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Driving a car through floodwaters is never a good idea. In fact, it is almost always a very bad idea (even more so when were talking electric cars), yet the owner of a Tesla Model X thought theyd give it a shot during a recent flood in Mitchell, South Dakota.

As local news reporter Colton Molesky was filming a segment about the local flood, a white Tesla Model X came into view and was filmed making a dangerous crossing. Molesky is evidently shocked by what he sees and we dont blame him.

It appears as though the water may have been about 1.5 feet deep at some points and as the Model X makes its way across, water rushes over the hood and approaches the windscreen. The electric SUV also creates a fairly significant wave as it pushes through the water, forcing the news reporter to actually jump out of the way.

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The Tesla Model X impressively makes it through the water without any issues but thats not the most important lesson to learn from watching this video. What you should take away from this video is that you should never do what the Tesla driver did.

First off, a driver has no way of knowing how deep a crossing like this is nor the condition of the road surface beneath the water. In addition, the wave created by driving a car through a flood can send additional into nearby cars or even houses.

A similar video surfaced back in 2016 showing a Model S driving through a flooded tunnel in Kazakhstan. Elon Musk took to Twitter to say that Tesla did not recommend driving vehicles through floodwaters.

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Driving A Tesla Model X Through Flood Waters May Look Cool But Isnt A Good Idea - Carscoops

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