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Libertarians are nothing more than economicconservatives (Privatize all government services, end public schools,screw the poor) who are simply not religious fuck-tards. They can beanywhere from mainstream christian to atheist, but the only thing theyhave in common is that they do not want to pay any taxes for anything,and they would rather have the government just cater to business.

A typical libertarian is someone who doesn't care about religious ormoral issues, but who wants to eliminate public schools, becauseeducation is "not a right under the constitution", and who wants toeliminate all government regulations on business, because "businessescan just police themselves"

In other words, they are amoral sociopaths who don't give a fuck abouthumanity, or about using government to build a fair, just, equitablesociety that serves all the people equally.

I bought into the whole libertarian thing a while back, but when itcame down to regulations, I realized they had a serious disconnect.Most of the libertarian literature I've seen, and most of thelibertarians I've talked to believe in "business self-regulation" likea religion. They seem to think that businesses always have the bestinterests of the people in mind, and that we don't need minimum wages,zoning regulations, safety regulations, or any regulations, because"the market must be free to go in whatever direction it goes in", "letworkers decide which businesses have the best policies by not workingfor bad companies", and "taxes only inhibit growth and prosperity".

It's all total bullshit. Everyone knows that self regulation isbullshit -- it ALWAYS has resulted in corporate aliances thatdeliberately screw customers. Just look how the self-regulation of thestock brokers and auditors, and energy companies ended up -- MCI, Tyco,Enron, Anderson-Little, and others. If a company has an opportunity toget away with screwing it's customers without accountability, THEYWILL. If a company is allowed to operate a facility with dangerouspractices that endanger workers or the surrounding community, IT WILL.

Regulations were invented for very good reasons -- to protect workers,to protect communities, and to make people and companies accounatablewhen things go horribly wrong. Libertarians want us to forget our pastrun-ins with monopolies and industry self-regulation.

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Urban Dictionary: libertarian

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