Massive Nike Dunk And Air Jordan 1 Restock This Week On Nike SNKRS Taiwan – Sneaker News

Last week, near all of social media was on fire, many echoing the very same rumor: Giant Dunk restock this Friday. As the date came went, though, all we had to show for our anticipation was next to nothing but a small docuseries, something that while exciting if not for the expectations left many disappointed. But little did we know, Taiwan and possibly other region-locked SNKRS apps were soon to receive what we were all hoping for, the rerelease of the Strangelove Dunks, Community Gardens, and many others outside of the silhouette.

This effectively exceeded what everyone was awaiting, as the restock spanned a number of standouts starting with Off-Whites University Gold Rubber Dunk. Though released in an extensive full family size run, Virgils collaboration was vehemently outdone by the aforementioned Strangelove Dunk Lows and soon the Triple Black Fear of God 1s that dropped today alongside the Air Jordan 1 Court Purple. Tomorrow, and the rest of the week thereafter, Taiwan can expect to see even more standouts, starting with a flashback to the FEARLESS ONES by way of Blue the Greats rendition.

For a look at the rest of whats upcoming a line-up that includes the Air Jordan 1 85 Varsity Red, the Air Jordan 11 Bred, the Muslin Dunks, and much more you can head over to Nike SNKRS Taiwan or gloss over the full list below.

Nike SNKRS Taiwan Restock

Release Date: 10/18Off-White x Nike Rubber Dunk University GoldStrangelove Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low

Release Date: 10/19Air Fear of God 1 Triple BlackAir Jordan 1 Court Purple

Release Date: 10/20Blue the Great x Air Jordan 1 FearlessNike Dunk Low Community GardenNike Dunk High Spartan Green

Release Date 10/21Air Jordan 1 co.jp Metallic SilverAir Jordan 1 BiohackAir Jordan 1 Fearless

Release Date 10/22Air Jordan 1 Satin RedAir Jordan 1 Mid Track RedNike Dunk High Michigan

Release Date 10/23Nike SB Dunk Low Muslin

Release Date 10/24Air Jordan 1 Zoom EsportsAir Jordan 11 BredAir Jordan 1 85 Varsity Red

Make sure to follow @kicksfinder for live tweets during the release date.

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Massive Nike Dunk And Air Jordan 1 Restock This Week On Nike SNKRS Taiwan - Sneaker News

Michael Jordan-Bubba Wallace NASCAR team could be eyeing No. 23 car, after trademark applications surface – CBS Sports

Michael Jordan made a big splash by teaming up with Denny Hamlin to buy a NASCAR Cup Series team that will feature Bubba Wallace as the driver. While the team has yet to announce a name, number and manufacturer, some of those details may be starting to come into focus.

A company called 2311 Racing LLC in North Carolina, c/o Jump DC, recently filed trademark applications for the number 23 and the name 23XI Racing. On the application, the address listed traces back to a company called The Sacks Group, which lists Jordan as a client.

This is standard practice for teams when entering NASCAR meaning, it is very likely that the team name will be 23XI Racing and Wallace will drive a car with Jordan's famous No. 23 on it next season.

"It's all going to be what Bubba wants. I'm not going to impose on him with my persona," Jordan told the Charlotte Observer after being asked about Wallace potentially driving the No. 23. "At the end of the day, I want him to have his own identity. If he chooses to drive that number, great! If he chooses another number, that's great as well."

As for the manufacturer, the likely partner is Toyota. Hamlin currently drives for Joe Gibbs Racing in a Toyota and Jordan also mentioned in the Observer interview that he was working with Gibbs on a deal.

"We're still working through things but I think they'll wind up being in Toyota," Gibbs told CBS Sports in an exclusive interview in the second week of October. "I think in this case with Michael Jordan and Denny it's going to be a situation where you can help somebody get started."

The new team will begin full-time competition in the 2021 NASCAR season as Hamlin continues to drive for Gibbs. As for Wallace, he's going to be coming off a season where he already secured a career-high in top-10 finishes.

"I think they'll win in their second year," Kurt Busch told CBS Sports regarding the Jordan-Hamlin-Wallace team. "It'd be tough to win in that first year but that's the process of developing a program. The Furniture Row guys proved that you can do it as an independent team. It's out there. The template is out there. You just gotta plug in the puzzle pieces."

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Michael Jordan-Bubba Wallace NASCAR team could be eyeing No. 23 car, after trademark applications surface - CBS Sports

Jordan Belliveaus mother sentenced to 50 years in 2-year-olds murder – Tampa Bay Times

LARGO Jordan Belliveau Sr. did not go to court Tuesday morning. He did not sit on a hard wooden bench, in a room full of family and reporters, to watch the mother of his son plead guilty to murdering him. He did not know if he could handle it, emotionally, and he did not want to cause a scene.

He already knew the terms of the plea deal Charisse Stinson agreed to for killing their 2-year-old son, Jordan Belliveau Jr.: The 23-year-old mother would spend up to 50 years in prison, with credit for more than two years served in jail.

The father did not think it was enough.

Im not nobodys creator, Belliveau, 24, told the Tampa Bay Times. I cant say when somebody dies. But thats what I wouldve liked.

More than two years ago, Stinson told police shed accepted a ride from a man who knocked her unconscious and abducted Jordan. An Amber Alert and multi-day manhunt ensued. The search ended in the woods behind a Largo baseball field, where the boys body was found on Sept. 4, 2018.

Stinson soon admitted to police that shed made up the abduction story. What really happened, she said, was that she hit Jordan in a moment of frustration, and his head hit a wall, and he started having seizures. She left him for dead in the woods. An autopsy said he suffered a skull fracture, a leg fracture and bleeding beneath his scalp. The cause of death was blunt trauma.

She was charged with first-degree murder and making a false report to law enforcement. On Tuesday, she pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree murder and to the false report charge. In addition to prison, shell owe more than $28,000 in court and investigative costs.

Stinson told a judge Tuesday that shes become a better person in the past two years. She spoke from behind a mask, as did everyone in the socially distanced courtroom.

For a while, I was so angry and bitter before I came to jail," she told the court. And now Im free, mentally. I may not be free physically. But I want my mom to know that I am free mentally.

"I am not in bondage anymore, and that is the gift that God has given me.

Both Stinson and young Jordan spent much of their lives entangled with the child welfare system, and in the wake of the killing, the case became a public indictment of that systems failure to provide stability or spot red flags.

