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The next generation of console gaming is rapidly approaching, with the Xbox Series X hitting stores at the end of 2020. Of course, no console is much without games - not even the "most powerful" in the world.

That's why we've put together a list of the games that have either been confirmed already, or hinted at coming to the Xbox Series X in the coming year or so.

Some will also be part of the monthly Xbox Game Pass membership scheme, which will save you a stack of money. And some will also be part of Xbox's Smart Delivery programme, meaning that if you buy them for Xbox One you'll get them on Series X for free.


So here are the best upcoming games for Xbox Series X we've heard about so far. Enjoy.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to be one of the launch games for Xbox Series X, so will also be available during the holiday season. As with a few games on this list, it will be part of Xbox's Smart Delivery initiative, whereby you can buy the game on Xbox One and get the Series X version for free as a download when you upgrade to the new machine.

As for the game itself, Infinite will see the return of Master Chief after a five year hiatus and is being called a "spiritual reboot", with bigger maps and freedom to tackle objectives in your own order.

The latest in Codemasters long-running arcade racing series, Dirt, is coming this October for most formats and Xbox Series X when the console is available.

Most exciting perhaps is that it will have Uncharted 4's Nolan North and Troy Baker playing your rival and mentor respectively. That's a real nod to proper games fans.

Having already released for PS4 in Japan earlier this year, Xbox (specifically future Xbox Series X) owners will be thrilled it is coming to their platform too.

It's the eighth in the Yakuza series of games, and will be a launch game for the next console. It features turn-based combat, with an involving storyline that takes the action out of Tokyo for once, to Yokohama.

This year's Assassin's Creed game is set in the Viking age, with main character Eivor leading a settlement of norsemen on English soil. However, when King Alfred has other ideas for the land, it leads to a long and bloody adventure.

Like Odyssey and Origins, Valhalla will feature considerable RPG elements. And sailing will return, this time in longboats. Skol!

Developed by Chinese studio FYQD, Bright Memory: Infinite will be an expanded, enhanced version of first-person shooter Bright Memory, currently available on Steam for PC.

It's a near-future shooter, with melee combat elements as well as hardcore gunplay. And, looking at the trailer, will likely make great use of the Series X's ray tracing abilities.

What can be said about Cyberpunk 2077 that hasn't been said before? CD Projekt Red's long-awaited sci-fi role-player always looked like a next-gen game in waiting and so it will prove to be. However, like Halo Infinite, it is also coming out for the current generation consoles and features Smart Delivery, so you will be able to buy the Xbox One version and update for free once you own an Xbox Series X. Very nice indeed.

A greatly enhanced version of Blooper Team's superb indie cyberpunk thriller, Observer, will be a launch title for Xbox Series X. It stars the late Rutger Hauer and will feature not only improved graphics, but new gameplay elements and extra story segments.

Xbox-exclusive The Ascent is an action RPG based in a cyberpunk futuristic world, something that seems to be on trend this year - what with Cyberpunk 2077 also coming up.

Blooper Team's second game for Xbox Series X will continue its tradition of dabbling in psychological horror, but The Medium also features a soundtrack byAkira Yamaoka - the composer behind the eerie musical scores of Silent Hill.

Systemic Extinction is a three-player online co-op shooter where mankind must survive in a land now ruled by mutated dinosaurs. Queue fast-paced velocirator chases galore.

A new JRPG series from Bandai Namco is always welcome and the anime overtones of Scarlet Nexus make it stand out among the other ray traced games here. It is set in the far future and features some "explosive action". Hopefully we'll see more on it soon.

Developed by People Can Fly (Bulletstorm, Gears of War: Judgment), Outriders is an all-new intellectual property that could prove to be an early hit on the platform. It is a third-person online shooter in the style of Destiny, but with a far darker tone. At least, that's what we've taken from the early reveals so far.

The mind-bending franchise is returning, and we've got a glimpse of Jack Black's vocal chords in action for it. The above trailer looks like a great big slice of fun, with visual variety the name of the game.

A new, superb trailer has got us even more excited for this long-awaited RPG sequel. We also saw previous footage running with ray-tracing at an Nvidia event during Gamescom 2019, so have a great idea what to expect on Xbox Series X with its similarly capable graphics.

