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Want to know all about the Tesla V10 software update, specifically with regard to the upgraded Autopilot technology? There's arguably no better way to see how it all works than to watch it in detailed video format.

We can't say enough how much we love these long, in-depth videos with plenty of coverage. To top it off, YouTuberDriveLosAngeles has taken the time to apprise us of "bookmarks" for each relevant Autopilot action as demonstrated in his Model 3. This is fantastic since many people may not have the time to sit down and watch the entire video immediately.

Check it all out and then share your takeaways with us in the comments below. Moreover, if you own a Tesla and have had some experiences with the V10 software update (positive or negative), we look forward to hearing your take.

Tesla Firmware Version 10 - Road Test (w/ bookmarks)

Dear #Tesla,

Thank you for making such a fabulous machine. Today I achieved in my mind Level 3 autonomy. I was able to get through an on-ramp, 3 freeways, auto lane changes, hov to hov, and exit the off-ramp at my destination. In this journey the steering wheel, gas pedal and signal stalk was not touched once! There was a single moment that I needed disengage NOA so that it can maintain the lane on the 110 HOV. That will be an interesting bookmark for your Autopilots team neuro network decision logs. The current state of the autopilot, FSD, Autolane change is making my commute SUPERBLY pleasant to endure! =) Many thanks again Tesla!

Best, DriveLosAngeles

V10.0 BETA (2019.32.2.11 1A8580f)#Autopilot #autonomousdriving #model3

Bookmarks for the relevant autopilot actions 01:52 02:23 03:59 04:18 04:54 05:36 07:43 08:08 HOV entrance 20:40 HOV to HOV interchange 22:47 just lowering cruise speed, not cheating 23:51 33:28 35:20 40:16 40:52 43:34 - Off Ramp

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Tesla Autopilot V10 In-Depth Road Test With Useful Bookmarks - InsideEVs

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