform mesh to CAD.

Aimed at users in the automotive, medical and industrial design sectors, Cyborg allows sculpted and scanned meshes,known to be time-consuming in terms of reverse engineering, into CAD at a rapid rate.

For example, asample scan of a human foot from the Calibry scanner was able to be reverse engineered in the software in just 10 minutes.

Cyborg 3D MeshtoCAD is compatible with well-known CAD packages including SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Rhino and Autodesk Inventor.


Thor3D announces 3D scanning bundles with Zbrush and Cyborg - TCT Magazine

Fans of Flash think Cyborg could be a part of Crisis on Infinite Earth too! – Animated Times

Flash is one of the DC comic movies. Now the fans are wondering that Will Cyborg aka Ray fisher is going to show up in the film of flash-crisis on Infinite earth.

Fisher, who joined the movie called Justice League along the Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Ezra Miller in The Flash, has been falsehood to be appearing alongside Miller in the as-yet-unnamed film, which is considered as a riff on the Flash storyline that restarted the DCs continuity in 2011. Since Fisher and Miller are the two young members of the Justice League, combined them up in Justice League seemed crystal clear, and after they were going to be a pair who hung out in one anothers films.

The Flash is currently decided to release in theatres on July 1, 2022. The production team decided to start the movie in 2021.

Gustins Flash was pinned down in the Speed Force; it seems likely that Millers Flash was in the Speed Force as well although given his much less enlightened understanding of his strength, he likely ended up in there by mistake or something. But on Twitter, a lot of flash fans followers tweeted and commented about Victor, believing that it finalizes those long-simmering gossip that Ray Fishers Cyborg will be a part of The Flash when he finally gets his big-screen adaptation.

Anyhow fans are very excited and waiting for 2022. They hope that this movie will give a new experience.

Source: ComicBook

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Fans of Flash think Cyborg could be a part of Crisis on Infinite Earth too! - Animated Times

Cris Cyborg: The Best Featherweights Are In Bellator, UFC Champion Is On An Island (Exclusive) – LowKick MMA

Cris Cyborg is gearing up for the next chapter of her legendary mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

After parting ways with the UFC, Cyborg will join Bellator MMA and challenge featherweight champion Julia Budd in her promotional debut later this month. The pair will collide at Bellator 238 on January 25 from Inglewood, California. Upon Cyborgs exit from the UFC last year, many thought a rematch between the former UFC womens featherweight champion and current titleholder Amanda Nunes would come to fruition.

Nunes defeated Cyborg in 51 seconds during their initial meeting back in December of 2018. When Cyborgs next and final bout of her UFC contract was announced, many were surprised to see the Brazilian knockout artist matched up with Felicia Spencer rather than Nunes. Cyborg would go on to sign with Bellator, who the former champion believes houses the very best 145 pounds has to offer.

Youll have to ask Dana [White] why they gave me Felicia Spencer instead of Nunes as the last fight on my contract, but my team tried to make that fight before I became a Free Agent. Unable to come to terms we signed the best deal of my career after testing the market, Cyborg told LowKickMMA. [Scott] Coker has already let me know that if there is a path to that rematch, he is willing to make it happen.

The reality is the best featherweights are in Bellator and the UFC womens champion is kind of on an island by themselves without any contenders. Maybe Bellator can do a Featherweight Grand Prix in Japan and Dana can send Amanda like he sent Chuck [Liddell] to against Rampage.

If there is an opportunity to make that fight for the fans it is something I would like to give them, however my career isnt defined by one lossjust like hers hasnt been defined by the defeats on her record.

Now, Cyborg is ready to move on and focus on the task at hand, Julia Budd at Bellator 238. Not only is Cyborg making her promotional debut for Bellator, but shes jumping right into a title contest against one of the best womens MMA has to offer at the moment. However, with nearly 15 years of experience in the sport, Cyborg isnt really feeling the pressure.

Ive had promotional debts before, Cyborg said. I have had fights for a world title before. Ive gone 13 years undefeated before. If anything I would say the pressure is on Julia Budd.My career is established, nothing will erase the things I have already accomplished in this sport.

I am starting a new chapter in my career and that motivates me. I want to prove that I am the best featherweight in the world and the way to do that is to beat Julia Budd at Bellator 238.

Budd presents a very interesting matchup for Cyborg. The current Bellator 145-pound champ is on an 11-fight win streak and hasnt tasted defeat since 2011. Cyborg knows what its like to be an undefeated fighter with a lengthy winning streak, and the target on your back that it comes with. Shes anticipating a classic between herself and Budd come fight night on January 25.

Budd will be a great opponent, Cyborg said.I know what it is like to have a long unbeaten streak and Im sure with each fight the backpack she wears becomes just a little bit heavier with each win.I am excited to test my skills against hers January 25 and think this matchup is going to make for a classic fight in the history of womens mixed martial arts.

Do you agree that the best featherweights in the world are in Bellator?

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Cris Cyborg: The Best Featherweights Are In Bellator, UFC Champion Is On An Island (Exclusive) - LowKick MMA

Bellator star Cris Cyborg reveals WWE and boxing are both possible options for her ahead of Julia Budd clash – NewsChain

Bellator star Cris Cyborg has said boxing and WWE match-ups are both possible career moves after her MMA bout with Julia Budd.

The former UFC Women's Featherweight champion takes on Budd for the Canadian's version of the 145 pound belt on January 25.

Yet despite having only left the UFC to join Bellator in September last year, Cyborg is already weighing up the option of different avenues in her career with the help of Bellator President Scott Coker.

She said: You know I always like to challenge myself and if I have the opportunity I think its a big thing, signing a deal with Bellator.

Its something I can be able to do, boxing fight, I can do WWE, pro wrestling, anything, and Scott with me, behind me. Hes going to help promote Bellator, too. This is the good thing. I love a challenge and if this opportunity shows up for me, for sure Im in."

Cyborg went on to praise Coker for his work in the sport both in Bellator and previously at Strikeforce, where the 34-year-old Brazilian-American got her big break more than a decade ago.

I think he opened a lot of things in my career," she added. "When I fought Gina Carano, he opened the door for womens MMA and I think all the girls most of the girls at 145 are in Bellator now.

"They wait for me there, and Im very happy. Im not going to have to struggle to wait to fight and work with a boss that wants to work with you. Its very nice. When they promote the fighters, I think its great.

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Bellator star Cris Cyborg reveals WWE and boxing are both possible options for her ahead of Julia Budd clash - NewsChain

The Flash Fans Think Cyborg Could Be in the Movie Thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths – Comicbook.com

Will Cyborg (Ray Fisher) show up in the feature film adaptation of The Flash? Fans are wondering about that after a shocking moment from The CW's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover name-dropped Victor Stone in a surprising way. Fisher, who joined the Justice League movie alongside Henry Cavill's Superman, Ben Affleck's Batman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa's Aquaman, and Ezra Miller's The Flash, has long been rumored to be appearing alongside Miller in the as-yet-untitled movie, which is reportedly a riff on the Flashpoint storyline that rebooted DC's continuity in 2011. Since he and Miller are the two "young" members of the League, pairing them up in Justice League seemed obvious, and after that, they were apparently going to be a duo who hung out in one another's movies...until those movies ran into problems and kept being delayed.

So, why does anybody think a TV crossover can tell us something about the future of DC's movies? Well, spoilers ahead for "Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In the fourth hour of the crossover, tonight's episode of Arrow, Ezra Miller appeared as The Flash, sharing the screen with Grant Gustin's version at S.T.A.R. Labs. After a brief bit where the two figure out that they're the same person and the Gustin Flash seemingly gives Miller's version of Barry Allen the inspiration for his superhero code name, Miller blinks out of existence, saying as he does that he "told Victor" that a multiverse was possible.

This is a particularly nice place for Miller's Flash to turn up, since his strange cameo -- leaping out of the Speed Force to yell at Batman -- in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reminded fans of the way the character appeared to Batman in the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic books.

Given that the multiverse was gone at the time, and Gustin's Flash was trapped in the Speed Force, it seems likely that Miller's Flash was in the Speed Force as well -- although given his much less sophisticated understanding of his powers, he likely ended up in there by mistake or something. But a lot of fans on Twitter have zeroed in on the comment about Victor, believing that it confirms those long-simmering rumors that Ray Fisher's Cyborg will be a part of The Flash when he finally gets his big screen adaptation.

"Anyone who knows anything about Barry Allen knows that he's always late. But then when he arrives, he gets stuff done. And that's definitely how this film's production schedule is proceeding. We're a little late," Miller explained recently. "But the reason why we are late, and this is the honest to god truth... We're all and I include myself in this we are very meticulously focused on making a movie that's not just one of the greatest superhero movies that we can possibly make. This movie's also going to be a gift to the fans."

The Flash is currently set to release in theaters on July 1, 2022.

