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LifestyleFood and DrinkTwo billion people worldwide who chomp insects

Friday, 15th November 2019, 7:57 pm

At a market in Goma, a city in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, an old woman pulls the wings off live grasshoppers and tosses their wriggling bodies into a bucket. She collected the insects from the airport at 5am that morning, and will go back the next day. Grasshopper season has just begun.

Throughout November, dozens of grasshopper-hunters gather at Goma airport most mornings. It is one of the few buildings in the city with constant electricity, and the lights that mark the runway attract swarms of the bug. People stuff them into plastic bottles to take to market. Buyers season them with salt and eat them with rice or cassava.

Selling insects is more lucrative than selling fruit. A small pile of grasshoppers fetches the equivalent of 47p; Congos GDP per person is 436. Gathering them costs nothing but time. Caterpillars are more valuable still. Once they are boiled and salted, a large handful will sell for 90p the same price as 10 bananas.

Households in Kinshasa, the countrys sprawling capital, consume about 300g of caterpillars (about 80, if they are averagely juicy) a week.

Caterpillars are tasty

The Congolese have been eating bugs for centuries. People say caterpillars, in particular, are not just tasty but healthy. Our ancestors taught us to eat them to protect us from illnesses, says Leonie Lukambala, a seller. She believes they can even help people infected with HIV.

Caterpillars are packed with potassium, calcium and magnesium. A hundred grams of them will provide a person with the required daily intake of each of these minerals. They are richer in protein than beef or fish. A handful is packed with about 500 calories, more than are in a fast-food cheeseburger. But that is a boon, not a drawback, in a country that suffers from one of the worlds highest rates of malnutrition.

Others around the world should catch up. Bug farming takes up less land, requires less food and does less damage to the environment than meat or fish farming. Crickets, for example, need 12 times less food than cattle to produce the same amount of protein. Bugs can even be fed farm and kitchen waste, such as rotten fruit and vegetables.

Hunting insects is easy, too. Anyone can wander into the forest or, indeed, to the airport and gather caterpillars, ants and grasshoppers. But that can also lead to bad outcomes.

The wrong variety of insect can poison consumers. Mrs Lukambala says she knows which caterpillars to pick because her family has gathered them for generations (the safe kind have red heads and fall out of trees).

Your correspondent tried a sample: it was brittle and had a smoky taste. Add one more to the two billion people worldwide who chomp insects.

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Adding insects to the menu offers a new link in our supply chain - inews

WATCH: Romeo Langford injures ankle, heads to locker room – Celtics Wire

Boston Celtics guard Romeo Langford, only recently assigned to the Maine Red Claws for the second time this season, has injured his ankle against the Fort Wayne Mad Ants after attempting to block a shot and getting his legs tied up with Mad Ants guard Brian Bowen III just seconds into the second quarter.

Theres been no specific diagnosis on Langfords injury as of yet although the rookie appeared to roll his right ankle. Per an announcement from the Red Claws (h/t MassLives Tom Westerholm), Langford wont return to the game due to his ankle injury.

Langford exited the game with a plus-minus of -1 and missed both shots he took in the seven minutes he played.

Though talented and the situation unfortunate, Langford is quickly earning the label of injury-prone, having sustained a groin injury, spraining a knee and now likely spraining his ankle in the period of two months. These injuries are only setbacks to his development and integration with the team, which is why hes playing in the G League despite being a lottery pick (14th overall).

Looking ahead, theres a possibility that Langford will miss Maines contest against the Raptors 905 on Saturday as well.

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WATCH: Romeo Langford injures ankle, heads to locker room - Celtics Wire

Replica 1966 Ford GT40 MKII used in ?Ford v Ferrari? heads to auction – Autoblog

Ford v Ferrari opens to wide theatrical release on Friday, and your chance to buy one of the replica Ford GT40 race cars driven by Christian Bale, and several stunt drivers, in the film is fast approaching.

