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Are you an ardent blackjack lover, but not a successful player? Or are you just looking to try out your luck with a good old blackjack game, but you are not sure where to even start? Either way, youre in the right place! Take a look at these 8 tips on how to win at blackjack and get ready to gamble.

Regardless of whether you are playing in-person or online, if you do not choose the right casino, none of the tips and tricks to come that are supposed to help you win will matter. Always check the casinos background before you decide to play their blackjack, and look for all the information available, including the name of the owner or service providers, licenses, and reputation. If you are surfing the internet to find a casino site, beware that not every online casino is trustworthy and safe. Moreover, there are many scamming websites pretending to be online casinos. In order to ensure your investment wont go to waste of a frauds pocket, use software tools to check the websites credibility.

You cant play the game if you dont know the rules may be a cliche saying, but it is downright true when it comes to the game of blackjack. Many beginners, and even the more experienced players, make a common mistake of taking the rule sheets for granted. Knowing the rules by heart and being able to go back to them at any moment of the game is a prerequisite to becoming a successful blackjack player. What is also important to always bear in mind is that not every blackjack game is the same. Each variant is played by different rules, and even the smallest detail can affect the house edge. This is particularly important for online blackjack since games are provided by different software developers and therefore have different rules and house edges. Closely examine the help section of each game to ensure a complete understanding of the game and increase your chances of winning. Once you know the rules, you will be able to absorb the wisdom of the ultimate blackjack tips and get the game going.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the table rules of the game variation of your choice, is it time to put the cards on the table, figuratively and literally. You need to get to know yourself as a blackjack player before you invest more of your time and money into becoming a winner. Depending on the type of player, each strategy has advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Martingale betting strategy is meant for the fearless players, those looking to win big but are also ready to lose a lot of money. On the other hand, a conservative or basic blackjack strategy is a safer option for those not yet as self-assured of their gambling competencies. The utter idea of picking the rights strategy is to get the best winning odds at the time. Tellingly, each blackjack variation requires a different strategy for different optimal results and different type of a player. Many professional players would take years and lots of effort to hack the game, that is, learn how to play each hand with the best chances to win. However, nowadays, and with all the information we have at our disposal thanks to modern technology, you can easily search through the most optimal blackjack strategies for a specific game using one of the blackjack basic strategy calculators.

In line with finding your soulmate blackjack strategy, you should always remain grounded and remember your budget limits before raising a bet like a millionaire. Although this is not a trick to be used at the blackjack table, it is one of the most critical rules you need to adhere to as a gambler. Only when your bankroll starts to build up, you should allow yourself to slowly raise your stakes. Placing a bet that is out of your league can be detrimental both to your bank account and to your career as a blackjack player.

Blackjack insurance will be offered to you in most, if not all, blackjack games online. It refers to a side bet which is offered in cases when the dealer shows an ace, in order to ensure you are against the dealer getting a blackjack. Despite the fact that getting the insurance would potentially save you from big losses, it is not as good as it sounds. Finally, the odds of the dealer making blackjack are too small to compensate for the price of the insurance itself.

Keep your eyes on the table, your focus on the cards, and your mind on the price. Paying attention to all the possible details is the key to beat the odds.

To guess when is the right time to double down or to split is half of the games success. Even though things need to be more complicated in order for the game to be as exciting and risky as it is, there are few rules set in stone regarding this. Increasing your money on the table largely depends on doubling down. When youre given a starting hand of 11, always double down, because there is a high probability that your next card will be valued a ten and you will finish with 21. On the other hand, when the dealer shows a face or an ace, it is time to stay away from doubling down. When it comes to splitting, it is slightly more complicated. Therefore, the only splitting rule to live by is to never split pairs or 10s, 5s or 4s. For all the other combinations, you will have to refer to your blackjack charts and personal sense for gambling.

Always remain in control. If you hit the ground, take a break. If you touch the sky, also take a break. Dont let the gambling spirit take you over and affect poor decisions. In situations when you do wish to proceed in playing after the lows and the highs, make sure to establish new bankroll and limits beforehand.

What may trick many blackjack players to-be is the simplicity of the blackjack game. However, there is plenty more to it. Although it is not a complicated casino game, it requires skill and dedication in order to become good at it. With this list of tips in mind, a bit of luck, and some exercise, youll be mastering the game of blackjack in no time!

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The Top 5 Actors Who Game When Offstage – Film Threat

Its hard to imagine any celebrity having the moment to play games when theyre jetting off to remote islands to work on their next blockbuster, but somehow these picks manage it.

Did you know a surprising number of celebrities are avid gamers? You have to assume the lure of playing comic book and gaming characters intrigues them enough to have them reaching for the controller. Read on for the stories behind our top picks for celebrity gamers.

If youve ever been shot in the head by a guy in a check print suit, congratulations, youve met Chandler Bing, or Benny as his friends in New Vegas know him.

Yes, you might already be aware that the 90s funniest awkward friend was featured as the prime villain in Obsidians 2010 spin-off to the Fallout franchise: New Vegas, but you might not know this happened because he was a huge fanboy of the series.

After telling Ellen that he played so much Fallout 3 that he began to feel the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome take over, and then handing her a signed copy of the game, apparently word got to the team at Obsidian.

Obsidian was famously left to their own devices by Bethesda who didnt think much of the new addition, but with supreme writing, a few gameplay tweaks to elevate the experience and now with Chandler Muriel Bing as the main villain (that isnt a complex ideology anyway) Obsidian released what has been called the best Fallout game in the franchise.

Ah, the woman who doesnt shower, as Mila Kunis will now forever be known, was actually too busy playing World of Warcraft. The Thats 70s Show alum has expressed an addiction to the game that could only be quite cold turkey, by moving on to Call of Duty.

In a 2008 interview she told Jimmy Kimmel that at the height of her addiction she was an active member of several World of Warcraft guilds and that she even had to quit one because a fan in the guild recognized her voice.

It makes you wonder who else is really on the other end of that sword

Oh yes, Jason Bourne is a gamer. Matt Damon let his knowledge of games slip on a recent episode of Hot Ones, saying that he turned down a bunch of money to reprise his role as Americas answer to James Bond in game form.

Damon refused apparently because he wanted the game to not just be a first-person shooter, and that he wanted it to be more like Myst, a graphic adventure puzzle game rife with lore and beautiful locations.

Of course, the game was released without the voice or likeness of Damon in 2008, as a third-person shooter, thank you very much, Matt. It received average reviews, so maybe they should have listened to him.

Matt Damon is also a fan of lady luck, having been known to spend his nights as a professional poker and blackjack player. Most of Matts favourite Blackjack and poker games can be found at NewCasinos, the place where you can enjoy outstanding new casino sites.

Apparently Shazam actor Zachary Levi now has his eyes on the gaming adaption corner of Hollywood. Specifically, hes looking at two stars of the Naughty Dog development company: Uncharteds Nathan Drake and Joel from The Last of Us.

Levi told Brazilian website Cinema com Rapadura that he thought Nathan Drake would make for a very fun role, calling him the next Indiana Jones.

Unfortunately, both The Last of Us television show and the Uncharted film series have now been cast with The Red Viper of Dornes Pedro Pascal playing Joel and Marvels Spiderman, Tom Holland, playing Nathan Drake. But you never know. Maybe Ellies actor will have to drop out?

Vin Diesel is famously a gamer, and as proud of it as you can get, which always brings a chuckle when you consider his brand of muscle-bound, punch your problems away mentality his characters seem to have.

But the family-oriented Fast and Furious star is a big fan of role-playing games, be that on video games like World of Warcraft or with the tried-and-true dice in Dungeons and Dragons.

After lending his voice and likeness to two The Chronicles of Riddick games and a Fast and Furious spin-off game in 2020, he has even gone so far as to put his name as executive producer to video game Ark 2, which is a follow up to Ark: Survival Evolved, an action-adventure survival game set to be released in 2022.

He has even spearheaded a movie based on his own D&D witch hunter character called The Last Witch Hunter, with a sequel confirmed in 2020.

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The Top 5 Actors Who Game When Offstage - Film Threat

‘The Card Counter’ Asks Whether an Abu Ghraib Torturer Is Worthy of a Second Chance – The Daily Beast

While discussing his new film The Card Counter in an interview with Deadline, filmmaker Paul Schrader presented a paradox, both railing against the supposed insidiousness of cancel culture while decrying peoples strong aversion to personal responsibility. What I was trying to capture from this moment, he explained, is this lack of responsibility people seem to have. I didnt lie, I misspoke, I didnt touch her inappropriately, I made a mistake. Nobody is really responsible for anything.

