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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the United States. The game is simple to understand, has some of the best odds of all table games, and is entertaining for gamblers who simply enjoy playing cards. In the age of the internet and the rise of online casinos, it has never been more comfortable and more convenient to play.

However, there exists a polarizing question that different sects of gamblers tend to disagree about: the differences between online and in-person blackjack. Newer gamblers may find their way onto an online casino, notice it features blackjack, and feel compelled to play a game.

Its understandable to gravitate to games you feel comfortable playing. However, if youre wavering between staying home to play blackjack or traveling to a casino to gamble, there are several factors you should consider. Here are seven reasons why blackjack at a brick and mortar casino trumps its online counterpart.

All across the internet, youll find various real money online casinos. Theres almost too many to track at this point, making it challenging to distinguish one casino from another. Not only is there a plethora of options for aspiring gamblers, but there are also several different forms of the game on most of these websites.

Getting started at gambling is already a bit complicated, especially if you prefer to gamble online. The process of selecting a casino, creating a profile, verifying banking information, and depositing money can be somewhat overwhelming.

Then, gamblers must figure out which games they plan to play.

Certain online casinos have a list of various games to play, and its easy to pick the wrong form of blackjack. If youre a seasoned gambler, the jargon is commonplace, but you might find yourself confused with the influx of information for those breaking onto the scene. If you choose a less reputable casino or a variety of blackjack youre unfamiliar with, you could lose your bankroll at a rapid pace.

If you frequent popular message boards and internet forums, you probably read theories of online casinos being rigged to take money from gamblers. While there have been a few instances of casinos being caught cheating, most online casinos are reputable, licensed institutions.

The beauty of blackjack is its simplicity and a house edge that typically resides below 1%. However, the edge among online casinos can vary. That is primarily due to the inconsistent nature of blackjack and the change in rules between different online casinos.

These disparities exist in the payout amount, the number of decks your online casino of choice uses, and whether the casino allows you to split your hand or double. Another variable is whether or not the casino uses live dealers. While most online casinos are reputable and legitimate businesses, its always preferable to have a human element when it comes to dealing cards.

In my opinion, one of the best facets of gambling is the communal aspect of the casinos. My favorite memories involving gambling come at tables, surrounded by fellow gamblers with the same goals in mind. The gambling experience just doesnt feel the same if youre sitting in front of a computer screen.

This point is somewhat subjective because some gamblers might find casinos to be overwhelming. Overstimulation is a common problem at casinos given that most are filled with television screens, bars, loud music, and of course, other gamblers. However, I feel like online blackjack is a watered-down version of blackjack that can be played at casinos.

If you find yourself easily distracted, online blackjack might be your best bet. But if you can tune out the world and focus on the game at hand, then there truly is no comparison between the two forms of blackjack. The sense of community and camaraderie around a blackjack table makes the experience much more enjoyable than sitting in your home office clicking a mouse.

The best way to learn the gambling ropes is to play with other gamblers who have been doing it for a while. Im not saying every single bit of information you gather at a table is going to be worth remembering. But by taking every piece of advice with a grain of salt, and vetting out the occasional misinformation, youll be able to pick up the game quickly.

An added benefit of going to the casino for newer gamblers is a live, in-person dealer. Dealers are an excellent resource for you and should be used as such. Anytime you find yourself up a creek or unsure of subsequent moves, merely asking the dealer for advice can help you navigate your way around challenging situations.

A primary argument in support of gambling with online casinos is that its insanely convenient in comparison to traveling to a casino. Do you know what else is convenient? Grabbing a couple of burgers off the dollar menu at your local fast-food chain. But will those burgers offer as much satisfaction as a porterhouse from your favorite steakhouse? Absolutely not!

Just because its convenient to gamble online doesnt mean that its the best option. Gambling in a casino is an experience that should be sought out, especially if youve never been to one.

Im biased because blackjack is among my favorite table games at the casino, but theres nothing like laying down your stack of money at the blackjack tables before spending hours playing cards.

I see no issue in playing online blackjack for little to no money if youre looking for some quick, easy entertainment. But if youre contemplating spending your bankroll on online blackjack, Id recommend considering traveling to the closest casino instead.

Newer gamblers often struggle with an inability to manage their bankroll properly. Money spends fast at the casino, especially if youre not prepared for what to expect or how table games work. One of the saving graces of in-person blackjack is that its consistent pace and the human element of a dealer and other players allows you to gather yourself and catch your breath between hands.

Depending on the online casino in question, its incredibly easy to blow through money in the blink of an eye. Ill admit that Ive lost a fair amount of money in a matter of minutes playing online blackjack. For whatever reason, I find it easier to control your pace of play at a table compared to on the computer.

If the losses begin to pile up, it can also be tough to tear yourself away from the game. This is true for both types of blackjack. But if you can take a step back for a few minutes, its just as easy to log back into your computer and keep gambling. Conversely, once you leave the tables and depart the casino, your gambling night is over.

Some gamblers go to the casino to have fun, others go to win money, and in turn, have fun. At the heart of casinos, entertainment is key. If youre not enjoying yourself in some capacity, then gambling might not be for you.

Gambling online, while convenient, just doesnt compare to gambling at a casino.

The sights, the sounds, and the entire atmosphere of a land based casino are intoxicating and can be a source of pure delight. Whether you play blackjack to entertain yourself or to make some money, gambling at a casino is your best bet.

Newer gamblers who have never played blackjack at legitimate brick and mortar casinos should heed this advice. The combination of all the elements of a casino makes it a spectacle to behold.

Theres only one correct answer in the age-old debate of whether you should play blackjack online or in person. In all seriousness, if you prefer to gamble online after trying out both, then go right ahead. Gambling is a personal experience and should be enjoyed however you see fit, especially if youre gambling profitability.

Having said that, if youre on the fence about which form of blackjack you prefer and live somewhat close to a casino, then its time to give casino blackjack a try. Online blackjack can be inconsistent in the odds, rules, and varieties, especially given the sheer volume of online casinos.

New players should find themselves learning the ins and outs of the game quickly if they choose to gamble in person. You might think of it as a baptism by fire, but most players and dealers are quick to offer advice to newer gamblers attempting to hone their abilities. If youre searching for a middle ground, perhaps live dealer casinos and live dealer blackjack would best suit you and your needs. Try it all out and see what works for you!

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Blackjack in Land Based vs Online Casinos - Where to Play Blackjack - BestUSCasinos.org

‘Blackjack’ Hunting Speed In The Keystone State – SPEED SPORT

SELINSGROVE, Pa. For the fourth year in a row, Missouri sprint car driver Brian Brown is in central Pennsylvania to try his hand at the plethora of marquee races in September and October.

Usually, hes riding high on accolades at this point in the season, but with the Tuscarora 50 looming at the end of the week at Port Royal Speedway, Brown is still searching for more.

I probably have less confidence going [into the Tuscarora 50] this year than I probably have [in the past], Brown said. But youre one race away from having a lot of confidence.

Brown delivered those words prior to Sundays Jim Nace Memorial National Open qualifier at Selinsgrove Speedway. He left the night with a third-place finish after starting 10th in a race that ran non-stop for 30 laps.

More importantly, he tidied up shop with a smile on his face, a kind of energy that hasnt been there recently.

You obviously cant win every night, but I want to feel competitive, Brown said. Theres nights this year that we just havent felt competitive. Nights like tonight make it a lot better.

Browns happy he wrapped up another title at Knoxville (Iowa) Raceway, but hes also lacking security with the balance of his race car.

While this season has been irregular due to COVID-19, Brown has won only three 410 sprint car features. Without going into specifics, Brown is fighting a car thats often too tight by the end of the night, while other times he struggles during qualifying.

Its been tough, Brown said. Were trying a lot of stuff.

On Friday at Williams Grove Speedway, his first race back in central Pennsylvania, Brown timed sixth overall with a lap of 16.789 and .220 seconds off Freddie Rahmers quick time.

In his heat, he overdrove the first turn as the polesitter and never recovered to finish fourth. He started 12th in the 25-lap feature and finished seventh.

On Saturday at Port Royal, Brown raced from 12th to eighth in the 25-lap feature. And on Sunday at Selinsgrove, he showed race-winning speed, going quickest in hot laps and powering from 10th to third.

In the concluding laps, Brown erased a four-second deficit and entered the race for the lead moments before the checkered flag.

Eventual winner Anthony Macri and runner-up Brock Zearfoss had moved down to the bottom in turns three and four, stifling Browns late-race charge, but also providing him something to take solace in.

I felt like if they didnt change their line in three and four, we could have won, Brown said.

