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Tesla has updated all the wheels options for the Model Y, unveiling two more wheel designs in the process: berturbine and Induction wheels.

Over the last few months, we have seen many new Model Y prototypes with unreleased wheels, including wheels that Tesla first unveiled on the Model 3 prototypes back in 2016 but never released.

After the original unveiling in 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that they spent a lot of time on those wheels, and that they plan on bringing them to production.

They never did for the Model 3, but one of them has been spotted on a couple of Model Y prototypes, and we speculated that Tesla might finally bring them to production as exclusive wheels for the electric SUV.

With the start of production and the announcement of the first deliveries in March, Tesla has updated its Model Y online configurator to include two new wheel options:

Here are the new Tesla Model Y wheels:

Tesla also made the 19-inch Gemini wheels standard on all versions of the Model Y.

However, the Gemini wheels were already made available on the Model 3 in China, as well as an aftermarket winter wheel and tire package for the Model 3 in North America.

As for the two new wheel designs, they are only available on the Model Y.

The 20-inch Induction wheels are now only offered as a $2,000 option on the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor and Performance versions.

They have been spotted on a Model Y prototype for the first time earlier this month.

The new 21-inch berturbine Wheels are only available on the Model Y Performance version. They were also previously spotted on a Model Y prototype, but they were first unveiled on the Model 3 prototype in 2016.

The wheels design was credited to Joonas Vartola, a car designer who left Tesla in 2016 to become an independent designer in Finland.

Back in 2018, Musk said that Tesla would make that specific design available as an aftermarket upgrade for the Model 3 later in the year,but it never happened.

Now its officially going to production in the Model Y.

Along with the announcement yesterday that Tesla is starting Model Y production and the first deliveries are going to take place in March, Tesla confirmed that the range of the Model Y can now reach 315 miles on a single charge up from the previously announced 280-mile.

However, the range can only be achieved with the standard 19-inch wheels.

The bigger 20- and 21-inch wheel options are going to affect efficiency and reduce the EPA-rated range of the electric SUV to around 280 miles, according to Teslas own estimate.

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Tesla unveils new Model Y wheels: berturbine and Induction wheels - Electrek

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