Mecum is offering a Ken Miles Hero Car, one of a pair of replicas of the Superperformance Ford GT40 MKII that Ken Miles drove at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, helping Ford vanquish Ferrari from the victory podium after years of dominating the race. It goes on auction at Kissimmee in January.

Both replicas were built at Rich MacDonalds Superperformance Facility in Irvine, California, with the other, which is not on auction, being a replica of Bruce McLarens black GT40 that technically crossed the finish line in first place that year. This one comes painted in Gulf Blue, with the dual white racing stripes running the length down the middle, red patches surrounding the headlights, a black interior and right-hand drive, and is said to have served for most of the close-up shots, given its scrupulous attention to detail well before 20th Century Fox agreed to use it in the film.

Its powered by a custom Roush V8 stroked to 511 cubic inches that makes 600 horsepower, with a performance fuel injection system and a rear bundle of snakes exhaust. Its mated to a five-speed manual transaxle and features an independent front suspension with trailing arms, unequal-length lateral arms, Bilstein shocks with H&R springs and an anti-roll bar, plus rack-and-pinion steering, vented disc brakes with Wilwood calipers and Shelby American Halibrand-style wheels with knock-off hubs. The roof is pressed steel, and the car has a unibody structure made of electro-galvanized steel. Seats are replicas of the originals but covered in Alcantara with silver rivets.

The car comes signed by Charlie Agapoo, who was Miles crew chief, and Miles son Peter Miles. Mecum expects the car to fetch $275k to $325k.

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Replica 1966 Ford GT40 MKII used in ?Ford v Ferrari? heads to auction - Autoblog

Riverheads heads back to state semifinals with sweep of Middlesex – The News Leader

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Abbey Eavers goes up for an attack in Riverheads Class 1 state quarterfinal win over Middlesex Saturday, November 16.(Photo: Patrick Hite/The News Leader)

GREENVILLE - For the second straight season, Riverheads beat Middlesex in the Class 1 state quarterfinals. And this year the Gladiators did it in straight sets.

The Red Pride won 25-13, 25-11, 25-16 to advance to the state semifinals Tuesday night. Riverheads will travel to Rappahannock, the Region A champion and a five-set winner over Rappahannock County Saturday.

"We really just wanted to keep the momentum up, the energy high and just not get into those unneeded holes," said Riverheads senior Abbey Eavers, who finished with 12 kills andfour digs.

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Outside of the first few moments of the match, Riverheads didn't find itself in many holes. Middlesex jumped out to a 6-2 lead in the first set before a kill by Sydney Phillips sparked a 9-0 run. Phillips had another kill in the run, while Eavers added a couple andSam Persinger added a pair of aces.

Middlesex never got closer than three the rest of the set.

Riverheads players celebrate beating Middlesex in the Class 1 state quarterfinals Saturday, November 16.(Photo: Patrick Hite/The News Leader)

Riverheads jumped on top 5-1 in the second set and never trailed. Then, after falling behind 12-11 in the final set, Riverheads went on a 5-0 run with help from a Gracie Fulton kill, and never looked back.

Dayton Moore finished with 26 assists. Phillips had six kills and eight digs in the win.

"I think it was very important to us, not just me, but as a team, we all worked super hard for this and we really wanted to go back," Phillips said of reaching the semifinals.

More: PHOTOS: Riverheads volleyball advances to state semifinals

Riverheads still has another step left before equalling last year's team, and needs two more wins to go a step beyond what Riverheads volleyball did in 2018. Last season the Gladiators reachedthe state championship match before coming up short of the title.

"We just want to redeem ourselves," Riverheads coach Nyssa Stapleton said. "We want to get back to where we were and then just prove that we can play a lot better than we did last year."

Eavers said they knew a little about Middlesex after playing them last year. In that match, Riverheads won in four sets. The Gladiatorstook that knowledge from a year ago into Saturday's match.

"And then played smart around what we knew they had," Eaverssaid

Riverheads players celebrate an ace in the Class 1 state quarterfinal win over Middlesex Saturday, November 16.(Photo: Patrick Hite/The News Leader)

Middlesex coach Brian Walton noticed a few differences between the Riverheads team he saw this year and the one they lost to last season.