What Schrader fails to realize is that cancel culture is most often invoked by those wishing to evade responsibility (its the culture thats toxic, not me!), and while context is indeed important, it doesnt grant you an indulgence. I am reminded of Bob Baffert, the legendary horse trainer, who blamed cancel culture when his Kentucky Derby-winning horse was found to have tested positive for steroids.

This is all, of course, germane to Schraders latest, which centers on a mysterious card counter by the name of William Tell (Oscar Isaac, more brooding than ever) who, after a ten-year stint behind bars, drifts from casino to casino across the U.S. winning small sums of money at blackjack and Texas hold em. An early sequence sees William pocket $750 counting cards at blackjack before booking a cheap motel room, removing the artwork and devices, and covering all of the furniture in white sheetsfor he is a ghost who lives an ascetic life of cards, sleep, and the occasional glass of whiskey.

Like many of Schraders antiheroes, from Taxi Drivers Travis Bickle to the eco-conscious Pastor Ernst Toller of First Reformed, William is a haunted diarist in search of absolution. And he believes hes found it in Cirk (Tye Sheridan), another lost soul whom God dealt a terrible hand. So, he hatches a plot to make things right: get staked by La Linda (Tiffany Haddish), who bankrolls a stable of card sharks; win a few high-stakes poker tournaments; pay off Cirks debts; and reunite him with his estranged mother.

It is fascinating that the aughts poker boom, ignited by Chris Moneymakers storybook win at the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event, has yet to inspire a single decent poker film (a few eye-hemorrhaging scenes in Casino Royale notwithstanding). The Card Counter wont change this, as it is far more concerned with the burden of guilt than what happens on the feltand because of this, its OK to overlook some of its slip-ups when it comes to the world of gambling, such as misdescribing prize pools, extolling roulette odds, and failing to so much as mention the importance of timely aggression in poker or what makes William such a gifted poker player in the first place other than his steely edge.

Early on in the film, we learn that William Tell is a cutesy alias; his real name is PFC William Tillich, and he served that lengthy prison sentence after he was found to have tortured detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. In maze-like, washed-out flashback sequences shot with a fisheye lens, we see PFC Tillich brutalizing his prisoners and giddily posing with them, a la Lynddie England (who only ended up serving a year and a half behind bars). That PFC Tillich arrived at Abu Ghraib a softer man and was hardened under the tutelage of a Major John Gordo (Willem Dafoe), a sadistic civilian contractor specializing in torture, begs the question of whether he also fell victim to a corrupting systemthough, as Tillich asserts, Nothing can justify what we did.

Schraders film poses intriguing questions about redemption and self-reproach. Given the extreme nature of Tillichs crimes, is he redeemable? Has he served his penance? Should we allow his guilt to consume him, or is he, too, worthy of a helping hand? Isaacand his beautiful head of graying hairdoes a fine job of stirring up pity for Tillich, another of Gods lonely men bearing the weight of our collective sins on his shoulders. His chemistry with Haddish, who provides another way out of his misery, is powerful, culminating in a hallucinatory stroll through a neon-lit park, captured on high by a roving drone. But The Card Counter tips its hand when, during a pool-side tte--tte with Cirk, Tillich draws a parallel between a poker player going on tilt (or becoming consumed by emotion and making a series of bad plays) to force drift, a phenomenon whereby torturers no longer see their captives as human and apply more and more pain. In what world are these two even remotely the same?


'The Card Counter' Asks Whether an Abu Ghraib Torturer Is Worthy of a Second Chance - The Daily Beast

Where to Play Blackjack Near Brooklyn – Brooklyn Reader

Blackjack is one of the most crowd-pleasing casino games available today. Some of the reasons why this game earned the hype include the following:

It is an entertaining game that exploits loads of mental exercises and mastery to ace it. If youre currently in Brooklyn and looking to play Blackjack, the good news is that there are many gambling houses nearby.

Heres a list of casinos you can go to.

Empire City Casino operates from 10 am- 6 am daily. It takes about 45 minutes to go here from Brooklyn and about 20 miles north away from Times Square. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Empire City Casino will only cater to at least 25% capacity. Players must wear their masks at all times and will complete a temperature and screening check upon entry.

Whats more, the establishment offers more than 5,000 games, meaning all of the hottest and your favorite slot machines are here. The casino offers many different game themes, plus Keno, Progressives, and Video Poker with multi- and individual denominations ranging from $0.01 to $100 on both slot machines and reels.

Empire City also offers your favorite table games such as Blackjack. Minimum bets kick off at $10, and with 3-2 payouts, the casino provides the best odds. Make the best decisions by doing your best and having fun.

This establishment offers guests an unrivaled entertainment and gaming experience. The Genting New York LLC d/b/a Resorts World Casino New York City operates the casino. With table minimums from $5-$100 and at least 300 seats, the Resorts World Casino is the best place to enjoy the accuracy and speed of Blackjack.

Resorts World Casinos advance and modern art terminals have all the perks and rewards of live-action Blackjack with a bonus bet, insurance options, and 3-2 payouts. The only difference between their electronic Blackjack from a live-table game is theres no downtime for shuffling or peer pressure, which is a good thing.

So, if you want to play in the comfort of your home, online blackjack is always an option. Aside from Blackjack, Resorts World Casino offers the following table games as well:

Black and Platinum card members can play in the luxurious Baccarat Club, Crystal Cruises High Limit Room, or Fifth Avenue Club.

Resorts Casino Hotel is only 27 minutes away from Brooklyn via Atlantic Cave. It is open 24/7 and features at least 1,500 slot machines, as well as exciting table games. Whats more, this gaming house offers the highest limits, and nobody can match their personalized service.

You can play Blackjack here, and the casino offers many different stakes and options thatll cater to your needs. Other featured table games include:

Gambling is part of the hotels business, and part of their excellent reputation is responsible gaming. The hotel is committed to the following:

It takes at least 2.5 hours to reach the Golden Nugget Atlantic City Hotel, Casino & Marina via Garden State Pkwy. The casino at this gambling house is alive with anticipation and action, plus many games are available for every player.

You can play Blackjack here and other table games such as Mini-Baccarat, Criss Cross Poker, Roulette, and Craps. For nonstop Blackjack action, go to the High Limit Room. Golden Nugget Atlantic City Hotel, Casino & Marina also offers multi-level jackpots on Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold Em, Let It Ride, and Mississippi Stud.

The minimum age requirement to participate in games is 21 years old. To sign up, you must show your valid ID at the 24K Select Club Booth.

You can go to many places if you want to play Blackjack or test your luck in other casino games. This game offers excellent odds for people who only understand simple rules. If youre new to playing Blackjack, it is essential to equip yourself with the right strategy.

Try memorizing the correct way to double down, split, stand, and hit your hand. Although its a fundamental trick, you will chop up the house edge from 1% to 2% to .5%. Consider buying a primary strategy card so that you wont have to memorize this.

Annalise Weathers is a marketing and SEO content writer at http://www.onlineunitedstatescasinos.com. Her passion for writing about the gambling industry stems from her years of professional gaming experience. In her free time, Annalise loves to take her dog to the park.

If you enjoyed this article, please consider making a donation to BK Reader here. Whether it is $1 or $100, no donation is too big or too small!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of BK Reader.

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Where to Play Blackjack Near Brooklyn - Brooklyn Reader

Learn How to Play Blackjack and the Best Video Games For Practice – Gameindustry.com – GameIndustry.com

Experts say this very popular game emerged in the middle of the 17th century in France. Back then they called it Vignt et Un, which in French means twenty-one, and it was played in the casinos of that time. There are others who say that Vignt et Un actually means Twenty and A. Vingt et Un is the same as blackjack and they have some different rules.

Blackjack rules are so simple that you will feel like practicing your skills. The objective is to beat the dealers hand by getting the score closest to 21. The figures that are worth 10 are the Valet, the Queen and the King. The Ace is worth 11 or 1 and all other cards retain their value. Black Jack occurs when the first two cards are a ten or any card followed by an Ace.

In case the dealer does not form a natural blackjack, the game continues and the player has four basic moves he can make:

Hit: receive a new card from the dealer. The player can draw as many cards as he wants until he reaches 21 or busts.

Hold: not to receive any more cards and to keep the value of the hand he has.

Split: when the two cards held by the player are of the same value, the player can split them into two hands, adding a second bet equal to his initial bet.

