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Tesla routinely relies on its over-the-air software updating system to upgrade its cars, but a hacker discovered information suggesting the company will soon make a series of hardware changes to the Model S and the Model X. The modifications detailed will keep both cars relatively fresh as they face a growing number of competitors.

Posting on Twitter, a hacker who goes by the name Green revealed the California-based company added a wireless device charger to its two oldest cars. It's integrated into the center console, though Tesla hasn't released photos of it yet. This feature is long overdue considering it's available in many cheaper, more basic cars.

The list of interior changes also includes something referred to as "new lumbar," which could mean redesigned front seats. For the time being, it appears the rumors claiming the S and the X would receivethe Model 3's horizontal touchscreen as part of a broader update won't materialize, but keep in mind nothing is official yet.

Moving beyond the interior, both models will benefit from two new battery types available in several configurations, though it's too early to tell precisely what effect the changes will have on range and performance. The hacker also found evidence of a new charging port, and a mysterious new suspension option.

While Tesla hasn't confirmed or denied the hacker's findings, and it hasn't announced plans to update the Model S and the Model X, it quietly added a wireless phone charger to the list of standard features posted on its website. As for the rest of the list, Green speculated the changes are imminent because Tesla waits until the last minute to load new features into its system in order to avoid leaks. An announcement could be around the corner.

Tesla began manufacturing the Model S in 2012, and it launched the Model X three years later. While both cars landed in a class of one, the competition is catching up, and motorists in the market for an electric luxury car have several options to choose from. Porsche's Taycan is on a mission to dethrone the Model S, while Model X buyers also have the Audi E-Tron and the Jaguar I-Pace to choose from. Tesla continues to rule the roost when it comes to driving range, but a cutting-edge electric powertrain isn't enough to keep its cars in the lead for years on end.

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Hacker finds Tesla's S and X getting new battery options, redesigned suspension - Autoblog

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