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Busy beaches amid COVID-19 concerns

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TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. - With schools closed, events canceled, and games postponed, manyBay Area beaches are keeping busy despite coronavirus concerns.

Sun and fun were on the minds of Bay Area beach-goers on Saturday in the wake of event cancellations. Dozens of big events scheduled for this weekend were called off amid growing concern over the spread of coronavirus in mass gathering settings.

"I'm a big sports fan. I'm not happy about it. I understand the problems that are happening," beach-goer Jayson Armstrong said.

The world of professionals sports is currently in the midst of a major time out with all leagues postponing their seasons. More than 2.7 million students in Florida's public schools are also feeling the effects after being forced to take a 2-week recess.

"I was supposed to go to Reggae Rise-up and I don't know, I was bummed," beach-goer Erica Pougnet said.

Pougnet is among many taking to the surf and sand in the wake of mass cancellations. This means a boost in business for this beach concession stands on Treasure Island.

"There are people everywhere. The parking lot has been full since 9:30 this morning so it doesn't seem like people are doing too much to avoid being out in public," concession attendant Holly Leonard said.

Beach-goers are hoping the cancellations help the crisis stabilize at a faster pace so other big events planned in the months ahead aren't affected.

"I hope this is over and done with as soon as possible because everyone is just panicky and in panic mode and it's just kinda crazy," Pougnet said.

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Event cancellations in the Bay Area lead many to busy beaches - FOX 13 Tampa Bay

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