"The looked more scrappy," he said. "Still, No. 5 [Eavers] is the go-to. We knew that coming in and still couldn't do much with it ... [Riverheads] was definitely the better team than we were today."

More: Staunton's Jennifer Williams finding her place with Virginia Tech volleyball

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Riverheads heads back to state semifinals with sweep of Middlesex - The News Leader

Ferne McCann looks all partied out as she heads home after a girly night out at celebrity hotspot – The Sun

FERNE McCann looked all partied out as she painted the town red with some girl friends last night.

The former Towie star, 29, giggled and flashed a peace sign at the camera after leaving London's swanky Ned Hotel where she was celebrating a pal's birthday party.



Ferne looked bleary-eyed as she wrapped up in a furry coat and strutted in knee-high leather boots.

The fun night out comes after Ferne revealed she's started dating an old friend - and wants to have a sibling for daughter Sunday.

The reality star admitted she really likes the mystery man, but is keen not to put too much pressure on it.

Speaking to The Sun Online at the launch of the new Chiquitos edible insects range she told us: So my love life is definitely looking promising.



"Obviously you saw on First Time Mum I was talking to five different guys and youll see throughout the series how that pans out.

But there is one guy that Ive known for ages and I really like him.

"I always feel when I meet someone and speak about it publicly, Ill do an interview a few months down the line saying: 'Yeah it didn't work out.'

"So I dont want to put too much pressure on it, but there is definitely someone who has caught my eye.


Ferne, who is currently appearing in First Time Mum on ITVBe, is already looking forward to expanding her family, saying: "Id love to have more children."

She had recently been on a few dates with a Spanish man she met on celebrity dating app Raya but has moved on and is now seeing the mystery man from England.

However, Ferne said she was blocked from the app for forgetting her password, joking: You never know if it all works out with this guy I might not need it any more."

The reality star is mum to two-year-old daughter Sunday, her daughter with Arthur Collins, who was jailed for carrying out a horrific acid attack in 2017.


Her best friend Danielle Armstrong has recently also announced she is pregnant.

Ferne said: She is going to be an amazing mum and she needs no advice from me."

It seems like Ferne may be following in Danielle's footsteps as her baby daddy was also a long-time friend of the Towie actress.

Danielle and pal of 22 years Tom, who went on to fall in love, have been close with Ferne for years.


KATE'S HEARTBREAK Katie Price will spend Xmas alone abroad as her kids celebrate with dads

KYLES BETTER Jeremy Kyle guest Michelle Wallace celebrates one year sober with new look


JAC'S FURY Jacqueline Jossa messaged Gabby Allen to ask: 'Did you sleep with my husband?'

'I can't cope' Strictly viewers left 'annoyed' by Tess Daly's 'falling' shoulder strap

WOKE JOKE Amanda Holden fumes as her daughter, 7, is forced to ask Santa for 'world peace'

THEIR OWN FARM Inside Emmerdale couple Jeff Hordley and Zoe's Henry's cottage

Meanwhile, I'm A Celeb 2015 star Ferne said she can't wait for the new series of the jungle show and has offered her advice to the upcoming stars.

She said: I am so excited for this year. Just embrace it and keep busy because boredom was what got me. So keep busy and make loads of friends.

She added: I would go back in a heartbeat - I absolutely loved it."

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Ferne McCann looks all partied out as she heads home after a girly night out at celebrity hotspot - The Sun

Penn State vs. Indiana: What was the Penn State Indiana score – The Phillies Files

Weve got to hold each other accountable, Taylor said. If we see some guys not having good body language in the locker room, or if we sense some guys are a little flat, we cant be scared to hold each other accountable. That good energy, people feed off it. If we dont have it, we come out flat."

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Penn State vs. Indiana: What was the Penn State Indiana score - The Phillies Files

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the Real-Life Inspiration of a Popular Netflix Movie? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

A normal girl meets a prince by chance. They fall in love, and despite the fact that she doesnt fit in with the royal family, they get married. They live happily ever after. Its a nice story, but for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, its real life.

