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The Bahamas, archipelago and country on the northwestern edge of the West Indies. Formerly a British colony, The Bahamas became an independent country within the Commonwealth in 1973.

The name Bahamas is of Lucayan Taino (Arawakan) derivation, although some historians believe it is from the Spanish bajamar, meaning shallow water. The islands occupy a position commanding the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the entire Central American region. Their strategic location has given the history of The Bahamas a unique and often striking character. It was there that Christopher Columbus made his original landfall in the Americas. The subsequent fate of the peaceful original inhabitants remains one of the more tragic episodes in the development of the entire region, while the early attempts at European-dominated settlement were marked by intense national rivalries, interspersed with long periods of lawlessness and piracy. As a result, the society and culture that has evolved in The Bahamas is a distinctive blend of European and African heritages, the latter a legacy of the slave trade and the introduction of the plantation system using African slaves. The islands, lacking natural resources other than their agreeable climate and picturesque beaches, have become heavily dependent on the income generated by the extensive tourist facilities and the financial sector that have been developed, often as a result of the injection of foreign capital. The continued popularity of the islands with tourists, largely from North America, has helped to maintain a relatively high standard of living among the population, most of whom are of African descent. The capital, Nassau, is located on small but important New Providence Island.

Lying to the north of Cuba and Hispaniola, the archipelago comprises nearly 700 islands and cays, only about 30 of which are inhabited, and more than 2,000 low, barren rock formations. It stretches more than 500 miles (800 km) southeast-northwest between Grand Bahama Island, which has an area of 530 square miles (1,373 square km) and lies about 60 miles (100 km) off the southeastern coast of the U.S. state of Florida, and Great Inagua Island, some 50 miles (80 km) from the eastern tip of Cuba. The islands other than New Providence are known collectively as the Out (Family) Islands. They include Grand Bahama, which contains the major settlements of Freeport and West End; Andros (2,300 square miles [6,000 square km]), the largest island of The Bahamas; Abaco, or Great Abaco, (372 square miles [963 square km]); and Eleuthera (187 square miles [484 square km]), the site of one of the early attempts at colonization.

The Bahamas occupies an irregular submarine tableland that rises out of the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and is separated from nearby lands to the south and west by deepwater channels. Extensive areas of flatland, generally a few feet in elevation, are the dominant topographic features of the major islands; the Bimini group (9 square miles [23 square km]), for example, has a maximum elevation of only 20 feet (6 metres). A number of islands fronting the Atlantic have a range or series of ranges of hills on the northeastern side that parallel the longer axes of the islands. These ranges are formed of sand washed ashore and blown inland by the trade winds. The newer hills adjacent to the seashore are normally sand dunes. Solidity increases toward the interior, where the particles become cemented to form Bahama limestone. Eleuthera and Long Island (230 square miles [596 square km]) have the greatest number of hills exceeding 100 feet (30 metres). The highest point in The Bahamas, Mount Alvernia, at 206 feet (63 metres), is on Cat Island (150 square miles [388 square km]). Beneath the soil, the islands are composed of limestone rock and skeletal remains of coral fossils and other marine organisms. There are no rivers, but several islandsparticularly New Providence, San Salvador (63 square miles [163 square km]), and Great Inaguahave large lakes. There is abundant fresh water on Andros Island.

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The Bahamas | History, Geography, & Points of Interest ...

Bahamas Races Ahead With Its ‘Sand Dollar’ Digital Currency – Bitcoinist

Forget about China, Sweden, or even project Libra. The tiny Caribbean island country of the Bahamas is racing ahead with its central bank digital currency (CBDC), dubbed the Sand Dollar. Pilot projects have already reached two of its largest island chains.

The Bahamian central bank is way ahead of most countries when it comes to launching their CBDCs. In fact, Bitcoinist recently reported that it was on track to have it rolled out to all islands by the second half of 2020.

According to a report today, the Sand Dollar is now available on the island of Abaco. This will give its inhabitants easier access to financial services, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance K Peter Turnquest.

The first pilot project of the digital Bahamian dollar was introduced by the countrys central bank in December. This began in the geographically dispersed islands of the Exumas of which only a few of the 365 islands are inhabited. The project has now been extended to its fourth largest island collection, the Abacos.

Turnquest spoke at the launch of the digital dollar in Abaco saying:

A few months ago, the Abaco islands sustained catastrophic damage to their infrastructure, various economic sectors and the very fabric of their lives Hurricane Dorian was one we will never forget, but it is our hope that through the Sand Dollar, the Abaco islands can find some normalcy again, especially as it relates to their financial sector.

He added the Bahamian government was in full support of this digital innovation and was:

committed to ensuring the success of the Sand Dollar on every island of the Bahamas.

He clarified that the Sand Dollar is the exact equivalent of its paper version, in that it is fully backed by the external reserves of the Central Bank. He also said that for those people who had sustained great property damage and even lost everything, this would give them easier access to financial services.

For example, they can now make payments through their mobile devices without incurring fees in direct peer-to-peer transfers.

Furthermore, the consumers can feel secure as the Sand Dollar offers multi-factor authentication where they can use facial recognition, biometrics or a password to access their Sand Dollar app on their mobile devices.

When it comes to the security and privacy of the transactions he reassured his citizens on two counts.

It is also important to note that the Sand Dollar is not anonymous but it is confidential. The Central Bank is working diligently to ensure the safety and security of every consumer in the digital sphere.

During the pilot projects, one of the key components to be worked upon will be the use of the Sand Dollar with offline functionality. This is something that would be absolutely vital in the case of natural disasters that the islands frequently face. Turnquest said:

The Sand Dollar will revolutionize the way business is conducted throughout our islands. Once again, the Government of the Bahamas is in full support of this initiative and we look forward to the continued roll-out in the rest of the Bahama Islands.

While world superpowers take steps towards launching their own digital currency, the Bahamas is way ahead. It may be able to teach some vital lessons about the effect of currency digitizationfor better or for worse.

Do you think the Bahamas will be the first country to launch a fully operational CBDC? Add your thoughts below!

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Bahamas Races Ahead With Its 'Sand Dollar' Digital Currency - Bitcoinist

Storm-ravaged Bahamas rebuilding its power grid with emphasis on solar energy – 60 Minutes – CBS News

Exactly six months ago this evening, Hurricane Dorian slammed into the northern Bahamas. It was the fifth Category 5 Atlantic hurricane in just the last three years. Before that, there hadn't been a single "Cat-5" storm in nearly a decade.There's a growing consensus among scientists that climate change is what's making hurricanes stronger and more destructive. That's very bad news for the Bahamas, a string of more than 700 low-lying islands stretching from Florida nearly down to Cuba, in the heart of what's come to be known as "Hurricane Alley."

