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For avid trance music fans, A State of Trance, also know as ASOT, is the embodiment of the genre. Begun by DJ legend Armin van Buuren and his co-host Ruben de Rondein 2001, the Dutch Trance Show has entertained tens of millions of listeners in 84 countries every week since.

Even though the genre has changed and mutated over the years, the show has a very loyal fan base who listen in and attend the annual A State Of Trance Festival which happens every year to celebrate the genre and unite fans all over the world.

In correlation with these festivals are the milestones of episodes reached and is represented with the numbers in the title. To also celebrate these milestones, for the past 11 years there have been anthems created by Armin van Buuren and his friends.2020 sees ASOT 950, which with only 52 weeks in a year, amounts to over 18 years of weekly shows.

We present the last 11 anthems leading up to 2020 - when we celebrate 950 episodes of A State Of Trance being broadcasted, with the celebratory festival happening on 15 February 2020 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Limited Packages left for A State Of Trance 950 here

Episode 450, broadcast on 9 April 2010, was the first anthem celebrating the anniversary of the event. With an expanding reach that was broadcast in Toronto, New York, Bratislava and Wroclaw, the trance movement was really beginning to reach new places. Sebastian Brandt is a Swedish Trance DJ who has performed and created many tracks for the ASOT label. His anthem 450 is voted by many as one of the best anthems created for ASOT.

Broadcast on 17 March 2011, the milestone saw Armin van Buuren jump across 5 continents to celebrate. Events took place all over the world with the tradition now in place to see a new anthemevery 50 episodes.

Armin Van Buuren celebrated for a whole month, touching down in London, Moscow, Kiev, Los Angeles, Miami, and Den Bosch. W&W, who are usually big room house DJs, produced the anthem for this year, sealing it with deep bass and euphoric highs.

Again influenced by big room house, the anthem managed to still create thevibe that trance music is known for. Though the melody is simple compared to most trance tracks, it still managed to create a sense of atmosphere that many enjoyed upon its release in 2013.

New Horizons brought in new elements into the mix, like beautiful brass and string arrangements. The celebrations began on 31st January 2014 and continued all the way through till the end of March with events happening in Utrecht, Buenos Aires, Jakarta and Miami.

This is where A State of Trance solidified its anniversary festivals. The anthems really began to blend the walls of genres, with big room house once again permeating the anthem as a whole. Armin van Buuren's main goal is to bring the world together with music, and this trackreflectsthat, with other works released around the same time following the same pattern of now mainstream dance music.

Ben Golds anthem brought a return to fierce energy, with beautiful euphoric highs involving a string and choral blend to capitalise on the radiance of the moment. The festivities lasted all year, with a tour that took Armin van Buuren all over the world once again. The event was to no longer be a whirlwind but a showcase of passion.

The episode was broadcast on 26 January 2017, and with dance music now part of the mainstream, an influx of trance fans were now flocking to the celebratory festivals. 'I Live For That Energy' was the embodiment of what Armin van Buuren had spent decades creating, bringing people together for the pure joy of music.

Seemingly to take you back to the roots of trance, Armin van Buuren manages to recapture the energy, joy and passion that began over 15 years previous.Of course since he beganArmin van Buuren has been elevated to legendary status, being labeled as one of the godfathers of trance music.

With over 10 different remixes of this anthem,it is perhaps one of the most successful ASOT anthems.Over 35,000 trance lovers descended on Utrecht for the festival as trance found renewed energy and mainstream appeal.

Released on the 22 November 2019, the anthem was received phenomenally all over the world. The festival is held on 15 February 2020 with an incredible lineup including Armin van Buuren's co-host Ruben de Ronde. It is set to once again attract thousands of trance lovers from all over the world to experience the utopia of trance music with the very best.

ASOT 950: A State Of Trance, will happen on 15 February 2020 in Utrecht, Netherlands. There are limited packages available for thefestival or head toourASOT 950 guidefor more information.

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Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: The Trance-Dance Jam "kawasemi Ah" by YoshimiO’s Band OOIOO – TheStranger.com

OOIOO reap percussion. Scott Nhat

With the groups Boredoms and Free Kitten, Japanese percussionist/vocalist YoshimiO (formerly Yoshimi P-We, erstwhile muse for the Flaming Lips) has been an unswerving agent for sonic chaos and transcendence. Along with Boredoms' Eye Yamantaka, Yoshimi helped to create some of the most adventurous and monomaniacal noise, prog, and space rock of the '90s and '00s. As leader of OOIOO, she's continued to extrapolate the extraordinary pneumatic tendencies of that band, plowing a percussion-heavy path to satori.

OOIOO's eighth studio album Nijimusi is as vibrant as any they've done. Most bands show signs of decline by this point in their career, but OOIOO are still soaring and burning at optimal levels. The quartet use conventional rock instrumentation here to twist the genre into action paintings of manic beats, loopy chants, guitar squalls, and torqued bass churns. (Between OOIOO and Otoboke Beaver, Japanese women are doing much of the heavy lifting to keep rock vital in the 21st century.)

The album's first single, "kawasemi Ah," happens to be my fave cut on Nijimusi. After a fake-out start that echoes Talking Heads' "I Zimbra," the track marches forth to a wonkily martial rhythm (bolstered by drummer MISHINA's tight Jaki Liebezeit-like syncopation), punctuated by fuzzed-out guitar snarls that remind me of those on Grace Jones's cover of "Warm Leatherette." Triumphant horns barge in unexpectedly halfway through, mimicking YoshimiO's possessed vocals. You can dance to this weird trance-dance joint, but don't be surprised if you dislocate your hip.

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Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: The Trance-Dance Jam "kawasemi Ah" by YoshimiO's Band OOIOO - TheStranger.com

New Label HQ Recordings Highlights the Harder Styles of Trance – EDM Identity

If you love the sounds of the underground styles of dance music then HQ Recordings is a label you should definitely familiarize yourself with!

The trance genre encompasses a multitude of sounds that range from tech and psy to progressive and uplifting, with plenty more in between to explore and fall in love with. One subgenre that is finally making its way back to the top is hard tranceand while other labels have been reluctant to put artists in that realm on their roster, HQ Recordings has welcomed them with open arms.

In August 2019, US artist Ganesh and North Ireland artist Pete Delete came together to create HQ Recordings as a way to thrust the hard trance sound back into the consciousness of trance fans. Though the style they are focused on is clearly hard trance, they actually are pushing an amalgamation of uplifting, tech, and hard trance to create a style that they have coined harder trance.

Harder trance is the sweet spot between trance and hard trance that can act as a bridge between them and hopefully draw more fans back to the harder style of the genre. The style is all about the underground but appreciates the emotional melodies as much as the hard-driving basslines and awe-inspiring breakdowns.

The ever-growing roster over at HQ Recordings is unique as it isnt just filled with the usual acts featured on other trance labels. Artists from around the world are featured on the label and include BabyDoc, Nicholson, Phazer, Obie Fernandez,Dee Conaghan, SUBMERSIVE, Jephrey, and more! The only prerequisite is their love of the harder end of the spectrum.

