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Action | Drama | Thriller

The story revolves around the clash between Ayyappan, a senior police officer who serves at the Attappadi Police Station and Havildar Koshi, who comes to the village with a motive.


Stars:Prithviraj Sukumaran,Biju Menon,Renjith

Crime | Mystery | Thriller

The police are on the trail of a serial killer, but with the victims being fellow officers, will they be able to catch the killer and solve the case in time?

Director:Midhun Manuel Thomas

Stars:Kunchacko Boban,Jinu Joseph,Unnimaya Prasad


Neena is a French teacher and single parent to Nikitha, who is obsessed with the concept of an arranged marriage. Their life changes when a retired army man and another young man come to stay at the apartment.

Director:Anoop Sathyan

Stars:Shobana,Suresh Gopi,Kalyani Priyadarshan

Comedy | Drama | Thriller

A famous actor needs to renew his driver's licence, and the motor vehicle agent is a fan of his, but a series of misunderstandings causes a great deal of friction.

Director:Jean Paul Lal

Stars:Prithviraj Sukumaran,Mia George,Suraj Venjaramoodu

Drama | Romance | Thriller

A carefree youngster`s life takes an interesting turn after he meets the girl of his dreams.

Director:Desingh Periyasamy

Stars:Dulquer Salmaan,Gautham Vasudev Menon,Ritu Varma

Crime | Drama | Mystery

Vikram is a 30-year-old cop. While he is battling with his own traumatic past, the stakes get high when a girl called Preethi mysteriously disappears in Hyderabad and Vikram has to solve the case at any cost.

Director:Sailesh Kolanu

Stars:Vishwak Sen,Ruhani Sharma,Murli Sharma

Crime | Mystery | Thriller

Samuel uses his forensic skills and discovers breakthroughs in a serial killing case as further victims are added to the list. Shikha teams up with Samuel and uncovers evidence that might lead to the killer's identity.

Directors:Anas Khan,Akhil Paul

Stars:R Menon Aditya,Dhanesh Anand,Rony David

Comedy | Drama

Story of a conventional, conservative small town villager and his son who has to move away from home due to his profession. Their relationship gets an endearing twist when an AI humanoid enters their lives and fills in their emptiness.

Director:Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval

Stars:Soubin Shahir,Suraj Venjaramoodu,Kendy Zirdo

Drama | Thriller

An ordinary suburban girl suddenly disappears, leaving her loved ones in a desperate search as she must face the ultimate battle - the one for her life.

Director:Mathukutty Xavier

Stars:Anna Ben,Lal,Noble Babu Thomas

Comedy | Drama | Romance

The film revolves around four brothers who share a love-hate relationship with each other. Their relationship progresses to another level when Saji, Boney, and Franky decide to help Bobby stand by his love.

Director:Madhu C. Narayanan

Stars:Shane Nigam,Soubin Shahir,Fahadh Faasil

Comedy | Drama

Sleevachan gets married in hopes of having someone to care for his aging mother. He is, however, oblivious of the idiosyncrasies of a relationship. Trouble comes soon after he takes matter to his own hands.

Director:Nissam Basheer

Stars:Asif Ali,Veena Nandhakumar,Manohari Joy

Crime | Drama | Thriller

Prasad and Sreeja enter wedlock and move to a new place to continue the rest of their lives. Unfortunate events begin to take place after Prasad, a small-time thief, robs Sreeja's gold chain during a bus journey.

Director:Dileesh Pothan

Stars:Fahadh Faasil,Suraj Venjaramoodu,Nimisha Sajayan

Story revolves around Viju Prasad, a motivational trainer based out of Kanyakumari, and the growth and setbacks he faces in different phases of his life.

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $490,855

Runtime: 170 min

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Trance (2020) - IMDb

Trance – Wikipedia

Trance is an abnormal state of wakefulness in which a person is not self-aware and is either altogether unresponsive to external stimuli (but nevertheless capable of pursuing and realizing an aim) or is selectively responsive in following the directions of the person (if any) who has induced the trance. Trance states may occur involuntarily and unbidden.

The term trance may be associated[by whom?] with hypnosis, meditation, magic, flow, and prayer. It may also be related to an earlier generic term, altered states of consciousness, which is no longer used in "consciousness-studies" discourse.

Trance in its modern meaning comes from an earlier meaning of "a dazed, half-conscious or insensible condition or state of fear", via the Old French transe "fear of evil", from the Latin transre "to cross", "pass over".[1]

Wier, in his 1995 book, Trance: from magic to technology, defines a simple trance (p.58) as a state of mind being caused by cognitive loops where a cognitive object (a thought, an image, a sound, an intentional action) repeats long enough to result in various sets of disabled cognitive functions. Wier represents all trances (which include sleep and watching television) as taking place on a dissociated trance plane where at least some cognitive functions such as volition are disabled; as is seen in what is typically termed a 'hypnotic trance'.[2] With this definition, meditation, hypnosis, addictions and charisma are seen as being trance states. In Wier's 2007 book, The Way of Trance, he elaborates on these forms, adds ecstasy as an additional form and discusses the ethical implications of his model, including magic and government use which he terms "trance abuse".

John Horgan in Rational Mysticism (2003) explores the neurological mechanisms and psychological implications of trances and other mystical manifestations. Horgan incorporates literature and case-studies from a number of disciplines in this work: chemistry, physics, psychology, radiology and theology.

The following are some examples of trance states:

Trance conditions include all the different states of mind, emotions, moods and daydreams that human beings experience. All activities which engage a human involve the filtering of information coming into sense modalities, and this influences brain functioning and consciousness. Therefore, trance may be understood as a way for the mind to change the way it filters information in order to provide more efficient use of the mind's resources.

Trance states may also be accessed or induced by various modalities and may be a way of accessing the unconscious mind for the purposes of relaxation, healing, intuition and inspiration. There is an extensive documented history of trance as evidenced by the case-studies of anthropologists and ethnologists and associated and derivative disciplines. Hence trance may be perceived as endemic to the human condition and a Human Universal. Principles of trance are being explored and documented as are methods of trance induction. Benefits of trance states are being explored by medical and scientific inquiry. Many traditions and rituals employ trance. Trance also has a function in religion and mystical experience.

Castillo (1995) states that: "Trance phenomena result from the behavior of intense focusing of attention, which is the key psychological mechanism of trance induction. Adaptive responses, including institutionalized forms of trance, are 'tuned' into neural networks in the brain and depend to a large extent on the characteristics of culture. Culture-specific organizations exist in the structure of individual neurons and in the organizational formation of neural networks."[3]

Hoffman (1998: p.9) states that: "Trance is still conventionally defined as a state of reduced consciousness, or a somnolent state. However, the more recent anthropological definition, linking it to 'altered states of consciousness' (Charles Tart), is becoming increasingly accepted."[4]

Hoffman (1998, p.9) asserts that: "...the trance state should be discussed in the plural, because there is more than one altered state of consciousness significantly different from everyday consciousness."[4]

According to Hoffman (1998: p.10), pilgrims visited the Temple of Epidaurus, an asclepeion, in Greece for healing sleep. Seekers of healing would make pilgrimage and be received by a priest who would welcome and bless them. This temple housed an ancient religious ritual promoting dreams in the seeker that endeavored to promote healing and the solutions to problems, as did the oracles. This temple was built in honor of Asclepios, the Greek god of medicine. The Greek treatment was referred to as incubation, and focused on prayers to Asclepios for healing. The asclepion at Epidaurus is both extensive and well-preserved, and is traditionally regarded as the birthplace of Asclepius. (For a comparable modern tool see Dreamwork.)

The Oracle at Delphi was also famous for trances in the ancient Greek world; priestesses there would make predictions about the future in exchange for gold.[5]

Stories of the saints in the Middle Ages, myths, parables, fairy tales, oral lore and storytelling from different cultures are themselves potentially inducers of trance. Often literary devices such as repetition are employed which is evident in many forms of trance induction. Milton Erickson used stories to induce trance as do many NLP practitioners.

From at least the 16th century it was held that march music may induce soldiers marching in unison into trance states where according to apologists, they bond together as a unit engendered by the rigors of training, the ties of comradeship and the chain of command. This had the effect of making the soldiers become automated, an effect which was widely evident in the 16th, 17th and 18th century due to the increasing prevalence of firearms employed in warcraft. Military instruments, especially the snare drum and other drums were used to entone a monotonous ostinato at the pace of march and heartbeat. High-pitched fifes, flutes and bagpipes were used for their "piercing" effect to play the melody. This would assist the morale and solidarity of soldiers as they marched to battle.

Joseph Jordania recently proposed a term battle trance for this mental state, when combatants do not feel fear and pain, and when they lose their individual identity and acquire a collective identity.[6]

The Norse Berserkers induced a trance-like state before battle, called Berserkergang. It is said to have given the warriors superhuman strength and made them impervious to pain during battle. This form of trance could have been induced partly due to ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

As the mystical experience of mystics generally entails direct connection, communication and communion with Deity, Godhead and/or god; trance and cognate experience are endemic. (see Yoga, Sufism, Shaman, Umbanda, Crazy Horse, etc.)

As shown by Jonathan Garb,[7] trance techniques also played a role in Lurianic Kabbalah, the mystical life of the circle of Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto and Hasidism.

Many Christian mystics are documented as having experiences that may be considered as cognate with trance, such as: Hildegard of Bingen, John of the Cross, Meister Eckhart, Saint Theresa (as seen in the Bernini sculpture) and Francis of Assisi.

