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Extropianism is a philosophy of transhumanism that encompasses the Extropian principles in improving the human condition. It was founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1990 as a 501(c)3 non-profit. It established the modern movement of transhumanism through its conferences and publications. While it closed in 2006,[1] for its time frame, it was largely in support of libertarian political values of democracy such as small government, individual rights, liberty, morphological freedom and the Proactionary Principle. However, many of its members were not libertarian and as an international organization encompassed transhumanists of diverse political backgrounds and views. These individuals share the advocacy of individual rights and the reduction of government. The movement's leading advocates include founder Max More.

Positions include:

Members of the Extropian mailing lists would go on to be involved with Bitcoin, encryption and the beginnings of blockchain, future libertarian and transhumanist projects.[3]

Principles: See Extropian principles

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Official history

Flyer for 'EXTRO 1 - The First Extropy Institute Conference on Transhumanist Thought'

Sunnyvale, California, April 30 - May 1 1994





2001: Reason.com review

2004 http://www.extropy.org/summitabout.htm

The Vital Progress conference was held in response to the latest moves by Leon Kass.


Vital Progress Summit II was scheduled for winter 2005 but never materialised.

ExI Satellite Meeting in 2005, Caracus, Venezuela ended up launching under the TransVision instead which held many successive events.


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Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the unknown person or persons who designed bitcoin and created its original reference implementation, Bitcoin Core.[1] As a part of the implementation, they also devised the first blockchain database. In the process they were the first to solve the double spending problem for digital currency. They were active in the development of bitcoin up until December 2010.

Nakamoto has claimed to be a man living in Japan, born around 1975. However, speculation about the true identity of Nakamoto has mostly focused on a number of cryptography and computer science experts of non-Japanese descent, living in the United States and Europe. One person, Australian programmer Craig Steven Wright, has claimed to be Nakamoto, though he has not yet offered proof of this.

As of 2 February 2017, Nakamoto owns roughly one million bitcoins,[2] with a value estimated at over US$1billion.

In October 2008, Nakamoto published a paper[3][4] on The Cryptography Mailing list at metzdowd.com[5] describing the bitcoin digital currency. It was titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. In January 2009, Nakamoto released the first bitcoin software that launched the network and the first units of the bitcoin cryptocurrency, called bitcoins.[6][7] Satoshi Nakamoto released the bitcoin software on Sourceforge on 9 January 2009. Version 0.1 was compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio.

They claim that work on the writing of the code began in 2007.[8] The inventor of bitcoin knew that due to its nature the core design would have to be able to support a broad range of transaction types. The implemented solution enabled specialised codes and data fields from the start through the use of a predicative script.[9]

Nakamoto created a website with the domain name bitcoin.org and continued to collaborate with other developers on the bitcoin software until mid-2010. Around this time, he handed over control of the source code repository and network alert key to Gavin Andresen,[10] transferred several related domains to various prominent members of the bitcoin community, and stopped his involvement in the project. Until shortly before his absence and handover Nakamoto made all modifications to the source code themselves.

The inventor left a text message in the first mined block which reads 'The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks'. The text refers to a headline in the Financial Times published on 3 January 2009. It is a strong indication that the first block was mined no earlier than this date.[11] The genesis block has a timestamp of 18:15:05 GMT on January 3 2009. This block is unlike all other blocks in that it doesn't have previous block to reference.[11] This required the use of custom code to mine it. Timestamps for subsequent blocks indicate that Nakamoto did not try to mine all the early blocks solely for themselves in an effort to benefit from a ponzi scheme.[11]

As the sole, predominate early miner the inventor was awarded bitcoin at genesis and for 10 days afterwards.[12] Except for test transactions these remain unspent since mid January 2009.[12] The public bitcoin transaction log shows that Nakamoto's known addresses contain roughly one million bitcoins.[2] As of 10 December 2016[update], this is the equivalent of around US$895 million.[13]

Nakamoto did not disclose any personal information when discussing technical matters.[14] They provided some commentary on banking and fractional reserve lending. On his P2P Foundation profile as of 2012, Nakamoto claimed to be a 37-year-old male who lived in Japan,[15] but some speculated he was unlikely to be Japanese due to his use of perfect English and his bitcoin software not being documented or labelled in Japanese.[14]

Occasional British English spelling and terminology (such as the phrase "bloody hard") in both source code comments and forum postings led to speculation that Nakamoto, or at least one individual in the consortium claiming to be him, was of Commonwealth origin.[3][14][16]

Stefan Thomas, a Swiss coder and active community member, graphed the time stamps for each of Nakamoto's bitcoin forum posts (more than 500); the resulting chart showed a steep decline to almost no posts between the hours of 5 a.m. and 11 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time. Because this pattern held true even on Saturdays and Sundays, it suggested that Nakamoto was asleep at this time.[14] If Nakamoto is a single individual with conventional sleeping habits, it suggests he resided in a region using the UTC05:00 or UTC06:00 time offset. This includes the parts of North America that fall within the Eastern Time Zone and Central Time Zone, as well as parts of Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Gavin Andresen has said of Nakamoto's code "He was a brilliant coder, but it was quirky".[17]

There is still doubt about the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In December 2013, a blogger named Skye Grey linked Nick Szabo to the bitcoin whitepaper using a stylometric analysis.[18][19][20] Szabo is a decentralized currency enthusiast and published a paper on "bit gold", which is considered a precursor to bitcoin.[19][20] He is known to have been interested in using pseudonyms in the 1990s.[21] In a May 2011 article, Szabo stated about the bitcoin creator: "Myself, Wei Dai, and Hal Finney were the only people I know of who liked the idea (or in Dai's case his related idea) enough to pursue it to any significant extent until Nakamoto (assuming Nakamoto is not really Finney or Dai)."[22]

Detailed research by financial author Dominic Frisby provides much circumstantial evidence but, as he admits, no proof that Satoshi is Szabo.[23] Speaking on RT's The Keiser Report, he said "I've concluded there is only one person in the whole world that has the sheer breadth but also the specificity of knowledge and it is this chap...".[24] But Szabo has denied being Satoshi. In a July 2014 email to Frisby, he said: 'Thanks for letting me know. I'm afraid you got it wrong doxing me as Satoshi, but I'm used to it'.[25] Nathaniel Popper wrote in the New York Times that "the most convincing evidence pointed to a reclusive American man of Hungarian descent named Nick Szabo."[26]

In a high-profile March 6, 2014, article in the magazine Newsweek,[27] journalist Leah McGrath Goodman identified Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese American man living in California, whose birth name is Satoshi Nakamoto,[27][28][29] as the Nakamoto in question. Besides his name, Goodman pointed to a number of facts that circumstantially suggested he was the bitcoin inventor.[27] Trained as a physicist, Nakamoto worked as a systems engineer on classified defense projects and computer engineer for technology and financial information services companies. Nakamoto was laid off twice in the early 1990s and turned libertarian, according to his daughter, and encouraged her to start her own business and "not be under the government's thumb." In the article's seemingly biggest piece of evidence, Goodman wrote that when she asked him about bitcoin during a brief in-person interview, Nakamoto seemed to confirm his identity as the bitcoin founder by stating: "I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it. It's been turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection."[27] (This quote was later confirmed by deputies at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who were present at the time.)[30]

The article's publication led to a flurry of media interest, including reporters camping out near Dorian Nakamoto's house and briefly chasing him by car when he drove to an interview.[31] However, during the subsequent full-length interview, Dorian Nakamoto denied all connection to bitcoin, saying he had never heard of the currency before, and that he had misinterpreted Goodman's question as being about his previous work for military contractors, much of which was classified.[32] Later that day, the pseudonymous Nakamoto's P2P Foundation account posted its first message in five years, stating: "I am not Dorian Nakamoto."[33][34]

Hal Finney (May 4, 1956 August 28, 2014) was a pre-bitcoin cryptographic pioneer and the first person (other than Satoshi himself) to use the software, file bug reports, and make improvements.[35] He also lived a few blocks from Dorian Nakamoto's family home, according to Forbes journalist Andy Greenberg.[36] Greenberg asked the writing analysis consultancy Juola & Associates to compare a sample of Finney's writing to Satoshi Nakamoto's, and they found that it was the closest resemblance they had yet come across (including the candidates suggested by Newsweek, Fast Company, The New Yorker, Ted Nelson and Skye Grey).[36] Greenberg theorized that Finney may have been a ghostwriter on behalf of Nakamoto, or that he simply used his neighbor Dorian's identity as a "drop" or "patsy whose personal information is used to hide online exploits". However, after meeting Finney, seeing the emails between him and Satoshi, his bitcoin wallet's history including the very first bitcoin transaction (from Satoshi to him, which he forgot to pay back) and hearing his denial, Greenberg concluded Finney was telling the truth. Juola & Associates also found that Satoshi's emails to Finney more closely resemble Satoshi's other writings than Finney's do. Finney's fellow extropian and sometimes co-blogger Robin Hanson assigned a subjective probability of "at least" 15% that "Hal was more involved than hes said", before further evidence suggested that was not the case.[37]