An all-new IP for Deep Silver, Chorus is a space-flight combat shooter featuring Nara and her sentient starfighter Forsaken. There will be plenty of space dogfights, but we're hoping there'll also be open world (universe) play and a deep storyline, although it's hard to tell from the trailer right now.

The next Forza game is looking absolutely jaw-dropping in terms of fidelity, and while we know it's not going to drop anytime soon, it's clear that this will end up being one of the best-looking racing games ever made. We can't wait to dive in.

Ninja Theory's first Senua game - Hallblade: Senua's Sacrifice - not only wowed with its almost photorealistic graphics, but the clever, well informed grasp on mental health issues was much lauded. The sequel looks even more stunning, based on a trailer made entirely using the in-game engine. The action-adventure will be available on the current generation Xbox, but we suspect it'll be the Series X version everyone will be talking about.

A beloved franchise is returning with the as yet simply-titled Fable, bringing players back to Albion and its topsy-turvy world of moral extremes. The teaser we got gives us almost nothing to go on, but we're sure it'll promise much more witty humour and fantasy tropes.

The State of Decay franchise lives on, and will drop a third iteration on Xbox Series X - the first trailer looks absolutely amazing, even if it's got no gameplay to share. It looks like animals are getting infected, though, which could be a game-changer when it comes to making your way around. Hopefully we'll learn more soon.

When we first saw the trailer, we thought someone was making a game of Ridley Scott's Prometheus - or the abandoned ship section of Alien. Scorn, from debut studio Ebb, is about as HR Giger-esque as it comes, with first-person horror overtones and creepy audio. Definitely one to watch.

A first-person adventure/puzzle game set in the 1930s, Call of the Sea promises 4K graphics at 60fps minimum. It'll also be Smart Delivery ready, so you can play it on Xbox One and upgrade for free to the Series X version when you get the console.

Although Techland is yet to officially confirm Dying Light 2 is coming for next-gen machines, its release delay and sheer scope suggest that it is a shoo-in for the new consoles. The game is a sequel to the amazing first-person parkour zombie-a-thon we're still playing to this day, but it takes the concept to an all-new level. Every action and decision you make in the game will affect the entire gameworld - with different factions growing and fading depending on your choices.

Ubisoft has announced that several of its existing and forthcoming games will be available on Xbox Series X - we just don't know when. Still, putting Rainbow Six Siege on the platformer is a no-brainer to us. The multiplayer online shooter has an enormous following and it is that kind of hardcore gaming market that will likely be formed of early adopters.

This was one of our favourite games of last year's E3 and was originally scheduled for release on current gen machines on 6 March 2020. However, thanks to Ubisoft getting cold feet after the seemingly rushed release of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, it held back its jewel in the crown until the following fiscal year for extra polish. That means it could appear anytime between April 2020 and March 2021.

That makes it an ideal launch candidate for Xbox Series X. Especially as, from what we've played so far, the play as anyone in the game mechanic lends itself well to a new era of advanced gaming.

After releasing a playable teaser for PC on Steam, which was very well received, THQ Nordic decided to greenlight a fully remastered, remade version of RPG Gothic. It also announced that it will be coming to the next-generation consoles too.

Ubisoft's new game series - from the in-house studio behind Assassin's Creed - was one of the games delayed in a recent purge. However, it has now been confirmed for next-gen machines as well as existing consoles. And, we expect the action-adventure to be part of the Xbox Series X launch lineup.

Another Ubisoft game with no fixed release date as yet, Rainbow Six Quarantine caused quite a stir during the company's E3 2019 presentation. It dispenses with the real-world combat-style themes of Siege - instead shifting to survival horror, with three-player teams battle an infected population.

There is no trailer for Gollum as yet and it is unlikely to see the light of day for a while yet, but we do know that the game with be a story-driven action-adventure and from a studio well-versed in such things. We also know it's coming to next-gen consoles.

We've not heard a peep about The Elder Scrolls 6 since its tease at E3 2018. However, if it doesn't come to Xbox Series X we'll eat our big floppy hats.

Like The Elder Scrolls 6, little is known about Starfield right now. It is thought to be a sci-fi RPG though and something of a departure from the Fallout franchise.

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Best upcoming Xbox Series X games: The top next-gen games for 2020 and beyond - Pocket-lint

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