Double down: the player will have the opportunity to increase his initial bet by 100% with the right to draw a single card and then stand.

There are other types of blackjack that propose different moves:

Surrender: after the initial deal, once the dealer has verified that he does not have a natural blackjack, a player who feels that his hand is not good enough to continue playing can choose to surrender his hand and get a refund of half his original bet.

The online casino blackjack offers you many ways to have fun safely. The best part of playing online blackjack is that you are safeguarding your health mainly in this difficult world health emergency. On the other hand you will be able to play from the comfort of your home at any time you want.

The best online blackjack games are those that belong to safe online casino sites. In these you will be able to deposit a minimum and a maximum of money through reliable systems without worrying about anything other than winning.

If you are still not sure about accessing an online casino site and you want to play from your cell phone or game console, what you can do is download a blackjack videogames.

There are thousands of video games compatible with tablets and cell phones that are free to download, which means that you do not need to bet any real money. These games could serve as training if you are thinking of playing professionally at some point.

There are different blackjack video games for cell phones that you should know about:

The most entertaining thing about playing blackjack is that you can also play with friends. It is a game that allows you to spend time and at the same time speed up your brain activity because it requires concentration and intelligence.

It is important to know that either playful and competitive games or bets bring many benefits to brain activity. They also raise self-esteem, generate dialogue and bonding with others and help to release accumulated stress.

Finally, when you are an advanced blackjack player and want to learn modern strategies such as card counting, your online option is live blackjack. This is the only way you will learn how to use this technique and become an exceptional player.



Learn How to Play Blackjack and the Best Video Games For Practice - Gameindustry.com - GameIndustry.com

Richard Simkins joins Blackjack Promotions as Head of Creative Partnerships – The Moodie Davitt Report – The Moodie Davitt Report

UK.Travel retail and brand experience specialist Blackjack Promotions has bolstered its senior leadership team with the appointment ofRichard SimkinsasHead of Creative Partnerships.

With a strong media consultancy background,Simkins brings 20 yearsofexperiencein the creative industryto the role. This includes a recent three-year spell as Creative Solutions Director Outdoor for Global, Europes largest radio company.

Across the past decade,he has led innovation teams to devise and deliveroutdooradvertisingand experientialcampaigns for global brands.

Richard Simkins: Track record of experience in developing creative campaigns

In his role at ABM-owned Blackjack Promotions,Simkins will be responsible for offering a wide range of creative solutions to new and existing clients across thecompanys businessportfolio, which has diversified in the face of COVID-19 severely affecting its core airport promotions business.

Working alongside Leanne Nutter (Head of Travel Retail)and Fiona Rayner (Head of Experiential),a key part of Simkins brief is tobroaden the possibilities for Blackjack Promotions outside oftravel retail.

Commenting on his appointment, Simkins said: As a travel retail expert, the past year has demonstrated Blackjack Promotions ability to pivot and showcased the agility of its people, who became trained in COVID safety to support the NHS in hospitals and at testing sites. This training, coupled with Blackjack Promotions logistical infrastructure, reputation for experiential marketing and customer service, makes thisopportunityan incredibly exciting one.

He added: Across the business, we have afantastic pool of talent andan incredibleclient portfoliowhich presents lots ofopportunityfor increased collaboration and the creation of new and enhanced services.

Simkins will report to Blackjack Promotions Aviation Group Managing Director AntonyMarke.

Markesaid: This is a reallyexcitingtimeforusaswefocus on evolution and regrowth using our skills, talents and resources.Were confident that Richard willplay an integral role in expanding our reach, introducing opportunities in other sectors and offering new customers some of the magic we have delivered in travel retail over the last 25 years.


Richard Simkins joins Blackjack Promotions as Head of Creative Partnerships - The Moodie Davitt Report - The Moodie Davitt Report

The most effective method to play online games – Omega Underground

Blackjack is an immensely mainstream game, with a great many fans playing it online across the globe.

One of the primary explanations behind its prevalence is thatonline blackjackis that its so easy to play. This is the way you can figure out how to playonline blackjackin only seven stages:

Stage 1: put down your bet

Make a bet from $1 to all-in.

Stage 2: get your cards

The seller will give both of you blackjack cards and show one of his cards.

Stage 3: choose if you need to twofold your bet

You can twofold your bet any time before you hit or stand and split your bet on the off chance that you get two cards of a similar worth.

Stage 4: consider on the off chance that you need to hit

You have a choice to add more blackjack cards by picking hit, however you lose consequently if your worth of cards surpasses 21.

Stage 5: click stand

Snap stand when you are prepared to play your hand.

Stage 6: get familiar with the vendors hand

The vendor will uncover his secret blackjack card and should consistently hit on the off chance that they have 16 or lower. They will quit hitting on the off chance that they have at least 17.

Stage 7: win or lose

You win when the consolidated worth of your cards is more prominent than that of the seller. You lose on the off chance that you have a lower score than the seller, or if the all out of your cards surpasses 21.

What are the online blackjack rules?

Playing on the web blackjack is a pleasant method to breathe easy, build up your forces of key reasoning, and test your capacity to act under tension.

To get the best time from your game, you need to know the guidelines of blackjack. Without these, you may take some unacceptable actions and lose games that you might have won.

These are the 14 key principles that you need to realize when playing free blackjack games.

14 key guidelines to follow when playing on the web blackjack

Your point is to get a score of 21 or a higher worth than the vendor.

In the event that your score surpasses 21, you lose. This is called bust.

In the event that your score attaches with the vendor, your bet is discounted. This is known as a push.

Wagers are put before youre managed your cards.

Youre managed two face-up cards by the seller.

The seller begins with one face-up card and one face-down card.

Pro is worth 1 or 11 (forthcoming on which esteem most advantages you).

Ten, jack, sovereign, and ruler are worth 10.

Two nine have their presumptive estimations.

You hit on the off chance that you wish to be managed more cards.

You stand on the off chance that you are content with your two cards.

You can twofold your bet in the event that you wish to do as such.

You can part combines and transform them into two separate wagers.

The seller should score in any event 17 they bargain themselves more cards on the off chance that they dont.

Thus, recollect these 14 standards when you next plunk down to play blackjack online at Arkadium!

Instructions to succeed at free online blackjack

Theres no ensured procedure for succeeding at blackjack. This is on the grounds that its a game that consolidates both ability and karma, implying that occasionally you essentially have a terrible run of cards.

Be that as it may, while youll never be sure of having a fruitful game, there are a few techniques you can use to improve your odds of succeeding at online blackjack.

Five hints to help you dominate blackjack matches

Tip 1: get familiar with the fundamental blackjack system

The fundamental blackjack system is a numerical way to deal with blackjack that reveals to you the best moves to make dependent on the cards youve been managed.

The most ideal approach to become familiar with this methodology is to utilize a fundamental blackjack procedure graph. This shows you when you should hit, stand, or give up.

Tip 2: hit in case youre managed 8 or less

In the event that your cards absolute close to 8, you ought to consistently hit.

Tip 3: never split these sets

Parting sets allows you to play two simultaneous games against the seller, expanding your odds of having a triumphant hand.

In any case, there are a few sets that you shouldnt part, as they dont give you an extraordinary possibility of winning. You should never part 4s, 5s or 10s.

Tip 4: never remain on these numbers

On the off chance that the vendors cards complete at least 7, you shouldnt stand if your cards have a consolidated worth of 12-16.

Tip 5: Avoid protection wagers

Protection wagers may appear to be a smart thought. In any case, it doesnt move the chances in support of yourself and is for the most part a misuse of your betting chips.

Presently you realize how to succeed at blackjack, all that is left for you to do is tried your insight. Play our free online blackjack game now and perceive the number of games you can win!

The most effective method to include cards in blackjack

Blackjack is inseparable from card checking. Numerous movies and TV shows have been made about individuals dominating matches by checking cards and heaps of players have attempted the technique.

Including cards in blackjack in four stages

Stage 1: give each card in the deck a worth

To make it as straightforward as conceivable to check cards, put the cards in the deck into three gatherings and dole out them the accompanying qualities:

2-6: +1

7-9: 0

10-Ace: 1

Stage 2: keep a running tally

Your running tally assists with deciding the moves you should make dependent on the cards youve been managed.

Utilizing the qualities youve allocated to cards, youll have the option to work out if the running check is going up on down. On the off chance that the check is positive and builds, the benefit is with you. In the event that the check diminishes and falls into a negative, the worth is with the seller.

