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The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led regime has yet not finalised the much-awaited Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) despite being in power for the last two years. At the twilight of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)-led regime, the initial draft of STPF was prepared, but during the tenure of the caretaker setup in 2018, it was decided that the crucial policy level document should be deferred till coming of elected government after the general elections. Although, Advisor to PM on Commerce undertook policy reforms especially on front of tariff rationalisation after stretching powers of the Ministry of Commerce by reducing the domain of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the STPF could still not be finalised. Now the government is seriously thinking over unveiling STPF for five years from 2020-25 despite this fact that the PTI led tenure will end in 2023.

The government envisages jacking up exports to $46 billion over the next five years till 2025. The STPF for the next five years envisaged basic ills of Pakistans trade sector, and illustrated that during the last two decades, the global epicentre of growth gradually shifting to Asia, specifically in Pakistans proximity.

Since 2003, India, China and Bangladesh have increased their market share by 111 percent, 120 percent and 163 percent respectively. The South Asian region has also increased its share in the world market share by 88 percent. On the other hand, Pakistan has been an outlier in the high export growth zone, as its share in the global market has decreased by 23 percent since 2003.

Had Pakistans exports grown at the SAARC regions average growth rate, its export value should have been $ 66 billion in FY2019, instead of $23 billion.

In the global ranking of exporting countries, during the last 15 years, China has improved its ranking from 4th to 1st, India from 30th to 18th and Bangladesh from 68th to 54th. On the other hand, Pakistans ranking has dropped from 59th in 2003 to 69th in 2018.

Pakistans export performance during the last decade has been inconsistent. During 2008-10, the exports remained at around $18-19 billion; in 2010-11, the tailwind of international commodity bonanza (cotton and rice) enabled a quantum leap in exports from $19.3 billion to $24.8 billion; for the next three years (2011-14), the exports remained range-bound between $24 and $25 billion.

During 2014-17, exports declined by 19 percent to $ 20.4 billion, primarily due to 16 percent contraction of global market, 43 percent slump in global commodity price index and a sustained currency overvaluation of around 15 to 20 percent. During FY2018, exports had an impressive recovery of 14 percent, affected mainly by the 12 percent expansion in global trade, 10 percent recovery of commodity price index and the Prime Ministers Export Package.

In FY2019, exports remained stagnant at $23 billion. During the fiscal year 2018-19, the fundamentals of the export sector have significantly improved due to a set of policy measures.

First, the gradual rationalisation of exchange rate has improved the export competitiveness, by decreasing the cost, in dollar terms, of rupee- denominated inputs eg energy, wages, overheads and indigenous raw materials.

Second, the export sector remained insulated from hike in electricity and gas prices, though the impact has been passed on to the commercial and domestic consumers in the wake of price hike in the global energy market.

Third, the interest rates under export schemes ie Export Refinance Scheme and Long-Term Finance Facility have been retained at the previous level, despite the multiple rounds of policy rate increases by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Fourth, the import duties have been reduced on more than 2,000 raw materials of export-oriented industries in the two supplementary budgets (in October 2018 and March 2019) and the Annual Budget FY2020, with a cumulative annual relief of Rs40 billion.

Fifth, the support provided under the Prime Ministers Export Enhancement Package has been extended for three-years to lend predictability to the export-oriented investment.

Despite the above-mentioned tailwinds, export growth remains sluggish because of the offsetting impact of equally strong headwinds. First, the contractionary monetary policy has gradually increased the cost of capital, especially for the small and medium enterprises, which cannot secure concessionary finance under the export schemes.

Second, the availability of exportable surplus has shrunk as a natural corollary to the slow GDP growth. Third, despite a partial relief of customs duties on 1,635 raw materials in the Finance Act 2019-20, the tariffs on all other imports have been further increased, in turn, escalating the cost of doing business and generating anti-export bias.

Fourth, the volatility of exchange rate during the first half of 2019 increased exchange-rate risk for the exporters, since at the time of quoting the price they did not know how many rupees would be realised for a dollar when the export proceeds arrive after 6 to 9 months of production.

During the last 15 years, Pakistans imports have increased from $15.6 billion in FY2004 to $54.8 billion in FY2019 at a compound annual growth rate of 8.7 percent.

During FY2019, the imports declined to $55 billon, mainly due to (a) exchange rate rationalisation making the imports expensive, (b) reduction in one-time imports of capital goods under CPEC projects, (c) tightening of regulatory controls on non-essential imports and (d) the demand compression due to sluggish GDP growth. The trend of import compression continues during the current financial year (FY2020) as well.

Though balance of payment remains an endemic concern for the economy, Pakistans imports-to-GDP ratio of 19 percent compares favourably with the comparator countriesChina 19 percent, India 23 percent, Bangladesh 23 percent, Thailand 56 percent and Malaysia 63 percent.

It means that for an economy of the size of above $300 billion, the import bill of $53 billion is not outrageous. The problem, however, remains the composition of the imports. A meagre four percent of total imports are used as inputs in the export-oriented production; whereas, 96 percent are either consumed directly as finished products or the raw materials for the goods consumed in the country.

Pakistans exports have remained range-bound between $20 and $25 billion during the last decade. The product portfolio remains constrictively concentrated few products exported by few exporters to few markets. The trade policies have not been able to alter the export paradigm over the decades.

The investment in industrial production has remained predominantly market- seeking and has seldom leveraged the domestic economies of scale to become competitive for export. Therefore, the policy advocacy by the industry remains protection-seeking rather than improving competitiveness and efficiencies.

The trade policy operates at three levels. At the bottom of the policy spectrum is the enterprise level interventions, which aim at creating entrepreneurial culture, supporting the SMEs to internationalise, and providing strategic short-term financial support through targeted time-bound incentives to boost their competitiveness.

The trade policies in Pakistan have predominantly focused on this policy level, with little planning for sunset scenarios. Though the cash transfers were able to win the buy-in of the policies by the exporting enterprises, such cash support is known to engender corruption and endemic inefficiencies.

The second policy level is the institutional framework which usually has a gestation period of 3-5 years. As the institutional inefficiencies and gaps increase the unease and cost of doing business, the policy interventions seek to optimise the performance of the existing trade support institutions (TSIs) and create new ones, wherever institutional gaps exist. Successive trade policy frameworks in Pakistan have attempted the reform of TSIs with mixed success.

The restructuring of existing institutions eg Trade Development Authority of Pakistan has encountered strong resistance to change and the establishment of new institutions eg EXIM Bank, Land Port Authority has taken longer than anticipated, due to internal bureaucratic impediments.

The third and most important trade policy level is the structural one that defines the strategic vision of exports. Trade policies in Pakistan at this level have been at their weakest to cover supply and demand sides.

On the supply side, there has been little appetite to invest in long-term structural reforms which extend beyond the tenures of political governments and government functionaries. On the demand side, the stakeholders of existing export sectors have a vested interest in continuation of financial support to the existing sectors and resist the structural reforms, which seek to supplant the existing sunset sectors with futuristic ones.

The writer is a staff member

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Who the Hell is Drunk Trance in Wichita Falls? [VIDEO] – 1063thebuzz.com

First of all, Trance is not a name you hear every day. Second, Trance, we need to address how you act at a standup show.