In the few months they have been active, HQ Recordings has already been heating up with at least five tracks on the Beatport Top 100 Trance Chart and have continued to grow their roster of talent. Theyve also teamed up with promoters like Intricacy Events to showcase the sound of harder trance in areas like Southern California with plans to expand even more in the future.

We cant wait to see whats to come from the HQ Recordings crew as we continue to dive deeper into the new decade and when the hard trance explosion hits theyll be at the forefront. Follow their social media accounts below to stay updated with the latest releases on the label and let us know if youve fallen in love with the harder styles of dance music in the comments!

Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram | SoundCloud | YouTube

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New Label HQ Recordings Highlights the Harder Styles of Trance - EDM Identity

‘Raat’ first single from ‘Trance’ will leave you enthralled – Times of India

The makers of Anwar Rasheed's directorial 'Trance' have released the first song from the movie. As the teaser indicated the first single 'Raat' is a bag full of surprises. The bilingual song 'Raat' doesn't reveal much about the genre or mood, however, it suggests the same 'trance' effect of the movie. The song is definitely very addictive. The multi-colored slides give a tranquilizing experience to the viewers and the sensuous voice of Sneha Khanwalkar and Neha Nair makes the song a treat for the fans. Jackson Vijayan has composed the music for the song. The lyrics for this bilingual song are penned by Vinayak Sasikumar (Malayalam) and Kamal Kartik (Hindi). Directed by Anwar Rasheed 'Trance' is bankrolled by the director's own production house Anwar Rasheed Entertainments. As the directors last feature film 'Ustad Hotel' was released in 2012, the anticipation for an Anwar Rasheed directorial is huge.Fahadh Faasil essays the lead while Tamil filmmaker Gautham Menon and Chemban Vinod have been roped in to essay pivotal characters. Nazriya Nazim is the leading lady. Actors Soubin Shahir, Vinayakan, Dileesh Pothan, and Sreenath Bhasi will be seen in supporting roles. Also Trance marks the second collaboration of Fahadh Faasil and Nazriya Nazim after Bangalore Days. Amal Neerad has cranked the lens while Vincent Vadakkan has crafted the screenplay for 'Trance'. Praveen Prabhakar is in charge of the editing department. Oscar Award winner musician Resul Pookkutty is handling the sound design for 'Trance'. Supreme Sundar is the action choreographer of the movie. Trance is scheduled to hit the screens on Valentines Day, February 14.

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'Raat' first single from 'Trance' will leave you enthralled - Times of India

Camelon offender committed crimes while he was in a trance – Falkirk Herald

A zombie-like offender has been stumbling around in a drug and drink-induced trance, verbally abusing people, stealing property and generally making life difficult for those around him.

James Lawrence (35) was so out of it on drink and drugs he thought he had ordered food in a takeaway when he had not even spoken to anyone and when he was subsequently asked to leave, he racially abused staff.

On an earlier occasion he knocked on the door of his neighbours house and asked to be let into the party that he thought was going on before pinching watering cans from another residents shed.

Appearing from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Lawrence admitted behaving in a threatening and racially aggravated manner at Indianos, Main Street, Camelon, on October 12 last year.

He had also pled guilty to behaving in a threatening manner in Fairlie Street and Carmuirs Street in Camelon and stealing property from a premises in Carmuirs Street on July 7 last year.

Erin Illand, procurator fiscal depute, said: The witnesses were working in the takeaway and they saw they accused, who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, standing in the premises for a number of minutes.

He said he was waiting for his food and was advised he had never made an order. He was then asked to leave. He had an outstanding bill of 7 which he owed the takeaway from a previous visit.

The accused said youve conned me again and racially abused the member of staff. He was again asked to leave and he told the witness Im going to tell everyone youve been touching young girls.

The accused then left and police were contacted. He later told officers what was I meant to have said?.

The court heard Lawrence was a regular customer at the takeaway and said he was sorry for how he acted.

As for the other offences, the procurator fiscal depute said: It was 11.05pm and the woman was in her home when she became aware of knocking at her front door. She answered and was met by the accused, who appeared to be under the influence and stated Im coming in.

She told him he wasnt coming in, he had the wrong house, she was a neighbour of his. He then said whos in? and is this your house?, before insisting that he come in. When she told him he wasnt coming in he told her Ive got plenty drink.

She closed the door on him and he began repeatedly kicking it, then repeatedly punched a pane of glass in the door and then a window. Later at 11.15pm another resident looked through his window and saw the accused, who was clearly intoxicated, walking in his garden.

The accused was using the light of his mobile phone because the area was very dark.

The resident later found three hand saws and two watering cans had been taken from his shed.

Gordon Addison, defence solicitor, was at a loss as to why his client would have wanted the saws and watering cans.

He had no idea what he was doing, said Mr Addison. Hes certainly not a horticulturist.

Mr Addison added: The consistent theme in both these cases was he had no memory of them because he was walking about in a trance he consumes drugs and doesnt know what he is doing.

He thought there was a party in the house thats how intoxicated he was. He genuinely thought thats where the party was.

Sheriff John Mundy noted Lawrence, 13 Simpson Street, Camelon, had been in custody for a considerable period, but sentenced him to four months in prison to be served consecutively with his current sentence.

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Camelon offender committed crimes while he was in a trance - Falkirk Herald

Here is what happened when a hypnotist put improv artists in a trance in St Catharines – ThoroldNews.com

Hyprov is a hilarious hybrid of improvisational comedy and hypnosis.

The sold-out show left the audience in awe at the imaginative silliness during this first comedic show to kick-off the Canadian tour in St. Catharines at the Performing Arts Centre, Thursday night.

With more than 50 dates on the itinerary throughout Canada and the U.S., Hyprov is a sure-fire hit for those wanting to bring this special brand of entertainment to the masses.

The show is led by veterans Colin Mochrie from the famed, T.V. show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Asad Mecci, a hypnotist and showman, who decided to study improv classes at Torontos Second City.

In a press release, Mecci states: I had an epiphany hypnosis could unlock the comedic genius in everyday people and turn them into pros!

When hypnotised, persons tend to lose their inhibitions, and are open to suggestions without fear as the 20 members or volunteers from the audience oddly demonstrated.

For Mochrie and Mecci, every night is a completely different show with a new cast doing improv scenes created by the audience.

It was important to me that we werent having all the volunteers cluck like chickens or bark like dogs, exclaimed Mochrie.

Mecci concurred, so they outlined a few scenes to guide the show, but its the audiences spontaneous and wacky ideas that create a unique night of entertainment.

Before twenty people volunteered, Mecci prefaced the show by explaining that even while under hypnosis, no one can do anything against their will.

He also wanted people over the age of 18, in good physical condition and those that werent high -and I know some of you out there are, he added.

