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Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel is teaming up with Jessica Drew to embark on an intergalactic journey in the upcoming issue of Spider-Woman.

Two of Marvel's most iconic heroes are teaming up once againina much anticipated, out-of-this-world road trip! Since theiroriginal team-up inAvengersAnnual#10,Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) and Jessica Drew (akaSpider-Woman) havebuilt up quite the fan base. Readers have been keeping an eye out for theleading ladies, patiently awaiting anystorylineupdating their iconic friendship. Spider-Woman #6has brought just that: another spotlight feature on the two Marvel femme fatales as they embarkon a new, intergalactic expedition.

Theupcoming issue follows Jessica as she aims to discover more information about some unforeseen secrets regarding her family. She now must find the one person who can tell hermore: the High Evolutionary! Divingintoher origin story a little deeper, Jessica has a lot to learn, but not without a little help from her bestie.

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The logistics of thetrip seem to be up in the air; after all, Jessica's story has been limited to Earthsofar. Shemay have super strength and agility, but her spidey powers surely don't do so well with space travel. Carolseems to be the perfect girl for the job, enablingJessica to see whether or not shecan hold herown on other planets. The beautifully done cover art for this issue byJunggeunYoonfeatures a confident Carol leading her less assured gal palthroughthis unfamiliar territory.

The two have always cared for and supported each other to an incredible degree. It comes to no surprise that Jessica would turn to Carol for help in a mission that goes beyondher area of expertise. The two, as usual, will have to rely on each other heavily. Hopefully, their friendshipwill onlygrow stronger alongthis nextadventure.

Some fans have been awaiting the day when Marvel maytake thisrelationship to a more romantic level. Many arehopeful that their favoriteship may become canon in these upcoming issues. Others hope to see the pure-hearted friendship stay platonic. The fan base seems split on this one, torn between seeing them asbffs or something more. For now, it seems the latter may have to stick to fan art, but who knows what the future ofSpider-Womanhas in store!

Fan theoriesaside, these two are undoubtedly a powerful duo. They have taken on some tough villains in their time. Earth knows Captain Marveland Spider-Womanare not to be underestimated when teamed up... and now, the rest of the galaxy will as well!

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Spider-Woman is Heading To Space With Captain Marvel - Screen Rant

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