We know that someday there will be a lot of movies and books dedicated to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. In the future, well need stories about their lives, their relationships, and more importantly, about all the great work that theyre doing. It might surprise some fans to learn that there may already be a movie out there about the royal couple.

As far as we know, Duchess Meghan and Princess Harry havent signed off on the movie that seems to follow their lives. The Netflix film does have some striking similarities to the royal couple, however. So much so that we think the creators of the movies are drawing from the real royal experience for inspiration.

There are 3 films in the series:A Christmas Prince,A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding,andA Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.The first movie in the series was released on Netflix in the fall of 2017, and since then theyve released a new Christmas Prince movie every year just in time for the holiday season.

Fans notice some striking similarities between the story on the Christmas Prince and the Duke and Duchess of Sussexs life. Are the two timelines really that similar?

The way the couple in the movie meets is very different from how Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry met in real life. In the movie, a young reporter, Amber, sets off to write an expos on the life of Prince Richard. The prince has a reputation as a playboy, which makes him a juicy subject for Amber. To get close to the prince, Amber poses as a tutor. Obviously they fall in love, and end up together.

That story is not at all similar to how Meghan and Harry met. The real royal couple met through friends, and there was no deception on the duchess part.

Of course, she was a famous actress at the time. She already operated in the same social circle as Prince Harry, so she didnt need to fake anything.

Even though the story of how the characters met doesnt match up with how the real royal couple did, there are still plenty of similarities between real life and the movies. In 2018, Amber and Prince Richard got married inA Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.Thats the same year Prince Harry and Markle tied the knot.

This year, Netflix has releasedA Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby,just months after the real royal baby, Archie, was born.

There are other clues that the creators are taking inspiration from Duchess Meghans real life for the movies. For example, Markle and Amber are both American. Neither come from royal blood.

It also turns out that Prince Richard was adopted, which may be inspired by Prince Harry. Even though Prince Harry wasnt adopted, the creators of the movie may be drawing from some ugly rumors about the real-life prince.

Since Prince Harry was a baby, the tabloids have speculated that Prince Charles might not be his real father. Prince Harrys red hair has led some to believe he is not Prince Charles son, even though Princess Diana comes from a family of redheads.

Princess Diana had an affair with a riding instructor for five years who happened to have red hair, but that was a coincidence. Prince Harry was already born by the time she met him.

Were not sure if Netflix is planning a fourth Christmas Prince movie, but the royal couple has certainly given them enough material to work with.

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Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the Real-Life Inspiration of a Popular Netflix Movie? - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Red Cup Betting Guide: Rebels look for biggest upset of the year – Red Cup Rebellion

Opening up my banking app brought some very saddening and realistic news - last weeks picks were absolute garbage.

Thats on me, I got a little humbled going 1-3 last week for the first time in months dropping my record to 24-16 on the year. Weve got a couple futures wins already locked in as well, so were still teetering on fine and research ways to get a new identity in my opinion.

First off, huge tip of the hat to Ole Miss for proving me wrong and blasting New Mexico State and easily covering 28.5 points last week. Youre better men than me, because in your position, I would have probably mailed it in that week and relied on my talent.

Boston College literally gave away the game in the fourth quarter to Florida State and were an absolute mess only one week after they nearly broke the scoreboard on the road at Syracuse. Maybe its time to talk about the Noles making a late season surge in the wake of the Willie Taggart firing?

Ohio State predictably blasted Maryland (73-14), but I predicted an under 65 point total only to be stymied by a Buckeye offense that never let up. Plus the Terps made it double digits, which was the biggest surprise to me in this miss.

We did hit on the over in the Clemson-NC State game as the Tigers throttled the Wolfpack, so it was some solace on Saturday to salvage the week.