As his voice took the volunteers deeper into a trance, he waited until they were calm, comfortable and fully relaxed to the point of being slumped over in their chairs before giving instructions.

To warm up the show, he got the volunteers to pretend they were sunbathing, which eventually got too hot, and soon they were fanning themselves and wiping their foreheads.

Moments later, they were shivering from cold, because the sun went down.

When Mecci asked them to stretch out in their beach loungers, one man fell completely over his chair, and continued to lay there in a comatose state as if nothing happened.

Members of the audience laughed, while others were dumb founded.

Then Mecci had them pretending to drive a car and waving to neighbours.

One lady was clearly a smoker.

Then he told them a truck was coming and cut them off, so they all veered their imaginary steering wheels to the right or left and slammed on their imaginary breaks.

Eventually, Mecci whittled the group down to five improv volunteers for the scenes to begin, and Mochrie appeared from the wings quipping these five would replace the regulars on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Brad Sherwood, Jeff B. Davis and Denny Siegel with Drew Carey hosting.

This hit show ran on ABC-TV from 1998 to 2007 and a revival of the show, Whose Line? aired on The CW network in 2013 with Mochrie. He also played Eugene on The Drew Carey Show "Cleveland Rocks and made many celebrity appearances including the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Mochries cherub, comedic appearance drew instant applause.

The first skit was a job interview, and the audience shouted out suggestions, which culminated in a job interview for a taxidermist specializing in pigs. He chose a female volunteer telling her this job is important to her, and she had to answer why she is the best one suited for the job.

She was convincing, but before he hired her, his final request was that she perform an interpretive dance expressing why pigs meant so much to her.

She had all the grace and flamboyant physicality of a ballerina, much to everyones surprise.

The next skit was a funeral for a pet, which the audience determined would be a pet snake named, Naomi that drowned.

Mochrie portrayed the minister delivering the eulogy.

More than one volunteer participated in mourning Naomi, noting why she meant so much to them, but the bizarre explanations of how she died far exceeded a Monty Python skit.

For one man, Naomi tragically fell from the rim of a punchbowl and drowned, presumably in alcohol. Like the movie, Snakes on A Plane, another man said Naomi inexplicably fell from a plane or hand glider, (not sure) but he didnt know how she got on the plane and believes she followed him there.

The responses were beyond sane, only to be made more humorous by Mochries quips, like the: Lord works in mysterious ways.

Another skit was set in a western town, and a sheriff, deputies and posse were appointed to hunt for kittens lost in a hole.

The female sheriff nailed the problem immediately by confronting the Mochrie gang stating: We got a pussy problem, and she aimed to fix it.

The gangs fought to death by using imaginary spongy pool noodles.

When Mochrie asked one man if dying hurt, he replied: It hurts like a son of a b%%%. Mochrie admitted the sheriff had a killer instinct, and just wouldnt die.

A volunteer, who presented like a closet Rockstar, was selected to sing a duet with Mochrie, which resulted in a blues rendition about a red-haired woman on fire.

Love hurts.

The final skit had the ensemble performing in a 1940s murder mystery that was commonplace on radio dramas, prior to the invention of television.

One lady was appointed to create all the incorrect sound effects for the show that provided a hilarious ending for a spontaneous and unforgettable night of genius, joy and delightful depravity.

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Here is what happened when a hypnotist put improv artists in a trance in St Catharines - ThoroldNews.com

Newcastle Rezerection in the Park dance festival reveals DJs and acts on its line-up – Chronicle Live

A outdoor dance music festival set to take place in Newcastle in June has revealed the DJs, MCs and acts who will perform.

The Rezerection brand will return to its home city of Newcastle for a huge outdoor party in Leazes Park on Saturday June 6, 2020.

Rezerection established itself in 1989 as a dance music promoter organising club nights in the North East and arranged huge all-night events in Scotland during the mid-90s.

Rezerection in the Park will see a line-up of the brand's favourite names performing in Leazes Park. The line-up includes Wanda Dee (The KLF), Dream Frequency, JX, Grooverider, Ultra-Sonic, N-Trance, Q-Tex, Shades of Rhythym and Bass-X.

A teaser for the festival reads: "1991. The city of Newcastle set the backdrop for what would become a dance- juggernaut. Rezerection was more than an event, it soon evolved into a movement, a way of life.

"After countless sell out shows and breaking records faster than they could be set, Rezerections rapid rise soon followed and inevitably set the start of something special.

"Whether its the 100s of Z tattoos emblazoned on the bodies of its dedicated fans or the obligatory name-check in Irvine Welshs cult classic Acid House, Rezerection is single- handedly responsible for not only writing a page in history, but being the authors of the whole book its sequel and the spin off box-set!!"

"Oozing legendary status whilst dictating the future. Often imitated yet never equaled."

Video Unavailable

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Wanda Dee (The KLF)

Dream Frequency, JX, Ultra-Sonic, N-Trance, Q-Tex, Shades of Rhythym, Bass-X

Grooverider, Lenny Dee, Neophyte, N-Joi, Utah Saints, Altern 8, Graeme Park, K-Klass, Promo, Ruffneck, Dyewitness

Slipmatt, Stu Allan, The DJ Producer, Scott Brown, Kutski, Alex Kidd, Anne Savage, Dark by Design, Mark EG, Dougal, Vibes, Seduction, Bass Generator, Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover, Selector C, Al Twisted, Smurf

Rob Da Rhythm, Semtex, Jeff Scott, Reklus, Si Frater, Richard Tulip, Phil Mackintosh, SLP, Andy Jackson, KRM, John Fazak, Daz Flatman, Tony Hutchinson, Mudfoot Blaps, DR N.R.G, Gary Keelor, Aidan Davis, Neil Hargreaves.

MCs - Magika, Cyclone, AEMS, Techno T.

Tickets on sale for 48.65 (including booking fees) from http://rezhomecoming.co.uk/tickets

Visit link:

Newcastle Rezerection in the Park dance festival reveals DJs and acts on its line-up - Chronicle Live

Where will Porter Robinson take us with first new album since ‘Worlds’? – Dance Music Northwest

Just three weeks into this new decade, Porter Robinson fans across the globe can be heard rejoicing. The poster child for commitment to a creative direction in electronic music announced his second album will be released sometime in 2020, titledNurture.

In addition to Tuesdays surprise announcement, the first single off the album, Get your Wish, released January 29th. Following a six-year drought since last releasing under the Porter Robinson project, we cant help but wonder what direction the new album will take.

Back in 2011, the OWSLA-released Spitfire EP showcased Porters vision of melding complextro with elements of trance music. Although the project was one of his earliest on a major label, it blew up so quickly the Beatport servers crashed on its release.

Ultimately, his next release Language laid the context for his first full-length album, Worlds, to come out three years later. Favoring a more melodic and bass-driven sound, countless artists credit Porter Robinson as inspiration for their own music. Already blurring the bounds between subgenres within electronic music, Worlds harbored the idea of a transformative and surreal concept album.

