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One of the greatest legacies any performer can leave behind is their journey. Whether its music youve written, performances for fans around the world, or the way you art rejoices, a lengthy journey as an artist gives the record books plenty to write. Enter the celebration compilation from Dutch trance legend RAM, Essence of Trance (25 Years of RAM) in which he delivers a massive mix compilation that explores the music he loves.

Unfamiliar with RAM? In 2009 his solo career catapulted his popularity thanks to stellar releases on Armada Music like RAMsterdam, RAMexico, and his immortal tribute to his deceased wife Amelia in 2013 RAMelia. He took on the Grotesque Music label family and saw the brand rise through the ranks to worldwide recognition. Today, RAM oversees the Nocturnal Animals Music label group launching new creative efforts to celebrate his continued success.

Released in late February on Black Hole Recordings, Essence of Trance (25 Years of RAM) provides a beautiful journal of trance over the past two decades plus. Clocking in at a combined time of five hours and 18 minutes, the four mixes span the genres longest popular reaches. Available on a variety of platforms, you can tune in on your preferred one or smash that play button on Spotify below!

Well dive into each mix in a moment, but its worth staying just how powerful each mix remains today. The energy of mix one represents the rise of the genre at the turn of the millennium, while the final mix catalyzes the modern era showcasing the passion RAM still carries even today. Thats a great segue to another interesting fact each disc comes with a subtitle clearly foreshadowing the sound fans will enjoy. So lets dive in each disc and experience what comes forth!

The first disc reshuffles the deck with a fresh perspective on where RAM began the journey. Showcasing the early years of trance is not an easy feat after all this time as a multitude of compilations feature the classics of the era. The classics are here (Love Comes Again, Circa Forever, Southern Sun, and Burned with Desire) but the mix showcases some of the B-side hits by artists like Gouryella, Cern, Kamaya Painters, and Vincent de Moor.

Permeating energy is palpable throughout, representing beautifully how the vibe of the millennium switch offered fresh perspectives and hope for the next 1,000 years. The zeitgeist of moment peers beyond the curtain and infects today. Aptly titled as Moments the mix fixates the listener into the hope of a genre blossoming with big-name talents before VIP table culture took over the nightclubs. It solidifies the desire to dance and let your worries escape over its hour-plus duration.

As our journey continues into mix two, the vibe ebbs towards the magic which occurred as the trance became a worldwide phenomenon. The solidified world legends like BT and Tiesto anchor this mix, while new talents starting their own journey roll out. Here some more familiar modern talents appear like John OCallaghan, Bryan Kearney, Aly & Fila, and Arctic Moon.

Each offers a solid slab of their style of trance sometimes darker or techier than before but still laden with the characteristic energy of trance. Along the way, RAMs shift to Armada Music takes place as Dash Berlin, Jorn van Deynhoven, and The Doppler Effect round out the mix with his own massive hit RAMsterdam.

RAMs third mix offers fans a peek behind the doors as he wraps our ears into sonic bliss. The continued evolution of trance shines brightly throughout this mix. Percolating upwards is the older styles of trance in Funabashis Daylight and Steve Forte Rios A New Dawn. Muddle deeper flavors with trances big room milestones like Ferry Corsten ft. Betsie Larkins Made of Love and Solarstone and Clare Staggs The Spell.

Mix three get us lost with wide-open emotional spaces too; examples range from Robert Nicksons 2016 remix of Out There by Masters & Nickson ft. Justine Suissa and Signums remix of Roger Shahs Healesville Sanctuary. For those introduced to trance during the rise of the biggest festivals in the world, this mix is where your journey begins!

As we gaze into the final mix we find how deeply RAM loves what he does. Opening with Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella Anahera quickly captures the here and now of trance music. The Noble Six cries for the ears attention with Black Star (which playfully recalls instrumentation of Robert Miles Children).

Elsewhere the stunning Sailing Airwaves plays in sonic bliss, and falling deeper we find Andy Bluemans remix of GAIAs Tuvan with its slight Arabic sounding strings whisking us away to new horizons. Mix four clearly showcases how passionate RAM is about his ove for the genre hes called home for the past 25 years, and its a master-craft in sonic beauty.

There is no argument over the legacy behind RAM. As a talent his touch remains imprinted on dance musics culture even when focused on pure styles of trance which tend to push him towards an underground appeal when compared to his peers. Having survived the ups and downs of an industry which sees all sorts of strangeness the explosion of the internet, the barrier to music production falling, and the phenomenon of globetrotting performances RAMs not content to stop expressing his art yet.

The new label (Nocturnal Animals) offers him a platform to support emerging talents and established names who want to experiment. Unfortunately, the world tour to celebrate his 25th year in the business is on hold with COVID-19 quarantine but we hope that he can get back at it soon. In the interim, picking up a copy of Essence of Trance (25 Years of RAM) is an easy recommendation for tunes to get lost in. In the world today, we need a bit of an escape, so thank you to RAM for providing it!

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RAM Celebrates 25 Years with the 'Essence of Trance' [Review] - EDM Identity

No concerts? Bay Areas Adam Theis, Jazz Mafia videos are just the thing – Marin Independent Journal

Adam Theis wasnt counting on a captive audience.

As the founder and driving spirit behind the Jazz Mafia collective, the Oakland trombonist/bassist just figured that the early months of 2020 seemed like a good time to start letting the world know about the dozen or so projects that Mafia associates have been perpetrating.

The confederation of Bay Area musicians has long made savvy use of video, but with furious bursts of activity we were finding we werent documenting what we were doing, Theis says. Were always worried about moving forward. So we booked three days at this sound stage connected to Sound Wave in Oakland and taped a bunch of performances.

More than a welcome dose of funk and soul, the flood of videos posted on the Jazz Mafia YouTube channel offers hours of spirit-lifting diversion.

Some of the performances were captured on multi-camera shoots, like saxophonist Joe Cohens Brass arrangement of the Rolling Stones Paint It Black, a prescient performance that could serve as the seasons theme song.

Other pieces were documented via iPhone, offering a particularly intimate view of the performance, like the Cosa Nostra Strings version of the Scottish band The Proclaimers Im Gonna Be (500 Miles). Arranged and sung by violistKeith Lawrence, its one of those covers that permanently purloins a song from the original source.

The multi-camera shoots cost money and take a lot of coordination, and the iPhone ones cost almost nothing, Theis says. Weve been finding a lot of enjoyment in that simple way of creating content, with viewers really responding to the raw stuff. And once this pandemic hit, it seemed like the perfect time to focus even more on this homespun way of recording that was already in the ether.

Theis has put out a call for musical friends and colleagues to send in self-made videos for Jazz Mafia posting. In the meantime, the YouTube channel overflows with seriously funky tunes featuring some of the regions most dynamic artists. Arranged by Theis for a brass-augmented lineup of the Heaviest Feather ensemble, Karlita is a Crescent City stomp delivered by vocalist Trance Thompson. For a pure shot of horn-driven funk theres the Brass Mafias Rollin In Da Hood, a high-stepping instrumental Mardi Gras anthem.

But part of the fun is remembering just how many musical bases the Jazz Mafia can cover. Theres a gorgeous track Get Back by the folky T Sisters with the Cosa Nostra Strings. The Jazz Mafias Choral Syndicate delivers an inspired performance of gospel music legend Kirk Franklins Miracles conducted by Trance Thompson.