But the Bahamas has found a ray of hope - specifically, a solar array - that can help its islands survive future hurricanes. And in the process, it may have important lessons the rest of the world should learn, as Mother Nature continues to brew devastating storms like Dorian.

With sustained winds of 185 miles per hour, gusts above 200, and a storm surge well over 20 feet in some spots,Dorian wreaked unimaginable havoc on the Bahamian islands known as the Abacos.

"There's not enough words in the dictionary to describe what Hope Town looked like after that storm," Vernon Malone told correspondent Bill Whitaker.

Hope Town has been Malone's home for all of his 82 years. His family has lived here since 1785. He's the town baker and grocer, and he and his wife rode out the storm in his store. It survived, but their home just up the street did not.

Vernon's son, Brian, had a home just around the corner. Had a home.

"That's actually two and a half houses," Brian Malone said when Whitaker pointed out a pile of rubble. "Mine's on the bottom."

Hope Town is a Bahamian landmark. Its candy-striped lighthouse dates to 1863 and is pictured on the country's ten-dollar bill. The lighthouse stood up to Dorian, but as we saw coming into the harbor, not much else did.

"I hear generators everywhere," Whitaker said to Brian Malone and Matt Winslow, an American who owns a vacation home on the island. "Is this how you guys are getting through?"

"Yep," they both said.

Winslow told Whitaker why all those generators are still running.

"The substation in Marsh Harbor which feeds us the power's destroyed," Winslow said. "And then, of course, you can see all the utility poles-- are pretty much destroyed. So this isn't a case where you-- you come in and replace some poles, and you flick a switch. This is months, and months, and months of-- of work."

Hope Town is on one of several small islands ravaged by Dorian, which then moved across 7 miles of open water to Marsh Harbour, the largest town in the Abacos. At least 60 people died in Marsh Harbour, and destruction is still everywhere. Total damage and loss from Dorian is estimated at $3.4 billion.

"When you see the extent of the destruction, where do you even begin?" Whitaker asked Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis. "How do you even begin?"

"That's always the question," Minnis said. "Where do we begin?"

Prime Minister Minnis and Viana Gardiner, a top aide, visited Marsh Harbour with Whitaker and pointed to one huge priority: restoring electric power.

"How do you bring this back?" Whitaker asked.

"The power," Minnis said. "We had to make determination to set up micro-grids."

The microgrids Prime Minister Minnis is talking about are small-scale systems. More and more, they're solar arrays with battery storage for when the sun's not shining. They can either feed electricity into the larger grid or operate independently to power a single facility or a neighborhood. The way electricity has been produced in the Bahamas is with diesel-fueled generating stations on each inhabited island, about 30 in all, feeding power to everyone through overhead lines.

"The main power plant for this island is literally 25 miles south of here, Chris Burgess said. "That's 25 miles of line that has to be rebuilt."

Burgess and Justin Locke run the 'Islands Energy Program' for an American non-profit called the Rocky Mountain Institute. They have solar projects throughout "Hurricane Alley." After Category 5 Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, they put microgrids on the roofs of ten schools. Maria also brushed St. Vincent, which has now installed its first microgrid. Now, the Islands Energy Program has come to Marsh Harbour.

"So how big will this solar array be?" Whitaker asked.

"15 acres," Burgess said. "Right through here."

That microgrid will satisfy 10% of Marsh Harbour's total power needs, and will be built right between its government center and hospital, both of which were without power for weeks after Dorian.

"This is high ground, which makes it less vulnerable to storm surge or other types of disaster events," Locke said.

"So if a storm like Dorian hits again, the power to these two critical facilities stays on?" Whitaker asked.

"Correct," Locke said.

The push to build storm-proof solar microgrids in the Bahamas began in 2017 after Hurricane Irma, another Category 5 storm, tore through tiny Ragged Island, at the southern tip of the island chain.

"After Ragged Island was devastated, I made a statement: Let us show the world what can be done," Prime Minister Minnis said. "We may be small, but we can set an example to the world."

Minnis said it's his goal to make Ragged Island a green island.

"Absolutely. After which, we can expand it. We can expand it," Minnis said.

To see the prime minister's green experiment, Whitaker flew to Ragged Island with Whitney Heastie, CEO of government-owned utility Bahamas Power and Light. Engineer Burlington Strachan met them there and took us to what he calls the very first hurricane-proof solar microgrid being installed in the Bahamas.

"Unlike other solar designs, it's very low to the ground," Strachan said. "So this installation is rated to withstand 180 mile an hour winds."

180 mph winds are an even harder punch than when Irma landed back in 2017.

"It was significant devastation on this island As you can see, some of the poles snapped right at the very base of the pole," Strachan said. "That happened throughout the island."

This microgrid will produce enough electricity for Ragged Island's roughly 100 residents. The prime minister calls it a laboratory for the solar future. The past is a diesel generator needing boats to deliver fuel from hundreds of miles away, a system Whitney Heastie says is "a nightmare."

"You know, in summer we're almost on the verge of running out of fuel in some of these islands, because bad weather sometimes prohibits the ships from actually getting to some of these locations," Heastie said.

The Bahamian government spends nearly $400 million a year on imported fuel to keep its power plants running and passes that cost along to its citizens. They pay three to four times what people in the mainland U.S. pay for electricity.

"Right, and that isn't price gouging, Burgess said. "I mean, that's just inherent cost."

Everything costs more in the islands. The bill to install one new solar microgrid on Ragged Island is $3 million. Heastie insists it's money well spent.

"So you have this initial big outlay to build these panels," Whitaker said to Heastie. "But over time, the cost of generating power actually goes down?"

"Absolutely," Heastie said. "By using what God has blessed us with, which is the natural sun."

It's not a perfect solution on Ragged Island; notably, the power from these panels will still feed into the vulnerable overhead power lines; the money's not there yet to bury them.

"One of the first things that I think everyone can agree on is everything has to go underground," Matt Winslow said.

Back in Hope Town, Winslow said they have the funds to bury their lines. Americans with second homes here add a lot to the economy, Winslow's family foundation has donated nearly a million dollars to rebuilding efforts. They already have a makeshift microgrid powering the fire station and health clinic and Winslow has hired engineers to help plan a much bigger one on a nearby island.

"It's possible that over in Great Abaco we could put, you know, a solar array, 18 acres," Winslow said. "That power is piped through... preferably a new undersea cable to the island. And that could be a main source of our power."

Winslow said that would be enough to power the island.

The Bahamas' goal is to produce 30% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. Justin Locke and Chris Burgess of the Islands Energy Program believe the country can do even better.

"The price of renewables have come down to the point where they're now very, very competitive with diesel," Burgess said. "And in most cases, way cheaper than diesel."

"The key game changer has been battery storage," Locke said. "Battery storage has decreased in cost over 60% over the last five years. And what battery storage does is it enables the sun to shine when the sun is not shining. Renewables make more sense here than anywhere else in the world."

