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A Tesla Model 3 in China has been spotted driving into relatively deep water in what appears to be an interesting new testing section of Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai.

There have been some talks about whether or not it is safe to drive your Tesla into relatively deep water, which is generally not recommended.

Much of those talks started a few years ago when Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Model S could almost be used as a boat after a Tesla Model S was spotted driving (or swimming) through a flooded tunnel although the CEO made it clear it isnt recommended.

On the other hand, Model 3 has had some issues with driving into water.

Last year, Tesla investigated why bumpers broke off two Model 3 vehicles after driving in heavy heavy rain.

With the start of production of the made-in-China Model 3 vehicles at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, it looks like Tesla is doing some interesting flood-proof testing with the cars.

Jay in Shanghai has posted a video of an interesting new testing facility at Gigafactory 3:

As part of the test, it looks like Tesla is driving the Model 3 into quite deep water.

Jay in Shanghai suggests that it could mean Tesla is preparing a flood-proof version of the Model 3.

As per its warranty document, Tesla doesnt cover damages from a flood or driving in deep water:

Fire, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, lightning, hail, flood, or deep water;

Despite not being covered by the warranty, Tesla has been trying to make its vehicles as hermetic as possible.

However, many Tesla vehicles who have been caught by floods have been totaled by insurance companies.

To be fair, thats a problem with most cars, not just Tesla vehicles or electric vehicles.

Lets see if theres anything different with the made-in-China Model 3.

Tesla is reportedly still in trial production at Gigafactory 3 and it is expected to start selling the first Model 3 vehicles to have come out of the factory by the end of the year.

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Watch Tesla test Model 3 by making it drive into water - Electrek

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