But after the immediate worldwide success of Worlds, Porter didnt continue pumping out additional singles. Instead his Virtual Self project took hold, as a way to experiment with an alternate, glitchier sound. After the Virtual Self EP picked up a Grammy nomination, we celebrated, but subconsciously feared the Porter Robinson project would ultimately be put to rest.

Above all, we expect to be surprised with anything Porter releases this coming year. This first single will give us a much clearer sense of the upcoming albums direction, but we hope it includes elements of the hugely emotional drops Porters amassed a following from. Were also looking forward to hearing how the heavy-bass and trance Ghost Voices influences his new album.

After promising fans he put his entire heart into this album, we should rest assured that its sure to bend the confines of electronic music and take us to another state of being. Tune into the first listen of his new single here,stay tuned for the official release date of Nurture.

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Where will Porter Robinson take us with first new album since 'Worlds'? - Dance Music Northwest

Sonic the Hedgehog 2020: we reveal the soundtrack, trailer, cast and release date – Classic FM

30 January 2020, 13:31 | Updated: 30 January 2020, 13:33

The speedy blue hedgehog first found his fame as the protagonist in Segas popular video game series and now theres a new movie inspired by his adventures. Heres everything you need to know about the live-action remake and its soundtrack.

Adventure comedy film, Sonic the Hedgehog, tells the story of a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog who comes to Earth from another dimension in an attempt to escape corrupt forces.

Based on Segas 1991 video game franchise of the same name, the live-action remake stays true to Sonics character and design, giving him the ability to run at supersonic speeds and curl into a ball as a means of attacking his enemies.

After Sonic accidentally causes a mass power outage on Earth, the government hires evil scientist and inventor, Dr. Robotnik, to hunt him down and use his powers for world domination.

Keen to evade capture, Sonic joins forces with Tom Wachowski, a friendly human sheriff who quickly becomes his best friend and does all he can to help the hedgehog.

Read more: Michael Jackson probably composed the music for Sonic the Hedgehog so why is he uncredited? >

A debut for American filmmaker Jeff Fowler, Sonic the Hedgehog features a stellar cast including popular actor, writer and comedian, Jim Carrey, who plays evil Dr. Robotnik.

Carrey is well known for his whacky film roles, including previous appearances in the 1994 comedy classics, The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Meanwhile, American actor, singer and former model, James Marsden, has been cast as Tom Wachowski, while actor Ben Schwartz (known for House of Lies and for portraying Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on the NBC show, Parks and Recreation) provides the voice and facial motion capture of lead character, Sonic.

When Sonic first hit our screens as part of Segas video game series, Masato Nakamura (bassist and songwriter of the J-pop band, Dreams Come True), was commissioned to write the soundtrack.

For the upcoming movie, Dutch DJ, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Tom Holkenborg, has penned the score.

Also known as Junkie XL, or JXL, the 52-year-old composer first became known for his trance productions, and has made remixes for the likes of Scissor Sisters, Depeche Mode and Fatboy Slim.

Since then, he has moved into the world of film and worked with the legendary Hans Zimmer on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as penning the scores for Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Tomb Raider.

The official soundtrack for Sonic the Hedgehog is still to be released, but if its anything like the music in the trailer (watch above), then were expecting plenty of video game nostalgia.

The official release date for Sonic the Hedgehog is January 25 2020 in the UK and 14 February 2020 in the US.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2020: we reveal the soundtrack, trailer, cast and release date - Classic FM

The power of language in The Topeka School – The Trinitonian

Illustration by Andrea Nebhut

When Ben Lerner was my age, he was a Fulbright Scholar, he was in the running to be a MacArthur fellow and he would go on to enter into many other clubs that end with the illustrious title of fellow. That preface is to maintain the fact that my review of his book The Topeka School doesnt come from the standpoint of a seasoned literary reviewer but from a growing admirer, one who stumbled upon the book because it was shortlisted for another sort of award. That is, it was on Barack Obamas list of favorite books he read in 2019.

Set in Ben Lerners hometown of Topeka, Kansas, the book follows members of the Gordon family Adam, Jane and Jonathan with each chapter dedicated a specific character. None of the family stories throughout the novel follows a linear chronology but each starts in 1997.

Adam is a debate star with a quintessential high school romance weighing on his mind, Jane enters a prosperous time in her writing career, and Jonathan is in a period of malaise in his psychiatric practice. The pace and direction of the novel is led by the books other main character Darren. His chapters are brief, styled in italics and intend to capture the mind of a developmentally disabled individual.

From there, Lerner jumps the reader through varying points in each of his characters chaotic lives. At times, these jumps are disorienting and the perspective of his characters are unclear; the only mooring is the beginning of a new chapter.

In between the sections that focus on the Gordon family is the timeline of Darren, a man trapped in adolescence, an adolescence that Lerner uses to symbolize America. Lerner reveals through the characters of his novel how they each display their own degrees of adolescence, each a part of regressive engine that has become the American zeitgeist.

Much of The Topeka School is eerily beautiful, from its descriptions of Adams addled mind to its haunting retelling of the traumas of Janes life. Yet what I believe to be the most powerful aspect of the novel is Lerners playful and deliberate use of language and how through each of the characters stories. Lerner discusses the various techniques Adam uses to harness the dominating force that is language, juxtaposing that with Janes use of language as a conduit for the pains and struggles of being a mother.

Comparing to both of them, Lerner uses Jonathan as a vessel to discuss the idea of the breaking down of language or the complete forgoing of conventional speech patterns and the speaker entering a trance-like state where they have no idea what the words they speak are or how they know them, yet they understand them.

This deconstruction of language is mirrored in the novel by its subtle documenting of the slowly growing divide in America. Lerner alludes to how middle America grew isolated and hateful while the coasts grew elite and arrogant and how a fundamental breakdown of language as a means of communication thus created what Lerner calls the spread. The spread is a debate tactic where the speaker overwhelms their opponent with a gargantuan amount of arguments, leaving them no time to cover all of them and all the arguments that go unchecked are then scored as a victory for the user of the spread.

For Lerner, the spread is how America uses language not as a tool of communication and understanding, but one of dominance and power, where one doesnt intend to listen to the other side but just wants to silence them with their own thoughts.

His novel doesnt end with a solution to the problem. In many ways his novel is more a report to the academy that is America right now, meant to stifle the current discourse and wake us up from the daze we are in; to stir America from the adolescent slumber it has been in for far too long.

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The power of language in The Topeka School - The Trinitonian

Chernobyl, selfies and radioactive raves: The art project illuminating our dark obsession with disaster – The Independent

Lasers danced across a teetering steel structure and poi dancers swirled fluorescent batons. At the foot of this spectacle was a ringmaster artist and DJ Valeriy Korshunov, clad in a gold cape sending a trance soundtrack whirling into the tainted air.

