A Komodo dragon hit the beach wearing a turtle as a hat, and there’s video evidence – INSIDER

Fashion has given us a lot of strange trends over the years, but even we have a hard time thinking turtles as hats will ever become a thing.

Despite that, a seriously strange video posted to YouTube by the channel RM Videos which appears to license user-generated content from a company called Jukin Media shows a Komodo dragon sauntering onto a tropical beach in Indonesia wearing a turtle's shell on its head.

After glancing around, and apparently feeling self-conscious, the rather large lizard decides to remove the head-snapping headwear and pose dramatically no doubt hoping it'll be discovered and become Asia's next fashion icon.

It's unknown who originally shot the video or when it was taken, making it rather difficult for potential casting agents to get in touch with the Komodo dragon undoubtedly dreaming of a life of glitz and glamor.

At up to 10 feet long and typically weighing about 150 pounds, Komodo dragons are the world's largest lizards.

Found in Indonesia, their bites can be deadly because of the amount of venom and harmful bacteria in their saliva. According to The Jakarta Post, only about 3,000 of the animals are thought to be left in the wild.

It should also be noted it's not a very good idea to get close to a Komodo dragon they have been known to attack humans, sometimes fatally.

While the rarity of the cold-blooded creatures means seeing one is a pretty special experience, it's clear this image-conscious Komodo dragon wanted to be a little more extra.

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A Komodo dragon hit the beach wearing a turtle as a hat, and there's video evidence - INSIDER

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