Stinson grew up in flux, living at one time in a motel, at another in a home without electricity. The latter resulted in a neglect complaint that had her temporarily removed from her mothers custody; later, she spent a chunk of her teen years in a group home, where she found some measure of stability but also showed anger and obsession that some close to her felt were signs of an undiagnosed mental illness. Then, before she was out of her teens, the home closed.

None of her unstable upbringing excuses her killing her own child, said Fezjia Brown, who worked at the group home while Stinson lived there. But neither can Jordans death be understood without that context.

I feel so bad that this girl did this, Brown told the Times. I feel so bad this happened to this poor baby when there were signs. Lets not ignore the signs.

Jordan was placed in foster care when he was 6 months old. Police had been called to his parents' home when he was a baby, child protective investigators said, and they didnt think it was a safe environment for him. He lived for more than a year with foster parents, who after his death remembered him as a joyful, mischievous boy they nicknamed Mr. Chuckles. They declined to comment for this story.

They blamed systemic failures for his death, as would family members and Brown. Stinson and Jordan were reunited about three months before his death. A caseworker visited the apartment where the two lived earlier the same day that Stinson killed the child.

This summer, a bill bearing Jordans name was signed into law. A set of child welfare reforms, the law requires more training to recognize child head trauma and improve communication between child welfare agencies and law enforcement.

Precious baby Jordan will leave a legacy on many, and his legacy is that kids like him hopefully will have better opportunities than he had and better outcomes than he had, said the bills sponsor, State Rep. Chris Latvala, R-Clearwater.

Jordan Belliveau Sr. said he has spent the past two years trying to stabilize his life and to be a good father to his other kids he has a year-old daughter, he said, and one on the way.

Stinson was pregnant with the couples second child when she was arrested, and Belliveau said he hasnt been allowed to see the baby she gave birth to while in custody. That child was taken in by the same foster family that cared for Jordan, sparking a custody dispute. Belliveau said he only lets himself cry in the shower.

Stinsons mother, Mary Washington, spoke in court. She pleaded, to no avail, for a more lenient sentence than the one her daughter had agreed to.

I love my child, Washington said. She loved hers. This wont bring Jordan back.

Brown learned of Stinsons plea deal when it made the news Tuesday morning. She wondered whether 50 years in prison was the right sentence for someone whom she believes has serious mental health issues. She felt pessimistic that the punishment would do anything to change the system that she saw as the overarching culprit.

She took her own babys life, Brown said. But hers was taken a long time ago.

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Jordan Belliveaus mother sentenced to 50 years in 2-year-olds murder - Tampa Bay Times

Chris Bosh Breaks Silence on the GOAT Debate Between Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant – EssentiallySports

LeBron James has been adding numbers to his age, trophies to his collection, records to his stats, and respect to his name. But there is this one more thing that has been growing with every passing season the talks around the GOAT debate with him, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan at the center of it.

Chris Bosh, the Akron Hammers former Miami Heat teammate, has always appeared unsure of this topic. At times, he has thrashed this comparison. On other rare occasions, he has been undiplomatic and picked his choice from the three.

In a recent interview, Bosh discussed various topics focused on Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and others. He also gave his perspective on the GOAT.

The 2-time NBA Champion said, You cant really quantify it. What LeBron has done is in its own category, what Kobe did, what Jordan, Kareem, Bill People get very selective, well he only did these are feats that never will be nobody will be 6-0 in the finals, it just aint gonna happen, thats crazy. 10 finals and counting, I dont think nobodys gonna do that. They both have a bunch of MVP awards. Theyve got all the trophies, those guys, Kobe and everybodys talking about the GOAT, Im just trying to get into the building.

Bosh was referring to Jordans 6-0 record in the NBA Finals and Brons 10 outings in the ultimate showdown of the league. CB4 then added, It will be scholarly debates over this for decades. I know LeBron wants it that way. Jordan was our hero, we all watched Jordan, we all know that okay this is what Im up against and it is what it is, but for him to actually create a lane for his own self and then they say hes arguably the greatest of all time, theres nothing else to talk about.

The 11-time All-star and the 2002 Mr. Basketball in the state of Texas had earlier called the comparison useless and disrespectful. At other times, he seemed to be inclined towards LeBron James and had even admitted that he was envious of Brons offense. This is understandable, given that they together formed a great duo and took Miami Heat to four NBA Finals.

The debate might be over for Chris, but it will keep resurfacing for the years to come.

Read also Former NBA Champion Chris Bosh Weighs in on the LeBron James vs Michael Jordan Goat Debate

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I intend to make popularise my quote when I say sports define me better than I define sports. See ya'all Champs!

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Chris Bosh Breaks Silence on the GOAT Debate Between Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant - EssentiallySports

Jordan Dalah Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection – Vogue.com

Cocooning and protective shapes have become a minor theme of the spring 2021 collectionsunsurprisingly so, considering the state of things. But there are few who can make a sumptuous pouf of a garment as convincing and lovely as Jordan Dalah. The Australian-British designer has been on the rise since his graduation from Central Saint Martins. Dalah makes blooming garments, bulbous and cozy; his clothing might look complicated, and its construction is actually quite considered, but wearing it is as easy as slipping into a T-shirt or sweatpants.

Lightness and airiness define his ideas for spring 2021, which he designed and photographed in Sydney. Made from deadstock materials sourced from local suppliers, Dalahs explorations of form read a bit more intimate this season. Its less Old Masters and hoop skirtsthough both ideas remain presentand more about the small comforts we experience at home. Giant pillow sleeves and bows envelop model Georgia Fowler as she lounges on a bureau or vamps on a settee. In the most basic interpretation, these are clothes that would make your Zoom sessions a lot more funbut they promise a certain relief for your mental state too. What if a garment could envelop you with the warmth of a hug?

Dalah reports that his most dramatic silhouettes are actually quite salable, though for the less sartorially adventurous, he has more traditional ready-to-wear pieces. The star in that category is a crinkled red dress made from almost 40 meters of taffeta pleated at the bottom of a jersey knit body. Its a dream of an everyday dressand the way its shown on Fowler, lounging on a mattress, it makes the idea of staying home alone for the indefinite future seem a little more manageable.

