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I wish people would please stop drinking the Kool-Aid and scaring everyone. I just returned from a week in Sandestin and beautiful Miramar Beach in Florida There were tens of thousands of happy people of all ages having a great time swimming, sunning, pooling, shopping and eating and almost no one was wearing a mask or social distancing except a few restaurant employees. I mean the pool, entire beach and the first few hundred yards of ocean were so packed you could hardly walk.

Millions of people from all over the world reside in and visit Florida annually, particularly the elderly. If you believe and trust your government, Florida should be the hot bed epicenter of COVID-19. And yet your chances of dying of this flu are actually 0.02 percent based on current coronavirus deaths and population. Your chances of dying are higher in an automobile accident on the trip down there.

If you cant trust the government over war, elections, medical care, policing, financial well-being and numerous other issues then why on earth would you start now. We may never have a vaccine and the great flu of 1918 disappeared on its own as all viruses mutate. Please go to Florida or just get out of your shell and you will see how ridiculous this whole scare tactic really is. Businesses need our money and so do their employees. The more people get out and socialize the faster this flu will disappear and football can get back to normal.

Brian Watson

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Beaches Are Packed In Florida And Everyone's Happy - The Chattanoogan

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