It was as if Burning Man, or at least a part of Glastonbury, had landed in this unlikely festival site the Dugaradar in Chernobyls exclusion zone. Korshunovs company Artefacts aim was to create the largest digital sculpture in the world, and in doing so, he put on thisradioactive rave. On the face of it a resistible offer, something powerful propelled me into this tainted space to witness Korshunovs sinister but sublime son et lumiere on the vast metal frame.

A danse macabre it might have been, but Korshunovs post-fallout piece is part of a national florescence. Ukraine, Europes second poorest country, is presenting itself anew to the world and one can make the case that 2019 has seen the emergence of cool Ukrainia (as it turns out, its country branding was inspired by the UKs efforts). With EU accession on the cards, Ukraine is having a cultural moment that repudiates the world of fake news, associated with the old Soviet overlords and their supporters.

Sharing the full story, not just the headlines

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Chernobyl, selfies and radioactive raves: The art project illuminating our dark obsession with disaster - The Independent

The Evolution of Dance Music Genres in the 2010s – EDMTunes

Believe it or not the 2010s are over. Whats even stranger than that is realizing that EDM as we know it has existed entirely within this decade. Every event, every evolution, every EDM blog all began in the 2010s. Sure dance music existed in some form (trance, techno, prog) existed prior to 2010, but it was an entirely different thing back then. In this article we trance the evolution of EDM in the 2010s through the rise and fall of various genres.

The beginning of the decade saw EDM starting to come together as we came to know it today. David Guetta had shown the dance music world that dance music tracks could push into the mainstream. At this time Swedish House Mafia begin to make it big with hits like One and Miami 2 Ibiza. The group also released their first documentary, Until One, which capped off with the groups first performance at Ultra Music Festival.

In the Progressive House realm, Calvin Harris was riding high with tracks like You Used To Hold Me and Avicii began his rapid ascendancy. Avicii was all over the XM Radio BPM and Electro channels with legendary tracks like Insomnia, My Feelings For You, and Seek Bromance.

Also at this time, Electro began to rise with deadmau5 releasing his 4 x 4 = 12 album. Of course, trance continued humming along with the release of Armin van Buurens Mirage album as well.

This mini-era tracks the rise and fall of Swedish House Mafia. This period was the reign of Progressive Anthem House, Dubstep, and Electro. All of the biggest names in EDM rose to prominence here. Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, Zedd, Tiesto, Porter Robinson, Dada Life, Bingo Players, Calvin Harris, Hardwell, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Fedde Le Grand, deadmau5, you name it.

In this period youll find hundreds of legendary singles, as you had tracks pumping out from big labels like Spinnin and Armada but also the labels of each of the SHM boys.

This was also the era that the EDM festival grew into a global phenomenon. EDC Las Vegas started in 2011 after its messy year in LA in 2010. Tomorrowland had its most legendary editions in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The most-watched festival aftermovie of all time is Tomorrowlands 2012 edition. This was also the time when Ultra and Tomorrowland began livestreamining the festivals, making fans all over the world feel FOMO for the very first time.

Also within this era was the short-lived but well remembered Complextro era. This was Electro that was sped up and intensified by DJs like Porter Robinson, Zedd, and Wolfgang Gartner. Just as quickly as it rose, it fell as Zedd and Porter abandoned the sound completely after 2013.

Of course this era capped off when Swedish House Mafia announced their breakup. The final shows at Ultra 2013 marked the end of this era. Swedish House Mafia led the Anthem House movement, and things changed without them at the top.

The next major era of EDM began in the golden age, but through a track that was actually made earlier. Quintino and Sandro Silvas smash hit Epic, was actually released in 2011. However, the track began a new life as a festival staple when EDM festivals took off. Everybody was dropping it and the crowd was loving it every time. Swedish House Mafia famously incorporated it into their sets along with other big room tracks like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mikes Wakanda.

Big Room officially came into its own when Tiestos Musical Freedom label dropped a bomb called Cannonball onto the EDM world. This track exploded and the resulting obsession caused DJs all over the scene to emulate the style and Big Room was born. This culminated in the biggest track of the big room era, Tremor. This one surged in popularity years after its release and still remains a huge festival banger.

The leader of this era was Hardwell as his Ultra 2013 set catapulted him into the stratosphere. He captured the Big Room sound completely and he pushed Big Room forward more than anybody else in that era. He took the mantle of closing Ultra after SHM and his Revealed label released dozens of huge tracks.

This was the era when the undercard DJs of 2011 and 2012 began to reach headliner status. Alesso, Dannic, Showtek, Porter Robinson, R3hab, Zedd and others rose to fill the void left by Swedish House Mafia.

The growth in Big Room also dovetailed into a resurgence of trance. Beginning in 2012 trance began to flirt with Big Room sounds thanks to DJs like W&W, Dash Berlin, and of course Armin van Buuren. W&Ws The Code grew into a festival smash and showed the successful merging of trance and big room sounds. Then the duo remixed Armin van Buurens This Is What It Feels Like, and became legends. Trance grew into one of the bigger genres in this period through the Big Room sound and artists like Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery, and Cosmic Gate were playing mainstage sets.

By 2015 everybody had hit Big Room fatigue. The copycat movement had turned every producer into a Big Room producer, and something fresh was needed. It turned out that once again, Tiestos Musical Freedom label was going to launch a new artist and a new trend. Oliver Heldens became the vehicle that began Future House, which was a slightly more energetic version of deep house that focused on grooves. This sound grew and grew and became the new bandwagon trend. Everybody ditched Big Room to start making Future House. Soon, Future House led to further exploration of Deep House.

On the other end of the spectrum, Trap music was exploding in popularity. It started out as Festival Trap, which was a trap remix of big room festival anthems. Then trap music grew into its own phenomenon, blending rap and hip-hop with EDM sounds. This scene evolved continuously until EDM began blending completely into hip-hop and even pop.

This era also began to downswing of major music festivals. We saw the bubble burst with TomorrowWorld going down in flames and bringing SFX with it. We saw a number of other festivals canceled as well, leading to a major shift in strategy. During this time we saw the rise of genre-festivals and sub-brands like Dreamstate, Resistance, and so on. By 2017 a number of mainstage DJs decided to return to trance and leave the mainstage scene.

By 2017 the EDM world had become more fragmented than ever before. There really was no copycat genre anymore. Like the explosion of TV channels and on demand-content, there was a subgenre and a scene for everybody. Big Room and all of its remnants were gone and the mainstage EDM sound had evolved to the point where it was very much like pop music. Artists like The Chainsmokers, Major Lazer, Alesso, Calvin Harris, and Zedd began chasing pop music stardom. They dropped most of the EDM elements from their music and focused on catchy hooks and singable lyrics.

The producers of uplifting melodic Anthem House from the Golden Era that failed to evolve were left behind. Storied labels like Steve Angellos SIZE Records went practically silent.