Vocalist Lilan Kane explores the future-soul sound of Hiatus Kaiyotes By Fire with the Cosa Nostra Strings, and bilingual rapperDakini Star tears up Driiip, delivering a few sly azucar! shout outs in tribute to legendary Cuban singer Celia Cruz.

When it comes to old favorites, theres no beating the 2009 video of Stevie Wonder jamming with the Jazz Mafia outfit Supertaster.Theis says there are dozens of tracks theyll continue to upload in the coming weeks. When itll be safe to document current projects isnt clear. We have all these recording studios we have access to, but it doesnt seem safe to have five or 19 musicians crammed in a small room, Theis says.

Instead of recording new music, he and his closest associates are looking at ways to keep fellow musicians from fading out on a scene thats turned into a barren desert. I feel like artists live in a sense of panic anyways, especially in the Bay, he says. People can survive for a little bit, but a few months will be a deal breaker for a lot of artists.

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No concerts? Bay Areas Adam Theis, Jazz Mafia videos are just the thing - Marin Independent Journal

IDMA 2020 winners announced: Avicii’s ‘Tim’ named as the best album – We Rave You

Following the cancelation of the 35th Winter Music Conference, the winners of the prestigious International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) have been announced online amidst the coronavirus outbreak. The highly descriptive categories under the IDMA provide us with an in-depth overview of how the electronic music industry was influenced and who had dominated the bigger scene throughout the year.

As a lot of us would have hoped for, Aviciis Tim has been named as the best album, claiming it over some tough competitors like Ascend from Illenium and Gravity by Gryffin. On the other hand, the Belgian duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have been honored as the Best Male Artist (Dance/Electronic), taking the title previously won by Martin Garrix, just like they claimed the no. 1 spot on DJMag.

The techno and trance categories under the artist section were claimed once again by Carl Cox and Armin van Buuren respectively. The Italian trio Meduza was named as the best breakthrough act, and their global hit Piece of Your Heart was awarded the title of Best Song (Dance) among other nominations including Post Malone from Sam Feldt and This Groove from Oliver Heldens, all of which chosen in collaboration with the music-tech company Viberate.

Music awards are often criticized for being biased, sometimes you can play the system and pay for votes. But we use data from streaming services, social networks, etc. to see who really deserves a nomination and this reflects the actual popularity of an artist in the most unbiased way possible. Vasja Veber (co-founder Viberate)

Dont forget to check out the complete list of IDMA 2020 winners here.

Image Credits Amy Sussman

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IDMA 2020 winners announced: Avicii's 'Tim' named as the best album - We Rave You

Niko J. Kallianiotis captures Pennsylvania and the faded American dream – Creative Review

When photographer Niko J. Kallianiotis started travelling across the state of Pennsylvania it was a way to familiarise and assimilate himself with the USA, even though hed already been living in the country for more than 20 years. Kallianoitis was born in Greece and spent his formative years in Athens, but has lived in the USA for all of his adult life. It was initially through his father that he was first introduced to American life.

My father moved to this country, specifically New York City, in the late 70s for his postgraduate studies. His professional career led him to the Keystone State, Pennsylvania, which was only my second experience in the country after New York, explains Kallianoitis. Recently Ive been pondering and its left me feeling conflicted about my initial and current perception of the American dream. Whose dream have I been concentrating on, Americas faded dream or my own?

This exploration has created America in a Trance, an ongoing series capturing the northern Pennsylvania landscape where the American dream is so often typified. According to Kallianiotis, Pennsylvania was once a prosperous and vibrant region where small town values and sustainable small businesses thrived under American industry and provided a place where European immigrants crossed the Atlantic for a better future.

Kallianiotis initial perception of the USA was based on what he was exposed to while living in Athens, which was a glamorous picture of Hollywood life that danced between fiction and reality. When he actually arrived, the photographer at first felt alienated and it was a steep learning curve. The transition from Athens to New York City to Pennsylvania proved to be an invaluable experience, an education about America and its traditions, values, but also its concerns, notes Kallianiotis.

The photographers creative process was fairly straightforward and the series is built up from a collection of day trips and longer-term stints. The only specific plan in place was in what direction in Pennsylvania I would drive: north, south, east or west, explains the photographer. In the three full years Ive worked on America in a Trance, rarely have I researched a place. It was important for me to learn firsthand, leaving preconceived ideas behind.

The images capture daily, humdrum life in the state, with lush green trees being offset by the grey and red industrial buildings that share the landscape. While there are a few characters appearing in shot, like a topless man sunbathing on his porch and a woman in an all-green outfit waiting at a bus stop, it was a semi-conscious decision to keep the images relatively crowd free. Most of the locations were desolate and therefore naturally represented the loneliness and alienation, says Kallianiotis. When people do appear, its mostly from afar which offers a change of pace in the series and also heightens that sense of distance.

Though theres a lack of people in the images, Kallianioitis was keen to engage with the residents of these places and was soon privy to the history of these small towns and the people who created them. There is an immense sense of pride people express when they speak about the prosperous days, of what those places used to be, says the photographer. This pride still holds strong in their local values, regardless of their current economic and social issues.

In America in a Trance, Kallianiotis wants the viewer to take a journey into the land, and to start a conversation. The images in this project are first and foremost a personal visual anthology, but unavoidably they have become social and political references, especially when Pennsylvania and other former industrial regions often appear in the political forefront, he says.

There are many perceptions, and misconceptions, about these places and they are mostly shaped from afar. I hope these images inspire the viewer to visit these areas to try and understand the issues and values, even if those beliefs differ from theirs.

nikokallianiotis.com; damianieditore.com

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Niko J. Kallianiotis captures Pennsylvania and the faded American dream - Creative Review

Paul van Dyk teams up with Kinetica on new collab ‘First Contact’ – We Rave You

Are you currently having to stay at home? Well you should. Do you also like trance? Well you also should. In which case, two bits of good news courtesy of trance legend Paul Van Dyk. Hes not only just released a banging new tune, First Contact, and is also keeping us entertained through lock-down with a series of live streams.

First up, the track in question. First Contactis a collaboration with Belfast-based producer Kinetica. If youre one of those trance-heads who likes it upfliting, euphoric, and throughly old-school, youll love this one. Few do it like quite PvD and this is no exception. A fine peak-hour track, that gives us a bit of joy in these tricky times. Just a shame theres no clubs open to hear it live in! Or is there

Because like many producers and DJs at the moment, Paul van Dyk is currently hosting a series of regular live streams from his home studio. Entitled PC Music Night, the first couple were also a collab, with fellow Berliner Chris Bekker, however the latest episode was a solo show due to the new rules on meeting up with friends that have also come into play in Germany. You can re-watch previous episodes however, and Paul seems to be making a regular series out of this, so keep an eye on his Facebook page for more info.

You can also listen to First Contact in full below.