A win for Brown in these upcoming weeks would be his first in central Pennsylvania since 2017. He won two races that year in Posse territory, one at Selinsgrove and another at Bedford Speedway.

Hes yet to win at Williams Grove, Lincoln Speedway and Port Royal, and he knows in order to do that, it starts from the onset in time trials.

Normally, we have a good qualifying car, Brown said. Weve been buried this year. We havent qualified very well. By feature time we are tight. Tight all the time. Clean air fixes your car and a lot of problems. If not, it makes it tough to pass.

Well keep plugging away and see what happens.

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'Blackjack' Hunting Speed In The Keystone State - SPEED SPORT

Intertops Poker is offering a special slot and blackjack deal this week – World Casino Directory

They are at it again! Almost every week, online gaming site Intertops Poker announces a new deal for players to take advantage of. This week, players can earn extra spins on four Betsoft slot titles along with taking advantage of extra blackjack bets! All the action can be found at the site!

Extra Spins on Betsoft Games

Players who deposit $25 or more can access an extra spin deal at the site featuring the popular developers games. Players have from now until the 14th to take advantage of this deal. Each online slot game is connected to a bonus code. Players can use each code once during the deal to earn extra spins on each of the four featured games.

Deposit $25 and use the code MONSTERS25 to earn 30 extra spins on the fun Monster Pop game. With a $45 deposit and the code PLANET45, you earn 60 spins on Back to Venue. Use the code RACE70 and deposit $70 to access 80 spins on Total Overdrive. Lastly, players who deposit $100 and use the code SWEET100 will earn 100 spins on Super Sweets.

Once players earn the extra spins, they can be used anytime from now until September 21.

Blackjack Deal

On top of the slot deal, casino goers can also access a special blackjack deal. The first 15 bets for blackjack players are of no cost at Intertops Poker. As soon as players log in to any of the blackjack games found under the Lucktap tab of the casino section, the bets are awarded.

Players of the site can win up to $250 from the special bets. To cash out, players must meet a 15x requirement. There are four variations of blackjack offered at Intertops.

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Intertops Poker is offering a special slot and blackjack deal this week - World Casino Directory

Everything You Need to Know About the History of Blackjack – Anglotopia.net

The history of blackjack is still under discussion today. While there is no clear consensus about when blackjack was first created or who it was created by, most historians believe that blackjack was likely created by French casinos in the 17th century. They believe that the game of blackjack was derived from the French card games Ferme and Chemin de Fer, which were extremely popular games in the 1700s when King Louis XV was reigning monarch.

However, others disagree. They believe that blackjack was the invention of the Romans. While this theory may be true, it has never been proven.

Even though we may not know exactly when or where blackjack was first created, we do know a lot about its history and how the game has evolved over the centuries. Keep reading below to find out how this much loved game has changed through time:

As we mentioned above, there is no clear consensus of where blackjack originated, but most researchers believe that it originated in French casinos in the 17th century. The original game in France was called twenty one (or Vingt-et-Un in French). Some historians believe that the game of Vingt-et-Un may have however been influenced by other games in Europe, such as Spanish Trent-Un (One and Thirty) and French Quinze (Fifteen).

The card game blackjack (known then as Vingt-et-Un) was first introduced in the UK in the 18th century. This game was slightly different to the game we play today. Not only has the name changed, but there are also some other differences including:

However, once the game had begun, it would follow similar rules to the ones we have today e.g. they would need to have up to 16 points and stay on 17 points or more.

This popular game didnt develop or spread in France during the 19th century, but it did become more popular in other areas of the world. In fact, in the 19th century blackjack became one of the most popular card games played in the UK and America.

In the early 1950s the first blackjack card counters appeared. Gamblers would use card counters to help them win games as card counting could give them an edge over the house. In 1963 a computer scientist named Harvey Dubner introduced a new method of card counting. This was called the high-low method. Remember, while card-counting can help players to win money, its often illegal in casinos around the world and blackjack dealers are usually highly trained in spotting potential card counters.

Another change we saw at the beginning of the 20th century was a change in the name of this popular game. In the 19th century, the game of blackjack was still known as Vingt-et-Un to players around the world. It wasnt until the 20th century that the name of this game was changed to blackjack. Some of the rules were also changed at this time.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the UK and around the world. Over the last few years its popularity has only increased thanks to the introduction of online casinos.

Online casinos allow you to play games from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, theyre also available 24/7 meaning you can play whenever you want. Casinos are constantly introducing new technology in order to provide their customers with a better experience.

Today, most online casinos have both classic versions of blackjack for players to enjoy as well as a range of altered versions with different features and rules included. You can find out more about playing online blackjack by clicking here.

While we may not know the exact origin of blackjack, many researchers believe that it was created in France in the 17th century. This amazing game has undergone a few changes over the years. Not only have some of the rules changed, but it has also changed its name from Vingt-et-Un to blackjack.

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Everything You Need to Know About the History of Blackjack - Anglotopia.net

Beating Blackjack – Why the House Edge in Blackjack Can Be Beaten – BestUSCasinos.org

Most people who have been reading about casino gambling for any length of time already know that blackjack is one of the only opportunities you have to get a mathematical edge over the casino.

Not everyone understand exactly why this is, though, so the purpose of this post is to explain why you can beat blackjack even though most casino games are unbeatable.

Casinos stay in business because they offer games to the gambling public where they have a mathematical advantage. Every casino game has this advantage, and, in the parlance of our times, this advantage is called the house edge.

How does the house edge work?

Its just the difference between the odds of winning and the payout odds for the bet.

The easiest example to understand is in roulette.

If you place a single-number bet in roulette, your odds of winning are 37 to 1. You have 37 ways to lose that bet and only one way to win that bet.

When you do win, the payout on that bet is 35 to 1. The payout is lower than the odds of winning, so that difference the difference between 37 to 1 and 35 to 1 is the house edge.

When you convert that to a percentage, its 5.26%, which is the average amount of each bet the casino expects to win from you in the long run.

If youre betting $1 on single-number bets repeatedly at the roulette table, the casino averages a little over a nickel per bet in winnings over the long run. Nothing you can do changes that amount.

With all casino games, the casino has a single subtle rule that creates this edge. In roulette, that rule is the one that puts a green 0 and a green 00 on the roulette wheel.

In real money blackjack, the house gets its edge by making you play your hand before the dealer finishes her hand.

Its that simple. If you bust before the dealer plays her hand, you lose your bet immediately. The dealer is as likely to bust as you are, by the way.

But if the dealer busts, too, its not a tie.

You lost that bet when you busted, regardless of what happens later in the hand.

You can still beat blackjack, though.

When you play roulette, the odds are the same every time you place a bet. No matter what, the same 38 numbers are on the wheel, and you have the same 1/38 probability of a ball landing on a specific number.

But lets consider a hypothetical:

What if the number got eliminated from the roulette wheel after it had been hit?NNN

Do you see how this would change every probability in the game?

Heres an example:

Suppose you bet on the number 5, and it hits. You win your bet, which is cool, but that ball stays in that spot for now which changes the probability of hitting a 5 on the next spin. What was a 1/38 probability has changed to a 0 probability.

But all the other probabilities have changed, too now you only have 37 numbers on the roulette wheel, so the probability of winning a single number bet now has changed from 1/38 to 1/37.

Now suppose five numbers in a row have hit, and theyve all been filled in.

Now you have a 1/33 probability of winning a single number bet.

If that bet continues to pay off at 35 to 1, you have a clear mathematical advantage over the casino.

Of course, thats never going to happen, because the casino doesnt eliminate numbers from the wheel as you play. Thats why I said to think about this hypothetically.

But guess what happens when you play blackjack?

In most blackjack games, the casino doesnt shuffle the deck after every hand. Any cards that have been dealt are eliminated from the deck, which changes the probability of getting certain outcomes.

Thats a big part of why blackjack is a beatable game.

The house advantage in blackjack is notoriously low to begin with if you know how to play correctly. And playing correctly is as easy as memorizing a basic strategy table. Ive written about basic strategy in multiple previous posts, but to make my point here, you need to understand this:

The house edge for a blackjack game when played with basic strategy is usually only 0.5% or so.

Thats dramatically different from the 5.26% advantage that the casino has when you play roulette.

And you saw how easy it was to turn the casinos advantage to a players advantage in a roulette game just by removing some numbers from the wheel after they hit.

Now, think about the implications in a blackjack game.

The first thing to understand is that blackjack has a bonus payout any time youre dealt a natural. Thats also called a blackjack. Its just a two-card hand consisting of an ace and a 10, which adds up to 21, the best possible total in the game.

Most blackjack wins pay off at even money, but when you get a natural, you get 3 to 2 on your bet.

