Peter Schiff shifts to Pro-Defense stance: Says intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq may have been justified

On Iran, if they don’t let our inspecters in, we need to “just blow the place up”

Woodbury, Connecticut, Nov. 19, speaking to a local Young Republican group from YouTube video:

QUESTIONER: I take it you wouldn’t have gone into Afghanistan and Iraq…

SCHIFF: I might have gone into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden, but I wouldn’t have been there to occupy the country. I might have gone into Iraq, if I thought there were weapons of mass destruction. We had intelligence, and we knew where they were. I might have gone in there to take them out. Just like we think that Iran may be building nuclear weapons. If we really believe that, and we think that, and we tell the Iranians, and we tell the Iranians this is where we believe those weapons are, you need to let our inspecters in there, well, if they don’t let us in there, we need to just blow the place up…

Some of his supporters from the Ron Paul faction are now threatening to pull their support for Schiff. From Sean Booth of

He says that if their was proof of WMDs in Iraq he would have approved of the invasion. Like so many others in Congress, unless Schiff was willing to do his homework on foreign policy, he may very well have followed his potential colleagues in the vote to invade.

The bottom line is that Schiff needs to take a principled stand on foreign policy issues, and not just economic issues if he expects the already great sums of money ($1 million plus) to continue to flow into his warchest from his legion of followers nationwide.

(Note – In contrast to Mr. Booth’s views, though under-reported by the mainstream media, WMD were found in Iraq on numerous occasions, including weapons cache’s found by both American and Polish troops, and most recently, 1 1/2 years ago, when 500,000 tons of yellow cake from Iraq were found.)

Other Ron Paulist candidates moving away from strict Non-intervention

Another Ron Paul-oriented candidate, Rand Paul running for US Senate recently caught flack from Paulists nationwide for issuing a press release staunchly opposed to the closure of Gitmo and transfer of Gitmo Prisoners of War to the mainland United States.

A third Ron Paul-oriented prospective candidate, Gary Johnson who’s eying a Presidential run for 2012, recently stressed in a TV appearance that unlike the common view, he supports a “Strong National Defense,” and “Defense of our Borders.”

From a recent press release from the Johnson exloratory effort:

Governor Johnson has also been a strong advocate of the war on terror… “Our efforts should be directed towards protecting U.S. citizens and our allies from terrorism…

Political realities may be setting in for these candidates, or perhaps more likely, realities of foreign affairs stemming from recent Muslim attacks on the US, may be having an impact.

Pro-Defense Libertarians who wish to contribute to Schiff’s campaign are urged to visit

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