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Paul van Dyk teams up with Kinetica on new collab 'First Contact' - We Rave You

Seven Lions unveils kaleidoscopic new EP, ‘Find Another Way’ [Stream] – Dancing Astronaut

by: Rachel NarozniakMar 27, 2020

Quite some time has passed since Seven Lions re-entered the electronic release ring with a new EP in hand, but with Find Another Way, the producer closes a more than one-and-a-half-year gap in this format. Sonically kaleidoscopic in its engagement of sub-genres such as psytrance, dubstep, and house, the melodically threaded follow up to 2018s Start Again is evidence that Seven Lions uniquely emotive touch remains golden.

The assertive trance character of opening number, Remember sets a fervid tone for the tracks that ensue, each of which commands its own potency. Although the five songs that make up Find Another Way stylistically differ, with the mid-tempo, vocal-centric body of Senseless standing apart from the upbeat, psy-trance orientation of Only Now, for example, the hallmarks of a Seven Lions production, from rushing melodies to heavy-handed bass, are audible on all of the EPs inclusions. Features include Au5, Crystal Skies, April Bender, HALIENE, and Tyler Graves.

Photo credit: Rukes

Tags: april bender, au5, crystal skies, Find Another Way, Hailene, Seven Lions, tyler graves

Categories: Music

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Seven Lions unveils kaleidoscopic new EP, 'Find Another Way' [Stream] - Dancing Astronaut

Classic Trance Legends with Lange and Binary Finary at Unit Nine – Skiddle.com

Classic Trance Legends with Lange and Binary Finary Tickets | Unit Nine Milton Keynes | Fri 23rd October 2020 Lineup

Coronavirus update: View cancelled events here

Unit Nine in Milton Keynes

Friday 23rd October 2020

9:00pm til 3:00am

Minimum Age: 18

Bringing to you another Trance Club Classics night to Milton Keynes

We are back with another Trance Club Classics night.

This time Binary Finary and Lange grace the Unit Nine stage...

We are very excited to confirm that our legendary Trance resident, DJ Scottie, will be spinning some vinyl classics once again!

Super Earlybirds - 10 ++ SOLD OUT ++

Please note: The event information above has been added by the organiser. Whilst we try to ensure all details are up-to-date we do not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information shown.

Need a place to stay? Compare every available hotel deal and Airbnb near Unit Nine, so book today to secure the best price!.

View more venue information

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Classic Trance Legends with Lange and Binary Finary at Unit Nine - Skiddle.com

History of Polish techno to be explored in new book – DJ Mag

A crowdfunder has been launched to publish a book about Poland's techno scene.

Launched byRadosaw Tereszczuk, Artur Wojtczak and ukasz Krajewski, three key members ofPoland's techno scene, a crowdfunder has been set up to raise money to publish '30 Years Of The Polish Techno Scene' -the very first anthology of techno and the electronic music scene in Poland.

Not just limited to techno, the book containsmore than 700 pages, and is filled with photos and stories from those involved in the techno, house, and drum & bass scenes in Poland, past and present.

"Although the political climate prevailing in Poland was sometimes bleak, we could learn in clubs what the community and ideals of equality mean in practice," the team behind the project shared, "And not to overdo it with drugs.The anthology combines the historical perspective - dates, places, names and biographies - with the individual experience of the authors invited to write the texts. It covers a wide spectrum of genres of less and more danceable electronic music - techno, trance, rave, dubstep, hardtek, house, drum'nbass and so on.

It comprehensively presents the birth and development of the stage in Poland from 1989 until today. It includes music and clubbing in Warsaw, Gdask and d, and seemingly smaller centers, such as Pock or Szczecin, and talks about events on beaches and in the forest."

You can read more about the crowdfunder, and donate to the project,here.

From more inclusive dancefloors to world-confronting techno festivals, Anna Cafollaspoke to the collectives, crews, and scene stalwarts pushing Poland as a radical clubbers paradise for both local and international ravers.

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History of Polish techno to be explored in new book - DJ Mag

Paavo Siljamki of Above & Beyond has been Diagnosed with COVID-19 – EDM.com

A personality near and dear to the EDM community has shared that he has come down withCOVID-19. Paavo Siljamki of trance trioAbove & Beyondhas shared that hes fought the disease for 11 days and taken the opportunity to give thanks for healthcare professionals on the frontlines.

Im on day 11 of fighting the coronavirus here, said Siljamki in a video shared via his Instagram Story. I wonder if anybody else is ill at the moment and knows what its like. He speculated that he may have contracted the novel coronavirus from a massage therapist in Bali two weeks ago.

He went on to encourage those listening to be mindful of healthcare workers putting their own health at risk for the treatment of others.I have such gratitude for the people who risk their lives to help us during difficult spots, he said.

Siljamki closed out by reminding fans not to be fearful even in the face of uncertainty. A big part of being ill is being afraid, he said.

H/T:Global Dance Electronic

Facebook: facebook.com/aboveandbeyondInstagram: instagram.com/aboveandbeyondTwitter: twitter.com/aboveandbeyondSoundCloud: soundcloud.com/aboveandbeyond

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Paavo Siljamki of Above & Beyond has been Diagnosed with COVID-19 - EDM.com

PREMIERE: Maddix drops new single ‘Ecstacy’ on Revealed Recordings – We Rave You

Welcome to a new chapter. Forget the Maddix you know, because a new era is set to rise from the ashes. He now sheds his previous skin and adopts a new direction on Ecstasy, offering us our first glimpse into this fresh, new direction say hello to Maddix 2.0

Burning as bright as a roaring flame, Maddixs fusion of racing, ravey anthems and electro-laced takes shows a performative and multi-faceted side to the artist and, on this latest release for Revealed Recordings, he introduces us to this cutting-edge new chapter. Both deeper and more progressive than before, shifting into more emotive, albeit powerful, strokes of genius, as a sensual vocal entices with commands and whispers of Move with me/ Dance With Me/ Take Me/ Ecstasy, the track fuses together high-tuned whirrs of synth for the lower-ends to rumble and blast forth, ushering in his forward-facing new period of production style.

Envision being on a post apocalyptic rave in 2021, where bright souls in dark rooms head into a progressive, almost trance-like state of euphoria, make sure you get a taste of Maddixs novel and latest switch-up in sound and get lost in total Ecstasy.

The track is out on Revealed Recordingsnow, and you can check it out below! Let us know what you think of this one across our social media channels.

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PREMIERE: Maddix drops new single 'Ecstacy' on Revealed Recordings - We Rave You

‘The Magicians’: Marina may be evil but standing up for that side of herself was the right thing to do – MEAWW

Spoiler alert for 'The Magicians' Season 5 Episode 6 'The Balls'

Marina Andrieski (Kacey Rohl) underwent a dramatic and literal personality shift for her girlfriend, Anna (Nishi Munshi), as we saw in the last episode. Using a trance spell to suppress every evil, conniving, selfish tendency within her, she became a paragon of goodness, delight and well-meaning bad cookies, all in an effort to please Anna. It's enough to get Marina back into Anna's good graces but when Alice Quinn (Olivia Dudley) undoes the trance spell, Marina has to work at how "good" she can be.

There's no question that Anna deserves someone who doesn't lie to her. There's an argument to be made for the case of Anna wanting to see Marina be a better version of herself. However, what Marina went through to get back into Anna's good graces is a complete character change and that is not a healthy thing to do for a relationship no matter what the circumstances.