Now we look ahead to a slate of games tomorrow where rivalry games start to rear its ugly head. Auburn-Georgia, Michigan-Michigan St., and our Magnolia Bowl highlight week 12 picks - an over, an under, a moneyline and a spread. Lets get to the picks.

Both of these teams are averaging 30 points or more per game, though there are some blowout wins included in that statistic. Auburn coach Gus Malzahn has to feel the pressure mounting this season with Georgia and Alabama left with a potential to finish 8-4 after a strong start. I think Malzahn uses every play in the playbook this week to get a few touchdowns against Georgia. The Bulldogs meanwhile know they just need to win out, and theyre in the College Football Playoff again. This game is going to be a classic, and Id put it somewhere in that 28-24 kind of range and hitting the over.

The Tigers have one of the best offenses in the country, averaging 44 points per game, while the Rebels are middling around 24 points per game. Lets be real here, a lot of Ole Miss fans would hold their heads high with a 45-24 loss tomorrow to LSU. I think the Rebel coaching staff is going to look to shorten this game however possible, and the seniors on defense are going to step up and play lights out. Ole Miss has bowl eligibility on the line, and this game will be lower scoring than expected, bet the under.

You didnt know this was a huge rivalry game? The Battle for Highway 82?!? I mean, I guess it is a proximity or conference based rivalry that is super lopsided (Bama 81-18-3 overall) with the Tide owning an 11 game winning streak. I dont see that trend changing this year, but I also feel like Alabama will come in ready to show last weeks loss to LSU doesnt change the fact they are wanting another shot at a title. Crimson Tide by three touchdowns doesnt seem like a crazy spread this week, so bet the Tide to cover.

I dont like Jim Harbaugh or the Wolverines, but they are clearly the better team here though the 14-point spread is maybe a little too fat for me to get in on that action. Shea Patterson kind of looks like a pretty good quarterback, and Mark Dantonio is reportedly slipping onto the hot seat this season with a 4-5 record and a four game losing streak going into this rivalry game. The Spartans may be at risk of missing the postseason for the first time since 2016, and I think the Wolverines push them closer to it getting a win on Saturday.

So what rivalry game do you see causing absolute chaos on Saturday? What locks do you have for this week? Comment or tweet @redcuprebellion with your gambling picks.


Red Cup Betting Guide: Rebels look for biggest upset of the year - Red Cup Rebellion

Wintry weather puts crimp on bird watching at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge – NewYorkUpstate.com

SAVANNAH, N.Y. This past weeks snow and frigid temperatures put a crimp on the bird watching scene at the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge.

Normally this time of year, the refuge is teeming with large numbers of migrating waterfowl including ring-necked ducks, redheads, scaups, canvasbacks, and a full array of dabbling ducks such as wigeons and gadwalls.

But then the cold snap hit.

Currently, the refuges shallow marshes are frozen over, which prompted many of the ducks to leave for warmer climes. The few ducks sticking around are taking advantage of the open water in the adjacent Cayuga-Seneca Canal and Cayuga Lake, which is just south of the refuge, according to Linda Ziemba, wildlife biologist at the refuge.

If we have a thaw, theres a good chance the numbers of ducks at the refuge will go up again, she said.

Visitors to the refuge, however, can still see bald eagles, which hang around all winter -- plus other raptors.

The emergent marsh wetlands with overhanging mature trees within and adjacent to the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge provide a home for 12 pairs of nesting bald eagles, up from nine in 2018, Ziemba said. In both 2018 and 2019, eagles at the refuge successfully fledged 15 young.

We are thankful to the following dedicated volunteers - Jackie Bakker, Rick Greene, Linda Benedict, and Pete Saracino, who monitored eagle nests this year and provided information on their progress to refuge staff and visitors as well as the NYSDEC.

Thursday, a visitor to the refuge spotted a golden eagle along the refuges Wildlife Drive, Ziemba added. Visitors can also see significant numbers of northern harrier, she added.

One species of bird sandhill cranes -- are still at the refuge in appreciable numbers. A volunteer spotted 70 the other day, Ziemba said.

