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If you free-form a report, we're just going to ignore it. Possibly without even looking at the post/comment you reported. There's been times where a post does break the rules, but it has been approved until a proper report is filed, and then it is removed.

This is much like the court trying you for a crime. They need to specify WHICH crime you are being tried for. If they can't, you go free. Same concept. You need to accuse them of something, which breaks the rules, then we decide if it breaks what you accused them off. And free-form reports are not rules.

While we cannot disable free-form reports for app and mobile users, we did disable it on desktop. If you cannot point out which rule it is breaking please use the pre-recorded "Other" option.

It doesn't actually break the rules, it just hurts my feelings and I want to super downvote it.

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