I know this video is old, but I just stumbled onto it this past weekend. Steve Hofstetter is a standup comedian who performed right here in Wichita Falls at the end of last year. Steve is a great comedian, but he is most famous for his videos that he posts online. The videos are of Steve berating hecklers. He does have his standup routine on there as well, but a lot of his videos are of his heckler interactions.

So I was actually watching a lot of his videos over the weekend and the next video up I hear. 'So we were performing in Wichita Falls.' My first thought was s***, this can't be good. Knowing our city, of course we had a video on his page. I also love how he said they did thirteen cities in Texas. Wichita Falls was the only one to have a heckler. Once again, good job Wichita Falls, you never disappoint.

So, let's talk about Mr. Trance. Steve ends his set by talking about his book he has for sale. It's about growing up in high school as a ginger kid. He tells a joke about someone asking him if it has sexual content in it. Basically, is the book safe for a younger kid to read? Trance decides to give his two cents and say, 'I hope so'.


Awesome, Wichita Falls is now known for wanting to read about minors having sex. Thanks Trance! Don't worry, this will not be the last we hear from him. The other stand ups have other merch they're selling that has to do with their jokes. A shirt that says cream pie and hat that says cocktown. Steve asks how many people would walk around Wichita Falls with a hat that says cocktown?

Trance yells out, "Only if the cocktown hat says creampie on the back!" Oh, thanks again Trance. Steve makes a joke about Trance not being allowed out often. Strike two. Trance then decides to ask a question during the Q&A. Oh, this will be good. "Have you ever met anyone named Trance?" Steve says no and Trance says, "Now you have". Awesome question Trance, I'm sure you finished at the top of your class at Rider or Old High.

Boy oh boy, just many awkward interactions throughout the show. Friendly reminder to Trance and the rest of Wichita Falls. I know you make think that standup comedian is talking right to you, but they're not. You should not be saying anything to them during a set. I thought this was known, but apparently in Wichita Falls we need reminding.

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Who the Hell is Drunk Trance in Wichita Falls? [VIDEO] - 1063thebuzz.com

PREMIERE: Dr. Zwig Helps A Young Friend Break Technology’s Trance On "Can You Feel This Love" [Watch] – Live for Live Music

Meet Dr. Adam Zwigpsychologist-musician, educator, and author. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology, has had 9 Top Ten hit singles on the U.S Adult Contemporary charts, and is an internationally renowned workshop leader and lecturer.His forthcoming book, Music in the Mayhem: Tales of Total Transformation from a Rock n Roll Psychotherapist, shows how life problems are not pathological but rather personal growth processes trying to happen. His podcast, The Dr. Zwig Show, just launched yesterday.

As if all of that wasnt enough to keep him busy, today, Dr. Zwig releases Can You Feel This Love, the first single from his forthcoming EP, and its accompanying music video exclusively via Live For Live Music. The full EP is set for a March 19th, 2021 release viaConscious Records.

The video for theDavid Bianco-produced track sees Dr. Zwig once again teaming up with directorLaban, the visual mind behind his previously-released visuals for Gusto God and Raising People. In the clip, we drop in on an idyllic, early-60s family dinner. The black-and-white,Leave It To Beaver-like aesthetic, however, quickly takes on an eerie new layer as we see the family members each wrapped up in their respective cellular devicesthe only sources of color and wonder in their drab reality.

As the droning tension continues to build, were shown a sterile, plastic version of emotionIlove your cooking, says the dad in a starkly disinterested tone, his eyes and attention buried deep in the screen in his hand. In a fleeting moment of mental resolve, the daughterour heroinebreaks herself free from the technologically-induced trance. After trying unsuccessfully to rouse her family from cyberspace, she proceeds to microwave her phone and set off in search of real lifeand full coloras the rhythmic pop of Dr. Zwigs sunny guitar part rolls in.

As our young protagonist explores the colorful world outside her smartphone, the video is intercut with Dr. Zwig and company playing and laughing along around a beachside campfire. As the sun sets, the daughter stumbles across the party on the beach and, as Zwigs warm, bright vocals ring out, she joins in on the funtruly feeling this love while her family remains wrapped up in their screens, ignoring the sparks and smoke billowing from her microwaved phone.

The song speaks to that which we need in order to heal and grow, not only within ourselves, but as a world community, as well. Dr. Zwig tellsLive For Live Music. We need to understand that lifes problems are meaningful and purposeful processes that aim at change and growth; theyre not meaningless events to ignore, suppress, or simply manage.

Check out the Live For Live Musicpremiere of Can You Feel This Love by Dr. Zwig below:

Dr. Zwig Can You Feel This Love (Official Video)

[Video: Dr. Zwig]

A true Renaissance man Dr. Zwig is also diving into his first-ever podcast, The Dr. Zwig Show, in which he merges psychology, communication theory, physics, neuroscience, and good old rock n roll to help listeners flip the script on negative states of mind. In each episode, DrZ will provide information and practical tools for transforming your problems. Stream the first episode of The Dr. Zwig Show below. New episodes arrive every Tuesday.

The Dr. Zwig Show Episode 1 Your Problems Are Your Personal Growth Trying to Happen

[Video: Dr. Zwig]

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Ben Gold Teases Weekly AMPLIFIED Show on Twitch in 6-Hour Set – The Nocturnal Times

Trance phenomenon, Ben Gold, will be launching his new weekly music show, AMPLIFIED today, Tuesday, September 1. Going live via Twitch, Ben will regularly host the show playing a plethora of trance, techno, and progressive hits, while incorporating his own familiars. Its his response to the pandemic putting live performances on pause, using AMPLIFIED to allow his fans & listeners to engage with him during this time that everyones at home.

This past Saturday night, fans around the world tuned into Bens Open to Close 6 hour set. Chock full of trance, techno, progressive, and all things trance lovers go crazy for in a Ben Gold performance, the 6 hours seemingly flew by. He previously teased out the set with an exclusive 30-minute mini-mix teaser to give fans a taste of what they can expect from the show, while the backdrop is designed to look like a traditional record shop, based on a Dot.Vinyl records store in London that he initially started out at.

After the summer, I had a series of AMPLIFIED shows in Europe and North America, I was really looking forward to playing them. Open-to-Close sets are what I enjoy playing the most. We were really close to completing the branding and creating the assets and content we needed for the show, it was really looking awesome! And then of course the pandemic hit.

I was streaming DJ sets live from my living room and I started to think how the AMPLIFIED concept would work online. Most of my 2020 has been a time of reflection; I started my career working in London at a record shop. I would hear all the white labels as they came in, talking to bedroom and famous DJs, I was literally on the front line of electronic dance music. And that is what AMPLIFIED sounds like. Ben Gold

Fans and listeners should still brace themselves for the official launch AMPLIFIED Warehouse Experience as it will possess its own unique stage set up accompanied by a mammoth 6-hour set from Gold. Starting on September 1st, tune in live to AMPLIFIED every Tuesday from 8pm Amsterdam, 2pm New York at http://www.twitch.tv/bengoldmusic.

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Ben Gold Teases Weekly AMPLIFIED Show on Twitch in 6-Hour Set - The Nocturnal Times

Learn About the Different Sub-Genres of House Music – One EDM

There are many different sub-genres of house music. If you want to find your own specific interest of house music, then there are some things you should know about.

Dance music is a broad category that covers various styles like salsa, rumba, zydeco, and reggaeton. Most people think of it when they think of house music. This is why house and other sub-genres are popular.