And microgrids in the Caribbean are starting to show their value. When earthquakes struck Puerto Rico in January, the entire island's big electrical grid was shut down for days. But remember those solar microgrids installed at schools? They kept providing power. The lessons can really apply anywhere.

"California has the same system architecture as here in the Caribbean, right? Fossil fuel, long transmission distribution lines," Locke said. "And you see that PG&E had to proactively shut off power to millions of people in order to prevent fire."

"If there had been these micro grids might it have been that PG&E would not have had to cut off power to millions of consumers?" Whitaker asked.

"Correct. Correct," Locke said.

Here in the Bahamas there are still huge economic obstacles. Losses from Dorian equal nearly 30% of the country's entire annual GDP.

"You've got this incredible outlay to rebuild these islands that were devastated by Dorian," Whitaker said to Prime Minister Minnis. "Can you afford to bring on a new form of electrical generation?"

"We cannot afford it," Minnis said. "We recognized from day one that we cannot do it alone."

Just weeks after Dorian hit, Prime Minister Minnis spoke at the United Nations. He emphasized that most of the Bahamas was not damaged and eager for tourists, the lifeblood of the economy. Then he said that first-world countries and their pollution are at least partly to blame for the threat of ever-stronger hurricanes.

"First World nations-- and this is what I said at the U.N. I said, 'First World nations make the greatest contribution to climate change,'" Minnis told Whitaker. "They are the ones responsible for the changes that we see. The increase in velocity and ferocity of the hurricanes and the different-- and the changes, typhoons that we see today, but we're the innocent victim. We're the ones that are being impacted by what you have created."

Minnis and leaders of other island nations have proposed that the U.S. and European countries contribute to an insurance fund think of it as a "really rainy day" fund to help rebuild from future storms.

"That's what you say, and what you said at the U.N., the First World nations should do?" Whitaker asked Minnis.

"Absolutely," Minnis said.

But are they doing it?

"It's an ongoing discussion," Minnis said. "It's an ongoing discussion."

"Does this make the change to renewable energy that much more important, imperative, urgent for you here in the Bahamas?" Whitaker asked.

"It is," Minnis said. "Because even though our contribution to climate change is minimal, it's miniscule to compare with First World nation, but we still have a responsibility."

Produced by Rome Hartman. Associate producer, Sara Kuzmarov. Broadcast associate, Emilio Almonte. Edited by Matt Richman and Aisha Crespo.

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Bahamas braves the elements on mainline trip – Keighley News

SNOW and flooding failed to stop Keighley's historic Bahamas as it steamed through the Yorkshire Dales to Carlisle.

The 85-year-old locomotive's latest journey on the mainline, from Keighley to the famous Settle to Carlisle railway, sold out.

The train, owned by the Ingrow-based Bahamas Locomotive Society, ran successfully on time throughout its entire trip despite poor weather.

Among the passengers were Keighley town mayor Cllr Peter Corkindale and Keith Whitmore, chairman of the Bahamas Society.

Another of the passengers, Keighley-born Sam Steventon, a member of the society, entered the raffle and won the prize of the numberplate 45596 of Bahamas which was carried on the loco.

Bahamas minutes long-awaited return to the mainline last year with two sold-out journeys, after volunteers and specialists had spent several years restoring the locomotive with 1 million Heritage Lottery Fund money.

The locomotive was saved from scrap in 1967 by the Bahamas Locomotive Society, which has a workshop and museum at Ingrow West railway station. The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway organised the railtour.

Bahamas was built as a standard Jubilee Class in 1934 by the North British Locomotive Company and entered service in January 1935. It was withdrawn from traffic on July 23 1966 after getting through nine boilers, ten tenders and running over 1.25 million miles.

Locomotive Society.

Keith Whitmore, chairman of the Bahamas Locomotive Society Chairman, said his organisation had been delighted to once again work with the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway following the sell-out Settle to Carlisle trips last year.

High-profile visitors to Bahamas since its restoration have included HRH the Duke of Kent and the Bishop of Wakefield, Tony Robinson.

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Bahamas braves the elements on mainline trip - Keighley News

Beautiful Bimini: A Photo Guide to the Tiny Island in the Bahamas – TravelPulse

Just a hop and a skip (or a seaplane) from southern Florida, Bimini is a pocket-sized island paradise complete with turquoise waters. Proximity to Miami is a mere 50 miles, making it an easy weekend getaway to ultimate relaxation. Tropic Ocean Airways flies out of Miami seaplane base or Fort Lauderdale for a quick thirty-minute flight. A ferry boat runs to the island duo as well, from Port Everglades with Balearia and takes approximately two hours to reach Bimini.

Friendly locals will make you feel more than welcome on this under the radar Bahamian island speck. Whether you fancy a swim, want to try your hand at deep-sea fishingor crave authentic island vibes, Bimini is your nearby destination to check those boxes like the famous visitors, Ernest Hemingway and Martin Luther King Jr.Let these 10 photos guide you through the best way to experience the island...from fresh seafood eats to getting around from beach to beach, this is how to do Bimini.

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Beautiful Bimini: A Photo Guide to the Tiny Island in the Bahamas - TravelPulse

Virus: Carnival Ship forced to Divert from Grand Bahamas – The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer

In a statement by Carnival, it elected to make the change this week given uncertainty over policies with the countries involved:

We are implementing some itinerary changes on voyages scheduled to call on Grand Cayman and Jamaica this week. A number of Caribbean destinations continue to work through their policies with regards to cruise ship visits. And while we are following all U.S. CDC and World Health Organization screening protocols and guidelines, we want to avoid any possibility of a visit to a destination where there is uncertainty or we risk being turned away.

To be clear, there is no health situation on board to trigger this concern, but we are making this change to avoid even the possibility of a disruption. We understand some guests will be disappointed and trust they will understand that this decision is being made to protect their vacation and maximize their experience with us.

SEE ALSO: Coronavirus: Cancellations, suspensions and shortages related to the global virus outbreak

Carnivals move comes in the wake of six total deaths in the U.S. attributed to the worldwide outbreak.

Chiefly, the U.S. has taken in patients from an evacuated Japanese cruise ship, the Diamond Princess. Those patients have been treated in Texas, Washington state and California, among other states.

SEE ALSO: Coronavirus patient from Japan cruise ship quarantine shares experience on home isolation

As of late last week, the Centers for Disease Control counted 11 confirmed cases in Texas, but it was revealed Monday that one of those patients was erroneously discharged from a care facility and then visited several places in the San Antonio area.

While there are confirmed cases in the U.S., health officials said most of them are from patients who contracted the respiratory illness overseas.

