Conservative and Libertarian Coalition hosts first ASUW forum

Last night, the Conservative and Libertarian Coalition held its first ASUW elections candidate forum, which had an unusual format.

The entire The Husky Impact ticket and Fred Ness were present, while some members of the ProgressUW and Purple Roots tickets were not present due to scheduling conflicts. The members of ConnectUW were not present.

It was sort of a last-minute thing we put it together a couple weeks ago, College Republicans President Austin Van Dusen said. Everything is always a work in progress and just making sure everything runs smoothly is a lot harder than it is.

Van Dusen said the forum may not have been as organized as some of the other forums hes been to, but he was proud to have the clubs presence on campus.

Contrary to the other forums excluding the presidential debate, the Conservative and Libertarian Coalition directed questions to some of the individual candidates, but not to all positions. The audience was given an opportunity to ask questions to some of the positions but the other positions only received individual or general question from the coalition. Additionally, candidates were allowed to respond to each other.

Kate Callison, running with The Husky Impact for director of policy and procedures, was asked how she would use the ASUW wiki and blog.

I believe the blog and wiki really need to be utilized more often, Callison said.

Brian Moe, running on the ProgressUW ticket, agreed with Callisons statement about the blog but disagreed the statement regarding the wiki. He said the current Board of Directors has had serious discussions of abandoning the wiki because nobody uses it unless theyre looking for a job, and it wasnt as accessible to students.

Callison also responded to Moes statement.

The wiki is the most valuable resource we have, Callison said. I believe that the fact that the wiki hasnt been updated is a flaw of the current director of policy and procedures.

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Conservative and Libertarian Coalition hosts first ASUW forum

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