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The Flash Fans Think Cyborg Could Be in the Movie Thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths - Comicbook.com

Commentators hilariously react to Clippers Kawhi Leonard operating electronic device attached to his knees – ClutchPoints

One of the best running jokes in the NBA: Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard is a cyborg. His robot-like efficiency and emotionless demeanor made fans wonder if he is human.

His latest action confuses fans and analysts once again when he took a break with some contraptions on his knees. Everyone naturally got curious about the things attached to Kawhis knees, and the commentators who were present had funny ideas as to what the devices were for.

The joke about him being one of the heartless cyborgs from the Terminator universe was definitely funny. Hes been known for being stoic and robotic that it wasnt hard to make the comparison. In fact, the joke most likely wrote itself.

While the commentators chuckled at the tool meant to keep The Claw healthy, his performance on the court wasnt something that made Magic fans smile. He finished with 32 points, five rebounds, five assists, a steal, and a block against the Magic.

Clippers fans may have been weirded out by the devices, but they wont make a peep as long as Kawhi keeps playing on that level.

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Commentators hilariously react to Clippers Kawhi Leonard operating electronic device attached to his knees - ClutchPoints

Revisiting System Shock, and the birth of immersive sim design – PC Gamer

I cant remember how far I got through System Shock the first time around. It was 1995, a few months after it came out, and I was attempting to play it on my familys 486/33 PC. But it was a full 3D game, with lighting and all kinds of amazing stuff going on, and it was far too much for our entry-level PC.

I had to give up, but oh my, I wanted to love it. This adventure through the decks of a cyborg-riddled space station was a spiritual follow-up to Ultima Underworld II, which had stunned me the summer before. Like Ultima Underworld, System Shock is also in first-person and lets you jump and look up and down, and it features a huge, non-linear space to explore. But it exchanged Underworlds caverns and labyrinths for the Citadel, the Guardian for an AI called SHODAN, and fantasy spells for guns and cyborg abilities. I remember seeing it as a heady blend of Doom and Ultima. Perhaps I could finally... talk to the monsters?

Returning to System Shock today, by way of Night Dive Studios excellent Enhanced Edition, Ive been realising just how far ahead Looking Glass was back in the mid-1990s. Well before the immersive sim was recognised as a subgenre, System Shock was showing how to create a world in which you feel completely enveloped, where everything fits in the fiction. And it still feels special. The feeling of mousing over something in the environment and dragging it into my inventory is still really powerful. It feels like Im reaching into the world; its surprising how few games use this simple idea to establish a direct connection between player, the screen and the environment.

But my favourite thing has to be System Shocks HUD, which takes up the lower third of your view and consists of three multifunctional displays. In the centre is the inventory, which has various tabs, and on either side are screens which let you choose what they display. I have the weapon display on the left, which also gives you specific controls for things like loading different ammo types and displaying overheat levels. On the right is my automap. But I could put a little game of Ping or Road in one of them, browse my emails, or check the Citadels status.

Then, superimposed in the main view, I can set up a rear-view video feed, so Ill see if Im being attacked by assailants from behind (I never have it on, since it consumes loads of energy, which is essentially System Shocks mana). There are also buttons for my various other cyber-abilities, such as the Enviro-Shields (protection from toxic bad-stuff ), a weird quick-but-slidey movement mode, a compass, and going full- screen. What I love is that it feels like Im taking an active role in managing my gear. All these features are presented as plugins to my robot- head. Get a better shield and itll be called v2. Get the targeting system, and the game will superimpose a hitbox around enemies and indicate the damage levels youre causing them. If it presented them as menu options, they wouldnt feel so special, and I wouldnt feel like a cool 1990s cyberpunk hacker.

The way everything fits into System Shocks world is matched by the way it tells its story. It only features cutscenes at the start and end of the game, instead leaning on environmental storytelling. Its grisly tableaus of a skull on the floor next to a note about encounters with homicidal mutants set the form, and it might well also be the source of the Dire Warning Written In Blood on the Wall trope. The details of its narrative about corporate shenanigans, hacker criminals, and a very bad AI play out through found texts and audio logs, which the game also pretty much pioneered. The result is an experience in which you feel like youre a part of the world, a place where your actions are the result of your own choices.

But replaying System Shock has also turned out to remind me of how much Looking Glass had yet to learn. The flip side of all that emergent openness is a game that can be awfully obtuse if youre not paying attention. Theres aways a full explanation of where youre going next, what youre meant to do there and why you want to do it, but to get it, you have to sift through every audio log and note, some of which are found on easily-missed corpses, and to remember where certain rooms are when its time to backtrack across the station and up and down decks to get to the next objective.

Whats more, the environments are pretty difficult to read. Things like buttons and levers have a real tendency to blend into walls. One particularly fun part for me is when Im meant to get an Important Science Thing from a room doused in radiation. Thing is, its encased in a forcefield. I figure Im not meant to get it yet, maybe until I have an Enviro-Shield, but in fact Id missed a small button which blends into the blocky textures of a room that was steadily killing me.

Lots of important interactive things have a tendency to hide among the wall textures. I love the way you can click on any surface or object to find out what it is, often with a little detail (bulb needs replacing), but its sometimes the only way youll discover a bit of wall is actually a door. Some of the names it gives things, like comm port, can be rather confusing, too. Is this something I should be using later?

These issues are compounded by the level layout, which struggles to make spaces that are memorable. The technical restrictions that came with developing a game of this complexity that could nominally run on our old family PC means that the Citadels decks are arranged on a very evident grid thats pretty horrible to navigate.

But the hands-down worst thing about the game is cyberspace, something Ive hated forcould it really be 24 years? Across the Citadel are several cyber-terminals which allow you to enter wireframe Lawnmower Man hell.

Here, you access keycodes and unlock doors by flying into big 3D shapes in 3D space, and its really annoying. One crime is the fact youre constantly moving forward, so you cant take stock of where to go at your own pace. Another is the fact that the walls of the cyber-rooms and cyber-corridors are transparent, so you often cant tell when you hit a wall. Still another is the need to decipher all the talk of ICE and countermeasure electronics and realise its really just an overly complicated shooting game with zero sense of hit impact, and where running out of time or getting killed in cyberspace hurts you in real life.

And yet I also love cyberspace. Its yet another layer of detail and ambition in a game thats stuffed with things to poke at and understand and then get rewarded with an upgrade that makes things better.

Its exciting to be in a world thats both this coherent and restlessly creative, where there are mini games to play and hacking puzzles to solve, that theres a stance system that lets you lean and crouch, loads of enemies to shoot, in-world screens that show views of other spaces. Oh and it also experimented in fresh, new ways to tell stories.

Theres a real sense of a development team showing off, pushing itself, and exploring what PC gaming could be in System Shock, and its good to think about how its sequel, which came out five years later, built on all of them, creating a more credible world, supported by actually-good combat and a clearer story. Playing the original today is to be reminded of where some of the most involving games of all time came from. It only makes the thought of the upcoming remake sweeter.

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Revisiting System Shock, and the birth of immersive sim design - PC Gamer

Xavier Litt: Chess shows that humans and AI work better together – Irish Examiner

Chess teams that pair humans with machines beat humans alone and beat unaccompanied machines. The lesson is that workers should not fear being replaced by technology, says Xavier Litt.

While Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg hails artificial intelligences potential to make the world better, many others are far more cautious.

Tesla boss Elon Musk has warned against machines taking over the world. Reluctance to technical progress is not a new phenomenon.

In 19th century Britain, the Luddites, worried about being replaced by technology, sought to destroy textile machinery.

The fear persists, all the more since AI is improving by the day, including at tasks previously thought of as exclusive to human intelligence.

In 1997, the IBM computer Deep Blue spectacularly defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov for the first time.

Many commentators were shocked by the prowess of AI in a strategy game often referred to as the king of games.

AI has moved beyond being a super calculator and most advanced machines will be prominent in strategic thinking and creativity.

While many people worry about being overtakenby some form of Skynet, the artificial intelligence defence system from the Terminator film franchise, the last 20 years of computer usage in the game of chess actually suggests the future could be a lot more positive.

Chess was one of the first areas tackled by AI, making it an interesting case study. In hindsight, AI brought chess and its human players to previously unattainable heights.

Advanced chess computers helped humans improve their own skills. Nowadays, top chess players spend most of their time analysing the game via computers.

AI can be used to re-evaluate positions that were previously misunderstood or to rule out moves that are inefficient and focus, instead, on more promising game plans.

This evolution occurred despite critics lamenting the end of chess when the machines first defeated man in 1997.

Though it was feared at the time, chess players have not given up on the game.

They trained harder and became stronger than players of the past. Rather than competing against AI, chess players utilised it.

The benefit of teaming up with AI is illustrated by a new game mode, cyborg chess.

