Atlantic Beach, Florida Finally Approves New Dog Park

Playing Pooches at La Playa

About two weeks ago, the City Commission of Atlantic Beach finally approved plans for a dog park. The funny thing about this is that dog owners have been using this park for months now already. The dog park should be fully functional (and legal) by the end of November.

The fact that residents have been using this dog park already for some time now shows just how much dog parks are now in demand, including those at the beach.  Beaches should provide areas that can be enjoyed by all, including our furry four-legged friends. It doesn’t have to be a huge area, and obviously it has to be sanitary, but offering dog parks at beaches is a wonderful way to encourage communities to enjoy their beaches even more. My dog loves to dig in sand, and it’s hilarious to watch!

Florida has some fantastic dog parks at the beach. Hopefully more are to come!

Photo: Mike Baird

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