Anti-Terry Jones Protest – Leftist shouts "Kill that Mother F—-r now!"


From Eric Dondero:

Muslim and Leftist protesters broke through barricades in Dearborn to protest Rev. Terry Jones’s Anti-IslamoFascist rally yesterday.

From the AP via WILX TV Lansing:

The pastor known for stirring up controversy made good on his promise to return to Michigan to protest.

Terry Jones held a protest yesterday, but it wasn’t at Dearborn’s mosque as he had planned- instead it was in front of the city hall.

A small crowd of supporters showed up to listen to the pastor while groups gathered on the other side of the street to rally against the pastor.

Riot police intervened when the crowd started throwing water bottles and shoes at the Jones supporters.

Heard faintly on the video, at precisely the 27 seconds mark, an unidentified protester shouts”:

“Kill that mother-fucker now!”

H/t Weasel Z…

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