It is named after the cybernetic organism, an entity with both organic and mechanical body parts.

As in a typical chess match, the human players face each other across a chessboard, but in cyborg chess they also each have a computer, running chess engines.

While AI is superior to the human brain in a one-to-one chess contest, human players still contribute to the team.

Humans may let the machines make most of the calculations, but, ultimately, they have their own understanding of the game.

In some situations, human players make better decisions than machines, and successful cyborg chess players know when they can let the machine decide on the move to play, and when they shouldnt.

Hence, the best cyborg chess team is higher ranked than the best chess engine. This means that the association of human intelligence and AI outperforms stand-alone AI.

Another crucial teaching of cyborg chess is that there is a specific skill set for collaboration with AI.

The ability to work efficiently with AI matters more for cyborg chess players than their standalone strength in chess. Several cyborg chess competitions were not won by the strongest attending chess players.

For instance, in the PAL/CSS Freestyle Tournament in 2005, three chess grandmasters could notdefeat the team Zacks, comprised of two average club players using less powerful AI than the grandmasters.

However, the latter were extremely well-prepared. They had trained extensively with several chess engines and had selected the one they understood the most.

In a one-to-one game againsta grandmaster, these two amateurs would have less than 1% chance of winning.

Hence, this stunning performance suggests that although mastering chess is a valuable skill for cyborg chess, it is not the main skill.

Instead, fruitful collaboration with AI is the key skill.

This example teaches us that humans and machines have complementary capabilities.

Machines supervised by humans are often capable of doing more than machines or humans on their own.

This is becoming common in many fields: plane pilots assisted with auto-pilot programmes, computer-assisted surgeons for complex surgeries, and many others.

AI will increasingly be used in the near future and automated tasks will bring forth new jobs.

A recent study of the Institute for the Future and Dell Technologies states that 85% of jobs that will be occupied in 2030 do not exist yet; just as countless jobs that exist today were unimaginable 20 years ago.

These new jobs will most certainly revolve around this specific human-machine collaboration skill.

Since machines first defeated humans 20 years ago, the evolution of chess suggests that AI need not be feared; it can be embraced and pave the way for continuous improvement in all fields.

The key is to switch from competition to collaboration with AI. Businesses should neither turn away from AI nor simply replace employees with machines.

Success will come from creating adapted teams of men and machines working together.

We humans should primarily focus on improving our understanding of AI by honing our human-machine collaboration skills.

Xavier Litt is chief executive of Skylads, an AI-driven, digital marketing research lab and technology provider

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Xavier Litt: Chess shows that humans and AI work better together - Irish Examiner

Horizon: Zero Dawn may reportedly be heading to PC this year – Rock Paper Shotgun

Like many of you, Ive never felt the impact of a steel bow pierce cyborg velociraptor flesh. Ive never climbed one of Horizon: Zero Dawns whopping great brontosaurus with a flying saucer for a head. No, Ive only watched our oft-absent PlayStation-owning flatmate steal through the tall grass, watching from the doorway, thinking cor, that looks alright.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was going to be one of those nifty-looking console games Id begrudgingly accepted Id never play. But that might not be the case for much longer. Earlier today, Kotaku reported that Guerrilla Games open-world dino-hunter could appear on PC as soon as this year, according to three anonymous sources familiar with Sonys plans.

Of course, Sony has yet to make an official statement on the matter. Right now, I recommend taking all this with a pinch of salt.

For those not in the know Horizon: Zero Dawn is a 2017 open-world romp for the PlayStation 4. Its the future, humanitys starting over from scratch in insular tribes, and theres a nasty bunch of cyborg dinosaurs trotting all over the shop, acting like they own the place. With techno-tribal matriarchal societies and trap-based hunting, theres some proper neat stuff lurking under more familiar open-world trappings.

Sources told Kotaku they expect to see the game on both Steam and the Epic Games Store when it launches, even if those stores havent been entirely confirmed. The report also claims theres good incentive to port it a PC port would be an opportunity for Guerrilla to show off [their] technical chops, offering a version of Horizon that isnt capped at 30 frames-per-second. Thats a fair bet its a gorgeous looking thing, even if it brings Sonys big electric rhombus to a crawl.

Its not an impossible suggestion. Sony have loosened up with the PC ports lately, with some venerable PlayStation exclusive developers finding a home on PC. For better or worse, delightfully dislikeable Quantic Dreams titles like Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have made their way to PC. Meanwhile, Kojima Productions star-studded walk em up Death Stranding is due for delivery later this year.

But as Kotaku note, Guerrilla Games are a different beast entirely, being wholly owned by Sony. Horizon heading to PC would be a notable shift in strategy for the company. Sony havent released a first-party game funded and developed by the publisher outside of the PlayStation platform since it began in 1994 ignoring PC-exclusive MMO efforts like EverQuest. It would also be Guerrillas first non-PlayStation game since they were acquired by Sony 15 years ago.

The times, though, they are a-changing. Xbox have embraced the cold, LED-tinted grasp of the home computer in recent years, extending Game Pass to PC and putting all of the Halos on Steam.

Whether Sony are starting to feel the pressure or not, the prospect of some PC-powered raptor hunting is fine by me. Of course, this could all be wishful rumour and nonsense. Well keep you posted.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn may reportedly be heading to PC this year - Rock Paper Shotgun

Grant Gustin Shares BTS Shots of Him and Ezra Miller as Flash – Epicstream

Everyones collective jaw dropped when Crisis on Infinite Earths gave us a cameo for Ezra Millers Flash, and though it was only a short appearance, everyone was geeking out over the meeting of the two Barry Allens onscreen. Whats fun is, The CWs Flash Grant Gustin shares some BTS shots of him and Miller shooting the cameo.

Check it out:

What I love about the cameo is that it kind of makes meta-commentary on the different looks of both Flashes. Miller comments on Gustins Flash for having a more comfortable looking costume and Gustin returns the compliment by saying that Millers outfit looks a lot cooler.

I also think its great that Miller should give a callback to Justice Leagues Cyborg. Cyborg was basically sidelined in the theatrical cut of Justice League, and though he had a solo movie coming up, WB pulled the project after the poor reception of JL. Its just a small mention, but its nice that Miller would remind us that Victor Stone exists in his world. Fans are still crossing their fingers that Cyborg makes an appearance in the upcoming Flash movie.

For a movie about the Fastest Man Alive, The Flash has been taking a while to get to theaters. Now with director Andy Muschietti onboard, it finally looks like the movie will stick to its 2022 release date.

The CWs Flash is still an ongoing show; Miller returns as Barry Allen when The Flash hits theaters July 1, 2022.

Read Also: The Flash Movie Still Planning to Adapt Flashpoint Sort of

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Grant Gustin Shares BTS Shots of Him and Ezra Miller as Flash - Epicstream

Scott Coker explains why Cris Cyborg is the greatest female fighter of all time – MMA Mania

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Strikeforce, and Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg is the greatest female fighter of all time, according to Bellator MMA president Scott Coker.

Coker, who promoted Cyborg under the Strikeforce banner from 2009-2011, helped bring the Brazilian legend over to Bellator MMA this past September. After Cyborg had a rough falling out with UFC and Dana White, Coker was there to pick up the pieces and offer the former world champion a new home and contract.

The Bellator frontman signed Cyborg under the assumption that she can still dominate the competition like she has for so many years.

Cyborg is the greatest female fighter of all time. I dont care what anybody says, said Coker during a recent media scrum in Japan. I was there in the beginning too, Ive seen it all unfold, and its a much different environment today than it was back then. But I know whos been dominating for the last 10 years and whos been destroying people for the last 10 years. 10 years from now we can have a different conversation, see how far different ladies can take it. But as far as today, you have the greatest female fighter of all-time fighting Julia Budd.

While Cokers assessment of Cyborgs storied dominance is accurate, its safe to say that reigning UFC womens bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes has surpassed Cyborg as the greatest female fighter of all time. Not only is Nunes the only fighter to ever knock out Cyborg doing so in just 51 seconds back at UFC 232 last year but Lioness also holds career wins over MMA greats Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Valentina Shevchenko.

So even though Cyborg has been dominating the competition for much longer than Nunes, the recent numbers and strength of competition certainly puts the UFC champion ahead of Cyborg heading into 2020.

Cyborg will make her Bellator debut at Bellator 238 on Jan. 25 live on DAZN from inside The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., as she takes on reigning womens featherweight champion Julia Budd in the main event.

For more Bellator 238 fight card news click here.

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Scott Coker explains why Cris Cyborg is the greatest female fighter of all time - MMA Mania

designboom 2020 TECH PREDICTIONS: cyborgs and brainjacking – Designboom

tech predictions 2020: glasses, prosthetics and cochlear implants, the idea of augmenting the human body is nothing new. as long as there have been humans, there have been dreams of superhumans. but in 2020, the line between technology and biology is set to blur beyond measure, and as intelligent machines become increasingly common, the idea of humans turning into cyborgs becomes less farfetched.