And, of course, the only way to get a blackjack is with a 10 and an ace.

If youre playing in a single-deck game where all the aces have already been dealt, your probability of getting a blackjack have dropped to 0. Its impossible to get a blackjack without aces in the deck.

And every 10 that gets dealt also decreases your probability of getting a natural.

But the good news is this every time a lower value card gets dealt, your probability of getting a blackjack increases.

Since the cards have been randomized, sometimes the deck will have proportionally more high cards (aces and 10s). Other times, it will have the proportion of high cards to low cards youd expect. Still other times, the deck will have a higher proportion of low cards to high cards.

If you could raise the size of your bets when youre likelier to get a natural and lower the size of your bets when youre less likely to get a blackjack, you could get a mathematical edge over the casino.

And thats why blackjack is beatable.

Ill explain the how of it soon, but first, lets talk about how big an edge you can get and what that means for your wallet.

The best estimates Ive seen for the kind of edge you can get by counting cards in blackjack is about 1% over the house.

What does this mean in dollars and cents?

Lets assume youre able to get in 75 hands per hour and average $10 per bet. Thats $750/hour in action, and if you win 1% of that in the long run, youre looking at earning $7.50 per hour for your efforts.

Thats right.

If youre a low stakes card counter, you could probably make more money by getting a job at a fast food restaurant.

But theres a solution:

Increase your average bet size. If youre averaging $100 per hand, your hourly wage increases to $75 per hour.

Thats more like it.

Just keep this in mind to avoid going broke, you need a big enough bankroll that you wont be hurt during your inevitable losing streaks. If you have $500 and are betting $100 per hand, you wont last long as a card counter.

On the other hand, if you have a bankroll of $100,000, youre unlikely to go broke betting $100 per hand. It could happen, but the probability drops dramatically. In fact, if youre comfortable with a higher risk of going broke, you can get by with a bankroll of $40,000 or $50,000.

Counting cards is entirely legal. Youre just thinking about the game youre playing. They cant outlaw that.

Casinos can restrict you from playing blackjack, though, and they can even trespass you from their property altogether.

Learning to count cards is easier than you think. Basically, youre going to assign a value (usually +1 or -1) to the low cards and the high cards. Your running count then estimates the ratio of high cards to low cards in the deck.

When the count is positive, the deck is relatively rich in aces and 10s, and you should raise the size of your bets. When the count is zero or negative, you should bet the minimum until the ratio changes to where the count is positive.

The most important thing about learning how to count cards is to practice at home until youre so proficient at it that you can do it effortlessly. You must be able to count cards without moving your lips or even looking like youre concentrating at all.

You dont want the casinos to know what youre up to.

Are you up for the challenge of learning how to beat blackjack?

Frankly, most people arent.

I know how to count cards, and Ive won some money doing so.

But its not a regular activity for me.

Dont feel like that just because the game can be beaten you must be the one to beat it. Its all right to be a recreational blackjack player who loses less money than the average player.

Whats not all right with me and I dont think it should be okay with you, either is to ignore basic strategy while you play. I dont see any reason to give the casino more of a mathematical edge than they already have.

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Beating Blackjack - Why the House Edge in Blackjack Can Be Beaten - BestUSCasinos.org

Carl Nicita On Writing The New Movie Booze, Broads, and Blackjack, The Appeal of Crime Movies – 411mania.com

The 411 Interview: Carl Nicita

Carl Nicita is a novelist, screenwriter, and actor known for writing the book Booze, Broads, and Blackjack, which first came out in 2015. Nicitas book has now been turned into a full length feature film, also titled Booze, Broads, and Blackjack. Directed by Rickey Bird, the movie stars Joe Raffa and features Vincent Pastore, Felissa Rose, and Vincent Ward, the movie is now available to rent or own on Amazon Prime Video (check out the movie here). In this interview, Nicita talks with this writer about writing the script for Booze, Broads, and Blackjack, getting involved in the movie business, and more.


Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved in making your novel Booze, Broads, and Blackjack into a movie? Did you always intend to write the script for the movie?

Carl Nicita: When I was writing the novel I had envisioned the book also becoming a movie, so I tried to write it in a way that would be more easily transformable into a screenplay. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine who loved the book commented, This could make a great screenplay!

BK: How did the eventual screenplay for Booze, Broads, and Blackjack match the book? How did the screenplay differ?

CN: A novel manuscript and copy written for a screenplay are two different animals. Novels are descriptive by nature and must conjure up images for the readers mind. Its also somewhat easier to execute because you can just make up locations and scenery without worry of a cast, crew, or budget to work with. A screenplay (script) is completely different. Youre writing for a visual medium, so youre creating a story that must captivate the audience on a screen. You also are limited in what you can choose for locations based on a budget. Another consideration is story line length (for a feature narrative, 90 minutes is ideal.)

My goal was to make the movie a little different than the novel, so in case a viewer read the book, they would be surprised at what happens in the movie. Specifically, some of the characters were composited and different in the movie than they were portrayed in the book, and the plot was slightly altered to maintain viewer interest.

BK: Was it always your intention to have part of the story take place in Syracuse, New York?

CN: Yes, Syracuse was an important location highlighted in both the novel and the movie. It was central to the theme of Jack King wanting to flee the grip of winter doldrums to the perceived promise of sunshine and opportunity on the west coast. And its close to my own story of leaving my hometown of Syracuse to live in the warmer climate of Southern California.

BK: How much of the story is based on real life, and how much is just stuff you made up?

CN: Theres no doubt some of the story is based on real life. The fact that I was a young radio personality from Syracuse coupled with my goal of leaving winter to reside in California. Its also true that I love to play blackjack and have been in several tournaments in Las Vegas (my favorite city). When my wife and I were younger we would go to Vegas so often that my two boys grew tired of it and didnt want to go. My favorite place to stay was the Stardust Casino (which closed in 2007). In the novel and movie, the hotel was named the Starburst.

BK: Describe your working relationship with director Rickey Bird.

CN: Working with Rickey Bird was awesome. Before we started pre-production on the movie, he and I spent a week at AFM (American Film Market) in Santa Monica getting to know each other. This really helped build a bond. And then once we started on the film, we were able to collaborate in sync, with a common goal of producing an excellent film despite the budget constraints we had to deal with.

BK: Why do you think audiences are so fascinated with crime movies/mob movies and stories?

CN: I think the genre of crime film/mob films is just naturally attractive to audiences because of the mystique of the bad guy image. Even though its an awful life, its always had a glamourous appeal to it. From Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar, James Cagney in Public Enemy to Robert DeNiro in Casino, its all about the glitz, the money, the women: Booze, Broads and Blackjack! People just eat it up.

Take the real-life case of Johnny Roselli. He was a high living Hollywood mobster who actually helped produce some gangster movies in the 1950s. In the 1960s he was a mob casino boss in Las Vegas. And how did he end up? Stuffed in a fifty-gallon drum, floating in the ocean off the Florida coastline. Tell me thats not a compelling story?

BK: Any moviemaking or writer heroes?

CN: I definitely have some movie making/writing heroes. For writing I am influenced by the late Stephen J. Cannell. Though he was dyslexic, he became a prolific TV writer and producer, with such shows as Adam-12, The Rockford Files, The A-Team, Baretta, and on and on. He also wrote at least 17 novels and had his own production studios.Other influences include: Nicholas Pileggi, Mario Puzo, David Chase (who incidentally started out with Cannell), Francis Ford Coppola, and, of course, Martin Scorsese.

BK: Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

CN: Right now, I am just formulating some prospects of new projects, but nothing specific to disclose at this time. I will note at the end of my novel, there is a preview chapter for a book sequel that could also lead to a new movie. So who knows?

BK: What do you hope audiences get out of Booze, Broads, and Blackjack?

CN: I hope that viewers can appreciate the deeper story beneath the surface of Booze, Broads, and Blackjack. Even though the main character is deeply flawed, he is forced to make some critical moral decisions while balancing an attempt at achieving a lifelong goal.

BK: What was it like playing a blackjack dealer in a movie? Was acting in a movie everything you thought it would be?

CN: I loved playing the part of the blackjack dealer in the film. It actually was kind of a fantasy of mine to be a blackjack or craps dealer in Las Vegas. It really was a lot of fun having that awesome opportunity to portray one in the movie!


A very special thanks to Carl Nicita for agreeing to participate in this interview and to david j. moore for setting it up.

Watch Booze, Broads, and Blackjack here

Check out my review of Booze, Broads, and Blackjack here.

Buy the Booze, Broads, and Blackjack book here.

Check out the official Booze, Broads, and Blackjack Facebook page here.