Taves (1999) charts the synonymic language of trance in the American Christian traditions: power or presence or indwelling of God, or Christ, or the Spirit, or spirits. Typical expressions include "the indwelling of the Spirit" (Jonathan Edwards), "the witness of the Spirit" (John Wesley), "the power of God" (early American Methodists), being "filled with the Spirit of the Lord" (early Adventists; see charismatic Adventism), "communing with spirits" (Spiritualists), "the Christ within" (New Thought), "streams of holy fire and power" (Methodist holiness), "a religion of the Spirit and Power" (the Emmanuel Movement), and "the baptism of the Holy Spirit" (early Pentecostals). (Taves, 1999: 3)

Taves (1999) well-referenced book on trance charts the experience of Anglo-American Protestants and those who left the Protestant movement beginning with the transatlantic awakening in the early 18th century and ending with the rise of the psychology of religion and the birth of Pentecostalism in the early 20th century. This book focuses on a class of seemingly involuntary acts alternately explained in religious and secular terminology. These involuntary experiences include uncontrolled bodily movements (fits, bodily exercises, falling as dead, catalepsy, convulsions); spontaneous vocalizations (crying out, shouting, speaking in tongues); unusual sensory experiences (trances, visions, voices, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences); and alterations of consciousness and/or memory (dreams, somnium, somnambulism, mesmeric trance, mediumistic trance, hypnosis, possession, alternating personality) (Taves, 1999: 3).

Trance-like states are often interpreted as religious ecstasy or visions and can be deliberately induced using a variety of techniques, including prayer, religious rituals, meditation, pranayama (breathwork or breathing exercises), physical exercise, sexual intercourse, music, dancing, sweating (e.g. sweat lodge), fasting, thirsting, and the consumption of psychotropic drugs such as cannabis. Sensory modality is the channel or conduit for the induction of the trance. Sometimes an ecstatic experience takes place in occasion of contact with something or somebody perceived as extremely beautiful or holy. It may also happen without any known reason. The particular technique that an individual uses to induce ecstasy is usually one that is associated with that individual's particular religious and cultural traditions. As a result, an ecstatic experience is usually interpreted within the context of a particular individual's religious and cultural traditions. These interpretations often include statements about contact with supernatural or spiritual beings, about receiving new information as a revelation, also religion-related explanations of subsequent change of values, attitudes and behavior (e.g. in case of religious conversion).

Benevolent, neutral and malevolent trances may be induced (intentionally, spontaneously and/or accidentally) by different methods:

Charles Tart provides a useful working definition of auditory driving. It is the induction of trance through the sense of hearing. Auditory driving works through a process known as entrainment.[citation needed]

The usage of repetitive rhythms to induce trance states is an ancient phenomenon. Throughout the world, shamanistic practitioners have been employing this method for millennia. Anthropologists and other researchers have documented the similarity of shamanistic auditory driving rituals among different cultures.

Said simply, entrainment is the synchronization of different rhythmic cycles. Breathing and heart rate have been shown to be affected by auditory stimulus, along with brainwave activity. The ability of rhythmic sound to affect human brainwave activity, especially theta brainwaves, is the essence of auditory driving, and is the cause of the altered states of consciousness that it can induce.[citation needed]

Nowack and Feltman have recently published an article entitled "Eliciting the Photic Driving Response" which states that the EEG photic driving response is a sensitive neurophysiological measure which has been employed to assess chemical and drug effects, forms of epilepsy, neurological status of Alzheimer's patients, and physiological arousal. Photic driving also impacts upon the psychological climate of a person by producing increased visual imagery and decreased physiological and subjective arousal. In this research by Nowack and Feltman, all participants reported increased visual imagery during photic driving, as measured by their responses to an imagery questionnaire.

Dennis Wier (https://web.archive.org/web/20060915232957/http://www.trance.edu/papers/theory.htm Accessed: 6 December 2006) states that over two millennia ago Ptolemy and Apuleius found that differing rates of flickering lights affected states of awareness and sometimes induced epilepsy. Wier also asserts that it was discovered in the late 1920s that when light was shined on closed eyelids it resulted in an echoing production of brainwave frequencies. Wier also opined that in 1965 Grey employed a stroboscope to project rhythmic light flashes into the eyes at a rate of 1025Hz (cycles per second). Grey discovered that this stimulated similar brainwave activity.

Research by Thomas Budzynski, Oestrander et al., in the use of brain machines suggest that photic driving via the suprachiasmatic nucleus and direct electrical stimulation and driving via other mechanisms and modalities, may entrain processes of the brain facilitating rapid and enhanced learning, produce deep relaxation, euphoria, an increase in creativity, problem solving propensity and may be associated with enhanced concentration and accelerated learning. The theta range and the border area between alpha and theta has generated considerable research interest.

Charles Tart provides a useful working definition of kinesthetic driving. It is the induction of trance through the sense of touch, feeling or emotions. Kinesthetic driving works through a process known as entrainment.

The rituals practiced by some athletes in preparing for contests are dismissed as superstition, but this is a device of sport psychologists to help them to attain an ecstasy-like state. Joseph Campbell had a peak experience whilst running. Roger Bannister on breaking the four-minute mile (Cameron, 1993: 185): "No longer conscious of my movement, I discovered a new unity with nature. I had found a new source of power and beauty, a source I never dreamt existed." Roger Bannister later became a distinguished neurologist.

Mechanisms and disciplines that include kinesthetic driving may include: dancing, walking meditation, yoga and asana, mudra, juggling, poi (juggling), etc.

Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam) has theoretical and metaphoric texts regarding ecstasy as a state of connection with Allah. Sufi practice rituals (dhikr, sema) use body movement and music to achieve the state.

Divination is a cultural universal which anthropologists have observed as being present in many religions and cultures in all ages up to the present day (see sibyl).[citation needed] Divination may be defined as a mechanism for fortune-telling by ascertaining information by interpretation of omens or an alleged supernatural agency. Divination often entails ritual, and is often facilitated by trance.

In Tibet, oracles have played, and continue to play, an important part in religion and government. The word oracle is used by Tibetans to refer to the spirit, deity or entity that enters those men and women who act as media between the natural and the spiritual realms. The media are, therefore, known as kuten, which literally means, "the physical basis".

The Dalai Lama, who lives in exile in northern India, still consults an oracle known as the Nechung Oracle, which is considered the official state oracle of the government of Tibet. He gives a complete description of the process of trance and possession in his book Freedom in Exile.[13]

Convergent disciplines of neuroanthropology, ethnomusicology, electroencephalography (EEG), neurotheology and cognitive neuroscience, amongst others, are conducting research into the trance induction of altered states of consciousness resulting from neuron entrainment with the driving of sensory modalities, for example polyharmonics, multiphonics, and percussive polyrhythms through the channel of the auditory and kinesthetic modality.

Neuroanthropology and cognitive neuroscience are conducting research into the trance induction of altered states of consciousness (possibly engendering higher consciousness) resulting from neuron firing entrainment with these polyharmonics and multiphonics. Related research has been conducted into neural entraining with percussive polyrhythms. The timbre of traditional singing bowls and their polyrhythms and multiphonics are considered meditative and calming, and the harmony inducing effects of this tool to potentially alter consciousness are being explored by scientists, medical professionals and therapists.

Scientific advancement and new technologies such as computerized EEG, positron emission tomography, regional cerebral blood flow, and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, are providing measurable tools to assist in understanding trance phenomena.

There are four principal brainwave states that range from high-amplitude, low-frequency delta to low-amplitude, high-frequency beta. These states range from deep dreamless sleep to a state of high arousal. These four brainwave states are common throughout humans. All levels of brainwaves exist in everyone at all times, even though one is foregrounded depending on the activity level. When a person is in an aroused state and exhibiting a beta brainwave pattern, their brain also exhibits a component of alpha, theta and delta, even though only a trace may be present.[14]

The University of Philadelphia study on some Christians at the Freedom Valley Worship Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, revealed that glossolalia-speaking (vocalizing or praying in unrecognizable form of language which is seen in members of certain Christian sects) activates areas of the brain out of voluntary control. In addition, the frontal lobe of the brain, which monitors speech, significantly diminished in activity as the study participants spoke glossolalia.[15] Dr. Andrew B. Newberg, in analysis of his earlier studies as opposed to the MRI scans of the test subjects, stated that Buddhist monks in meditation[16] and Franciscan nuns in prayer[17] exhibited increased activity in the frontal lobe, and subsequently their behaviors, very much under voluntary control. The investigation found this particular beyond-body-control characteristic only in tongue-speakers (also see xenoglossia).

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Trance - Wikipedia

Trance (2013) – IMDb

3 wins & 3 nominations. See more awards Learn more More Like This

Comedy | Crime | Drama

A corrupt, junkie cop with bipolar disorder attempts to manipulate his way through a promotion in order to win back his wife and daughter while also fighting his own inner demons.

Director:Jon S. Baird

Stars:James McAvoy,Jamie Bell,Eddie Marsan

Crime | Thriller

Three friends discover their new flatmate dead but loaded with cash.

Director:Danny Boyle

Stars:Kerry Fox,Christopher Eccleston,Ewan McGregor

Action | Crime | Thriller

When a notorious criminal is forced to return to London, it gives a detective one last chance to take down the man he's always been after.

Director:Eran Creevy

Stars:James McAvoy,Mark Strong,Andrea Riseborough


After 20 years abroad, Mark Renton returns to Scotland and reunites with his old friends Sick Boy, Spud, and Begbie.

Director:Danny Boyle

Stars:Ewan McGregor,Ewen Bremner,Jonny Lee Miller

Comedy | Crime | Fantasy

Upon being fired, a desperate guy kidnaps a daughter of his former boss. Two angels are sent to Earth to check if love is possible in this case.

Director:Danny Boyle

Stars:Cameron Diaz,Ewan McGregor,Holly Hunter

Biography | Drama

A mountain climber becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive.

Director:Danny Boyle

Stars:James Franco,Amber Tamblyn,Kate Mara

Sci-Fi | Thriller

A team of international astronauts are sent on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb in 2057.

Director:Danny Boyle

Stars:Cillian Murphy,Rose Byrne,Chris Evans

Comedy | Drama

When the kinetic Rory moves into his room in the Carrigmore Residential Home for the Disabled, his effect on the home is immediate. Most telling is his friendship with Michael, a young man with cerebral palsy and nearly unintelligible speech. Somehow, Rory understands Michael, and encourages him to experience life outside the confines of home.

Director:Damien O'Donnell

Stars:James McAvoy,Steven Robertson,Romola Garai

Adventure | Drama | Romance

Vicenarian Richard travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of a strange map. Rumours state that it leads to a solitary beach paradise, a tropical bliss. Excited and intrigued, he sets out to find it.