With the frozen marshes, she said, there are lots of visible muskrat houses, which are being monitored by the bald eagles for a meal.

Its also a good time to look for mink running across Wildlife Drive or along the side of a marsh, she said.

And after a fresh snow, its a good time to come out and look for tracks.

Wildlife Drive, which runs along the main marsh at the refuge, will be closed to visitors after Nov. 30. It will reopen April 1.


Upstate NY has its own Mt. Rushmore that you havent heard of

Sure its snowing: But early Upstate NY snowmobiling infuriates landowners, hunters

DEC forest rangers, others rescue deer hunter hanging by feet in tree stand

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Wintry weather puts crimp on bird watching at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge - NewYorkUpstate.com

Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter turn heads at The Crown premiere – BreakingNews.ie

Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter were both elegant in black as they appeared at the premiere of the third series of The Crown.

The English actresses are both newcomers to the Netflix show, with Colman taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth II from Claire Foy and Bonham Carter playing Princess Margaret.Olivia Colman (Ian West/PA)

Colman was the picture of sophistication as she arrived at the Curzon Mayfair in a black fishtail gown with a bright green bag in her hand.

The actress completed her chic look with simple make-up and long earrings.Helena Bonham Carter (Ian West/PA)

Bonham Carter also wowed the crowd in her quirky tulle dress, which featured sections of beige and pale blue feathers.Erin Doherty (Ian West/PA)

Erin Doherty, who stars as Princess Anne, braved the chill in a dramatic red dress with spaghetti straps.Gillian Anderson (Ian West/PA)

Gillian Anderson looked cosy in a dark blue velvet dress, with a snuggly scarf around her neck.

The actress will play Margaret Thatcher in the fourth series of the programme, which is currently in production.

Tobias Menzies, who plays Prince Philip, and Josh OConnor, who portrays Prince Charles, were also at the screening.

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Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter turn heads at The Crown premiere - BreakingNews.ie

[PHOTOS] Nicole Kidman, Gigi Hadid and others turned heads at the red carpet of the 53rd annual CMA Awards – Times Now

(Photo Credit : AP)

The star-studded red carpet of the53rd annual Country Music Association Awards witnessed some brilliant flashes of style on November 13. Held at theBridgestone Arena of Nashville in Tennessee, USA, the 2019 CMA Awards were blessed with the presence of some of the well-known divas from Hollywood.

Captured on the lens, Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman posed for the lens wearing a shimmery, sequined outfit. Her uber-chic look was commendable.

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[PHOTOS] Nicole Kidman, Gigi Hadid and others turned heads at the red carpet of the 53rd annual CMA Awards - Times Now

Charlie Hall Chase Entries Wetherby 2019 | Reigning champ Definitly Red heads Charlie Hall entries – Timeform

Last year's winner Definitly Red will face a maximum of 11 rivals when he defends his crown in the bet365 Charlie Hall Chase at Wetherby.

Brian Ellison's stable stalwart got the better of the Paul Nicholls-trained Black Corton by two lengths in the West Yorkshire highlight 12 months ago - and the pair look set to renew rivalry on Saturday.

Ellison will be buoyed by the fantastic recent form of his jumping string, with Forest Bihan's big-race triumph in Sunday's Old Roan Chase at Aintree the trainer's eighth winner from his last nine runners under National Hunt rules.

Black Corton - last seen filling the runner-up spot under a big weight in the Galway Plate - is out to provide Nicholls with a fourth Charlie Hall success following the back-to-back wins of See More Business (1999 and 2000) and the victory of Silviniaco Conti (2012).

Nigel Twiston-Davies has not entered the 2017 Charlie Hall hero Bristol De Mai, but could saddle recent Chepstow winner Ballyoptic. The Naunton handler has also won this prestigious event with Tipping Tim (1992), Young Hustler (1994) and Ollie Magern (2005 and 2007).

Warren Greatrex is expected to send star mare La Bague Au Roi from Lambourn, while Jessica Harrington's Jett could bid to become the first Irish-trained winner since Sackville in 2001.

