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FORT KENT, Me (WAGM) "I'm so excited for my parents to have somebody in our family graduate from a University."

It's a big year for Marina Koloamatangi. The senior at the University of Maine at Fort Kent will receive a degree in behavioral science this May. Though that moment will be one she won't forget, she's also looking forward to what'll happen throughout the many months before that.

"Yeah, I was just really excited to see my friends, start playing basketball again, and work on my senior year," she said.

Koloamatangi came to Fort Kent last year as a transfer student from the Bay Area of California. The 5'11 basketball forward has her eyes set on a ring this year, but beyond that, she says this will be an important year for her in choosing her career path.

"I think I'm still kind of hesitant on what exactly I want to do but our behavioral science program has definitely guided me in the right direction on what I want to do in the future," she said.

One thing she's certain about though - this won't be the end of her schooling. She wants to get her masters in sports psychology right away.

"I just feel like if I was done here I'd probably just be limiting myself. So, yeah, I'm ready for more school," she said.

Other students of course will take a different path by jumping right into the working world. The University of Maine at Fort Kent has 475 seniors this year. University President John Short says this year for them should be all about experiential education.

"For students in nursing, getting those clinical experiences...for students in education doing student teaching, for others doing's a focus to the future, a sense of what's next in your future," said Short.

A future that this California gal couldn't be more ready for.

"It doesn't even feel like school to me. It feels like doing what I love and I'm really excited," she said.

The end of one era, can only mean the beginning of another.

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