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Jordan Dalah Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection - Vogue.com

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan: Terry Porter weighs in on the great debate – Yahoo Sports

LeBron vs. Jordan: Terry Porter weighs in on the debate originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

Its a debate that happens between friends, between co-workers, between media members and between the Terry Porter family:

Who is the best NBA player of all-time?

As Porter joined hosts Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon onthe latest Talkin Blazers Podcast, he had plenty to say about his foe on the court: Michael Jordan, and a player he has coached against: LeBron James.

We all knowthe former Trail Blazers point guard is probably one of the most credible people to have this debate.

The now 57-year-old tried to come up with one player he played against that he would compare to King James.

But, TP does believe the 2020 NBA MVP Finals could be compared to Magic Johnson and a former Trail Blazer, and oh by the way, one of Michael Jordans teammates.

At 69 and 250 pounds that is what Porter believes really sets LeBron a part from players in his era. Not to mention, James is a position-less player, which we know was not a thing back in Porters day.

"Theres no guy in my era even close to the size," Porter said. "And again, my era didnt have the ability to have guys who were playing multiple positions or what they say now non-positions and playing three, four, five, spots."

Porter added with a big smile on his face, back then, You had to be a point guard. You had to be a two-guard. You had to be a three-man, a four-man, a five-man. You didnt have the ability to play two or three different positions.

So what about the G.O.A.T. debate?

But Porterhasn't changed his mind over the years.

[RELATED]:Is LeBron James winning for 3 teams special? No.He was ring-jumping to those teams

Porter also made a good point about the big difference from his playing days to the recent NBA landscape:

There was no teaming up for super teams.

The free agency was different back then compared to now, Porter said. Guys would never look a partner up. I mean, [Larry] Bird would never go to Detroit. Isiah[Thomas] would never go to Chicago The dynamics of superstars to now and the relationships they have off the court, again back then, was not the way it is today.

Well saidTP,well said.

You can listen to the entire Talkin Blazers Podcast with Terry Porter here.

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LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan: Terry Porter weighs in on the great debate - Yahoo Sports

Jordan Travis’ shoulder injury isn’t severe and he is expected to continue as FSU’s starting quarterback at Louisville. – Rivals.com – Florida State

For the second straight week, Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis was banged up during a game, leaving his playing status in question.

Late against North Carolina, the redshirt sophomore was in obvious pain because of his left shoulder. He gutted it out to finish the game but once again many wondered if he would be able to suit up this week as FSU prepares to take on Louisville.

*ALSO SEE: Complete breakdown of Mondays interviews with Norvell, coordinators

Florida State head coach Mike Norvell confirmed during his Monday press conference that Travis practiced in a limited basis on Sunday and it sounds like he will be able to continue as the starting quarterback this Saturday.

"He's doing fine," Norvell Said. "Like any quarterback, he was a little sore yesterday,"

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Travis has sparked the offense since he came on in relief in the Seminoles' come-from-behind victory against Jacksonville State. He continued that success last Saturday against then No. 5-ranked North Carolina, leading the Seminoles to a 31-28 upset victory.

"Jordan, you can see his confidence. Through every opportunity and experience he has, he's getting better," said Norvell. How he's preparing mentally and being able to understand the checks we have and the things we're looking for, whether it's protections or checks in the run game. ... Really pleased with what I'm seeing in his investment."

Florida State travels to Louisville this Saturday with kickoff scheduled for noon ET.


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Jordan Travis' shoulder injury isn't severe and he is expected to continue as FSU's starting quarterback at Louisville. - Rivals.com - Florida State

Oregon Football fans should be excited about Jordan Happle and heres why – Yahoo Sports

Oregon Football fans should be excited about Jordan Happle and heres why originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

On October 5, the Oregon Ducks bolstered their secondary with the addition of Boise State transfer Jordan Happle.

If that name sounds familiar Duck fans, it should.

The Portland, Oregon-native from Jesuit high School was a two-time Metro League Defensive Player of the Year, a State Champion and a three-star recruitcoming out of high school. He held offers from Boise State, Eastern Washington, Hawaii and Montana State before committing to the Broncos.

It didnt take long for him to make an impact on the Smurf Turf either.

Happle recorded his first career interception at Boise State against the Oregon Ducks in the 2017 Las Vegas Bowl. In 2019, Happle recorded 22 tackles, 14 solo and two pass deflections in just five games. He was on track for his best year yet, but unfortunatelya season-ending injury put a stop to that.

Now that the Mountain West Conference postponed all fall sports in 2020, Happle decided to enter the NCAA transfer portal. The Ducks came knocking and Happle is coming home to fulfill his dream of becoming an Oregon Duck.

We had the opportunity to interview Jesuit High School football coach Ken Potter to get more on the newest member of the Oregon secondary.

Jordan is a playmaker. When he played for me, If you needed something done, he would make it happen, said Potter. We won a state championship with him as a senior and he made play after play after play and big-time plays. Defensively, hes a quarterback on the field and he knows what to do, makes adjustments, makes sure people are doing the right things

Someone who is familiar with his style of play is current Oregon Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos, who was the defensive coordinator at Boise State before taking the job on Mario Cristobals staff in Eugene, Oregon.

We spoke with Avalos last week and asked what it was like to see Happle back on the field in Avalos system. It was like deja vu.

Obviously Jordan is an unbelievable young man. Very blessed to have him join us and obviously his first day out there at practice today. The first time he jumped in there I was doing something and I heard him make a call out on the field and its been a little while since I heard that voice out there being a quarterback out there in the defense. It was fun to see him out there today."

He will give as much as people want to take, said Potter. When I say that, he will help out. I just know that hes going to step in and teach and help and work and I just know, as a coach, it is nice to have someone who knows your thoughts before you have to even say them. And Im sure thats what coach [Avalos] is talking about

One memory, in particular, stands out amongst the rest and exemplifies exactly who Happle is both on and off the field.

Its Happles junior season at Jesuit. The Crusaders are playing the Tigard Tigers when Happle went up for a ball in the end zone and came down on an opponent's ankle and broke his foot. After hobbling to the sidelines, his first words were, I should have caught that. It was in my hands, I should have caught that. Can we tape this up and can I play?

Happle was almost in tears after the team doctor ruled him out for the rest of the game.

He sits on the bench for maybe like 20 seconds and then hes asking for crutches so he can be on the sideline standing up encouraging his teammates, said Potter. Thats who Jordan is.

And thats who Duck fans can be really excited about.

