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I picked up my new M3 here last week and the staff could not have done a better job. Here's my respects for a job very well done during a very full Friday- kudos and keep up the great work!

This is a review specifically for my phone call with the service center agent Jordan today. While it took 10+ min to reach him, I appreciated that while on hold the automated system gave me a heads up of that, including when there was 5+ min remaining.Jordan was super helpful! Every question I had, he referred to whatever resources he had to try to give me a response and an accurate one at that instead of just brushing me off. Whatever he didn't know, he asked me to hold so he could ask a supervisor. Plus, every time he came back to the phone from hold, he used my first name to ask if I was still holding. I mean that is A+ phone etiquette in my opinion.Again, really appreciated that he went above and beyond to get me answers and use my name when referring to me. Maybe this seems like basic stuff, but clearly there isn't enough of this around so it's refreshing to get back to real values.

Had a written agreement to buy a telsa from this location. Put in deposit, was going to pick up today, then they called me and said it would be an extra $750 on top of written agreement. Totally unacceptable. Stay away

Always a madhouse, but that's good for Tesla I guess haha. I prefer this service/sales center to Springfield as even though it's a couple miles further, it's actually a more convenient location to get to. As far as sales and service experiences go, they don't always hit the mark on the first try (which is why it's not a 5-star place), but they always make it right and are earnestly interested in making sure you're happy (which is why it's not less). This service center also has a supercharger, which is convenient, but it's also quite busy (although I imagine it won't be as bad when the other recently constructed ones open). All in all, good people here. Very helpful, and of course awesome cars 🙂

Travelling cross country to get home and got routed to stop here. Stopped in for the bathroom (at 3pm) and the door was locked when I tried to leave. They were closing early for snow. I specifically asked them to let my husband use the bathroom quickly before they left and he said "ok, but we're leaving soon." However, when he got to the door the man locked it in his face and scampered away.

So I am a big fan of Tesla. But not of the delivery people. Please, please double, triple check your order and financing. They only care about the super wealthy, rich people here. If you are not one of them, they literally throw you to the gutter. I was the first owner of a Model S P85D in NJ.Then Model S P100D and then Model X. A Model 3 RWD and recently Model 3 AWD. The cars, the man, the legend. David vs Goliath. I love these things about Tesla. So does everyone. Clearly 5 cars. Obvious. My first car experience was at Springfield. That's where I got my P85D. It was such a nice experience and everyone there was welcoming. They informed me every step of the way, and let me know what I would be responsible for and what I needed to bring with me. I received my car, my dog even came. They took pictures of us both, was a great experience and brought me closer to thinking Elon was a God. The car was amazing and I was so happy to be driving it and contributing to add miles of knowledge for future updates and improvements.Fast forward 4 years and I wanted the Model 3, but in AWD. This time, in Paramus was the worst service ever. I was sent the documents via email which I didn't read, as was the case with the last 4 cars because I trusted the company, but during the process they told me 3-4 thousand in addition to my initial deposit. This time the delivery specialist came to my parent's house. I had my old Model 3 and he and I discussed um.... nothing. Delivery team prior said, hey your a veteran right, you dont need us to tell you anything. I was taken aback, but I said okay. Famous last words. Instead of the down payment being 3,500. Which is exactly what the delivery specialist had told me. They ended up taking 34,500 out 3 days later. Yes it was in my email. But who puts 34,500 or half down on a car. And they had told me the loan would be 3-5k. It was my fault for not looking thoroughly at the emails. The rest of the amount 22k was financed through US Bank. How ridiculous, who would put down 40k, for a 60k car. You might as well pay the whole thing. But I trusted these fools. When I put in the amount with the delivery specialist on mytesla.com it was for 3,450. And he looked it over and said cool. Cool. Yup. Thats right. On Friday. Beginning of May.When my bank account went negative 3 days later, I obviously put a stop payment on it on Monday. When it ended up being 34,500. And I called Aleks, the delivery specialist. He messaged me that he was off Monday and to call the Paramus center. I called and told them what was going on. They said they would do research and get back to me. I waited 3 days, nothing. Messaged Aleks again. Nothing. He said 2 days after they were looking into it with corporate. I messaged him a 3rd time a week later, and he said the same thing. Now it is the 22nd June Saturday morning and I get an email from Tesla Paramus and they said, can you pay the balance. I responded and said I think I owe 3450. They (Shane at Paramus) said, sure if thats what you think you owe. I found this very odd, since there would not even be a receipt? or Bill? So I called and spoke with Shane who did some "research" and called me back and said I owed Tesla the 34,500 and I should have looked at my emails. This never happens, your a first time case. Blaming me over and over and over again. Threatened me... Told me they would not do registration and impound the car. A 5-Time Tesla car buyer. With zero issues with the company. He also yelled at me and basically said I was poor when I told him, why would anyone put down 60% for a car, when you are financing it, especially when you have no negative equity. He went on to tell me there are people who pay for the car in full. I said, they must be rich and he said a lot of people do. When I told him I am not one of those rich people he said well, a lot of people put down half. Basically insinuating I was not the "type" of person that would buy a Tesla. Even though he knew it was my fifth car. And not once did he apologize for the confusion or share some empathy with the experience I had. No, Shane was right. You be quiet child. You should be lucky, I'm even talkin' to you.I asked if I could restructure the loan, to which he said, call US Bank, I have other people waiting for me. Let us know when you want to pay it. And hung up. I decided to use a LOC I had available and pay the car. I called Tesla today 6/24 and asked for Shane. The guy who picked up (Sean) said he was off, and said to wait while he spoke to a manager. He gets back on the line. So... do you want to do an ACH payment now or you coming in to give us the check. No sorry, for the inconvenience or the fact that I typed in 3,450 with specialist looking and was charged 34,500. Sure.. when someone calls and says sorry. He (Sean) then threatened me that we will not register your car. And it will be repossessed & impounded. Gee Golly Tesla. Thanks

