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Rip currents and heavy surf led to over 90 water rescues in Pensacola Beach over the weekend.

93 people. 93 times where, if things had gone differently, a family could be mourning a death. All that in 2 days. Please, please dont become a statistic. People die from this every year. And its usually tourists, and its usually in nice weather. https://t.co/X8Frosctn8 https://t.co/xj51RVYhR9

This is the reason youve seen us talking about this a good bit in the leadup to spring break. Its dangerous, and its a pretty big deal.

While the rip current risk wont be as high this week, the threat is still elevated.

You can check the forecast for the Alabama Gulf Coast and check the daily rip current forecast as well as learn about beach safety on our website. Just click the weather drop-down menu and select Gulf Coast Forecast, or just visit the link here.

Download Live Alert 19 foriOSorAndroid.

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Over 90 Beach Rescues Over The Weekend - whnt.com

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