How exactly will Oregons secondary look in 2020? Will Happle earn a starting role? We will soon find out in just three weeks.

[Listen to the latest Talkin Ducks Podcast with host Jordan Kent and special guest former Oregon wide receiver Keenan Howry].

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Oregon Football fans should be excited about Jordan Happle and heres why - Yahoo Sports

Does Aaron Rodgers talk to his brother Jordan? What we know about the Rodgers family rift – Sporting News

Aaron Rodgers has had public relationships with his girlfriends, but he's kept his relationships with family pretty secret.

This would likely go unnoticed, but Rodgers' brother Jordan is also a celebrity. So when the two celebrity brothers aren't really seen together, people start to ask questions. Those questions have mostly been ignored, but each sibling has offered a few comments on their relationship throughout the years.

The incident that really sparkedintrigue was back when Jordan Rodgers was on Season 12 of "The Bachelorette." Rodgers was a contestanton the show where Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher eventually chose him as the winner. The two have remained a couple since the show aired in 2016.

Below, we'll go through what we know about the relationship between the two brothers.

Before we dive too deep into the relationship between the Rodgers brothers, it might help some to know just who Jordan Rodgers is. As we mentioned, he was acontestant on "The Bachelorette," but before that he was a quarterback just like Aaron.

Jordan Rodgers started atVanderbilt University, where he had a lot of success. He's seventh all time in career passing yards at Vanderbilt and helped the school reachback-to-back bowl appearances. After college, Rodgers spent time on the Jaguars, Buccaneers and Dolphins, but never played in a single NFL game.

Rodgers has since been a commentator for a variety of television programs including SEC Network, aCNBCreality show and other various appearances.

During his appearance on "The Bachelorette," Jordan Rodgers revealed he doesn't really talk with his older brother, Aaron. On the show,contestants go to their homes so the date can meet their family and get to know the person a little better. But ahead of the trip, Jordan said, "And, um, my middle brother wont be there," referencing Aaron.

When asked why, Rodgers explained.

Like I said, I have a great relationship with my brother Luke. Me and Aaron dont really have that much of a relationship," he said. "Its just kind of the way hes chosen to do life. I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother, and, um, yeah, its just its not ideal.I love him, and I cant imagine what its like to be in his shoes and have the pressure he has and the demands from people that he has. Dont have hard feelings against him, its just how things go right now."

When asked, "So you guys dont talk at all?" he responded,No, not really."

As Jordan Rodgers hinted at on "The Bachelorette," Aaron not only doesn't speak to his brother, but mostly excludes his entire family.

In 2016,Tyler Dunne wrote a feature on Rodgers for Bleacher Report and dove a bit more into the Packers quarterback's relationship with his family.

From Bleacher Report:

One source, who was close to Rodgers for years but is among the many who have since been cut off by Rodgers entirely, said the quarterback has not spoken to his family since December 2014. Don't feel too bad, J-Mike. Immediate family members don't even have his cellphone number. When Mom and Dad sent Christmas presents to the quarterback and his girlfriend that year, the source said, those gifts were mailed back in February. He was set to be the groomsman in the wedding of one of his closest friends, the source said, and texted the day before he couldn't attend.

Dunne's reportalso added Rodgers didn't attend his grandfather's funeral, he fired a business manager he knew since high school, and his family isn't welcome inGreen Bay.

During a 2017 interview with the New York Times, Rodgers' family confirmed they don't have contact with their son.

Fame can change things, Ed Rodgers, Aaron's dad, told the Times.

Ed Rodgers also confirmed what was reported in the Bleacher Report article. He admitted to the Times it was "weird" to have his family as a national storyline. But he also says he's not too upset about all of the information coming out.

"Its good to have it all come out," he said.

After Jordan Rodgers' quotes gained publicity, Aaron Rodgers was asked about it. However, he didn't want to discuss too much about it.

I've always found that it's a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters, so I'm just I'm not going to speak on those things Rodgers said in 2016.

However, Rodgers may have provided a clue as to how a rift between his family started. In January 2020 during an interview with then-girlfriend Danica Patrick on her podcast, Rodgers brought up his Christian upbringing.

Most people that I knew, church was just you just had to go," Rodgers said. "Your parents made you go. You wake up, you put some clothes on, and you go. And you can't wait to get back and watch the second game of the day in the NFL on TV."

Rodgers went on to say it took him some time before he realized what he wanted to believe when it came to religion.

"I just didn't find any connection points with those things and started questioning things. And had friends who had other beliefs and enjoyed learning. I had some good friendships along the way that helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to believe in. And ultimately it was that rules and regulations and binary systems don't really resonate with me."

According to People Magazine, those comments upset his family.

"They were dismayed,"a source told People. "The family is very dedicated to their Christian faith. To them, his comments are basically a slap in the face to the fundamentals of who they are. Its basically him turning his back on everything they have taught him."

While Rodgers and his family have not publicly commented on the religion aspect, the source told People that "religion is a part of" why they're not on speaking terms.

The rest is here:

Does Aaron Rodgers talk to his brother Jordan? What we know about the Rodgers family rift - Sporting News

Two Black Women Judges In Colorado Reflect On This Time In America – Colorado Public Radio

The Honorable Judge Claudia Jordan has had a painting hanging in her chamber for more than two decades. A Black man leans over a wall, blue sky and clouds above him. He reaches down to grasp a hand also Black that extends upward toward him.

The painting was a gift Jordan received when she was sworn in to Denver County Court as the first Black female judge in the entire Rocky Mountain region. That was in 1994. Now shes technically retired, but she still presides over the courtroom when shes needed.

And the painting? Shes planning to pass it on to another Black woman one of the newest judges appointed to the bench in Colorado this year, the Honorable Judge Jill Dorancy.

It's really pretty powerful for me, said Dorancy, who serves in Denver District Court, because that's exactly what it is when you have judges and attorneys who help each other.

Colorado courts have historically struggled with diversity. The Denver Post recently reported that about 40 percent of defendants in Colorado are Black or Latino. And yet, only about 10 percent of district court judges are Black or Latino.

In the district where Elijah McClain died in police custody in 2019, The Post reports that there has never been a Black district court judge.

Jordan and Dorancy are two out of only eight Black female judges in the state. And as the nation grapples with systemic racism, much of it focused on the justice system, both judges said these numbers matter.

Dorancy believes people of color open up to her in court more than they might to a white judge.