On 8 December 2015, Wired wrote that Craig Steven Wright, an Australian former academic, "either invented bitcoin or is a brilliant hoaxer who very badly wants us to believe he did".[38] Craig Wright took down his Twitter account and neither he nor his ex-wife responded to press inquiries. The same day, Gizmodo published a story with evidence obtained by a hacker who supposedly broke into Wright's email accounts, claiming that Satoshi Nakamoto was a joint pseudonym for Craig Steven Wright and computer forensics analyst David Kleiman, who died in 2013.[39] A number of prominent bitcoin promoters remained unconvinced by the reports.[40] Subsequent reports also raised the possibility that the evidence provided was an elaborate hoax,[41][42] which Wired acknowledged "cast doubt" on their suggestion that Wright was Nakamoto.[43]

On 9 December, only hours after Wired claimed Wright was Nakamoto, Wright's home in Gordon, New South Wales was raided by at least ten police officers. His business premises in Ryde, New South Wales were also searched by police. The Australian Federal Police stated they conducted searches to assist the Australian Taxation Office and that "This matter is unrelated to recent media reporting regarding the digital currency bitcoin."[44] According to a document released by Gizmodo alleged to be a transcript of a meeting between Wright and the ATO, he had been involved in a taxation dispute with them for several years.[39]

On 2 May 2016, Craig Wright posted on his blog publicly claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. In articles released on the same day, journalists from the BBC and The Economist stated that they saw Wright signing a message using the private key associated with the first bitcoin transaction.[45][46] Wright's claim was supported by Jon Matonis (former director of the Bitcoin Foundation) and bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen, both of whom met Wright and witnessed a similar signing demonstration.[47]

However, bitcoin developer Peter Todd said that Wright's blog post, which appeared to contain cryptographic proof, actually contained nothing of the sort.[48] The Bitcoin Core project released a statement on Twitter saying "There is currently no publicly available cryptographic proof that anyone in particular is Bitcoin's creator."[49][50] Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik agreed that evidence publicly provided by Wright does not prove anything, and security researcher Dan Kaminsky concluded Wright's claim was "intentional scammery".[51][52]

On May 4, Wright made another post on his blog promising to publish "a series of pieces that will lay the foundations for this extraordinary claim".[53][54] But the following day, he deleted all his blog posts and replaced them with a notice entitled "I'm Sorry", which read in part:

I believed that I could put the years of anonymity and hiding behind me. But, as the events of this week unfolded and I prepared to publish the proof of access to the earliest keys, I broke. I do not have the courage. I cannot.[55][56]

In June 2016, the London Review of Books published a 35,000 word article by Andrew O'Hagan about the events, based on discussions with Wright and many of the other people involved.[57][58] It also reveals that the Canadian company nTrust was behind Wright's claim made in May 2016.

In a 2011 article in The New Yorker, Joshua Davis claimed to have narrowed down the identity of Nakamoto to a number of possible individuals, including the Finnish economic sociologist Dr. Vili Lehdonvirta and Irish student Michael Clear, then a graduate student in cryptography at Trinity College Dublin.[59] Clear strongly denied he was Nakamoto,[60] as did Lehdonvirta.[61] In October 2011, writing for Fast Company, investigative journalist Adam Penenberg cited circumstantial evidence suggesting Neal King, Vladimir Oksman and Charles Bry could be Nakamoto.[62] They jointly filed a patent application that contained the phrase "computationally impractical to reverse" in 2008, which was also used in the bitcoin white paper by Nakamoto.[63] The domain name bitcoin.org was registered three days after the patent was filed. All three men denied being Nakamoto when contacted by Penenberg.[62]

In May 2013, Ted Nelson speculated that Nakamoto is really Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki.[64] Later, an article was published in The Age newspaper that claimed that Mochizuki denied these speculations, but without attributing a source for the denial.[65] A 2013 article,[66] in Vice listed Gavin Andresen, Jed McCaleb, or a government agency as possible candidates to be Nakamoto. Dustin D. Trammell, a Texas-based security researcher, was suggested as Nakamoto, but he publicly denied it.[67] In 2013, two Israeli mathematicians, Dorit Ron and Adi Shamir, published a paper claiming a link between Nakamoto and Ross William Ulbricht. The two based their suspicion on an analysis of the network of bitcoin transactions,[68] but later retracted their claim.[69]

Some considered Nakamoto might be a team of people; Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher who read the bitcoin code,[70] said that Nakamoto could either be a "team of people" or a "genius";[16] Laszlo Hanyecz, a former bitcoin core developer who had emailed Nakamoto, had the feeling the code was too well designed for one person.[14]

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Satoshi Nakamoto - Wikipedia

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Cyberware | Gearhead RPG Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Cyberware can boost skills and attributes well above their normal levels. A good selection of cyberware can turn even the weediest tech nerd into a walking tank, or help a hulking, brutish moron become an expert in the sciences. Cyberware is also the only way to remove permanent injuries, doing so by replacing the damaged body part(s). A spinal or heart injury, for example, can be treated by installing a cybernetic spine or heart, respectively.

Each cyberware implant has to be installed in a specific cyberware body location. Two implants cannot occupy the same space and trying to install a piece of cyberware to an occupied location will result in the new cyberware replacing the old cyberware.

Excessive cyberware can lead to debilitating injuries known as cyberdisfunctions developing in heavy users. In GearHead 1, the risks of cyberdisfunction can be mitigated with the Cybertech skill, as well as the Extropian and Cyberpsycho talents. In GearHead 2, Extropian is the only talent available that deals with cyberdisfunction.

In Gearhead 2, trauma (per cyberware component) is calculated a follows:

Stat bonuses (ignore penalties) + net skill bonus + 1 per basic combat skill modified.

Note: The six basic combat skills are Mecha Gunnery, Mecha Fighting, Mecha Piloting, Ranged Combat, Close Combat, and Dodge.

The character can safely endure Ego/4 (+5 with Extropian) points of trauma. If this limit is exceeded, addition trauma will begin to accrue over time, eventually resulting in the development of cyberdisfunctions.

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Cyberware | Gearhead RPG Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Orion’s Arm – Contributor Bios

Orion's Arm has been produced through the efforts of many individuals, listed here.

Aaron Hamilton created material for the OA project based on this website.

Blog hereGravity Balloons

Home Page Some other art by Anders Finerhttp://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameartist/14596/anders-finerhttp://fantasygallery.net/finer/

Andrew is currently a student at the University of California - Santa Cruz. As astrobiologists aren't in high demand at the moment, he plans to settle for studying the lifeforms of his own planet's oceans as a marine biologist.

ngel's interest in both science and myth is initially demonstrated by his nickname: Avengium. This grew out of two earlier nicknames: Paladium - A trojan statue of Pallas Athena (the Paladion) and the periodic element Pd 46 - and another nickname: Avangel.

ngel grew up reading ancient myths and legends and playing video games about castles and mages. In his teen years, he discovered his passion for planets and space and started to read anything he could find about aliens and other planets. While Angel developed a love for creature catalogs and D&D bestiaries, science and knowledge also began to attract his attention and with each discovery his horizons broadened a little more.

Exposure to so many wonders and facts eventually caused an urge in ngel to express his imagination in the form of writings and tales covering the most varied topics.

One day, by chance, he found OA and discovered a site difficult to understand at first, but deeply interesting with time. Today Angel's horizons keep broadening.


Basu is the biological shell of an pre-singularity mind. This 'shell' is somewhere in the middle of what humans call the "teens". When the mind gathers some currency it wants to trade in this shell for something more lasting (say a few thousand years at least) and more efficient. In the meanwhile, the mind is interested in stuff such as physics, computers, medieval fantasy literature and of course the strange yet interesting concepts called "science fiction" and "philosophy". The mind is also considering studying something mundane and attending a thing that humans call "college" in the hope of getting something called a "job" (preferably one that brings him lots of currency). The shell is so useless that the mind prefers not to comment much on it. The mind also hopes to become a Godling and eventually participate in the Omega Point (if it gets a better shell that is). Discovered OA by accident while looking for information on destructive futuristic weaponry. His blog may be found here. Geek Code Version 3.12: GU d- s+:+a--- C+(++) W+ w+ PS+ PE++ Y+ t+(++) 5? X R tvb+(+++) D? D+ G>+++ e->St h! r(fr) z?

OA Version: 1.0.1: GCW>H++OA+++M+++L+P++B+S+D-Sp+++SF++TS?

Ben Higginbottom - Electronics engineer and archetypical nerd, has watched and read far, far too much science fiction, regional director of the Illuminati in the north west of England (we don't need orbital mind control lasers when Manchester United can be used to keep the proles in line), the scream of "Arrrgh when did I get old" can still be heard echoing around the hills of Lancashire when learning that the last series of Doctor Who was screened twelve years ago.

Geek Code Version: 3.1 GECS d+ s++:++ a-->? C++++ U++ P+ L+>+++ W++ w O V PS+ PE Y+>++ PGP++ 5+++ X++ R++ tv b++++ DI+++ D+ G e++

Bill makes his living explaining simple concepts to complex people who tend to work for large companies. Bill believes that anything you do three times should be scripted, and that if a piece of code is 100 lines long it can probably be done better in10. Bill is a Pisces who enjoys long walks in the hills, full personal state vector uploads, and chatting about completely harmless things over strong, public key encryption. His website is here.

Geek Code Version: 3.1: GCS d? s-:+ a C++++ ULSCB+++ P++ L+++ E W++ N+ !o k++ w-- !O !M V- PS+++ PE Y+ PGP t+ 5++ X+ R tv- b+++ DI++++ D+ G+ e* h---- r+++ y+++

OA Version: 1.0.1 >H++ OA+++ M+++ L++ P+ B++ S++ D+ Sp+++ SF++ TS++

A graphic designer and aspiring comic book artist, Brian is working on his own epic length sci-fi comic 'Mancer'. You'll find almost regular updates at http://www.mancer.com.

Brian works in advertising at a newspaper and as a result has absolutely no faith in the media.

Charles Mosteller is a baseline human (Homo sapiens sapiens) who, one day, inadvertently wandered off of the baseline habitat reserve where he lives, and stumbled across M.Alan Kazlev's futuristic space opera project, Orion's Arm.

He was immediately captured, and subjected to lengthy sessions of intellectual torture by a group known as "The Brains." During each of these torture sessions, Charles' brain was painfully extracted, dissected, and on occasion - exploded. Supposedly, this was all done in the name and interest of "hard science." Prior to his capture, Charles' interests included American constitutional law, poetry, writing, and on rare occasion - chess. While languishing in captivity, held prisoner against what remained of his will by "The Brains," his interests were reduced solely to watching Jell-O form in a bowl (Strawberry with pineapple chunks only, please!). Charles managed to recently escape from the evil clutch of "The Brains," by unexpectedly unleashing a nano-swarm of message postings in the Orion's Arm discussion group. His current location is unknown, but "The Brains" are believed to be close to tracking him down, so that they may resume their scientific experiments.

Chinedum Ofoegbu is a product of arcane genetic experiments, designed to produce a 75% emotionless, but otherwise "normal" lifeform. Instead, a being with diamond for brain, nitrogen for blood and the coldest hardest steel for a heart was injected into the population.

As he grew older and more dangerous, it soon became clear that, left unchecked, his machine-like disregard for his fellow man would result in global domination. Thus it was that higher intellects, in a desperate bid to sidetrack his growing powers, introduced him to Iain M. Banks and other purveyors of science fiction. Thus it was that he inevitably ended up here.

They have only postponed the inevitable.

D. David Barbeau grew up on science fiction, beginning with Star Trek and then was a Star Wars geek for a few years before graduating to novels like the Dune and Foundation series. The creation of the Sci Fi Channel helped him to begin his interest in scifi. He had been looking quite awhile for a space opera site before he found Orion's Arm. He is currently (besides writing for Orion's Arm) attending classes in hopes of someday getting a job and making enough money to buy his own personal island chain in the Seychelles Islands

D A G O N (Version February 2006) - this "dagon" individual is a highly distracted 41-year old bipolar from the Netherlands. Used to be hip and trendy but has grown intense, morose and cynical. Has been worldbuilding (escaping from mundane reality) since age 10, and early creations were undeniably Transhuman ... but these earliest stories had, as can be expected, many soft-SF qualities. Would love to use slow but steady artistic output as illustrator for real movie concept art one day. Considers self to be an ultrahard right winger Extropian (as long as the welfare system keeps flowing). Would love to be uploaded and get a thorough, "reconstructive" reformatting.

Niven fan, though Gibson, S.K.Robinson and Sterling evoke massive smiles as well. Started out with O'Neil's High frontier and so steadily flowed into hard, extropian ways of looking at SF... Space colonization radical. A very debased human being over all.

Daniel lives in the Niagara region of southern Ontario, Canada as an urban hermit, a libertarian monarchist, a licensed ham, the official Star Lord, a Potentate of the Rose, and an ordained minister in the First Church of Atheism. He plans to live forever or die trying, and finds the idea of being permanently stuck as a hairless primate an unsatisfying lifestyle choice.

"BEGIN OA GEEK CODE BLOCK"Version: 1.0.1/3.12GWB/CW>P d s:+ a>? C++++ UL P L+ E- W+++ N++ o? K- w+ O- M- V- PS+@PE- Y++ PGP++ t++ 5+ X+ R++>+++$ tv b++++ DI+ D++ G e@ h+ z?(**) >H+++OA++ M++ L+ P+ B? S D- Sp+++ SF+++ TS?"END OA GEEK CODE BLOCK"

Daniel Harle (aka Daniel Snarl, Harle, Harlequins, Snarlequins, Snarl, Quins and Maniacal Fishman) can be found in random places around the world, but most commonly in a small village in the North East of England, or on the internet on his (thus-far incomplete) website http://www.maniacalfishman.tk. Young Daniel is an avid fan of metal music, with such bands as System of a Down, Mudvayne, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Rammstein appearing in his record collection. Daniel is a fan on Final Fantasy games, and is currently writing a science-fiction novel, which as of yet lacks a title. If you want to learn more about him, and have first checked yourself into a mental asylum for having such thoughts, consult the Me, Myself and Maniacal Fishman on Daniel's website. Enjoy.

Geek Code OA Version: 1.0.1 GWB/GCW >H OA++ ~M++ L P+ ~B++ ~S++ D- SP++ SF++ TS--

Darren Ryding was born and raised in Western Australia. He graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelors degree in English, majoring in Creative Writing. In the years since, he has had a handful of short works published, mostly in Australian fanzines. After writing, Darren's second favourite hobby is digital artwork, particularly 3D animation and photomanipulation (although he swears that the tiger photo is real).

Some links to Darren's art here, here, and here.

Darren is one of the contributing authors for the recent Orion's Arm novella collection.

Dieter Ludmann's website is here.

Eric Lo, a.k.a, "Quakfusion", is the list's resident objectivist.

""Well, if we destroy Kansas, the world might not hear about it for a few years""Hi, I'm Blofeld, you might remember me from such films as "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and "Diamonds are Forever". Due to the exploits of a secret agent, who's name is no secret to anybody, my organisation has suffered but it still lives on. As the Prodigy once sed, "I've decided to take my work back underground, to stop it falling into the wrong hands!"

Geek Code Version 1.0.1: GCS/O d--- p--- c++ l !u e*@ m*(+++)(---) s++/++ n++(*) h --f++@ !g w+++ t+ r y++(**)

Johnny Nanonic, a.k.a Espen Antonsen, was a Star Wars/Trek fan for years before he stumbled upon Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, and since then he's never been quite the same. He is currently studying computer science and has delusions of becoming a professional writer. While waiting for the miracle that will allow this to happen he do things like worldbuilding.

Geek Code Version 1.0.1: GCS d? -p+ c++(c++++) l+(l++) u e*@ m--- s-/- n- h+(h*) f? !g w++(w+) t-- r y? Geek Code Version: 3.12 GCS d? s-:- a-->a? C++(C++++) UL++>UL++++ P+>P++++ L++>L++++ E W++ N+ o? K? w--- !O M-- V-- PS@ PE Y+++ PGP++++ t-- 5+ X+ R* tv b+++(b++++) DI++ D+ G e* h+(h*)>h++ r--(!r) y

Fendy Sutandio is an Indonesian student of mathematics and computer programming. He can communicate in computer code better than he can communicate in human language, a reason why he likes contributing programs better than contributing stories. In fact it took him hours to write this very short biography. His interest is in the use of mathematics for generating artistic (or not so artistic) images, and learning foreign culture, history and languages.

FrodoGoofball is a baseline human who accidentally discovered the Orion's Arm project while searching for information on space habitats and decided it was more interesting than his former web pursuits. His current home page is here.

Geek Code:v3.1: GE/M/S/H/P/TW d-(++) s-:-(+) a+ C++ !ULH P L+ !E W++ !N !o K? w+ !O !M PS+ PE++ !Y !PGP t+ 5++ !X !R>+ tv b+>+++ DI+ !D G- e++++ h! !r y--OA v1.0.1: GWB/CW >H++ OA++ M++ L-- P+ B- S++ D- Sp+ SF++ TS-

Websites featuring Glenn Grant's Memetic Lexicon are here, here, and with Anders Sandberg's pages here.

DeviantArt page here

This is the work of Ralph Manis, also listed as a contributor. The infinitee designs website is here.

Isaac Arthur's YouTube channel here

James Philps was born in British Columbia, Canada, on December 13, 1989. He spent alot of time in movie theaters, watching all the blockbuster films that defined the 90s: Jurassic park, the lion king, toy story, independence day, lost world, men in black, godzilla, the prince of egypt, etc. As the new millenium came around, James became increasingly interested in written science fiction, with the surprisingly mature animorphs series serving as a catalyst. He tended to focus on works of sci fi that had alot of conflict present in them, with military themed plots being the most favored. When he turned 20, James learned about the concept of a singularity and the potential emergence of superintelligence. He frequently read the work of Eliezer Yudkowsky, and was incredulous at the future that was predicted by him. To make matters worse, he then discovered the orions arm encyclopedia, and read their dissertation on intertoposophic conflict. James was again astonished by what he read. After a failed attempt to prove (to his own satisfaction) that such theorys were groundless, he began to feel very small and vulnerable. He was merely an ant, after all. An ant in a world that would soon be filled with superhuman goliaths...