Stage 3: ascertain the genuine tally

The genuine tally is utilized to help you tally cards when more than one deck is in play. You can discover it out by utilizing this straightforward condition:

Genuine tally = running tally number of decks remaining

Stage 4: modify your wagers as the genuine tally increments

Utilize the data you have from the qualities youve allocated to your cards, your running tally, and genuine tally to build up what the genuine tally is.

As the genuine check increments and diminishes, adjust your wagers in like manner raising it goes up and dropping when it goes down.

Instructions to bargain when you play blackjack on the web

Managing couldnt be more straightforward when youre playing on the web blackjack. You should simply hit the bargain button and your cards will be managed.

Laila Azzahra is a professional writer and blogger that loves to write about technology, business, entertainment, science, and health.

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Washington woman wins 2nd big prize from Idaho Lottery in just two weeks – KTVB.com

Candice Hare says people want to rub her for luck after her latest scratch game winner was worth $50,000.

BOISE, Idaho Lottery lightning has struck again for Candice Hare.

For the second time in two weeks, the Clarkston, Washington woman has won the top prize on an Idaho Lottery scratch ticket.

Lottery officials say she won $50,000 on the Scratch Game Blackjack Big Bingo. And the winning ticket was sold at the same store she bought a $200,000 winning ticket from two weeks ago the Nomnom convenient store on Southway Avenue in Lewiston.

I was hanging out with some friends and I got a bunch of tickets to play on Wednesday night, Hare said. I scratched the bar codes and was just checking to see if they won. Then I got one that said I needed to sign it and to claim it at the Lottery.

Thats when she decided to play the game out and see how much she actually won.

I had all the numbers on one line and the prize was $50,000. Nuh-uh, no way. I couldnt believe it happened again! People all over town are already asking to rub me for luck, Hare said.

Hare said she was planning to have a shopping spree at the Boise Towne Square Mall before returning to Clarkston. She plans to invest the rest of her winnings, and will continue to play the lottery.

I want to come back to Boise with a $300,000 winner next, she said confidently.

Nomnom in Lewiston received a $5,000 bonus from the Idaho Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

Originally posted here:

Washington woman wins 2nd big prize from Idaho Lottery in just two weeks - KTVB.com

What does a sports bettor need to know about online casinos – TalkBasket.net

Online casinos open up a new world of fun and entertainment to seeking sports bettors. More so, the sports bettor does not have to move a muscle. From the comfort of their home, they can enjoy a variety of games and betting options including odds and point spreads. Additionally, sports bettors have the option of gambling while watching a specific event in real-time through live betting options available on some sites. It is convenience, fun and entertainment put together under one roof with the help of handsets and online casinos.

Despite all these benefits to sports bettors, many are not aware of how to access these on online casinos, which games to play and lack understanding of how bonuses work. These pointers will clear the air.

Options! Options! Options! So many options, so little time and more so, limited money. Online casino takes the meaning of options to another level with several games available to cater to many tastes and preferences that may make choosing one extremely difficult. Some of these games include baccarat, poker, blackjack and slots. Slots is heads above the rest in popularity among most bettors because of the affordability, higher probability of winning and bells and whistles. About 48 percent of casino visitors, close to half, play slots and blackjack comes in second with about 16 percent of visitors participating.

Casinos are not a charity but often give away bonuses that act as reward to new and existing bettors. They come in all shapes and forms including welcome bonuses, sign up bonuses, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins and free play. These bonuses are geared toward adding to the fun bettors can enjoy within the casino and often have high wagers attached to prevent their withdrawal along with the winnings from playing bonuses. Some of the easiest to gain are no deposit bonuses and free spins which most new bettors get on sign up at some casinos without depositing any money into the casino. If youre looking to find a casino that offers no deposit bonuses Casino Reviews has put together this blog post breaking down some of the best offers in New Zealand. It is the kickstart to the fun filled adventure in the casino.

The house always wins but, if you are lucky and skilled enough to use some strategies, you may come out happier than most. Odds differ from game to game and casino to casino. Some of the games wit the best odds include slots, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. The house edge of baccarat is 1.5 percent, a basic strategy card reduces the house edge by 1 percent in blackjack and slots often have an RTP above 98 percent which is why they are really popular. With some strategies, the odds can get better. However, chances are often better with slots.

Online casinos come with huge revenues therefore it is no surprise that some ill-intentioned people would love to participate, fraudulently. Several unsuspecting bettors have lost money and time to crooks who take advantage of their desire to have fun on online casinos. Despite the existence of some frauds, there are ways that bettors can identify or avoid fraudulent casinos. All reputable casinos have licences from reputable organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. These organisations add legitimacy to the casino and ensure that the user is placing their information, time and money into safe hands and can comfortably enjoy their casino experience. Additionally, reviews from other casino gamblers on review websites can add legitimacy to a casino. It is important to investigate what other bettors have experienced before choosing to sign up with any online casino.

Sports bettors may be nave to online casinos but there are a lot of benefits for them in understanding online casinos. In order to have a wholesome and harmonious experience, they need to get information that will guide their decision before making a choice on a casino. It is therefore important that they consider the different games located in the casino library, bonuses they can enjoy, the different odds and how to spot fraudulent casinos. Knowing these details will save them bad experiences in the vast online casino world filled with both great and poor casino experiences.

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What does a sports bettor need to know about online casinos - TalkBasket.net

Want to Kick Poker Night Up a Notch? A Playing-Card Company Has Teamed Up With the Whitney to Release Artist-Designed Decks – artnet News

If ya like your poker or blackjack games with a dash of flair, youre in for a treat.

Speciality playing-card designer Theory 11 has teamed up with the Whitney Museum of American Art to produce a series of playing cards designed by prominent artists.

The first offering will be released May 3 and has been imagined by art star Shantell Martin (who also just so happens to have recently done a Whitney gift shop redesign with her signature whimsical black-and-white squiggles).

We keeppushing ourselves to do things differently, Theory 11 founder and C.E.O. Jonathan Bayme told Artnet News. We want Theory 11 fans to know that every deck is something new and different. That led us to this.

Shantell Martin playing cards. Image courtesy the artist, Theory 11, and the Whitney Museum.

Theory 11 started out in 2007 designing cards for magicians, but brand collaborations with everything from Star Wars to Marvel comics to James Bond filmsand painstaking attention to high-quality letterpress printing and detailed designsquickly turned the cards into sought-after collectibles.

We pride ourselves on putting an unreasonable amountof effort into making our playing cards.For example, on the Star Wars decks, we spent weeks getting the exact angle of the tilt of the lightsaber just right, Bayme said.

The response has been intense.

Id relateit to sneaker culture, where collectors have whole walls of their houses decked out in these card decks, he said.

Fans of Martin are sure to recognize her designs, which have been highlighted with dashes of color. The Jack of Hearts, for example, is surrounded bya jumble of letters that spell out Joy and Helper.

Martin often explores themes such as intersectionality, identity, and play, according to a statement from the Whitney. In the design for her decks, Martin generously offerscompletely custom artwork on each card, the box, jokers, and sticker seal, and includes a personal note about her own experience playing cards. The result is an intimate and joyful collectible, available in two colorways.

Shantell Martin playing cards. Image courtesy the artist, Theory 11, and the Whitney Museum.

Its a fun, new, creative canvas that she had never experimented with before, Baymesaid. We got to work side-by-side with her and lend some of our print expertise.

Interested buyers will be delighted at the price of the decks: a very affordable $9.95 eachfor a set of two attheory11.com. The decks are also available individually at the Whitney shop.

We want to encourage people to play with them and use them. If they spill something on them, they can buy another deck,Bayme said. Some devoted collectors have been known to buy two decksone to play with and one to keep sealed in cellophane.

The Shantell Martin decks will be available at 3 p.m. on May 3 at the Whitney gift shop, as well as online at Theory 11s website.

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Want to Kick Poker Night Up a Notch? A Playing-Card Company Has Teamed Up With the Whitney to Release Artist-Designed Decks - artnet News

Blockchain in Education: 7 Projects to Discover – the blockchain land

When it comes to online gaming, theres little that can top online casinos in terms of size and frequency. Theonline casino marketis set to grow to be worth $114 billion by 2024. This is at a year-over-year growth rate of 11%.

But why has it grown to such numbers? The answer lies in how well the industry has worked to provide unique experiences to its players. For instance, with the right equipment, people can experience virtual reality casinos, creating a new hybrid experience thats exclusive to online casinos. There are also live casinos platforms where players get a chance to play on-site games without needing to leave their homes. Thelive games on Gala Casinoinclude a variety of table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulettes, and much more. Most of these games, like live blackjack, are a lot faster than their traditional counterparts though, so players need to be extra sharp when playing.