Director:Danny Boyle

Stars:Leonardo DiCaprio,Daniel York,Patcharawan Patarakijjanon

Action | Crime | Fantasy

A frustrated office worker learns that he is the son of a professional assassin and that he shares his father's superhuman killing abilities.

Director:Timur Bekmambetov

Stars:Angelina Jolie,James McAvoy,Morgan Freeman

Drama | Thriller

Story revolves around Viju Prasad, a motivational trainer based out of Kanyakumari, and the growth and setbacks he faces in different phases of his life.

Director:Anwar Rasheed

Stars:Fahadh Faasil,Gautham Vasudev Menon,Nazriya Nazim


Created by Victor Frankenstein, the one known only as the creature sets out to discover the world and the meaning of life.

Director:Danny Boyle

Stars:Jonny Lee Miller,Benedict Cumberbatch,Andreea Paduraru

A fine art auctioneer mixed up with a gang joins forces with a hypnotherapist to recover a lost painting. As boundaries between desire, reality and hypnotic suggestion begin to blur the stakes rise faster than anyone could have anticipated. Written byFox Searchlight

Taglines:Inside the mind. Outside the law.

Budget:$20,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend USA: $131,145,7 April 2013

Gross USA: $2,328,743

Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $24,261,569

Runtime: 101 min

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1


Trance (2013) - IMDb

How does hypnosis really impact the brain? – Big Think

Although hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years, it is still something that even the brightest among us cannot fully understand. The earliest references to hypnosis date back to ancient Egypt and Greece. In fact, the word "hypnos" means "sleep" and refers to the Greek god who is the personification of sleep.

Our definition of hypnosis refers to a trance state that is characterized by extreme suggestibility, relaxation, and heightened imagination. Most often, hypnosis is compared to a sort of daydream state - you're fully conscious, but you have tuned out most of the stimuli around yourself and are focused intently on a particular subject, most of the time through the power of suggestion

Along the way, there have been many pioneers in the feild of hypnosis research.

Photo by Brian A Jackson on Shutterstock

The "modern father" of hypnosis was Austrian physician Franz Mesmer, who gave us the word "mesmerism", which can be another word referencing a hypnotic state. Mesmer had an idea for which he called "animal magnetism" - and the idea was that there are these kinds of natural energy sources that could be transferred between organisms and objects.

Along the way, hypnotism has had many other pioneers who have furthered the fascinating phenomenon. One of the most notable is James Braid, an eye doctor based in Scotland who became intrigued with the idea of hypnosis when he discovered a patient in his waiting room had fallen under something of a trance after staring at a lamp. He gave the patient come commands, and the patient obliged, remaining in a trace-like state the entire time.

Braid's fascination grew and through more tests, he determined that getting a patient to fixate on something was one of the most important components to hypnosis. He later would publish a book on what we now know as the discovery of modern hypnosis.

Later, James Esdaile, a British surgeon based in India during the mid-1800s established that this kind of trance hypnotic state was extremely useful in pain relief practices. He performed hundreds of major operations using hypnotism as his only anesthetic. When he returned to England in an attempt to convince the medical establishments of his findings, they paid no mind to his theory in favor of new chemical anesthetics such as morphine, which was relatively new at the time. This is where the use of hypnotics for medicinal purposes halted and much of the reason why hypnosis is considered an alternative approach to medicine in today's society.

Jumping forward to the 1900s, Frenchman Emile Cou moved away from the conventional approaches that had been pioneered with hypnotism and began his work with the use of auto-suggestion.

He is most famous for the phrase: "Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better." This technique was one of the first instances where affirmation hypnosis was used and it has been growing through various counseling programs and therapy techniques ever since.

In modern times, one of the most recognized authorities on clinical hypnosis remains to be Milton Erikson, a well-known psychotherapist who did most of his work around 1950-1980. He was fascinated with human psychology and devised countless innovative ways to use hypnosis in his clinical practices.

Scientists scanned the brains of 57 people during a guided hypnosis session.

Image by vrx on Shutterstock

Changes found in three areas of the brain during hypnosis may suggest future alternative treatments for anxiety and pain management.

Over the years, hypnosis has gained a lot of traction and respectability within both the medical and psychotherapy professions. According to a 2016 Stanford University School of Medicine study, there are three areas of our brains that change during a state of hypnosis - and this could actually be used to benefit us.

Scientists scanned the brains of 57 people during a guided hypnosis session, similar to one that may be used to help treat anxiety, pain, or trauma.

First, there is a decrease in dorsal anterior cingulate activity.

This is part of the brain's salience network that is responsible for psychological functions like decision making, evaluation processes, and emotional regulation as well as physiological functions such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Next, there is an increase in the connection between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the insula.

The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is associated with executive functions such as working memory and self-control. The insula is a small region of the cerebral cortex that plays a significant role in pain perception, social engagements, emotions, and autonomic control.

This is described by the lead researcher of the study as a kind of "brain-body connection" that helps the brain process and control what's going on in the body.

Finally, there are reduced connections between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the medial prefrontal cortex.

The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex becomes less connected to the medial prefrontal cortex and the posterior cingulate cortex, both of which are strongly associated with neural activity and cognitive tasks.

This decrease very likely correlates to the disconnect between someone's actions and their awareness of their actions, according to the lead researcher on the project.

How does this change the way we view hypnosis?

Understanding exactly which areas of the brain are impacted during hypnosis can pave the way for groundbreaking research into the use of hypnosis for medicinal purposes.

"Now that we know which brain regions are involved," says David Spiegel, MD, professor and researcher on the project, "we may be able to use this knowledge to alter someone's capacity to be hypnotized or the effectiveness of the hypnosis for problems such as pain control."

While more research is needed, the study is certainly a groundbreaking head-start in what could eventually be known as hypnotic treatments for things like anxiety, trauma and pain management.

"A treatment that combines brain stimulation with hypnosis could improve known analgesic effects of hypnosis and potentially even replace addictive and side-effect-laden painkillers and anti-anxiety medications," explains Spiegel.

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How does hypnosis really impact the brain? - Big Think

Space Corps Falling Out Of The Sky – EDMTunes

Remember the mysterious Space Corps from EDC Las Vegas at Quantum Valley last year? They have a new single out titled Falling Out Of The Sky. It is nothing short of trance bliss. Yes, we are all about the new music influx right now.

Angelic vocals start off the track, lyrics so sweet you can hear the trance in your soul. Percussion soon enter, and synths back them up. A progressive build up echos and the most melodic of drops happens. Enamor yourselves with the surging synths. It strikes a perfect balance between the high-energy drop and tender breakdown. You will definitely feel like falling out of the sky when you hear it.

Guesses of who the artist might be surfaced through a Reddit post last year. Armin van Buuren, Adam Beyer, i_O, Andrew Rayel all came up. Could it be an alias? Right now, all we have are cryptic tweets, IG posts, and a website. We welcome all answers, as we want to get down to the bottom of this! Though, we can appreciate the mystery and as long as new music like this keeps coming our way. We are here for it.

While we do not know who this artist it, they have appeared on a multitude of A State of Trances. From the 2019 Year Mix to 963, 967, and 958, they even graced Rayels Find Your Harmony Radioshow #203. Surely, it has to be someone they know. If not, we want more from them so we can be in the circle.

It is anyones guess at this point. With only four singles and EPS total that have been released, we eagerly await for more. Join the Space Corps by following the above links. Listen to their latest track below. We think youll like it as much as we do.

Space Corps Falling Out Of The Sky | Buy/Stream

Follow this link:

Space Corps Falling Out Of The Sky - EDMTunes

Shocking video emerges of boy, 10, ‘high on drugs’ as he parties with teenager – Mirror.co.uk

A shocking Snapchat video has emerged apparently showing two young boys high on drugs.

The disturbing scenes appear to show a teenager and the younger lad, aged just 10, showing clear symptoms of drug use, GrimsbyLive reports.

At one point the younger schoolboy seems to be gurning - chewing his jaw with wide eyes wide open - as he and the teen listen to music in a bedroom.

In another scene the older boy can be seen in a trance-like state with flickering eyes, an involuntary movement which is a hallmark of drug use.

No adults appear in the video and the boys seem to be alone with a third person taking pictures.

The dark video, along with images of the lads, have been met with horror after being posted on Facebook.

The video was posted on social media late on Monday morning with the message: What must go on in your sick heads to give a 10 year old pills.

It is widely suggested the boys had taken the illegal drug MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy.

GrimsbyLive report that the clips were seen by around 10,000 people before being removed from the social media platform.

Comments were almost overwhelmingly of anger and despair at the scenes with people calling for the involvement of police and social services.

Someone claiming to be the younger boys auntie responded to the post saying: Imagine waking up to see your 10-year-old nephew off his face. Who the **** gave them him? Im fuming. The kid is 10-years-old you sick b*******.

She later appealed to people to stop sharing the video, saying: Can everyone on my mates list stop sharing the video of my 10- year-old nephew now please its getting sorted.

GrimsbyLivehas masked the pictures of the children to protect their identity.

The teenage boy is named by some social media users in Grimsby and was subjected to a series of threats. He responded to a number of people with taunts.

Videos and pictures were removed from Facebook at around 10pm but not before more than 1,000 people had commented and shared the post.

GrimsbyLive has contacted Humberside Police and North East Lincolnshire Council Childrens Services for comment.

For help and advice about drug use and abuse for young people you can find more information at talktofrank.com.

See the original post here:

Shocking video emerges of boy, 10, 'high on drugs' as he parties with teenager - Mirror.co.uk

8 new songs from the indie marplatense that you have to listen to – Play Crazy Game

The city of Mar del Plata it has always been the cradle of great names of the music of argentina and the world. From the tango revolutionary Astor Piazzolla, going by the alternative rock Rosario Blfari, and coming dream pop avant-garde of Altocamet, the music remained as a constant and one of the pillars artistic coastal city.

During this time of quarantine, many artists mar del plata found ways to stay active. Some already had material prepared; others ventured to create with the tools they had at hand. Be that as it may, the confinement does not prevent the musicians to share their songs, and in this list we collect 8 new releases of MDQ.