2019 saw elon musks latest startup neuralink, unveil a brain-reading device that uses small threads to detect neuron activity so that users can control computers with their mind (read more)

in recent years augmented reality and multimodal interaction technologies have enabled non-invasive ways to augment the body. google and snapchat have revived the idea of smart spectacles and wearable devices that enhance are normal functions have been imagined left, right and center. yet, VR solutions like facebook oculus and HTC VIVE remain still mostly relegated to the gaming industry, and exoskeletons are limited in impact due to their cost and niche rehabilitation applications. yet still, despite augmentations slow journey to mass-market popularity, humans want to break into its next level of capabilities

earlier this year, the design team atLAYER supported panasonic to create six near-future concepts including GROW, awearable device that promotes healthy hair growth (read more)

gartner, an IT research and advisory company, has named human augmentation as one of the major trends that will have a transformational impact in 2019. technology such as biochips, augmented intelligence, emotion ai and immersive workspaces will continue to grow in popularity over the next five to ten years, ushering in an age where bionics, brain-computer interfaces and neurotechnology are the norm. and as humans and machines increasingly work alongside one another, technology is making changes both inside and outside the body.

morphing matter lab and soft machines lab have collaborated to create electrodermis awearable electronic bandage (read more)

physical augmentation falls into four main categories: sensory augmentation (hearing, vision, perception), appendage and biological function augmentation (exoskeletons, prosthetics), brain augmentation (implants to treat seizures) and genetic augmentation (somatic gene and cell therapy). thats things such as powered exosuits to improve agility, which are already used to assist with lifting or to aid those with a physical disability, but also other more invasive augmentation

in september, designboom reported that scientists had developed a soft artificial skin that could be used to help users of virtual reality feel their surroundings (read more)

the US military has its own tech predictions, envisioning a future army made up of half-human half-machine cyborgs. enhancing soldiers using technological advancements, such as mechanical eye that can see parts of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light or neural implants could allow them to control drones and other systems. experts from devcom the combat capabilities development command believe the military will have cyborg soldiers by 2050. it also imagines enhanced limbs for increased strength and an audio device that provides ultra- and subsonic hearing.

in august, a tetraplegic man who was paralysed in a nightclub accident was able to walk again using a mind-controlled exoskeleton (read more)

brain implants are the future of thinking

in july, multi-billionaire and tesla CEO elon musk, revealed details of an implantable wireless system that his company neuralink is currently developing. it is already being studied in monkeys, musk revealed, and it is hoped that human trials will start before the end of 2020. the idea is to use neuralink to treat different forms of brain or spine-related disorders, enabling paralysed humans to control phones and computers using their brainwaves. however, musk also envisions the implant as a means of enhancing your own brain, giving humans the option to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence. to date, neuralink has received $158m in funding, $100m of it from musk.

the 65kgrobotic suit uses advanced computer software and two brain implants that read and transmit information via the patients sensorimotor cortex, which controls motor function

advances in such technologies are empowering, offering improvements to human health, quality of life, and functional performance, but like most technology, the future of augmentation is plagued with questions over ethics and morality. the amalgamation of human and machine creates the need to determine specific vulnerabilities, risks and moral issues. if digital devices can tap into our inner-thoughts, how do we keep our most intimate knowledge and data private? who owns the brain data and what is it being used for? and fears over brainjacking, which refers to the exercise of unauthorized control of anothers electronic brain implant, is being considered a very real potential threat.

of uses beyond that, no one can be sure. brain-to-brain communication? brain-controlled smart home assistants? enhanced memory and cognition? 2020 could really be a year to remember.stay tuned over the coming days as designboom continues to unveil its list of tech predictions.

kieron marchese I designboom

dec 26, 2019

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designboom 2020 TECH PREDICTIONS: cyborgs and brainjacking - Designboom

The best female MMA fighters of the decade – ESPN

The evolution of women's mixed martial arts started right at the end of the previous decade, with Cris Cyborg vs. Gina Carano headlining a Strikeforce show on Showtime in front of almost 14,000 fans in San Jose, California. And it exploded in 2013 when Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche faced off in the very first UFC women's fight.

Over the past 10 years, women's MMA has grown exponentially, from smaller promotions and mere novelty acts to being a key piece of every UFC card.

It took three larger-than-life figures to help it thrive. Each of these three women left people no choice but to notice them for their technique, athleticism, killer instinct and dominance -- and that's why Cyborg, Amanda Nunes and Rousey are the best female fighters of the decade.


Take a look back at the biggest wins in the career of Amanda Nunes, including thrilling knockouts of Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg. Order UFC 245 here on ESPN https://plus.espn.com/ufc/ppv.


15-3 record from 2010 to 2019

10-fight win streak 2015-19, longest among female fighters in UFC history (9 of 15 wins by KO/TKO)

10 first-round finishes

7 UFC title fight wins (tied for most among female fighters)

Defeated every former women's bantamweight champion

12 UFC wins (tied for most among female fighters)

7 UFC knockouts (most among female fighters)

Key fights:

Def. Miesha Tate to win UFC women's bantamweight title (UFC 200, July 9, 2016)

Def. Ronda Rousey to retain UFC women's bantamweight title (UFC 207, Dec. 30, 2016)

Def. Valentina Shevchenko to retain UFC women's bantamweight title (UFC 215, Sept. 9, 2017)

Def. Cris Cyborg to win UFC women's featherweight title (UFC 232, Dec. 29, 2018)

Nunes' first fight in America came on Jan. 7, 2011; it was her Strikeforce debut.

She entered that fight against Julia Budd (another future featherweight champion -- in Bellator) with a 5-1 record. Nunes' lone loss at the time came in 2008 in her pro MMA debut. The Budd fight couldn't have gone better. She won in 14 seconds via TKO and, afterward, the announcing team on the broadcast wondered out loud whether Nunes would be the one to someday beat the great Cris Cyborg.

2 Related

"Cyborg's probably sitting at home watching this, going, 'Uh-oh,'" Showtime broadcaster Pat Miletich said seconds after the victory.

Well, it took 13 more fights and almost eight years, but she ended up beating Cyborg at UFC 232 ... in just 51 seconds. It was that win over Cyborg that cemented Nunes' spot as the female fighter of the decade.

If anyone says they saw this coming from the young woman from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, however, they are lying. She followed up her win over Budd with a second-round TKO loss to Alexis Davis. The Cyborg killer hype abruptly stopped after that fight. Nunes' record in the six fights following her spectacular Strikeforce debut was a mediocre 3-3.

And forget fighter-of-the-decade talk following her UFC 178 loss to Cat Zingano in 2014 -- Nunes wasn't even in the title picture.

But a funny thing happened after that loss to Zingano. Nunes hasn't lost since.

Since then, Nunes is a perfect 10-0. Seven of those wins were finishes, with her three decision victories coming against Valentina Shevchenko -- a fellow fighter of the decade contender -- and inaugural UFC women's featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie.

More impressive than the streak itself is whom the wins came against:

First was the win over women's MMA pioneer Shayna Baszler, then a submission of Olympic silver medalist Sara McMann, followed by Shevchenko, and then the bantamweight title victory over Miesha Tate at UFC 200.

That's when people really started noticing Nunes.

Next, she retired Rousey with a 48-second drubbing. At this point, the world was watching.

She followed the Rousey win with another Shevchenko victory. Then, it was the one-sided Raquel Pennington title defense, and then the Cyborg showdown at 145 pounds. Nunes wrapped up the decade by dispatching de Randamie.

Cyborg entered the Cyborg fight last December with a 20-1 (1 NC) record. Like Nunes, Cyborg lost her pro debut in 2005 but had not lost since. She had also never been knocked out. It took Nunes just 51 seconds to change all that. In doing so, Nunes also made history by becoming the first female fighter to hold belts in two different weight classes and just the third fighter ever to be a simultaneous double champion in the UFC.

She followed that performance by becoming the first person to ever knock out former champion Holly Holm in an MMA fight in July.

This one was easy. Nunes is the female fighter of the decade, and in the eyes of most people, the greatest female fighter of all time.

Those Strikeforce announcers were apparently onto something nine years ago.

