Tesla Sentry Mode catches couple mistaking Model 3 for their Hyundai Elantra – Driving

The Tesla Model 3s new Sentry Mode yknow, the feature that turns on the parked cars cameras when the vehicle is disturbed has by now caught some very weird things on video, were sure.

But this clip of a couple walking up to a white example and repeatedly reaching for door handles that arent there has got to be one of the more chuckle-worthy.

The clip, posted to the TeslaMotors sub on reddit, shows the pair walking up the Model 3 from a nearby strip mall. The driver-side Sentry camera shows a man in a white shirt walk up, fumble for the cars retracting flush-with-the-body door handles about three times, pause to press the key fob to unlock the car, then try for the non-existent handle again.

On the other side, his passenger fares just about as well.

Footage from the passenger side of the parked Model 3 shows the couples also-white 2015-ish Hyundai Elantra just two spaces away and explains maybe just a little bit how they mistook one entry-level four-door for another.

We get that walking up to and opening your car is something you do so often, thats so subconscious, that even the smallest distraction might throw your brain for a loop and why you might forget your car, last you checked, had door handles, ones that dont pop out via key-fob button.

But its mistaking the Model 3 for the Hyundai in the first place you can see the latter at the bottom in the photo below, Model 3 on top that confounds us, unless youre really engaged in your conversation, we suppose. At the very least, I guess its sort of a compliment to Hyundai-designers-of-four-years-ago that people could confound the two.

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Tesla Sentry Mode catches couple mistaking Model 3 for their Hyundai Elantra - Driving

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