Rave is a sub-genre that is very hard to define. Rave music is very intense and often has a tempo that beats the pants off everything else. Thousands of people attend music festivals all at once.

Hip hop is another popular genre. It first played on the radio and many people now have it as their favorite genre. Hip-hop music is fast-paced and usually appeals to a large audience.

New wave is a more recent genre that was brought to the mainstream through the likes of Madonna. It is very fast paced and often times features a very feminine sound.

Techno is a similar genre to house music. This is extremely hard to define but is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of dance music today. Techno arrived in America during the 1980s when it appeared on TV. The sound is fast and generally has very funky beats.

Electronic music is any type of music that is electronic and contains samples and beats. There are many genres of electronic music that include trance, drum and bass, dubstep and progressive house.

Before deciding which sub-genre you would like to become a part of, it is important to research the different styles and genres and figure out what you enjoy the most. Once you have decided, you will have found your new favorite.

If you are looking for a great place to start learning about the different sub-genres of house music, try listening to the music on the radio. You will see which types of music interest you the most. From there, you can move on to learning about the different sub-genres of house music.

Most radio shows allow their listeners to send in their questions and get replies from DJs. This is a good way to learn about the different types of music and what listeners want to hear. If you love listening to the music on the radio then you may want to become a DJ yourself and start your own radio show.

In addition to radio shows, there are also websites that allow the listener to post comments or questions about the music they listen to. These radio shows can also give you ideas for new songs and sub-genres of house music to try.

The Internet is a great resource for learning about the different sub-genres. You can browse through different websites about a certain sub-genre. There are several sites where you can download free mp3s or buy CDs of songs that you like.

You can also listen to radio shows on the radio. Sometimes they will have a link to a website that can provide you with information on the sub-genre you are listening to and more. The advantage of listening to radio shows on the radio is that you are in a live setting.

Another option is to visit a local club and listen to a few different sub-genres of house music. You can find out what you like the most by asking questions to the DJ and learning from the club. If you want listen to a particular genre, you can even ask other club goers to recommend it.

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The Fahadh Faasil interview: ‘Cinema shouldn’t take away respect from women’ – The New Indian Express


Malayalam cinema star Fahadh Faasil, one of the most versatile actors of his generation with critically acclaimed films like "Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum"and "Kumbalangi Nights"to his credit, says it is important for him to have the freedom to choose his characters and they need not be the lead roles.

The National Award winner said his constant effort has been to ensure the liberty where he is not stuck in a particular image.

"What excites me is the film as a whole. I don't want to be good in one scene or be good in a bad movie. The film as a whole needs to be communicated well,"Faasil told PTI in a Zoom interview.

Citing the example of "Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum", the film for which he won the National Award, the actor said he was initially offered a different role but decided to opt for the character of chain-swallowing thief later.

"When I function like that, I have the freedom to choose my characters and they need not be the lead role. The constant effort is to not repeat myself as I don't want to get bored of my work,"he added.

The actor was launched in the industry by his filmmaker father, Fazil, at the age of 19 with romantic film "Kaiyethum Doorath"in 2002 but left for the US when the movie flopped. Seven years later, he made a comeback with a role in "Kerala Cafe"and Faasil has since worked hard to build an enviable filmography in Malayalam cinema.

The 38-year-old actor has been praised for his performance in, "Trance", "Maheshinte Prathikaaram"and Tamil film "Super Deluxe"among several more.

Asked whether there was an attempt to build a legacy of great roles, Faasil said he is not someone who plans future.

"I am not a future guy. I just owe it to my audience here. I never want them to wonder why this guy did this role. Even for my bad films, I want them to think that he was trying at least.

"I feel I am answerable to them. Also, I don't want to do anything that takes away the freedom I have to do what I want to do, the way I want to,"he said.

After "Kumbalangi Nights", he has now produced "C U Soon".

The actor, who also features in the movie, is excited about the thriller where most of the story unfolds through screens, which has become a way of life during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the film was shot during the lockdown and created on the edit table, he said.

"'C U Soon' is a very emotional story. It's about suffering. People are now on FaceTime and Google. The experience that we want to give for this film is that you might feel that the characters are on the other end of the phone. It could be that personal.

"The attempt is for the movie to go to the audience and experience it with all the emotional backing the script or the narrator deserves. People are very familiar to WhatsApp and other apps, but a film on that ground is going to be fresh,"the actor said.

Directed by Mahesh Narayanan, "C U Soon" is about a software engineer from Kerala (Fahadh) who has been assigned by his family to help his Dubai-based cousin (Roshan Mathew) find his missing fiancee (Darshana Rajendran), after she leaves behind a video-based suicide note.

Fahadh, who has worked with Narayanan on the 2017 hit "Take Off"and the yet-to-be-released "Malik", said he had tremendous trust in the director.

With "Vishwaroopam" films, "Uyare", and "Ennu Ninte Moideen" as credits, Narayanan is primarily a brilliant editor.

"I was very sure about what Mahesh can do with something like this. He was the one who gave me the idea of redesigning the film on the editing table. Let's focus on design on the lenses when we shoot it, let's shoot it in one single frame and redesign it. It's because of him that the film happened."

Also starring "Choked"star Mathew and Rajendran of "Virus"fame, the film begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video from September 1.

Fahadhsaid there has been a constant effort from his side to achieveharmony in his films though he has failed sometimes.

"Cinema shouldn't take away respect from women. Films should eventually result in people respecting each other or human beings being in love with each other more than anything. It's an art form and it has to be executed for better harmony. It's not that people get influenced and change their life, but if you can have some goodness that people can take home, then some good (will be done).

"I have failed drastically in a few films. But even if one person gets the message, we have to ensure that they get it rightly,"he added.

Streamers have helped his films to be discovered beyond his ardent followers in Malayalam cinema and the actor believes it has opened the possibilities for many more stories to be told.

Asked about whether there was a chance for him to make a Hindi film debut like Mathew and Dulquer Salmaan, Faasil said he should first get a script that excites him.

Hindi cinema debut may or may not be a possibility for Faasil but one actor that left a mark on him was Irrfan Khan.

Faasil shared an emotional letter with his fans following Irrfan's death in April from a rare form of cancer.

In the letter, the actor shared how he discovered Irrfan while he was studying in the US and how the actor left an indelible mark on him.

Asked what prompted him to write the letter, Fahadh said he had never spoken or met Irrfan but his passing felt a deep sense of loss.

"I knew I would terribly miss him. He felt like someone I knew and the fact that I would miss him was a little unbearable. That's why I sat down and wrote that night.

"I am going to miss the actor he is. It's not just me, think about the filmmakers who would never find the right guy to do a million characters. I have heard a lot of beautiful stories about him from Mr (Vishal) Bhardwaj,"he said.

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Paz Padilla reappears this Saturday on television after the death of her husband – Explica

Last July marked a turning point in the life of the Paz Padilla. The Telecinco presenter gave the last goodbye to her husband, Antonio Juan Vidal, and he did so just five months after losing his mother. A trance, without a doubt, very complicated for the woman from Cdiz, who from then on decided to take refuge in her own and not be seen in public.

But the time has come to try to look to the future and move forward. The actress of La que se avecina will meet again with the television sets, but she will not do it as a presenter, but as invited and interviewed.

Thus, Paz Padilla will break her silence after all this time away from television and se will sit in Saturday Deluxe to talk, for the first time, about his personal life.