-- Helwani


12-2 record

12-fight win streak from 2011 to 2015

Headlined UFC 157 with first-ever women's fight on a UFC PPV

All 12 wins by stoppage (9 by submission)

11 first-round finishes

Holds the two fastest UFC finishes among female fighters (0:14 and 0:16)

Held Strikeforce and UFC women's bantamweight titles (7 successful defenses combined)

6 UFC title fight wins (tied for most among female fighters)

First woman inducted into UFC Hall of Fame

Key fights:

Def. Miesha Tate via first-round submission to win Strikeforce women's bantamweight title (Strikeforce Tate vs. Rousey, March 3, 2012)

Def. Liz Carmouche via first-round submission to retain UFC women's bantamweight title (UFC 157, Feb 23, 2013)

Def. Miesha Tate via third-round submission to retain UFC women's bantamweight title (UFC 168, Dec. 28, 2013)

Def. Bethe Correia via first-round KO to retain UFC women's bantamweight title (UFC 190, Aug. 1, 2015)

The manner in which Rousey exited the sport of MMA was abrupt, shocking and overwhelmingly one-sided -- but don't let that take away from what made Rousey who she was. And what defined Rousey was dominance. Eleven finishes inside the first round. Eight of those inside the first minute. Fourteen seconds. Sixteen seconds. Thirty-four seconds. Those were all UFC title fights. Rousey was so good that her challengers literally started experimenting different strategies as their only recourse. Cat Zingano went (uncharacteristically) flying at Rousey from the opening bell simply because -- why not? -- nothing else worked.

Even in her two defeats, which came against outstanding competition in Holm and Nunes, Rousey proved she did have resolve. She was willing to meet adversity head on, and was trying to win through the very end. Some might say that's a weak consolation, but it was a question Rousey answered on her way out. She did not fold at the first sign of a challenge.

For someone who had reached the level of celebrity that she had, who had become so accustomed to immediate success, that's worth noting. Rousey didn't quit. She forced others to pry the torch from her. She did not give it away willingly.

-- Okamoto


Former UFC women's featherweight champion

Most wins in UFC women's featherweight history (4)

Had 13-fight unbeaten streak this decade

Finished 11 of 13 victories by KO or TKO

Former Strikeforce women's featherweight champion

Former Invicta FC women's featherweight champion

Key fights:

Def. Marloes Coenen to retain Strikeforce women's featherweight title (Strikeforce: Miami; Jan. 30, 2010)

Def. Marloes Coenen to win inaugural Invicta FC women's featherweight title (Invicta FC 6; July 13, 2013)

Def. Tonya Evinger to win UFC women's featherweight title (UFC 214; July 29, 2017)

Def. Holly Holm to retain UFC women's featherweight title (UFC 219; Dec. 30, 2017)

Def. by Amanda Nunes to lose UFC women's featherweight title (UFC 232; Dec. 29, 2018)

For the bulk of the decade, Cristiane Justino, aka Cris Cyborg, was the most feared fighter in mixed martial arts. Not the most feared female fighter. The most feared fighter, period. Cyborg didn't just go unbeaten in 13 straight fights to begin the decade -- she absolutely smashed her competition. In 13 victories over the past 10 years, she finished 11 by knockout or TKO. Six of those stoppages came in the first round.

Cyborg, 34, is the only fighter to win titles in the UFC, Strikeforce and Invicta FC. She took home gold in every promotion she fought for during the decade, and she'll go for a fourth promotional belt in January against Bellator MMA women's featherweight champion Julia Budd. Cyborg clashed with the UFC and its president, Dana White, ultimately leading to her contract not being renewed in August. But Cyborg's performances in the cage were unequivocal.

No one could even touch Cyborg until Nunes was able to beat her by first-round knockout at UFC 232. Nunes, also the UFC women's bantamweight champion, has taken the mantle from Cyborg as best female fighter in the world. But for the bulk of the decade, that distinction belonged to Cyborg, outside Rousey's initial period of dominance in the UFC.

Cyborg finished the previous decade with an extremely influential main event win over Gina Carano under the Strikeforce banner on Aug. 15, 2009. She closed this one out with a bounce-back win over Felicia Spencer at UFC 240 in July. All told, Cyborg's record over the past 10 years was 13-1 with one no contest. That no contest stemmed from a failed drug test in 2011, but Cyborg calmed talks of performance-enhancing drug use by being in the UFC's stringent program run by the USADA.

-- Raimondi

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The best female MMA fighters of the decade - ESPN

The Coolest (and Scariest) Military Tech of 2019 – Futurism

PUTTING ASIDE our personal feelings on the nature of war and what it is or isnt good for, the fact is that its a terrible reality of life. Its also, often, where technological development advances at several paces beyond every other sector even remotely like it. These are some of literatures best (and most dystopian) ideas, fully realized. And 2019 especially boasted some of the most mind-bending military tech the worlds ever seen.

From an invisibility cloak to a sonic gun that vibrates a targets brain, military researchers really pushed the limits of what we thought was scientifically possible this year, no doubt at least partly thanks to their sometimes astronomically high budgets looking at you, America.

Without further ado, here isThe Coolest (and Scariest) Military Tech of 2019.

From a real-life invisibility cloak to a mysterious artificial brain capable of directing armed conflicts, some of the military tech we learned about this year sounded like it was pulled directly from science-fiction of the recent (and not-so-recent) past and some of it, we wish remained fiction.

Hyperstealth Biotechnologys Quantum Stealth Material

It works by bending the light around a target to make it seemingly disappear making the material what Hyperstealth calls a broadband invisibility cloak. Watch a Real-Life Invisibility Cloak Designed for Military Use

The National Reconnaissance Offices Sentient Program

[Its] a fully-integrated intelligence system that can coordinate satellite positions and may soon be used tomanage battlefield operations during military engagements. The Military Secretly Built an Artificial Brain Called Sentient

The Air Forces Robot Pilot

The robot can operate a planes yoke and throttle while operating various pedals and other controls, just like human pilots do. Instead of New Drones, the Air Force Built a Plane-Piloting Robot

Military researchers didnt limit themselves to creating better tools for soldiers in 2019 some also looked for ways to use science and technology to upgrade soldiers themselves.

The Pentagons High-Tech Cyborg Plans

The U.S. military has ambitious plans to turn its soldiers into high-tech cyborg warriors by making them stronger, enhancing their senses, and wiring their brains to computers. US Military Warns of Augmented Human Beings

DARPAsNext-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology Program

The Pentagon is trying build tech that would give soldiers the ability to control deadly military drones with their minds. Working with drones and swarms of drones, operating at the speed of thought rather than through mechanical devices those types of things are what these devices are really for, DARPA neuroscientist Al Emondi toldMIT Tech Review. The Pentagon Wants to Control Drones With Soldiers Brain Waves

The Armys Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS)

No other piece of equipment has had this kind of impact since the introduction of night vision, Army Undersecretary Ryan McCarthy told Army Times. This takes night vision to the PhD level. The Military Is Developing Augmented Reality Night Vision Goggles

Sarcos Robotics Guardian XO

American robot developer Sarcos Robotics announced today that its been awarded a contract by United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to deliver a pre-production, full-body robotic exoskeleton called the Guardian XO. And it looks absolutely brutal. The US Military Is Buying a Brutal-Looking Powered Exoskeleton

DARPAs AR Contact Lenses

[T]he Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is reportedly interested in the contact lens to augment troops visual capabilities in the field, according to Task and Purpose meaning the gadget could represent the augmented contact lens that DARPA has spent a decade searching for. DARPA: This Smart Contact Lens Could Give Soldiers Superpowers

Whether you find each of the below weapons breakthroughs really cool or incredibly frightening might depend on whether it was your home nation or another that developed it. For example

Chinas Portable Sonic Gun

All the wielder of the device has to do is point it at a crowd and shoot and focused waves of sound will cause the targets eardrums, eyeballs, and brains to vibrate painfully. Chinas New Weapon: A Sonic Gun That Vibrates Your Brain

The Pentagons Laser Induced Plasma Effect Weapon

The Pentagon is working on a weapon that uses lasers and plasma to transmit sound files, even human speech, directly to individual people at great distances the lasers could be beamed down from military planes or other vehicles to issue instructions or disperse crowds of protestors or otherwise disgruntled people in the area. Pentagon: New Laser Tech Can Make People Hear Voice Commands

Russias Filin 5P-42

The Filin is capable of firing powerful flashes of light that are intended to impair enemy equipment, according toSputnik and can even induce nausea and disorientation. Russian Military Confirms New Weapon Causes Hallucinatory Symptoms

The Armys High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator

The system was designed to defend against missiles, rockets and artillery, according toDefense News. It could also prove useful against military drones and other unmanned aircraft. The US Military Is Buying a $130 Million Laser Weapon

If 2019 taught us anything about the future of warfare, its that militaries across the globe are really excited about unmanned aerial vehicles and systems designed to destroy them.

