Virgin Galactic reveals new supersonic jet design that would fly three times speed of sound – CNN

(CNN) Virgin Galactic is still aiming to send tourists to space, but the space tourism company is also looking at how to whiz people across our planet as quickly as possible.

The super-fast jet will travel at Mach 3 -- three times faster than the speed of sound.

Virgin Galactic has released images of a supersonic jet design.

Courtesy Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic also announced this supersonic jet concept recently passed a mission concept review, which confirmed that the concept "can meet the high-level requirements and objectives of the mission."

"We are excited to complete the Mission Concept Review and unveil this initial design concept of a high speed aircraft, which we envision as blending safe and reliable commercial travel with an unrivaled customer experience," said George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic's chief space officer.

Ready for next phase

The Virgin Galactic aircraft is one of a few supersonic jet ideas currently in the design stages.

Courtesy Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic envisages the jet ferrying passengers on long-distance commercial air routes -- and the idea is its interior could accommodate custom cabin layouts, including business or first class seating.

The jet would take off and land in the regular way.

The concept is now ready to progress to the next phase of design, which Virgin Galactic says will involve defining the specifics of how the aircraft will operate, not to mention looking at potential challenges including maintenance, noise, emissions and economics.

"We have made great progress so far, and we look forward to opening up a new frontier in high speed travel," added Whitesides.

Other jets in the works

This isn't the only supersonic jet in creation.

Another concept in development is AS2. The brainchild of US company Aerion Corporation, the AS2 would travel at Mach 1.4.

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Virgin Galactic reveals new supersonic jet design that would fly three times speed of sound - CNN

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