Trap had grown into a fully-fledged Bass Music scene, comprising dubstep, trap, hip-hop, future bass, and bass house. Bass House (G House) evolved from Future House and was a bit more punchy and dubstep-oriented. It blew up the festival scenes, with its own stages and sometimes even taking over entire festival lineups. G-House was so big that it could take over 2 stages at a major festival or host its own events. Many of todays biggest names like NGHTMRE, Tchami, Malaa, SLANDER, JOYRYDE, Slushii, etc all came from this scene.

Notably, you had artists like Marshmello that began in the bass music scene, gaining his street credibility before ditching the niche for the mass appeal of mainstage pop music audiences.

In this time trance music peaked and began its downfall. Vini Vicis Great Spirit dominated trance in 2017 and pushed trance to new heights. As the floor fell out from the mainstage sounds, many DJs began wandering back to their trance roots. Arty, Sander van Doorn, and W&W all began new trance oriented projects in 2017 and they all performed at Ultras ASOT Stage. However, the Vini-Vici style psytrance sound smothered trance music and stumped its development. This among other things led to trances downfall.

At the end of the decade, trance saw its biggest contraction since its inception. At regional festivals the trance stages were eliminated entirely and replaced by house stages. Armins A State of Trance was kicked out of Ultras Megastructure to make way for 3 days of techno. To make things even worse, Armin lost access to Tomorrowlands Freedom Stage due to its collapse. Anecdotally, many of the trancefam began migrating to other genres. Trance continued on, but many of their biggest names like Armin van Buuren, Andrew Rayel, Cosmic Gate, and Vini Vici took their sets to the mainstage.

In its wake came the rise of underground music. Techno, House, Tech-House, and its variants grew into the dominant sound in dance music. It all began in a sense when Ultra launched its Resistance sub-brand. By the end of the decade, EDC was promoting its own Factory 93 brand to compete with Resistance. The world of 2019 for techno was like the world of 2013 was for EDM. The events were plentiful and reasonably priced, the lineups were insane and never boring, the tracks were new and unknown, and the sets actually flowed from beginning to end without stops to jump on the mic.

The rise of techno dovetailed well with the shift towards genre, label, or artist events. Sure Tomorrowland, Ultra, and EDC continued on as normal, but now there were festivals within the festivals. You have Resistance with its own section of Ultra and that mindset carried on to separate events. The smaller regional festivals were replaced by single-genre or label events. You saw Above & Beyonds Weekender and the rise of Excisions Lost Lands along with Armins ASOT Festival making new stops in the US.

The mainstage scene at the end of the decade is a bit of a mess, without any clear identity. You have your major headliners that arent going anywhere like Alesso, David Guetta, Tiesto, Marshmello, The Chainsmokers et al. Below them is usually a random assortment of artists that may or may not be good. The return of Swedish House Mafia did not bring about a renewed Golden Era like we all hoped, and so the mainstages have become quite stale. However some festivals like Tomorrowland are using the mainstage to let audiences sample a little bit from each of its side stages. Theyre treated to Charlotte de Witte, Kolsch, Da Tweakaz, and other names youd never see on a mainstage at Ultra.

As we begin a new decade the underground scene is flourishing, but who knows what time will bring. The amount of evolution in 1 decade is staggering, so we should expect just as much evolution in the next decade. Will EDM go the way of disco and stay confined to one decade? We doubt it.

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The Evolution of Dance Music Genres in the 2010s - EDMTunes

Trance of gold | Cover Story – Mag The Weekly Magazine

Didnt it feel like everything just glimmered in gold this season? Spring through winter, gold dominated our wardrobes, add-ons and the fashion runways across the world and found its way in all the trends that followed, be it Eastern or Western, daytime look or night, street style or showstopping classy, gold shone through triumphant. Were predicting its going to keep shining next year too! Pair gold earrings with a solid black outfit and let the metallic sparkle add character and class to your look.

Even the most intricate of chain-links in gold around your neck amp your OOTN. And if you want thicker, bolder, louder chain-links, around your wrist is the way to go.

If there are some things you cannot go wrong with, trends that just dont run through their time on the radar, then its animal print. Pants, tops, jumpsuits, skirts the good ol animal print is chic enough for all seasons and a look anyone can pull off if paired with the right attitude.

Another one that has us skeptic at first but pairs oh-so-well is denim on denim. Currently trending, it is the epitome of effortless that works for casual step out, shopping sprees, dine outs and girls night out. On the makeup radar, weve already given our vote to gold. A swipe of shimmering gold and eyes lined in black is a look for all occasions.

Hair, Makeup, Styling & Photography: AKIF ILYASModel: Anmol

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Trance of gold | Cover Story - Mag The Weekly Magazine

Extravagant Photos of the Underground Techno Scene – VICE UK

Suitcase in hand and without knowing a scrap of English, Spanish photographer Kiev Ro, 28, arrived in the UK in 2012. Originally from the north of Spanish island Mallorca far from the vomit-strewn streets of Magaluf Kiev had never really been attracted to clubbing. That changed when he discovered the techno and trance scene in London.

At KAOS in Electrowerkz and gay parties such as Dirty Diana, Kiev started to meet like-minded people who became the inspiration for his photography. Seven years on, hes channelled his love of partying into these photographic portraits of the capitals late-night ravers.

VICE: Tell us a bit of your background why did you move to London? Kiev Ro: I got here in 2012 from Mallorca. I didnt use to go out as much. When I arrived in London, it was like an explosion of a lot of people and different things that you wouldnt see in Spain or anywhere else. Here everything is more visible than in a small island such as Mallorca. I came here and I started to meet a lot of people and to go out. I had been looking for a job in Spain but I couldnt find anything I came and I loved it here. I thought, Im not going anywhere.

Why did you decided to come to London in the first place? I had never been here before. I grabbed my suitcase, bought my flight ticket and came here. There wasnt anything behind it I didnt even speak English, zero. It was the easiest place that came to my mind. I didnt want to stay in Spain because I thought I didnt had many options back there. I love Madrid and Barcelona, I wouldnt mind living there, but I really like it here and I dont know how things would be if I were to move there. I feel like in a way I belong here [in London] now.

Were you involved in photography before coming to the UK?Yeah some, but not based in the same topics and subjects I photograph here. Here is completely different. I started photographing what I saw. I started going out in queer places and my mind expanded in [a] certain way to see that, having not been exposed to it in Mallorca. I started taking pictures basically for that. I wanted to somehow grab all the information that I was seeing and archive it Thats why I started photographing.

Youve been studying at London College of Contemporary Arts. What has your work taken from it?I started studying there last year, but its not entirely related to the kind of photography Im most interested in My photography isnt really technical, it has a style of social [realism] but its not photography of perfection, like the one you do in university or art school.

How did you start getting commissioned for techno parties in London like Volt?I knew Polanski, who is one of the organisers [of Volt] and Antonio because I used to go out partying with him before taking pictures. I used to go out a lot and met a lot of people in the scene. It was like [it] all blended in together, no?

Now I dont go out as much in that way Im more chill. But when I came here I said to myself, I [want to go] big, and tried to meet people. I needed to see and take in everything to the max.