The Armys Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System

The U.S. Army has placed a $39 million order for tiny reconnaissance drones, small enough to fit in a soldiers pocket or palm. The idea behind the drones is that soldiers will be able to send them into the sky of the battlefield in order to get a lethal edge during combat, according toBusiness Insider. The US Army Is Equipping Soldiers With Pocket-Sized Recon Drones

Russias Sukhoi-S70 Okhotnik-B (Hunter-B) Drone

The stealthy drone could offer the Russian military a way to penetrate air spaces without being detected. Russias Top Secret Heavy Strike Stealth Drone Takes Flight

Anduril Industries Interceptor

Andurils device is able to identify and fly toward targets without any help and if it doesnt destroy an enemy drone with an initial hit, it doesnt give up, autonomously attacking a second or third time until its target is dead. See a Drone Kill Another Drone by Slamming Into It at 100 MPH

The Air Forces Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Tech

The laser weapon, which can be mounted onto the back of a vehicle, is designed to help the Air Force take down hostile dronesThe laser itself can fire dozens of shots per charge, according to Raytheon. But the Air Force could also hook it up to a generator to deliver a nearly infinite number of shots, the contractor said. The Air Force Just Got a Brutal New Laser Cannon

To ensure super soldiers wouldnt be stuck marching into battle on foot, military researchers also unveiled several new transportation systems for troops this year as well as some that could get the job done without a crew.

Estonias THeMIS Robotic Tank

The robot, whichC4ISRNET reportswas equipped with a 12.7mm machine gun and a 40mm automatic grenade launcher during a demo in Estonia last month, is reminiscent of those T-1 robotic tanks from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines a deadly inflection point in automated warfare. This Tank-Like Machine Gun Robot Is Straight out of Terminator

Yanjing Autos Armored Military Truck for China

A new Chinese military truck can drive into battle, armed to the teeth with 12 drones that turn the off-road vehicle into a comprehensive mothership of destruction. Chinese Military Truck Launches Killer Drones Like Artillery

Israels Carmel Tank Prototypes

Israel demonstrated three prototypes of the Carmel and based on that demo, the future of military combat might involve more game console-style controllers. Israel Demos Tank of the Future Featuring Xbox-Style Controller

Chinas Marine Lizard

China has announced what local media is calling the worlds first armed amphibious drone boat. The 39-foot-long Marine Lizard is designed to assist land assault operations and can form a web with other drone ships and airborne drones in order to act in tandem with them. Chinas Military Built an Autonomous Amphibious Landing Vehicle

Read the rest here:

The Coolest (and Scariest) Military Tech of 2019 - Futurism

Top 10 MMA fighters of the 2010s: Discussion video, facts about our list – MMA Junkie

In pitching the MMA Junkie staff on coming up with a composite ranking of the top 10 fighters of the 2010s, I had people asking me about the criteria. My answer was simple: There is no criteria. Whatever you think it means to be among the 10 greatest fighters of the last decade, thats the criteria.

To me, its better this way. I couldve emphasized in-cage results, in which case No. 1 ends up being Khabib Nurmagomedov without question. Same for emphasizing impact on the sport: Conor McGregor comes out on top easily. But what fun would that have been? Theres so much more to consider when trying to pick the top 10 fighters of the last 10 years among a pool of talent that never has been better.

The beauty of our list is that all 14 MMA Junkie staff members, whove spent so many years covering the sport, submitted individual top 10 lists. No discussion, no debate, no one persons bias determined our final rankings. We all had a say in this. From there, it was a matter of mathematics add up points for each fighter ranked and divide by 14 to determine the final rankings.

Did we get it right? Theres no such thing with these lists. But Id like to think ours is as official as it gets.

For reaction to our top 10, watch the roundtable discussion video above with MMA Junkies John Morgan and Dan Tom, and MMA Junkie Radios Gorgeous George and Goze.

Below is a ranking of all 26 fighters included, as well as notes about our list.


1. Jon Jones2. Demetrious Johnson3. Daniel Cormier4. Georges St. Pierre5. Conor McGregor6. Amanda Nunes7. Ronda Rousey8. Khabib Nurmagomedov9. Jose Aldo10. Max Holloway11. Anderson Silva12. Cris Cyborg13. Stipe Miocic14. Henry Cejudo15. Tony Ferguson16. Cain Velasquez17. Donald Cerrone18. Dominick Cruz19-t. Joanna Jedrzejczyk19-t. Patricio Freire21. Frankie Edgar22-t. Ryan Bader22-t. Michael Bisping24. Douglas Lima25. Carlos Condit26. Eddie Alvarez



Mike Bohn, senior reporter1. Jon Jones2. Georges St-Pierre3. Jose Aldo4. Demetrious Johnson5. Anderson Silva6. Conor McGregor7. Max Holloway8. Tony Ferguson9. Khabib Nurmagomedov10. Daniel Cormier

Dave Doyle, senior editor1. Demetrious Johnson2. Daniel Cormier3, Jon Jones4. Anderson Silva5. Georges St-Pierre6. Cris Cyborg7. Jose Aldo8. Khabib Nurmagomedov9. Conor McGregor10. Eddie Alvarez

Matt Erickson, assistant managing editor1. Daniel Cormier2. Demetrious Johnson3. Amanda Nunes4. Conor McGregor5. Max Holloway6. Patricio Freire7. Ronda Rousey8. Georges St-Pierre9. Ryan Bader10. Jose Aldo

Brian Garcia, MMA Junkie Radio host1. Georges St-Pierre2. Jon Jones3. Daniel Cormier4. Henry Cejudo5. Demetrious Johnson6. Khabib Nurmagomedov7. Stipe Miocic8. Amanda Nunes9. Max Holloway10. Ryan Bader

George Garcia, MMA Junkie Radio host1. Jon Jones2. Georges St-Pierre3. Daniel Cormier4. Khabib Nurmagomedov5. Demetrious Johnson6. Amanda Nunes7. Cris Cyborg8. Stipe Miocic9. Conor McGregor10. Henry Cejudo

Farah Hannoun, reporter1. Jon Jones2. Ronda Rousey3. Conor McGregor4. Demetrious Johnson5. Khabib Nurmagomedov6. Daniel Cormier7. Amanda Nunes8. Max Holloway9. Stipe Miocic10. Henry Cejudo

Ken Hathaway, senior video editor1. Jon Jones2. Amanda Nunes3. Ronda Rousey4. Max Holloway5. Conor McGregor6. Daniel Cormier7. Georges St-Pierre8. Anderson Silva9. Khabib Nurmagomedov10. Cris Cyborg

Simon Head, reporter1. Demetrious Johnson2. Daniel Cormier3. Jon Jones4. Amanda Nunes5. Donald Cerrone6. Georges St-Pierre7. Conor McGregor8. Douglas Lima9. Cris Cyborg10. Michael Bisping

Nolan King, reporter1. Jon Jones2. Daniel Cormier3. Amanda Nunes4. Demetrious Johnson5. Max Holloway6. Stipe Miocic7. Georges St. Pierre8. Jose Aldo9. Conor McGregor10. Khabib Nurmagomedov

John Morgan, lead staff reporter1. Jon Jones2. Conor McGregor3. Ronda Rousey4. Georges St-Pierre5. Daniel Cormier6. Demetrious Johnson7. Amanda Nunes8. Jose Aldo9. Michael Bisping10. Donald Cerrone

Simon Samano, managing editor1. Demetrious Johnson2. Georges St-Pierre3. Jon Jones4. Daniel Cormier5. Khabib Nurmagomedov6. Amanda Nunes7. Tony Ferguson8. Conor McGregor9. Ronda Rousey10. Max Holloway

Danny Segura, reporter1. Ronda Rousey2. Jon Jones3. Cain Velasquez4. Georges St-Pierre5. Demetrious Johnson6. Jose Aldo7. Cris Cyborg8. Conor McGregor9. Khabib Nurmagomedov10. Daniel Cormier

Abbey Subhan, video editor1. Georges St-Pierre2. Conor McGregor3. Jon Jones4. Daniel Cormier5. Amanda Nunes6. Joanna Jedrzejczyk7. Frankie Edgar8. Anderson Silva9. Carlos Condit10. Ronda Rousey

Dan Tom, fight analyst1. Jon Jones2. Jose Aldo3. Khabib Nurmagomedov4. Dominick Cruz5. Demetrious Johnson6. Conor McGregor7. Ronda Rousey8. Daniel Cormier9. Max Holloway10. Tony Ferguson

Visit link:

Top 10 MMA fighters of the 2010s: Discussion video, facts about our list - MMA Junkie

The biggest MMA stories of 2019 – BJPenn.com

2019 was a rollercoaster ride for the world of MMA, featuring plenty of ups and downs.

As the year draws to a close, BJPENN.com looks back on 10 of the biggest MMA stories of 2019, from the good to the bad to the downright ugly.

2019 wasnt the best year for some fighters, including the former bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw. In January 2019, he dropped down to 125 pounds to face flyweight champion Henry Cejudo. The decision didnt pay off for the 33-year old as Cejudo picked up a TKO win in less than a minute.

