Beach Hotels in Ocean Park, Washington

Washington Coastline and Beaches

Washington Coastline and Beaches

When many people think about the beach and hotels on the beach, they picture beaches in Florida and California. Fair enough – the beaches in both states are gorgeous and known worldwide for their surfing and sunbathing possibilities. But what about the fantastic beaches in the Northwest such as those in Washington State? Talk about picturesque! The water here many not get as warm as it does in Florida (though Southern California beaches can have very chilly water as well!), but the picturesque scenery, quaint towns and fresh, breezy beach air more than makes up slightly cooler waters in summer. 

Ocean Park, Washington offers almost thirty miles of sandy beaches, all of which are less crowded than those you’ll find on the East Coast  in summer. You’ll also find quaint historic villages, beautiful Willapa Bay and more spectacular scenery than your digital camera card can likely capture.

If you plan to visit Ocean Park, you’ll likely want to stay for a few days and enjoy everything that the area has to offer. There are numerous Ocean Park hotels which can offer you ocean views and beach access, as well as those which are steps away from the charming towns and villages. Check out the following hotels the next time you’re in the area!

Blackwood Beach Cottages

Very close to the water - and if you like them enough, you can purchase them as well!

Charles Nelson Guest House

Overlooks beautiful Willapa Bay – it’s a B&B, and the breakfast is generous!

Ocean Park Resort

Only 4 blocks from the beach! You can camp as well as stay in lovely accommodations.

Photos: Akarmy

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