How did libertarian House members vote on Boehner bill?

From Eric Dondero:

As reported media-wide this morning, House Speaker John Boehner’s debt relief bill passed by a slender margin of 218 – 210.

On Thursday, the vote looked dicey and unpredictable. But Boehner, (and Majority leader Eric Cantor), were able to make some last minute compromises to get enough Tea Party caucus members in line.

Libertarian Republicans split their decisions. Most prominently, Reps. Tom McClintock (CA), Ron Paul (TX), and Justin Amash (MI), voted “No.” Joining Boehner in voting “Yay,” were libertarian Republican Reps. Jeff Flake (AZ), Jack Kingston (GA), and Allen West (FL). Flake and West held out til late in the game. It is known Flake garnered major concessions on his pet issue of ending earmarks.

A number of libertarian-leaning Republican Reps also voted No including Joe Walsh (IL), Paul Broun (GA), Tim Huelskamp (KS), Chip Craavack (MN), and most prominently Michele Bachmann (MN).

Interestingly, Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina, one of two GOP House freshman leaders and a longtime Tea Partyer, also voted No.

Note – There was no official libertarian Republican position on the Boehner vote. This website did not take a position, nor did the Republican Liberty Caucus. The Libertarian Party, whom we libertarian Republicans side with more often than not, did issue a press release vehemently opposing raising the debt limit, and critical of the Boehner plan.

Photos from top to bottom – Tom McClintock, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Jeff Flake and Justin Amash.

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