Marina's not a main character and as such we only see glimpses of her relationship to Anna and it's clear that Marina has not been a good girlfriend. It's a relationship based on lies, lies that Marina continually tells just to be able to be with Anna. It's toxic, and wrong, but we see just how far Marina is willing to go for the relationship when she rewrites her own personality and removes her ability to lie. That's no small step; Marina was willing to go to extreme lengths to be the kind of person who makes Anna happy.

In this episode, however, she stands up for her own self - the correct self. The flawed self. Marina's attempt to be someone else was its own lie, ironically, and if that's the person Anna wanted, then it's not Marina she loved. Marina is a deeply flawed character, but trying to suppress or ignore those flaws is no way for a relationship to work. 'The Magicians' is all about flaws at the heart of magical fantasies and while love is a beautiful dream, it's almost always a thing shared between two flawed people; no one is perfect.

The show has devoted a lot of time to get its characters to learn to live with themselves and part of that process has been acknowledging the flaws in themselves and in their dreams. By accepting herself, flaws and all, Marina joins the cast as someone who realizes that dreams sometimes die in the face of the truth. "You need to accept me for the me I am right now" is possibly the most honest thing Marina has ever said to Anna and it's the truth, that ends the relationship. Ultimately, it's probably for the best.

The next episode of 'The Magicians' airs April 1, on Syfy.

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'The Magicians': Marina may be evil but standing up for that side of herself was the right thing to do - MEAWW

Revive your weary spirits in a spa – MoneyWeek


hen in Bath, do as the Romans did bathe. People have been coming to take the waters for centuries long before the Romans made Aquae Sulis, as they called Bath, fashionable. Some came to relax, others to be cured of their ailments. These days you cant actually go in the water at the world-heritage Roman Baths (which, by the way, are definitely worth a visit if youve never been). The water is pond-green and none too inviting. Happily, The Gainsborough Bath Spa hotel draws the water for its Spa Village Bath from the same springs. It is the only one to do this and trust me, this water you do want to get into.

Become a smarter, better informed investor with MoneyWeek.

Sitting under one of the pressure spouts in the main pool, the warm water pummelling your shoulders, its all too easy to slip into a trance. While youre at it, you might as well contemplate where all this water comes from. Surprisingly, the source is still a mystery. Its thought the water fell as rain 10,000 years ago. It seeped into the earth to a depth of two kilometres to be warmed and returned to the surface in the form of three springs. One of these is Hetling Spring and it provides the three thermal pools with mineral-rich water. There are also two saunas, one of which is infrared, and a steam room. Theres also the ice alcove for hardcore spa-goers. Whether out of survival instinct or just raw cowardice, I found myself slinging the ice over my shoulder. I think one piece might have touched me.

My 90-minute Magnesium Remineraliser treatment was much easier to get onboard with. I hadnt realised that I needed to be remineralised my focus being more on animal and vegetable (read on that came later). But magnesium is apparently responsible for promoting energy levels, sleep, circulation, metabolism and muscle movement. I can vouch for the sleep part. The scrub, massage and warm wrap is terribly relaxing. Muscle movement? I think I did turn over once. As for metabolism, I defy anybody to come up with a better way of preparing for dinner than with a good massage followed by a cocktail in the bar, naturally, with The Gainsboroughs convivial general manager, Marc MacCloskey. He explained to me the history of the building.

Advertisement - Article continues below

The Gainsborough opened five years ago. As you may have guessed, its named after Thomas Gainsborough, who lived in Bath from 1759. But the artist was never actually resident at the site, which was just as well as the two buildings that make up the present-day hotel were former hospitals. The current buildings, with their Georgian and Victorian faades, date from 1826 and 1860, but the Hospital of Thomas Bellott, which served the sick and needy, had occupied the site since 1609. Do not leave dormant in your store that would relieve the poor. If the poor sleep soundly, so will you, reads the Latin inscription etched in stone. That The Gainsborough today occupies former hospitals is somewhat fitting for a hotel that is built around a spa, albeit a luxury one. And you wont have any trouble sleeping soundly in the cosy bedrooms. Ours was a corner room with views of the Abbey and the rooftop pool at the modern Thermae Bath Spa next door.

But to dinner! If The Gainsborough is named after an artist, then so is its restaurant Dan Moon. The only difference is West Country native Dan Moon is alive and to be found in the kitchen, using local ingredients to whip up works worthy of his three AA rosettes for our seven-course tasting menu. The smoked rabbit with ethical foie gras, Parma ham and tomato was served beneath a teeny, tiny glass cloche that, when lifted, unleashed a puff of smoke. All of the dishes from the cream of mushroom velout to the chocolate marquise were excellent, while the roast duck in a plum sauce, served with a homemade spring roll, was my particular favourite. Each dish was paired with a differentwine.

These waters will be empty for some weeks to come but everyones going to need a long stint in the pool when this crisis ends, and this is the place to look forward to visiting. Salus per aquam, as those Romans might have said health through water. Or simply, Spa.

Chris was a guest of The Gainsborough. From 290 on a room-only basis, see thegainsboroughbathspa.co.uk

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Revive your weary spirits in a spa - MoneyWeek

Trance – Wikipedia

Trance is an abnormal state of wakefulness in which a person is not self-aware and is either altogether unresponsive to external stimuli (but nevertheless capable of pursuing and realizing an aim) or is selectively responsive in following the directions of the person (if any) who has induced the trance. Trance states may occur involuntarily and unbidden.

The term trance may be associated[by whom?] with hypnosis, meditation, magic, flow, and prayer. It may also be related to an earlier generic term, altered states of consciousness, which is no longer used in "consciousness-studies" discourse.

Trance in its modern meaning comes from an earlier meaning of "a dazed, half-conscious or insensible condition or state of fear", via the Old French transe "fear of evil", from the Latin transre "to cross", "pass over".[1]

Wier, in his 1995 book, Trance: from magic to technology, defines a simple trance (p.58) as a state of mind being caused by cognitive loops where a cognitive object (a thought, an image, a sound, an intentional action) repeats long enough to result in various sets of disabled cognitive functions. Wier represents all trances (which include sleep and watching television) as taking place on a dissociated trance plane where at least some cognitive functions such as volition are disabled; as is seen in what is typically termed a 'hypnotic trance'.[2] With this definition, meditation, hypnosis, addictions and charisma are seen as being trance states. In Wier's 2007 book, The Way of Trance, he elaborates on these forms, adds ecstasy as an additional form and discusses the ethical implications of his model, including magic and government use which he terms "trance abuse".

John Horgan in Rational Mysticism (2003) explores the neurological mechanisms and psychological implications of trances and other mystical manifestations. Horgan incorporates literature and case-studies from a number of disciplines in this work: chemistry, physics, psychology, radiology and theology.

The following are some examples of trance states:

Trance conditions include all the different states of mind, emotions, moods and daydreams that human beings experience. All activities which engage a human involve the filtering of information coming into sense modalities, and this influences brain functioning and consciousness. Therefore, trance may be understood as a way for the mind to change the way it filters information in order to provide more efficient use of the mind's resources.

