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Cancer Biomarker Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by Biomarker Type (Genetic Biomarker and Protein Biomarker), By Cancer Type (Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, and Cervical Cancer), By Application (Drug Discovery & Development, Diagnosis, Risk Assessment and Prognostics), By Profiling Technology (Omics Technology, Immunoassays, Cytogenetics and Bioinformatics) and Forecast, 2019-2025

Protein biomarker is widely used in the cancer diagnosis due to various benefits such as the creation of powerful bioinformatics software, spectral libraries, and peptide databases. These benefits are creating new opportunities for developing protein biomarkers for the diagnosis, prognosis of disease and prediction of response to a therapeutic treatment.

The role of biomarkers extends all the aspects of drug discovery and development. The research of protein biomarkers includes glycosylation and phosphorylation, as it provides a clear indication of treatment with the time frame and drugs impacted on a disease.

Hence, its a decisive pathway for signaling and activation, often give insight into disease states.


Growing research related to cancer biomarkers

The researches that are going presently have turned to the proteomics, for developing new biomarkers. These latest researches have improved the accuracy of the biomarkers as early detection of the diseases enables to provide better treatment.

Presently, scientists are also focusing on the gene expression for detecting the results of the therapy process.

Recently, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) sponsored Trial Assigning Individualized Option for treatment (Rx), or TAILORx. The National Cancer Institute in March 2016 has earmarked $5.5 million for funding for the establishment of laboratories with an aim to advance research on biomarkers and biomarker assays for various cancers such as of the prostate, lung, breast, and genitourinary organs.

The continuous interest of the government and major companies in the research and developing new technology forcancer biomarkeris motivating market growth.

The increasing trend towards personalized medicines

The increasing adoption of personalized medicines for cancer is augmenting the growth of the cancer biomarker market. Personalized medicine has the potential to modify therapy with the best response and highest safety margin to ensure better patient care.

By enabling these medicines, each patient to receive earlier diagnoses, risk assessments, and optimal treatments. The personalized medicine holds promise for improving health care while lowering costs which is expected to be a positive indicator for market growth.

As per to the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), around 42% of all compounds and around 73% of oncology compounds in the pipeline have the potential to be included in personalized medicines.

The cancer biomarker companies closely doubled their R&D investment in personalized medicine over the past five years and suppose to increase their investment in the near future. Moreover, estimates of disease susceptibility or disease prognosis can be improved by combining genomic test results with knowledge about various factors such as age, lifestyle, or tumor size.

This is promising for predicting disease susceptibility, disease prognosis, or drug response of an individual patient. For device and drug manufacturers, personalized medicine provides an opportunity to develop agents that are targeted to patient groups that do not respond to medications as intended and for whom the traditional health systems have otherwise failed.


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Cancer Biomarker Market investigated in the latest research - WhaTech Technology and Markets News

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