Aso (Venetia Williams), Atlanta Ablaze (Henry Daly), Double Shuffle (Tom George), Elegant Escape (Colin Tizzard), Molly The Dolly (Dan Skelton), Top Ville Ben (Phil Kirby) and Vinndication (Kim Bailey) are the other contenders.

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Charlie Hall Chase Entries Wetherby 2019 | Reigning champ Definitly Red heads Charlie Hall entries - Timeform

Redheads Converge in Wheeling for Festival of Their Own – Wheeling Intelligencer

Photos by Robert A. DeFrankJessica Benson of Columbus, left, watches as a clown makes balloon animals for a fellow redhead at the YWCAs first redhead festival Saturday.

WHEELING A crop of carrot-tops crowded the second floor of the YWCA in Wheeling on Saturday for the first Ohio Valley Redhead Festival.

Ron Scott Jr., cultural diversity and community director, said there was some excitement for the event. Unfortunately, though, several vendors were unable to attend as planned.

This is the first one of its kind around here, Scott said. I like to showcase and highlight different demographics and cultural groups that I feel arent getting really enough recognition or any shine, and the redhead community I found out, they have these festivals all over the country.

Scott said the closest was in Dunbar, West Virginia.

Scott said one goal is to raise awareness of skin cancer, which fair-skinned redheads are prone to. He said all donations given at the festival will go to anti-bullying programs to target bullying directed at redheaded children and adolescents.

Scott said Ohio Valley Dermatology set up a table. Scott also attempted to secure anesthesiologists to talk about the effects of pain medication on redheads. According to a study from the Cleveland Clinic, redheads are more resistant to general and local anesthesia.

They couldnt make it, unfortunately, but they had sent some information. The American Cancer Society sent some information as well, he said.

However, attendance of the communitys redheads was strong with close to 80 people arriving throughout the day.

Its been really amazing so far. Ive learned so much about the redhead community just by meeting people and organizing this event, he said.

There are some differences genetically, but in essence theyre the same person, and that difference has to be looked at as a uniqueness instead of something that you shy away from. Its just another cool thing about a group of people instead of something that keeps it separate.

Many redheaded mothers brought their children to the celebration, including Becky Lanham of Beech Bottom.

I heard about the event. I actually work for the Y and thought my kids would enjoy it, she said. Theyre talking about genetics and how we get some of our traits from our parents, our grandparents. This is the first time Ive ever heard of a redhead festival, but there are signs posted all over Wheeling.

We drove in from Columbus for it, Jessica Benson said, adding that she and her family were visiting a local relative. She brought a group of her redheaded children along.

We have two little redheads and Im a redhead myself, so when we saw what was going on we were really excited, Valerie Piko of Wheeling said. I always felt really special being a redhead, and when we found out I was expecting, we really didnt care what the genders were, we just really wanted a redhead and we ended up with two.

Entertainment included a clown and music. Libby Strong of SMART Centre Market also gave a scientific presentation on inherited traits and protection from ultraviolet light. She said it was possible to be sunburned even during cloudy weather.

There are traits that you inherit from your parents, and also some traits that also come about from different environmental factors, she said. Whether you can roll your tongue and whether you have a hitchhikers thumb red hairs kind of a similar sort of thing.

Ive worked with the YWCA on a couple of projects, and I think everything they do here is wonderful, Erika Donaghy of Wheeling said.

The YWCA also gave awards for the most freckles and to the redheads who traveled farthest.

Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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Redheads Converge in Wheeling for Festival of Their Own - Wheeling Intelligencer

Richmond Red Cross volunteer heads to California to aid wildfire victims – WWBT NBC12 News

In southern California, winds gusting to hurricane strength are making firefighters jobs tough as they try to get the upper hand on a fire that has forced more than 26,000 people out of their homes. In northern California, the Kincade Fire is the largest active fire and its already burned more than 75,000 acres. Thats where a local Red Cross volunteer is headed to help those in need.