James Joseph Michael Ramsey a.k.a. LordRavenHawk a.k.a. JamieMage is a 21 year old from the rural parts of the eastern Tennessee and Kentucky mountains. Philosopher, dreamer, thinker, and sometimes artist. Interests include just about anything intellectually stimulating. Also Recent addition to the Fur net communities. Preferred interests, world building, writing, drawing, internet, fur art (especially felinoids) and anything with cinnamon in it. Psychic gifts remote viewing, empathy, memory reading, past reading, body reading, astral projectionist, as well as minor precog abilities. Dreams of having cybernetic implants so he never has to be disconnected from the internet and so he can remember where he put his shoes.

Geek Code OA Version: 1.0.1 >H-(--) OA+++ M+(++) L++(+) P+(++) B(+++) S+ D- TS+++

James Ward has been into SF for as long as he can remember, and into creating it for several years now. Currently enrolled in Appalachian State University in NC, he claims he's getting close to publishing a story. If he could just keep focused, that is.

Jay Dugger a.k.a. Til Eulenspiegel

Geek. Graphic Designer.

After getting degrees in Math, History, and Anthropology, John Snead became one of a number of disillusioned grad students who learned that he could have better job security and more fun writing about aliens and magicians than about cultural anthropology. As such he is now a professional freelance writer of role-playing games.

He is also a 3rd degree Wiccan priest, a serious SF fan, a gourmet cook, and a geeky eccentric. With favorite authors like Linda Nagata, Iain M. Banks, and Gregory Benford, OA was a natural interest. John also recommends books by Alastair Reynolds, Melissa Scott, Ken McLeod, and Karl Schroeder to folks who like OA.

Of course, the fact that John occasionally takes a break from paying RPG projects to help tinker with the OA RPG rules combines both geekyness and eccentricity beyond all reason. In his mundane existence, John lives in Portland Oregon, USA.

Jonathan Burns (informally Jonno) was born in the year of the Hydrogen Bomb. Watched Sputnik from the front lawn. Brought up in Canberra, Australia with two-year stays in London and Princeton NJ.

Jorge Ditchkenberg is an alien mind residing in a spaceship orbiting Earth, which is periodically telepathically overtaking a geek on the surface. The poor puppet thinks that he will gain something out of it.

Puppet does bioinformatics for the living, and likes bird watching and travel in his spare time.

Deviantart page herehttp://juliaharrison.deviantart.com/

Keith Wigdor: HUMAN Born: August 10, 1965

"I recently exhibited at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY on August 18, 2002 in an Exhibit/Faculty Presentation called, "THE OMEGA POINT" based on the writings of French Theologian and Philosopher, Tielhard de Chardin. "THE OMEGA POINT" was run by Chief Scientist Aliana J.Maren (www.theeagleforce.com) who used my artwork, "REPRESENTATION OF COGNITION IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE" for the exhibit/faculty presentation. You can see this artwork online at THE HAMMOND GALLERY (www.hammondgallery.co.uk) My Artwork also appeared in CHURN ART MAGAZINE, one issue with ROGER DEAN and another issue along with the Legendary H.R.GIGER and Horror Artists, MIKE BOHATCH and CANIGLIA( both are friends as well). I am also friends with GREG BEAR who I occasionally show my most rare pieces, (I dedicated a couple to Greg) and I am a Contributor to the Surreal/Horror Underground E-Zine, THE DREAM PEOPLE (www.dreampeople.org). I will be creating the next CD Cover for the Industrial Trance Band Distant Sun ( I create all the art for their website as well), so please stay tuned, http://www.metalforums.com/~distantsun I did the Cover Art for THE SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY WRITERS ASSOCIATION MAGAZINE, "THE BULLETIN" winter issue 2001 (www.sfwa.org) and I am a Huge Science Fiction Fan and I just love Orions Arm!!!"

Kevin is one of the contributing authors for the recent Orion's Arm novella collection.

Wikipedia entry here

Hobbyist illustrator, animator, and full-time nursing assistant. Can usually be found drawing or gaming when not putting in hours at the Home.

Websites: http://rhedgecoth.tumblr.com.http://waya-shadow.deviantart.com

"The Cat's Whiskers" or Liam Jones, has been interested in Science Fiction, and science since a very young age. He spends most of his time using a computer, and plans to become an upload sometime in the next century. He lives in a relatively obscure town in the United Kingdom.

Loopquanta137 has contributed several stories to the OA universe.

Geek CodeGWB/GCW >H++ OA++++ M+++ L+ P+ B+++ S+ D- Sp+++ SF++ TS?

Luke Campbell is a practising computational and theoretical physicist specializing in electronic excitations in condensed matter.He has had a lifelong interest in science fiction, including a particular fascination with ray guns. When not trying to convince a computer to predict the behavior of matter, he has been known to dabble in the visual arts, and he enjoys the company of exotic pets.

Marcus Rauchfu describes himself as follows:

I'm 30 yeas old, currently residing in Munich with my fiancee, we are both goths and sci-fi buffs.

Geek Code OA Version: 1.0.1 GWB/GCW H++ OA++ M++(+) L+ P+ B S+ D? SP++ SF++ ~TS

Martin Andreas Cieslik says about himself

I am Martin Andreas Cieslik, aka MAC or Aethertaeter. I was born on. I was born on December 4, 1980 in Freiburg in Southern Germany. Spent most of my childhood in a nice little town close to Duesseldorf, southern rim of the Ruhr industrialized zone.

I had always been interested in sciences, especially if there were fun effects like sparks, fire or explosions. Thus I took math and physics as my major subjects for graduation. Then I served my ten months in the German Air Force, or Bundesluftwaffe, being a pencil soldier after eight weeks of boot camp.

Currently I am enrolled as a process engineering student at the Technical University of Clausthal. That is pretty much chemical engineering with a little more machine construction and thermal processing added.

Since about age ten I am addicted to SciFi literature after starting to read the classics out of my father's book case (Asimov, Clarke and German Hans Dominik mainly). The scientific ideas always fascinated me. Especially after I had decided to become an engineer I always tried to think about how it could be done. When I had first contact with universes like shadowrun and battletech I realized that the background worldbuilding was so much more interesting than the actually stories. One day I was looking for some data on megascale engineering projects and came across the site of the one true superbright of our time, Anders Sandberg. Obviously I was instantly hooked and thus had to absorb OA (that could be done in a week back then, at least the basics of everything) and wrote a couple of comments to Alan about some things, He invited me onto the list and now I am here. Geek Code

OA Version: 1.0.1 >H+ OA++ M+++ L++ P B+ S++ D- SP+++ TS++

Matthew C. Johnson, known online as Ares Johnson

Born June 30, 1987 in New England

Call him a geek or a nerd, he won't mind, he's proud of it. Fairly curious even at an early age, a general interest in dinosaurs as a child evolved into a fascination with Mars and space early in High School and later biology and science in general. His greatest interests are reading science fiction, watching anime, playing video games and working on his own sci-fi universe, The Garden Universe. Using newfound knowledge for XHTML and CSS, he has recently begun working on upgrading his website and hopes to one day get the Garden Universe published in some way. He is currently working toward becoming a High School biology teacher. He has also lately begun learning programs such as Terragen 2 and generally dabbling in graphic arts.


Michael Beck has graduated from New York University, and am now studying graduate math at SUNY Stony Brook. His interests are math, writing, and well, that's it. He has recently completed his own science fiction-setting, Lungfish Alpha, also available on egroups. A mixture of ribofunk, space opera, occultism and some truly original ideas, it's an excellent setting. Currently he is working on his next big Worldbuilding project, Planet Exists

Whether it is singing with the Appleton Boy choir's men's chorus, the Mastersingers, studying art at UW Oshkosh, teaching himself the art of website and graphic design or writing short stories and RPG supplements, Michael Boncher has been involved in the arts for most of his life.

While in college, Michael did comic book storyboarding and scripting with other local area artists, wrote an unpublished novella and a small set of short stories. He first taught himself how to use computer graphic programs by colorizing black and white photographs. Determined to use his artistic skill in business, he began to learn the new art of website development. Since then, he has developed over 25 websites and worked on hundreds of advertising projects.

A few years, Michael discovered 3D Graphic Illustration. Excited by the new tools for creating fine art, he has thrown himself head first into the new medium. The results of this are now yours to enjoy.

Recently, he discovered Orion's Arm when searching for information on Nanotechnology, and became enamored with its concept and desired greatly to help make OA the next big SF franchise.

