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We all wish things could be as they were in the Lowcountry: plenty of space, free parking and wide-open beaches.

The population of Mount Pleasant, however, has nearly doubled since 2000 and the tri-county population is 143% of what it was 20 years ago. Our roads and other facilities are not designed for such rapid increase.

As a 30-year Isle of Palms resident, I have been privileged to be part of a welcoming community.

Weve made parking available and provided restrooms and showers. Weve enjoyed a wonderful relationship with neighboring communities.

Now, as IOP has struggled to deal with the rapid population increase, we have been vilified and accused of privatizing the beach and worse.

Attempts to fight COVID-19 are met with malicious accusations. The temporary rules are meant to reduce visitors to the island. Eliminating street parking didnt funnel more people to one area. Those areas already filled up before.

We apologize to people who feel unfairly hurt by this. While not a perfect solution, the intent is safety.

Council member John Moye spoke for our community during the July council meeting, saying, our neighbors want access to the beach and we want there to be responsible and accountable access to the beach.

We invite neighboring communities to offer constructive solutions to a tri-county problem. Everything may not be the way it used to be, but perhaps we can act neighborly, the way it used to be.


26th Avenue

Isle of Palms

Now that the SEC has decided to play only interconference football this season, will this become the new normal?

Fans whove been pushing for a true playoff system, with larger conferences that have two divisions of seven or eight teams each, could get their wish if this season is successful.

Yes, this would leave the Clemson-Carolina game in limbo, unless Clemson joined the SEC.

Please note that some major rivals are already intraconference: Michigan and Ohio State; Auburn and Alabama; as well as Florida and Georgia.

If Clemson and South Carolina were in the same division, it could lead to the teams competing for the right to play for the SEC championship.


Betsy Kerrison Parkway

Johns Island

Elder abuse is a prevalent problem. Now, in the world of COVID-19, older Americans are more susceptible than ever to abuse, especially those affected by Alzheimers and dementia.

Elder abuse comes in many forms: financial, mental and physical.

Its important to identify those who are subject to mistreatment and work to stop it.

My dad had Alzheimers, and I saw companies and individuals try to take advantage of him.

It was hard enough watching him battle this disease and for my mom to care for him while managing medical and household expenses.

In May, the Promoting Alzheimers to Prevent Elder Abuse Act was introduced.

Now, Congress has an opportunity to pass meaningful legislation that would help prevent elder abuse.

If signed into law, this bill would require the Justice Department to provide critical training to professionals like police officers, firefighters and social workers to help them identify and respond to the signs of abuse.

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott understands the need for this policy, and he has just added his support to this bill as a co-sponsor.

Along with the Alzheimers Association, I applaud this action and thank Sen. Scott for his support.

Please join me in urging Sen. Lindsey Graham and Reps. Joe Cunningham and Jim Clyburn to be co-sponsors as well.

Its time to take action to protect our most vulnerable citizens.


Hackney Pony Lane

Hilton Head Island

Todays head shaker: An Associated Press article in the Aug. 2 Post and Courier stated that the S.C. Youth Wrestling Association hosted hundreds of youths at a wrestling tournament on July 28-31 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Since Myrtle Beach is one of the states COVID-19 hot spots, the association instituted strict temperature-check and mask-enforcement policies. And, apparently, the city signed off.

Wrestlers, however, were not required to wear a mask while they competed in one of the most intense contact sports.

This is astounding. Where are the adults?

What has happened to critical thinking and common sense?


Forest Oaks Drive


Mount Pleasant has an opportunity to buy up to 71 acres in northern Mount Pleasant.

While thats a big piece to bite off, its an opportunity that shouldnt be missed. With effort and planning, our town government could leverage local and regional resources to guide what happens in that space.

Included in the plan should be a creative enterprise zone, where our towns cultural assets could be celebrated and supported.

The zone could include a community arts and heritage complex that celebrates our heritage by providing space for creating, displaying and interpreting art and the perorming arts.

A professional studio could build upon the existing local film industry.

Tourism and arts-related businesses would directly benefit. A combination public-private funding partnership could create an asset that puts the best of our creative energy on display.

At this time of division, uncertainty and fear, our town needs an exciting, visionary project to bring neighbors and neighborhoods together.

Establishing a creative enterprise zone would be a positive, progressive project that provides balance amid the flood of new homes, roads and businesses still to come.


Liberty Court

Mount Pleasant

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Letters to the Editor: Work on solutions for safely accessing beaches in age of COVID-19 - Charleston Post Courier

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