However, like in most industries nowadays, blockchain is about to turn the industry on its head. So, heres everything you need to know about the technology and its relationship with online casinos.

Much like the online casino market, blockchain is also a rapidly growing industry. Thanks to the pandemic, theblockchain marketis set to grow at a compound annual rate of 82.4% starting this year. As an industry thats always looking for ways to improve its offerings, online casinos are going to propel blockchain to new heights. After all, blockchains decentralized technology has much to offer the industry, including:

Whether its to cash in or out, online casinos facilitate a lot of money exchanges. Fortunately, payments made through the blockchain cant be tampered with thanks to the technologys distributed ledger nature.Blockchain is the underlying structure for currencies known as cryptocurrency, used to facilitate exchanges. Whenever a new crypto transaction is made, a block is created and checked by multiple computers before its added to the chain. Once it becomes a part of the ledger, its impossible to edit it.

The blockchain is also encrypted, so the data cant be read. Plenty of online casinos such as Red God and Ignition are already accepting crypto as payment.

Despite their unique potential to boost the economy, online casinos can and are still restricted by many countries and federal states, so not everybody opportunity to play. For example, while online poker providers are allowed to operate in France, online slots are prohibited.

But the only thing that local governments can regulate is the movement of money to and from established entities. This means that if you live here in France, you can easily access top online casinos with slots like Rizk and Jackpot Village, but you cannot use your money to play the games. However, if the online casino accepted crypto payments, like Ignition, you can bypass said regulation. This is mainly because crypto exchanges happen on the blockchain, which isnt governed by any set of rules.

Every online casino operates on an algorithm called the random number generator (RNG). The RNG decides what cards are dealt during a round of online baccarat, what combinations come out of an online slot game, or even the kind of players you end up playing against during an online poker game. Theres no real way to tamper with the RNG. Still, blockchain offers an extra layer of security by ensuring that the online casino, including its RNG, isnt controlled by anyone not even the provider.The solutions offered by Sp8deis a great example of this technology at work. Sp8de allows online casino operators to build their platform using their blockchain gaming ecosystem. Already, we have providers like TruePlay that how built their platform on the blockchain.

From increased security to global access to its platforms, blockchain is improving many things in the online casino industry. Given the growth of both markets, it looks like it will only be a matter of time before we see a long-term partnership between the two in the coming years.

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Blockchain in Education: 7 Projects to Discover - the blockchain land

Colorado Casinos Will Soon Raise Betting Limits and Add New Games – USGamblingSites.com

Changes are coming to the casinos in Colorado. Quite some time ago, the law was changed in the state that would allow betting limits to increase and new games to be added to venues. As of May 1, the changes actually take place. Gaming venues will be able to start bringing in new revenues thanks to the new additions. Casinos were hit hard over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amendment 77 was passed into law last November, as voters in the state decided that the low betting limits allowed at casinos needed to be changed. With the approval, casinos in Cripple Creek, Central City, and Black Hawk were allowed to remove the $100 betting limit. This opens the gambling towns up to high rollers, individuals who want to bet more than was allowed in the past.

The three towns have been offering casino gaming since late 1991. In 1990, an amendment was passed that allowed limited stakes gambling in the state. The maximum bet allowed was $5. Only slots, poker, and blackjack were allowed at the time. Gaming was also limited as to when it could take place, between the hours of 8 am and 2 am.

By 2008, voters in the state raised the stake level to $100, plus approved roulette and craps. Casinos were also given the approval to operate 24/7. This was a big deal and opened the towns up to more travelers and the potential to earn even more money.

#1 US Gambling Site For 2021


The legal changes from last year allow the limit to be removed and new game formats to be added. Casinos can provide more blackjack games, poker, and war, plus pai gow. Baccarat, Big Wheel Six, and Five Treasures are also on the list of approved games.

The casinos in Colorado think that baccarat will be a big draw for travelers. The venues worked quickly to have the games ready by May 1, so they could offer services from day one. Keno will also be added on-site.

Because the casinos were limited as to what they could offer both games and limit-wise, it kept the town from creating a large gaming market. Of course, millions in revenues have been made over the years, but the gambling towns could not cater to big spenders.

The games were there for high rollers nor the playing limits. With the changes, the three towns expect to be able to bring in more tourism and earn more from the new games as well as higher limit options. Creating a more Las Vegas-style situation will be appealing to people who may not have traveled to Colorado in the past to gamble due to the restrictions.

Since the new options go live on May 1, we should have an idea by June when totals are released as to how the games and betting limits have affected the industry. It will be good to see the new options help the region bring in a ton of new revenues, especially after shutdowns and low earnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Colorado Casinos Will Soon Raise Betting Limits and Add New Games - USGamblingSites.com

Pay what you want to explore the Adobe Creative Cloud with this training bundle – Boing Boing

Asking someone to use the Adobe Creative Cloud apps is sort of like rooting for the house in blackjack. They already control the game, the game pieces, and most of the players, so why tilt the odds even more in their favor?

Well, the reason the Adobe fleet of digital creation apps is so ubiquitous and has been for three decades is that they work like gangbusters. And since 90 percent of the world's creative professionals agree, it's never a bad idea to have a firm grip on everything this ridiculously powerful suite of apps can do.

Thankfully, you can now come to that understanding while paying as little as possible by taking advantage of this Epic 2021 Adobe Creative Cloud Bundle of intensive digital training, all while paying the price you want to pay.

The collection includes eight courses with over 70 hours of training in covering how to get the most out of five of Adobe CC's most popular apps. Here's how it works: by offering to pay any price at all, you'll automatically receive a portion of this bundle.

From how to set your own workspace and use the selection tools to fix image damage to more creative stuff like special effects, working with masks and layers, cutting difficult objects, and more, any learner can go from Photoshop newbie to pro with some study and effort.

That's what you get for paying even the lowest possible price. But by matching the average price already paid by other interested shoppers like yourself, you'll unlock seven additional courses to help you dive even deeper into Adobe CC. In addition, beating the top price places you on the leaderboard and enters you into a special giveaway.

Further courses include training in the video editing magic of Adobe Premiere, the motion graphics wizardry of Adobe After Effects, the design capabilities of Adobe Illustrator, and the app creation talents of Adobe XD.

This is bedrock training that'll serve you well no matter what you do and by paying your price, you'll get all eight courses for far less than the price of one on its own.

Prices subject to change.

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Pay what you want to explore the Adobe Creative Cloud with this training bundle - Boing Boing

10 of the Top Casino Games to Play – TechRound

The online casino industry has been on a steady growth path in the past few years and it doesnt look like its stopping anytime soon. This immense success has been attributed to many things, including the wide variety of games that online casinos offer.

While veteran players have their own preferred games that they enjoy, newcomers will generally try a little bit of everything when starting out. In order to appeal to new players, online casinos are always bringing new games to the table. Lets explore some of the most top games favoured by both gaming aficionados and newbies alike. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most successful online casino games that you can enjoy from your computer or preferred mobile device:

Slot machines are one of the most successful inventions in the history of casinos. While many say that they prefer the real-life experience, more and more players are starting to prefer the online variants. One of the main advantages is the fact that you can choose from an immense variety of slots. Whether you prefer a certain setting or various special rules, there is something for everyone as long as you know what to look for.

Probably one of the oldest games that are still enjoyed by millions in modern casinos, roulette has become a staple of online casinos as well. You just have to place your bets and then spin the wheel and see if you got lucky. Most online casinos have American, European or French roulette that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Blackjack is most likely one of the names that instantly pop into your head when thinking about casinos. A casino that doesnt offer blackjack is simply unimaginable nowadays. Most online casinos have two types of tables. Tables where you will be alone versus an AI-controlled dealer or Live tables with actual dealers and other players.

Another fan favourite that is already an international sensation with competitions all over the globe and prizes in the order of millions of dollars. Nothing can beat a good game of poker and the number of players that enjoy it daily is a sign of that. The one main advantage that online poker brings to the table is the fact that you can play multiple tables at once if youre a good enough player. Professionals can have up to 24 tables open at the same time but to start things off you should maybe try a maximum of 4.

This fast-paced and easy-to-learn game is a mix of lottery and gaming that has become very popular in recent years all across the globe. The game mostly works like a mix of bingo and roulette where you get to choose some numbers from a grid. The more numbers you end up hitting the bigger your payout. One of the biggest advantages that online keno brings is the speed at which everything moves which is increased compared to real-life tables. This only means more opportunities for you to win in a smaller time frame.

