Lake Orta – Italy

Finding a moment of pure serenity is one of the best feelings that I can think of while sea or lakeside. Usually I find myself having to travel somewhere far and remote to find that feeling. I think of paying long-tail boat captains to go island hoping in the Gulf of Thailand, deep sea excursions in Indonesia. An urban setting of any size does not come to mind though but after seeing Lake Orta, I may have found that balance at the foot of the Italian Alps.

Nietzsche was inspired here, Balzac was drawn to it and Robert Browning mentions it in his poem “By the Fireside.” I don’t blame them. The Alps serve as a backdrop to the Baroque architecture in the town of Pella while the Island of St. Giulio sits at the center of the lake surrounded by a sense of mystique – almost like the center of a story where the protagonist is unable to get the local townspeople to tell him about the mysterious island.

This video, IL LAGO DORATO (On Golden Lake), by Vimeo user PLMONZA captures the serenity and mystique of this beautiful Italian gem.

View original video here.

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