For example, she said, if a young Black woman comes to court, she may see me as someone who is more understanding of her. And she might tell her story more honestly or easily. At the end of the day, litigants want to be understood and feel like theyve been heard. Thats more likely if they see someone who might mirror their lives.

Jordan agreed. She said people of color would often smile when they walked into the courtroom and saw her sitting at the bench. It was just kind of a sense of, okay, I may go to jail, but hey, I know that I'm going to be heard.

That sense of kinship in diversity translates to the professional realm as well. Dorancy remembers wanting to impress Jordan the first time she appeared before her as a young attorney. She was kind of strict and you had to make sure you were on time, that you had all your ducks in a row. But there's something powerful, she said, about appearing in front of someone who looks like you, who recognizes how much it takes to get to where you are.

Dorancy said the scarcity of African American judges and attorneys in Denver courts at that time added pressure on her to perform well. It's not a matter of carrying the burden of my race, she said, but it's wanting to make sure that I represent myself in a way that makes the judges proud.

For her part, Jordan remembers Dorancy as a hard worker and a go-getter. You could tell she was a special person. She cared about her clients. And she loved the law. I like people like that.

The two bonded outside of the courtroom as well. They both worked in the historic Five Points neighborhood of Denver, an area thats been called the Harlem of the West. They also both belonged to a Black women's bar association. They warmly refer to each other as Sisters In Law.

Claudia Jordan grew up as an only child raised by her grandparents in a sharecropping family in North Carolina. I was always in a room with older people and they seemed not to notice me, she recalled. They were just talking about how there was a need to have good attorneys. That is when I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer.

Most of the adults around her only had elementary level educations. So she read legal documents for people in the neighborhood who couldnt read. I became the little lawyer.

Jordan went on to lead a life of many firsts. She was the first Black analyst for the Colorado Legislative Council, where she helped put together the blue book for voters. She was one of only three African Americans in her law school class at CU Boulder. And the only Black woman.

But she didnt get to her seat as the first Black woman judge in the Rocky Mountain West without mentors. She clerked for Morris Cole, Denvers first African American district court judge and she was supported by James Flanagan, Colorados first African American judge.

I learned from both of them that you have to be better than the next person, but that was something that I learned at my grandmother's foot as well, she said.

She gives credit to the Colorado Womens Bar Association too. They wanted females of color on the bench, she said. They have always been leaders in that.

When she was finally sworn in as a judge, she said, she wasn't prepared for the outpouring of love and expectations of the Black community. That made me proud and humbled me quite a bit.

But what followed was in some ways anticlimactic. We thought there would then be rapid succession of Black women appointed to the bench after that, Jordan said. But there wasnt. It was years and years.

She recalled walking into her first annual judicial conference and feeling very alone. There were about ten Black men on the bench at that time, she said. I was like their little sister. When the next Black woman, Karen Ashby, was appointed as a judge, they would often get confused. Karen and I would go like, we look nothing alike!

So yes, she said, it's a lonely feeling. I wouldnt call it a cross to bear because Ive enjoyed every step and every moment but it gets heavy and it gets lonely. Its nice to have someone to talk to.

She has found that camaraderie among some of the African American women appointed to the bench in recent years, including Jill Dorancy.

Dorancy also came to Colorado from the East Coast. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Haitian immigrant parents who were afraid of the legal system. English was not their first language and they were concerned about being misunderstood or misrepresented. Dorancy remembered one time her family had to go to court for landlord/tenant issues. They managed to find an attorney who spoke Haitian Creole. And just being there, having someone defend us, having someone who understood what we were saying and relay it to a judge, Dorancy said, was pretty powerful.

That was the moment she knew she wanted to be an attorney.

She also remembers seeing a lot of young, particularly young Black boys, being shot down by the police, recalled Dorancy. As a young child, it impacted me. I recognized the criminal justice system polices some communities more than others. I wanted to be involved in making changes.

She spent some years as an attorney in juvenile law, representing parents in Denvers dependency and neglect system. Then she pivoted and spent several years litigating for oil and gas companies.

It was Judge Jordan who encouraged her to apply for a judge position during conversations about the lack of diversity in Denvers judges. She didnt get the job the first time around. But she was persistent. And it paid off.

Ive represented such a diversity of clients from homeless people whose children were being taken away from them, to people who are representing multi-million dollar oil and gas companies. She said that range of experience serves her well in domestic relations court where she now presides.

Since taking office, Governor Jared Polis has appointed five Black women to the bench. He has chosen more Black women judges than his 42 predecessors combined.

Jordan thinks the move is long overdue. Black women didnt just start applying to the bench, she said. Ive been here a long time. Do you think women of color have never applied? There have been people that have been applying throughout the years. They were just never given the opportunity.

But she said Im tickled to death that I can see it happening. Who would have thought that this many African American women would be appointed in that period of time?

She thinks the Black Lives Matter movement has had a lot to do with the shift. It has raised peoples consciousness about some injustices that have occurred in every system including the judicial system, Jordan said. Youd have to be living under a rock not to see that and go like Oh this is an opportunity for me to maybe do something where I can. I think thats what Polis has done.

Judge Dorancy said for her part she often intentionally limits her consumption of the news about social issues like Black Lives Matter, lest it influence her decision-making in court too greatly.

The role we play is to correct the impacts of disparities in the criminal justice system, she said.

Both judges acknowledged that commitment to upholding the law can put them in difficult moral positions sometimes.

When the constitution was written, Jordan pointed out, African Americans were three fifths of a person. It was law but it wasnt right. For a more current example, she said she never applied to be a district court judge because Colorado had the death penalty until this year. I could not have sentenced anyone to death, she said. So why put myself in that position? That was one of the laws that I knew that I could not impose.

There is, of course, room for interpretation of existing laws. It has been a focal point in the recent confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett for the U.S. Supreme Court. And Jordan said its one of the most profound reasons why the highest court in the land needs more diversity. The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg pointed out once in a dissenting opinion, Jordan said, that the men had never been 13-year-old girls. Nor could she have the experience of being a Black girl.

Judges Jordan and Dorancy do have that experience. And for that reason, they see themselves as role models for young Black girls especially.

I spoke to a group of kids in an alternative school, Jordan said. They were just ready for me to attack me and attack the system. But after I explained my role, they began to better understand the whole system. And after that, the instructor called and said that a girl who had not really wanted to participate was now considering going to law school. And I just felt good about that.