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Virus: Carnival Ship forced to Divert from Grand Bahamas - The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer

Kylie Jenner’s Lavish Vacation Villa in the Bahamas Costs Over $10,000 a Night to Rent – Yahoo Lifestyle

From Cosmopolitan

Admit it: Despite your absolute best efforts, you've probably been scrolling mindlessly on Kylie Jenner's Instagram feed these past few days, and TBH, I can't even blame youthe girl is on the most enviable vacation rn. This time, Kylie's living it up in the Bahamas with her besties in one of the most gorgeous getaway homes I have ever laid my eyes on. The good news? I've found out exactly where it is, and I am here to give you a tour. Welcome back to another episode of Ah, So That's How the Other Half Lives!

Instead of staying in a hotel (those are so last season, haven't you heard?), Kylie and her closest friends are staying in a luxe Airbnb located on Beach Harbour Island which is home to the Rosalitaa stunning beachfront villa with six bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, and more space than I would ever know what to do with.

The property comes built in with tons of amenities, because let's get realKylie only wants the best. The Rosalita has terraces, multiple balconies, gym access, a heated swimming pool, and a small staff consisting of a chef, housekeeper, and a gardener. It's absolutely insane, y'all.

Kylie (and her friends) seem to have taken a huge liking to the poolshe's posted not one, not two, but five (5!) pictures of her lounging in the vicinity of the pool's crystal blue waters.

Believe it or not, but that's just a snippet of this lavish property. Check out the whole villa in the Very Extra video, below:

If all of this sounds good to you and you're feeling overcome with desire to live out Kylie's vacay for yourself, you can check out the home on Airbnb. The property costs over $10,000 USD on its cheapest days, and if you're trying to go during spring break szn, it goes up to $15,000. Don't think of the price, think of how good the pics will look on the 'gram!

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Two charged in connection with murder on Grand Bahama – Bahamas Tribune

Tyreke Mallory, 21, (left) and Ricardo Jones, 27, are escorted to court on Friday to face murder and abetment to commit murder charges. Photos: Vandyke Hepburn


Tribune Freeport Reporter

TWO Freeport men were charged in the Freeport Magistrates Court on Friday in connection with the islands third murder.

Ricardo Jones, 27, of No 44 Strafford Way; and Tyreke Antonio Mallory, 21, of No 4 Scott Avenue, appeared before Magistrate Rengin Johnson in Court Three.

Mallory was charged with the murder of Frithzon Kersaint. It is alleged that on February 23, at Freeport, the accused intentionally caused the death of Kersaint by means of unlawful harm.

Jones was charged with abetment to commit murder. It is alleged that on the same date and place, he aided and abetted Mallory in the commission of the murder of Kersaint.

According to reports, police were called to several disturbances in the Caravel Beach area last Sunday when gunshots were heard, and a man was found dead.

Mallory was represented by Paco Deal of Carlson Shurland & Co. Neither of the accused men was required to enter a plea to the charges, which are both indictable offences.

Because the Magistrates Court cannot grant bail for such offences, Magistrate Johnson informed the accused men that bail was denied, but that they could make a bail application to the Supreme Court.

The case was adjourned to May 19 when it will proceed by way of the Voluntary Bill of Indictment.

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Two charged in connection with murder on Grand Bahama - Bahamas Tribune

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s Bahamas Home Is on Sale for $8.5 Million See the Photos! – Yahoo Entertainment

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpsons former Bahamas home is on the market for $8.5 million.

After Edward abdicated the British throne so he could marry American socialite Wallis Simpson, whom he wed in 1937, he became the Duke of Windsor by his brother King George VI and was appointed Governor of the Bahamas, a job that allowed him to live and work on the island for five years.

While the official Governors mansion was being refurbished to Simpsons liking, the couple lived in Sigrist House, a 15,000-square-foot private gated residence, which occupies four acres on the crest of Prospect Ridge in Cable Beach, Nassau.

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Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Nassau home | Damianos Sothebys International Realty

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Nassau home | Damianos Sothebys International Realty

Built in the mid-1930s by British aviation pioneer and movie producer Frederick Sigrist, the sprawling estate boasts a total of 15 bedrooms accompanied by 13 full bathrooms, which is spread across a four-bedroom suite main residence, two four-bedroom guesthouses and a three-bedroom apartment.

Designed with expansive patios and extensive high ceiling loggia make spaces either it either an intimate getaway spot or the perfect place to host occasions, with 12 foot ceilings allowing for optimal air circulation throughout.

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Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Nassau home | Damianos Sothebys International Realty

The Great Room and office are paneled with white mahogany, which was hand selected in Honduras before being taken to England for the milling. There are a total of four fireplaces, all of which were imported from country homes in Britain and custom fit for the estate.

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Nassau home | Damianos Sothebys International Realty

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Nassau home | Damianos Sothebys International Realty

The land possesses flourishing tropical gardens, which include fruit and coconut trees, a swimming pool and jacuzzi, all of which are stocked with the beautiful views of the saltwater canals and Atlantic Ocean.

The gourmet kitchen has its own custom cabinetry, which has been upgraded for a thoroughly contemporary functional workspace.

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Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Nassau home | Damianos Sothebys International Realty

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Nassau home | Damianos Sothebys International Realty

The private residence, listed by Damianos Sothebys International Realty, is in an ideal spot close to, but not too near, the beaches, shopping and all of the new amenities offered at the Baha Mar Resort and Casino.

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Nassau home | Damianos Sothebys International Realty

The American-born Duchess of Windsor, who died in April 1986, is the reason Queen Elizabeth eventually took the throne. King Edward VIII, gave up the throne after less than a year because his family (and parliament) wouldnt accept Simpson, the woman he loved (and a two-time divorced American) as Queen.

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII | Keystone-FranceGamma-Rapho via Getty Images

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Edwards abdication put his younger brother, George VI, on the throne, thus making the present Queen Elizabeth II the heir apparent.

Queen Elizabeth is the U.K.s longest-reigning monarch, with Feb. 6 officially marking 68 years since she took the throne.

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Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's Bahamas Home Is on Sale for $8.5 Million See the Photos! - Yahoo Entertainment

Deltec Bank, Bahamas says Big Data and AI Are Changing Banking for Good – MENAFN.COM

(MENAFN - GetNews)

Big data is taking over seemingly every industry discipline from STEM research to banking. The more banks begin to introduce innovative technology into their customer and professional experience, the more customers they can serve. A large customer base requires more efficient services, something that can be helped by improving the data science aspect of banking.

According to Deltec Bank & Trust, The Bahamas 'There is an immense amount of data that is generated and managed in banking and finance, especially as customer use leans more and more toward the digital realm. Big data analytics have allowed banks to keep up with customer demand by the gathering of electronic records, abundant, dynamic data storage, and acquiring real-time industry insight. The rapid technological changes in the industry have given rise to financial technology, or 'Fintech, the main applications of which are to make online transactions and ease the process of managing investments.

What is Big Data?

