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We get our first look at Tesla V10s new Netflix, YouTube, and Caraoke apps in action and they look surprisingly refined.

Yesterday, we posted the full release notes of the latest Tesla V10 software update for early access owners.

V10 includes a bunch of new or updated features:

Now a Tesla owner in the early access program going by All Electric on YouTube released a first look video at some of the features more particularly the Netflix, YouTube, and Caraoke apps in Tesla V10:

Teslas user interface is not without bugs and some problems, but it is widely recognized as years ahead of the rest of the auto industry.

With this new update, Tesla keeps pushing further with the first integration of Netflix and YouTube directly into a car infotainment system.

As you can see, the apps look surprisingly well polished for beta features.

Its quite special to see Netflix and YouTube working directly on a cars center display, but its actually not that surprising that they work so well.

Earlier this year, Tesla started updating its in-car internet browser with Googles Chromium and Teslas new Netflix and YouTube apps look a lot like their Chromium versions.

The Caraoke app also looks fairly well-made.

However, the update is still lacking some other features, especially new Autopilot features like Smart Summon, and more requested entertainment features, like Spotify.

Those updates are still coming. I think theres a false perception of Teslas focus on new features delaying those Autopilot features.

I doubt thats the case. Its not like the same engineers work on all those apps and there could be a bunch of other reasons for delaying those features, like regulators for Autopilot features and exclusivity contracts for Spotify/Slacker.

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Watch Tesla V10 with new Netflix, YouTube, Caraoke apps in action surprisingly refined - Electrek

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