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Paz Padilla reappears this Saturday on television after the death of her husband - Explica

Sitting in a 2021 Acura TLX only Whets our Appetite to Drive One – Autoweek

At the end of May of this year, Acura revealed its newest flagship sedan: the 2021 Acura TLX. It rides on a new platform that helps improve front to rear weight distribution and uses a new body that is longer, lower, and wider. Its also more attractive, trading in a somewhat milquetoast shape for a fastback profile and chiseled features. This all adds up to more legitimacy in the premium sedan market.

And while a premium sedans shape is important, what really differentiates premium from mainstream is how the car makes you feel. Of course, how a car drives is paramount, but several other features prove important for a holistically good experience. Things like space, seat comfort, minimal noise vibration and harshness, and quality of the sounds system.

And while still not quite ready for a test drive, Acura wanted to show off its latest creation and parked a 2021 TLX in my driveway for an hour to sit in, poke around and listen to its new audio system. Called the ELS Studio 3D, its the highest level of three sound systems offered and uses 16 channels, 17 speakers and 710 watts of power to work. For reference, the base system uses 10 speakers and 350 watts, midgrade ups that to 13 speakers and 550 watts.

Dan Howell

With two subwoofers, four slim speakers mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling, and a smattering of dome tweeters and mid-range speakers, the ELS Studio 3D system has a lot of tools to churn out a wide range of frequencies of sound. And it does so well. If youre a audiophile, youll appreciate the fullness of the music.


The 3D system delivered crisp sound, good dynamics and depth. Its easy to hear the subtleties of the different instruments and to get a sense of the music's tone and tenor. There's plenty of low end, too you can clearly hear bass guitar or straight-up bass. That said, depending on your musical tastes, there are limitations. Some of the harder hitting bass in hip-hop tracks is a little messy, you want to feel it more than hear it. And the highest string notes in classical can get a touch shrieky, but you have to have the volume way up for that to happen.

My hour passed by quite quickly sitting in comfortable seats and a well-isolated cabin, listening to a variety of tunes. I rocked out to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and A Day in the Life by The Beatles. Johann Pachelbel Canon in D Major put me in a meditative trance for a few minutes. And none other than ToTo brought me back to childhood with Africa.

Acura looks to have performed well in the TLX's non-driving aspects. It looks and feels premium, as does the quick glance back as you walk away from it. But its biggest challenge is still ahead with how it feels while moving. It starts off with a demerit for retaining a front-wheel-drive based platform. But, based on the specs at least, it looks like the new TLX is an improvement across the board. Well share as soon as we get a chance to drive it.

Robin Warner

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Sitting in a 2021 Acura TLX only Whets our Appetite to Drive One - Autoweek

Soar above the storm – The Hartselle Enquirer – Hartselle Enquirer

ByPhillip Hines

Isaiah 40:31 is a passage we have read and heard many times. Songs have been written about this verse. Isaiah said, But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength;they shall mount up with wings like eagles,they shall run and not be weary,they shall walk and not faint.

These words have given us comfort,hope,and strength in difficult times.

To really appreciate thisverse,one must understand the context of the passage.

Isaiah knew the Israelites were about to face the most difficult, tryingand faithtesting time in their entire existence.At that time, there was no one who was more discouraged and disappointed than Isaiah.God had said to the prophet inIsaiah 39:6, Behold, the days are coming when all that is in your house, and what your fathers have accumulated until this day, shall be carried to Babylon; nothing shall be left.

The city of Jerusalem would be destroyed. The Jewsweregoing into exile. The temple was about to face doombythe hands of the Babylonians.The PromisedLand would become desolate.

Why?Israel had turned its back on God and had become disobedient to the will of God.

It is out of this darkness that God shines a ray of light for Isaiah.God wanted the old prophet to know what to do when life wasunbearableand the stormsgot toostrong.

He said,Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.

The wordwaitdoes not meantosit in a hypnotic trance in the corner of the room until God moves.Thiswordhastwo meanings.

One is thatwespend timealone with God and do not panic.The secondis that,whileweare waiting on the Lord,wekeep obeying and serving Him.

It means that we are going to do whatever we can for the Lord,while we wait until the Lord does something for us.

What is the result of waiting on the Lord?

We willmount up with wings like eagles.

You might wonder why Godusedthe example ofan eagle in this text.

Eagles are amazing birds.Theyare able toflyatan altitude ofup to10,000feet!Eagles flyanaverage of50miles an hour;however,theysometimesnotchspeedsas fast as100 milesan hour.They can see seven times better than we can.Amazingly,theywill often flydirectlyinto a storm and not away from it.They know that the updrafts in a storm can help them soar higherand have a better view.

The storm is no threat to the eagle because he flies above the storm!

God wants us to let Him be in the middle of our storm.He wants us to fly with Him.

When we do, we will see the storm from Gods perspective.We will see that the storms do not control God, but God controls the storms.

It is then that we can soar above the storm, and we no longerneedto fear!

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Soar above the storm - The Hartselle Enquirer - Hartselle Enquirer

20 Questions With Ferry Corsten: The Dutch Icon on How Trance ‘Hits You In the Feels Like No Other Genre’ – Billboard

While he's created music under many aliases and as part of myriad side projects -- Moonman, System F, Gouryella, Veracocha and New World Punx among them -- Ferry Corsten remains one of the most consistence presences in the global trance scene.

The Dutch producer has made his name(s) on music that both soars and throttles, blending delicacy, groove, raw emotion and shimmery synths into tracks that lift listeners into the state of transcendence that is the genre's namesake. A longtime regular at every major large-scale global dance festival, Corsten is currently off the road and posted up at his home in the Netherlands, where he's spent his quarantine hanging with his wife and children, tinkering in the garden and working in the studio.

His latest release, the Trance Wax collab "Black Lion," dropped last week, with more music and a new album -- which will be Corsten's seventh under his given name -- on the way. Here, the producer talks about his early output, the best parts of quarantine and the unique, enduring appeal of trance music.

1. Where are you in the world right now, and what's the setting like?

Im at my home in the Netherlands! The setting is pretty good, actually. Mostly the studio, and Im lucky to have a spacious garden. With the heatwave were currently having in the Netherlands its nice to work on my tan.

2. What is the first album or piece of music you bought for yourself, and what was the medium?

My very first piece of music was a 7-inch vinyl of Full Force's "Alice, I Want You Just For Me." I was smitten with that tune at the time.

3. What did your parents do for a living when you were a kid, and what do they think of what you do for a living now?

My dad was a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company for pets, and my mom worked in a clothing store. They have always been very supportive of my career choice, as long as I followed my passion and my heart. My dad later started working for me in my company, so he has always been very much involved.

4. What was the first song you ever made?

It was an EP on Hithouse Records by Spirit Of Adventure. It was me with three friends goofing around in the studio. This was in 1991. The main track of that EP was called "Total Distortion," which became the blueprint for The Tellurians' "The Navigator," a big rave hit in those days.

5. If you had to recommend one album for someone looking to get into dance music, what would you give them?

Not so much a "dance" album, but definitely electronic -- it would be Singularity by Jon Hopkins. I draw a lot of inspiration for my own records from it. Its so good!

6. Whats the first thing you bought for yourself when you started making money as a DJ?

I actually started out as a music producer. The DJ thing came later for me. All the money I earned with my first productions and remixes, I invested back into my own studio. Studio gear was very expensive in those days, since it was all hardware. So by doing that, I could build out a better studio for myself and come up with better sounding music.