Big data in and of itself is essentially exactly what it sounds like. Falling under the umbrella of data science, this term simply refers to large datasets that need to be statistically analyzed to visualize trends and correlations. In the field of banking and finance, the large datasets allow employees to predict customer behavior and strategize business activity based on that.

There are two primary divisions of data:

The value of data is very much dependent on how it was collected, processed, and stored. The interpretation of that data is even more important, as it directly influences business activity, and therefore success. As the technology becomes more widespread, banking professionals become more precise and significantly faster in their work.

The Benefits of Big Data in Banking

The uses of big data in the banking and finance industries extend much further than just convenience. Also referred to as 'business intelligence (BI) tools, some applications of big data assist professionals to identify risks of money lending and analyzing market trends. These uses will aid finance experts to determine interest rates based on up-to-date data and reduce any risk of errors in customer data records. Safety and security of service have been largely improved, allowing analysts to more easily identify fraudulent transactions and better screen for ineligible customers.

Big data can also greatly improve the customer experience by allowing banks to better monitor customer behavior. Based on data on customer investment patterns, shopping habits, and financial circumstances, banks can improve customer relations and increase maximize lead generation.

There are also many advantages of big data on the customer end: the incorporation of big data into the digital banking experience is what allows customers to check their balances, deposit paychecks, transfer funds between accounts, and so much more. Largely due to the eases of such a self-service experience, banks that have applied the tech to their business have been reported to see a revenue increase of 8% and 10% savings in business costs.

Customer service and relations aren't only improved collectively but for individuals as well. Users of mobile banking apps, for example, can have a highly personalized experience in digital banking, in fact, they expect it! It has been estimated that nearly 1/3 of banking customers expect their bank to be familiar with a certain amount of their personal information. If their relationship with their bank is not based on or somehow tailored to that information, they are likely to end that business relationship.

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

According to Deltec Bank, Bahamas 'AI is an incredibly unique application of big data in any industry including banking.' The use of machine learning based on the statistical analyses of large data sets further improves the customer experience in digital banking. Applications of AI include chatbots in mobile banking apps or websites, along with voice assistance and security in the form of biometric authorization.

Some of the most well-known uses of AI in the industry include Kasisto's conversational AI to use as either a chatbot or virtual assistant, and Affectiva's world-renowned robot, Pepper, a humanoid that reads human emotion.

Although the current applications of big data have already shaken the banking industry to its core, we have yet to see everything fintech can do. The innovation is showing no signs of slowing down, so all banks would do well to move toward integrating the technology into their business model.

Disclaimer: The author of this text, Robin Trehan, has an Undergraduate degree in economics, Masters in international business and finance and MBA in electronic business. Trehan is Senior VP at Deltec International http://www.deltecbank.com . The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this text are solely the views of the author, and not necessarily reflecting the views of Deltec International Group, its subsidiaries and/or employees.

About Deltec Bank

Headquartered in The Bahamas, Deltec is an independent financial services group that delivers bespoke solutions to meet clients' unique needs. The Deltec group of companies includes Deltec Bank & Trust Limited, Deltec Fund Services Limited, and Deltec Investment Advisers Limited, Deltec Securities Ltd. and Long Cay Captive Management.

Media Contact Company Name: Deltec International Group Contact Person: Media Manager Email: Send Email Phone: 242 302 4100 Country: Bahamas Website: https://www.deltecbank.com/


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Deltec Bank, Bahamas says Big Data and AI Are Changing Banking for Good - MENAFN.COM

See Inside The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson’s Nassau, Bahamas Home – Photos of The Property – TownandCountrymag.com

Robyn Damianos

In the 1930s, King Edward VIII's desire to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorce and socialite, forced him to abdicate the British throne. After the couple wed, Edward was made Governor of the Bahamas and the newly-named Duke and Duchess of Windsor moved to Nassau. Given that the existing Governor's Mansion was not up to the couple's standards, the house went under extensive renovations. While the Duke and Duchess waited, they moved somewhere a bit more comfortable: Sigrist House.

Now, Sigrist House, where the Duke and Duchess lived in 1940, is on the market for $8.5 million. The house is named after its builder, British aviation pioneer and movie producer, Sir Frederick Sigrist. Built in the 1930s, the mansion has since been upgraded, with vestiges of its history preserved.

Scroll down for a look at the stately home, the listing for which is held by Mark Hussey of Damianos Sotheby's International Realty.

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The home sits on Prospect Ridge in Cable Beach, Nassau.

The residence is 15,000 square feet with views of Goodman's Bay, overlooking the new Baha Mar Resort and Golf Course, and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

The home contains fifteen bedrooms and thirteen full baths.

The sprawling estate consists of a four-bedroom-suite main residence, two four-bedroom guesthouses, and a three-bedroom apartment.

Lush greenery decorates the property.

The front entrance showcases some of the landscaping on the home's four-acre grounds.

The home features artistic details.

The main entrance includes two painted motifs, along with decorative moldings and a gold chandelier.

The high-ceilinged gallery is perfect for entertaining.

Internal doors can make the space expansive or intimate, depending on the occaision.

The stately Great Room is filled with mahogany wood.

The room's white mahogany was hand selected in Honduras, taken to England for milling, and then reassembled in Nassau.

The kitchen features custom cabinetry.

The mosaics on the walls depict peacocks and palm trees. All of the kitchen's appliances have been upgraded to create a thoroughly modern, functional workspace.

The master bedroom includes hardwood floors and white moldings.

This room is certainly fit for a king and queen.

The property has room for plenty of guests.

One of the fifteen bedrooms on the grounds features green accents and a patio.

Outside, there is a pool, jacuzzi, and an al fresco dining area.

This deck is just part of the home's vast four acres of flowering tropical gardens, including fruit and coconut trees.

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See Inside The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson's Nassau, Bahamas Home - Photos of The Property - TownandCountrymag.com

Bank of the Bahamas Selects Newgen Software to Automate Retail Lending and Account Opening Processes – Yahoo Finance

Bank looks to transform its customers' experience with digital technology

NASSAU, Bahamas, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Newgen Software Inc., a global provider of low code automation platform managing content, processes, and communication, announced that Bank of the Bahamas (BOB) has selected its retail lending and account opening applications for streamlining their banking processes.

"We were looking for a technology solution that would help us automate our end-to-end lending processes. We went through an intensive evaluation process and selected Newgen as they met and exceeded all our requirements. Using Newgen's digital automation platform, wewill enable a modern omnichannel loan initiation and offer smart & intuitive self-service portals to deliver a seamless experience to our customers. We look forward to working with Newgen and further partnering with them for automating our commercial and SME lending processes," said Ian W. Thompson, Corporate Manager, Credit Risk, Bank of the Bahamas Limited.