Trance states may also be accessed or induced by various modalities and may be a way of accessing the unconscious mind for the purposes of relaxation, healing, intuition and inspiration. There is an extensive documented history of trance as evidenced by the case-studies of anthropologists and ethnologists and associated and derivative disciplines. Hence trance may be perceived as endemic to the human condition and a Human Universal. Principles of trance are being explored and documented as are methods of trance induction. Benefits of trance states are being explored by medical and scientific inquiry. Many traditions and rituals employ trance. Trance also has a function in religion and mystical experience.

Castillo (1995) states that: "Trance phenomena result from the behavior of intense focusing of attention, which is the key psychological mechanism of trance induction. Adaptive responses, including institutionalized forms of trance, are 'tuned' into neural networks in the brain and depend to a large extent on the characteristics of culture. Culture-specific organizations exist in the structure of individual neurons and in the organizational formation of neural networks."[3]

Hoffman (1998: p.9) states that: "Trance is still conventionally defined as a state of reduced consciousness, or a somnolent state. However, the more recent anthropological definition, linking it to 'altered states of consciousness' (Charles Tart), is becoming increasingly accepted."[4]

Hoffman (1998, p.9) asserts that: "...the trance state should be discussed in the plural, because there is more than one altered state of consciousness significantly different from everyday consciousness."[4]

According to Hoffman (1998: p.10), pilgrims visited the Temple of Epidaurus, an asclepeion, in Greece for healing sleep. Seekers of healing would make pilgrimage and be received by a priest who would welcome and bless them. This temple housed an ancient religious ritual promoting dreams in the seeker that endeavored to promote healing and the solutions to problems, as did the oracles. This temple was built in honor of Asclepios, the Greek god of medicine. The Greek treatment was referred to as incubation, and focused on prayers to Asclepios for healing. The asclepion at Epidaurus is both extensive and well-preserved, and is traditionally regarded as the birthplace of Asclepius. (For a comparable modern tool see Dreamwork.)

The Oracle at Delphi was also famous for trances in the ancient Greek world; priestesses there would make predictions about the future in exchange for gold.[5]

Stories of the saints in the Middle Ages, myths, parables, fairy tales, oral lore and storytelling from different cultures are themselves potentially inducers of trance. Often literary devices such as repetition are employed which is evident in many forms of trance induction. Milton Erickson used stories to induce trance as do many NLP practitioners.

From at least the 16th century it was held that march music may induce soldiers marching in unison into trance states where according to apologists, they bond together as a unit engendered by the rigors of training, the ties of comradeship and the chain of command. This had the effect of making the soldiers become automated, an effect which was widely evident in the 16th, 17th and 18th century due to the increasing prevalence of firearms employed in warcraft. Military instruments, especially the snare drum and other drums were used to entone a monotonous ostinato at the pace of march and heartbeat. High-pitched fifes, flutes and bagpipes were used for their "piercing" effect to play the melody. This would assist the morale and solidarity of soldiers as they marched to battle.

Joseph Jordania recently proposed a term battle trance for this mental state, when combatants do not feel fear and pain, and when they lose their individual identity and acquire a collective identity.[6]

The Norse Berserkers induced a trance-like state before battle, called Berserkergang. It is said to have given the warriors superhuman strength and made them impervious to pain during battle. This form of trance could have been induced partly due to ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

As the mystical experience of mystics generally entails direct connection, communication and communion with Deity, Godhead and/or god; trance and cognate experience are endemic. (see Yoga, Sufism, Shaman, Umbanda, Crazy Horse, etc.)

As shown by Jonathan Garb,[7] trance techniques also played a role in Lurianic Kabbalah, the mystical life of the circle of Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto and Hasidism.

Many Christian mystics are documented as having experiences that may be considered as cognate with trance, such as: Hildegard of Bingen, John of the Cross, Meister Eckhart, Saint Theresa (as seen in the Bernini sculpture) and Francis of Assisi.

Taves (1999) charts the synonymic language of trance in the American Christian traditions: power or presence or indwelling of God, or Christ, or the Spirit, or spirits. Typical expressions include "the indwelling of the Spirit" (Jonathan Edwards), "the witness of the Spirit" (John Wesley), "the power of God" (early American Methodists), being "filled with the Spirit of the Lord" (early Adventists; see charismatic Adventism), "communing with spirits" (Spiritualists), "the Christ within" (New Thought), "streams of holy fire and power" (Methodist holiness), "a religion of the Spirit and Power" (the Emmanuel Movement), and "the baptism of the Holy Spirit" (early Pentecostals). (Taves, 1999: 3)

Taves (1999) well-referenced book on trance charts the experience of Anglo-American Protestants and those who left the Protestant movement beginning with the transatlantic awakening in the early 18th century and ending with the rise of the psychology of religion and the birth of Pentecostalism in the early 20th century. This book focuses on a class of seemingly involuntary acts alternately explained in religious and secular terminology. These involuntary experiences include uncontrolled bodily movements (fits, bodily exercises, falling as dead, catalepsy, convulsions); spontaneous vocalizations (crying out, shouting, speaking in tongues); unusual sensory experiences (trances, visions, voices, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences); and alterations of consciousness and/or memory (dreams, somnium, somnambulism, mesmeric trance, mediumistic trance, hypnosis, possession, alternating personality) (Taves, 1999: 3).

Trance-like states are often interpreted as religious ecstasy or visions and can be deliberately induced using a variety of techniques, including prayer, religious rituals, meditation, pranayama (breathwork or breathing exercises), physical exercise, sexual intercourse, music, dancing, sweating (e.g. sweat lodge), fasting, thirsting, and the consumption of psychotropic drugs such as cannabis. Sensory modality is the channel or conduit for the induction of the trance. Sometimes an ecstatic experience takes place in occasion of contact with something or somebody perceived as extremely beautiful or holy. It may also happen without any known reason. The particular technique that an individual uses to induce ecstasy is usually one that is associated with that individual's particular religious and cultural traditions. As a result, an ecstatic experience is usually interpreted within the context of a particular individual's religious and cultural traditions. These interpretations often include statements about contact with supernatural or spiritual beings, about receiving new information as a revelation, also religion-related explanations of subsequent change of values, attitudes and behavior (e.g. in case of religious conversion).

Benevolent, neutral and malevolent trances may be induced (intentionally, spontaneously and/or accidentally) by different methods:

Charles Tart provides a useful working definition of auditory driving. It is the induction of trance through the sense of hearing. Auditory driving works through a process known as entrainment.[citation needed]

The usage of repetitive rhythms to induce trance states is an ancient phenomenon. Throughout the world, shamanistic practitioners have been employing this method for millennia. Anthropologists and other researchers have documented the similarity of shamanistic auditory driving rituals among different cultures.

Said simply, entrainment is the synchronization of different rhythmic cycles. Breathing and heart rate have been shown to be affected by auditory stimulus, along with brainwave activity. The ability of rhythmic sound to affect human brainwave activity, especially theta brainwaves, is the essence of auditory driving, and is the cause of the altered states of consciousness that it can induce.[citation needed]

Nowack and Feltman have recently published an article entitled "Eliciting the Photic Driving Response" which states that the EEG photic driving response is a sensitive neurophysiological measure which has been employed to assess chemical and drug effects, forms of epilepsy, neurological status of Alzheimer's patients, and physiological arousal. Photic driving also impacts upon the psychological climate of a person by producing increased visual imagery and decreased physiological and subjective arousal. In this research by Nowack and Feltman, all participants reported increased visual imagery during photic driving, as measured by their responses to an imagery questionnaire.