7. Whats the last song you listened to?

Actually my new single under my FERR by Ferry Corsten alias, called "Please." Coming soon on the Stillpoint imprint of Flashover Recordings.

8. Whats one song you wish you had produced?

"Opus" by Eric Prydz.

9. How are you filling your time during quarantine?

Spending lots of time with my wife and kids, which has been great. I cant remember when I had this much time off to spend with family as I do now. However, I cant wait to pick up touring again and get back into that rhythm!

10. Whats distinctive about the place you grew up, and how did it shape you?

Well, I grew up in a town just outside Rotterdam, but Rotterdam basically is my hometown. What I love about Rotterdam is its avant-garde vibe. Its always evolving but always staying true to itself. Rotterdammers are straightforward people with a no-BS attitude, which I love.

Its a metropole -- however, it has that feeling of a small city where everything you need is nearby and everyone knows each other. This brought me in contact with a lot of producers back in the day who I collaborated with.

11. What's the first dance music show that really blew your mind?

This is a while back, mid '90s, but it must have been one of the first MayDay events in Germany. The scale of that event was like nothing I had ever seen before.

12. What do your kids think of what you do?

They are super proud. They love to come into my studio and check out what Im doing, and their faces light up when they see me on YouTube or something.

13. What is the first thing you do when you get back to your hotel room after a show?

Grab a warm shower, fall asleep almost immediately, and try to delay my alarm as much as possible, haha!

14. What is the craziest thing youve ever seen happening in the crowd during one of your sets?

In the middle of an immense crowd in Australia, I saw a guy in a wheelchair being lifted up on his friends shoulders. He was bouncing around for a few minutes to my music before going face-first back to the crowd. I hope he was okay.

15. What is the primary appeal of trance music?

Of course the connection of the trance family is very strong, but also I think the melodies play a big part. I think a good trance record hits you right in the feels in a way no other genre could possibly could. The emotions paired with the genre are hard to describe.

16. How is the trance community different from communities in other genres of electronic music?

Trance has become more like a culture rather than a genre of dance music. Trance fans are loyal, and theyre so open-minded. I know so many fans who were strangers to each other but by connecting through social media and events became best [party] mates for life. How great is it that you literally make best friends for life on the dance floor?

17. Why is so much trance music made by Dutch artists?

I think we were right at the forefront when dance music started to go really global. At that time, trance was massive in the Netherlands, and has since stuck with many producers. But we have many great house, techno and hardstyle artists as well.

18. What's the best part of being off the road right now?

Spending time with my kids, as they had quite a long time off school due to Covid-19 as well. And Im being creative more than ever in the studio, so you guys can expect a new album in the future.

19. Any advice for other producers on getting through this challenging time?

Use this precious time to keep developing yourself as a producer, and keep challenging yourself. Being a great producer means you are able to create music from different angles and keep experimenting with sounds.

20. One piece of advice you'd give to your younger self?

Perhaps I would have told myself to stay with the artist name Ferry Corsten only, instead of the million aliases I had over the years.

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Giant Updates Trance Full Suspension and Talon Hardtail Mountain Bikes for 2021 – Singletracks.com

The updated Giant Trance. All photos from giant-bicycles.com.

Giant just announced major updates to two of their mountain bikes, the Trance X 29 and Talon hardtail.

The updated Trance X 29 rolls on you guessed it 29-inch wheels. The aluminum alloy frame features a flip chip design that toggles the geometry between long, low, and slack and (roughly) shorter, lower, and slacker. Specifically, when moving from high mode to low mode the reach decreases from 19.4cm to 19.1cm; the bottom bracket drop increases from 1.2cm to 1.6m; and the head tube angle slackens from 66.2 to 65.5. Check out the full geometry chart below.

Giant increased the rear suspension travel to 135mm, and both of the current builds feature a 150mm fork. The frame is said to accommodate 29er tires up to 2.5 inches wide.

The Trance X 29 2 build comes with an SLX drivetrain and a Fox 36 Rhythm fork, while the X 29 3 build includes a more affordable SRAM Eagle SX drivetrain and a RockShox 35 Gold fork. Both builds include a pedal-friendly 30t chainring up front. Retail pricing was not available at the time of publication.

Theres not a lot of information about the Talon hardtail on the Giant website yet, but heres what we know so far.

The 2021 Giant Talon is available with either 29er or 27.5-inch wheels, and depending on the size/build, comes with either a 100mm or 80mm suspension fork. This aluminum bike is geared toward budget and beginner buyers, but still offers nice features like internal cable routing, dropper post compatibility, and mounts on the rear stays for fenders or racks.

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Jersey, Kaithi, Trance are among six films slated to screen at International Indian Film Festival Toronto – The New Indian Express

By Online Desk

Of the four feature-length films that will be screened at International Indian Film Festival Toronto(IIFFT) 2020, three of them are from south India.

Malayalam psychological drama Trance, Tamil action-thriller Kaithi, Telugu sports drama Jersey and Hindi biographical-drama Super 30 have been selected and will be screened at IIFFT.

Apart from these, the short film 'Padmavyuha' and documentary film 'Batch of 2020' have also made it tothe list as well.

The 2019 Telugu film 'Jersey' starring actor Naniis being remade in Hindi. Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoorwill be reprising the role of cricketer Arjun.

Nani, who played the lead in Jersey, shared Sithara Entertainments' tweet and expressed his joy with a smiley. Directed by Gowtham Tinnanuri, the sports film was a superhit back when it was released in 2019.

Tamil film 'Kaithi' is an action-thriller and revolves around an ex-convict (played by actor Karthi) on the quest to meet his daughter after leaving prison. But things take a detourdue to a well-orchestrated drug raid.

The Mollywood film 'Trance', starring Fahadh Faasil and Nazriya in the lead roles, was 2020's highly anticipated film in the initial months.The psychological-drama driected byAnwar Rasheed was also praised for its brilliant soundtrack.

Set to begin from August 9, the International Indian Film Festival Toronto will go on till August 15.

The IIFFT isa not-for-profit cultural organization whichholds screenings to promote Indian films in North America.

(Click here to see the full list)

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Jersey, Kaithi, Trance are among six films slated to screen at International Indian Film Festival Toronto - The New Indian Express

Jersey, Trance, Kaithi to be screened at International Indian Film Festival Toronto – The News Minute

The other Indian movies that are slated to be screened at the Toronto Film Festival include Bollywood movie 'Super 30' and short film 'Padmavyuha'.

The International Indian Film Festival Toronto (IIFFT) this year will screen six Indian films, including a short film, a documentary film and four feature films. Of the four feature-length films, three are south Indian movies. Telugu sports drama Jersey, Malayalam psychological drama Trance, Tamil action-thriller Kaithi and Hindu biographical drama Super 30 are the feature films. The film festival is set to begin from August 11 and will continue till August 15.

Gowtham Tinnanuri directorial, Jersey, stars actors Nani and Shraddha Srinath in the lead roles. The news was shared officially by Sithara Entertainments on Twitter. We are really proud to inform that Jersey got officially selected to be screened at the prestigious International Indian Toronto Film Festival, 2020, the team tweeted.