"BOB is focused on creating contemporary experiences for its customers. We are glad they chose us as a partner in their digital transformation journey. We look forward to delivering purpose-built retail lending and account opening applications that will serve as catalysts in streamlining their processes and improving their customers' experiences," said Anand Raman, EVP and COO, Newgen Software Inc.

Newgen's retail lending application streamlines the end-to-end lending cycle, from pre-screening to loan disbursal, for all loan types. It facilitates credit origination, approval, and monitoring in a paperless and electronically-driven workflow environment. By moving away from manual processes and siloed systems, the application helps improve processes and reduces operational bottlenecks for a smooth and delightful customer journey.

About Bank of the Bahamas:

BOB is a modern, full-service bank with 13 branches in seven islands (Nassau, Grand Bahama, Andros, Cat Island, Bimini, San Salvador and Inagua) and a long history of firsts in the local Banking Industry. The Bank caters to retail clients from all walks of life providing personal loans and mortgages as well as savings and chequing accounts, term deposits, money transfers, online banking and prepaid cards. Simultaneously, BOB's Corporate and Commercial Department facilitates the financing and cash flow needs of business establishments throughout the country.

Story continues

About Newgen Software Inc.:

Newgen Software Inc. is a global provider in banking process automation with more than 200+ banks and financial services institutions as its clients. Newgen's banking process management framework automates critical business processes for banking institutions across commercial lending, consumer lending, customer on-boarding, online account opening, trade finance, digital and mobile customer experience strategy. Newgen offers flexible on premise and cloud-based solutions to its banking customers.

To know how Newgen is connecting enterprises and transforming experiences, visit: http://www.newgensoft.com/

Connect Details:

Media Contact: Asif Khanasif.khan@newgensoft.com

View original content to download multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bank-of-the-bahamas-selects-newgen-software-to-automate-retail-lending-and-account-opening-processes-301010361.html

SOURCE Newgen Software Inc.

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Bank of the Bahamas Selects Newgen Software to Automate Retail Lending and Account Opening Processes - Yahoo Finance

Americares to expand Bahamas health care programs – The Advocate

An Americares health care professional provides a consultation to a resident in Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas. Americares has announced that it plans to provide about 3,500 free patient consultations from February 2020 through June 2020.

An Americares health care professional provides a consultation to a resident in Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas. Americares has announced that it plans to provide about 3,500 free patient consultations from

An Americares health care professional provides a consultation to a resident in Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas. Americares has announced that it plans to provide about 3,500 free patient consultations from February 2020 through June 2020.

An Americares health care professional provides a consultation to a resident in Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas. Americares has announced that it plans to provide about 3,500 free patient consultations from

Americares to expand Bahamas health care programs

STAMFORD Disaster-relief nonprofit Americares announced plans this week to expand its services during the next four months in the Bahamas, which was devastated last year by the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian.

Medical teams from Americares will provide free primary care and mental health services, seven days a week, on the Abaco Islands to support more hurricane survivors. The Stamford-based agency said it is working with the Bahamas Ministry of Health to implement its Commitment to Action for 3,500 patient consultations through June.

Nearly six months after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, thousands are still recovering and need ongoing support, Americares Vice President of Emergency Programs Kate Dischino said in a statement. We are committed to meeting the physical and mental health needs of survivors as they begin returning to their communities in Abaco.

Since Dorian struck Abaco, Americares said it has provided more than 4,200 medical and 2,500 psychosocial support consultations and delivered more than $2.6 million worth of medicine, medical supplies and relief items for families affected by the disaster.

Dorian ranked as the strongest storm of the 2019 hurricane season and the second-most-powerful Atlantic hurricane on record when it made landfall as a Category 5 storm in Abaco on Sept. 1.

The storm made a second landfall in Grand Bahama, where it hit the island with powerful winds and heavy rain for more than 40 hours.

An estimated 13,000 homes were severely damaged or destroyed and 70,000 people were displaced after the storm, according to Americares.

Among other initiatives around the world, Americares has deployed 11 mental-health specialists to treat survivors of the earthquakes that last month hit Puerto Rico.

Next month, Chief Development Officer Christine Squires will take over as the organizations new CEO and president.

pschott@stamfordadvocate.com; 203-964-2236; twitter: @paulschott

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Americares to expand Bahamas health care programs - The Advocate

Michigan’s defense leading the team out of the shadow of The Bahamas – The Michigan Daily

When any team is searching for its identity, it deals in moments.

Players, fans and pundits alike look for one game, one tournament, one shot to define a season or sometimes even entire programs. For instance, the Wolverines miracle run to the final game of the 2018 NCAA Tournament is defined by Jordan Pooles 3-point prayer to advance past Houston. This season, its been The Bahamas.

Early in the season, it was all anyone could talk about when discussing Michigan basketball. And its easy to see why.

The Wolverines marched into Atlantis an unproven, untested team with a million question marks and a brand new face on the sidelines. They delivered an incredible three-game stretch downing two top-10 teams. It was the type of tone-setting performance that programs dream of and coaches froth over.

But once Michigan hit a four-game skid after losing star junior forward Isaiah Livers to injury, the performance in The Bahamas became a double-edged sword an expectation against which everything else was measured.

And perhaps the comparison wasnt unfair. Even Michigans own players would often compare the teams mental fortitude and in-game attitude to its peak in the Caribbean. Freshman forward Franz Wagner was one of the first to highlight this disparity when discussing the teams apparent lack of emotion in a loss on the road to Iowa, stating that during the teams string of losses the team hadnt had the same emotional level as in The Bahamas.

But now the Wolverines have won five straight and the comparisons are starting to resurface, but in the best way possible for Michigan.

Assistant coach Phil Martelli wasnt shy to make the comparison following the Wolverines road win against Purdue.

I thought in The Bahamas, we looked like an offensive team, he said. Now I think we look like a winning team.

With Livers back in the starting lineup and Michigan convincingly winning games at an elite level, not only are the Wolverines playing like they did in The Bahamas, but they might be even better, according to Martelli. So whats the difference now?

The short answer: defense.

And the stats flesh that out. In The Bahamas, opponents averaged 68 points per game and now over Michigans last five wins, opponents averaged 60.4 points per game an astounding near eight-point drop off.

Along with overall scoring, opponents shooting percentages have taken a dip as well. Rivals in The Bahamas shot 42 percent from the floor and now are connecting on just 37.2 percent of shots over the last five games.

Where things get particularly bleak for the Wolverines foes though comes from 3-point shots. In The Bahamas, Michigan was effective in limiting perimeter shots with opponents shooting just 29.7 percent from three in the Caribbean. Recently though, the Wolverines have been on another planet.

In Michigans last five games, players not wearing maize and blue have shot just 23.32 percent from 3-point range. The Wolverines have effectively neutralized any shooting advantage a team may possess from deep, especially focusing on limiting 3-point attempts while also guarding one-on-one.