This piece was inspired by an article in Essence Magazine by Chandra Thomas Whitfield.

Excerpt from:

Two Black Women Judges In Colorado Reflect On This Time In America - Colorado Public Radio

Jordan: The Greatness of the Great Circle – The Newark Advocate

Tim Jordan, Guest Columnist Published 12:27 p.m. ET Oct. 18, 2020

The sun shines over the Great Circle in Newark, Thursday, August 20, 2020.(Photo: Courtney Hergesheimer/ The Columbus Dispatch)

We talk a lot about greatness, but what do we mean by great?

In my work as both an interpreter and a writing instructor, tangibles and intangibles are important. Tangibles are things that can be measured or understood through the senses. Intangibles are value statements that, while important, are best understood when paired with tangibles.

Greatness is an intangible. So, again, what do we mean by great?

With the Great Circle, size certainly comes into play. Encompassing an area of 30 acres and with a diameter of 1,200 feet, it is huge, tremendous (two other intangibles). Put differently, four football fields would fit end-to-end across it, or the Great Pyramid of Giza could sit inside of it.

Greatness can be more than size. It can include vision.

The Great Circle is just one of four interconnected sites that once made up the Newark Earthworks. The Octagon and its attached Observatory Circle also still stand, but they were connected by walkways to a square and to an oval shape. The more than four miles that these shapes and walkways covered are impressive enough, but an underlying use of geometry further unifies Newarks sites. For one example, the 1,050-foot diameter of Observatory Circle when multiplied by six equals the distance between the centers of Observatory and the Great Circles. As another, the perimeter of the square shape and the circumference of the Great Circle are equal. All parts of the Newark Earthworks are pulled together on both material and geometric levels into a unified statement.

Tim Jordan, guest columnist(Photo: Submitted)

Greatness can include artistry.

There is beauty in the earthworks use of geometry, but their architecture is also stunning. Standing inside the Great Circle and looking back toward its gateway, the twelve-foot sides of its opening are noticeably the high-points of the wall. Both sides quickly taper down and level-off, so an artificial horizon encompasses most of the sites 30 acres. We dont know if this horizon relates to any sort of celestial alignment, as we see with a number of other earthworks sites, but it is a remarkable aesthetic. Below this level wall is the Great Circles moat, which we speculate held water. The resulting juxtaposition of water, earth, and sky overlaps with the rich imagery and themes of much American Indian mythology.

Greatness can include community.

The scale, geometric knowledge, architectural aesthetic, and apparent symbolism of the Great Circle all point toward the deep investment of many people to achieve such end results. Archaeologists would also point to this effort being one that was peaceful, noting that human remains from burials of this time period show few signs of traumatic injuriesno spearpoints embedded in rib cages or crushed skulls, the kinds of injuries that would point to warfare and violence.

These dimensions of ancient American Indians greatness go beyond the Great Circle. The Octagon with its eight lunar alignments in an 18.6-year cycle is magnificent. So is Fort Ancient, a 3.5-mile hilltop enclosure in Oregonia that incorporates solar alignments. So too are the sites that make up Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in Chillicothe, a sampling of five of the dozens of earthworks that once stood along twelve miles of the Scioto River. Together, these eight earthworks sites across three communities make up the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks nomination for World Heritage. Our communities opportunity to bring these sites to an international stage is a chance to join todays American Indians in celebrating the achievements of Ohios ancient people, their ancestors.

That too would be great.

Dr. Tim Jordan provides interpretation and site management for the Newark Earthworks and Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries and Nature Preserve. He is also on the English faculties of Ohio University Zanesville and Zane State College.

Read or Share this story: https://www.newarkadvocate.com/story/opinion/2020/10/18/jordan-greatness-great-circle/5910786002/

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Jordan: The Greatness of the Great Circle - The Newark Advocate

Pet of the week | Jordan News | swnewsmedia.com – SW News Media

This and other pets are available for adoption through Cat Tales Rescue:

Blossom was found pregnant as an older kitten and then bore a litter of kittens in April 2020 in foster care. The vet said Blossom was born around June 2019. Once she knows and trusts you, Blossom is quick to purr. She likes playing with cat toys if there is no competition for the toys. She lets you pick her up or put her in your lap and stays for a short time. She enjoys petting for a little while. When she has had enough, Blossom will gently clamp your hand. Blossom is very shy of strangers. She hasnt met dogs or unrelated cats. If introduced properly to gentle kids, she is fine. If you are late for meal time, she will tell you to hurry.

Cat Tales Rescue pets have been vet checked, spayed/neutered, wormed, micro chipped, tested for FIV/FeLV, have distemper and rabies shots. Most adoption fees start at $135 for adults and $165 for kittens. For further information or to start the adoption process, leave a message at 612-202-9492.

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Pet of the week | Jordan News | swnewsmedia.com - SW News Media

Report: Texas WR Jordan Whittington to miss time with another injury – Longhorns Wire

Before the game against the Oklahoma Sooners, the Texas Longhorns saw the return of wide receiver Jordan Whittington. He needed an arthroscopic surgery to remain a knee injury he suffered against UTEP in the season opener. Against the Sooners, Whittington led the team in receptions and now sits second on the team behind Joshua Moore.

According to Horns247, Whittington will once again be away from the team while recovering from an injury. The report states that he suffered a soft tissue abdominal injury in the Oklahoma game. This marks the third injury that will cost the talented receiver time.

Whittington is a former five-star recruit that was expected to have a big role in the offense from the slot. He played a majority of the snaps in the slot due to Jake Smith reagravating his hamstring injury he suffered prior to the season opener. It remains to be seen when either receiver will return. Head coach Tom Herman will address the media on Monday and hopefully get some answers.

The report from 247Sports stated that Whitt will miss some time, so at this point there isnt a time table for his return. This season he has caught 12 passes for 110 yards and one rush for another 15. Longhorns Wire will provide more details as they are made available.

Here is the original post:

Report: Texas WR Jordan Whittington to miss time with another injury - Longhorns Wire

OTB Instant Reaction: Jordan Travis wills the ‘Noles to victory – 247Sports

Florida Statetook down No.5 North Carolina in a thrilling primetime victory 31-28 inside Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Fla. on Saturday night.

FSU stormed out to a 24-0 lead in the second quarter and a 31-7 lead at the half. They needed every bit of that to hold on as the Tar Heels (3-1, 3-1 ACC) stormed back in the second half and had the ball in the final two minutes with a chance to win.