M.K. Capriola, Jr is the pen name for writers Michelle Maus and Penelope Arcade, and artist April Phool. They are currently working on getting funding from the Radical Lesbian Front for a pilgrimage to Lesbos, which is their way of spending the winter in Greece while getting someone else to pay for it.

My name is Michael Jones, and I was actually directed to the OA worldbuilding list list from a very soft SciFi story-debate forum after asking a question on Wormholes. I like to think of myself as an amateur SciFi author, and your setting has inspired me. I hate commercial TV SciFi for the drivel it produces, and have long searched for a more realistic SciFi setting. I'm a registered nurse with an interest in anatomy and physiology - and I guess you could say my "specialty" is xenobiology, because I love fleshing out (heh - pun) alien races and biology in a scientifically plausible, utterly non-bipedal way. I'm 25 years old, and I work at the Childrens Hospital at Westmead, in Sydney, NSW, Australia. My lifestyle with work is very busy, so much to my dismay I haven't had much time for SciFi reading for a couple of years now. Before that, my favourite authors were relatively soft SciFi - Anne McCaffrey, among others. My tastes have certainly matured since them - the exposure of the internet has helped...*grin*.

Having grown up with an older brother who was a Star Trek fanatic (complete with 3-D chess board), going where no one has gone before seems quite natural to Michele. She has a Bachelors of Science from Indiana University with minors in Sociology, Art, and Religious Studies (make college the best decade of your life). She lives in a carriage house in the South (well, Southern Indiana) with a very lady-like English Spaniel, and two very evil cats.

She has been published multiple times in Bewildering Stories ezine, Quantum Muse, Aphelion, Voices/Future Tense, and AlienSkin (R.I.P.). She is currently working hard to sell her novels (A Fishermans Guide to Bottom Dwellers and Five Minutes Before) to a big-time agent for your basic rich and famous contract. Shes not giving up her day job, yet which is working as an Administrative Assistant.

Her website is: http://www.bottomdwellers.freewebspace.com and she can be contacted at her email mail account: micheledutcher@yahoo.com

Michele is one of the contributing authors for the recent Orion's Arm novella collection.

Mikael Johansson is studying Latin and mathematics at the university of Stockholm.

Materials Engineer

Michael Henry Parisi was born: 6-17-1972, and graduated Rhode Island College with a B. S. in Management. Everyone he knows says he bears a striking resemblance to Clark Kent. He has been interested in sci-fi from an early age (at least since he was 5 or 6). Not really serious about it until 1995 or 1996 when began writing short SF stories with a decidedly Hard SF bent for own amusement. Once got part of one of his stories published in my college newspaper, The Anchor. Other interests include Professional Wrestling (favorite wrestler: "The Game" Triple-H) and Karaoke (favorite song to do: "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, which I put my own unique spin on). All his stories contain a generous amount of knock-down-drag-out action and steamy sex scenes (where appropriate).

Personal Outlook: Not an atheist by any measure, but has been a skeptic at least since was 5 or 6; sees himself as a nondenominational Deist or an agnostic, and considers that no one blind man can have entirely the correct impression of the whole elephant. Favorite Movies: Ruthless People, Aliens, and Die Hard. Favorite Book: Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card. Current Occupation: (besides worldbuilding and story writing): Security Officer (which gives him lots of time to think about worldbuilding and story writing).

Geek Code OA Version: 1.0.1 >H+ OA++++ M++ L+ P++ B+ S+ D Sp ~TS

Morgan's Deviantart Gallery can be found here

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Orion's Arm - Contributor Bios

Transhumanism, Euthanasia and Risk Acceptance The …

Before I begin I would emphasise this is a gross simplification and I am narrowly discussing Euthanasia with a correlation to contingencies for extreme self experimentation.

Securing the legal rights is of vital significance within the H+ community bodily autonomy, Morphological freedom and cognitive liberty; these are somewhat recurring themes. Something often overlooked (perhaps due to the messy nature of rhetoric) is the right to terminate oneself under specific circumstances; debatably the biggest indicator of bodily autonomy. I would posit that the right to Active Euthanasia (Active Euthanasia i.e assisted suicide) is a favourable right to ensure transhumanist liberties in the future, and Risk Acceptance is the most viable metric for assessment. I have an inkling that Libertarian Transhumanists would be prime supporters of assisted suicide but for Extropians and democratic transhumanists the issue is not clear cut. I would implore consideration to be weighed sooner than later. Primarily, there is an outright morphological freedom argument to be made but contextually this correlates to termination under the individuals calculation of utility and risk acceptance pertaining to extreme experimentation. In simpler terms, if in the future, people choose to engage in extreme transhuman experimentation to the point of self-destruction, then those people should ensure they have the right to terminate themselves should the process/result become overwhelmingly undesirable (to the individual, barring affect on other parties). Intuitively this is antithetical to the end goals of H+ Schools such as Abolitionism and Hedonism but I suspect this is contrary to the result, not the process itself.

When engaging with proactionary self-experimentation, risk control is a major concern however Risk Acceptability to the individual is an overlooked proponent.

Health is not everything to everyone. This may be indicative of why transhumanism splits into so many families. Many transhumanists consider Happy > Healthy. This is not to say happy and healthy are mutually exclusive but in cases where this applies, the risk acceptance should be in the hands of the individual. Similar to how we balance cosmetic surgery, in-vivo contraceptives and alcohol/cigarettes (albeit this is more complex re: addiction but still pertaining to a similar end). Considering this, Risk Acceptance within Transhumanism experimentation (and within Euthanasia) is an overlooked and under stressed element. Precautionary medicine only accounts for magnitude and probability of risk but not a willingness to accept it. This Risk Acceptance (whilst not exclusively progressive) is our ethical responsibility regarding the conscious evolution of humans and I would prefer this remain at the individuals discretion. I would posit this risk acceptability should be extrapolated to basic transhuman rights/technologies applying this to modifications but ultimately, accountability over risk of death even at the hands on oneself in a worst case scenario.

On the grounds that Transhumanism has an element of conscious evolution, this risk acceptability when facing genetic cul de sacs should explored vehemently as a turning point of importance. Control over ones autonomy including the right to die should be recognised as exceedingly important especially when pertaining to future circumstances resulting in unforeseen consequences. Of course, I wouldnt espouse this to facetiously its self-evidently complex there should be a barrage of unincluded caveats in this post. But currently I dont believe our societal and political infrastructure supports potential contingencies needed for realistic ethical self experimentation hence why it is seen as somewhat underground.

The specific unforeseen consequence that sparked this post was the hypothetical experimentation of a neural lace. Frankly if I was to engage in preliminary testing (of which I am willing under certain requirements) and the result is akin to a digital lobotomy, I would want an exit plan. If religion or political beliefs can intercede on an individuals treatment, it seems fitting philosophical beliefs be extended the same degree of importance. For me, a Digital lobotomy is a fate worse than death, but I would be willing to undertake the risk in regards to a wider goal (dependant on probability of failure of course). Understandably the medical system, from a utilitarian perspective, cant be expected to just give resources to people that willingly hurt themselves (or at least those who are intelligent enough to realise what they are doing). But in the response to this, there is a much greater risk here associated with the utilitarian approach to medical treatment on these grounds as a zero-tolerance policy is unrealistic. If the medical industry cant/wont help two scarily realistic alternatives involve,

A) Underground industry potentially leading to outright dangerous scenarios.B) Private industry leading to particularly absurd insurance costs to negate risk management.

The later pertains to great importance re: a class divide via tech, but I digress.

Upon reaching this point my transhumanist ethics come into direct question for each school of transhumanist thought, ethical arguments can be made. The acceptability of options A and B are dependant on the school of transhumanism one subscribes to; I can see this hypothetical being useful in deciphering where ones intentions lie. For the sake of discussion, widespread medical acceptable for risk accountability in these circumstances is Option C. Intuitively, I can consider A and B to be a wastage of public and personal utility. However, I believe this may be entirely too narrow spectrum of thinking. To the Democratic transhumanist option C is desireable as the overall process involves the average joe having an opportunity to keep up. I would posit currently, this is the most synchronous to the current medical industry (or at least how its presented in Australia). To the Libertarian transhumanist option A (or B) may be the most ethical path. Ignoring the notion libertarians to a degree reject government regulations, these options allow for growth outside regulation and legality. Zero tolerance is unrealistic hence underground culture is almost entirely independant, whilst private industry can support growth and ultimately influence law as opposed to law influencing growth.

However, to the Extropian I imagine it could be entirely dependent on the context of all options. Options A and B provide an environment closest to a Transhuman arms race this gives the individual willing to take the biggest risk the biggest advantage. It seems amenable that Extropians support whatever provides the human race with the best tech regardless of political circumstance. A hardcore extropian may not consider mandatory government upgrades as a bad thing if a few years of suffering ultimately improves the human condition undeniably for sequential generations. I expected transhumanist philosophy to give me grounds for a more decisive argument, it has only served to demonstrate how contextual the argument is. Each Transhumanist theory does provide insights into favorability and probability of potential transhuman rights, but only once enough variables are controlled that the hypothetical becomes practically useless. Only the subsequent generations of Transhumanist Anthropologists can make judgement on literal context. We are in the eye of the storm.

To reiterate and conclude, I cannot wholeheartedly agree with a generalisation regarding Euthanasia within Transhuman rights but I would press contextual importance. Predictably, the development of Risk Acceptability will be an organic process and it would be wise to avoid and homogenisation of opinion amongst Transhumanist philosophies as this would result in the homogenisation of evolutionary potential. I believe the most useful tool in avoiding this would be for the individual to establish their metric for Risk Acceptance and to attempt to secure your own right to die under certain circumstances realistically, this is the only way to organically grow the acceptance of this choice without impacting others.

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Transhumanism, Euthanasia and Risk Acceptance The ...

The Dharmasar Solution Enlightenment through Extropian …

pivoted, and restarted development of his teaching at least 3 or 4 times, depending on how you keep score. Immediately after forming the intention to benefit all conditioned beings by teaching the Noble Path, he concluded;

And what may be said to be subject to aging illness death sorrow defilement? Spouses & children men & women slaves goats & sheep fowl & pigs elephants, cattle, horses, & mares gold & silver [2] are subject to aging illness death sorrow defilement. Subject to aging illness death sorrow defilement are these acquisitions, and one who is tied to them, infatuated with them, who has totally fallen for them, being subject to birth, seeks what is likewise subject to aging illness death sorrow defilement. This is ignoble search.

So rejecting the household life, he went forth into the homeless life of a bhikkhu. That was the first pivot. Then he approachedAlara Kalama:

Having thus gone forth in search of what might be skillful, seeking the unexcelled state of sublime peace, I went to Alara Kalama and, on arrival, said to him: Friend Kalama, I want to practice in this doctrine & discipline.

When this was said, he replied to me, You may stay here, my friend. This doctrine is such that a wise person can soon enter & dwell in his own teachers knowledge, having realized it for himself through direct knowledge.It was not long before I quickly learned the doctrine. As far as mere lip-reciting & repetition, I could speak the words of knowledge, the words of the elders, and I could affirm that I knew & saw I, along with others

The Dhamma I know is the Dhamma you know; the Dhamma you know is the Dhamma I know. As I am, so are you; as you are, so am I. Come friend, let us now lead this community together.

But the Buddha was not satisfied with Alara Kalamas teaching and moved on to Uddaka Ramaputta. This was the second pivot.

In search of what might be skillful, seeking the unexcelled state of sublime peace, I went to Uddaka Ramaputta and, on arrival, said to him: Friend Uddaka, I want to practice in this doctrine & discipline.

When this was said, he replied to me, You may stay here, my friend. This doctrine is such that a wise person can soon enter & dwell in his own teachers knowledge, having realized it for himself through direct knowledge.

It was not long before I quickly learned the doctrine. As far as mere lip-reciting & repetition, I could speak the words of knowledge, the words of the elders, and I could affirm that I knew & saw I, along with others.

Finally the Buddha saw the limitations ofUddaka Ramaputtas teaching and left him to perform severe austerities alone in the forest. This was the third pivot.

In search of what might be skillful, seeking the unexcelled state of sublime peace, I wandered by stages in the Magadhan country and came to the military town of Uruvela. There I saw some delightful countryside, with an inspiring forest grove, a clear-flowing river with fine, delightful banks, and villages for alms-going on all sides. The thought occurred to me: How delightful is this countryside, with its inspiring forest grove, clear-flowing river with fine, delightful banks, and villages for alms-going on all sides. This is just right for the exertion of a clansman intent on exertion. So I sat down right there, thinking, This is just right for exertion.

But wracking austerities did not deliver the enlightenment the Buddha was seeking either. So, drawing on his childhood experiences of meditative pleasure in jhna, he pivoted again:

Then, monks, being subject myself to birth, seeing the drawbacks of birth, seeking the unborn, unexcelled rest from the yoke, Unbinding, I reached the unborn, unexcelled rest from the yoke: Unbinding. Being subject myself to aging illness death sorrow defilement, seeing the drawbacks of aging illness death sorrow defilement, seeking the aging-less, illness-less, deathless, sorrow-less, unexcelled rest from the yoke, Unbinding, I reached the aging-less, illness-less, deathless, sorrow-less, unexcelled rest from the yoke: Unbinding. Knowledge & vision arose in me: Unprovoked is my release. This is the last birth. There is now no further becoming.

Then the thought occurred to me, This Dhamma that I have attained is deep, hard to see, hard to realize, peaceful, refined, beyond the scope of conjecture, subtle, to-be-experienced by the wise. [3] But this generation delights in attachment, is excited by attachment, enjoys attachment. For a generation delighting in attachment, excited by attachment, enjoying attachment, this/that conditionality & dependent co-arising are hard to see. This state, too, is hard to see: the resolution of all fabrications, the relinquishment of all acquisitions, the ending of craving; dispassion; cessation; Unbinding. And if I were to teach the Dhamma and others would not understand me, that would be tiresome for me, troublesome for me.

Then Brahm appeared to him and begged him to teach for the welfare of the world. We could regard this as a sixth pivot:

Then, just as a strong man might extend his flexed arm or flex his extended arm, Brahma Sahampati disappeared from the Brahma-world and reappeared in front of me. Arranging his upper robe over one shoulder, he knelt down with his right knee on the ground, saluted me with his hands before his heart, and said to me: Lord, let the Blessed One teach the Dhamma! Let the One-Well-Gone teach the Dhamma! There are beings with little dust in their eyes who are falling away because they do not hear the Dhamma. There will be those who will understand the Dhamma.

That is what Brahma Sahampati said. Having said that, he further said this:

In the pastthere appeared among the Magadhansan impure Dhammadevised by the stained.

Throw open the door to the Deathless!Let them hear the Dhammarealized by the Stainless One! All quotes from: Ariyapariyesana Sutta

So if even the Buddha himself had to pivot and reorient his search several times, then what about us? We know enough about innovation to understand that it rarely succeeds on the first try. Thomas Edison trying thousands of formulas for the incandescent light bulb comes to mind.

And developing something like a light bulb or other piece of technology is simple compared with attaining enlightenment. So if you fail, fall down, make mistakes, switch methods, switch teachers, switch ontologies, you are in good company: the Buddha himself also pivoted several times before attaining his goal.

Im always suspicious when some monks bio reads that he found his teacher at an early age and stayed on for years or decades, finally becoming his successor. Its too neat; it doesnt sound like the way it really is; it sounds like they were set up, and he whole thing was planned out. Made men in the monastery.

When I was first starting out I sampled so many spiritual teachers available on the US West Coast, both eastern and western. Most I rejected immediately; it was clear they faking it. I kept those with a clear disciplic succession (parampar) who were faithful to their roots.

I joined several traditional organizations, large and small, Christian, Hindu, Budhist and so on; took the initiations, ordinations and empowerments they offered, and hung around long enough to find out what was really going on.

Sad to say, most were just money-making and power schemes. That doesnt mean there were no intelligent, truthful, pure-minded people with deep knowledge and profound practice. But they were very much in the minority. I made it my business to make friends with them and keep in touch over the years, as part of my valuable spiritual inheritance and fortune.

See the article here:

The Dharmasar Solution Enlightenment through Extropian ...

Blog – Tau Station

We are gliding across the world in total silence, with absolute smoothness; a motion of stately grace which makes me feel godlike as I stand erect in my sideways chariot, cruising the night sky. Michael Collins(astronaut)

Outer Space and Beauty have always been two concepts that often find a great kinship in each other, both in the stunning visuals of the universe around us but also through the lenses of our own imaginations. While Tau Station will always strive to harness the boundless creativity of your own imagination through engaging narrative and an immersive universe, we are just as committed to presenting you with stunning visuals crafted by the deft fingers of our talented artists.

This week, we would like to present you with various images inspired by the concept of travel within the Tau Station Universe.

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A very wise and gifted old man once stated:

Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. Its process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.

While we do have the utmost respect for the afore-quoted gentleman, the denizens of Tau Stations verse have taken a slightly more extropian approach. Born of necessity and the need to survive in the new situations that arise when one seeks to colonize new star systems with their own idiosyncratic gravities, atmospheres, and a whole host of new dangers, humanity bio-engineered its own evolution.

Read on below to discover Tau Stations Genotypes!

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We love great stories! Its something we simply cannot overstate. A couple of months ago we brought you our first batch of Mission Dispatches. Our narrative designers have been busy crafting tales and stations, and while we sometimes find ourselves wondering about the worrying giggles emanating from their brainstorming sessions, we feel its time to bring you another glimpse into some of Tau Stations upcoming stories!

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Founded by wealthy Gaule philanthropists looking to fashion a station devoted to the arts, Nouveau Limoges has long existed as a haven for artists, poets, musicians, and idealists. With its reputation for independent thinking and a resistance to authority, the station has always been seen as somewhat of an eccentric anomaly to the Gaule administration. With its large population of free thinkers, devoted to creative pursuits, the government was often at odds with the non-conformity of its citizens. The imposition of tighter control was met by increasing civil disobedience and the threat of outright rebellion.