The 160-minute movie, which will be screened on August 11 at 7.30 pm, is based on the life of a 36-year-old cricketer, Arjun, who tries to come back into the cricket world to buy a cricket jersey for his son. Arjun quits cricket after he gets repeatedly rejected to join the Indian team due to internal politics. However, a decade later, Arjun resumes cricket by helping his coach earn some money. The ensuing twists and turns form the rest of the story.

Anwar Rasheed directorial Trance, a Malayalam movie, revolves around Viju Prasad, a motivational trainer based in Kanyakumari. The movie, which stars Fahadh Faasil and Nasriya Nazim, will be screened on August 13 at 7 pm.

Tamil movieKaithi, which stars Karthi in the lead,is about a convict on parole who is forced to help the police so that he could see his daughter. Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, thismovie will be screened on August 12 at 6 pm.

Hrithik Roshan-starrer Super 30, directedVikas Bahl, is a true story based on the life of a mathematician, Anand Kumar, who changed the lives of many deserving but under-equipped children by training them to appear for IIT Entrance test. Super 30 will be screened on August 15 at 7 pm.

Anto Philip's Batch of 2020, is a documentary film about the lack of clarity on 'what is next' for a graduate in the batch of 2020. This docu-film features a host of celebrities, including Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan, among others. Batch of 2020 will be screened on August 10 at 7 pm.

Meanwhile, the 39-minute short film, Padmavyuha, revolves around amysterious phone call that drags a religious studies professor into a dark web of mystic Hindu puzzles. Directed by Raj Krishna, the short film will be screened on August 9 at 12 noon.

The International Indian Film Festival Toronto, a not-for-profit cultural organization, holds screenings to promote Indian films in North America. The full list can be viewed here.

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Why You Should Come to the Concert of the Year? – One EDM

EDM Music Festivals An all-star lineup of EDM performers that will surely captivate every concert goers mind. The event is organized and presented by A State of Trance, which is a non-profit corporation set up to foster international peace and understanding.

Its the first time that trance concerts have been held in India. The organizers have made sure that this will be an incredible musical experience for all concert goers and music lovers alike. They have also decided to make this a charity event as well. EDM Music Festival A State of Trance aims at encouraging peace and love by spreading the message of peace.

The festival features a variety of genres of music including, rock, hip-hop, reggae, techno, and jazz. This will not only appeal to the fans who are familiar with these genres, but also, bring new fans who are just discovering them.

EDM Music Festival A State of Trance is organizing to be hosted at the world famous Kolkatas Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino. This concert is scheduled to be held from June to July. It will feature performances by the top producers and artists of the electronic music genre.

The organizers are planning this concert as a tribute to the late DJ and producer, Paul van Dyk. The name of this concert is taken from the producers alias Paul van Dyk. He was one of the pioneers of the trance genre. For the first time ever, he will be performing with his wife and band mate Lisa Fischer.

EDM Music Festival A State of Trance is a truly memorable concert that will certainly captivate its concert goers. The concert will take place on the fourth and final day of the concert. In case you are able to secure a ticket, then the show is likely to last from about 2 hours to about three and a half hours.

A State of Trance is a show that will entertain its audience. It will also enlighten its audience as well. The concert will feature various live performances by the most popular trance and techno artists. Some of the artists who will perform at the concert are: Armin Van Buren, Ferry Corin D, David Guetta, and Hardwell.

You can also get hold of other music related products such as T-shirts, music mugs, and much more through the website of EDM Music Festivals. A State of Trance is also offering free downloads of its previous albums from its official Facebook page. If you would like to download its albums, you can simply log in on Facebook and search EDM Music Fest.

EDM music festivals will also feature a lot of entertainment as well. Many DJs and music artists will be performing at this concert, which will surely enthrall its audience and fans. They will experience a truly mesmerizing and an exciting musical event.

So, if you are planning to attend the concert, be sure to reserve your tickets now. This is one of the best times to catch all the action going on, especially in the realm of electronic music. This concert is likely to draw a large number of visitors and fans from all over the world.

If you would like to know more about this concert, you can browse through the website of EDM Music Festivals to learn more about it. Or, you can ask your friends and colleagues for help.

EDM music festivals will definitely provide you with an unforgettable experience and you would not want to miss it. Come see this concert this year!

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Why You Should Come to the Concert of the Year? - One EDM

Where to Go When You DJ | One EDM – One EDM

In this article Im going to discuss EDM Music Boston. This is a new music community that is growing every day.

I first heard about EDM from my friend Dan. We talked about EDM a lot and we were talking about Dans club, Bostons House of Trance. This club was really good, but Dan also said that there was no music in his club. We thought that was pretty weird because it was a club where you could dance all night without any music.

It turned out that he had hired some DJs. He said he hadnt really looked into it until he was on the phone with a girl he was trying to impress. She told him that his club was like a hole in the wall. He asked her what the big deal was. She told him she was the DJ at a house party and they were playing EDM and he should have his own club.

Thats when he realized there was a need for a DJ and started looking into what DJs were in the area. Thats when he found out there was a whole world of EDM happening in Boston. EDM is growing every day and now people are really starting to realize it. People who used to listen to only techno and pop are now dancing to trance, dubstep, and all sorts of other things. They are getting really into it.

Theres no shortage of DJs in Boston. This is a good thing because if a DJ isnt booked then he cant go get booked anywhere else.

You can check out the Boston house party scene at places like The Boston House. Other popular places include the House of Trance and the Club Oasis in Somerville. There are also more underground clubs that I havent checked out yet in the city. These arent really well known though.

There are also tons of clubs in the area. You can check them out at clubs like The Loft in Jamaica Plain, The Garage in Dorchester, and The Metro at Harvard Square. You can even check out DJs at Boston Night Out and Bass Night in the Theater District. and the House of Blues in Roxbury. You can even find music at the clubs that are on the fringes of the rave scene at places like The Sanctuary and Club Underground.

Most clubs offer live music so you can be sure your favorite DJ is at these clubs. Even if the clubs arent playing any EDM its, they will most likely play other things. Just dont expect the best DJs in town to be there either.

DJs at the clubs tend to play more traditional dance music and hip hop. You will probably also see DJs playing a lot of trance, drum and bass, and house music.

If you want to DJ at the clubs, you will need a DJ equipment. Some clubs will give you a set for free. Others will charge you an hourly rate, but most will give you a decent amount to start.

In addition, the DJ will also need some CDJs and speakers. You can either rent or buy these from some club owners.

If you are just starting out in DJing in Boston, dont spend all your time looking for the best club because there are plenty to choose from. Its easy to stumble upon one in a few blocks of the city.

Clubs in the Roxbury, Fenway, Beacon Hill, and Chinatown are great places to get started. In addition, many clubs in the South End, Harvard Square, and Jamaica Plain offer great music and great djs.

There are many DJs that go into clubs and other places around the city doing house shows. If you like to dance, but not dance to the DJ music, they are available. In some cases you may have to ask them to change the music a bit so you can dance.

If you arent sure where you want to DJ, just go out and do some research on DJs in Boston. There are many great ones out there.

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Where to Go When You DJ | One EDM - One EDM

What Are Examples of EDM Events? | One EDM – One EDM

What are examples of EDM events and when you may need them? This article will help you answer that question.

One example is when you are attending a party or event that is geared toward the music genre. If it is going to be centered around a DJ or you want to have a specific DJ in a particular room, then you may want to consider having an EDM event. Even if the party or event is not centered on the music genre, you can still benefit from having an EDM event.