Now its just a matter of seeing where this defensive change has come from.

For people to understand, Where did this come from? This came from the defensive side of the ball, Martelli said. And the tribute goes to Juwan (Howard) and (assistant coach) Saddi (Washington) as the defensive coordinator insisting on shrinking the floor. Were a lot sharper now in our scouting reports.

Giving Michigans perimeter defenders highlighted by junior guard Eli Brooks, Wagner and senior guard Zavier Simpson, among others the sharper scouting reports on opposing guards has made all the difference.

The Wolverines lost the second half against the Boilermakers on Sunday Purdue scored 42 to Michigans 35. But it didnt matter because after only scoring 21 points on the Wolverines stalwart defense in the first, the Boilermakers just couldnt score enough to win.

That wasnt a thing of beauty offensively in the second half, Martelli said. Were maybe not built that way, but defensive side of the ball if we stayed out there the next 20 minutes, they were not gonna score enough.

And thats whats happening to these teams, theyre just not scoring enough.

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Michigan's defense leading the team out of the shadow of The Bahamas - The Michigan Daily

Banyan Tree to Open Resort With Overwater Bungalows in The Bahamas – Caribbean Journal

Luxury resort brand Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts is coming to The Bahamas.

The Singapore-based company is partnering with Island Developers on the new Banyan Tree illa Bahamas on the island of Bimini.

The new project, designed by renowned architect Chad Oppenheim, will be the first-ever resort in The Bahamas to feature overwater bungalows.

The property will consist of 50 keys and 54 luxury residences.

All of the hotel suites will come with private terraces and plunge pools, with hotel amenities including a signature Banyan Tree Spa and a series of curated events like music series and oceanside meditation gatherings.

Its another major project for Bimini, which will soon see the debut of the Beach Club at Bimini, a project developed in partnership with Virgin Voyages.

Illa Bimini was first announced last year.

illa Bimini represents a vision to bring the highest level of luxury and service to TheBahamaswhile being environmentally sensitive in our approach. We are ecstatic to align ourselves with a brand that shares that vision in Banyan Tree, saidAlejandro Capo, Principal of illa Bimini.

The project will be the first-ever Banyan Tree-branded hotel in the wider Caribbean.

The company does operate several hotels in Cuba under other brands.

With this signing, we are proud to bring our founding brand of Banyan Tree to the beautiful island of Bimini, said aid Peter Hechler, Head of Regional Operations MENA, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts. As our first luxury resort in theBahamas, Banyan Tree illaBahamaswill showcase the best of our brands ethos of creating a sanctuary for the senese, while deeply connecting with the environment and local culture. This also represents our Groups continued strategic intent to expand into the Americas, a part of the world we have a great affinity for.

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Banyan Tree to Open Resort With Overwater Bungalows in The Bahamas - Caribbean Journal

Bahamas Estate Once Home to the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson Hits the Market – Barron’s

This estate in Nassau is set on four acres of private grounds and gardens. Damianos Sotheby's international realty

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A country estate in Nassau, on the Bahamian island of New Providence, once owned by the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson, hit the market last month for US$8.5 million.

In 1939, the Duke of Windsor relocated to the island with his American socialite wife, Wallis Simpson, for whom he had given up the British throne for three years previously, to start his new role as the governor of the Bahamas the following year, according to listing agent Mark Hussey of Damianos Sotheby's International Realty, the estate agency marketing the home.

On arrival they spent three months at Sigrist House while Government House, the official residence of Governor of the Bahamas, was renovated, according to Mr. Hussey.

Damianos Sothebys International Realty says the property is managed by historians from Canada but it did not disclose the name of the owner. Mansion Global could not identify the owners.

Positioned on a ridge outside Nassau, overlooking Cable Beach, Goodmans Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Sigrist House, which is set on four acres of private grounds and gardens, is one of the finest estates in the Bahamas, Mr. Hussey said, who added that many dignitaries have stayed in the property over the years.

In addition, the property, which was built in the 1930s by British aviation pioneer and movie producer Frederick Sigrist has James Bo nd connections. Frederick Sigrist was married to PrincessFredericka BoGuirey who later married Kevin McClory, known for adapting the literary character of James Bond for cinema and for producing Thunderball in 1965. The West Indies estate has also featured as the backdrop of a number of the Bond films, according to Mr. Hussey.

The Spanish colonial style 15,000-square-foot main residence has original 1930s interiors with open fireplaces and full wood-paneled rooms, giving it a distinctly British feel. Four of its fireplaces were imported from British country homes and the Honduras white mahogany wall paneling in the great room and office was taken to England for milling and then reassembled in Nassau, according to the propertys sales brochure.

Rooms have 12-foot ceilings and flow out onto terraces and a loggia with arched openings, allowing for indoor-outdoor living. In the grounds there are lush flowering tropical gardens with fruit and coconut trees, a pool and hot tub, all with views over the manicured grounds and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

The property, which comprises a main residence with four bedrooms, two four-bedroom guest houses, a three-bedroom apartment and four acres of private grounds recently went through an extensive restoration. The electrical and plumbing systems have been modernized and brought up to todays standards, the roofs have been replaced and the historical wood and ironwork has been restored, according to the propertys sales brochure.

The estate sits on the north side of New Providence, just outside Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas. Beaches, shopping and other amenities at the Baha Mar Resort and Casino are within short walking distance.

This article first appeared on Mansion Global.

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Bahamas Estate Once Home to the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson Hits the Market - Barron's

Former Bahamas Home Of The Duke Of Windsor And Wallis Simpson Goes On The Market – Forbes

Sigrist House occupies a sprawling four-care ridge overlooking lagoons, golf links and the distant ... [+] ocean.

After King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne to live with the woman he loved, he was made Governor of the Bahamas, a job that conveniently took him away from England. In 1940, while the Governors Mansion was being redecorated to Wallis Simpsons liking, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor lived at Sigrist House.

Built in 1939 by British aviation pioneer Sir Frederick Sigrist, the main 15,000 square foot residence occupies four acres on the crest of Prospect Ridge in Cable Beach, Nassau. The estate consists of a four- bedroom-suite main residence, two four-bedroom guesthouses and a three-bedroom apartment, making for a total of 15 bedrooms. There are 13 baths and two half baths.

Now Sigrist House is for sale, offered for $8.5 million by Mark Hussey of Damianos Sotheby's International Realty.

A wide loggia features limestone flooring, wrought iron and massive ceiling beams.

The estate has expansive patios, a high-ceilinged loggia and, in one of the dining rooms, large windows that drop down into the floor to make for easy flow between the inside and the grounds. Stone and mahogany flooring, curved walls, extensive use of tile, rare white mahogany paneling and lovely wrought iron work are just some of the architectural elements.The four fireplaces were found in English country houses, dismantled and brought here, where they were painstakingly built into the rooms.