Dennis Wier (https://web.archive.org/web/20060915232957/http://www.trance.edu/papers/theory.htm Accessed: 6 December 2006) states that over two millennia ago Ptolemy and Apuleius found that differing rates of flickering lights affected states of awareness and sometimes induced epilepsy. Wier also asserts that it was discovered in the late 1920s that when light was shined on closed eyelids it resulted in an echoing production of brainwave frequencies. Wier also opined that in 1965 Grey employed a stroboscope to project rhythmic light flashes into the eyes at a rate of 1025Hz (cycles per second). Grey discovered that this stimulated similar brainwave activity.

Research by Thomas Budzynski, Oestrander et al., in the use of brain machines suggest that photic driving via the suprachiasmatic nucleus and direct electrical stimulation and driving via other mechanisms and modalities, may entrain processes of the brain facilitating rapid and enhanced learning, produce deep relaxation, euphoria, an increase in creativity, problem solving propensity and may be associated with enhanced concentration and accelerated learning. The theta range and the border area between alpha and theta has generated considerable research interest.

Charles Tart provides a useful working definition of kinesthetic driving. It is the induction of trance through the sense of touch, feeling or emotions. Kinesthetic driving works through a process known as entrainment.

The rituals practiced by some athletes in preparing for contests are dismissed as superstition, but this is a device of sport psychologists to help them to attain an ecstasy-like state. Joseph Campbell had a peak experience whilst running. Roger Bannister on breaking the four-minute mile (Cameron, 1993: 185): "No longer conscious of my movement, I discovered a new unity with nature. I had found a new source of power and beauty, a source I never dreamt existed." Roger Bannister later became a distinguished neurologist.

Mechanisms and disciplines that include kinesthetic driving may include: dancing, walking meditation, yoga and asana, mudra, juggling, poi (juggling), etc.

Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam) has theoretical and metaphoric texts regarding ecstasy as a state of connection with Allah. Sufi practice rituals (dhikr, sema) use body movement and music to achieve the state.

Divination is a cultural universal which anthropologists have observed as being present in many religions and cultures in all ages up to the present day (see sibyl).[citation needed] Divination may be defined as a mechanism for fortune-telling by ascertaining information by interpretation of omens or an alleged supernatural agency. Divination often entails ritual, and is often facilitated by trance.

In Tibet, oracles have played, and continue to play, an important part in religion and government. The word oracle is used by Tibetans to refer to the spirit, deity or entity that enters those men and women who act as media between the natural and the spiritual realms. The media are, therefore, known as kuten, which literally means, "the physical basis".

The Dalai Lama, who lives in exile in northern India, still consults an oracle known as the Nechung Oracle, which is considered the official state oracle of the government of Tibet. He gives a complete description of the process of trance and possession in his book Freedom in Exile.[13]

Convergent disciplines of neuroanthropology, ethnomusicology, electroencephalography (EEG), neurotheology and cognitive neuroscience, amongst others, are conducting research into the trance induction of altered states of consciousness resulting from neuron entrainment with the driving of sensory modalities, for example polyharmonics, multiphonics, and percussive polyrhythms through the channel of the auditory and kinesthetic modality.

Neuroanthropology and cognitive neuroscience are conducting research into the trance induction of altered states of consciousness (possibly engendering higher consciousness) resulting from neuron firing entrainment with these polyharmonics and multiphonics. Related research has been conducted into neural entraining with percussive polyrhythms. The timbre of traditional singing bowls and their polyrhythms and multiphonics are considered meditative and calming, and the harmony inducing effects of this tool to potentially alter consciousness are being explored by scientists, medical professionals and therapists.

Scientific advancement and new technologies such as computerized EEG, positron emission tomography, regional cerebral blood flow, and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, are providing measurable tools to assist in understanding trance phenomena.

There are four principal brainwave states that range from high-amplitude, low-frequency delta to low-amplitude, high-frequency beta. These states range from deep dreamless sleep to a state of high arousal. These four brainwave states are common throughout humans. All levels of brainwaves exist in everyone at all times, even though one is foregrounded depending on the activity level. When a person is in an aroused state and exhibiting a beta brainwave pattern, their brain also exhibits a component of alpha, theta and delta, even though only a trace may be present.[14]

The University of Philadelphia study on some Christians at the Freedom Valley Worship Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, revealed that glossolalia-speaking (vocalizing or praying in unrecognizable form of language which is seen in members of certain Christian sects) activates areas of the brain out of voluntary control. In addition, the frontal lobe of the brain, which monitors speech, significantly diminished in activity as the study participants spoke glossolalia.[15] Dr. Andrew B. Newberg, in analysis of his earlier studies as opposed to the MRI scans of the test subjects, stated that Buddhist monks in meditation[16] and Franciscan nuns in prayer[17] exhibited increased activity in the frontal lobe, and subsequently their behaviors, very much under voluntary control. The investigation found this particular beyond-body-control characteristic only in tongue-speakers (also see xenoglossia).

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Trance - Wikipedia

Trance (2020) – IMDb

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Story revolves around Viju Prasad, a motivational trainer based out of Kanyakumari, and the growth and setbacks he faces in different phases of his life.

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $427,707

Runtime: 170 min

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2020 Indian Malayalam language film directed by Anwar Rasheed

Trance is a 2020 Indian Malayalam-language psychological drama film directed and produced by Anwar Rasheed and written by Vincent Vadakkan. It features Fahadh Faasil in the lead role, while Nazriya Nazim, Soubin Shahir, Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Dileesh Pothan and Gautham Menon play supporting roles. Amal Neerad was the cinematographer and newcomer Jackson Vijayan composed the film's songs, the background score was by Vijayan and Sushin Shyam.

Filming began in July 2017 and was completed in September 2019. Trance was released in Kerala on 20 February 2020.[2]

The plot follows the life events of Viju Prasad, a Kanyakumari-based wannabe motivational speaker and someone who has psychological problems. He is hired by Solomon and Issac for their corporate body to work as a Christian pastor and is given six months training in the gimmicks by Avarachan. He is introduced as Joshua Carlton and he successfully captures devotion of masses by being a good entertainer. Both Solomon and Issac make millions of dollars and their enterprise grew across countries with more than 300 major centers. However, things start to fall apart when Joshua agrees for an interview with Mathews. Joshua's mental health also begins to deteriorate. Both Solomon and Issac sees this and tries to eliminate him. Joshua as an endgame tries to publicize the truth through Mathews. The truth is publicized and Joshua gets acquitted from his crimes due to his mental health. In the end, he goes to meet Esther, an ex-employee of his organized ministerial show, and someone who he has grown close during his ministry tours and mental health crisis.