Another example is if you want to attend a party or event that has the music genre as the theme. For example, you can use your home DJs home studio or any other type of electronic equipment to create a sound that has a dance floor.

Another type of EDM that you can do is to have a dance party at your place. For example, you can have a party at your house that has a DJ playing music that will allow people to dance the night away. This may be the best way for you to get the party or event started because of the energy that you can create.

A third example of EDM is if you are having a wedding or special event where you will be hosting guests. This is great to have because this can make your event more entertaining. You can host a party in a club or hotel that will give you a good crowd environment. This way, you can enjoy yourself and not worry about being embarrassed about how your party or event is going.

An event in a bar or nightclub might be fun for you and other attendees, but it will be a problem if you are not able to have some type of entertainment or activity to keep the party going. If the club or venue is full, you may need to use EDM as entertainment. You can have people dance to music, talk to people, or do whatever you want in order to make the party or event successful.

Some of the worlds most prominent festivals include:

Ostend Beach Festival:Located near the North Sea off of Belgiums largest coastal city, it is one of the largest beach festivals. People can dance the night away while standing on the beautiful white sand beaches. Check out the city of Bruges before heading to the festival as well.

Airbeat-One Festival:This festival has become one of Europes most exciting EDM events to check out. Averaging over 45,000 people worldwide, Airboat-One Festivals location is a Northern German airfield and notable stars who have performed there include Hardwell and Marshmello. It has a unique stage design and a world-class visual production.

Tomorrowland:Considered as the worlds most popular EDM festival, Tomorrowland attracts 400,000 people annually. Located in the small Belgian city of Boom, it has more than 1,000 acts for almost every edition to satisfy the electronic music craving of the attendee. The person attending Tomorrowland will have a magical time filled with vibrant memories.

Cirque Magique:This innovative festival has everything that all EDM fans love to have. Food, drinks, camping, visuals, attractions, and importantly, fantastic music. Just like Tomorrowland, Cirque Magiques host country is Belgium, specifically the city of Ledegem.

51st State Festival:This London-based festival celebrates pure House music and Chicago roots. It is a transatlantic extravaganza that merges the original House scene with the international EDM industry. As the festivals location is in London, there are so many things to check out in the U.K. capital aside from grooving to the beats.

It is important that you know what EDM is and how to get it ready for your next event. When you have a little extra knowledge of EDM, you will be well on your way to having fun with the next event you plan.

One of the first things that you should do is understand that EDM is made up of many different genres. These include trance, progressive, hardstyle, and even hip hop, but there is more than just these types of styles that can be mixed together.

For example, there are several artists who have made hardstyle a part of their career and even their music. This means that you will be able to have hardstyle in a party or event. You will be able to enjoy the music, but at the same time, you will also be able to have the feel of a rave atmosphere that is very unique. which is something that can be very enjoyable for you.

This type of EDM is perfect for those that are interested in keeping the music quiet while still having fun. This is because the sound will be a little bit loud and will have people dancing along with the music. You will be able to get some great bass, but you will also have a lot of high pitched sounds coming from the speakers that will keep the audience focused on the music.

A great number of people love to listen to EDM. Its one of the hottest new genres. In fact, a lot of people prefer to listen to EDM than to dance to any other kind of music. Its just perfect for those who like to party all night.

There are so many genres of EDM. Some examples of EDM include trance, hardstyle, hardcore techno, trance-house, bass music, and many more. Here are a few examples:

Techno:This is a very pulse-pounding sub-genre where the rhythm continues on and on. It debuted in the Detroit music scene in the 1980s and became popular worldwide, especially in European nightclubs. Casual music fans in the 1990s and early-2000s would use to categorize all forms of electronic music as Techno.

Trance:It is an electronic music sub-genre that first popularized in Germany in the 1990s. Prominent stars of Trance include Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, and Armin van Buuren.The music is distinguished by a tempo that lies between one hundred and one hundred and twenty-five beats per second. The word trance describes a state of hypnotism with heightened consciousness.

Drum and bass: Its origins derive from the UK rave scene in the 1990s. It has plenty of breakbeats and its typical beat is between one hundred and sixty to one hundred and eighty beats per minute. It also incorporates heavy basslines and bass rhythms. The sub-genre has given way to other sub-genres such as trap and dubstep.

There are a lot of benefits to listening to dance music. The main reason why people listen to it is that its cool and energizing. If you are not interested in EDM then you should stop listening. Some of the artists who were influenced by EDM are Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Diplo.

You will be surprised to know that EDM has a wide variety of music. The music range includes hardstyle, trance, hardcore techno, bass music, electro house, hardcore techno, breakcore, tribal techno, and many others. So, when you check out different sub-genres, you will surely love the music.

While the term EDM has been a buzz term for the last few years, electronic dance music has been here for decades. And no matter how you slice it, we cant see the termEDMand lump every style and artist that puts out electronic music into one pot.

Around 2010, the term EDM (Electronic Dance Music) came to encompass the now plentiful subgenres of dance music that evolved from house music, including trance, big room, future house, dubstep, progressive house and many others. Raving now applies to attending massive international festivals like Tomorrowland, which in 2017 attracted over 400,000 fans over two weekends and paid millions of dollars for world-famous DJ headliners.

The EDM scene has come a long way from its underground history where event promoters would host low-key warehouse raves. Or even DJs hosting late-night underground house parties that would wake up the neighbors and attract unwanted attention from the authorities.

Legendary House producer Carl Cox explains about the current EDM industry, EDMs an entry level to dance music, and Im very happy about that. We fought for so long for dance music to be respected there. EDMs a sound America has latched on to, but once people start going left and right of that scene, theyre going to find their art departments, their Loco Dices and their Sven Vths and thats a really good place to be.

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What Are Examples of EDM Events? | One EDM - One EDM

The Psychedelic Shooter Moose Life Releases This Month – Happy Gamer

Moose Life is one of the more interesting shooters set to come out this August. It has a psychedelic vibe that you just have to see for yourself. It also involves a moose so right out of the gate, you know it will provide plenty of novel gaming experiences.

The game is being developed by Llamasoft and draws a lot of inspiration from the arcade games of the 1980s. Looking at the games screenshots, it looks like a never-ending sequence of bright colors and non-stop shooting action.

The developer made Moose Life to help gamers get into a trance-like state, which is further enhanced by the techno score playing in the background. It adds to the games relaxing nature and makes two hours seem like minutes.

As far as the premise, players will get to become a rainbow voxel deer tasked with saving innocent sheep from enemy spacehsips. There are a couple of modes that will be available at launch, including a traditional mode where you try to rack up as many points as possible.

Whats also neat is the ability to use a Restart Best mechanic that lets you join in to any part of the game that has been unlocked previously. Then theres a pure mode, which lets you enjoy a single game from the beginning.

If you like the ability to just play freely, the free mode is probably what youll want to check out the most. You dont have to worry about high scores or running out of lives. You can just enjoy the melodies and the bright lights flowing throughout your screen.

Not many games have a trance effect on players like Moose Life. It instantly makes it unique and helps extended sessions flight right by. After a while, you wont care about the stressors in your life. Youll just be able to sit back and dive deeper into the games flow.

Even better, Moose Life supports VR headsets. That means even more immersive experiences and trips that only dreams are made of. Seeing the deer flow throughout your screen with pinks, yellows, and greens will put you in the right mood.

