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You Can Buy a Tesla So Rare Even Elon Musk Won't Have It Gear Patrol

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The shooting brake is the most rarified of automotive body styles. The idea stemmed from the aristocratic pursuit of hunting. Luxury buyers wanted to keep their same fancy car but still have enough room in the back for hounds, guns, and accrued game Range Rovers did not exist yet. You needed to be an aristocrat to own a shooting brake, as, for most of its history, you could not walk into the dealer to buy one. It had to be custom-built.

One of the most famous shooting brakes is this ultra-rare Aston Martin DB5 version that was auctioned last summer. An owner wanting a modern electric car version of that shooting brake commissioned Dutch coachbuilders RemetzCar, builders of the Model S hearse, to make a Model S 85 Performance shooting brake, currently being sold through JB Classic Cars.

The Tesla is a 2013 Model S 85 Performance, facelifted to look like the 2016 and newer models with a more minimalist grille. It has around 37,000 miles on the clock. It is finished in bespoke British racing green paint with a touch of gold and has bespoke green piping on the leather seats.

JB Classic Cars is offering the car for about $240,000, or a little above $240,000 if youre in Europe and need to pay the VAT. While the shooting brake is indeed fetching and unique, a skeptic may note that its a seven-year-old Tesla that now costs twice as much as a new Model S Performance. Its also the same price as another practical British luxury sort of wagon, the Aston Martin DBX.

Tyler Duffy is Gear Patrol's Motoring Staff Writer. He used to write about sports for The Big Lead and The Athletic. He has a black belt in toddler wrangling. He's based outside Detroit.

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This Tesla Is So Rare, Even Elon Musk Doesn't Have It. But You Could - Gear Patrol

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