23andKari, what the 99 USD subsidy means for Personal Genomics

Yes, Yes…..

Everyones’ little heart is a-twitter for the subisdized cost of 23andSerge, now to be known as 23andKari (will tell you why soon) a whopping 99 USD. Which I had been saying is the correct price point for about 2 years now.

Yes, finally, something other than a will actually pull out the lurkers…..

Here’s my take. There was a company in a galaxy far far away, Iceland. That was the toast of the town in 2004. Why? They were collecting genomes for a grand experiment. They were going to discover fantastic links to disease and sell access to the highest bidder.

While they did produce some great Nature papers……what happened to DeCode?
I think we all know.

23andKari has now emerged. The front end…..happy shiny ancestry and disease links…..

I have forgotten to mention that the , have I?

The back end? A database of genomes to cull for disease links to be sold at the highest bidder?

Sound familiar??

In case you forgot,

And BTW, who owns that genetic data now? Is it getting resold?

Also in case you forgot, this is a

I think 23andKari will actually survive. Why? Huge megacorporation investment. That’s why.

Now that they are being investigated for , they have to ……

I have said it before and will again. Why sell Manhattan for bobbles and trinkets?

Because it’s cheap, that’s why……..Hell. IMHO, 23andKari should be paying you for your genome.

The Sherpa Says: Democratization is about to go the way of Russia and it’s oligarchs…
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(2) FDA still hasn’t finished working on these companies
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(6) GOOG et.al. own 23andKari now. Your data? Wrong! Theirs.
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(8) move quickly on this phase
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(9) I hope the lab 23andKari is using is up to snuff this time…..after that whole sample swap issue, they are about to get a whole lot more volume.
URL: http://scienceblogs.com/geneticfuture/2010/06/23andme_provides_more_details.php

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