To add insult to injury, it was subsequently revealed that Dillashaw failed his drug test for their January bout. He tested positive for human erythropoietin (EPO), which is an injection-only performance-enhancing drug. As a result, he was stripped of his bantamweight belt, lost multiple sponsorship deals and was suspended from the UFC for two years.

2019 generated a string of anti-doping controversies including Nate Diaz allegedly beingflagged by USADA in the run-up to his UFC 244 fight, and Jon Jones testing positive for a banned substance metabolite for his UFC 235 bout against Anthony Smith.

In December 2019, USADA responded to this year-full of high-profile blunders by making major changes to their UFC anti-doping policies. They adjusted their leniency towards trace-level laboratory findings to attempt to separate intentional doping cases from contaminated supplements or accidental ingestion.

Another drop in the ocean that is MMAs never-ending anti-doping saga.

2019 served Weili Zhang well as she made history, becoming the UFCs first-ever Chinese champion.

At UFC Shenzhen in August, Zhang challenged the strawweight titleholder Jessica Andrade for the strawweight throne. The Chinese athlete had already accumulated 19 successive wins before fighting for the belt. In a shocking turn of events, the 30-year old unleashed a flurry of strikes on Andrade and sealed the TKO victory in 42 seconds of the first round.

Zhang received a herd of recognition from pros including Ronda Rousey and Dana White. Her dominant victory over Jessica Andrade reflected the rise of international fighting stars.

2019 has shown to be a great year for the sport on an international level. The UFC opened a new performance institute in Shanghai. Bellator has announced plans for rapid growth in the European market and is working closely with MMA coach, John Kavanagh to nurture European talent. Also ONE Championship conquered Japan with two blockbuster events in Tokyo.

The emergence of new competition for the UFC outside of the US borders is travelling full steam ahead into 2020 and should see more international events than ever before.

Arguably the most iconic MMA moment of 2019 was Jorge Masvidals infamous flying knee against Ben Askren during their UFC 239 bout.

The weeks leading up to the July bout were filled with insults and verbal exchanges from both fighters. Gamebred anticipated an early takedown attempt from the Olympic wrestler hed been matched up with. His predictions came true, as Askren went for an early takedown at the beginning of their fight.

Masvidal perfectly counteracted Askrens immediate takedown attempt with a flying knee. As soon as Masvidals leg connected with the face of Askren, his opponent crashed unconscious to the floor. The speedy exchange finished the fight as soon as it started and rewarded Masvidal a record-shattering 5-second first-round victory.

His show-stopping performance put an end to Askrens undefeated record. Not only did it destroy the unbeatable perception of the former welterweight champion, but it also changed the perception of Jorge Masvidal. After UFC 239, Gamebreds perception transformed from a streaking journeyman into one of the most deadly opponents in the welterweight division.

ONE Championships 100th show, which went down in Tokyo, Japan, featured Demetrious Johnson attempting to win the ONE Championship Flyweight World Grand Prix.

After beating Yuya Wakamatsu and Tatsumitsu Wada in the quarter and semifinals, Johnson positioned himself as a finalist in the Grand Prix final opposite Team Lakay stud Danny Kingad. Johnson delivered a masterful performance against his game opponent, utilizing his superior wrestling to accomplish a unanimous decision victory. In the process, he won the eight-man competition and broke Kingads six-fight win streak.

2019 was a busy year for Mighty Mouse as the Grand Prix format forced him to rack up three fights in a short period the first time hes done so since 2013.

By winning this ONE Championship Grand Prix, Johnson reaffirmed himself as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world perhaps the best outright and set himself up for a flyweight title fight with the champ Adriano Moraes.

For the first time in UFC history, a new belt was added that existed outside of traditional championships. The new belt was born out of a call out from Nate Diaz following his UFC 241 Antony Pettis victory, with which he targeted Jorge Masvidal. UFC President Dana White responded with the creation of the Baddest Motherf*cker Belt.

Masvidal and Diaz collided for the BMF title in the main event of UFC 244 in November. Due to a severe cut above Diazs eye, the fight was stopped somewhat anti-climatically after the third round. Gamebred was awarded the victory and the BMF title. Dana White revealed that the BMF belt was a one-off, but its greatness will go down in the UFC history books.

2019 was a great year for the current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya who made leaps and bounds in his MMA career. The undefeated star got off to a great start by defeating MMA royalty, Anderson Silva via unanimous decision in the main event of UFC 234 in February. He had the same success when he faced heavy hitter Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 236. The Last Stylebender won his first five-round fight against Gastelum by unanimous decision, earning him the middleweight interim belt and placing him in prime position for a title shot against undisputed champ Robert Whittaker.

In the highly anticipated UFC 243 main event against Whittaker, the title challenger made his Octagon entrance in style. Accompanied by an entourage of dancers, Adesanya busted out moves worthy of a Michael Jackson music video. His Octagon performance also lived up to expectation, as Adesanya flattened Whittaker with a jaw-dropping knockout at 3:33 in the second round. This solidified the Nigerian-born Kiwis rise to the top of the UFC middleweight division.

The former UFC, Strikeforce and Invicta featherweight champion Cris Cyborg has had a career full of twists and turns. 2019 was no exception, as Cris Cyborg parted ways with the UFC and signed a new contract with Bellator.

After losing to Amanda Nunes by first-round TKO in their 2018 bout, tensions between the former champion and Dana White were at an all-time high. The UFC kingpin had taken aim at Cyborg for allegedly avoiding a Nunes rematch, a claim which Cyborg vehemently denies. Their media spats included Dana White mocking Cyborgs appearance and Cyborg posting tampered video footage of a conversation with White. Their disagreement culminated in Cyborg being released from the company after her last contractual fight against Felicia Spencer in July.

After considering her future as a free agent, the womens featherweight signed a lucrative new contract with Bellator. She is looking forward to a future full of new MMA opportunities, and first on the agenda is a 2020 bout against Bellator featherweight champion Julia Budd.

After announcing his retirement from MMA in March 2019, youd think it would be a quiet year for the Irish superstar Conor McGregor. Apparently not, as McGregor became embroiled in multiple media scandals. One of those stemmed from his punching an elderly man in a pub.

Footage surfaced of The Notorious sucker-punching a fellow patron after he allegedly refused to drink a shot of McGregors Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey. The fighters other 2019 controversies include troubles include smashing a fans phone, an two accusations of sexual assault, reported by the New York Times.

More recently, McGregor has been in the headlines for a more favorable reason: a comeback fight with Donald Cerrone. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that he will be returning to the Octagon on January 18 to face Cerrone in a welterweight bout. Whether McGregor can defeat Cowboy remains to be seen, but McGregor remains undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in UFC history.

The widely renowned G.O.A.T hung up his MMA gloves once and for all in 2019. Georges St-Pierre announced his official retirement from the sport on the 21st February 2019 at a news conference in his native Montreal. The Canadian fighter exited the sport as the most dominant welterweight fighter of all time.

St-Pierre defended his 170-pound belt nine consecutive times between 2008 and 2013. He is tied with Michael Bisping for the second-most wins in UFC history (20), only a few behind hyper-active fighter Donald Cerrone (22). The Canadian superstar also became a dual division champion after submitting Michael Bisping in November, 2017 and claiming the middleweight belt.

The MMA legend managed to step away from the sport whilst remaining on top and solidifying his legacy as the welterweight G.O.A.T.

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Top-10 MMA fighters of the decade – BJPenn.com

Check out BJPenn.coms list of the top-10 MMA fighters of the decade, featuring the likes of Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Demetrious Johnson and Cris Cyborg.

The first thing to note is that this is a very subjective and difficult list to come up with. There were so many fighters who could be included in the discussion, but ultimately we had to leave many of them off since its just a top-10. But before we do that, heres a list of some honorable mentions that just missed the list.

Honorable mentions: Max Holloway, Nate Diaz, Tony Ferguson, Eddie Alvarez, Donald Cerrone, Michael Bisping, Frankie Edgar, Rafael dos Anjos, Stipe Miocic, Cain Velasquez, Aung La N Sang, Kyoji Horiguchi, Junior dos Santos, Israel Adesanya, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Robbie Lawler, Douglas Lima, Patricio Pitbull, Michael Chandler, Mamed Khalidov.

And now, the top-10 fighters of the decade, along with their records from 2010-2019, and a quick rundown of their accomplishments in the sport.

10. Cris Cyborg (13-1, 1 NC)

Cyborg had an incredible decade as she held the UFC featherweight title, the Strikeforce featherweight title, and the Invicta FC featherweight title. She was the scariest female fighter for most of the decade and deserves a top-10 spot on this list. If Cyborg didnt lose to Amanda Nunes at UFC 232 she would be higher on this list, but that loss does knock her down a few pegs. Still, she was incredible. Some of her top performances include two stoppage wins over Marloes Coenen and her destruction of Leslie Smith in her UFC debut.