Supported in the solitude of your keyboard, Juan Manuel Hernando sings from his gut: were everybody in the same. Averaging half of the track adds Flax Ezequiel Parodi on guitar and the song explodes in a trance futuristic of nostalgia. Recorded, mixed and produced in quarantine by Augustine Bonecco, the third single from the project motorized by Hernando positions it as one of the promises of pop this year.

Jeanne Passeri is a marplatense of 19 years, under the name of Shitstemis positioned as the reference number one rap city. Wachas it is a feminist manifesto of court city with a base of reggaeton on the one that raps about his reality. Of the school of Sara Hebe, and Miss Bolivia, Shitstem is a challenge to his generation to be empowered and raise your fist against the objectification of women in the music industry urban: Now the hip-hop also is one of the wachas.

The principle of the quarantine, found to Leo Ferro and company in full release Dialectfirst preview of what will be their sixth studio work titled Animal naked. The mar del plata continues his ceaseless search for new sounds, pointing now to the tribal rhythms and african from the perspective of electronic. During may we were also able to listen to the single Vortex, a song intimate and minimalist that develops between environments and ethereal vocal melodies deep. SLNT will publish a third progress during the month of June and promises the release of the album for the second half of the year.

Of the hand of Manu Tello and Gonza Perez Rojas Varese, Sheba Toyos premiered a track in the key of funk that manages to link the rhythms of the seventies with electronic sounds, which invite to put a rhythm to the days of running: dance becomes an obligation. The former Firpolar is another of the musicians of mar del plata located in the Federal Capital that has slowly established itself within the independent circuit in buenos aires.

If something was missing to Mar del Plata was the adrenaline of a band of surf rock that managed to musicalizar the afternoon of waves and wind on the beach. The brothers Cianciarulo came to time: in mid-2019 given entity Lost Marplas with the release of their debut EP. Some days ago they brought out the single The Parena along with the premiere of his first music video, all produced and released by themselves under the slogan DIY. In their songs, in addition to reflecting the culture surfer, Coco, Astor and Jay defend the rights of animals, militate veganism and the struggle for the beaches free of plastic garbage.

During 2019, the duo composed by Ignacio Bellusci and Lionel Quiroga took part in one of the editions of Sofar Mar del Plata with the participation of Ruben Montoya on violins and Linen Ezequiel Parodi on guitar. This intimate session was born Side BBa handful of songs, transformed to a format I live in where all the instrumentation and vocals are reproduced without additional amplification.

The trio of shoegaze from the spa town released few days ago In the arena, second preview of what will be their next album All the days are happy and that they plan to launch before the end of the year. In this track, Carina Monjeau, Ignacio Giobellina and Pedro Moscuzza Polish and deepen their sound is post-punk with gothic under the supervision of the English Graham Sutton in the role of producer. Accompanied the release with the premiere of a video clip diethylamide performed by Pearl audiovisual.

In this new single with video clip, the solo project of singer and guitarist from Forest Dystopia deepens his aesthetic of new wave that embraces the best of the eighties, while he builds a sonic landscape full of synths and lyrics that run through the human experiences. A descendant of Gus Dapperton and Connan Mockasin, Fede is one of the several musicians of mar del Plata that migrated to Buenos Aires in an effort to amplify your project, and to conquer new audiences.

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8 new songs from the indie marplatense that you have to listen to - Play Crazy Game


There arent a lot of artists out there who can turn one of dance musics greatest classics into a genre-crossing masterpiece, but Charlotte de Witte is clearly one of them and has outdone herself once more. Today, the widely acclaimed Techno starlet presented not one but two brand-new renditions of Jerome Isma-Aes Hold That Sucker Down, with both the Rave Remix and Trance Remix set to appease Techno lovers and Trance enthusiasts alike.

Listen to both versions of Jerome Isma-Ae Hold That Sucker Down (Charlotte de Witte Remix)

Already played by Armin van Buuren during his A State Of Trance 950 warm-up set, Charlotte de Wittes remix of Hold That Sucker Down is a timeless classic turned contemporary crowd favorite. Turning Jerome Isma-Aes spin on The O.T. Quartets 1994 original into a nostalgia-infused floor-thriller, the Belgian tastemaker does what she does best: crafting up records for the sole purpose of dance floor domination.

Charlotte de Witte: Remixing a classic is something that always feels extremely honorable and rewarding to me. While remixing Jerome Isma-Ae, I decided to aim for two different remixes. One would respect the massive trance lead and vibe of the original, while the other would be faster and more stripped down, bringing forward the techno that I love so much.

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The 10 Best Aussie Rave Deep Cuts of the ’90s – Mixdown

B(if)tek - We Think Youre Dishy

Hailing from Canberra and comprised of Kate Crawford and Nicole Skeltys, B(if)tek were associated with the Clan Analogue collective in the early 90s, which birthed a great many of the decades best acts. We Think Youre Dishy was one of the duos defining tracks, marrying a funky house groove with a cascading synth sequence, string stabs and icy vocoders to create one bizarre dance floor odyssey. The music video, filmed at Sydneys iconic Club Kooky, is an absolute hoot as well - it absolutely screams late 90s Rage.

Honeysmack - Walk On Acid

A world-recognised authority in the art of acid house, Honeysmacks knack for hardware and give-no-fucks attitude saw him become a bona fide hero of Melbournes electronic scene - a status that lingers even to this day. Walk On Acid saw Honeysmack sample Burt Bacharachs classic Walk On By and obliterate it with a thumping kick and slippery 303 bassline, and was so adored by the scene that it was nominated for an ARIA in 1999. If youre a keen electronic fan, be sure to check out his live hardware sets on YouTube: this mans an absolute master of his machines.

Zen Paradox - Say Goodbye To The Dark Place

Trance music might not be viewed favourably by todays critical consensus, but back in the day, it was all the rage - remember, these were early days for ravers. One choice cut from this era is Zen Paradoxs sublime 1994 track Say Goodbye To The Dark Place. Zen Paradox is considered an OG of Australian trance, and on this track its easy to tell why, with the artist utilising twinkling arpeggios, a heavy bass groove and droning, suspenseful strings to create a transcendental experience unlike any other.

Endorphin - Satie 1

Sometimes, even ravers have got to take it easy. Arriving to the scene amidst the trip-hop boom of the late 90s, Endorphins breezy productions became a favourite comedown soundtrack for many punters, and Satie 1, the first track from his 1998 debut Embrace exemplifies this. Driven by a IDM influenced beat and embellished with washy new-age pianos, Satie 1 is absolute post-rave euphoria of the finest kind, and sounds way ahead of its time: as if those synths dont sound like theyre torn straight from the Kevin Parker playbook?


DJ HMC is regarded by many as the godfather of Australian techno, and was a pivotal force in the 90s scene. LSD and Marauder might be bigger club hits, but its the hypnotic squelch of 6 AM that takes the cake for me. Here, DJ HMC works with the bare essentials, pushing a very low corrosive bassline and a TR-909 drum machine to their limits to make one of the nastiest acid techno tracks of the era. Listen to the way the 303 is panned throughout the track: it's absolutely genius.These days, HMC makes funky disco edits under the moniker Late Nite Tuff Guy, a beloved project that even further asserts his legendary status in dance music.

FSOM - Track Six

Naming your group Future Sound of Melbourne could be considered as cocky to some, but FSOM were just that. The combination of Steve Robbins, David Carbone and Josh Abrahams were reponsible for some of the Souths filthiest techno cuts of the decade, a prime example of which is 1993s Track Six. While Track Six is a good 15-20bpm slower than most techno cuts today, theres no denying that its evil bassline and classic 909 hi-hat pattern would have been dangerous on the dancefloor.

Vision Four 5 Everything You Need

Formed at Queenslands Griffith University in 1990, Vision Four 5 fused hard-hitting electronic sounds with cutting edge visuals, utilising a live camera feed and interactive animation system to create a lucid backdrop for ravers to trip out to during their live performances. You can see graphic prowess this in action throughout the video for Everything You Need, a true late night Rage classic and a club stomper in its own right. Featuring a classic Detroit-inspired vocal sample and psychedelic synthesisers courtesy of some cleverly sequenced SH-101s, Everything You Need is peak 90s techno.

Chili Hi Fly Is It Love

Disco might have been a bit of a dirty word in the ears of most techno purists, but you cant argue against the universal appeal of Chili Hi Fly. Although it didnt achieve major chart success overseas until the new millennium, the Sydney collectives signature track Is It Love originally dropped back in 1998, and is considered by many as a certified standout of Australias late 90s house bloom. Of course, youve got to give credit to that irresistible sample from Kool & The Gangs Be My Lady, but man does this one slam.

Voiteck - Corkscrew

Another Melbourne electronic stalwart, Voiteck was renowned for his furious improvised techno sets at institutions like Lounge and Revolver Upstairs, and held a fruitful collaborative relationship with the aforementioned Honeysmack: the duo even appeared together on ABCs Recovery in 1996. Corkscrew is one of the artists earlier cuts from 1992, but it might just be one of his hardest, with Voiteck pushing the tried and true 909/303 combination to electrifying heights for a heavy dosage of acidic techno.

Itch-E & Scratch-E - Point Of No Return

It goes without saying that Itch-E and Scratch-E are one of the most legendary electronic groups Australias ever produced. While many know the duo for their mighty 94 hit Sweetness and Light (to which Paul Mac dedicated to the ecstasy dealers of Sydney upon winning the inaugural ARIA Award for Best Dance Release in 1995), you cant go past the hypnotic trance of their 1993 track Point Of No Return. Its furiously rhythmic yet oddly melodic, and Ill pay any track that samples Russel Crowe and turns it into a raveanthem. Superb stuff.

Revisit our ten favourite deep cuts of Australian '70s rock.

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The 10 Best Aussie Rave Deep Cuts of the '90s - Mixdown

Charli XCX Parties In An Alternate Dimension In The Video For ‘Claws’ – Broadway World

Today Charli XCX unveils the music video for 'claws', the Angel-selected second single from her forthcoming new album, 'how i'm feeling now'.

Watch below!

Directed by Charli and Charlotte Rutherford, the visual transports Charli to multiple alternate realities from the comfort of her home while she's self-isolating. Using a green screen, Charli parties with a metallic snake, hovers above groups of people below her, performs as a severed head and more, finding a place to leave it all behind in hyperreality before the video's glitched-out final moments.