In a March 2016 interview, Fahadh Faasil revealed that he would be acting in Anwar Rasheed's next directorial and its subject is fresh that has never been attempted in Malayalam cinema.[3][4] Trance was officially announced with a title poster in June 2017.[5] The film was produced by Rasheed himself. The film marks the debut of Vincent Vadakkan as screenwriter. Rasheed was earlier supposed to direct a short in 5 Sundarikal (2013) based on the screenplay by Vadakkan. But it did not work out as he did not got the right cast. Later, Vadakkan narrated the story of Trance, but then he was not ready to produce the film because of its high production cost. Rasheed had Fahadh in mind for the lead role then itself. Later, Fahadh happened to hear the story from Vadakkan and insisted Rasheed to reconsider the project. By then, the storyline had changed and bankability of Fahadh had also grown and Rasheed was confident in producing the film.[6]

Filming began in July 2017.[7] A week-long first schedule of filming was completed in December 2017 in Mumbai.[8] For the first time in Malayalam cinema, Bolt High Speed Cinebot cameras were used to shoot some scenes in the film.[9] The film is shot with sync sound. The film was shot mainly in coastal Kanyakumari, across various locations in India and Dubai, and the climax was shot in Amsterdam. In July 2019, it as reported that Trance is expected to cost close to 20 crore when it completes production.[10] Amal Neerad was the cinematographer and Resul Pookutty was the film's sound designer.[11][12] Filming was completed on 1 September 2019.[13] The film was made on a budget of 35 crore.[1]

Music is composed, arranged and produced by Jackson Vijayan, while the background score of the movie is set by Sushin Shyam and Jackson Vijayan.[14] The soundtrack album also consists of a title track composed and Arranged by Vinayakan TK.[15]

The film's release was postponed multiple times. It was initially scheduled to be released on 22 March 2019.[17] Then there were plans to release the film during Eid al-Fitr (June) but was later shifted to Onam (September) due to pending visual effects work.[10] Release date was again scheduled for 20 December 2019 before postponing to February 2020 due to delay in post-production work.[18] Then it was scheduled to 14 February 2020 on Valentine's Day.[19] But the regional Central Board of Film Certification in Thiruvananthapuram referred the film to a revising committee in Mumbai since Rasheed was not willing to cut a 17-minute long sequence that could hurt religious sentiments.[20] On 15 February 2020, the film was leaked on the website Tamil Rockers a week ahead of its release.[21] The film was released in Kerala on 20 February 2020.[21]

Goutham V. S. of The Indian Express rated 3.5 in 5 and said: "The abstract style of filmmaking, and the narrative structure that visualises the complex layers of the protagonists psyche is bound to make Trance a trendsetter in the Malayalam film industry ... Fahadh steals the limelight by portraying a character that is hysteric and disturbing at the same time". He also praised the "vivid visualisation, colour tones and the brilliant use of sounds" and cinematography and background score.[22] Critic from Sify also rated 3.5 in 5, describing the film "bold and thrilling", writing "Trance is a genuine and brave attempt that is gripping from start to finish ... Anwar has packaged the movie deliciously, adding lots of emotions, in an honest way. With top notch visuals, music and sound the viewer is in for a grand experience ... But in a way, this film belongs to Fahadh Faasil, who is absolutely brilliant".[23] Prem Udayabhanu from Malayala Manorama gave 3.5 in 5, stating that "it is psychedelic and vibrant, flamboyant and gripping ... Trance is magical, hysterical and depressing and you need to transcend the mundane line of cinematic offerings to relish it". He praised the sound design, background score and cinematography.[24]

Rating 3.5 out of 5, Sajin Shrijith of The New Indian Express said: "If you are into films with a slightly eccentric touch, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the overall audio-visual experience ... Anwar Rasheed, cinematographer Amal Neerad, editor Praveen Prabhakar, and composers Sushin Shyam-Jackson Vijayan keep us hooked by delivering a film that feels part-dream, part-nightmare. However, post-interval, you begin to sense Trance losing some of the potency established in the first half".[25] Cris from The News Minute also gave 3.5 out of 5 stars and wrote that "Fahadh delivers a great performance ... Anwar's filmmaking keeps you engaged the entire first half during which a captivating story begins to unfold. The last half does not keep up to the first, scenes that you enjoyed earlier becoming stretched, almost like you took a pill yourself and everything seems to take too long. But it doesn't let you down, with some excellent performances coming from a very promising cast".[26]

Sanjith Sidhardhan of The Times of India awarded 3.5 out of 5 stars and stated: "Fahadh as a subdued Viju and the flamboyant Joshua is the maniacal energy that drives the film ... Director Anwar gets the first half absolutely right in its pacing and content. However, the second half of the script, by Vincent Vadakkan, loses steam with the plot then almost reflecting Joshua's mindset in those scenes. The makers seem to have chosen style over substance in the latter half". He praised the cinematography and background score.[27] Rating 2.5 in 5, Nirmal Jovial from The Week wrote that "Trance is definitely a bold attempt for its theme, as far as Malayalam cinema is concerned. But it fails to do justice to the theme it explores with its weak script that becomes so cluttered and confused towards the third act", but praised the cinematography.[28]

S. R. Praveen of The Hindu called it "a half-baked attempt", stating "the first half of the film, which captures this transformation is gripping, owing much to Fahadh's performance, ... The film attains its high by the interval point, almost having the viewer in a trance ... Unfortunately, from there, the script goes downhill. One gets to see the writer taking the easy way out at crucial points, bumping off-key characters in a tame manner and depending on the usual television newsbreaks to untangle tricky situations".[29] Critic Veeyen states that "Trance does address a theme that is radically important and proffers a compelling investigation into the unexplored realms of religion, faith and belief." But he adds that .."its also a movie that eventually gets choked by the mistiness that pervades its plot and design, and ends up a pale shadow of the head turner flick that it should have been.[30]

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Nifra Offers the Progressive Trance Music Her Homeland Loves – SF Weekly

Bearing in mind that Czechoslovakia was under Soviet rule until 1989, and Slovakia only gained independence in 1993 separating from the now Czech Republic in what was dubbed the Velvet Divorce, its not surprising that the nation has been playing musical catch-up a little bit. Consider the restricted access to Western art prior to 89, and its amazing how quickly things have developed, particularly regarding electronic music.

But develop they have. Theres a Slovakian scene that includes celebrated producer Jimmy P, trance DJ Driftmoon, and eclectic artist FVLCRVM. Add Nifra to that growing list. The woman born as Nikoleta Frajkorova was 16 when she started to create music.

At that time I discovered the DAW [Digital Audio Workstation] Fruity Loops, and I could totally get lost in it and completely forget about the time trying to figure out the software and how to actually make a track, Nifra says. I had no internet so it was all by intuition. It all started as a hobby, or a better way to say it: obsession. I think to succeed in the music industry you have to be completely obsessed with what you are doing and that has to come naturally.

From that point on, all Nifra wanted to do was make music. Obsession is the right word her art occupied all of her time as she remained remarkably focused.

There was nothing else that caught my interest more than the world of DJs, nightclubs, events, she says. I love making my own music and to be on stage, I feel home there. So from the get-go I knew I will never give up chasing this dream and Im glad I didnt because after a couple of years, things started to change for real.

Nifras sound is best described as progressive trance music pulsating and energetic, but also hypnotic and entrancing. Back home in Slovakia, she says, the people love trance.

I havent been living in my home country all together for 10 years, I think, but I do play there two to three times a year, she says. They love trance music! I have a huge following there and the crowd is always wild on the shows, so whenever I have a gig there I know its going to be worth it. You wouldnt believe it but the most successful producers from Slovakia are all trance-oriented like Reorder or Driftmoon.

