LIBERTARIAN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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Behind global economic rationalization is an emphasis on libertarian freedom and efficiency, not equality or democracy.

But surely, so this libertarian contends, we may not benefit some persons at the expense of others.

From the libertarian perspective, such self-deception is naturally understood as an expression of our freedom.

In the libertarian view, the institution has a legitimate right as well as a responsibility to view this issue from a marketplace, libertarian perspective.

The libertarian can hold that every choice you make may be motivated by desires and, to some extent, explicable through reasons.

Although by no means as important as the left-right dimension, they are at least as important in contemporary voting behaviour as the libertarian-authoritarian dimension.

Deontological libertarians tend to be fairly confident about their political stance - they think it rests on secure, deontological foundations.

Ageing reverses these libertarian possibilities in producing a contradiction between the fixedness of the body and the fluidity of social images.

The role of tort compensation schemes within libertarian, liberal egalitarian, and utilitarian theories of distributive justice is discussed.

She herself has a divided response to that ideal, as is indicated by her rejection of hard libertarian antipaternalism.

I call into question this strategy for defending a libertarian order.

There are few libertarians who believe free will is not central to the meaning and character of human life.

In other words, many libertarians have believed that the exercise of free will extends to most of the actions of free agents.

In its detail, however, the government's strategy was a mixture of libertarian economic ideology and inherited policy instruments.

It leads to the more libertarian conclusion but it does not justify it - it is ad hoc.

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LIBERTARIAN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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