Check out the official Film Regions International, Inc. Facebook page here.

Check out the Hectic Films official website here and Twitter page here.

Carl Nicita image courtesy of Carl Nicita. Poster image courtesy of Film Regions International, Inc. All other images from Booze, Broads, and Blackjack Facebook page.

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Carl Nicita On Writing The New Movie Booze, Broads, and Blackjack, The Appeal of Crime Movies - 411mania.com

Could Casino Games be Released on Next-Gen Consoles? – The Game Haus

Two of the biggest names in the gaming industry, Microsoft and Sony, are preparing for a showdown of who releases the better console later this year. But even before they release Xbox X and PS5, video game fans have an idea of who will win.

The Xbox comes with a slightly more powerful processor, faster clock speeds, and a tad more advanced graphics. It will be cheaper too. However, fans will have the final say when both companies release their consoles this holiday season.

In the meantime, the primary question on every casino player is: when will consoles take casino games seriously? Both Xbox and PS5 will feature highly sophisticated video games. So, what about slots and card games?

The Technology is Present

Next-gen consoles have the technologyneeded to run slot machines, blackjack, and poker. That was never in doubt. The only thing in doubt is whether developers and publishers have the will to feature gambling games on consoles.

On the one hand, some developers might not benefit from developing slots for Xbox when theres a market for these games elsewhere. After all, theres almost no chance of Microsoft and Sony, allowing real money gambling games on their consoles.

On the flip side, theres a growing demand for casino games on video game platforms. On Twitch, for example, casino game streaming channels have over two million fans. There many more fans and channels on YouTube. As such, some developers might want to fill the existing market gap.

Theres a Demand for Casino Games

Seldom a month passes by before a new casino pops up online. And this goes to show the demand for slots and table games is increasing. https://www.newcasinos.com/newest/has a dedicated page showing the latest gaming sites, games they offer, and their bonuses.

According to the website, nearly every new casino comes loaded with games. The average operator has 200+ slot machines and over a dozen table games. These games come from software providers from all over the world.

The bottom line is that theres a demand for online casino games, and it keeps rising. Will console video game developers take advantage of this growth? If they dont, casinos will continue to dominate the industrys market share.

Its Been Done Before

Casino games have been present on video game consoles for a while. Ever heard of the Four King Casino & Slots? It resembles the Diamond Casino & Resort from GTA V online. You use an online avatar to represent you while you move around to play blackjack, roulette, or slots.

Another casino game offered on both Xbox One and PS4 is Pure HoldEm. Its a multiplayer game with super graphics and lots of competitions. You can play it with friends, but keep in mind you cant play for real money.

Perhaps the game most people want to see in the next generation of consoles is Casino Nights. Armed with Virtual Reality, this gambling title lets you play blackjack, roulette, and poker like youre in Las Vegas. Will it feature in Xbox X and PS5? Time will tell.

Legality is Not a Problem

Legal issues could be a big reason why console developers avoid casino games. They could argue that these games are banned in some countries. Or they could avoid these games on morality grounds.

But when you think about it, theres a way around nearly every concern people have against casino games. First, developers dont have to create real-money games for console players. And this would eliminate the worry that they offer gambling games illegally.

Additionally, they can use parental controls to help people skip casino games; they dont want their children to play. Without an option to gamble on real money and parental controls in use, developers wouldnt have a problem with governments or parents.

In this age of nearly every state legalizing online gambling, its also possible to have a real-money casino game for consoles. It could be offered online exclusively and to adults in states where gaming is legal. It might not become an overnight success. But its worth an attempt.

Developers Know What People Want

Another reason to have casino games on consoles is that developers already know what their fans want.

With all this information, developers are certain they can create games people will embrace and love. There are numerous themes to experiment: sports, TV, movies, video games, politics, music, and adventure, to name a few.

With the input of technology, theres no reason consoles cant offer fantastic games for casino players. Think of fully-fledged casinos like Caesars Place, Wynn Resorts, or Bellagio on your Xbox or PS5.

Its glamorous in every sense of the word. Table games are available round the clock, and VIPs get treated like royalty. You know, a video game that simulates the best of Las Vegas: comps, chauffeur cars, lavish hotel rooms, and free drinks.

Cross-Generation Gaming

One of the best things about Next-Gen consoles is that they will support cross-generation gaming. This means they will offer many of the games we currently play on PS4 and Xbox One. Additionally, they will provide some classic games.

Thats good news for casino players who relish games from multiple generations. We mean people who love classic slots, video slots, regular roulette, and HD, VR-supporting variants.

Developers dont have to introduce entirely new games. They can recreate familiar slots like Gonzos Quest and Starburst for consoles. And they can also feature Casino Nights, the Four Kings and more games offered in previous generations of consoles.


Theres a high chance well see more casino games on next-gen consoles. First, the new PS5 and Xbox Series X will support cross-generation gaming. That means they could bring back some of the gambling games previously offered on PS4 and Xbox One.

On the flip side, theres a growing demand for casino games. And with demands comes a market that needs to be fulfilled. To add icing to the cake, governments worldwide are becoming supportive of the industry, from the US and Canada to Britain and Malta.

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Could Casino Games be Released on Next-Gen Consoles? - The Game Haus

Chamber golf tournament to help reopen The Canyons at Blackjack Ridge – Tulsa World

Kyle Smith is entering his first-ever golf tournament as a chamber director, and he is ready to kick-off his organizations top fundraising event.

The Sand Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic will be held Friday, Oct. 2 at the newly renovated Canyons at Blackjack Ridge Golf Course after the course was closed for months for renovations. The tournament will christen the new club house.

According to Smith, the tournament is the chamber's biggest fundraising event, and the money raised helps with the day-to-day operations throughout its fiscal year. It is also an opportunity for the community to come together, have fun, and network on the golf course.

COVID-19 has impacted the chamber, as it has many of our local small businesses, Smith said. We haven't been able to conduct some of the smaller fund raising events. So, this year is even more important as it relates to fundraising and operations.

The tournament is a four-man scramble with registration at 7:30 a.m. There will be a 19th hole "grab-n-go" breakfast at 7:45 a.m. and a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Lunch will be provided at 1:30 p.m.

Smith would like to see Sand Springs top companies get involved with the tournament, pumping money and life in the tournament.

I would like to see our top 25 companies in the Sand Springs community sponsor our VIP level sponsorship at $1,000 (each). That level of engagement will help us to absorb impact due to COVID-19, as well as help to reduce the cost for future events, he said.

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Chamber golf tournament to help reopen The Canyons at Blackjack Ridge - Tulsa World

What to Know Before Playing Baccarat – Learn How to Play Baccarat – BestUSCasinos.org

Its been called the game for high rollers, and has long been associated with wealthy gamblers who have massive bankrolls. In reality, baccarat is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all levels, and has been for hundreds of years.

Despite its relatively good odds, a quick walk around the casino will reveal that many gamblers overlook the game. Whether its due to the games reputation or simply a lack of knowledge, baccarat remains somewhat enigmatic in terms of table games.

In this article, Ill lay out a few things players should know before playing the game themselves.

Yes, you might find the velvet-roped section of the casino a little intimidating. As millionaire gamblers flock to the baccarat table in an exclusive area of your preferred gaming establishment, it can seem as if youll never be able to join in the fun.

What you might not know is that the game is available for players of all levels not just the high rollers.

Although the history of baccarat is one of participation by the upper-class of society, it has nothing to do with the rules of the game itself. In fact many casinos make baccarat accessible via video sets that require as low as a $10 minimumsomething everyone can afford.

I wont get into all the minute specifics, but if youve never learned how to play baccarat you could be missing out on a profitable game to add to your betting portfolio. Heres a basic rundown that you can use that should be serviceable enough to generate some wins, or at least make you feel more comfortable at the table.

In baccarat, you start by betting on one of two hands. One option is the Bankers hand, and the other is the Players hand. You must make this decision before the cards are dealt.

After placing your bet, cards are dealt. Two cards are given out to both the Banker and the Player. The Players box receives a card face up. The first card of the Bankers hand is then placed in the Bankers Box. The second card is dealt in the same fashion.

Whereas in blackjack tens and face cards are worth 10, in baccarat these cards are worth 0. All other cards are worth their face value. If the number of the combined cards is more than 10, then the second digit is the value of the hand. For example, if you have an 8 and a 4, the total would make up a 2 point hand. The goal is to bet on the hand that is the closest to a total of 9.

Much like a 21 in blackjack, there is a natural win in baccarat. If the point total is 8 or 9 for the player or the banker, a natural win is called and the game is over.

Heres where things get a little more complex, although its still very easy to understand.