The Seminoles would hold on for the win, Josh Newberg and Chris Nee are here for your Instant Reaction Victory Podcast!!

Travis finished the game 8-for-19 for 191 passing yards, a passing touchdown and an interception. He also had 16 rushes for 107 rushing yards and a pair of rushing touchdowns. Running back La'Damian Webb joined Travis in the 100-yard rushing club with 12 carries for 109 yards. Six different Seminoles caught a pass - Ontaria Wilson (2 receptions, 61 yards), Keyshawn Helton (2 receptions, 43 yards), Preston Daniel (36-yard reception), Warren Thompson (33-yard reception), Camren McDonald (12-yard touchdown reception) and Jashaun Corbin (6-yard reception).

Todaymarked FSU head coach Mike Norvells first meeting against North Carolina. North Carolina head coach Mack Brown, who is enjoying his second tour of duty in Chapel Hill, is now0-1o all-time against his alma mater, including 0-7 at North Carolina against the Seminoles.

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OTB Instant Reaction: Jordan Travis wills the 'Noles to victory - 247Sports

LeBron James, like Michael Jordan before him, made the right play by passing out of the game-winner – CBS Sports

In Game 1 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James passed the ball. In other news, the sky is blue. He does that quite a bit. The pass itself was a good one. James, attacking the basket in the final seconds of 78-76 game in favor of the Detroit Pistons, saw two defenders converge at the basket with his own man still trailing him. Noticing a wide-open Donyell Marshall in the corner, he kicked it out for a potential game-winning shot, the proper strategy on the road, where overtime is more precarious.

Marshall was a career 38 percent shooter in the corners. He was one of the earlier stretch-4s to emerge in the NBA, and a game prior, he had gone 6-for-10 from behind the arc to bury the New Jersey Nets in the second round. On this play, though, Marshall happened to miss.

Misses happen. This season, only around 54 percent of potential assists from the Lakers were converted into assists. In the best of times, a pass to a jump-shooter is a coin flip, but if the wrong side comes up? The decision to flip the coin at all becomes inexcusable. James was ridiculed for deciding against taking the shot, a sentiment he is still experiencing to this day.

"Yes Danny Green was open," former NBA player Jay Williams opined on twitter after Game 5 of the NBA Finals, "but I don't care what no one says... Bron needed to shoot that shot. PERIOD."

The shot in question came on this drive as the final seconds of Game 5 ticked away. The Lakers, trailing by one, put the ball in the hands of James. Just as was the case in 2007, LeBron had his own man (Jimmy Butler) trailing him. Again, he had the two defenders in the corner, Bam Adebayo and Jae Crowder, converging at the basket. Oh, and this time, let's throw in a fourth defender, Duncan Robinson, who started the possession on Danny Green but left him to help on the greatest Laker threat. What sounds like a better shot: 4-on-1 at the basket, or 1-on-0 behind the arc? James made the call. It didn't work out.

Green has struggled behind the arc this season, making only 36.7 percent of his attempts compared to 40 percent for his career. Those struggles have intensified in the postseason, where he had hit only 33 percent of his long-range attempts prior to Game 5. But he entered that final play shooting 50 percent for the game, and while tracking data only goes back as far as the 2013-14 season, since then, he has made 42.5 percent of his wide-open 3-point attempts. Last season, he shot 42.2 percent on above-the-break 3's for a championship team.

In a 4-on-1 situation, did LeBron have a 42.5 percent chance to score at the basket? A 36.7 percent chance? A 33 percent chance? Probably not. A few minutes earlier, James found himself in a very similar situation. He drove to the basket, again with Butler on him, and again with Crowder in the right corner. Tyler Herro helped as well, slowing him down enough for Butler to get the block.

That's only one play. LeBron is among the best finishers in NBA history. But no player can consistently generate high-percentage shots at the basket in such traffic. James performed the calculations in his head. The odds of him getting making the layup or getting fouled were relatively slim. The odds of Green making his shot were better. Disagree with that all you want, but remember, LeBron James probably has a higher basketball IQ than you. He's as well-equipped to make that decision as anyone on Earth. And he made the right one.

What happens after the ball leaves his hands is out of his control. Had the shot gone in, he would have been praised for the decision. We know this empirically because the only player worthy of comparison to James found himself in nearly identical situations... twice. If LeBron James "needed" to take that shot, as Williams and so many others will argue, then it stands to reason that in a similar situation, Michael Jordan would have needed to take the shot as well.

Yet in 1997, he did not. The score was tied with under 10 seconds left in Game 6 of the Finals, and the ball was in Jordan's hands. John Stockton left Steve Kerr to help against him, so Jordan passed it to his open teammate. Kerr made the shot. The Bulls won the championship.

Four years earlier, Jordan didn't even make the game-winning pass. Trailing by two at the end of Game 6 of the 1993 Finals, he passed the ball to Scottie Pippen before he crossed half-court. Pippen passed to Horace Grant, who passed to John Paxson, who made the game-winner from behind the arc. Again, it clinched the championship. Again, Jordan passed up the chance to play hero.

When James passes the ball late in a one-possession game, it is argued that he lacks the killer instinct that players like Jordan seemingly possessed. Yet Jordan himself passed out of some of the biggest potential shots of his career, and he did so for the same reasons LeBron has: he was making the right basketball play.

The sort of player that demands last-second shots is exactly the sort of player that misses them. If a defense knows that one player is going to insist on shooting no matter what, it becomes significantly easier for a defense to sell out against stopping that specific shot. In 1993 and 1997, Jordan's opponents bet that he would be the one taking the final shot. They were wrong, and they lost because of it. In 2007, 2020 and several times in between, LeBron's opponents bet that he would be the one taking the final shot. They were wrong... and they very nearly lost because of it.

They didn't, though, for reasons that were entirely out of LeBron's hands. Jordan's teammates made the shots that LeBron's missed, so Jordan was spared the insufferable notion that passing signified some sort of weakness. LeBron, obviously, was not, and a game in which he made 15 of the 21 shots he took will instead be remembered for the one shot he wisely decided not to take.

Fortunately for the Lakers, it is a decision LeBron will never not make. It's been 13 years since that fateful pass against the Pistons, but his decision-making process hasn't changed one bit. The Lakers may have lost Friday just as the Cavaliers lost that 2007 series opener. But Cleveland won the series because LeBron continued to make the right basketball decision every time down the floor, and if he does so again in Game 6, the Lakers should expect the same outcome.