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June has drawn to a close Tau Station has continued to grow and evolve. There is, of course, still much to do but seeing progress taking shape fuels our passion to soldier on!

Each week brings more results, and the Universe of Tau Station is taking shape day after day. Its a beautiful feeling that we love to share with you!

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Kbenhavn, once a beacon of industry, a station of shipwrights and world class engineers known far and wide as the very best in the building of spacefaring vessels. Now, after the Catastrophe, this station is a husk of its former self. When the Catastrophe struck here, it struck hard. Hundreds of gargantuan ships moored above the station, some for repairs, others being built outright, came slowly but inexorably crashing down upon the luckless denizens below. Cruiseliners, built to ferry thousands of passengers across the solar system disintegrated entire city blocks, other buildings exploded into fiery balls of deadly plasma as fuel tanks ignited or dangerous payloads caught a spark. In the aftermath, Kbenhavns people crawled out of the wreckage and, those that did, marvelled at their survival.

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When reading through the literature of how games are built, we find that a common pattern for many games is the Entity-Component-System (ECS) pattern, first used in one of our favorite games Thief: The Dark Project. Tau Station uses ECS for items the characters can find and its proven very flexible and since were not a traditional graphic game, some of the known drawbacks of ECS dont apply to us. However, we also make use of traditional object-oriented programming (OOP) and thats where we wish to avoid a common trap that many software developers fall into: multiple inheritance.

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Within the Universe of Tau Station there are two great superpowers that have been rivals for centuries. Though the Consortium and the Gaule Protectorate have reached agreements on numerous mutually beneficial economic, military, and scientific policies, their basic ideological and cultural differences have always been major points of contention. In an earlier blog we discussed the Consortium; here we take a look at the Gaule Protectorate.

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May is almost over and this month brought us many ups and downs but only regarding the temperatures here in Western Europe. Our international development team is weather-proof and is moving steadily forward to Closed Alpharegardless of the circumstances beyond our windows. This month we were also able to set up important internal processes and tools which will help us to work more efficiently in the weeks to come. Read on below to see what our team has accomplished for Tau Station in the last weeks.

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What was once violent and rough, volatile, and explosive has calmed like the stars from which our bodies were fed our first ancient form. The old ones give us the origin tales of our promise land: Daedalus, our home and we, The Promethean Sect, have claimed it as our own. We thrive on our home station. The time for destruction and disorder has come and gone. Our bounty is won: Daedalus Station is our haven. From this we vow peace. Sated, we vow calm.

Continue, that you may know more.

Continue reading "Daedalus Station. Your True One Life awaits."

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Blog - Tau Station






































































































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[Release] BF1 Internal Hack – unknowncheats.me

Hey guys, I'll upload my BF1 hack, it's the best BF series hack I ever made so enjoy it

The download contains 2 files, the injector (huh I'm generous...) and the hack. Open the injector and it'll automatically inject the hack into BF1, enter BF1 and then press END. Put the injector and the hack together in the same directory.

The features are the following:

ESP Features: -Use NUMPAD0 to show/hide the menu. -Enable/disable ESP -ESP Distance: Render the distance you want. -Show Friends: Enable this when you want to see your friends or teammates. -Show Bones: Enable this if you want to see the player bones. -Show Names: Enable this if you want to see the players names. -Show HP: Enable or disable to show the HP bar. -Show Distance: Enable or disable to show the distance to the enemy. -Show FOV Circle: If you have the aimbot enabled and the enemy is inside of your circle the aimbot will aim to him.

Aimbot Features: -Enable/disable Aimbot (Right Mouse button and Left Alt to use aimbot) -Prioritize distance: Enabling this will make you aim depending in 2 things: the fov and the distance you are from the enemy. (IT'S BETTER TO ENABLE THIS) -Max Distance: Choose a max distance where the aimbot will work. -FOV: Max aimbot FOV to aim better. -Smooth Factor: Recommended to keep this a bit low, less than 0.1. -Retarget Time: Time the aimbot will pause to change between targets. -Bones: Choose one of 3 bones available now to aim. -Random Bones: Watch out with this. Use this only when your smooth factor is very low because the aimbot will aim randomly to each random bone so if you have a high smooth factor it'll snap fast to each bone.

Misc Features: -No Sway/Recoil (can be risky) -Instant Hit (can be risky)

Anti-Cheat Features: -DX11 Screen Cleaner (Just in case although PB is disabled in this game) -BitBlt Screen Cleaner (For FF)

To open the menu press "END" button which is under the "HOME" one. Press F8 to close the hack.

Known Issues: -I'd like to get a feedback of this hack because I want to improve the aimbot a lot more. -Sometimes randomly the map changes the color due to some problems saving the DX buffer I guess. -Don't rage if you don't want to get banned. Play normally with cheats.

IMPORTANT NOTES (*): -When you inject the hack you should press the key "END" to enable the hack. -Game should be fullscreen windowed (BORDERLESS). -Download Redistributable x64 2015 in windows official site.

Credits: -@RozenMaiden for this post. -@Extropian helped me with DirectX SS hooks. -@stevemk14ebr for his great PolyHook library. -@Extasy Hosting for his ImGui Style. -@evolution536 for his great dx universal hook. -@GuTu he helped me to set up the GetAABB and GetTransform in the correct position and shared some vehicle code. [emailprotected] for BB injection.

DOWNLOAD (19/10/2016): CLICK DOWNLOAD Trial and Enlister version (20/10/2016): CLICK DOWNLOAD (24/10/2016): CLICK DOWNLOAD (15/11/2016): CLICK v1.1 DOWNLOAD (11/12/2016): CLICK v1.2 DOWNLOAD (19/12/2016): CLICK v1.3

Change Log 20/10/16 -Added Enlister version compatibility -Added no recoil and sway -Added Instant Hit

Change Log 24/10/16 -Added ESP features: show health, FOV circle, names and distance -The aimbot has been fixed drastically, now the FOV is highly better, accurate and also it's taking into account the enemies you're watching or not. -Prioritize distance is fixed too and now it takes into account the distance of the closest enemy. -Added Retarget Time feature that makes you more legit than before, you can choose a value from 1 to 1000 and it's in milliseconds, defines the time that the aimbot will wait to target another enemy. -Windows 7 users can now inject the hack into the game.

Change Log 19/12/16 -Added ability to remove 2D boxes.

Do you want to donate? You can clicking here!

Originally posted here:

[Release] BF1 Internal Hack - unknowncheats.me

Super Tasty Pumpkin Seeds Recipe – Allrecipes.com

Recipe by: Extropian

"Pop a handful of these crunchy seeds in your mouth and you will soon realize you need to go back to the store and get more pumpkins."

for serving adjustment

Serving size has been adjusted!

Original recipe yields 6 servings

Note: Recipe directions are for original size.

1 Serving Servings Per Recipe: Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value *



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A traditional hummus mixed with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

Cook 5-star weekday dinners every time.

Cook 5-star weekday dinners every time.

Rate and review

These were very good, they have a Chex Mix flavor vibe to them.Yum!

I made this tonight, but it turned out over browned and way too salty! I baked the seeds (after soaking them in water for two hours) for 45 minutes, turning them after every 15 minutes, but the...

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Least positive


These were very good, they have a Chex Mix flavor vibe to them.Yum!

These pumpkin seeds are delicious - loads of flavor! I didn't bother to soak and they turned out fine.

This recipe was the worse one for pumpkin seeds that I've tried. The flavor from both the garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce were soooo strong and seemed to fight each other. I made them o...

I made this tonight, but it turned out over browned and way too salty! I baked the seeds (after soaking them in water for two hours) for 45 minutes, turning them after every 15 minutes, but the...

Make these every October after carving pumpkins. Simple and easy and DELICIOUS!

Best recipe I have tried yet. The addition of garlic was great! I also added hot sauce.

These were great. Made just as written. They didn't last long at my party 🙂

Read more:

Super Tasty Pumpkin Seeds Recipe - Allrecipes.com

What is UNICUM? (Mi van az Unicum?) – Yak

by strick What is UNICUM? (Mi van az Unicum?) Also called the "Hungarian National Accelerator", Unicum is a bitter herbal liquer drunk mostly in Hungary and by Hungarians, although expats and tourists can (and often do) aquire a taste for it. It's a secret recipe of (i've heard) 23 or maybe (below it says) 40 herbal ingredients.

The "Time Out" guide to Budapest describes it as something like (i'm typing this from memory) smells like a hospital corridor, and as bitter as cold winter's night.

It doesn't go over well in the states, where Jaegermeister is about as adventuresome as people get. (To me, Jaegermeister tastes like green kool-aid with extra sugar.)

Drink it in shots, with a glass of soda water nearby, in case you need it.