The Players hand is always played out before the banker. If the Player has a total of 8 or 9, there are no additional cards dealt to the Player. If the total is 6 or 7, the Player must stand. If the total is between 0 and 5, then the Player draws a third card. However, if the Banker has 8 or 9 in their hand, the bank wins and there are no more cards drawn.

If the Player stands and the Banker has a point total of 0 to 5, the Banker must draw a third card. The Banker stands if the total ends up at 6 or 7, in which case all other hands would depend on what the third card is that the Player draws.

As previously stated, whichever hand, Player or Banker, is closest to 9, wins. If other players at the table bet on the Banker and the Banker wins, there are commissions that can be paid out accordingly.

While this may sound complicated, after just a few hands its fairly easy to get the hang of the rules. With that being said, its always advisable to read up on baccarat until youre at a point where the game makes total sense.

Table games like online poker or blackjack have been popular for quite some time now, but baccarat provides several opportunities to be successful as well. In fact, I would recommend that new players try their hand in the online space before heading into a casino.

For starters, playing online will usually allow you to take advantage of online casino bonuses that you arent going to find in a physical casino. These bonuses can be a deposit match, which essentially gives you free money to gamble with something thats extremely valuable for newer players.

Another advantage to playing online is the fact that minimums are often much more affordable. In short, you can learn the game, and even win some money, without taking a huge risk. It will also allow you to learn the game without the inherent pressure that comes with playing with a bunch of strangers who likely have some prior experience.

As with many other casino games, baccarat has several different variations that are great for gamblers who are new to the game. In this case, its mini baccarat that should be at the top of the list.


Mini baccarat isnt just an option its actually the most popular version of the game in the US, and has started to grow in popularity in other major gambling markets like Macau and Singapore.

The differences in the game itself arent all that significant from regular baccarat. For example, instead of the traditional 14 spots at a regular table, mini baccarat only has room for seven. Additionally, in mini baccarat players dont deal their own cards, or even touch them throughout the course of the game.

Finally, the main reason why its so popular is because of the accessibility to the vast majority of players. Its unpretentious, requires a much lower minimum bet, and isnt roped off section of the casino reserved for high rollers.

In a situation where commission is only 4%, the house edge is lowered to around 0.6%. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, although it seems attractive, these no commission games actually provide worse odds than the regular setup. The reason why its less profitable is because if the banker is the winner at six points, youll only get paid out on your bet at a rate of 50%.

Now, you might be wondering how often that actually happens, which is a fair question. The data suggests that this scenario comes up a little more than 5% of the time, which means it will likely come into to play if youre playing baccarat for any significant amount of time.

The bottom line is that although the concept of no commission sounds good, like many other casino games, its not what it seems. Stick to the regular commission rules and youll have a better chance to win money over time.

If youre growing tired of the same old blackjack, craps, and roulette routine at your favorite casino, try giving baccarat a chance. Once you understand the basics of the game, there are even side bet options which can be very profitable if you know what youre doing.

Because of the different variations, its best to study up and practice online even if no real money is involved. Getting a feel for the game can put you in the best position to take advantage of that beginners luck you thought you lost a long time ago.


What to Know Before Playing Baccarat - Learn How to Play Baccarat - BestUSCasinos.org

Guns and gambling: New details in the mysterious disappearance and death of Vida Smith – CBC.ca

The mystery surrounding Vida Smith's disappearance and death involves gambling andguns, CBC News has learned.

Kevin Barton, 60, is charged with manslaughter, accused of killing Smith, 69, who was his friend and business partner. Her body has not been found since her disappearance in Calgary earlier this summer.

The relationship between the accused and his alleged victim involved blackjack card counting with ties to casinos across the country and in Las Vegas, according to sources.

Barton is now also charged with27 firearms-related offences. The offence date listed on court documentsis July 30, the day Barton was arrested.

Some of the charges involve allegations that five guns two rifles and three handguns were found in a Cadillac Escalade, the same vehicle police allege Barton travelled to Edmonton in the day after Smith was last seen.

CBCNews has agreed not to identify members of Calgary's gambling community, casino employees andpolice officers connected to the investigation who spoke about Barton.

Barton plays poker, baccarat and, most prominently, blackjack.

Members of Calgary's poker and blackjack communities who spend time in various city casinos confirm Barton was a regular who "kept to himself."

He is very smart and skilled, according to fellow casino regulars.

Barton and Smith were "renowned" for their card counting skills, said one casino employee.

They often worked as a team. One would count cards, signalling for the other to step in when the deck went hot.

According to court documents,Barton is charged with 27 firearms offences involving five different guns:

Defence lawyer Greg Dunn, who has handled many weapons cases and has an in-depth knowledge of firearms, identified the weapons as being expensive, well-made andhigh-end.

Many of the guns are used in sporting or shooting competitions, according to Dunn.

Some of the charges allegethe firearms were found in a Cadillac Escalade, the same vehicleinvestigators allege Barton used to drive from Calgary to Edmonton on July 22.

Smith was last seen on July 21 after travelling from her home in Chestermere to an appointment in Calgary.

Investigators said an argument is believed to have taken place on July 21 between 1 and 1:30 p.m.inside a white SUVparked near 2555 32nd Street N.E. that may be related to the investigation.

Smith's family reported her missing after she didn't return home from Calgary and missed a medical appointment later that week.

Although her body has not been found, police laid a charge of manslaughteragainst Barton10 days after Smith disappeared.

At the time of Barton's arrest, police said he was "known nationally to law enforcement."

Barton,who also uses the name Chris Lee,does not have a criminal record in Alberta or British Columbia. Hehas, however, been banned from casinos in Alberta, Las Vegas and across Canada.

A spokesperson for the Alberta Liquor, Gaming &Cannabiscommission would not confirm Barton's history of being banned from Alberta casinos.

"The AGLC works closely with police services to maintain the integrity of gaming in Alberta. Your best bet is to contact the police service in the relevant jurisdiction as we are unable to provide any information on individuals."

Beyond a press conference last month, police have declined to provide further details.

Four years ago, a woman who identified herself as Barton's daughter posted on an online gambling forum asking if anyone knew her father, whom she'd been searching for.

"He is a really well-known blackjack player card counter," she wrote.

Barton will appear in court on the manslaughter and weapons offences next week.

"For legal reasons, I am unable to discuss the matter before the courts," said defence lawyer Jason Wuttunee.

Prosecutor Shane Parker also declined to comment.

Here is the original post:

Guns and gambling: New details in the mysterious disappearance and death of Vida Smith - CBC.ca

Positive and Negative Expectation in Gambling – Casino House Edge – BestUSCasinos.org

Youve heard of compound interest, right?

And youve heard that Einstein said that compound interest was the most powerful force in the universe?

Well, the expectation in gambling is like compound interest on steroids.

In this post, I explain the differences between negative expectation and positive expectation gambling and what that means for your finances in the long run.

If I bet you a quarter that youd flip a coin and it would land on heads, youd have a 50% probability of winning. So would I.

In the short run on that single bet one of us would win, and the other one would lose.

If we made that bet twice in a row, one of the following would happen:

But, in the long, over the course of hundreds or thousands of coin tosses, if you and I were betting even money, wed both break even.

Thats a bet with a zero expected value.

Even money just means that each of us wins or loses the same amount.

But if we change that equation to where I win 50 cents when I win, but you only win a quarter when you win, I have a positive expected value, and you have a negative expected value.

This is how almost all gambling works, by the way. Someone almost always has a mathematical advantage over someone else. This is how casinos and sports books stay in business, in fact.

But how big a deal is this mathematical expectation?

The house edge is a statistical way to measure how much, on average, over the long run, how much you expect to lose per average on a bet against the casino.

In the coin tossing example earlier, its easy to calculate.

Lets assume that youre risking $200 to win $100, and you have statistically perfect expected results over the two coin tosses. You win $100, but you lose $200, for a net loss of $100. Over two coin tosses, thats an average of $50 lost per bet. Since $50 is 50% of $100, wed say that this bet has a 50% house edge.

Youd be a fool to make this bet, obviously, but this is the mathematical principle that applies to all bets in the casino.

In most cases, youll never have a mathematical edge over the casino. Most games just dont have an opportunity to use any kind of strategy to get such a mathematical edge.

But if you did find a game where you could get an edge, you could apply the rule of 72 to your edge to figure out how long it would take you to double your bankroll if you reinvest all your winnings over time.

After all, the edge you have over the casino is just return on investment, and the rule of 72 applies to return on investment.

Only, instead of looking at your return on investment on an annual basis, youre looking at your return on investment on a per bet basis.

