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All forms of air travel are included in the aerospace industry. Everything from planes used by commercial airlines to spacecraft designed for travel outside the comforts of our atmosphere. If it flies, it is a product of the aerospace industry. As youd probably imagine, pinpoint accuracy and razor-sharp precision are vital when designing machines that will take to the skies.

Thats why it is no surprise really that CNC or computer numericalcontrol, is used so extensively in this field.

As aircraft in its many forms moves at high speeds and needs to be asdurable and safe as possible, specialized industrial-standard CNCmanufacturing setups are used. There is a lot of money required tofund the various components and parts of aircraft. As such, only the wealthiestbusinesses around the world can invest in the automation required to buildthese forms of transportation.

Accuracy is important in aircraft construction. Whether it is fighterjets, cargo planes, passenger airlines. The accuracy required extends to allparts of the aircraft production process. That includes everything from theouter shell of the innermost parts. CNC machining can be integral tomanufacturing the necessary tools accurately and at speed to ensure each partof the plane functions properly.

For instance, the engine inside a plane needs to be able to keep the planein the air for the duration of its flight, which means it needs to be able touse and process fuel. Some of the most seemingly insignificant pieces that arecrucial to the running of an engine can be made using CNC machining.

Consider also the cockpit. CNC machining could be used to create all thesmall and connected components that form the computer navigational system thathelps the plane to get from a to b. Moving to the exterior of the plane, vitalparts like the wings can be finetuned and tweaked with CNC machining to ensurethey move through the air efficiently and safely.

What organizations do you think of when you think of space travel? NASAand Space-X probably fall quickly off your tongue. It makes sense as thesecompanies are responsible for designing and manufacturing some of the mostpowerful and technologically advanced rockets and spacecraft to allow formanned and unmanned missions across our solar system.

To be able to do that, CNC machining has played an important role in thedesigning, planning and building of various parts of all kinds of rockets andother similar crafts. From the smallest and most minute fixtures and componentsto the body design of rockets.

Spacecraft needs to be built to last and withstand life in space forlong periods, ranging from a few weeks to many years. Because of this, thatgolden word accuracy comes in to play again in this part of the industry. Notonly do all the parts need to work well, but they need to ensure the spacecraftoperate safely, to protect not just the crew (if there is one) but theexpensive equipment on board as well as the craft itself.

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How CNC Machining is Utilized in the Aerospace Industry - -

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