One Hungarian T-Shirt calls it "The best stomach-strengthening liquor"! It's also considered a tonic, and it is theraputic for a great many ailments. Personally, I strengthen my stomach with it:)

Here's what some other web pages say about it:

And what is Unicum? Its exact composition cannot be revealed because the recipe is a secret... What may be disclosed, however, is that Unicum is a skilful blend of more than 40 carefully selected herbs and spices. The lengthy ageing process which takes place over 6 months in oak casks gives Unicum its inimitable bitter-sweet flavour and exotic bouquet. Unicum makes a perfect aperitif or dessert drink due to its beneficial and soothing effect on the stomach.

441. What is Conware? [jake/2006-12-22] 412. Interested in using Java in Debian? [jake/2004-08-28] 391. Is E.B. White of Strunk and White fame the same one who wrote Charlotte's Web? [overcode/2003-11-03] 339. R. U. ready to Impeach the Entire Political Mainstream and Dramatically Decrease the Threat of International Terrorism? [strick/2002-12-06] 319. why do i get an error "make: don't know how to make /usr/share/tmac/tmac.andoc. Stop" when building a pkg on netbsd? [jesse/2002-08-10] 314. How can you talk to deaf people on the phone? (Thanks Mr. Jeff Young) [jake/2002-05-11] 244. Does Jeffrey read too many web comics each day? [strick/2001-06-06] 221. Where can I find information about odd places in San Francisco? [rupe/2001-06-04] 184. Just how many people are their, anyway? [les/2001-02-22] 168. What's the Official Fag Razor of the YAK? [strick/2001-01-29] 74. How many roads must a man walk down? [vonguard/2000-04-04] 73. How many Zelda games are there? [vonguard/2001-06-25] ( combee/2001-07-10 mennonite/2001-03-27 ) 64. Where are other sites about YAKS (the animals)? [strick/2000-02-20] 23. What is an extropian? [strick/2000-01-19] 16. Where are the SF Bay Area Cypherpunk physical meetings? [strick/2001-04-08]


What is UNICUM? (Mi van az Unicum?) - Yak

Deluxe Ham Casserole Recipe – Allrecipes.com

Recipe by: Extropian

"This is as good as comfort food gets. My family would have this every night of the week if I let them!"

for serving adjustment

Serving size has been adjusted!

Original recipe yields 8 servings

Note: Recipe directions are for original size.

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Cook 5-star weekday dinners every time.

Cook 5-star weekday dinners every time.

Rate and review

I use frozen broccoli in place of the peas and cream of chicken in place of the cream of celery. The leftovers from this casserole rewarm well, if there's any leftover. NOTE: If you don't have h...

Onion, garlic and soup flavors were overpowering. Also, baking in such a shallow dish caused the caserole to be too dry. Will not make again.

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I use frozen broccoli in place of the peas and cream of chicken in place of the cream of celery. The leftovers from this casserole rewarm well, if there's any leftover. NOTE: If you don't have h...

Our family likes ham day one ...day 2 not so much I usually always give most of it away and can pull maybe 1 day of leftovers with it ....was def not in the mood for cooking after cooking for Ea...

I was in a hurry, so I didn't sautee' onions and garlic. I just used the spices. Used skim milk and fat free sour cream and instead of Cheddar, used Colby Jack. This was delicious and I will ...

I can't believe more people haven't tried this recipe - it's awesome! I followed the recipe exactly except I only used 2.8 oz of fried onions and found that to be plenty. I thought the peas wen...

Onion, garlic and soup flavors were overpowering. Also, baking in such a shallow dish caused the caserole to be too dry. Will not make again.

This is a delicious recipe! I substituted Oscar Mayer Carving Board Ham and Funyuns onion rings because that was what I had on hand, it was so easy!

I made this last night, and will definitely make it again. I made a few changes, just because I did not have the ingredients on hand. I used rigatoni instead of macaroni. I missed that I needed ...

Nothing special about this casserole. I would probably make it again to use up leftover ham. I used mixed veggies in stead of peas but other than that I followed the recipe.

Go here to read the rest:

Deluxe Ham Casserole Recipe - Allrecipes.com

[Release] GTA:O Ultimatum Hack – unknowncheats.me

Here's my latest hack of GTA:O. The hack is internal so you'll need any injector to inject into the game the hack, I use Xtreme Injector WITH manual mapping.

I heard R* is checking the module list so probably that's the problem and some people is using manual map already that's why they aren't banned, if you didn't use the hack and you'll use it, use manual map instead.

The features are the following: Main Stuff: -GUI made from the scratch in DX11. -YAML settings file to save all the data of the hack. -5 differents tabs in the GUI which each one contains specific features.

Main Tab Features: -Full God Mode: This is the classic godmode, totally invincible. -ASM God Mode: This godmode is "safest" while R* doesn't add any integrity checks. Only invincible against bullets. -Invisible Player: This works more or less since R* patched it online. You'll flash for milliseconds. Also hides you from the map. -Fast Swim and Sprint: Changes your velocity of sprinting and swimming. -Never Wanted: Never wanted by the police. Watch out with this if you are on the military base since the game will add you stars and the hack removes it so you'll start to earn fast RP. -Always Wanted: You'll get always 5 stars. -Super Jump -Explosive Melee -Fire Ammo -Explosive Ammo -Damage Modifier: From 0.72 to 10, this factor will modify the damage you do to peds and players. -Button to refill HP and armor to the max values -Vehicle Impulse: Aka SET_VEHICLE_FORWARD_SPEED, from -100 to 100 you can press a key and impulse your vehicle. (*) -Melee Damage: Mostly for funny stuff, when you hit a vehicle it'll fly away depending on what value you have in this option. -Ped Amount / Density: Putting this in 0 will result in 0 peds around you except when someone else is in your zone. You have to be the only one streamer in the zone. -Vehicle Amount / Density: Same as Ped Amount. -Vehicle Deformation: Do you want realistic deformation? Here you are. Only clientside.

Weapons Tab Features: -Fast Reload: Almost no animation of reloading. -Super Impulse: Apply impulse to peds and vehicles. Usually with vehicles you have to hit them in the front part. -Ultra Penetration: Change the penetration of the bullet to huge value so you can kill more than 1 ped / player with the same bullet. -No Spread -No Recoil -Aiming FOV: This is applied to every weapon and as it's name says you can change the FOV when aiming. -This Tab also includes a function to give ANY weapons to ANY player, just choose the weapon in the drop down menu, the player and press "Give" button. Also there is a "Give all" button to give all weapons to specified player (if there's no player specified, you'll receive the weapons).

Teleport Tab Features: -Simple Teleporting: Teleport to any of the places predefined in the hack or add your own teleport in the YAML file. -Teleport to any player: Choose the player and click the "GO!" button. -Teleport to waypoint

ESP Tab Features: -Enable / Disable ESP -3D Boxes -Show Peds: This shows animals too. -Show Players -ESP Max Distance

Customization Tab Features: Here can edit the keys of the following features -Vehicle Impulse Key -Vehicle Instant Stop Key -Menu Key -Kill All Peds: Only working when you are alone in a zone with peds. This works perfectly in survival missions. -Customizable Menu Color

To open the menu press "END" button which is under the "HOME" one. Press F8 to close the hack.

YAML Settings File


Use F11 to copy into the clipboard your actual position so you can save it your teleport bookmark in the yaml file.

Known Issues: -The drop down menus sometimes don't close/open completely so they start bugging. If this happens and it's totally needed close the hack and inject it again. -Some features are missing and I'll add them soon. -If you have problems or crashes AND YOU DID READ THE WHOLE THREAD, then post the problem here.

Tested in W7 and W10 64 bits.

IMPORTANT NOTES (*): -Open GTA:V as administrator. -When you inject the hack you should press the key "END" to enable the hack. -Game should be fullscreen windowed or windowed. -ONLY WORKING FOR SOCIAL CLUB VERSION FOR NOW. -Watch out with vehicle impulse key, it can crashes your game if you keep the key pressed and don't use it with air vehicles. -Some features are missing and I'll add them soon. -THIS IS NOT A FREAKING MENU, IT'S A HACK. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. You ALMOST can't be banned using this UNLESS you rage with it OR if R* adds a new detection method and I doubt it... And I say "almost" because no one knows when R* will add a server side check for godmode or any features of the hack. If you really get banned post in this thread everything about your ban.

Credits: - @DarkLinuxz, @Janck7 and @JackD to post several offset and pointer which are very useful. - @Extropian very helpful guy which helped me mostly with sigs etc. - @kickbar for posting the NPC list. - @stevemk14ebr because I'm using his PolyHook library which I highly recommend. - @evolution536 for his great thread about Universal DX11 Hooking. - Others GTA Community members to help me.

Change Log (21/06/2016) -RP Multiplier: Change the RP Multiplier between 1 and 2. -Steam compatible now

DOWNLOAD Social Club Version (20/06/2016): CLICK DOWNLOAD Social Club Version (21/06/2016): CLICK DOWNLOAD Steam Version (21/06/2016): CLICK DOWNLOAD Steam and Social Club Version (16/07/2016): CLICK DOWNLOAD Social Club Version for 1.36 (06/10/2016): CLICK DOWNLOAD Steam Version for 1.36 (07/10/2016): CLICK

Go here to see the original:

[Release] GTA:O Ultimatum Hack - unknowncheats.me