The rule of 72 suggests that if you divide your annual return on investment into 72, youll get the number of years it will take to double your money. For example, if youre earning a 12% return on your money annually, youll double your money every six years.

Thats compound interest in action, folks.

Lets say that you find a situation in a casino where you can get a 1% edge over the casino. Applying the rule of 72 to this, youd think it would take 72 years to double your money.

But since youre seeing that 1% return on average on every bet, it only takes 72 bets for you to double your money.

The surest ways I know of to get a 1% edge when gambling are to count cards in blackjack, play poker at an expert level, and to handicap sports better than the sportsbook.

If you want to figure out how to maximize your return on investment, you want to start thinking about how many bets you can get in per hour.

If you play blackjack, you can get in more bets per hour than you can in poker or sports betting. The number of hands per hour youll get in blackjack varies based on how many players are at the table. If youre heads-up with the dealer, youll obviously get more hands per hour than you would if youre at a full table with six other blackjack players.

Ive seen various estimates. Ive seen some writers contend that you can play 350 hands per hour heads-up with the dealer, but Ive seen other writers use a number of 200 hands per hour. I think the difference lies with how many hands you play.

If youre the only player at the table, you can play two hands at a time. If youre doing that, the 350 hands per hour figure makes sense.

On the other hand, if youre at a table with six other players, youre looking at closer to 50 or 60 hands per hour.

Sort of, yeah.

Lets say you start by making $5 per hand bets with a 1% edge. If things go well, you should be able to double your casino bankroll within an hour or two.

At that point, you can double the size of your bet to $10 per hand.

It doesnt take long when youre doubling your average bet size to have a huge bankroll.

Gambling isnt a sure thing. Youre not investing in bonds here. You could hit a string of bad luck. In that respect, gambling with a positive expectation resembles investing in the stock market. No stock is a sure thing.

You can even go broke with a positive expectation if you hit a long enough unlucky streak.

The trick is having a big enough bankroll to withstand the vagaries of luck. You want to minimize your risk of ruin.

Most card counters think in terms of having a certain number of betting units. With $2000 or so, you can play for $5 per hand in blackjack with a minimal risk of going broke.

Counting cards isnt as hard as you think. It works because the deck of cards has a memory of sorts once a card has been dealt, it cant be dealt again until the deck is reshuffled. This changes the probabilities of almost everything to do with the game.

And since the cards are arranged randomly, sometimes the deck will be relatively rich in cards which are advantageous to the player, while other times, the deck will be relatively rich in cards which are advantageous to the casino.

Which cards are these?

Since a natural a 2-card hand totaling 21 pays off at 3 to 2, its advantageous to have a better probability of getting a natural.

And since the only cards that can form such a hand are the tens and aces, a deck with a relatively high number of tens and aces in it is advantageous to the player.

When you can identify such a situation, you raise the size of your bets. This is how you get your edge in blackjack when counting cards.

The better the count, the more you bet.

Its as simple as subtracting 1 from the running count every time you see a 10 or an ace and adding 1 to the running count every time you see a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

When the count is zero or negative, bet the minimum.

As the count gets higher, raise the size of your bets in proportion to the count.

Its a little more involved than this, but not by much.

Not everyone wants to make their living playing casino games. Some people believe it or not dont enjoy playing blackjack. And some people who enjoy blackjack dont enjoy the rigor of counting cards.

Other people want to earn their livings by contributing to society. You cant blame them for that.

Also, not everyone has the determination, discipline, and focus required to pull off counting cards in a casino.

Dont forget. The casinos frown on card counting, and if they catch you, theyll stop you. Its not illegal to count cards, but casinos can ban you from their blackjack tables. In fact, they can ban you from the premises entirely if they decide thats whats needed.

The power of positive expectation gambling should be obvious. Casinos make positive expectation bets almost 100% of the time, and look how much money they have.

If you can learn how to make positive expectation bets, you can double your money multiple times and get rich, too.

And counting cards is just one example of how to do it.

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Positive and Negative Expectation in Gambling - Casino House Edge - BestUSCasinos.org

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – Gambling Success Tips – BestUSCasinos.org

A few years ago I became a big fan of self-help literature especially classic self-help literature. Most people who keep up with that kind of literature know that Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the big classics.

And what does it say on the cover?

This book could be worth a million dollars to you.

Id like to think that this post (inspired by Hills book) about thinking your way to riches when gambling could also be worth a million dollars to you.

In the introduction to Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill explains how he interviewed over 500 of the wealthiest men in the world to find out how they became such success stories. He then used the information he gleaned from those interviews to codify a system for getting rich.

You can do the same thing as a gambler, and its even easier for you because of the internet. You see, you dont have to interview 500 successful gamblers to find out what they did. You can just find them on the internet and read about the techniques that worked for them.

Dont know which gamblers got rich from their gambling?

Bing and Google are your friends, but let me give you some names of rich gamblers:

Those are just a handful of examples of people who have made fortunes via their gambling activities. Youll notice that some of them are blackjack players, some poker players, and others, sports bettors.

Those are the gambling activities youll want to focus on if your goal is to think your way to riches as a gambler.

One of the biggest takeaways from Think and Grow Rich is that if you want to succeed, you need to know what it is that you want exactly. This means setting some goals. I have some tips Ive found helpful for setting goals in my life in gambling and in other areas.

Youve probably seen the acronym SMART as it relates to goals, and Ive seen different explanations for what those letters mean. Heres my take on the acronym:

The idea behind having a specific goal is that it keeps you from flailing away at something vague. I want to get rich from gambling isnt a good goal because it isnt specific enough. I want to make $1 million in a year playing poker is a specific goal.

Measurable goals are goals that youve put a number on you can measure your failure or success. $1 million is measurable. Getting rich isnt.

Achievable goals are goals that are possible.

Retrievable goals are those that youve written down so that you can retrieve them in the future.

Finally, time-oriented goals have a deadline. If you havent set a deadline, you cant make any kind of real plans for achieving your goals.

Its easy to think that winning at gambling is a something for nothing enterprise, but its exactly the opposite. For most gamblers, youre giving up something to get nothing, but the casino will NEVER give you something for nothing.

The casino games have a built-in mathematical edge for the casino which prevents that. Poker games have a rake a percentage of each pot that the house takes to pay for your space there. Sports bettors deal with the vig the extra amount the book charges losers.

To overcome the house edge, the rake, and/or the vig, youre going to have to do something other than just placing bets. Youll have to do some work. Thats what youre exchanging for the getting rich part of this deal.

With blackjack, this usually means learning how to count cards, although thats not the only advantage technique in blackjack.

With poker, you must become an expert player. And not just expert enough to be as good as the other players at the table. You must become good enough that you show a profit above and beyond the 5% of each pot that gets collected in rake.

With sports betting, you must be able to find lines that are worth betting on.

All these strategies and techniques require consistency, dedication, and expertise. No one is born a winning bettor.

You dont have to master card counting, Texas holdem strategy, and handicapping all kinds of sports to get rich in gambling. In fact, its probably better if you focus and specialize. I had a great boss who used to tell me that the man who chases two rabbits catches neither.

His point is well-taken.

In fact, you dont even need to have a new idea.


Becoming good enough to get rich with just one of these strategies is more than most people can pull off.

So, dont feel like you have to come up with a dozen, half-a-dozen, or even three or four great ideas to get rich gambling.

Just pick one that you feel confident in and run with it.

The biggest reason most people fail at anything including gambling is giving up. Napoleon Hill illustrates this point by telling the three feet from gold story.

Its a story about a man who went west during the Gold Rush to earn a fortune mining for gold. He staked a claim and started digging. After weeks, he found gold. He went home, got together some money for machinery to mine the ore, then went back to work.

After the first carload of ore was minded, the vein of gold vanished. They kept drilling but still couldnt find any more gold. They finally gave up and sold the machinery to a junk dealer.

But, as it turns out, the gold was still there it was just in a different place than he thought because of the fault lines. The gold was there, but it was three feet from where theyd stopped drilling.

The junk man who bought the machinery became rich.

One of the reasons he became rich was because, instead of quitting, he got some expert advice who knew something about gold veins and mines. Thats how he found out about the fault lines and where the gold probably really was.

Dont give up at gambling when youre just three feet away from the gold.

One thing all rich gamblers have is the faith that they are the masters of their fate. In other words, they avoid gambling games that consist of nothing but chances. They only place bets where their decisions matter.

You are not the master of your fate when playing real money slots. The result is entirely random. Theres nothing you can do about the houses mathematical edge on a slot machine.

But, when you play blackjack, you get to decide whether to hit or stand, whether to double or split. This aspect of making decisions that matter when gambling is characteristic of gambling activities where you can get rich.

