Soham The Athenian – 13:20 (ft. Bashar) – Video

Soham The Athenian - 13:20 (ft. Bashar)
video credit lyrical inspiration - seek the stillness of your mind find the shrine behind journey deep inside your heart that's where Divine resides synchronicity's our guide we always find the signs let your lovelight grow glow yo it's our time to shine inhale through your root, let that spine align exhale out the crown, intertwine body mind pranayama asana focus to find your guides DMT in an IV to redefine what blind really means these silly dreams, fictitious scenes reality consciousness weaves infinitely All is Light All is Love All is Right Starseeds use heart keys to enlighten spread the Insight weary leeches on the path will always try to toss ya transmute your karmas in a bath of divine ayahuasca embrace DNA galactivation friendly flying saucers make tantric love with Mother Nature oh yes Gaia's awesome higher learning we're returning the divine immortal blueprint fires burning finally discerning this immoral mutant paradigm of glaring lies tear at our souls until we're paralyzed sterilized tribes awakening from their demise sippin smoothies from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden snakin through this genesis to see what's guarding the secrets blessed my friends friends insisting that we pour our hearts into seeking as ancient memories awaken seems we started these teachings karmic cleansing letting go of all our scars our weakness planting tantric Seeds of Life without discarding our semen vibrations steady elevation seeing ...From:Brad BeccaViews:5 0ratingsTime:04:55More inMusic

Soham The Athenian - 13:20 (ft. Bashar) - Video

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