Terrible experience- the sales guy gave me his cell phone number telling me I can call him anytime - after selling the car he disappeared and never picked up the phone - terrible customer service as well - kept me on the phone for three hours and still could not tell me how to turn on the emergency Light on the car -

What an woeful experience!!!I took time to review this shop/store because the difference in customer care is made by humans.So, with couple of weeks in advance, I scheduled a test drive for Model X. I confirmed it, reconfirmed it, I went in person, I showed my driving license, I let them know that I am able to leave a check as a deposit if it's needed and I wait for the date. The appointment was for 11.30 on April 13th and I supposed to go back for an overnight test drive. Cool. Guess what?! Couple of days after I went in person, I received an email that asked me to reconfirmed the appointment, I called back the guy, Jamie Long. He send me a link where I can rent the car, in order to have my test drive with the Tesla Model X. The distance to go and rent the car was 44 miles away from my home, while this location was only 7 miles. To rent the car the cost is $359/day.Whatever.Probably the business is not ready yet for customers like me.@ my current lease will expire on August 2019

Bad delivery experience, the car I picked up was damaged. No one gives you a good orientation on the car. I thought they were going to take care of all the issues they promised to resolve and never heard back from them. After chasing after them I received an email written by someone who is illiterate telling me to contact their Brooklyn store. I asked someone else who got a Tesla in Maryland asking how their orientation was and I was told no one showed them how to use the car as well.

This place is ALWAYS packed. It's easy to see why, they make amazing cars. You can spend hours here checking out the cars in the showroom, messing with every option in these cars. Haven't had my car serviced here yet so can't really say how that is. I will say though that they need to add more superchargers, which is one of the reasons for my 3 star review. There are 10 superchargers and they are always filled. This area has tons of Teslas, so to not have more superchargers here in this area is crazy. The next closest is in Yonkers and they have 18 superchargers! C'mon Tesla!

I don't like this place, the service guys are softly arrogant, they'd look at you and ignore you as if you're not here, not to mention that I hate that I have to keep coming in again and again for things that are breaking on me.And I've had Infiniti's, Lexuses and other luxury brands.The service bills are sometimes more than the car payments.Sick.I'm so waiting for Audi EV's.

Needed 4 new tires on my model s which they had in stock however the appointment they gave me was 2 weeks later! I go there from time to time to supercharge and in my honest opinion they are not that busy to schedule an appointment 2 weeks later for a 45 min - 1 hour job. I have been out of a car during this time and have been using shared ride services to get around. Major inconvenience!

Fantastic service. Needed quick tire change. They took me immediately and couldn't have been nicer.

This is a great place to get your dream car! Personnel were very helpful and were quite flexible with scheduling the test drive. We test drove a Model X on a busy Saturday afternoon but showed up 30 minutes late due to a combination of factors. The salesman was very understanding and manage to squeeze us into their packed schedule. We were so satisfied that we placed the order for a Model X that same day. For those who are looking for free lifetime supercharging and a $1000 credit for their Model S or X, please use my referral code: http://ts.la/joe8731. Happy clean driving!

Very lukewarm experience at the Paramus Tesla. The staff wasn't very eager to answer questions. The staff was busy on their cell phones or talking to other sales reps. The floor was not busy so I don't understand why we weren't assisted. I'd look at another location for better and actual service.

The sales people were very knowledgeable about their product and the competition. They were not pushy nor too laid back. My ability to get a test drive was very easy and enjoyable.

I had a great experience with this location when i went there on my one day off from work. As soon as i entered, one of their sales associates; Aimee came over and greeted me and asked me if i had any questions. I asked many questions and she was able to answer all of them. We then sat in the car and she showed me all the awesome features that a Tesla has to offer. We then went on a test drive, right off the bat Aimee was very informative on how the autopilot feature works as well as self parking... She also let me play a song from the internet using the huge screen in the middle. I have driven many cars ranging from sport cars and luxury cars and the test drive i had gone on was one of the most enjoy full car driving experiences i have had. I cant wait for their new model 3 to come out so i can get my hands on it. I would definitely recommend going to Tesla, and experience the future of cars.

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