Success in gambling is no different from success in any other part of life. To succeed, you must have the desire to succeed.

Sure, you might think, but doesnt everyone have a desire to succeed at gambling?

Yes and no.

Everyone hopes to win, but not everyone wants to win badly enough to do the work required to figure out both how to win and what strategies work toward winning.

Most gamblers dont have sufficient desire to learn how to count cards in blackjack. They think its too hard.

But if you want to count cards badly enough, you can do it assuming you dont have some kind of learning disability preventing it.

How do you think and grow rich gambling?

Maybe you should read the entirety of Napoleon Hills book and think about how it applies to all human endeavors, including winning money at gambling.

Ive barely scratched the surface of the lessons in the book that apply to gambling.

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - Gambling Success Tips - BestUSCasinos.org

Launch of the Stylish New Q-Shoreditch – TechRound

Set over two floors, the stylish new Q offers guests a choice of American pool, English Pool and various Vegas style tables such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker, with each table managed by its own professional croupier. Expect socially distanced showgirls, in-house European trick shot professionals and UK pool champions, world-class DJs and the launch of A night with Jimmy White and friends series. This is just some of whats available throughout the week, all just a few minutes walk from Londons Old Street Station.

Q is the hottest new addition to Shoreditchs vibrant activity based bar scene. For 40pp each group of two to eight guests, can enjoy 2 hours of pool on the finest tables and the Vegas style gaming activities across the venue. The offers also include unlimited Prosecco or cocktails and pizza for 1 hour for all to devour.

This forward thinking concept from designer and entrepreneur Dezzi McCausland, was due to originally open this March before the pandemic. The venue does now finally swing open its doors with some of the hottest offers available in the Covid-19 era. Its time to get the band back together.

This all-day venue is set over two floors, starting with the sophisticated ground-floor lounge with its striking touches of decor, and a number of top-end pool and Vegas style tables. In the back is a McQueen-inspired VIP pool table and Vegas style room available for those looking to enjoy this luxurious environment in private. Head downstairs for the sleek, futuristic club with Vegas style games and more pool tables, where guest can challenge friends and colleagues at the beautifully designed blackjack, texas hold em and roulette tables.

A forward-thinking drinks offering has been developed by The London Bartenders Collective to match the new venue, with a pool-themed cocktail list, a lost & found classics cocktail section, a selection of beers and ciders on tap and in bottle, as well as a separate list of canned beers and ciders. Theres also the option to buy cocktails by the bottle to share, as well as bottles of spirits in various sizes up to 3L jeroboam. Finally, an on-trend list of spirit and tonic serves is available, all paired with a tonic from the 1783 range.

Q is the evolution of that iconic venue McQueen, bringing updated decor and an exciting new concept, located just minutes away from Old Street station, bringing a touch of luxury to the surge of new activity-based bars in the capital.

See the original post here:

Launch of the Stylish New Q-Shoreditch - TechRound

Five Blackjack Strategies You Need to Know if You Want to Beat The House – Blog – The Island Now

Blackjack has been loved by casino goers for a long time. Of course, to succeed in the game, youll need to know the rules of blackjack. But how do you give yourself an edge on the house? Well, youre in the right place to find out

This is especially important if youre new to the game. Place your bets low when starting out, and learn to make those crucial decisions under pressure, without the fear of losing large amounts. Try out some of the strategies weve listed below, and experiment with what works for you against various dealers. Online casino blackjack may offer a free demo/game option, which can be good to practise on.

Being dealt a pair (for example two eights or two aces) is considered troublesome in blackjack. Its recommended that you split your eights as it increases the probability of receiving an 18 or 19 total which is much stronger than the 16 youll get without splitting. Splitting aces gives a player two chances to hit a 21, rather than one. Remember, if you split your aces and eights, youll receive an extra card on top of each hand you split.

This is the best route to follow if you wish to maximize your winnings without risk. Doubling down (increasing your bet and receiving an extra card) is recommended when the dealers card is nine or less as probabilistically, youre the favorite.

To recap, a soft hand is where the dealers ace is an 11. So, to make a soft 17, your hand needs to be ace-11 and a six. Tables where the dealer stands on this significantly reduces the houses chances and puts you in a stronger position.

When the dealer has an upcard of seven, its likely their potential is a seventeen. If you stand with your nines, then your potential is an eighteen, beating them. Essentially, its not worth the risk to hit.

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Everything You Need To Know About Blackjack Casino Games – GameIndustry.com

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games that players can try out against the dealer. It is not only a fun game but quite a difficult one than the games available at the casinos like slots and so on. One needs to have proper skills and some strategies to play this casino game. Both simple and advanced tips are available for this game that the player uses to bring the house further down and edge. These tips also help in improving the winning chances of the player.

This blog will help you to know the useful tips one can avail to improvise in the game and extend his winning opportunities-

Simple Blackjack Tips

As said earlier, a few basic tips can help players to win the game. These tips can be easily improvised in the game, making it easier for them to win and compete with other players present. If the player wants to get hold of this game, he should first know these basic tips and then get hold of the difficult tips later. Lets not waste time and go for further reading-

One should know the basics of the blackjack game before start playing. It is better to know the basics from the official site of the game. It will help you to have different aspects of playing the blackjack.

Knowing how to manage a bankroll is very important when you want to play a casino game. Ensures that you spread the wagers, better start with the lower bets, mainly when you are a beginner to this game, and understand how one feels your way throughout the game and loses the first few hands until you have money carry on.

It is important to know when to stop playing the game when you are in the middle of losing the moneycarrying on further and standing while to lose the chance than what you can afford. Quitting the game is better when you have a tight budget.

Do not play blackjack with real money when you are drunk. It can often hamper your decision-making abilities, and you might lose money more than just what you can afford.

These are some of the simple tips to follow as a beginner when playing the blackjack casino. If you want to play some other casino games and win real money, visit 888 casino, one of the popular sites that provide various casino games to the players to try out.

Vital Tips for Playing Blackjack-

You can check out more information online from casino sites and get involved in the casino industry to earn real money.

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Everything You Need To Know About Blackjack Casino Games - GameIndustry.com

Top Interesting Facts About Blackjack – The Union Journal

Blackjack is currently one of the most popular games. It is both simple and fun, interesting, and incredibly reckless. One of the key advantages of blackjack is a large number of options to make a winning combination. If you have never played the game, then we have prepared top interesting facts about blackjack that will help you better understand the game flow and learn how to collect the most winning combinations.

Blackjack was the favorite game of the great commander. At the same time, Napoleon Bonaparte was well versed in the rules of the game and was often a winner when playing against his soldiers. Apart from the French military leader, many other famous personalities were true fans of this gambling entertainment. It is no wonder that so many game types, including vegas strip blackjack, are available today for play.

The origin of the blackjack game is still not fully understood. It is believed that blackjack was first played in Italy in 1700. Today, this card game is well known to all fans of gambling. According to opinion polls, blackjack is the favorite game of more than a third of the US population.

In the US, blackjack has long been an illegal card game, and the ban has only increased the popularity of this type of entertainment. Since the 19th century, underground blackjack tournaments have been constantly held in America. The ban was officially lifted only in 1939. It was then that underground games were legalized in Nevada.

Blackjack is the most popular card game. However, did you know that many of the game terms have been borrowed from baseball? It is believed that the player sitting to the left of the dealer is located at the first base, just like in baseball. The one sitting to the right from a dealer is considered to be on the third base.

A players success is largely determined by the number of decks used when dealing. The fewer they are, the higher the chances of winning the one has. Also, it is worth knowing that about 9% of all hands in blackjack end in a draw. Take this into account when making a bet.

When following the basic strategy of the game, the probability of a player losing with three hands is at the level of 14%. It is believed that more than 85% of unsuccessful bets occur in hard hands (when your card combination is worth twelve seventeen points).

One of the most striking stories of winning blackjack is that of Frederick Smith, founder of FedEx. Faced with a colossal lack of finance to grow his business, he went to the casino. At the start of the game, he had $5,000 in hand. After several bets, he has managed to pocket a sum of $27,000. This gain allowed him to cover all current fuel costs and take the business to the next level.

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Best Casino Games for Better Payouts based on Return To Player Percentage – Gildshire Magazines

Roulette is one of the Best Casino Games for Better Payouts based on Return To Player Percentage

Taking your first steps into the world of online casinos can be exciting but also a bit intimidating. With hundreds of different operators and even more different casino games to choose from, it can be hard to make an informed decision about whats best for you.