Read more from the original source:

Richmond Red Cross volunteer heads to California to aid wildfire victims - WWBT NBC12 News

HBO Max Titles Including Gossip Girl Reboot & Kaley Cuocos The Flight Attendant Head To Canada Via Extended Bell Media Deal – Deadline

HBO Max programming including Gossip Girl reboot and Kaley Cuocos The Flight Attendant are heading to Canada after Bell Media extended its deal with WarnerMedia.

It marks the first international deal for HBO Max programming and comes on the back of WarnerMedias investor day yesterday, where the company unveiled a raft of new titles.

The deal, which begins in 2020, extends Bell Medias programming partnership with HBO and will expand HBO content to its SVOD service Crave.

Crave and CTV will air the Gossip Girl reboot, which is executive produced by the creative team behind the original series, The Flight Attendant, starring and exec produced by The Big Bang Theory star Cuoco, Dune: The Sisterhood from Denis Villeneuve, Mindy Kalings College Girls, as well as Berlanti Productions DC dramas Green Lantern and Strange Adventures, DMZ from Westworlds Roberto Patino and Ava DuVernay, Nicole Kidman-exec produced Crime Farm, YA series Red Bird Lane, Rules of Magic from Jessica Jones Melissa Rosenberg and Dana Barrata, The Shelley Society from Riverdales Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, live-action/animated comedy Tooned Out from The Lego Batman Movies Jared Stern and Robert Zemeckis and DC Super Hero Highfrom executive producer Elizabeth Banks.

Bell Media has been an important partner with its channels and platforms bringing HBO originals to viewers in Canada for many years, said Robert Greenblatt, Chairman, WarnerMedia Entertainment and Direct-to-Consumer. It is only fitting we are not only extending this relationship but also deepening it to include great new series produced for HBO Max.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the all-new Crave, were more committed than ever to ensure ongoing access to the highest caliber content, said Randy Lennox, President, Bell Media. With this new HBO Max agreement, we are expanding our long and successful partnership with HBO and Warner Bros. and demonstrating this commitment to premium content in an era of increasing competition.

Bell Media has been a long-term and strategic partner for both Warner Bros. and HBO, added Jeffrey Schlesinger, President, Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution. It is only logical for us to expand the relationship by adding the upcoming original programming from HBO Max as well as extend the successful relationship covering our feature films, network series, and cable programming. All of this together makes Bell Media a great Canadian home for all of these assets from WarnerMedia.

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An Epic Halloween House in Keller Turns Heads Every Year – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A family in Keller spares no expense pulling out all the stops every year for Halloween. Their house is known as the Halloween House in their neighborhood. And youve got to see it.

The face of Gene Simmons graces the entry way of the home. A red carpet leads up to the front door.

Michele and Michael Scoma are the master creators of the Halloween house. They stared decorating inside at the beginning of September. The exterior doesnt go up until the beginning of October.

A family in Keller spares no expense pulling out all the stops every year for Halloween. Photo credit: NBC 5 News

The Scomas say they get a lot of people driving by, just taking pictures leading up to Halloween night.

Michele Scoma, who created the idea of the impressive Halloween house, calls her husband, Mike, the "structural engineer," who makes all of her creative ideas sound. Her kids help with painting props and set up each year.

A family in Keller spares no expense pulling out all the stops every year for Halloween. Photo credit: Julianne Wilson Photography

"Yeah, it's a passion. I'm a very creative person. If I'm not creating, I'm antsy. I love to make things, so Halloween really lets my imagination go crazy. I can do whatever I want. I feel like I can express myself with Halloween and do things," said Michele Scoma. "We start before the first holiday. Weve already planned like a month ago what next year is going to be already. I do like hitting the stores after Halloween and get things half price. It takes a full year of planning to do what Im going to do."

One of the questions the Scomas get every year, is do they do it this big for Christmas. That answer, is no. Halloween is the major holiday for the family.

More than 250 trick-or-treaters show up at their front door every year.

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An Epic Halloween House in Keller Turns Heads Every Year - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth