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Another trip around the sun, another chilly January morning. 2019 was something of a problematic year, like most of them, but its over now, time to start anew. Fortnites Winterfest challenge today is New Years themed, just like it was last year, asking you to launch some fireworks and celebrate 2020, whatever it might bring. Read on for a map, guide and location for where to launch frozen fireworks found on beaches at Dirty Docks, Craggy Cliffs and Sweaty Sands. Your reward will be the quite stylish 2020 glider.

We know where were going: its right there in the name. Spawns for frozen fireworks do not seem to be consistent, so the best you can do is head to one of the requisite coastlines and just start running around until you find one of them. Ive marked each coastline on the map here:


Youll want to land right away, because once a Firework is launched, its launched, even if you didnt launch it. Just get down early, fire something off and try to stay alive to earn the glider.

A note: like an idiot, I initially just sort of loaded up a match and tried to light fireworks, but didnt see anything on the ground. Thats because these things will not spawn unless you head to the Winterfest cabin first and open your stocking, thus triggering the challenge. So dont be like me, and dont forget to open your stocking.

2019 was a year of stabilization for Fortnite. It started things off near the peak of its fame, but declined off of those highs throughout the year. This is pretty standard for any game that becomes as big a phenomenon as Fortnite, but it can still be a bit of a come down for fans when it actually happens.

2020 should be an interesting year, however. Its starting off slow with a dramatically extended Chapter 2, Season 1, but then well see if Epic has used some of that extra time to build some more features. But expect more standard content, an expanded creative mode, and more likely than not a ton of crossover events. Well see what happens.

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Fortnite Frozen Firework Locations: Where To Light Frozen Fireworks Found On Beaches - Forbes

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