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LeBron James, like Michael Jordan before him, made the right play by passing out of the game-winner - CBS Sports

‘Michael Jordan to the Max’ documentary being re-released in theaters this month – CBS Sports

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, "The Last Dance" documentary about the the final championship run of Michael Jordan as a member of the Chicago Bulls captivated sports fans around the country. The 10-part series provided an in-depth look into Jordan both on and off the court and fans couldn't get enough of it.

Now basketball fans will get another look at Jordan's final championship run in the form of "Michael Jordan to the Max. Michael Jordan to the Max" which is is being remastered for an IMAX release on Oct. 9 and, like "The Last Dance," focuses on Jordan's final season with the Bulls.

The documentary film is 45 minutes in length and is narrated by actor Laurence Fishburne. The film was originally released in 2000, but is being brought back due to the surge of interest in Jordan's personality, life both on and off the court, and the Bulls dynasty, which dominated the NBA in the 1990s.

"Michael Jordan to the Max" primarily focuses on the 1998 NBA playoffs in addition to other accomplishments that Jordan had throughout his NBA career. The documentary also has numerous appearances from athletes, coach, and celebrities such as Phil Jackson, Doug Collins, Steve Kerr, Spike Lee, and Pat Riley among many others.

For those who may not have had a chance to appreciate Jordan's historic run in the late 1990s, this provides another chance for an up-close-and-personal look at Jordan. Or if you've seen the film before, it's a chance to experience Jordan's greatness once again.

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'Michael Jordan to the Max' documentary being re-released in theaters this month - CBS Sports

Detailed Look at the Air Jordan 12 "Dark Concord" – HYPEBEAST

As part of Jordan Brands Holiday 2020 retro collection, the Air Jordan 12 has received a rich Dark Concord colorway. Concord is a storied hue in the greater Air Jordan lineage appearing on iconic models like the Air Jordan 11 Concord and here its used to give Michael Jordans already-luxe 12th signature sneaker a metallic makeover.

Uppers are dressed in supple, smooth black leather with pebbled black leather on the signature mudguard providing a material contrast. The eponymous Concord shade, a rich purple, is presented in metallic fashion here, appearing on the midfoot overlays and two uppermost eyestays. It also graces the heel tab in non-metallic fashion.

Further branding is handled by white Jumpman logos on the tongue, white TWO 3 spellouts on the throat and a #23 graphic on the lower heel. Zoom Air-equipped midsoles are done up in black and use a carbon fiber plate under the arch for support. Herringbone outsoles with final touches of purple and one more Jumpman logo round off the look.

The Air Jordan 12 Dark Concord will release in mens and grade school sizes via Nike SNKRS and retailers like Foot Locker come October 23. The MSRP is set at $190 USD for mens pairs and $140 USD for kids pairs.

For more news from the greater Nike, Inc. umbrella, check out the Air Foamposite One in Anthracite a winter-ready style thats back for the first time since 2007.

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Detailed Look at the Air Jordan 12 "Dark Concord" - HYPEBEAST

Off-White x Air Jordan 4 And More Restocks On Nike SNKRS Jordan Reserve – Sneaker News

For the third time this week, Nike SNKRS will unleash an official restock of Air Jordan footwear through its Jordan Reserve release program. This surprise event occurs sporadically, with access granted exclusively to select users. In recent days, we saw a full arsenal of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG colorways return, while the kids Air Jordan 11 Bred headlines another days line-up. What could be next? Check Nike SNKRS at 12pm ET, or hit the link below, and well update what shoes dropped after sizes run out.

Update: The restock is available for those who received a notification from the SNKRS App.

For other Air Jordan news, please be sure to keep up with our Jordan Release Dates page.

Make sure to follow @kicksfinder for live tweets during the release date.

Where To Buy

Rumored ListAir Jordan 1 Retro High OG Royal ToeAir Jordan 13 FlintOff-White x Air Jordan 4Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG OG Satin Snake

Excerpt from:

Off-White x Air Jordan 4 And More Restocks On Nike SNKRS Jordan Reserve - Sneaker News

Michael Jordan is returning to the big screen in ‘Michael Jordan to the Max’ – For The Win

Michael Jordan dominated the sports landscape for the first time in years when ESPN released The Last Dancein April.

It was like it was the 90s again and the Bulls were playing basketball with MJ on the court. We got a chance to relive some of those moments as if they were happening in real time.

If you didnt get enough of that, dont worry. Theres more coming. On October 9,Michael Jordan to the Maxis returning to IMAX theaters for the first time since its initial release 20 years ago. Its ben remastered and includes new special effects for fans watching.

The 45-minute film follows Jordan through his last season and final championship run as a Chicago Bull. Laurence Fishburne narrates it, too, which is pretty dope.

The more MJ, the better. This looks incredible.

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Michael Jordan is returning to the big screen in 'Michael Jordan to the Max' - For The Win

JD Sports Times Square Kicks Off Grand Opening With a Huge Air Jordan Restock – Complex

JD Sports isopening the doors to its new Times Square store this week and to celebrate the momentous occasion, the footwear retailer is giving fans another chance at copping some of themost popularAir Jordan Retroreleases inrecent memory.

To kick off the opening, the retail space is hosting a four-day event running from Oct. 9 through Oct. 12 that's centered around theAir Jordan 11 "Bred," Air Jordan 11 "Concord," Air Jordan 6 "DMP," and the Air Jordan 13 "Flint" restockingthrough the four respective dates. In order to enter the drawing, fans will need to visit any of thefollowing JD Sports or Finish Line stores (JD Sports Roosevelt Field,Finish Line Staten Island,Finish Line Queens Center,Finish Line Green Acres,Finish Line Kings Plaza,Finish Line Fordham Road, andFinish Line Cross County)between today and tomorrow to submit an entry.

Aside from the grand opening weekend, JD Sports Times Squarewill periodically be re-releasing some of this year's most popular Air Jordan releases every Sunday until Nov. 8. To enter, fans will need tovisit the store the Tuesday prior to the restock date to submit their entry. Read on for a complete rundown of all theAir Jordans restocking atJD Sports Times Square throughout October and November.

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JD Sports Times Square Kicks Off Grand Opening With a Huge Air Jordan Restock - Complex