Selecting which games you are going to play is particularly challenging, even for more experienced players. When selecting your games you want to be assured of several things. First, you want to be certain youre going to enjoy it. Theres no point spending your hard-earned money on a boring game. Second, they want to make sure that you have a good chance of winning some money. Theres nothing worse than consistently losing a game and having no idea where you are going wrong.

On this second point, you may be sat there wondering: what are the best casino games to play for better payouts? Well, it may surprise you to find out that in general, table games are the way to go if you want to ensure you have the best chance of securing a win.

Sitting at the very top of the list is blackjack. Although your first time may be a bit scary, you should definitely face your fears of facing off against the dealer if you want to maximize your chances of securing a win. Blackjack is super easy to understand and offers very little advantage to the house. All you need to do is finish on a number that is closer than the dealer to 21. Gambling experts estimate that casinos normally enjoyed just a 1% edge over the players in blackjack, which represents excellent odds for gamers.

Blackjack is one of the Best Casino Games for Better Payouts Based on RTP (Return To Player percentage)

Another strong contender for players searching for their best chance to win at the casino is craps. This is a dice-based game where the odds of winning for the player are pretty much 50/50. The house enjoys no clear advantage in this game, giving gamers a great chance to win. The essence of the game is betting on dice rolls. Therefore it is very easy to go on a winning streak at the operators expense. Those looking for a great odds at a casino should certainly consider it.

Providing you bet responsibly, the roulette table also offers a fine opportunity for great odds. If you just opt to bet on red or black your chances of winning are almost exactly one in two. Roulette also offers you the chance to split your bets between certain areas of the roulette table and certain numbers further giving you better odds. In general, because you are not playing against other players, the casino holds very little advantage. Where the ball lands is down to good fortune at the end of the day.

While all of the above carry great odds, not all casino games give you a particularly good chance of winning. One of the riskier games is slots. While the safety and accessibility of the games can make them enticing, this comes at a price. That price is your chance of winning. RTP (rate to player) is a measure of how much a players bets a machine pays out over an extended period of time. Finding slot machines with a 100% RTP is impossible and machines with an RTP of 99% are extremely rare. Most machines hover around the 90% mark. For this reason, slots should be avoided if you want to ensure your best chances of receiving a payout.

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Which Online Casino Game Pays Out the Most? – Programming Insider

Gambling is one of the best ways to have fun at home. If you are lucky, you can earn some extra money while entertaining yourself. There is a myriad of online casino games and a huge number of casinos that provide these, and it can be confusing on which games to choose.

It is important to choose a game that you understand properly. You can lose a lot of cash if you try to play a game you dont know well. You also need to select a game with a low house edge or high RTP.

Most Online slots UK have RTPs well displayed in to enable players to know what they can expect to win. Basically, an RTP is a percentage of the money that a player receives. Always go for games with RTPs that are above 90%.

Top RTP games

We have curated a list of games and their average RTPs. It is worth noting that in skill games, your possibility of winning depends mostly on your skills and experience. A games RTP can change depending on the website you opt to play in. Below are the games:

American Blackjack It comes with a 99.95% RTP. This is among the highest RTP compared to other online casino games. Multi-hand blackjack It has a 99.6% RTP. In this game, you can gamble with several hands at the same time, which increases your likelihood of winning. European Baccarat It has an RTP of 98.99%. According to reports, baccarat is more popular in Asia compared to the United States. The European baccarat has a higher RTP than American baccarat. Texas Holdem Poker This game has an RTP of 98.6%. This is the highest RTP in the poker variation. French or European roulette When you are playing in an online casino, these are basically the same game. Slots All slots come with a different slot. Some of the slots with the best RTPs include 777Deluxe 96.18%, Gold Rush 95.7%, and 8 Luck Charms 97.4%

The most paying online casinos

Just like online casino games, most online casinos have different house edges and RTPs. These can change regularly, so it is important to confirm before you start playing. However, it is worth noting that your experience and skills mostly determine your chances of winning. You can conduct a quick research to find out the casinos that pay best in your country. Casinos that provide more table and card games are more likely to pay more than those casinos that only offer slot games. Below are some of the most paying casinos:

Ignition casino It has an average RTP of 97.4%. It one of the few online casinos that consistently has the best payouts. Casino Max It has an average RTP of 97.37%. Cherry Jackpot Has an average RTP of 97.48%

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What are the legal rules when it comes to gambling in Australia? – Australian Times

Gambling is an activity that is enjoyed by many people around the world. From playing blackjack to participating in poker tournaments, people are not only entering casinos but they are playing online now too. But do you know what the laws and rules are in Australia when it comes to gambling? There have been several changes in the law over the years and it is important that you are aware of them.

Over the years, since new technology has emerged, the states in Australia were no longer left in charge of the rules and regulations on gambling. Instead, the Federal Government decided it was time to make some changes and ensure that the law protected the people. Indeed, this came with the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. The overall aim of passing this legislation was to combat the negativity surrounding online gambling that was happening in the country.

Essentially, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 means that there are stricter gambling and poker rules in force in the country. There are now restrictions when it comes to card games and casino gambling on the internet. In particular, this has affected poker providers. There have been further amendments in 2016 and 2017 to clarify the law.

There were many people that believed offshore wagering companies were taking advantage of people in Australia. Indeed, there were many vulnerable people at risk from these operations and they could end up in a lot of debt as a result. Thus, the government wants to protect these people.

However, there was also opposition to the new federal laws. Of course, this came from people that enjoyed playing online games such as poker. They felt that reputable providers would be banned and this could actually have the opposite effect to what the government intended. Instead, people could go in search of untrustworthy sites.

First of all, it is important to point out that users can still gamble online. The change in the laws did not mean that you could play poker or access other gambling services when you are at home. Thus, it is completely legal to enjoy gaming from the comfort of your own home and on websites around the world. If you win, you are under no obligation to pay tax on your winnings. This is something that is the responsibility of the gambling operator and not the player.

However, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 means that it is illegal for online gaming sites in Australia to offer poker and other games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. There is a prohibition of advertising the opportunity to win real money.

There are some forms of gambling that are legal in the country. For example, online pokie machines and online bingo are legal. This means that operators are able to offer this type of online gaming service in Australia without any penalties.

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The Top 3 World’s All-Time Best Gamblers: How Did They Do It? – LA Canyon News

UNITED STATESThere are very few successful gamblers in the world. Obviously, the casino business is definitely not sunshine and rainbows. Its tough. Its competitive.

Though, its indeed interesting how all-time gamblers spend their day to day lives, when they are not gambling in the VIP sections of the worlds biggest casinos. These gamblers are known to have revolutionized the industry (like Moneymakers online poker game), wrote the groundbreaking theories and won millions of dollars (in a way you would not expect). So, get ready to acquire some new facts about the best ones out there!

Edvard Thorp

The famous Gambler is not only that. Edvard Thorp is also a knowledgeable investor, mathematician, and author, widely known to be a gambling pioneer. The man of all talents, basically. Thorp is a mathematical genius, who not only gambled professionally, but he also wrote a book about gambling, entirely based on logic and precise plan.

Dr Thorp developed a theory about how to win the game of BlackJack. It all depended whether the player kept track of the cards that had already been played during the game. Based on this card counting system, Thorp wrote the publicly known book, Beat the Dealer. You might be familiar with this method from such movies as the film 21. Thorp also developed the very first wearable computer while lecturing at MIT in the 1960s.

Phil Ivey

Phillip Ivey is an American professional poker player. Ivey was recognized as the best all-around player in the world and has won ten World Series of Poker bracelets. He has won three bracelets at the 2002 World Series of Poker, Pot Limit Omaha from 2000 and 2005. At age 38, he is the youngest player to ever win ten bracelets.

You may have heard about the grand Phil Iveys scheme. It all started with an $11 million baccarat win in London.

However, Crockfords casino declined to pay him because they caught him taking advantage and using a technique named edge sorting. According to the Casino Ivey was cheating, even though he insists that he was just adapting to the situation.

Ivey had a similar experience with the Borgata, too. The courts agreed that edge-sorting is identified as cheating. Who knows, should we expect a similar situation in the near future?

Chris Moneymaker

Even the last name has some indications for us newbies. Christopher Moneymaker is an American poker player who revolutionized poker as he was the first player who became a world champion after competing at an online poker site. It was a humongous event, as you can imagine.

The professional still plays poker, and he has won over $3.5 million in his career. If youre interested in the details, check out the Gamblers autobiography: Moneymaker: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker.

So, there were the industrys stars and their highlights. We cant keep up with their lifestyle, as always travelling, all-nighters having hardcore gamblers. We can, however, enjoy a glimpse of what theyre having without leaving our homes. And for that, dear reader, we suggest checking out pokies.bet some inspiring views and thrilling feels!

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