If youve ever been inside of a casino, youve probably seen crowds of people gathered around a long table yelling something about rolling bones. Those people were enjoying the excitement and fun of craps. This is yet another game in which the online variant mostly functions the same, the one main difference is that everything moves at a higher pace.

A rather simple game that revolves around you betting on the outcome of rolling 3 dice. It may seem simple on the surface but there is some complexity behind this classic Asian casino game. Most real casinos have very specific minimum bets in a game of Sic Bo. Online casinos on the other hand allow you to bet as little or as much as you want.

Another hugely popular game that comes from Asia, Baccarat is a game that was once enjoyed solely by royalty. Nowadays most casinos have it on offer as it attracts huge crowds, mostly because of how easy it is to learn.

Pai Gow Poker is actually a variant of Chinese dominoes but nowadays it is a style of two-handed poker that must be played against the dealer. While most people would prefer an actual dealer, a lot of players agree that the online medium doesnt take that much away from the feel of the game.

And last but not least we have a smaller cousin of Roulette that is still immensely popular, especially in the US. Simply put you will bet on a certain result and then you will have to spin that wheel. While you wont get to physically touch the wheel before spinning, the online experience will also be more comfortable and a lot faster.

So, whether youre an avid fan of casino games or a newcomer who just wants to have fun, online casinos have a huge variety of games that you definitely need to check out. Most players enjoy online versions of traditional games. Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker are all player favourites even today, with all the other types of online games available online. From online table games to live casinos, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding the right games for your taste.

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10 of the Top Casino Games to Play - TechRound

How to Win at Blackjack – Best Blackjack Strategies and Tips – BestUSCasinos.org

Most gamblers and casino players spend their entire life looking for a way to win when the answer is right in front of them. Blackjack is one of the best choices for gamblers who are willing to do what it takes to win.

Learning how to be a winning blackjack player is 100% possible. This makes it special in comparison to other casino games because most of them cant be beaten.

In this article, youre going to learn step by step how you can be a winning blackjack player. Be prepared for hard work, but you can do it.

Playing winning blackjack requires doing many things correct, but one thing is more important than anything else. To be a winning blackjack player, you have to play every hand the right way.

The number of possible hands you can have and the card the dealer shows is limited. It might seem like there are 1,000s of combinations, but in truth, there are only a few dozen. This is because theres no difference between having a ten, jack, queen, or king in your hand.

Also, theres no difference between a 5 and 7, a 4 and 8, a 3 and 9, or a 2 and 10 through king. All of these hands form a hard 12, so they all need to be played the same way.

The correct way to play is a mathematical equation. Each total you have with the card that the dealer is showing has one way to play that has the highest rate of return. If you dont play each hand this way, youre not winning as much as you can.

You dont have to worry about running the math on each hand, but you do have to make sure you know what the math says. You can learn what the best play is for each blackjack hand when you use a strategy card.

Now you know the importance of playing every blackjack hand the right way and how to do it, the next step is learning how to use the rules at the table to your advantage. Every blackjack rule does one of two things. The rules either help you win more or make you lose more.

One blackjack rule stands above the rest. If you make a mistake with this rule youre never going to be a winning blackjack player. You cant ever play blackjack at a table that pays 6 to 5 for a blackjack. This rule kills your profits.

Other rules that you should look for include tables that offer surrender, being able to double down after splitting a pair and the dealer stands on a soft 17.

The final thing you can do when you play blackjack in a land based casino is to use a trick to offset your losses. This is a simple trick that anyone can use.

Get a membership in the rewards club that is offered by the casino, so you get casino comps when you play blackjack.

Whether you play blackjack in land based casinos or online at one of the best mobile casino apps, the rules are important. The blackjack table with the best set of rules is always going to give you the best chance to win.

Its easier to find blackjack tables with good sets of rules when you play in mobile and online casinos. This doesnt mean that you cant find good rule sets in land based casinos, but each individual casino has a limited number of tables. You can access 100s of casinos online and on your mobile device quickly.

Online blackjack play offers some advantages and some disadvantages when compared to land based blackjack.

The main advantage beyond finding good games easier is that you can get a bonus at some casinos. You also have control over how fast or slow you play. Most online and mobile blackjack tables have lower table minimums than land based tables, so you can risk less and play longer.

On the other hand, online and mobile blackjack eliminates the ability to use advantage play like card counting. How fast you play can also be a disadvantage. When you play too fast, you risk more money, and without an edge, this means that youre going to lose more money.

When you play every blackjack hand the best way and only play at tables that have good rules you get the highest return that you can. But even when you do everything right, the casino still has a small house edge. And with a small edge, youre still losing money.

But there are a few special strategies that you can use to turn the small edge around and play with an advantage over the casino. Card counting is the best advantage play method you can use when you play blackjack.

Most blackjack players dont even try to count cards because they think that its going to be too hard. But you dont have to be a genius to use card counting. You can start with a simple system that you can learn to use quickly.

I recommend learning about the ace five count. This system only uses the aces and fives, and is easy to track. More importantly, this system gives you the confidence you need to start using a more advanced card counting system.

A beginning counting system can give you a small edge, but if you want to win as much as you possibly can, you eventually need to move up to an advanced system. The good news is that if you can win using a simple system, its easy to advance to a more profitable system.

The only differences between a simple blackjack counting system and an advanced system is that you track more cards, and in some systems, you have to make a simple conversion from the running count to the true count.

Nothing about blackjack counting is too hard to learn. You simply learn how the system youre using works and then practice until you can do it perfectly.

The most commonly used counting system is called hi lo or high low. Its easy to keep track of the count and is a powerful system. The only downside is that this system requires a conversion. This isnt the end of the world, but it is an extra step.

If you want to use a system that doesnt require a conversion and is almost as powerful as the hi lo, you can use either the knock out system, called KO, or the red seven system.

Before getting into the meat of this section, you should know that the things in this section arent something to focus on until you become a winning card counter. Card counting is the best blackjack advantage play, and thats where you need to focus until youre winning.

Just like counting, these techniques only work when you play blackjack in land based casinos. They dont work when you play online or mobile blackjack.

The first advanced technique is called hole carding. This is a technique that you can use with some dealers. Some blackjack dealers are lazy when they deal the cards and let you see a flash of the value of cards. This can be particularly profitable when you see the value of the dealers face down card.

Another advanced technique is called shuffle tracking. When the blackjack game is hand shuffled, you might be able to track where sections of good cards are located. This lets you bet more when the best cards are likely to be dealt.

The final advanced blackjack technique is ace sequencing. By keeping track of where aces are placed in the discard pile and the order theyre in, you might be able to predict when aces are going to be dealt.

Its going to be hard, but if you do things the right way, you can be a winning blackjack player. You have to do several things the right way 100% of the time. This is challenging, but with enough knowledge and practice, you can do everything you need to do to win.

You cant afford to play blackjack at a table with poor rules, whether you play land based blackjack or real money online blackjack. And you need to learn exactly how to play every hand you play a certain way. You cant afford to guess or make a mistake.

When you do these things, it puts you in a position to start using advantage blackjack techniques that deliver long range profits.

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How to Win at Blackjack - Best Blackjack Strategies and Tips - BestUSCasinos.org

Gaming commission seeking to file brief in blackjack case – Fall River Herald News

Colin A. Young| State House News Service

BOSTON The Mass. Gaming Commission decided Wednesday to work towards filing an amicus brief in a lawsuit that alleges Encore Boston Harbor has been duping customers by paying out at less favorable odds for blackjack wins after commissioners previously agreed amongst themselves that weighing in could give the perception that the regulators were siding with the casino they are meant to oversee.

At issue is aclass action complaintfiled in U.S. District Court in 2019 alleging that the Everett casino "brazenly" stoleand will continue to stealfrom customers by ignoring "established rules of the game of Blackjack to increase its statistical advantage and lower the lawful payouts owed to its customers." The complaint takes specific issue with the Wynn Resorts casino paying out a blackjack -- when a player is dealt an ace and any card having a point value of 10 -- at 6-to-5 odds rather than at 3-to-2 odds.

"While this may not sound significant, an analysis using conservative estimates and assumptions suggests that the aggregate loss to Massachusetts consumers is astounding. Assuming an average wager of $50.00 per hand and 80 hands of Blackjack per hour, Encore's customers can expect to lose $35.60 per hour more than the losses they are already expected to incur in a fair Blackjack game that complies with Massachusetts law," the suit alleges. "This means Encore is stealing $85,440.00 from its customers each day, or well in excess of $30 million each year."