Yesterday Charli held her fourth weekly Zoom conference for 1000 fans, taking questions on the album's songwriting process from the likes of Drag Race winner Aquaria, LA based musicians Simi + Haze, NME Radar award winner Beabadoobee and sex positive icon Sophie Anderson. Watch the session back here.

A short, sharp burst of energy, 'claws' crackles with futuristic spirit. Produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, the track blends pop, hip hop, electronica and trance with Charli flowing dexterously over the top of the track's unrelenting instrumental. Exploring the feeling of being close to the one you love every day - 'claws' captures the manic jubilation of love in lockdown in a refreshing way; with synths teetering on the edge of discordance, full bodied 808s and Charli's innocent delivery juxtaposing and complimenting each other simultaneously before descending into a trance-infused euphoria.

To be released on May 15th 2020, Charli XCX's forthcoming new album 'how i'm feeling now' is a completely unique project. Written, recorded and released in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the album invites collaboration in a new way, welcoming fans to give feedback on every aspect of the record; from contributing to videos, to songwriting choices, to single selection and more.

To support those suffering with the effects of COVID-19 if you are in a position to, please consider donating to the following charity:


LA Alliance are an organization that fights for the rights and protection of homeless peoples in Los Angeles who are currently campaigning for their protection from COVID-19. More info on what they do here.

To donate to the LA Alliance: click here

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Charli XCX Parties In An Alternate Dimension In The Video For 'Claws' - Broadway World

Van Helsing Season 5: Do We Finally Got The Release Date! – The Digital Wise

Van Helsing has spared its fans from estimating if the December 20 Season 4 finale will stay as the series finale, given Syfys announcement of a fifth season, which will fill in as the shows last packaging.

The TV series has demonstrated Van Helsing to take an exceptional turn. The show is set in a not all that far off future where vampires have managed over the world. The series has portrayed Vanessa Han Helsing to pursue the vampire basically like her predecessors.

The fifth season of Van Helsing doesnt yet have a precise release date yet is depended upon to show up at some point in late 2020. The series set to start production work in mid-2020, it is apparently on track to appear as a fall offering like its previous four seasons.

Source: Den Of Geek

The series stars Kelly Overton as Vanessa van Helsing.

The series is set very quickly, and the vampires have expected command over the world. Vanessa wakes from a 3-year long trance-like state like state and is the last trust in humanity. She is gifted with the ability to change vampires into individuals. The vampires are attacking her, be that as it may, she gets spared by Marine.

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She makes an outing far east to join her sister, and the pursuit of vampires continues. As revealed in Season 4, Vanessa isnt, now, the only one with stand-out vampire renewing capacities. Season 5 will be starting from a cliffhanger and will offer a response to all the requests from the past seasons. Season 5 Will be energizing to watch.

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Van Helsing Season 5: Do We Finally Got The Release Date! - The Digital Wise

Charlotte de Witte bridges the gap between Techno and Trance with two-part remix treatment of Jerome Isma-Ae’s ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ -…

MUMBAI: There arent a lot of artists out there who can turn one of dance musics greatest classics into a genre-crossing masterpiece, but Charlotte de Witte is clearly one of them and has outdone herself once more. Today, the widely acclaimed Techno starlet presented not one but two brand-new renditions of Jerome Isma-Aes Hold That Sucker Down, with both the Rave Remix and Trance Remix set to appease Techno lovers and Trance enthusiasts alike.

Already played by Armin van Buuren during his A State Of Trance 950 warm-up set, Charlotte de Wittes remix of Hold That Sucker Down is a timeless classic turned contemporary crowd favorite. Turning Jerome Isma-Aes spin on The O.T. Quartets 1994 original into a nostalgia-infused floor-thriller, the Belgian tastemaker does what she does best: crafting up records for the sole purpose of dance floor domination.

Charlotte de Witte: Remixing a classic is something that always feels extremely honorable and rewarding to me. While remixing Jerome Isma-Ae, I decided to aim for two different remixes. One would respect the massive trance lead and vibe of the original, while the other would be faster and more stripped down, bringing forward the techno that I love so much.

Charlotte de Witte is a DJ and producer whose surge on the scene has resulted in her being one of the most sought-after names in electronic music today. With highlight performances across the globe, Mixmag and DJ Mag covers, high-ranking positions in a multitude of charts and lists, and her ownership of one of the strongest social media profiles in music today, she confirms her status as a nouveaux techno royalty on a day-to-day basis. Through her boutique label KNTXT, label head Charlotte de Witte organizes events, releases music and curates radio shows with no intention of slowing down, showing to all that she is quite the force to be reckoned with.

The Rave and Trance Remix of Jerome Isma-Ae Hold That Sucker Down (Charlotte de Witte Remix) are out now on Armada Music.

Visit link:

Charlotte de Witte bridges the gap between Techno and Trance with two-part remix treatment of Jerome Isma-Ae's 'Hold That Sucker Down' -...

20 Questions With Paul van Dyk: The Trance Icon on Growing Up in East Berlin & Why Social Distancing ‘Is Incor – Billboard

Paul van Dyks name is synonymous with trance. A pioneer of the genre before it even had a name, the German producer and DJ established its characteristics with his early productions and remixes. Most notable of these is his track, For An Angel, and his remix of Humates Love Simulation at the start of the 90s.

With these productions and the rise of Stateside DJ culture, van Dyk shifted into international superstardom. Forbes named him one of the worlds greatest DJs in 2012. He occupied a top 20 spot in DJ Mags Top 100 DJs for 15 years, hitting No. 1 twice, in 2005 and 2006. When the Grammys introduced the best electronic/dance album category in 2005, van Dyks Reflections was nominated. (He won a Grammy in 2008, for his remix contribution to The Dark Knight soundtrack, which won best score soundtrack album for motion picture, television or other visual media.)

In the past 16 years, van Dyk has released nine artist albums and sold millions of records. His 10th LP, Guiding Light was set for release this spring, but due to the pandemic, van Dyk is instead releasing his fifth remix album, Escape Reality.Many years in the making and out on his own longstanding VANDIT Records,Escape Reality reimagines some of van Dyks most memorable songs into non-dancefloor versions better suited to the at-home listening audiences are presently confined to.

During quarantine, Van Dyk has also been giving fans a weekly livestream -- Sunday Sessions, at 7 p.m. CET, from his home in Berlin. This program is in addition to van Dyks VONYC weekly show on Dash Radio, which recently passed its 700th episode.Upon the release of Escape Reality, van Dyk discusses growing up in East Berlin, the resurgence of trance and shifting gears in these unprecedented times.

1. Where are you right now and what is the setting like?

In Berlin, at home, in my home office/studio, cant go anywhere. Im in a different room than where I do the livestreams -- but its in the same, lets say, facility.

2. What was the first album or piece of music you bought for yourself and what was the medium?

I grew up in East Germany, but my grandma was allowed to travel to the West. She smuggled a record back for me. It was the vinyl album of Orchestra Manoeuvres in the Darks [1980 synth-pop album]Organisation. It was extremely influential. Early electronic, but also melodies and poppy elements, the general imprint of what later came for me in music.

3. What was distinctive about where you grew up and/or where you spent the specific years that shaped you as a musician?

Where I lived in East Berlin was 600 meters away from the Berlin club, UFO. The Berlin Wall was between me and the club, which created a certain hunger to experience this music live. I was listening to the radio all the time and hearing about whats going on in the clubs in West Berlin, and I could never go. That energy and that vibe definitely had an impact on me. Music wasnt just a sound I was excited about. It was also the gateway to a free society for me. Listening to this music behind the Iron Curtain connected me to the world.

4. What did you parents do for a living when you were a kid and what do they think of what you do for a living now?

My mom was an interior designer. I had an apprenticeship in East Germany as a broadcast technician, which stopped when we moved to Hamburg when I was 17 and I started an apprenticeship as a carpenter. My mom raised me very grounded, to have a proper profession, to have a job. When I told her Im not going to do this carpenter thing anymore, Im going to do this music thing, she said she trusted me. The way she raised me, she was sure I wouldnt do this lighthearted.

5. What was the first track you made?

It was a remix for a project called Effective Force called Illuminate the Planet in 1993. The remix was called New World Order Mix, because I was a fan of New Order and because it was two years after The Wall went down and everything was different. My first own track is called My World in 1994. To me, all music fills the room. Trance music goes through the world, all the way to the horizon. Maybe that has to do with where I grew up and how I grew up. When you grow up in a confined space, the world and the universe is what you dream of.

6. What was the first thing you bought for yourself when you started making money from music?

I didnt have any money at all, so when I was booked to play my first paying show, I went to the promoter and asked him if he could pay me some of my fee upfront so I could buy some more records to play a better set.

7. What was your first ever gig?

At Tresor in Berlin. I wasnt paid for that. I was just invited to play in the beginning when nobody was there. That was my first gig in front of a few people. But my first real booking was at a club called Turbine in Berlin.

8. What moved you toward dance music as far as a particular club, party or raving experience?

When I was a kid, I used to listen to the West Berlin radio stations when I did my homework. When I heard The Smiths for the very first time, I thought, Wow, this is awesome, its so different. At the same time, I had this taste for electronic-sounding stuff like OMD and Depeche Mode and Yazoo. I started to listen to specialized radio shows and heard stuff we would call early house music. It was interesting, because there wasnt actually anyone singing and telling you to be sad or to be happy or whatever the lyrics might say. It was the instrumentation and the energy that moved me. That was so exciting to me, especially since I didnt speak any English anyway -- we learned Russian in school in East Berlin -- so I didnt understand what they were saying.

9. Do you remember how it felt when you got a reaction in terms of people actually dancing?

My first emotional memory is fear. I was a typical bedroom DJ. I was at home, never turning the music up really loud, turning the bass down. Then suddenly I was in the club, where I heard the same records very, very differently. I heard all these things that I was never able to hear before at home. It was frightening. The thing was, I believed so much in the music that I was playing that I didnt doubt that people would like it. At that age, when youre just beginning, youre so nave, you think this is the best music ever, everybody must love it. Until you realize a lot of people have different tastes and different approaches to things. No one left the club when I was playing. That made me happy and gave me hope.

10. If you had to recommend one album for someone to get introduced to dance music, what would you give them?

Gargantuan by ['90s progressive house duo] Spooky. They laid a phenomenal groundwork with this album in regards to sound and a different approach to music. Its a very inspirational record. In regards to production, BT Ima is phenomenal. It was because of that album that we got introduced and made music together.

11. What was the last text message you sent and to whom?

The last text message I sent was to my IT guy because one of my software plugins wouldnt work. There are these programs where you can remotely log into the studio system and go on to the computer and see the problem. I wanted to see if he could do that.

12. You were originally scheduled to release a different album, Guiding Light, this spring. What was the idea behind releasing the ambient remix album, Escape Reality, instead?

I was finalizing everything for Guiding Light, and at the same time, the lockdown became more and more intense. Im banging 138 BPM. Im really excited. I would love to go out on the weekend and play in front of people, see their reaction, but its not possible when everyone has to stay home.

Im a huge fan of straightforward club music, but thats not necessarily what Im listening to right now. I thought it would be a good moment in time to finish the Escape Reality project and release it now when people are posted at home and actually listening to and enjoying music. Releasing club music right now is like going fishing in a pond where there are no fish. You throw the bait in, but it cant be consumed when there is nothing there to consume it.

13. What was your intention with the creation of Escape Reality?

I compose a lot of music on keyboard or guitar with proper songwriting. In the clubbing context, sometimes the actual song is undermined by the electronics of the music. I wanted those tracks to feel like individual parts of the composition rather than the energetic vibe. Someone like Luke Howard or Niklas Paschburg, who make very reduced piano-based, electronic-influenced music that is meant to be sat down and listened to -- I find really inspiring, and thats what I tried to achieve.

14. What effect do you hope the album has on people during this specific point in time?

As the title says, maybe a little escape. Maybe sit and look out of the window and listen to the music and get some hope. It will be better. We just have to be patient. We have to get through this together. Maybe the whole album, or just one or two tracks will become something that give that little glimpse of hope in rather miserable times.

15. The general opinion is that this is a productive time for making music, without knowing when, or if, your music will ever be released. Does that feel true for you?

I would make music without it ever coming out. Thats one of the reasons why Escape Reality took so long. I was working on it whenever I felt like it. I finished each individual track without ever having a plan about if its going to be released or when it will be released. Every artist is different, so every approach to art is different.

16. Youve had your tour dates postponed indefinitely. What are some impacts of these changes?

The uncertainty, not just for me, but for everyone, is whats nerve-racking. For example, in Germany yesterday they said there are no big events allowed until the 31st of August. The next sentence was: "then we will see." It doesnt give you anything. The only way to stay sane is to be active and communicative. The term social distancing is incorrect. We have to distance ourselves physically, but, if anything, we should socially stay far closer together these days. We should be there for each other and communicate with each other.

17. You do a weekly livestream, Sunday Sessions. What do you hope your fans will get out of these?

My main aim for the people on there is that they all communicate with each other. They all logged on together, at the same time, a big community that is together, connected through the music. Im just the vehicle they use to communicate through and be together. Playing music is the only thing I can do right now and through that create a communication platform. It feels good to see people from all over the world talking to each other.

18. Youve always been active and articulate about politics. How do you feel you can use your position to create awareness and have influence?

The complexity of the world and especially the political decision-making process needs much more than [the number of characters you're allowed] on Twitter. It doesnt make much sense these days to use social media to make a statement. First, you will be ripped apart. No one takes the time anymore to really think twice about why I may have made a statement and what led me to think in a certain way. It seems that the world is conditioned to no longer read. I learned that it makes more sense to connect behind the scenes with politicians and decision makers to work on changing things and initiate a positive thinking process.

19. As a trance pioneer, what are your thoughts on its recent resurgence?

Trance was never gone. I love this music, and I listen to it every day. I hear all the amazing up-and-coming talent. To me, its still the most creative electronic music form -- because artisticallyyou have to be able to bring an idea across through a composition, not just a soundscape that is created by plucking on a filter. You have to be able to play a melody, to play chords and also to produce. It takes much more from someone to make this kind of music.

It goes back to my nave way of thinking when I started: "I love this music so much, everybody must love it." Its good for the musical genre as a whole that its coming back and gaining more popularity again. A young kid who starts making trance music, its not the latest, super-duper-popular stuff. They know theyre in a niche, and you know theyre in it for the music.

20. What piece of advice would you give to yourself at the beginning of your music career?

Dont take disappointment too close to heart. If youre a passionate musician, if youre a passionate DJ, one way or another, you will run into a situation where somebody rips you off or sidelines you or does other things to you. Dont take it to heart, and believe in your music.

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20 Questions With Paul van Dyk: The Trance Icon on Growing Up in East Berlin & Why Social Distancing 'Is Incor - Billboard

Above & Beyond’s Tony McGuiness re-creates the first episode of ‘Trance Around The World’ – We Rave You

Tony McGuiness, British DJ and producer, one third of Above & Beyond, has shaken up the trance community with some amazing news last week. He announced that he will be recreating the very first episode of the signature Trance Around The World radio show, that aired for the first time in 2004. Livestreams have recently replaced parties and festivals due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Artists from all around the world are currently transforming their bedrooms and living rooms into trendy club settings and entertaining fans with their amazing performances.

Tony McGuiness took his time and prepared a special two hour set, mixing the original tracklist of the first Trance Around The World radio show on his Twitch account. Apparently the original episode was just a test broadcast and the tracks were unmixed and separately trimmed out in a playable list. Somehow Tony managed to save it on his card, just in case they might do something with it. It was streamed back in January 13th, 2004 onMinistry of Sound Radioand was never recorded or archived, so the re-do that McGuiness did was highly appreciated.The weekly Trance Around The World show aired between 2004 and 2012, attracting approximately 35 million listeners from more than 35 countries.

He started out this memorable set with a nostalgic remake of OceanLabs track Satellite, nicely mixing it into Filo & Peri Bangin Mix of Whirpools Under The Sun. Some other highlights of the set were definitelly Above & Beyond remix of Chakras I Am, Robert Nicksons remix ofEndresKallocain, Super8s Alba, Gabriel & Dresdens mix of Sarah McLahlans Fallen, Envios Touched By The Sun and much more. The full tracklist of the set can be found here.

TATW 001 was definitely a very important milestone for Above & Beyond, now the re-creation set is finally here and people can enjoy this masterpiece anywhere and anytime. Tony also hinted that he might be bringing back theTrance Around The World 002 next week, but for now we will just have to wait and see what happens.

The rest is here:

Above & Beyond's Tony McGuiness re-creates the first episode of 'Trance Around The World' - We Rave You

Charlotte de Witte Showcases Two Sides of Her Production Abilities With ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ Remixes – CULTR

Widely acclaimed Techno starlet Charlotte de Witte presents not one but two brand-new renditions of Jerome Isma-Aes Hold That Sucker Down. The two versions come in the forms of a Rave Remix and Trance Remix set to appease Techno lovers and Trance enthusiasts alike.

Charlotte de Witte: Remixing a classic is something that always feels extremely honorable and rewarding to me. While remixing Jerome Isma-Ae, I decided to aim for two different remixes. One would respect the massive trance lead and vibe of the original, while the other would be faster and more stripped down, bringing forward the techno that I love so much.

Turning Jerome Isma-Aes spin on The O.T. Quartets 1994 original into a nostalgia-infused floor-thriller, the Belgian tastemaker does what she does best; crafting up records for the sole purpose of dance floor domination. Charlotte de Witte has further solidified herself as one of the most exciting techno projects right now and with these remixes, she has expanded her artistry to Armada and their fans, especially with her trance mix.

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Charlotte de Witte Showcases Two Sides of Her Production Abilities With 'Hold That Sucker Down' Remixes - CULTR

Trivecta Discusses the ‘Everyday’ EP and Connecting with Fans – EDM Identity

It is hard to ignore the sheer talent that is Trivecta. This Florida-based producer has an incredible work ethic that shines bright with the number of genres that he is able to produce. Incorporating influences from melodic dubstep, trance, and drumstep theres no limit to the creativity he expresses in his music. Now, on the Everyday EP, Trivecta takes listeners on a journey and lets them in on his new genre he has coined called folk bass.

While he had blown away his fans with tracks like Island and Oxygen as of late, its clear that Trivecta saved his best production for his debut EP.Through the four tracks that make up this project he takes listeners on a journey filled with indie-folk chords and melodic bass-infusions, its something fresh, to say the least.

The intro track and Leave It All Behind is the perfect example of this new genre Trivecta has coined for himself. While Wasteland and Everyday fuse emotional vocals with thumping dance basslines. This EP is something that will instantly connect with old fans and new ones alike!

Ahead of the EP, Trivecta chatted with us about his process making the EP, his take on approaching collaborations, and his take on the Marvel Comic Universe films. So listen to Trivectas Everyday EP on Spotify below, download or stream the EP on your favorite platform, and read on for an interview with Trivecta himself!

Yeah! It actually differed a lot, thats a great question. For a long time, I have been in the melodic bass sphere. I felt that it was really fresh when it came out melodic bass music. But I feel like even in the past couple years, it could use a little burst, a little fresh injection of influence. Personally, I had been listening to a lot of indie-folk music like Of Monsters and Men and Mumford & Sons. I thought to myself, dude! This music is very immersive, this music takes me somewhere. Just like trance and melodic bass take me somewhere. There has to be a middle ground here!

That was the starting point of how I could figure out how to start to mold something that folks felt uniquely powerful. That laid the blueprint for this EP to be made.

It differs from track to track on the EP, but to answer your specific question about Leave It All Behind. I had been touring a lot (RIP touring for now) and started to get this feeling it was the first concentrated batch of touring that I had done on my own. You would be sort of nostalgic when youre out on the road, really far from home.

Sometimes those songs in the airport that they play over the speaker can be a little bit more effective when you havent seen your friends in a while. And I would hear some of this folk music on the radio in the airports actually, and there was actually one song I kept hearing at Tampa International Airport. I think it was by Manchester Orchestra. It just had this big acapella vocal hook, this big stack of vocals super nostalgic and super powerful and I was like man I want to do something like that! That sort of informed how I incorporated those influences in Leave It All Behind.

As far as collaborations for example, Wooli came at me and he was so pushy. He was like lets make something, lets make something. Finally, we got something together and that was one of my first real collabs I had done. Hes a really easy guy to collab with. Ever since then it has been easier. Its fun, man!

Seven Lions has been great to work with, we have a couple of other ones we are working on. A lot of the Ophelia artists are sort of cross-pollinating during this quarantine, so there will be a lot more collabs for sure.

I would love to work with Of Monsters and Men and Mumford & Sons in the future!

So Wooli had been working with a lot of stuff with Excision at the time, who I did not know personally yet. And Wooli and I started working on the tune Oxygen since he found the vocal for the tune, which was really nice. He was working on a bunch of stuff with Excision and he had a bunch of ideas for the tune too and we decided to work on the whole thing together. That was a pretty easy one to get done, that was one of the easier wrap-ups I have had for a tune. Everybody was on the same page. We all contributed and made it work!

Yeah, I do! There are a few things. One is whenever I start feeling inspired, I try to jot down a lot of sketches, rather than okay Im inspired, Im going to start one song and only work on one song. At any given time, I have at least a good ten tracks that I am actively thinking about or trying to get done. So if I have writers block, its like I am not coming up with anything creative, but I have songs that need tending to. I have songs that need to be tightened better, I have songs that need to sit better sonically, I have songs that need sound replacement. Things like that.

Another thing if I have writers block I will find music that really just inspires me. Especially if it is not EDM and just listen to it and find inspiration. Usually, something will come from that eventually.

There have been a few. Honestly, there are some that are more concrete. Like one was getting the hang of playing live shows. I went from a place where I thought I had all this cred, I had half a million listeners at the time online, but I would go play shows and no one knew who the hell I was. Thats when I realized its totally different spheres. That was definitely a big challenge to overcome that.

Lately, a struggle I have been having is the quarantine and finding creative ways for this EP to have its time of day and get its legs and is able to create experiences with the fans. Another one that feels overarching is the struggle of when you start off making live music online and you do not actually see these people. It can start to feel disconnected, for a while Trivecta and me, Sam, were such wildly different things. I was portraying a different person online and I didnt know any of my fans personally and it was all very disconnected. Im a goofy dude and the music was very serious, I didnt know how to connect the two, but lately more so things have been a lot more connected where it all feels like the same thing. Where people can go yeah hes a goofy dude, but the music is serious and thats okay. Through communicating with the fans at shows and online everything feels a lot more connected than ever. Thats been a struggle thats lately been a lot more together.

It feels like as soon as this all happened, I figured I was going to start streaming. Im a guitar teacher by day so Im used to communicating about music with people. So I figured I was going to set up everything Twitch, Discord, OBS.

Through doing that and going through unreleased tunes that I dont want to put out because they are so wildly different from what I do and showing my fans them on stream and they are like yo, we love this! My fans are already seeing that side, so I feel a lot more connected with them just about the material itself. Even through Discord and talking with them all the time and through streaming and talking with them all the time. Especially even with the Ophelia label group all of us have this WhatsApp and we chat all the time. So I feel closer to all of my close artist friends as well.

Its completely changed a lot of things, but some things are still the same. For example, we are still moving forward with the EP and we are still putting all of that out. It feels weird to feel like I just have arrived at this unique folk bass and Im putting it out there in the middle of a pandemic. Im not able to tour around it, unfortunately.

So everything has been clearly disrupted, but I think an interesting caveat to all of this, is that the board is shifting and the playing field is changing. I think that we may find that artists who have something to offer, whether its their personality or artists who are more focused on creative music versus artists who maybe arent making their own music and are just out there throwing parties every night and are now like oh no, what do I do now.

I feel like a lot of us are more engaged in the music and more engaged in the content. As long as they are down to communicate to the fans, I feel like guys like us are in a position to come out of this whole thing in better relative standing than where we started. Rather than trying to compete with all of these guys who are throwing parties every night, we may be able to leverage our creativity, music, and content during this time and give people things that they can connect with. Turn this into a net positive.

Oh, man! My secret okay, there are a couple of things. I like to get thick steaks because then I can really focus on how I want the middle to be cooked, compared to the outside. I need to get my middle to a nice medium rare and a hard sear on the outside and not compromise either of them.

Honestly, another secret is. and people sleep on this a damn good meat thermometer! People talk down on meat thermometers and youll find purists that dont like them and to me, its like producing music without using visual guides like spectrum analyzers. Every producer uses that stuff because it gives you another way of understanding what it is that you are doing. Meat thermometers are so cool because it allows me to know what temperature different parts of the steak are at. Thats great because I can really sear hard and not have to worry about all of that.

It also starts with the cut too! You have to select a nice cut. My favorite cuts to cook are typically a rib-eye or a filet or a strip. I love the fat content of the rib-eye. I love strips for sharing with people. I love a good filet because they are just so tender. It depends on the context!

I wasnt actually. I had no interest until I sprained my ankle and was in bed for a while. Then I figured I was just going to watch all the MCU (Marvel Comic Universe) movies and just see what this is about. As I was watching though I was like okay this good.okay this is pretty good.okay this is good! I was really buying in, but let me tell you, by the end, by the Infinity War and Endgame I was like dude! This is the craziest thing I have seen in my entire life. When I saw Infinity War and Endgame, it had completely validated everything I had seen.

To me it was the anti-Game of Thrones, I was so obsessed with GoT, but it was so clear they were trying to figure out what they were trying to do at the end. Whereas MCU, you really got this sense they knew where they were going. Everything led to that ending. I have never felt more engaged by any sort of media content as I felt watching Infinity War and Endgame.

After watching all of that, I would say its tough, I would say out of all of them I like a few of them for different reasons, but I would say the character whos lore and the world they live in I like the most would be Thor. I love Norse folk mythology and sort of having that aspect intertwined in the Thor universe I felt was really cool. Im a big Scarlet Witch guy too!

Oh, thats a good question. Let me think..dont leave it all behind! [Laughs]


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Trivecta Discusses the 'Everyday' EP and Connecting with Fans - EDM Identity

Quarantine curation: 12 new regional films that made it to streaming platforms – India Today

The pandemic has brought our lives to a standstill and it might be a while before we could freely step out of our homes. The probability of spending our next few weeks indoors is high and, by now, many of us have lost our cool.

Thankfully, the online streaming platforms are dropping new releases every week, which you would have missed catching up in theatres this year. Some films, despite having good content, were not fortunate enough to have a long theatrical run. However, they are now available on OTT platforms, reaching a wider section of the audience.

We have compiled you a list of 12 new South Indian films, available on various streaming platforms, that might help you cheer up in quarantine. All these films made it to the big screen in 2020 - a few days before the shutdown.


Film: Kannum Kannum KollaiyadithaalWhere to watch: Netflix

Two con artists fall in love with orphan girls and decide to settle down with them after performing one last heist. Trouble begins when they discover the identity of the women in their lives. Directed by Desingh Periyasamy, the film is a promising entertainer with some clever writing.

Here's the trailer:

Film: Dharala PrabhuWhere to watch: Amazon Prime

A fertility clinic doctor forces a young happy-go-lucky guy to take up the job of a sperm donor. Things fall apart when his life partner learns about his profession. Dharala Prabhu is the faithful Tamil remake of hit Hindi film, Vicky Donor. The film features Harish Kalyan and Tanya Hope in the lead roles.

Here's the trailer:

Film: DarbarWhere to watch: Amazon Prime

Adhithya Arunachalam, a ruthless cop, goes on a mission to clean up the drug mafia in Mumbai city. The process leads him to an unsolved case that shook the police department in the 90s. Starring Rajinikanth and Nayanthara in the lead, the film is a commercial cocktail of action and drama.

Here's the trailer:

Film: Oh My KadavulaeWhere to watch: Zee 5

A young man, who marries his childhood friend, lands in a family court asking for a divorce. What happens if he gets a golden ticket that helps him to rewrite his fate? Directed by debutant Ashwath Marimuthu, the film is a heartwarming love story with enjoyable moments.

Here's the trailer:


Film: World Famous LoverWhere to watch: Netflix

A struggling writer, who gets dumped by his girlfriend, creates a world of his own and pens down some emotional love stories. His thoughts make him realise the mistakes he had made and repent for it. Directed by Kranthi Madhav, the film has Vijay Deverakonda in the lead.

Here's the trailer:

Film: MadhaWhere to watch: Amazon Prime

A proof-reader falls in love with a cinematographer unknowing of his devious plans. Can she escape the trap laid by him? Madha is a gripping thriller directed by Srividya Basawa. The film has won appreciations among the audience.

Here's the trailer:

Film: Ala VaikunthapurramulooWhere to watch: Netflix

Valmiki swaps his newborn baby with his boss Ramachandran's baby in a hospital. However, after 20 years, Bantu, who grows up in a middle-class family, realises that his real father is a multi-millionaire. What happens next form the crux of the story. The film has a little bit of everything - romance, action, comedy and emotions. Directed by Trivikram Srinivas, Allu Arjun plays the lead in the film.

Here's the trailer:

Film: Sarileru NeekevvaruWhere to watch: Amazon Prime

An army officer decides to confront a corrupt ruthless politician after realising that his colleague's family is in trouble. This Mahesh Babu's film is a commercial potboiler that often ladles out doses of patriotism. Directed by Anil Ravipudi, the film features Rashmika Mandanna as the female lead.

Here's the trailer:


Film: TranceWhere to watch: Amazon Prime

A motivational speaker, who loses his younger brother due to mental illness, takes up the job of a pastor to mint money. However, one of his live interviews on television puts him under trouble. Trance, is a psychological thriller, with some brilliant performances. Fahadh Fasil, Nazriya Nazim and Gautham Menon play the lead roles.

Here's the trailer:

Film: Varane AvashyamundWhere to watch: Netflix

Varane Avashymund is a feel-good film that revolves around the story of a single mother and her daughter. It's about how their lives take a turn after meeting a youngster and a middle-aged man who resides in their apartment. Directed by Anoop Sathyan, the film is Dulquer Salmaan's first production venture.

Here's the trailer:


Film: DiaWhere to watch: Amazon Prime

Dia, a pretty young girl, falls head-over-heels in love with her college senior. However, her introverted nature puts her relationship in trouble. Would it be possible for her to move on from her past? Dia is a well-crafted film, with a lot of surprises in store for you.

Here's the trailer:

Film: Love MocktailWhere to watch: Amazon Prime

After rescuing a woman, Adi reminisces about his love life and tells her about all the heartbreaks he has endured in his quest to find true love. This film is fun-ride and lets us forget our own problems in life.

Here's the trailer:

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Quarantine curation: 12 new regional films that made it to streaming platforms - India Today

Glide Into the Weekend With Steny and Replay M’s Pulsating Deep House Single "Nightshift" – EDM.com

Rising comboStenyand Swiss producerReplay Mhave joined forces for "Nightshift," an anthemic deep house tune out via Karonga Records.

With its pulsating bass lines and spacey pads, "Nightlife" is a hypnotic house number that harkens to the dark bliss of late-night Ibiza club revelry. Steny and Replay M did a fantastic job of maintaining the energy throughout, introducing subtle production techniques as the arrangement progresses. Crisp leads and driving, trance-inspired plucks take over after the break, building tension before eventually culminating in a synth-laden second drop, which is a refreshing change of pace on the one that precede it.

The two members of the Steny tandem are based in Switzerland and South Africa, respectively, but the artists collaborate frequently, building a unique chemistry over the years. This eventually led to a landmark signing with progressive house and trance heavyweightArmada.Their music has been supported by a slew of the industry's biggest players, includingLost Frequencies, Morgan Page, Lucas & Steve, and EDX, among many others.

International DJ Replay M has made a splash on the scene as well, making performances at The Street Parade, Openair Gampel, Oceanbeat Boat Ibiza, and Braslav Festival, among other notable shows. He has also received support from a number of electronic bigwigs, like Kris Kross Amsterdam, DJ Scene and Jan-Christian Zeller.

Facebook: facebook.com/stenymusicInstagram: instagram.com/stenymusicSoundCloud: soundcloud.com/steny-music

Facebook: facebook.com/djreplaymInstagram: instagram.com/replaymSoundCloud: soundcloud.com/replaym

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Glide Into the Weekend With Steny and Replay M's Pulsating Deep House Single "Nightshift" - EDM.com

Looking for options other than Holly, Bolly and Tolly to stream this lockdown? – Telegraph India

From class conflict and hierarchy inSaurabh Bhave's Bonus, to Dia, athe mind-bending psychedelic trip of Trance, here are our picks:

Language: Telugu

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

An edge-of-the-seat watch, this February 2020 release ticks all the thriller boxes murder, mystery and macabre. Directed by newcomer Sailesh Kolanu, Hit stars Vishwaksen Naidu as a dynamic cop called Vikram who is battling post-traumatic stress disorder after an incident in his past has left him permanently scarred. The 128-minute box-office winner an acronym for Homicide Intervention Team, which Vikram is a part of starts off with a girl going mysteriously missing and then spins off into a rollercoaster ride that forces Vikram to confront his own demons.

Hit works because it remains taut for the most part, oscillating between a Se7en-styled investigative thriller and a police procedural, and doesnt pull any punches when it comes to showing stomach-churning stuff. The end may or may not work for you but the money shot in the films final moments sets the tone for at least a sequel, if not more films in the Hit franchise.

Language: Tamil

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Released in theatres on the second Friday of March this year, the Tamil remake of Shoojit Sircars Vicky Donor has Harish Kalyan stepping into Ayushmann Khurranas shoes to play a young man who teams up with an infertility expert to turn into a sperm donor. Largely operating on the same beats as the 2012 Bolly original, Dharala Prabhu introduces minor tweaks in its plot and players in accordance with its milieu, but retains the froth and freshness that marked Vicky Donor. The film benefits from the comedic chemistry between Harishs Prabhu and Vivek (who plays Dr Kannadasan) and works, despite a meandering second half, on the strength of its light-hearted and optimistic look at taboo topics like infertility and sperm donation.

Language: Telugu

Streaming on: Netflix

Hitting theatres on Valentines Day this year, World Famous Lover as is evident from the title has heartthrob Vijay Deverakonda playing an intense lover, similar to the retrograde rebel he essayed in his breakout film Arjun Reddy. World Famous Lover that also stars Raashi Khanna and Aishwarya Rajesh, encapsulates many love stories in one and transitions between fantasy and reality, albeit with inconsistent results. Though the intention is clear the film strives to focus on the selflessness of love as seen through different characters in different circumstances the execution of what must have been a great idea on paper isnt as seamless. But whats not to love about a love story, especially in these times, and one which showcases the ever popular Deverakonda in a role he can now possibly play with his eyes closed.

Language: Marathi

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Class conflict and social hierarchy explored winningly in the multiple Oscar-winning film Parasite is also the driving force behind Bonus, that hit theatres in end February. Saurabh Bhave directs this big story of small moments that tells the story of young Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) who accepts his grandfathers challenge of giving up his lavish life and living on meagre means after he refuses to pay bonus to his employees. A critique on class divide, Bonus works largely within the format of a fun watch, combining humour and romance. Though formulaic in parts, the film scores big on relatability.

Language: Malayalam

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

One of the most talked about films in recent times, Trance should make it to your watchlist simply for the fact that its frontlined by Fahadh Faasil. The actor whose given us films like Super Deluxe and Kumbalangi Nights is sensational in Trance. The February film a mind-bending, psychedelic trip that traces the transition of a small-time motivational speaker (Viju, played by Fahadh) into a televangelist who performs hoax miracles and helps his business grow into a global phenomenon Trance starts off strong and becomes increasingly shaky, but we recommend you catch it for Fahadhs uninhibited central act. Directed by Anwar Rasheed, Trance falters in parts the ending lacks a satisfactory payoff, especially given the film runs at a butt-numbing 170 minutes but is an avant-garde piece of filmmaking that deserves at least a one-time watch.

Language: Gujarati

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

If an easy-breezy watch is what you have your eye on, then look no further than this feel-good Gujarati film that traces its young protagonists rollercoaster ride through multiple relationships before he discovers the true meaning of love. Scoring big in the departments of music and cinematography, Luv Ni Love Storys is powered by Pratik Gandhis (who plays Luv) natural charm and a strong supporting cast that bring on the laughs as easily as tease a tear out of the viewer.

Language: Malayalam

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Resting on a dialogue-driven narrative where the verbal is as impactful as the visual, this Malayalam film has Prithviraj and Biju Menon scorching the screen as sparring partners in this duel of ego and one-upmanship. A compelling look at misplaced machismo and toxic male entitlement, Ayyappanum Koshiyum the title is drawn from the names of the characters played by the two men in the middle released in February and received unanimously positive reviews, with critics praising it for its sharp story and its ability to engage the viewer consistently without resorting to gimmicks. Give the film a watch if you are a Prithviraj fan. And even if you arent.

Language: Tamil

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Translating to burden in English, Baaram has received widespread critical acclaim, including a National Award. The mysterious death of a night watchman forms the bedrock of the February film both real and relevant directed by Priya Krishnaswamy, who also does the writing and editing duties here. Baaram doesnt lose sight of its strong emotional core despite its documentary-style look and feel. The film lays bare the practice of Thalaikoothal, a type of euthanasia that still has social sanction in some parts of Tamil Nadu. Fashioned as a thriller in parts, Baaram runs at a pacy 90 minutes and should make it to your watchlist if you are looking for something more than the usual light-hearted fare.

Language: Malayalam

Streaming on: Netflix

Honest and relevant, Vikruthi is a mirror of the times we live in, chronicling the downside of the obsession with social media. Translating to mischief, the film is sourced from a real incident and tells the story of a man who becomes the victim of a viral social media forward. What works for Vikruthi is the relatable way in which it tells its story and the non-judgmental stance it takes on to view its characters. Suraj Venjarammoodu and Soubin Shahir carry the film that released in October last year, winning us over with a mix of humour and heart.

Language: Kannada

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

A simple love story simply told is what makes Dia stand out at a time when audiences are being fed convoluted storylines in seemingly woke films which are anything but. This February film focuses on a love triangle and is a refreshing romance told from the point of view of the woman. An engaging blend of feel-good romance and the hopelessness that love sometimes brings in its wake, Dia powered by its emotional core and strong performances is worth a watch.


Looking for options other than Holly, Bolly and Tolly to stream this lockdown? - Telegraph India

Novak Djokovic: ‘I think that the tennis industry needs to keep evolving’ – Tennis World USA

The intervention of the coach in an individual sport such as tennis appears as a sort of diminutio of the player himself. The competitive trance, the ability to bring home a match that goes wrong is all of the tennis player, and would be mortified by the active intervention of the coach during the competitive act, giving the coach an additional role during the game, making him become protagonist almost as much as the player himself, perhaps bringing tennis coaches to an even more evident role, as happens in the reviled world of football.

Talking with his close friend Fabio Fognini, Novak Djokovic believes tennis should start allowing on-court coaching, but with one major condition. Im always in favour of innovation, World number one said.

I think that the tennis industry needs to keep evolving. One thing Id like to work on is lowering the age of the fan-base, since Im told that in the US and in Europe its usually above 60 years old.

As for rules, I like the experimentation done during the NextGen Finals in Milan. I think that on-court coaching should be implemented, but without letting the crowd hear what is being said, because it would certainly reach the ears of the opponents team.

This past Sunday, the 17-time Grand Slam champion spoke openly about his concerns of potentially being mandated into taking a COVID-19 vaccination before returning to the ATP tour. "I have expressed my views because I have the right to and I also feel responsible to highlight certain essential topics that are concerning the tennis world," the 32-year-old explained to the Associated Press.

"I am no expert, but I do want to have an option to choose what's best for my body. I am keeping an open mind, and I'll continue to research this topic because it is important, and it will affect all of us."

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Novak Djokovic: 'I think that the tennis industry needs to keep evolving' - Tennis World USA