How do normally people react to you photographing them in clubs?Sometimes I think to myself: everyone must be thinking that Im really invasive when I just flash a picture in their faces... In general, people do react well. It depends on how you get around. If you are a bit cool and dance a bit around, not necessarily dancing, but if they feel that you are there with them not just looking... Normally everything is fine. People tend to get more uncomfortable if you are like an outsider and only there to take the picture, which has never been my case because Im always partying and dancing as well as enjoying the night.

Whats the best party and where do you find the most interesting people?People are mostly the same in all the parties I go to I love Fold, its really cool; I love Unfold on Sundays; Corner, I really like it. I started going out a lot to KAOS in Electrowerkz. I know the people who put on their parties as well. I like Inferno as well.. Theres a lot in London. Papa Loko is great.

Have you been around Europe much and its dance music scenes?I came back from Greece not long ago. I was in a place called Koukles, which is like an old drag show from like the 80s or 90s very cool. But other than that I havent moved around a lot... Here in London, the looks and and scene is so strong and the people that I meet are so visually powerful that having documenting London, when I go somewhere else, it doesnt strike me as much.

Have you experienced a more closed-minded environment since Brexit?I now have my permanent [immigration] status but I dont know what is going to happen I dont want to think about it... Its really sad because London is a lot more than this whole thing [of Brexit]. Theres a lot of people who bring a lot to the city in an artistic or creative way maybe it doesnt give a lot of money but it brings a lot of visibility to London and the UK in general and it helps tourism as well.

Is photography your main source of income?Im now studying and I have a job one day a week in a little cafe and then sporadic jobs. Yesterday I worked at the door of a club.

Your work is principally portraits why? What I really like is to find the difference in little things that, for me, are very beautiful. I never think of them as weird... The reality is that the people I photograph are people I know. Most of them are friends or people I met at parties. I dont see a weirdness in them because Im one of them!


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Extravagant Photos of the Underground Techno Scene - VICE UK

John-Luke Roberts: ‘Ive never laughed at something as much as Allo Allo when I was seven’ – The Guardian

The funniest sketch Ive ever seen

Theres a sketch in Chris Morriss Jam where a fight breaks out over some poppadoms and it doesnt really bear describing but it has me in hysterics every time.

Comedies Id watch again and again: The Comeback, The Day Today, The (American) Office. But Ive probably never laughed at something as much as Allo Allo when I was seven and I didnt understand the jokes.

I had a T-shirt with the Bristol Stool Chart on it when I was 17. Oh my lord, I just remembered I wore it on a Friday night out in Newcastle city centre.

If you wear a T-shirt with the Bristol Stool Chart on it, no one will laugh at your terrible spiky hair.

I was doing a sort of sublimated patricidal revenge show where I performed as my dead dad in a huge suit filled with balloons. I made some comment about hoping he wouldnt haunt it, and a balloon 10ft away from me burst. Beautiful timing on my dads part.

Kilroy Loops on YouTube. Its a video made from all of Robert Kilroy-Silks introductions to his TV show edited together. Thats it. About the two-minute mark youll find yourself entering a sort of trance-like hysteria.

John-Luke Roberts: After Me Comes the Flood (But in French) tours 18 January to 14 March

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John-Luke Roberts: 'Ive never laughed at something as much as Allo Allo when I was seven' - The Guardian

CamelPhat Welcomes 2020 With New Year’s Eve Mix – We Rave You

British duo CamelPhat (Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala) bring us the heat in December with their New Years Eve mix featured on Beats 1 Radio. The end of the decade treated the pair well, as they released massive hits such asPanic Roomfeaturing Au/Ra,Breathe featuring Cristoph and Jem Cooke andBe Someonefeaturing Jake Bugg.

The one-hour mix features a bunch of originals by CamelPhat as well as some lesser-known tracks such as the mix openerCrying Out (Praying Woman)by Oliver Knighta stellar track to lure us into the set. CamelPhat then brings our attention to more trance and techno during the heart of the set featuring songs such asOrbital by ARTBAT andWhere Is HomebyGuy Mantzur and Khen. The mix closes out on a rather sentimental note withCristoph andTemper Traps remix ofSweet Disposition.If youre looking for a stellar mix to begin 2020, look no further.

We cannot wait to see what CamelPhat has in store for us in the new decade, but we know its going to rock our world.

Click here for the complete tracklist of CamelPhats NYE Mix on Beats 1 Radio.

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CamelPhat Welcomes 2020 With New Year's Eve Mix - We Rave You

Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep wraps up the decade with ‘Best of 2019’ mix – We Rave You

Founded in 2005 by the legends Above & Beyond and James Grant, Anjunadeep has been home to some of the best deep progressive trance songs and a lighthouse for upcoming talent, becoming the ultimate platform for this genre. Now, few days away from closing down the decade, the London-based label is following up the Best of Anjunadeep 2009-2019 playlist, with a special Best of 2019 mix.

For their 284th episode, Anjunadeep has released this very special Best of 2019 mix on their weekly The Anjunadeep Edition radio show featuring the labels favourite and finest tracks of the year. Several styles and sounds from plenty of different artists can be appreciated throughout this extended 9-hour long mix. To know to what extent this label is diverse and gives visibility and relevance to talent, this mix only includes one track from the label founders Above & Beyond, which in fact is not even their original track, as it is theSimon Dotyoutro edit of the trios recent track Dont Leave.

It compiles tracks from mixes by the best and most renowned deep artists of the year in the 228th (by Luttrell), 244th (by Marsh), 248th (by Lane 8), 262nd (by the mentioned Simon Doty) and 265th (by co-founder James Grant) episodes of the radio show. This compilation simply takes you to an electronic music journey, where you can really note the diversity in production style and choice of elements by the artists featured on the mix. However, the most impressive thing overall, is the high quality level of the artists and their amazing musical outcomes.

Reaching this point, a big heads up must be for the Anjunadeep A&R team that has displayed an amazing work getting and retaining this big amount of qualified talented producers. Hopefully, this next decade will be filled once more with massive Anjunadeep tunes.

Listen to The Anjunadeep Edition 284: Best of 2019 mix below:

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Above & Beyond's Anjunadeep wraps up the decade with 'Best of 2019' mix - We Rave You

[Event Review] W&W Celebrate the First Hours of 2020 at Singapores Marquee – EDMTunes

Ever since the internationally-renowned Marquee had opened in Singapore last April, locals and tourists alike have flocked over for the impressive lineup.

Touting an indoor Ferris wheel and a three-storey slide, Marquee is basically the perfect backdrop to dance the night away. We decided to take that one step further, and to dance the year away there. Having already hosted the likes of Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren; we had expected nothing less for the clubs first ever New Years Eve celebrations. And to our content, W&W was announced as their honored guest for the years most anticipated night.