Encore Boston Harbor has said the lawsuit is without merit and an initial 2019 Gaming Commission investigation into the allegation found that the casino was not violating any Gaming Commission rules or regulations and the commission has not taken any enforcement action.

Because a similar case against MGM Springfield that was dismissed by the Mass. Superior Court is now before the Supreme Judicial Court on appeal, the parties in the U.S. District Court case "requested and the judge agreed to provide the question bearing on the central issue in the case to the SJC for review to help ensure that the matters are resolved on uniform legal grounds," Gaming Commission General Counsel Todd Grossman said Wednesday.

The justices of the SJC have since issueda requestfor amicus briefs on the question: "Did the February 11, 2019 version of the Rules of Blackjack that were published by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and posted on its website ... permit a Massachusetts casino to pay 6:5 odds to a player who was dealt a winning Blackjack hand, while not otherwise playing by the '6 to 5 Blackjack Variation' rules that were articulated in Rule 6a of the February 11, 2019 version of the Rules of Blackjack?"

The SJC is scheduled to hear arguments in the case against Encore Boston Harbor on April 7.

Grossman said he was approached weeks ago by lawyers representing the defendants in both cases who inquired about the commission's willingness to file a brief in either case and the four gaming commissioners discussed the matter in two January executive sessions.

At the time, commissioners agreed that they would not file a brief on their own, but would reconsider if a court made a formal request. Chairwoman Cathy Judd-Stein suggested commissioners were hesitant in January to get involved in the matter out of concern that it could be seen as forfeiting the commission's neutrality.

Now that the SJC has issued a general request for amicus briefs, the commission voted 4-0 Wednesday to begin the process of filing a brief. That process involves making a request to the attorney general's office, which makes the ultimate determination as to whether the brief will be filed. Grossman said briefs will be due around March 17.

The commissioners did not discuss Wednesday what the brief would say, but the commission's previous decisions and actions suggest that the regulators will tell the court that the 6-to-5 payout was in keeping with the rules as they stood at the time the suit was lodged.

"We were very confident in our earlier briefings that the licensee had complied with the rules of the game," Judd-Stein said Wednesday.

After the complaint attracted media attention in July 2019, the commission discussed the matter at a public meeting attended by casino officials and the attorney representing the plaintiff. Atthat meeting, Bruce Band, assistant director of the commission's Investigations and Enforcement Bureau, said that his team of investigators "reviewed the claims and have preliminarily found Encore to be in compliance with the commission's rules and regulations for paying out blackjack."

Band said the commission's rules for blackjack used "6-to-5" in two different ways: one to refer to a variation of blackjack that uses different dealing procedures than the standard game. That variation is authorized in Massachusetts but had never been dealt, he said. The other reference to "6-to-5" in the rules relates to standard blackjack and "includes options for the gaming licensee to pay out those wins at 3-to-2 or 6-to-5."

Band said the payout for a blackjack must be displayed on each table at the casino and that the IEB's preliminary investigation found that the payouts for blackjacks were properly displayed on Encore Boston Harbor's tables.

Executive Director Karen Wells, who led the IEB at the time the lawsuit was filed, said Wednesday that there were two things that "are important in establishing that there is information out there publicly demonstrating the integrity of the game at the Massachusetts casinos." She pointed out to commissioners Wednesday that "the IEB purposefully did not take enforcement action against either casino at the time these lawsuits were filed or since then."

Wells also reminded commissioners that theyapproved blackjack rules changesin October that Grossman said were "designed to ensure clarity."

All references to the "6 to 5 variation" of blackjack were removed from the commission's rules, which the commission said at the time would "remove the confusion between the game of blackjack using the option to pay blackjack at odds of 6 to 5."

"The changes ... address these concerns and clarify the meaning of 6-to-5 by eliminating the 6-to-5 variation from the game of blackjack and we think that that addresses the issues," Carrie Torrisi, the Gaming Commission's associate general counsel, said in October as she updated the commission on the two blackjack-related lawsuits and detailed the rules changes.

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Gaming commission seeking to file brief in blackjack case - Fall River Herald News

Are you better Suited to Gala Casino’s Table Games or Slot Games? – Critical Blast

Feeling like you need some gala experience to relax and have fun playing slots and card games? Sign up for an account at Gala Casino. Its name says it allthis is a place to loosen up as you play exciting video slots, jackpots and table games like roulette and poker.

For the best experience, consider specializing in either slots or table games. You can always both types of games. But find out which category suits you better below.

#1: You Like Simple GamesSlots

So, you love to play simple mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, Sudoku and Mini Metro? Youll love slots. These arcade-style games feature a video screen that does most of the work. Your only job is to place a bet and press Play.

Depending on your bet size, a slot game can take anywhere from a few seconds to five minutes. Then the video screen stops to show you whether youve won or lost. With todays video slots, the chances are much high.

The games feature higher payout rates than the classic slots designed before 2005. Whats more, they have loads of in-game features like bonus rounds and free spins, which ensures you win something even though its just free spins.

#2: You Like to Stay in ControlTable Games

When playing slots, RNG software does most of the work. Some people like it that way. If you prefer to play more involving games, however, then you should check out the table section of Gala Casino. Also, read a review of the website at bestonlinecasinos.org.uk. This will help you understand everything about the operator before you create an account.

Gala Casino is one of the biggest gambling brands in the UK. As a result, it offers nearly every table game in the world. The best part: you can play these games against RNG software or with real human players. RNG Software is great when you want to play a game like roulette or blackjack quickly.

But if you want a social experience and are in no rush, try out live casino games. With poker, roulette and even blackjack, you can participate in tournaments featuring hundreds of players. Depending on the number of people involved, you can see and interact with your competitors.

#3: You Dream of Becoming a Millionaire OvernightSlots

One of the beauties of playing slots is that they can make your wildest dreams come true. Jon Heywood, a British soldier best amplifies this statement. At 26, the Afghanistan veteran was dealing with an ailing father and being broke.

Then one day in 2015, he got onto his favorite casino to play Mega Moolah, a progressive slot that pays out from 10 to millions of pounds. After betting 25p, Heywood hit the games jackpot worth 13.2 million, instantly setting a Guinness World Record for the biggest amount of money won at an online slot machine.

Needless to say, Heywood got his sick father the treatment he deserved, bought a Bentley Continental and turned his life around. Heywood aside, over a dozen more people have won over 1 million from online slot, including a new record of 18.9M set in 2018.

#4: You Believe in LuckBoth

Almost all casino games at Gala Casino are based on pure chance. The degree of luck differs, though. For slots, youre 100% assured the likelihood of winning or losing is based on luck. With table games, the dependance on luck varies from one game to another.

Take Texas Holdem as an example. You receive random cards from a dealer or a shuffling machine. For this reason, you can be lucky and get a pair of aces. Or you could be unlucky and receive a pair of two-value cards. Without considering all other cards, a pair of aces wins always.

Fortunately, Texas Holdem isnt a game of two cards alone. Your opponent could get a pair of aces while you have a pair of two-value cards. But since they dont know your hand, you could bluff by increasing the stakes and force them to fold (concede). In that case, you would win with a lesser hand.

#5: You Like Skill-based GamesTable Games

Theres a reason why millennials prefer table games to slots. Poker, blackjack and baccarat are the closest things to skill-based games they can find at Gala Casino. Texas Holdem, in particular, is so reliant on skill that a New York-based court once dismissed a case because it didnt believe the game should ever have been categorized as a game of luck.

As we mentioned earlier, Texas Holdem relies on luck to a small extent. But its more reliant on skills. Thats why some people win consistently while others lose even when they have better hands. The best poker players in the world win high-level televised tournaments every year, winning millions of dollars in the process.

#6: You Love Social GamesLive Casino

Do you avoid online casinos because you would rather play games with real players? You should check out todays online casinos. A decade ago, it was fair to stick to land-based casinos because of their social atmosphere.

But in 2021, you dont need to leave your house to play a few hands of blackjack with a human dealer. Instead, you need to check out the live casino section of Gala Casino and choose your favorite blackjack variant.

The website provides blackjack variants like Royale blackjack, Lounge blackjack and Grand Blackjack. They all follow the same rules of blackjack, except they differ in betting limits and the number of players per session.

#7: You have no FavoritesBoth

Specialization is a great thing when trying to win casino games consistently. But if you only visit casinos to have fun, theres no point of limiting yourself to one type of games. Casinos allow you to play all their games, anyway.