Nifra has released a number of tracks and remixes up to now, mainly on Markus Schulzs Coldharbour label but also via Armada. July 2019 saw the release of her own debut CD, Follow Me. It was, she says, her biggest project so far. That studio work translates to a great show when shes out on tour.

I mean you could look at it this way touring is the result of the hours you spend in studio producing your tracks, because without it you cant make it as an international touring artist, she says. When it comes to the actual show prep, its always good to have some kind of an idea what crowd Im going to play for and selecting tracks that could be potentially dropped. And sometimes, you just change things up and play it by ear depends on the vibe.

Its working. Nifras buzz is among the loudest in the trance world, and the lush vibes at her shows are practically tangible. After a decade in the game, she knows how to hold a crowd in the palm of her hand how to select the right tracks and create the perfect atmosphere.

When you are doing this for so long, in my case for over 10 years since the very, very beginning, you just keep on going and not looking back, she says. But when I do look back the evolution has been quite significant. I used to be a very shy girl in my teenage years and thats not the best quality for a performing artist. Ha! But traveling around the world and playing countless clubs and festivals made me super confident in what I do and also as a person. I want to be as good at my craft as I can be and to make a difference for women in the trance genre. Last year, she was nominated in the International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) in the category Best Female Trance Artist for the first time, and she was nominated this year as well.

Nifra continues to make huge strides for female DJs and producers in the electronic music world, which can still be full of misogyny. In terms of her work, her gender is largely irrelevant shes simply a great artist. See for yourself at Audio this week.

I love the States, she says. Ive been a regular visitor since 2014 and Ive done an insane amount of shows there. I have a nice history with the San Francisco Bay Area especially, because I played Audio in 2016 as a support act on Markus Schulzs Watch the World tour, and people could also see me at POP NYE in 2016 at Oracle Arena, Ruby Skye, and The Midway last year as well.

Nifra says that shell be dropping new tunes at Audio some that have been released and others that were only recently finished. After that shell be finishing her North American tour, then returning home to finish her debut album. 2020, she says, will be big. Of that we have no doubt.

Nifra with Gene Xander and Jonny Atom, at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 19 at Audio.

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Concepts Of Love – PS News

Reviewed by Ian Phillips.

By Colyn, Rose Avenue Records, 2020.

Dutch musician/producer Colyn is making a name for himselfin the dance/trance scene and his fourth EP,Concepts Of Lovewill only further enhance this reputation.

The EP contains four tracks but only two songs Concepts Of LoveandRunning. There are two different versions of each song on the EP.

Colyn says of the release:This EP is a very special release to me as it features a long-desired collaboration with my brother, Maurits.

He continuesThe EP bounces between two emotions. The happiness and joy of a newly found love that is showcased in Concepts Of Love. On the other hand, Running features the feeling of losing something very dear, something that once meant everything to you but is now drawing to an unavoidable end.

Colyns music is quite mesmerizing Concepts Of Loveis an instrumental whileRunningcontains limited but hypnotic vocals.

I keep on running, running from the pain, I keep on running, running from the shame, I keep on running.

Although the lyrics are sparse, they are remarkably effective in capturing the mood.

Runningopens the EP and sets the tone with a dark and moody feel set to an insistent beat.

Colyn provides plenty of space in the mix this is vitally important to allow for the building of tension and to allow the songs to travel on a journey.

A lot of dance/trance music fails in this respect because it is shackled to a constant, and sometimes persistently annoying, beat necessary for the disco floor.

However, Colyns expertly creates and releases tension, giving the songs a life.

I prefer the uncut version ofRunningto the shorter mix because of the additional length we get more time to immerse ourselves in the experience.

With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Colyn is regarded as a leader in the melodic-techno genre and, even for the occasional listener to this genre, you can sense that theres something special about his creations.

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Gareth Emery Releases the Best Song Hes Ever Made – EDMTunes

A long-anticipated music festival got cancelled, your favourite restaurant is closed, the list goes on. Just as you think things cant get any worse (thanks coronavirus), Gareth Emery releases an emotional track to remind you that youll be ok. Named precisely that, Youll Be OK marks the first single on Gareths upcoming album The Lasers, which is scheduled for release later this year.

According to the trance legend himself, Youll Be OK may well be the best f***ing trance song [he has] ever written. The heartfelt vocals feature British singer-songwriter Annabel, who beautifully delivers the light that we all need under current circumstances.

For Gareth Emery himself, the track not only embodies some tough times in [his] life, but also represents his first milestone as a newly independent artist. As a result, fans will almost certainly forgive him for holding the track back for ten months since its debut, and for perfecting it to the way it currently is.

Stream or save Youll Be OK on your favourite streaming platform, and check out the official music video below!

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Gareth Emery Starts Next Era of His Career with Highly Anticipated Single, Youll Be OK – EDM.com

Trance legend Gareth Emery gave resolution to fans worldwide earlier today by revealing the first song off of his upcoming album. Youll Be OK has been teased in Emerys sets for nearly a year now, bringing listeners a huge sense of relief to finally have the track in its final, streamable form.

After over 25 versions and 10 months, Youll Be OK is finished, Emery explained to fans yesterday in an apologetic Instagram post. Following his last release, You Are" featuringEmily Vaughn,- which won the cover of Spotifys Mint playlist - Youll Be OK is nothing short of a trance anthem. The stunning vocals of Annabel bring vibrant life to lyrics written by Emery himself and are carried forward effortlessly by the lush synth chords we have come to know and love from this four-on-the-floor father figure.

With this record dawns a new era in Emerys career. His upcoming album, The Lasers, will be the first that has not been colored, hindered, or otherwise altered by the agenda of a third-party record label. In Emerys words, [There are] no music industry bros telling me how my songs should sound. Just me, making music, for you.

Stream or Download Gareth Emery's "You'll Be OK" featuring Annabel.


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Gareth Emery Starts Next Era of His Career with Highly Anticipated Single, Youll Be OK - EDM.com

Stepping back to ’90s with new north-east music event – Aberdeen Evening Express

A new 90s music event will be held in the north-east.

RE-LIVE will take place at the Thainstone Exchange in Inverurie this summer with the headlining acts now announced.

Pops stars N-Trance and world-renowned DJ Seb Fontaine will be wowing crowds on July 25.

N-Trance are best known for their 1995 smash hit Set You Free while Fontaine is widely recognised for his Radio 1 show.

He was also one half of the duo Reflekt that produced the dance anthem Need To Feel Loved.

The line-up also includes The Complete Stone Roses, a Robbie Williams tribute and a Britpop Essential Selection.

Organiser Russell Aitchinson said: We are thrilled to be bringing this new event to Inverurie and the surrounding area. The 90s are currently having a huge resurgence and we are delighted to have secured two original acts to perform.

N-Trance were massive in the 90s and everyone knows their hits, while Seb Fontaine is still one of the most popular DJs on the circuit and continues to sell out shows around the world.

The Complete Stone Roses always put on a great show and along with all our other acts they will create an unbelievable day of 90s and 2000s nostalgia.

Tickets for the concert are on sale now from skiddle.com

A shuttle bus service will run from Inverurie and Kintore town centres.

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Stepping back to '90s with new north-east music event - Aberdeen Evening Express