The four fireplaces in the house originally came out of English country manors

The house was designed by the American and English architectural team Schoepell and Voivesky, while the interiors were largely furnished by the notable British firm of Mallett Antiques on New Bond Street, London. The house is Spanish Colonial in architecture, but the interiors were decidedly English. The Georgian style paneling of the drawing room is of rare white mahogany, built in London to specification, as was the beautiful hand-carved pine paneling in the library.

The gardens at Sigrist House were considered among the finest in the West Indies and include fruit and coconut trees, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, all with views over the mature manicured grounds, saltwater canals and distant Atlantic Ocean.

Until the current owners bought Sigrist House 20 years ago, it remained in the original family. Over the past decade the houses all have undergone extensive restorations. All electrical and plumbing systems have been modernized and brought up to today's standards. The roofs have been replaced and the historical wood and ironwork has been lovingly restored. The gourmet kitchen, with custom cabinetry, has been upgraded to create a thoroughly modern and functional workspace.

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Former Bahamas Home Of The Duke Of Windsor And Wallis Simpson Goes On The Market - Forbes

F.B.I. Raids Headquarters of Company Run by Fashion Executive Peter Nygard – The New York Times

Federal agents and New York Police detectives raided the Manhattan headquarters of the fashion company run by a Canadian fashion executive on Tuesday morning, seeking evidence in a sex-trafficking investigation, according to two law enforcement officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation.

The executive, Peter Nygard, 78, has been under investigation for at least five months by a joint child-exploitation task force of the F.B.I. and the New York Police Department, an inquiry overseen by the U.S. attorneys office based in Manhattan. At least four women who have accused Mr. Nygard in a recent lawsuit of sexually assaulting them when they were 14 and 15 in the Bahamas have also met with the task force.

That lawsuit was filed this month. On Sunday, The New York Times detailed how a fight with his wealthy neighbor led to the lawsuit, and also showed a pattern of complaints about sexual misconduct by Mr. Nygard stretching back 40 years.

Nine women in Canada and California, mostly employees, have sued him or reported him to authorities alleging sexual harassment or assault since 1980. In addition, another nine former employees told The Times in interviews that he raped them, touched them inappropriately or proposed sex.

The Times also interviewed the 10 women, all listed as Jane Does, in the lawsuit. Most alleged that Mr. Nygard raped them during so-called pamper parties in the Bahamas, where hes been a resident since 1986. The parties traditionally took place on Sundays at Mr. Nygards lavish estate, offering mostly young, female guests a taste of luxury pedicures, massages, Jet Ski rides and endless alcohol.

Mr. Nygard has denied all allegations, blaming them on his adversary and neighbor in the Bahamas, the hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon. Mr. Bacon hired private investigators to pursue criminal charges against Mr. Nygard, saying he wanted to get justice for the women.

Its not the first time that Mr. Nygard has been investigated by federal authorities the F.B.I. investigated him briefly in late 2015 and the summer of 2017 on allegations of sex trafficking. The Department of Homeland Security also investigated Mr. Nygard for nine months, starting in 2016. All the investigations fizzled.

On Tuesday morning, F.B.I. agents and the police were in the lobby and the sixth floor of the Nygard building near Times Square. About eight vehicles with federal parking placards were outside. His flagship store and the corporate headquarters of Nygard International are emblazoned with his name and feature a large picture of him, golden muscles flexing, gray hair flowing.

Even though the alleged crimes described to The Times happened in the Bahamas, its possible to bring both criminal and civil cases against Mr. Nygard in New York because his corporate headquarters is here.

Mr. Nygard has long surrounded himself with women, traveling with an entourage of models and paid girlfriends. An avowed playboy, he has fathered at least 10 children with eight women. He demanded a steady supply of sex partners who hunted for young women at shops, clubs and restaurants to invite to parties and dinners at his Bahamas home, six former employees told The Times.

His private multinational company caters to middle-class women, selling leggings and tunics at his own outlets and Dillards department stores. Mr. Nygard was estimated to be worth roughly $750 million in 2014 by Canadian Business magazine.

He founded the office in Winnipeg, and maintains an office there and in Toronto.

William K. Rashbaum and Grace Ashford contributed reporting.

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F.B.I. Raids Headquarters of Company Run by Fashion Executive Peter Nygard - The New York Times

Moet Melon on the rocks in The Bahamas – MENAFN.COM

(MENAFN - Caribbean News Global)

NEW YORK, USA - Mot & Chandon, the world's biggest Champagne house, and Norwegian Cruise Line, the innovator in global cruise travel, together opened the first-ever luxury Mot & Chandon Ice Bar, located on Great Stirrup Cay, the cruise line's private island in The Bahamas.

As part of the island's new exclusive oceanfront resort-style destination, Silver Cove, the Mot & Chandon Ice Bar offers guests the most exceptional Champagnes combined with breathtaking views for one of the most luxe and remote #MotMoments on earth. The exotic barscape is a stunning marvel - flanked by lush palm trees, ample outdoor seating, direct beach access, and decadent cocktails.

The touch of luxury from the Mot & Chandon Ice Bar makes it the ideal place to retreat and recharge. The stand-alone outpost creates a fun and fresh vibe and is THE chic place to listen to the island's soft sounds and enjoy a refreshing drink. The lush jungle contrasts with the crystal-clear blue waters providing one of the most dramatic and picturesque bars in the world. Bartenders treat guests with meticulous sips and innovative hand-crafted cocktails made with Mot Ice Imprial and Mot Ice Imprial Rose including the fan-favorite Mot Melon On The Rocks.



4.0 oz Mot & Chandon Ice Imprial

3 Large Ice Cubes

0.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice

0.75 oz Volcn Tequila Blanco

1 oz Fresh Watermelon Juice

6 mint leaves

Glass: Wine Goblet

Garnish: Chunk of watermelon, slice of lime and mint sprig

Method: Add all ingredients except champagne to a shaker. Muddle watermelon (if fresh) and mint leaves. Add ice and shake well. Strain into a large wine goblet (Slap a mint leaf and run around the rim of the glass) and top with 4oz of Mot Ice Imperial and top off with three large ice cubes. Garnish with watermelon, lime slice and mint sprig.

The opening of Silver Cove elevates the offerings available across the 270-acre tropical oasis with 38 luxury beachfront villas, private beach access, a Mandara Spa, oceanfront lagoon, and the Silver Cove Restaurant and Bar.

As one of the highest guest-rated ports in the Caribbean, the private island of Great Stirrup Cay offers over 1,500 feet of accessible beachfront; over 50 cabana and villa options; an array of shore excursions to choose from. The island includes a new zipline experience that extends up to nearly 3,000 feet; almost a dozen food and beverage options; and a magnificent natural tropical setting.


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Moet Melon on the rocks in The Bahamas - MENAFN.COM