So, test various video slots. Then move over to jackpots, video poker and live casino games depending on what you want to play. The goal is to have fun, so enjoy all types of games as much as possible.

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Are you better Suited to Gala Casino's Table Games or Slot Games? - Critical Blast

Michigan casino revenues bouncing back with record-breaking online gambling launch – WSYM-TV

Michigan casino revenues are bouncing back from pandemic lows thanks to online sportsbooks and gaming options launched in late January.

There was already hundreds of millions of dollars being gambled here in Michigan every year. It was just being gambled illegally without any protections for people. And now when you make a bet on the Lions or, unfortunately, on the Spartans like I did last night your money can go towards our schools, towards firefighters that have gotten cancer, said state Sen. Curtis Hertel, of East Lansing.

Online and retail sportsbooks across the state brought in $150 million in just 10 days. Bets made after the Jan. 22 launch date yielded almost $112,000 in state tax revenue for the month of January. Online casino gaming like poker and blackjack yielded $4.4 million in state tax revenue.

The launch of online gambling has also been an opportunity for poker buddies to keep the game going under the pandemic.

Its given a lot of my friends that I would typically play with a reprieve from just the lockdown. Its been a welcomed addition to our personal lives, online poker player JR Miller said.

Miller and his friends are among the millions of Michiganders flocking to online casinos for table favorites like poker and blackjack as well as sports betting.

I have a couple of friends who have won a lot of money. Theyve been doing a lot of side bets more bets on games, golfers, and you know whatever they can bet, Miller said.

For Miller online gambling requires a certain level of restraint.

Its the dynamic of any time you get into a situation where youre betting. Its understanding theres got to be a limit that you have, unless you have unlimited resources, and then being able to ride out the ebbs and flows of winning and losing in any kind of sports betting or poker or whatever it is, Miller said.

Which is something the legislators who supported making online gambling legal here also thought about.

The gambling hotline numbers are required to be on all the apps while theyre going. So, if you feel like you have a gambling problem, we want people to call but people are taking advantage of it in a responsible way, Hertel said.

Richard Kalm of the Michigan Gaming Control Board says internet gaming operations are off to a good start. The taxes and payments from these services are expected to provide funding for K-12 students, the states tribal communities, and the state firefighters cancer presumption fund.

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Michigan casino revenues bouncing back with record-breaking online gambling launch - WSYM-TV

UFC chief Dana White says he is a degenerate gambler and admits losing staggering $1million boxing bet – The Sun

DANA WHITE said he is a 'degenerate gambler' and admitted to losing a staggering $1million boxing bet once.

The UFC boss is a notorious blackjack player but opened up on his love for betting on sports.


Things did not go so well for him in 2007, though, when he lost $1m after Jermain Taylor was knocked out by Kelly Pavlik.

White told ESPN: Oh my god. What was the kids name? Jermain Taylor.

"And who did he fight? I know this for the ass-whooping I took. He fought the tall, lanky, white kid from Ohio, Kelly Pavlik.

"I bet $1million on Taylor and he got destroyed.

"It was the first time I ever bet $1 million dollars because I was so confident Taylor was going to win that fight."

White grew up in Boston but in the early 90s he left for Las Vegas after a run-in with crime boss Whitey Bulger.

Living in Sin City, where he later became UFC president, was how his love for betting started.

White said: Id say its about time. I like it. Its obviously a thing people love to do.


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'WE MISS YOU'Conor McGregor rips Floyd Mayweather for missing out on Forbes 2020 rich list

ROCK AND A HARD PLACEKen Shamrock says Dwayne Johnson HIJACKED 'The Rock' name from him

GLOVE 'N HATEWhite confident Khabib WILL return for Conor rematch as he 'hates him so bad'


MAC OF THE QUEUEJake Paul 'not interested' in boxing McGregor who 'can't even win in MMA'

"It makes whatever youre watching a lot more fun, a lot more interesting, so Ive always been for it. But Im from Vegas.

I play table games too much. Im a degenerate if youre not getting it. Im a degenerate, yes. I love to gamble."

Astonishingly, White has been banned from the Palms Casino Resort TWICE due to the success of his blackjack playing.

The first occasion in 2012, saw White retaliate by refusing to put on UFC events at the casino, where The Ultimate Fighter bouts had been staged.

But under new owners, the promoter was invited back in 2014.

It did not lost long, however, as between March 1 and May 21, White claimed to have won $2MILLION.

He found himself again barred from betting there, but this time he was awarded a BELT for being the 'undisputed blackjack champion'.

His childhood friends Frank and Lorenzo Feritta bought the UFC in 2001, and White was immediately named the promotion's president.

The Feritta brothers sold the UFC for $4.4BILLION to entertainment company WME-IMG in 2016.

White, who stayed on as president, is said to have pocketed $360m after the sale due to his shares in the company, according to Darren Rovell.

The promoter, who has an estimated net worth of $500m, denied in a 2014 Las Vegas Review-Journal interview that he had a gambling problem.

He said: Has it affected my personal life? Has it affected my professional life? Have I lost all my money?

"Theres nothing negative about what Ive been doing lately.

See original here:

UFC chief Dana White says he is a degenerate gambler and admits losing staggering $1million boxing bet - The Sun

Atlantic Citys New Kids On The Block Dominate January Revenue Figures – NJ Online Gambling

When Hard Rock Atlantic City and Ocean Resort Casino (its name at the time) opened on the same day in mid-2018, the citys casino industry jumped from seven properties to nine.

And as it turned out, the new kids are alright.

Take Januarys revenue figures released Wednesday by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

In spite of COVID-19 capacity restrictions, there was a healthy increase in revenue at both properties compared to unrestricted January 2020.

Hard Rock jumped 23.9% to $26.6 million in brick-and-mortar revenue last month, while Ocean (now known as Ocean Casino Resort) similarly climbed 21.3% to $20.5 million.

The boosts moved Hard Rock third in January 2020 revenue in this category up to second place behind perennial leader Borgata, which easily led at $38.3 million in spite of a 30.6% year-over-year decline vs the previous January.

Worth noting is that Borgatas $33.2 million edge a year ago on Hard Rock declined to a mere $11.6 million last month.

Ocean, meanwhile, jumped from sixth to third place in January revenue, while Harrahs tumbled all the way from third to seventh at $14.7 million, a city-worst 37.7% decline.

In an ideal world, the gains for Hard Rock, which opened at the former Trump Taj Mahal site, and Ocean, the successor to ill-fated Revel, would come from an expanding pie of gamblers. But that wasnt the case, as brick-and-mortar industry revenue declined year-over-year by 16.6% and six of the other seven casinos were saddled with double-digit declines.

Tropicana ($15.6 million) and Caesars ($15.5 million) maintained their spots in fourth and fifth place, with Caesars 8.8% decline the most palatable figure among the losers.

Resorts ($10.4 million) and Golden Nugget ($10 million) swapped the seventh and eight spots, while Ballys again claimed the basement ($8.6 million) even while under new management.

The online casino gaming and sports betting revenues more than 90% of the latter coming from mobile apps left the DGE listing the industrys overall January 2021 revenue as up 15.3% to $346.4 million.

But as Hard Rocks Joe Lupo and other Atlantic City casino executives have pointed out, the latter two revenue sources are shared extensively with the casinos partners, while the brick-and-mortar revenue is theirs to keep.

Last month, the land-based revenue accounted for less than half the overall amount earned.

There is so much help that we really need with these properties, Lupo said in a radio interview last month. We need to see the city revitalized, and its not going to happen when the media is reporting increases when they add in online revenue that is going to third-party companies that dont have any stake in the game.

Online poker a natural beneficiary of most Atlantic City casinos having closed their on-site poker rooms during the pandemic was up 50% last month to $2.7 million.

Poker was the lobbying focus a decade ago when operators advocated for online casino gaming legalization, and those efforts bore fruit with the public launch of such entertainment options in November 2013.

But other online games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette immediately overtook online poker, and the gap has grown exponentially the past few years.

Last month, a record $103.7 million in online revenue was raked in by Atlantic Citys casinos and their online partners, leaving the contribution of online poker as little more than a rounding error.

Contrast that with January 2018, when pokers $2 million was coupled with the industrys $20 million from all other online casino games.

In January 2015, poker was at $2.3 million vs. just $9.3 million from other online casino gaming. Poker has danced above and below that $2 million figure almost from the start, while non-peer-to-peer gaming revenue from slots, blackjack, and the rest has soared beyond even the most optimistic expectations.

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