Dutch duo W&W have had an amazing year in 2019, drawing wide recognition with their Tomorrowland set, and their Rave Culture event at ADE. On top of that, their latest b2b with Timmy Trumpet as 2=1 has opened up a new door of creative opportunities, as the 2=1 brand looks to stay with the three coming together again at EDC Mexico in March. On top of that, 2019 also fostered the growth of NWYR, W&Ws pathway to reconnect with their trance roots, which fans love oh so much.

We had arrived at Marquee just before 2020 came along, hoping that we would be able to step into the new year with W&W themselves. In the end, the clubs resident DJ hosted the countdown, but the NYE atmosphere was strong regardless, with champagne bottles being popped all around.

The venue became increasingly crowded as partygoers who may have counted down elsewhere headed over to Marquee to catch W&Ws set.

Regulars at Marquee would have known that the guest DJ set typically starts at 1:30am. So by 1am, the club was packed, with attendees starting to hold their fingers in a w sign, cheering for W&W. And as expected, the duo emerged on the DJ platform at 1:30am sharp.

Needless to say, crowds went crazy as Willem and Ward dished out banger after banger, showcasing both their own iconic tracks as well as other sub-genre classics. Throughout the night, fans were treated to rave classics such as Arcade Mammoth, Rave Culture, as well as their quintessential remix of God is a Girl. Their latest single Tricky Tricky with Timmy Trumpet was also a crowd favourite, alongside Mind Control, the newest release on their NWYR alias.

W&Ws two-hour set ended strong, leaving nothing but high energy and positive vibes for 2020 ahead. I mean, how can the year be bad if we were also told that W&W will be creating rave magic with Timmy Trumpet once again! And beyond that, the boys have revealed to us in an exclusive interview that theres a pending collaboration with Lucas & Steve!

We already cant wait to see these projects come to light in 2020! Check out the full interview to catch up on what else to expect in the coming year.

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[Event Review] W&W Celebrate the First Hours of 2020 at Singapores Marquee - EDMTunes

Out of bone flakes? No worries for I have other means of predicting the future – The Daily News Online

I am out of bone flakes. Now, this usually doesnt cause me trepidation because in the past, all I had to do was make a call to my bone flake dealer and voila! A drone arrives on my doorstep the next day.

My bone flake dealer, however, is dead, something I actually predicted would happen when I made my yearly predictions last year.

My studious readers will recall that a year ago I wrote that My bone flake dealer will die this year.

And he did.

Except that now I am out of bone flakes, which are the key ingredient for my potion that helps me see the future. Amazon says my shipment will arrive in six to 10 days.

Now, with the new year already three days old, I am in a quandary.

As luck would have it, though ...well, not luck but Google, I was able to find a simple potion made from various items I found right here at work, on my desk.

(A note: Its technically not my desk. My desk is over there but my computer, like my bone flake dealer, died in 2019 and I had to move to Toris old desk, Tori being a girl who worked here on occasion and is now in the Adirondacks but who left her desk a mess full of her things.)

Heres what I put together: A Mutual of Omaha beer koozie, a miniature version of the Chrysler building, colored gel pens, a broken stapler, a granola bar and three packets of Burger King pepper.

Google tells me to put all the ingredients in a basket and throw them into the Dumpster, which I did.

Within minutes, I was sitting back at the desk, my brain mired in a trance.

Here is what I see in the year 2020, in no particular order ...

The Buffalo Bills will win a playoff game. Today, actually. My faithful readers will remember that I correctly picked every playoff win the Bills have ever had, in part because of my bone flake stew but also because I pick them to win every year.

Tensions will rise, then fall, then rise in the Middle East. Some people will die.

I see a long winter with snow a distinct possibility, mixed in sometimes with rain.

Dozens of people will be trampled, some to death, by great herds of angry deer on State Street.

Speaking of deer, City Council will embark on an exhaustive, 10-year Master Plan on how to address the ongoing deer problem.

President Donald Trump will continue to Tweet his every waking and non-waking thought this year.

The Stock Market will fluctuate, sometimes wildly.

Democrat presidential hopefuls, after their 187th debate, decide to have a Battle Royal, sometimes known as a Battle Royale, to choose a candidate.

Jesse The Body Ventura is named the next Democrat presidential candidate after slinging Bernie Sanders over the top rope, by his hair.

In a Tweet, Donald Trump announces that he is the next Republican candidate and names Sgt. Slaughter as his running mate.

Summer in Western New York will feature some sun, warmth and a few rainy nights.

Vladimir Putin announces that he will not, in any way, shape or form, conspire with any presidential candidate to sway the election.

Just weeks before the ELECTION, Donald Trump Tweets YA russkiy, which is reminiscent of President Kennedys most famous Tweet: Ich bin ein Berliner!

n Thousands of people at a rally somewhere in the Deep South or Texas are shown waving their YA russkiy flags and Make Russian Great Again hats or MRGA for short.

At the final presidential debate before the ELECTION, Jesse The Body Ventura hoists Trump over this head and performs his signature move, The Body Breaker, much to the delight of CNN.

And now, the much-awaited prediction for who will win the presidential ELECTION ...

What? My shipment of bone flakes has arrived?

Thank the aligned stars.

Now, where did I put my pestle?

Scott DeSmit is a general assignment reporter for The Daily News and a world-renowned prognosticator. He can be reached at desmitmail@yahoo.com or with any working Ouija board.

The fork ratings are based primarily on food quality and preparation, with service and atmosphere factored into the final decision. Reviews are based on one unsolicited, unannounced visit to the restaurant.

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Out of bone flakes? No worries for I have other means of predicting the future - The Daily News Online

Armin van Buuren Unveils the ASOT Top Tune of the Year – EDM.com

Every yearArmin van Buurenhosts the Top 50 Countdown on hisA State Of Tranceradio show. To land a spot on the list can help change the trajectory of a career. Yesterday, on #ASOT945, the legendary trance leader did just that by making two artists' dreams come true. The coveted title went to MaRLo and Fennixpawl for their smash hit "Lighter Than Air."

Tune in below at marker 3:56:46 to see van Buuren introduce the top spot. Watch as the two producers unveil their plaques with wholesome honor.

Richard Durand and Christina Novelli's "Save You" came in at number two, followed by van Buuren and Shapov's single "La Rsistance De LAmour." Each year, fans vote on who will land on the prestigious list and wait as they are unveiled on the four-hour episode. Debuted along with the Top 50 tracks are the complete 2019 statistics. Coming in at number one for the Top 10 Artist Plays and Top 10 Label Plays is none other than AvB and his label Armind.

A State of Trance 2019 Statistics

van Buuren is gearing up for the special A State Of Trance 950 event which will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands on February 15th, 2020. The radio show's 950th episode will host a diverse trance lineup under the theme "Let The Music Guide You." Tickets for ASOT 950 are available now and can be found here.

Facebook: facebook.com/astateoftranceTwitter: twitter.com/asotInstagram: instagram.com/asotlive


Armin van Buuren Unveils the ASOT Top Tune of the Year - EDM.com