As long as there isnt an unexpected hiccup, Moose Life will be available on Steam starting August 12. Based on the trailers, screenshots, and descriptions, it seems like a pretty unique shooter that is perfect if youre just looking to flow and see some cool things.

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The Psychedelic Shooter Moose Life Releases This Month - Happy Gamer

Rank 1 Gifts Fans with Exclusive Set from ASOT 950 – The Nocturnal Times

When talking about major acts in trance, Rank 1 is an artist that will likely be at the top of many peoples lists. This Dutch act is known for handfuls of trance anthems since their beginnings, and has made a transformative impact on trance music as a whole since the start of the millennium. Now, as a gift to their fans, they have dropped their full performance from A State Of Trance 950.

This is a huge milestone to celebrate for the duo as they are typically quiet about what they release. This particular Rank 1 live set is extremely unheard of, especially since it has four unreleased tunes. Right next to some of their biggest tracks like Airwave and the remix of Superstring by Cygnus X, is the fan favorite exclusive single, Predictive Memory. These also take place alongside the unreleased hits of the future, Transatlantic Communication, No Name, and Paris Nice Cannes.

Rank 1 is highly respected for making their own success in the modern music industry. They tend to diverge from social media and aim to tell their unique stories through music only. This makes them quite famous and mysterious among the electronic music scene. Most importantly, they put a high level of care into their music and never release a subpar piece. Their most recent release We Finally Met came out in 2019 and was a collaboration with Marco V.

The full Rank 1 set from ASOT 950 is now available for streaming on all platforms. Fans can expect to completely immerse themselves in the euphoric vibes of last Februarys edition.

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Rank 1 Gifts Fans with Exclusive Set from ASOT 950 - The Nocturnal Times

Spotify Debuts track IDs Playlists For DJs To Share Tracks They Play In Their Sets – Your EDM

Spotifys new track IDs areco-curated playlists by the worlds leading DJs along with Spotifys editorial team, allowing listeners to discover tracks from some of their favorite DJs. Available globally, these playlists were created in response to one of the most frequent questions DJs get asked during their sets, track ID, anyone?

The track IDs will provide DJs with a platform to easily share the tracks they would play in their sets, while allowing them to connect with their fans in a way they havent been able to do so before. Notable DJs Amelie Lens,Black Coffee,Carl Cox,Dixon, Green Velvet,Honey Dijon, Marcel Dettmann,MK,Nina Kraviz,Pan-Pot,Shy FX, Todd Terry, & morelaunched their playlists, which will be updated on a weekly basis. Additional playlists will be launched at a later date.

The track IDs can be found exclusively on Spotifyhere.

TheDance/Electronic hub, available globally, was revamped earlier this summer to feature ten new sub-categories to help listeners best discover the genre and connect with the DJs and music they love the most, including:DJ(housing all DJ-related content as well as all track IDs playlists),House,Techno,Electronica & Chill,Bass,Disco,Trance & Progressive,Mood, andWorkout, as well as companion Podcaststhat dive into the genre. The hub serves as Spotifys one-stop-shop for Dance/Electronic music fans.

Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Image

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Spotify Debuts track IDs Playlists For DJs To Share Tracks They Play In Their Sets - Your EDM

5 offerings to keep you engaged on Indian OTT platforms this week – Techradar

As the lockdown is extended for the month of August, too in most of the States in India, there is again a huge demand for content on the OTT platforms. Last week's scene-stealer was certainly the Vidya Balan starrer Shakuntala Devi on Amazon Prime. Admittedly, this week we don't have such a heavy-duty offering, but what is on view, to be sure, is interesting and fascinating.

One of the things about India with its myriad languages and cultures is that you are assured of a mind-boggling variety in films and web series. And as subtitles keep getting better in India, these movies in multiple languages are now accessible to anyone who can read the subtitles in English on the screen.

So without much ado, we will plunge into the five releases on OTT platforms this week that we feel are worth your time.

Director: Digpal Lanjekar

Cast: Chinmay Mandlekar, Mrinal Kulkarni, Harish Dudhade, Ankit Mohan, Sameer Dharmadhikari

Synopsis: Historical dramas are tailor-made for movies, as they seamlessly offer both visual heft and emotional heave for the script. Fatteshikast deals with an encounter between a Mughal army chief and one of India's bravest kings, Chatrapathi Shivaji. It is a story that is part of the legend's gallery in Marathi. And when this gets made into a film, it sure promises plenty of excitement and entertainment. And Marathi movies, after being in the shadows of big-brother Bollywood, are now slowly making a mark for themselves on the national consciousness.

Language: Marathi

Platform: Zee5

Release date: August 7, 2020.

Director: Anwar Rasheed

Cast: Fahadh Faasil, Nazriya Nazim, Gautham Menon, Chemban Vinod Jose

Synopsis: This Malayalam original was fantastic, and pushed the envelope, as it were, for tackling the subject of religion as a business. It was remarkable that a film with such a content was actually made and released without much incident in modern-day India is in itself a matter of surprise. Fahad Fasil was outstanding as the motivational speaker turned religious discourser. Fahad's performance in this movie marks him out as among the top five actors currently in the country. Though some of the nuances of Malayalam may be lost in translation in Telugu, Trance is still worthy of being taken into other languages in India.

Language: Telugu

Platform: Aha

Release date: August 7, 2020.

Director: Prakash Jha

Cast: Adil Hussain, Priyanka Bose, Sanjay Suri

Synopsis: This film, by the veteran Prakash Jha, casts a critical but warm look at the state of education system, especially the one that is supposed to serve the really poor in India. It deals with the life of a rickshaw puller who dreams big for his son as he puts him in an English medium school that is out of their league. This story is adapted from a real-life IPS officer in Bihar who teaches young boys who aspire to become engineers. The story is suffused with kindness but brings with it the typical Jha's rasping edge for deep politics.

Language: Hindi

Platform: Zee5

Release date: August 6, 2020.

Director: Akash Srivatsa

Cast: Ramesh Aravind, Radhika Narayan, Aarohi Narayan

Synopsis: Ramesh Aravind, if he were operating in a more flamboyant industry like Hindi, would have been a popular middle level actor. But because much of what he works is confined to Kannada and Tamil, his talent is visible only to south Indians. This film though rides on the mystery element and Ramesh Aravind plays a cop. This murder investigative story is less an edge of the seat kind but more a slow-boil thriller. But it is a gritty movie that ticks all the right boxes for this genre.

Language: Kannada

Platform: Zee5

Release date: Aug 7, 2020.

Director: Anand Tiwari

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Rajesh Tailang, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sheeba Chaddha, Amit Mistry, Ritwik Bhowmik, Shreya Chaudhry, Tridha Choudhary, Rahul Kumar

Synopsis: India has a rich cultural history of traditional music that is both unique and elevating. The Hindustani music, which is popular in North India, forms a rich tapestry of the web series. A classical singer and a pop star set out on a voyage of musical discovery, but one that ends up as a journey into the self. As a series headlined on music, Bandish Bandits is well serviced by the work of Shankar-Ehsan-Loy, And watch out for the acting of Naseerudin Shah, the veteran has not lost any of his charm or ability.

Language: Hindi

Platform: Amazon Prime

Release date: August 4, 2020.

All in all, it is a week of exciting and edgy offerings. If you are looking for variety in your entertainment package, this week will be a good one.

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5 offerings to keep you engaged on Indian OTT platforms this week - Techradar