9. Jose Aldo (12-5)

Even though Aldo flamed out a bit at the end of the decade, what he did during the first half of it cant be forgotten. He started off the decade by defending the WEC featherweight title twice, then he became the first-ever UFC featherweight champion and went on to defend the belt seven times. Some of his most memorable performances include an epic battle against Mark Hominick at UFC 229, two crazy fights with Chad Mendes, and headlining the WECs first-ever pay-per-view against Urijah Faber at WEC 48.

8. Amanda Nunes (15-3)

Nunes was incredible this decade, winning the UFC bantamweight and featherweight titles the first woman in MMA history to be a champ champ and going 12-2 overall inside the Octagon while fighting the highest-level of competition. A couple of losses earlier in the decade drop her down a few spots and keep her out of the elite of this list, but theres no doubt Nunes was incredibly dominant. Some of her top performances include her KO win over Cris Cyborg at UFC 232, his KO win over Ronda Rousey UFC 207, and her submission win over Miesha Tate at UFC 200.

7. Georges St. Pierre (7-0)

GSP had an underrated decade, going unbeaten over the seven fights he had. He also became one of the few fighters to win two belts in two separate weight classes as he defended the UFC welterweight title six times and then beat Michael Bisping at UFC 217 to become the UFC middleweight champion four years after first retiring. Its a shame GSP didnt fight more frequently and retired twice or else he would have been higher on this list. Some of his top performances including his submission over Bisping and his controversial split decision win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 that led to his first retirement from MMA.

6. Demetrious Johnson (22-3-1)

Many will argue that Johnson deserves the top spot on this list, and if we go by pound-for-pound rankings theres a good argument he should be higher. After all, Johnson was a dominant champion in the UFC between 2012 and 2018, becoming the UFCs first-ever flyweight champion and defending it 11 times. The only problem with Johnson is that he wasnt able to win fans over in the way that some of the other fighters on this list did. But if we go by pure dominance inside the cage, hes right up there with the best of them. Some of his top performances include his two wins over Joseph Benavidez, his insane submission over Ray Borg at UFC 216, and knocking out Henry Cejudo at UFC 197. We should also mention he was part of the first-ever trade in MMA history for Ben Askren and went on to win the ONE Championship Flyweight Grand Prix after he left the UFC, further strengthening his resume on a new continent, and signalling more dominance to come.

5. Khabib Nurmagomedov (21-0)

It was an amazing decade for Nurmagomedov as he didnt lose a single one of his 21 fights, which was the best record of anyone on this list. Whats amazing is that Nurmagomedov missed two years between 2014 and 2016 with injuries, otherwise his record might be even better. He was dominant in the Octagon with a 12-0 record, with notable wins over the likes of Conor McGregor at UFC 229 and Michael Johnson at UFC 205. He also carried the torch from Fedor Emelianenko and became a huge star in Russian MMA.

4. Daniel Cormier (21-2, 1 NC)

DCs decade was among the very best as he was both the UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion, not to mention the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion. If it wasnt for his loss and No Contest to Jon Jones, theres an argument that DC could actually be at the very top of this list. But even with the Jones fights, what DC accomplished in the 2010s was astonishing. Some of his top performances include his KO win over Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 to win the UFC heavyweight title, beating Josh Barnett in Strikeforce to win the Grand Prix, and two submission wins over Anthony Johnson at light heavyweight.

3. Ronda Rousey (12-2)

Rousey ended up losing a few fights at the end of her career to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, but its hard to argue that she wasnt the most important female fighter in the sport. Before Rousey, there was no such thing as womens MMA in the UFC, but she was the most important driver of bringing women into the Octagon. She was the UFC womens bantamweight champion and the Strikeforce womens bantamweight champion, and she defended that title seven times. Some of her top performances include submitting Miesha Tate twice, knocking out Bethe Correia at UFC 190, and tapping out Cat Zingano in 14 seconds at UFC 184. Its amazing she accomplished all of this in less than seven years.

2. Jon Jones (16-0, 1 NC)

Many will argue that Jones should be No. 1 on this list, and I can see the argument. He was insanely dominant during the decade and emerged as arguably the greatest fighter in MMA history. Jones burst onto the scene in the late 2000s then became the UFC light heavyweight champion in 2011 and he hasnt lost a fight since, defending it 10 times. If it wasnt for his issues outside the Octagon and with USADA, he would be No. 1 on this list, but we cant ignore those issues. Still, Jones was unstoppable for the most part and he deserves to be at the top of this list. Some of his top performances include beating Mauricio Shogun Rua at UFC 128 to win the UFC light heavyweight title, knocking out Daniel Cormier with a head kick at UFC 214, and his violent masterpiece against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in what many regard as the best fight of the decade.

McGregor might not have the most wins this decade, but its hard to argue he wasnt the most important fighter of the 2010s as he transformed the sport of MMA. When the UFC was going through a transition with past stars like Chuck Liddell and Brock Lesnar retiring, McGregor entered the Octagon and became a living legend. He became the UFC lightweight and featherweight champion, coining the term champ champ in the process as he became the first UFC fighter to hold two belts at the same time. Some of McGregors most notable performances of the decade include his 13-second KO win over Jose Aldo to win the UFC featherweight title at UFC 194, his mauling of Eddie Alvarez to win the UFC lightweight title at UFC 205, and his two legendary fights with Nate Diaz. Plus his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in 2017 broke pay-per-view records. You may not be a fan of McGregor, and some of his issues outside the Octagon hurt him here, but you cant argue with what hes accomplished when he has stepped into the cage.

What do you think of BJPenn.coms top-10 MMA fighters of the decade list?

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Top-10 MMA fighters of the decade - BJPenn.com

Henry Cavill’s ‘The Witcher’ Gets An Official Rotten Tomatoes Score – Heroic Hollywood

Henry Cavills The Witcher has received an official score on the popular review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

This past Friday, Netflixdropped the first season of Henry Cavills The Witcher, a television adaption of the fantasy books by Polish authorAndrzej Sapkowski. Fans of The Witcher novels and the subsequent video games based on the stories have been eager to see how the Henry Cavill would turn out and now Rotten Tomatoes has revealed the debut score for the long-awaited adaptation.

The Critic Rating for Henry Cavills The Witchercurrently stands at 58%based on43 reviews. The audience score, on the other hand, has reached 90% based on2300user ratings. There Critics Consensus for Henry Cavills The Witcher can be found below.

The world of The Witcher still only feels half-formed as it gallops onto screens, but Henry Cavill brings brawny charisma to a series teeming with subversive fantasy elements and dark humor.

Have you seen Henry Cavills The Witcher? What are your thoughts on the series so far? Sound-off in the comments section!

Here is the official synopsis for Henry CavillsThe Witcher:

Based on the best-selling fantasy series, The Witcher is an epic tale of fate and family. Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts. But when destiny hurtles him toward a powerful sorceress, and a young princess with a dangerous secret, the three must learn to navigate the increasingly volatile Continent together.

The Witcherstars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, Freya Allan as Ciri, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, Jodhi May as Queen Calanthe, Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson as Eist, Adam Levy as Mousesack, MyAnna Buring as Aretuza, and Millie Brady as Princess Renfri, with Mimi Ndiweni and Therica Wilson-Read as novice sorcerers.

The Witcheris now available on Netflix. Stay tuned for the latest news on the Henry Cavill series!

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Along with the premiere of the first teaser forDoom Patrol,DC Universe also debuted a collection of character posters for each of the members of perhaps the strangest team of characters to be adapted in live-action form for DC Comics.

In particular, these new character posters highlight Timothy Dalton's The Chief, Diane Guerrero's Crazy Jane, Joivan Wade's Cyborg, April Bowlby's Elasti-Woman, Matt Bomer's Negative Man and Brendan Fraser's Robotman. These posters each follow unique designs that reflect the nature of each character and tease unique personalities amongst the group as well.

You can start the gallery of new posters by clicking "Next".

Which of theseDoom Patrolposters is your favorite? Are you excited to see what the cast brings to these roles? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to continue following Heroic Hollywood for all the latest news in the DC Universe.

Doom Patrol is a reimagining of one of DCs strangest group of outcast Super Heroes which includes: Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor/Negative Man, Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele/Robotman, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Joivan Wade as Victor Stone/Cyborg and Timothy Dalton as Dr. Niles Caulder/The Chief.

Here is the synopsis for the show:

Doom Patrolwill find the reluctant heroes in a place they never expected to be, called to action by Cyborg, who comes to them with a mission hard to refuse, but with a warning that is hard to ignore: their lives will never, ever be the same.

Doom Patrolwill premiere on February 15, 2019 exclusively on DC Universe.

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Henry Cavill's 'The Witcher' Gets An Official Rotten Tomatoes Score - Heroic Hollywood